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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Latest Article About Roger Clemens On "Fenway Nation"-Click On This Title-Thanks!

There's a lot of writing there-so grab yourself a beverage of your choice-Thanks!



Tuesday, January 29, 2008

O My Goodness Gracious-Johann Santana Is In Fred Wilpon's Bawx

With "Apologies"(Yeah, Right) to Suzyn Waldman,The NY Mets have won the Johann Santana Sweepstakes, by making the Deal with The Twins, who get Carlos Gomez & Philip Humber in that deal. WHAT an UPGRADE!

George? Will Roger be coming to your BAWX, anytime Soon?(Bwahahahahahahaha);

Omar is a Deal-Master, as he probably did hang Jeffy from an Upper-Level Shea Ramp to get this deal done;

I think I'll finally take The Mets up on a Final Ticket Package, as well as head to Fenway Park a few times this year;

After Last Year's Collapse, directions are changing;

My Thanks to Quinn-Omnipotent Q, for the report on The Deal;



I Do NOT Think The Mets Are Serious About Johann Santana

Let me guess-JEFFY has entered the Picture, as in the Past, Omar Minaya ran the show, while Fred Signed The Cheques:

I think that The Fans with the Weekend Packages, aren't buying any more crap from this team, so I've heard. I've heard of a # of Plan cancellations, over the 20% Price Increase, as well as knowing that The Wilpons are trying to turn Citi Field into a Subscription-Only Ballpark, with absolutely-maximum revenues;

The Latest is that The Mets may not part with a Supposedly-Prized Outfielder;

I suspect that may be cover for Jeffy putting his foot down & saying "NO", as it might interfere with his plans to buy a MacBook Air & an iPhone, as well as a hot dog & a soda;

Take very-little, seriously, from what eminates from Shea Stadium & Mets Ownership;

FENWAY, Here I Come;


PS-For Jeffy, "Fitzy" sends you a huge "GFY"!

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Ubuntu Is My Guest(OS)

The Price is right @ a total cost of $8.51 wth Shipping & Taxes, there will be Ubuntu LINUX as a guest Operating System on My Mac, & is Industrial Strength just like Mac OS X 10.5.1(Leopard). I'm NOT paying a ton for junk(Vista, Anyone). The Workaround permits me to run LINUX as a guest OS. Two versions of UNIX should be fun:


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Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Readying A Roger Clemens Article For "Sending Up To Boston" In A Bit

Quintessentially, like "Fitzy" would say to Roger-it's a humongous "GFY" to him:

Site & Link TBA;


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Sunday, January 27, 2008

It'll Be 7 Games This Year

3 Games at Fenway Park, 3 Games @ Shea Stadium & one in "The Toilet." My farewell to Shea Stadium will be Friday, September 5th, when the Phillies play the Mets in a 7:10 Game:

My Shea Last Game will be a Night Game, as my 1st Game there, in 1966, was a Night Game;

My 1st trip to "The Toilet" was a daytime affair-so shall my last trip be in daylight;

Fenway Park will be daylight only;

I'm readying for my '09 Baseball Routine this way;



Now You KNOW WHY I Prefer Fenway Park

$35 For Upper Level RESERVED @ Shea Stadium?

I've heard of Nostalgia for the Flushing DUMP, but the Mets are TOTALLY-Ridiculous with their version of Ticket Scalping, called Sliding Scale;

That's ONLY for the Premium Games(Opening Day, Yankees Series & The FINAL Game);

This used to be ONLY $1.30 & you could see a doubleheader for that price;

The Mets have convinced me-DON'T Take a Ticket Plan with Them;


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WHAT NY Mets Fans Have To Look FORWARD To In '08

A 20% Increase in Ticket Prices, which is all part of "The Citi Field Fund Raiser":

People who've NEVER been to Shea Stadium in their Lives;

Loads of Red Sox Fans who couldn't get through during the Big Sale of Tickets, being stuck in the "Virtual Waiting Room", all of Yesterday. I've met quite a few of "The Nation" over the Past Few Years @ The Stadium where "Game 6" of The 1986 World Series Was Played;

The Usual A--hole Yankees Fans, who look for trouble, wearing Jeter & A-Jerk Jerseys;

JEFFY Wilpon tying the hands of GM, Omar Minaya;

Rick Peterson PRETENDING to be Pitching Coach;

It's going to be '02, ALL OVER AGAIN, in '08;

Eric Gagne' will get the s--t booed out of him by Exiled Red Sox Fans & Mets Fans;

So will Armando Benitez, as always;

& The Chants of "Gay-Rod" will follow "Jeter Swallows";

& Suzyn Waldman will be mocked, OBVIOUSLY;

& it will be funereal;

& will that IDIOT in a Red Sweater be rolling her arms around, just like in '86, only for the "Old Guard" to drag her to an Upper Level Shea Ramp & force her to look down from up there, to teach her that she's NOT a real Mets Fan;

I will have my Memories & at The End, it'll be a Time Of Closure & Saying Good Bye, perhaps filled with tears;

Will The 7 Train Be Running?


PS-RSN-NYCQ is an abbreviation for Red Sox Nation-New York City-Queens;



Saturday, January 26, 2008

WHERE In The World Is Charles Knoblauch?

Hi-ho, Stifferino! A NOTORIUS Member of the 2000 World Series "Champion" NY Yankees, some of whom may be facing a stint in "The Slammer", as Theophillus Kojak would've put it. It seems that Chuckie is now "The Fugitive" from Justice & I don't mean David, either. WHERE is this STIFFERINO hiding? All this a--hole has to do is answer some Congressional Questions in Washington. In which country is hiding? La Republica Dominicana? The DR has no extradition treaty with the U. S. of A. He could be afraid of "The Boys."


The Red Sox Are Marching Further Uptown

No, they're NOT leaving Kenmore Square. Mr. Ivan Spence of "The Hairy Monk" & East Belfast, is opening his own "Publick House" & will have the Red Sox on the telly, @ the new place. It'll be @ E. 58 St. & 1st Auenue. Details to follow. Mike-RSN-NYC-QUEENS


It's Official-I've Re-Upped My Citizenship In "The Nation"

I'll be making 3 Trips To Fenway Park, this year, to whatever games I may choose to go to:

I am NOT taking a Ticket Plan with THE NY METS, who're ready to KICK Real Fans to the curb as I'll freelance games there;

1 LAST Game in "The Toilet", preferably with The Red Sox;

It'll be 3 Mets Games to say "Bye" to Shea Stadium, where the 1st sweet strains of "Yankees SUCK" cascaded from RF Mezzanine over the years, where Piazza overpowered "Roidger";

1st Fenway Jaunt is Sunday, April 20th, when 2 4th Degree Guys galavant by The Cask n Flagon-another one in May & again in September. Also, on a Friday Night in September, I shall be @ 1 last Mets Game, saying a TEARFUL Goodbye;



After Waiting In Virtual Room Purgatory There Was Plan B was a backup system I was 1st told about @ Shea Stadium in '06. They're a Ticket Broker who specializes in Boston Red Sox Tickets:

My 1st Game is Sunday April 20th, when the Carmine Hose takes on the TX Rangers(Washington Senators Part 2 & the Former Property of George W. Bush, who turned a profit with the team when he sold it);

& prices are 10 to 20% lower than other brokers;

The Woman who handled my order was an Old Mets Fan from near Hartford, CT. She's in shock that the Mets are building a new, MUCH-SMALLER Park next to Shea Stadium;

My Sawx Season starts earlier this year;



Friday, January 25, 2008

With My Transition To Fenway Only-Avoiding Citi Field & The New Toilet

Red Sox Single Game Tickets Go On Sale On Saturday, beginning @ 10AM, so I'll be online experiencing the joys & sorrows of The Waiting Room(Virtual);

Next Year, I'll try for a 4 Game Package;

Since the NY Mets are kicking their Fans to the Curb, with their "Ebbets Field Of Schemes", they can count me out, as I'm "Sending Up To Boston";

& The NY Yankees @ "The Toilet"-"Fitzy" sends you a giant "GFY";



Thursday, January 24, 2008

01/24-On This Date In Digital History

01/24/98(Saturday), in which the 1st Text Messages Between 2 OMNIPOINT Phones during Knights of Columbus Free Throw #8(FT VIII), takes place in Middle Village, Queens, signifying The Start of "The Digital Age" of The Contest. As You can tell by the # of Short Free Throw Videos from this Past Saturday, Digitalization has come a long way. Unfortunately, like Super Bowl XLII, The World Series is STILL on FOX:

01/24/84 is the Birth of How we'd all communicate when Apple unveiled the 1st Macintosh Computer. I'm still operating on Mac from home on Mac OS X(10.5.1-Leopard), as opposed to Bill Gates Confederate OS, called Windows. It was a computer "For The Rest Of Us" & not a GEEK Machine, as it just worked out of the box;



Wednesday, January 23, 2008


No, that's not the name of a new FOX show, replacing "24", but "26" is named for the "26 Brigade". The 26 Brigade is made up of people, who ride on MTA-NYC Transit's Bus & Subway System, wearing a Bomber Jacket which reads "26 Time World Champion NY Yankees":

I'm amazed @ this show of Yankees Pride, which is there to counter the # of People, who're donning some form of Boston Red Sox Gear, especially in Brooklyn & Manhattan. I have been witnessing this phenomenon on my early evening commute, from Lower Manhattan to Woodhaven Blvd;

The Trouble with the 26 Brigade, is that their team has accomplished NOTHING in THIS Century. They BRAG about a 20th Century Team with no updates toward accomplishing their heady goals. And The Yankees have A-Rod, whose next thing is to upstage Pope Benedict XVI's Mass in Yankee Stadium, on Sunday, April 20th, 2008, the One Day where Baseball Fans of 29 Other Teams, do not refer to The Stadium as "The Toilet", though the Rest Of The Year there will be names for The Stadium, which could be rather unkind, which could not be put into print;

Go Ahead & Brag about the PAST-Your Future is NOT Bright;



I Have This "Jolly Ol' Bean"

Only this "Bean" will be for when I have to write a quick essay, such as one I'll be "Sending Up To Boston"(Dropkick Murphys Reference), on Roger Clemens:

As you know, I operate on the Mac OS X side of things(Leopard 10.5.1), & I enjoy using products which are free & useful. So as I was reading "Low End Mac" online, I found out about a Lean Processor, which writes in Rich Text & saves in MS Word 98 & MS Office Word:Mac'04;

Voila! I don't have to open up Neolithic Office, which I can use, basically, for editing newsletters, creating ad copy & Official Communications with The 4th Degree Faithful Navigator, in Open Document Text, which is Greatly Superior to MS Word. If I want to shoot off a quick essay, I've Got "Bean" to do it with, which is quite-nimble;

With the ease & speed, my essay will "Hit" Roger like a Fastball to the noggin & I'll be writing it on a Processor, with technical excellence, that'll run rings around MS Word;

Click on the Title of This Article, above. It's for users of Mac OS X-Tiger(10.4.9) & above & inproved for Leopard Use. You'll Like it a lot, though Roger may not like what I'm writing;


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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Post" Game IDIOCY By Those Jackarses At News Corporation

The New England Patriots Ultimate Quarterback, Mr Tom Brady, lives in Greenwich Village in the Off-Season. He was walking around, looking for some solitude. Tom Brady was limping on his ankle. Well, the NY Post, a News Corporation Tabloid, has on its' front page a photo of Mr Brady, limping along, with the subcaption, reading "Girly Man." This is from the NY Yankees Marketing Partner, who hid a Roger Clemens Story in back of the paper, when it was front page elsewhere. Well Mr Murdoch, I'm walking with a limp, too. Am I a "Girly Man" as well? SMUG New Yorkers give me the creeps. Mike-rsn-nyc-queens


Monday, January 21, 2008

TOP 10 Signs You're Watching Bad Super Bowl Coverage

#10:The 11 Hour FOX Pre Game Show, starting @ 7AM, ET;
#09:All Those Promos For "FOX Saturday Baseball" Season Premiere;
#08:Pre Game Analysis done by Tim Mc Carver;
#07:In-Studio Special Guests are Mike Francesa & Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo & their Dissertations on "The Bottom Line";
#06:On Screen Kiss given by Ellen DeGeneres to Madonna;
#05:On Screen Kiss given by Joe Buck to Troy Aikman;
#04:Online complaints to FOX Sports Website, causes site to crash in 10 Minutes;
#03:FOX Sports Drinking Game, consists of taking a drink, for every time Suzyn Waldman says "Oh my goodness gracious, Roger Clemens is in John Mara's Bawx", Mc Carver mispronounces a polysyllabic word or mentions Derek Jeter, Joe Buck acts like a Wisearse, Terry Bradshaw puffs on a Punch Cigar, A-Rod makes an announcement that he's endorsing Blue Lip Gloss for Eskimos, or Mike & The Mad Dog mention "Bottom Line", which will leave audience to miss the game by being soused after an hour;
#02:Half Time Show Salute To "The Steroid Era" brings tears to Roger Clemens' Eyes, as he wildly proclaimed "I Never Done Taked Them Steroids";
#01:International Olympic Committee President, declares this Super Bowl, "The Worst Crap, I've Ever Seen";

Hard to Write A Funny Top 10 List when you're cold sober;


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The Gang @ Microsoft Puts Out An Attractive MS Office Suite For Mac

Finally, I Think that for once, Microsoft Has done it right, with their 3 Mac Versions of Office:Mac 2008:

The Student-Teacher Edition is now "Home & Student", While The Standard is For Business & the Professional is for those in The Media;

Home & Student now retails for as low as $130.16 & one can still do a Spectacular Job with a Project;

These Guys on Mac Side, may have a future with me. It's the Windows Side, which is horrible;

& the guys on the Windows Side, added a separate feature, called "One Note", where one can take notes, with notebook lined paper-style. The only thing is that it has been a standard of Microsoft Word:Mac '04, for 4 years, confirming that the latest edition of Microsoft Office:Windows '07, was cherry-picking from Microsoft Office:Mac '04;

The Latest Windows Versions of Microsoft Office, are behind the Mac version by 4 to 6 Years;

Entourage is the Best e-mail and calendar function out there, whereas Outlook is "Not The Sunny Side", in short it bites;

Click On The Title & Check It Out-Thanks;

Mike In Queens

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Words Of Caution To The Caustic NY Tabloids-Don't Write Like We're All A--Holes In Your Super Bowl Coverage-Thanks

I don't need your sophomoric attempts @ explaining that the People of Boston & Vicinity, are a bunch of uncultured hicks & hooples. For ONE Thing, whenever I get to a Game in Fenway Park, I'm more in BROOKLYN Mode than I am @ Shea Stadium, that barren wasteland, in the middle of nofriggenwhere(NOW, I Know Why Old Brooklyn Dodgers Fan, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Never Adopted The NY Mets, as Fenway Park is her Ebbets Field):

I know that I'll read some IDIOTIC Comparison between NYC & Boston, in either that News Corp-Controlled Rag, used for wrapping fish, or The Daily SNOOZE;

About the ONLY Civilized Form of Newspapers in NYC, during Super Bowl Boast & Hype Weeks, will be the NY Times & The NY Sun &, perhaps Newsday;

In Boston, The NY Times Owned Boston Globe, come hell, high water or Dan Shaughnessy, will take a civilized approach, though the Boston Herald is a Tabloid, once owned by News Corporation& in that case, I'm not too sure;

Copley Square is quite-similar to Union Square, only smaller & a LOT Cleaner;

& for me, it's fun taking the B, C, or D Green Line Trolley to Kenmore. It's way more fun than either the 4 Train to that "Giant Toilet" in The Bronx, or The #7 Line to Shea Stadium;

Let The Super Bowl Be Played & Judge That, ALONE;

And all The "Brain Surgeons" will be calling WEEI & WFAN, until The Cows Come Home;



TWO Weeks From Tonight, SB XLII On FOX-"The Protege'Bowl"

Mr William Parcells of NJ, will ONLY BE A Spectator:

The NY(J?)Giants won on a FG in OT in the "Ice Bowl" in Green Bay, defeating "The Pack", 23-20;

Somewhere IN PARADISIUM, Vincent Lombardi must be smiling, for he was a Coach under Jim Lee Howell, when The NY Giants won the 1956 NFL Championship in Yankee Stadium. He would've smiled that smile, had "The Pack" won it, too, as he was @ the helm of The Super Bowl I & II Winning Packers, In L A & Miami. The Super Bowl Trophy bears his name, today;

Eli Manning gets to stand on The Big Stage, like his brother Peyton did, in SB XLI;

Mr Parcells Proteges from the 1986 & 1990 SB Champion NY(J?)Giants, Messers Bellechik & Coughlin, will battle this one out;

It should be EXCEPTIONALLY-Interesting;

Mr Parcells will watch with interest. So shall Mr Lombardi;

Kick-Off @ 6:24PM, ET, on February 3rd, on FOX;



With The Patriots @ 18-0, We Await Giants Packers In A Low Scoring Affair

As it's Green Bay 7, NY(J)Giants 6, as it's Arctic(Or Is It More Antarctic) conditions in Green Bay, WISCONSIN;

I'm preferring to follow Web Reports over the Droning of Joe Buck, who I have to hear in the Springtime, on Saturdays @ 3:55PM, ET on FOX;

I wanted a Nice Quiet Sunday in NYC, which'll be punctuated with 14 Straight Days of Hype after today;

& to remember when all of AFL & NFL Football, ended by the 3rd Week of January. Now it creeps within Inches of The Start Of Baseball Spring Training;

I'll be happy when all this pigskin stuff is OVER;



Top 10 Signs You're Really Watching A Bad Knights Of Columbus Free Throw Contest

#10: Rules explained by “Giant Pez” & it's on FOX;

#09: Tim Mc Carver proclaiming that “Youkilis Would Make a Good #8 Hitter with the Pitcher due up”;

#08: Contestants made dizzy & nauseous, by spinning “MLB On FOX” Logo;

#07: NY Mets Ticket Office Strong-Arming Contestants Parents into buying Full Season Tickets @ Citi Field for 2009;

#06: Local Comedian, brought in to entertain parents between rounds, is known as “The Thief Of Bad Gags”;

#05: The Cackling Laughter you hear is from ESPN Radio Booth, when Suzyn Waldman makes her "O My Goodness Gracious" comment;

#04: Overage Female Contestant celebrates by buying a round @ Known Boston Red Sox Bar in Manhattan, “The Hairy Monk”;

#03: Contest Chairman, holding basketball, gets ball slapped out of his hands by A-Rod;

#02: Winning 14 Boys Contestant boasts that his personal trainer, also worked for Roger Clemens;

#01: All Those Contestants & Their Parents, who were listed in "The Mitchell Report";

From The Home Office @ Professor Thom's In The East Village;



Saturday, January 19, 2008

MD-1500-Some K Of C Free Throw Coverage & Much Thanks

I have a feeling that Jere Smith is something of an inspiration for all of this camera work, even if a lot of it is from a Cell Phone. The Bigger Project will come online in a week or so:

That'll have some contest highlights+shots from various sites of the contest+some commentary. Please note that neither of the Two Gentlemen From FOX Sports, in the above photo, will contribute any commentary, whatsoever, though they may be lampooned for their efforts @ a later time;

But, a lot of you have contributed to this blog from over the past few years, so I will mention You all, NOW;

In The Research Department, The Veritable "Encyclopaedia Britannica" of This Blog, The Redoubtable, Omnipotent Q, John B. Quinn of Midwood, Brooklyn. When something is wrong, I hear about it, forthwith from The Omnipotent Q. You're right about the Mets Deficit in 1969, as @ 1 Point, they were 9.5 Games behind The Cubs;

Jere Smith of "A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory", who got me to liven up this blog with pics, videos & illustrations. Of course with this eMac, running on 1 Ghz Processing Power on Mac OS X, 10.5.1(Leopard), it's much-easier now than when I had a G3 iMac, running on only 400Mhz;

Peter N of Farmington, CT, 12 Miles from Hartford, on how to keep writing about our "Olde Towne Team", & making it interesting;

Jim Sullivan of Watertown, MA, Also Known As "Suldog";

William Roger Clemens, who "Fitzy" sends a Mammoth "GFY" to, & so do I, just because...;

Kaylee In Phoenix, AZ, away from her native land(Boston), who, even in Illness, added so much, to uplift everyone's spirits;

Christine E, in PA and Laura in VA;

The Gang @ "Professor Thom's", who have given the World Their Own, Unique 7th Inning Stretch Chant of "F--- Kazmarek";

Amy from "Pasquinade", a Rhode Island Woman, living in Boston, adding to my sense of Snarkiness, in my rants;

The Boston Red Sox, for that Beautiful '07 World Championship, come hell, high water or Eric Gagne';

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez & his LACK Of Clutch Hitting;

James Timothy Mc Carver Of FOX Sports, who has kept us bloggers, busy all year, with your memorable gaffes("I Think Youkilis would make a good #8 Hitter, With The Pitcher's Spot Due Up");

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, for freeing up the Traditional Latin Mass, making it more-accessible, & of which I've been to Several Times last year and Once this Year;

The NY Yankees for choking in Post-Season, AGAIN;

The Riviera Cafe' And Sports Bar, for being The ABSOLUTELY WORST Red Sox Fan Place in either Boston or NYC;
To "The Dropkick Murphys" for my Newly Acquired Appreciation for Celtic Punk Rock;
To The NY Mets, who've shown me there is such thing as a Love-Hate Relationship in Baseball. It's where Fans Love That Team, only for the team to kick their Loyal Fans To The Curb;

Thanks To All Of You-It's been a Great Ride;


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MCDXCIX-As Last Night's Darkness Turns To Today's Light-From The Patriotic Ball To The K Of C Free Throw

Around this time last year, I was at my 400th Post, as this blog has grown considerably larger, with illustrations & occasional videos, shot from my Cell Phone:

Last Night, The General Stephen A Moylan Assembly #715, 4th Degree, Knights of Columbus, honored their previous leader, The Past Faithful Navigator, Sir Knight Luther Mc Neal, a Man who served his Country in Vietnam, from 1963 to 1971, & continues to serve his Parish, St Catherine Of Sienna in Hollis, Queens, the same Parish where Al Roker J r, of NBC's Today Show, grew up;

We had a Maestro Of Ceremonies, whose humor has earned him the title of "The Butcher Of Bad Gags", so fun was to be had, as Honors were bestowed on Luther Mc Neal, a gentleman who enjoys Jazz;

One of our Group's Chairmen, S K George Luongo, had a grievous emergency in his family, as his mom was in Emergency Surgery. She was close to death, but reports have her in recovery & she's going to make it;

Santa Maria, Madre De Dios, Ruega Por Nosotros Pecadores, Ahora Y En La Hora, De Nuestra Muerte Amen;

This afternoon, for the 16th Time since January, 1992, Msgr Sherman Council-Knights Of Columbus #5103, East Glendale, will stage the latest Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Council-Level Contest(FT XVI), @ PS 101Q @ 29 Russell Place in Forest Hills Gardens, in Forest Hills, Queens, not too far from the West Side Tennis Club, the Onetime Home Of The U.S. Open;

Highlights Of The Contest, Will Be Seen Later on This Blog. A Special 20 Minute Edition will be seen later this week, or next week on this site. For more coverage, go to;

Mike-RSN-NYC-Queens-Past Grand Knight

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This Is A Story Of Leo Durocher You'll NEVER See In Wikipaedia

In Wiki, all you'll ever read about was his 3 Divorces, his gambling, his wild-arse arguments with MLB Umpires & Such. He was no Proverbial "Altar Boy", if you read the Secular Accounts:

I've even seen Leo, in an argument with an Umpire, long after his days of managing the Brooklyn Dodgers & New York Giants. He was managing the Chicago Cubs, in the Cubs Fateful Season of 1969(The Embarrassing Collapse Symbolized By A Black Cat From Under The Shea Stands);

I was at Shea Stadium in Corona, Queens for a Doubleheader, where the NY Mets played the Cubs. I was seated upstairs, in Upper Level, for the price of $1.30, which today, won't even get you water there;

Mets Catcher Jerry Grote threw a strike to Mets 2nd Baseman, Ken Boswell & a Cubs Runner was out. The Runner doth Protested to the Umpire. Before you could say "Gilbert Shoots-Scooooooores"(Thanks, Marv Albert), Leo Durocher charged out of that dugout & jumped ugly with that Umpire(Derived from The Latin, Nonpere, meaning "Not Fair");

It was stories of "Leo The Lip", that had come to life. I heard these stories in childhood. Now, I was watching the stories come to fruition, in one felt swoop;

Leo was no College kid for sure. He grew up, of French-Canadian Descent, in West Springfield, Hamden County, in The Commonwealth of MA. The Faith Of His Ancestors & Fathers, was Catholic;

Despite his National League Pedigree, he began MLB as a Shortstop for The NY YANKEES, who had a penchant for living wild living & lavishness;

BTW, he was the 1st Yankees Shortstop with a Number. His # was #2, a # now worn by that "Playboy After Dark", one Derek Sanderson Jeter, born in Brigantine, NJ, also raised Catholic, BTW;

Leo lived, played & managed Hard. He was Divorced 3 Times. He was even suspended by MLB Commissioner Happy Chandler in 1947, for associating with Gamblers;

Some Catholics were in denial about Leo, because of the 3 Divorces. I was even told that he was Jewish, for crying out loud, a long time ago, in The Borough Of Churches, Parks, Beaches & Wide Boulevards(Brooklyn);

He retired from Baseball in 1973, after managing the Houston Astros. He did serve for a time as a Television Commentator;

He retired to Palm Springs, CA;

Then, an Article caught my eye in 1986 in the NY Post, that Leo Durocher was living a quiet life, ushering in his Local Catholic Parish Masses;

About two years ago, in a Wonderful Homily @ Holy Child Jesus RC Church in Richmond Hill, Queens, the Story of Leo Durocher was told;

He made peace with God & found a Wonderful Inner Peace. He came back to the Faith Of His Youth. Leo mentioned this in a story that he had a temper, he cursed & swore like a madman & he drank wildly;

He wanted Peace & Happiness & Prayed. He made a Promise To God that he would give up his gambling, his violent temper, his Drunken Sailor Like Language & his drinking;

He became that Quiet Soft-Spoken Usher & in 1991, died with The Grace Of A Happy Death. Leo was elected to Baseball's Hall Of Fame in 1994;

Requiscant In Pacem, Leo, In Nomini Patris, Et Filli Et Spiritu Santi, Amen;

For Spiritual Change For The Good, can happen at any age;


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Friday, January 18, 2008

Baseball IS NOT Far Away WHEN

The NFL Pro Bowl is played on February 10th, it'll be 5 days to when Pitchers & Catchers report to Spring Training:

Then, in 2 weeks, it's Spring Training Games;

& Then Thoughts Of "The Land Of The Rising Sun";

& Then other Teams Open Up;

& Fenway Park beckons;

& "Shea Goodbye" to that Stadium in Queens;

& To Olde Yankee Stadium In The Bronx(The Old Toilet);

& will Daisuke Matsuzaka be used to the American MLB Schedule;

& The Schedule, A Grind Designed To Cause Heartache, must be played;

V-Tek's Got 2 More Years;

& Pedro comes back for a fine year;

To Roger & Andy, "Y'all Can Kiss My Arse";

& Fitzy Sends Mets Ownership a Hearty "GFY", for Throwing Real Fans To The Curb;



Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Good To Beat The King-I just Did & Saved A Lot of Money

I sent a document from work by e-mail. It was written in MS Word'03-'04 .x m. l:

I opened it using Neolithic Office, the Mac OS X port of Open Office & the document opened flawlessly. I then converted it to .o.d.t, the Open Office File Format;

It was done without dropping $400 to $540 on Microsoft Office;

Yay, I beat King Bill & did it for free;


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The Guy Who Sings Our Anthem, "Sweet Caroline", Is From Brooklyn & Is A (Belch) "Yankees Fan"

If You click on the Title, it'll take you to the Wikipedia Page, in regards to "Sweet Caroline" & its' singer & writer, Mr Neil Diamond, from Brooklyn, NY:

Our Red Sox Nation Anthem, "Sweet Caroline", is sung by a (Blechhh)"Lifelong YANKEES Fan";

From Brooklyn? From Near Ebbets Field? This is Heresy, Apostasy & Blasphemy, from the time of "Dem Bums", The Brooklyn Dodgers;

RSN Sings along with a Yankees Fan? Ouch, Ouch, Triple Ouch;

Not only is "Sweet Caroline" sung by a Yankees Fan & @ Fenway Park & @ Boston College Basketball & Football Games, it's Sung @ Shea Stadium & Keyspan Park in the 8th Inning;

Well, Neil is from Brooklyn(So was I)& I guess that the Mets are doing it in addition to the Red Sox, & now the Washington Nationals are doing it;

Sing Along With A Yankees Fan? Ernie P, will NOT be pleased;

Besides, "The Dropkick Murphys" are more my Style;



On Tuesday, January 15th, MS Office:Mac'08 Came Out &...

I'm thinking of trying the 30 Day Free Trial. However, with "iWork'08" & Neolithic Office 2.2.2 Patch #6, I'm pretty Well-Set, as "iWork'08" & Neolithic Office can read & write MS Office:Mac'08, nicely. The 4th Degree Knights Of Columbus Ads were done with the Business Letter Template, allowing me to complete 3 ads in 30 minutes, while using the Neolithic Office Suite, which pays a nice tribute to AppleWorks 6.2.9, as an Application:

Then, with "iWork'08", I can complete a professional looking newsletter in short time. The total cost of both programs is $90.51, while with MS Office:Mac'08, it would run me a considerable amount more, like $400 to $500. & from what I've read, my combo gives me more, for more bang for the$;

Open Source & Apple Software, allow me to save Bucks, while the "Gold Standard" isn't all that Golden, anymore. Both of my suites read MS Word, PowerPoint & Excel for a mere pittance;

Mike In Queens

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

NY National League World Series Championship Necrology-Johnny Podres-Don Cardwell

On October 4th, 1955, "Dem Bums", the Brooklyn Dodgers, won their ONLY World Series as Brooklyn, defeating The NY Yankees in a packed Yankee Stadium, 2-0, behind the Pitching Of Johnny Podres & a Great LF Catch by Sandy Amoros, robbing Yogi Berra of a Homer. It was a Great Day Of Rejoicing For Brooklyn & Brooklyn Dodgers Fans everywhere. He pitched for the Dodgers from 1953(Chuck Dressen) through Walt Alston(1966), & was reunited in Detroit with Chuck Dressen(Who Died in 1966)& another Manager who died in 1966. He was with The Tigers for a Year & 1/2. He also was on the 1969 SD Padres, before retiring. As a Pitching Coach, he had two Prized Pupils named Frank Viola & Some Guy with A Bloody Sock in '04, Curt Schilling. The WS was where Podres did shine, in both Brooklyn & Los Angeles:

As We'd Say in our best Ecchlesial Latin, "Requistcant In Pacem et Deo Gratias, Johannes";

By 1958, "Dem Bums" were in Los Angeles, which truly bites;

Then in 1969, there was this National League Expansion Franchise in Queens, called The NY Mets. Like The NY Giants, they came back from a 15.5 Game Deficit & took the lead over the Chicago Cubs on September 10th, 1969 in a Doubleheader with the Montreal Expos(Now The Washington Nationals). The Mets won by a Lot of Games that year & were 7-1 in Postseason. Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman & Gary Gentry were the New Young Talent, as was Nolan Ryan. But, there was an old school Swingman named Don Cardwell, who did pitch an inning in the 1969 WS;

On a Friday in a September, 1969, the Mets Swept 2 from The Pirates. Don Cardwell & Jerry Koosman, each drove in 1 run & the Final Score was 1-0 Mets, in both ends of that Doubleheader;

Don was a good Swingman, alright. He played 1 more season in '70 for The Atlanta Braves & retired to NC;

Requiscant In Pacem;

Don Cardwell died Yesterday in NC, while Johnny Podres died on Sunday in his Upstate NY Town;

Requiscant In Pacem et In Paradisium;

In Nomini Patris et Filli et Spiritu Santi, Amen;

You now know that I'm a Red Sox Fan with a NY National League Background. It allows me to compare instances, common to The Red Sox, Brooklyn Dodgers & NY Mets, & to relive the Era of The Complete Game;

When Kason Gabbard pitched a complete game in Fenway Park, in '07, I thought I was watching something straight out of Jerry Koosman, who Gabbard reminded me of, only Gabbard did something rare by today's MLB Standards. WHATEVER HAPPENED to The Complete Game?

BTW, Click on The Title. Read what Curt Schilling has to say about Johnny Podres. It's Very Well-Written;



Monday, January 14, 2008

This Being A Busy Week-It Ends Saturday With The Knights Of Columbus Free Throw

Thirty Years Ago, St Sylvester Council #6194, then in City Line Brooklyn, became a Pioneer with their 1st Rendition of The Knights Of Columbus Free Throw Basketball Contest:

They've spawned 2 Contests. Long Island Council #197 went Solo in 1989, after being in 2 Joint Ventures with St Sylvester, in 1985 & 1986. I had chaired both Contests for St Sylvester Council's Side & ran 4 of their Contests;

St Sylvester Council would spawn another Contest, as the Chairman of 5 St Sylvester Contests would run 10 Of 12 Msgr Sherman Council Contests & is a Past Grand Knight of Msgr Sherman Council;

FT XVI will be this Saturday. From FT IV, would Come a Long Island Championship & from FT XIII, a State Champion would come, from the Joint Venture With those Joint Venture Experts @ Long Island Council #197, live from Blessed Sacrament Hall on Pine Street, just off Fulton Street in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn. Blessed Sacrament Hall was also host to St. Sylvester 6194's Greatest Triumph, where the Council had 3 Kings County Champions & a Downstate Champion, named Karen Fleming. Karen's Sister was the Mom of 1994 12 Girls Queens Champion Jamie Jones. Karen's Brother, Tom, was chairman of St Adalbert's Recreation & our Host at St Adalbert's Recreation Center in Elmhurst, in January, '04, which signified the return of St Sylvester School to competition after being out of it for 11 Years. & now, St Sylvester Council has returned to active competition;

To understand the Success of the 5103 Contest, it took a detour into St Mary Gate of Heaven-Ozone Park, where Old Time St Sylvester Sports Officials, ruled the roost. Even the 5103 Contest's Biggest Saboteur, once was a member of St Sylvester 6194 & a Past Grand Knight of Msgr Sherman 5103;

The Sylvestrian Roots live on, even in Forest Hills, with another Chairman, who took the Trip to Cypress Hills, Brooklyn;

It's Been A Grand Time;



Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Weekend Is Memorable & The Latin Mass In Queens Is A Weekly Event & Watch For Super Bowl XLII Or "The Parcells Protoge' Bowl" On February 3rd(FOX)

So Far, it's an interesting Birthday Celebration:

Beginning on Friday Night, when I got pictured with The World Series Trophy @ Professor Thom's in The East Village, it's been a whirlwind of a weekend, & quite-hectic. Last night, I was in "The Hairy Monk" @ East 25th Street & 3rd Avenue, for A Perfect Pint Of Guinness Stout & a Glimpse of Jacksonville-New England, which the Pats won 31-20.This place is ALSO Red Sox Territory & was jammed to the point of almost no breathing room. So, after that Perfect Pint Of "Irish Holy Water", I headed on down to "Professor Thom's" @ 219 2nd Avenue, to continue the game. There was breathing room there in NYC Red Sox HQ;

So, this morning I went to 9:07AM Traditional Latin Mass @ St John's Cemetery Chapel @ 80th Street-Metropolitan Avenue. Here's something I didn't know about The Traditional Latin Calendar-While the Novus Ordo Calendar reads "Baptism Of The Lord", The Traditional Calendar reads "Feast Of The Holy Family", as Part Of The Christmas Celebration, so I had Masses for 2 Weeks in a row with the same Feast Day. Something tells me that The Traditional Calendar should've been kept going;

Wonderful News from our Bishop, The Most Reverend Nicholas Di Marzio Of The RC Diocese of Brooklyn-The Latin Mass In Queens is now a WEEKLY Event. Hosanna In Excelcis!

After Mass, I grabbed some grub up by Queens Center Mall, then took the Q29 Bus to Roosevelt Avenue & got on the #7 Train Shuttle Bus to head to Shea Stadium;

For those of you who know Shea Stadium, it's in the middle of absofrigginlutely NOWHERE. There are no places to wet one's whistle, unless one walks to the Ramada Inn, across the Grand Central Parkway from Shea Stadium on 114th Street, about a 4 Block Walk from Shea;

The Place is so desolate without the NY Mets in town. There's no "Game On Cafe'" like there is in Fenway Park;

I took these shots of Shea Stadium & The New Citi Field, next door, from underneath the Roosevelt Avenue Station. The Ramp leading from the Station to Shea Stadium, has been torn down. It'll be moiderous getting onto & off The 7 Line during Mets Games. It's from that Ramp that one could catch a Glimpse of a Game there;

Then from #7 Shuttle Bus, I headed to 61st Street, Grabbed a 7 Express to Grand Central & took the 6 Train to 23rd Street-P'k Ave South & went to "The Hairy Monk" to catch some Football;

I saw part of Giants-Cowboys on FOX. Joe Buck was with Troy Aikman, NOT Tim Mc Carver, so Joe was on his game;

Leanne was my Bartender. She HATES The YANKEES, BTW & is great during Red Sox & Mets Games;

"The Hairy Monk", when not in Pats & Sox Mode, is just a great old NYC Neighborhood Bar in Murray Hill;

Then, I came home. I had to write this story of my day. Tomorrow, is my Birthday. Let's just say it's the 23rd Anniversary of my 30th Birthday & leave it at that;

If it's NY Giants-NE Patriots, it's "The Parcells Protoge' Bowl";

It should be interesting in the AFC & NFC Championship Games. Finally, Eli Manning can stand on his own;



Saturday, January 12, 2008

MY Photo With THE World Series '07 Trophy-MCD

After a mad dash from The Rockaways & The 4th Degree Meeting, There was this Photo shot with me in it, with the World Series Trophy, from Professor Thom's, Last Night;

It says one other thing;

I gotta lose some pounds;

Nice Job, Chris Wertz;



Despite A Long Meeting-I Got To See The Red Sox World Series Trophy

In fact, I got myself in a picture with it. I thought that I'd never make it in time to be pictured with that special hardware. A meeting of 4th Degree Knights Of Columbus Officers took place in Brian McNamee Land(Rockaway, Queens), which took awhile. When it ended, I got a lift to the subway. I made landfall in 45 minutes to Prof.Thom's & got into a photo with the World Series Trophy. Photo @ another date.


Friday, January 11, 2008

The K Of C Free Throw Production Starts Tonight

It may start @ Professor Thom's, with The Red Sox World Series Trophy, end partially up on The eMac for further production, but this made for the Web thing will take place:

A long way from Pencil & Paper of 1978 & a Flash Film Camera, Uh;



There's This Trophy Coming To My City Tonight

@ 7PM, The Red Sox World Series Trophy is coming to Professor Thom's, 219 2nd Avenue, between East 13th & East 14th Streets, in The East Village, on the Island of Manhattan:

In The Esteemed Words of Suzyn Waldman of Newton Highlands On The "T", "O My Goodness Gracious, The Trophy is not in George's Bawx";

Come! Celebrate! Enjoy!



Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More Ad Madness

Once again, that Trusty Workhorse, Neolithic Office, made it easy to do 3 Ads for an up & coming K Of C Affair:

All The Ads & Illustrations used Neo Office Writer;

I used the Elegant Font, Apple Chancery, to write & design The Ads;

All of this with three Ads, took a half hour;

If I tried this with MS Office-Windows Version #2003, I'd be screaming;



Tuesday, January 08, 2008

This Just In From Houston From Roger

Houston(LSPN)Roger Clemens has announced that he's suing Vatican City State for causing him so much discomfort in November, 2000:

He complained about the treatment received from the Swiss Guardsmen, who tackled him after a nasty temper tantrum, where he threw a baseball at The Obelisk in St Peter's Square, followed by a broken bat. The Baseball travelled @ 98MPH & the broken bat landed at the feet of the Swiss Guard Detail;

The Tour Guide, Gina Di Buonasera, was included in the suit, for causing Roger's temper to flare, when she uttered the words "Piazza Di San Pietro";

His Holiness commented that anyone who uses Lidocaine as a painkiller has to be a real numbskull, which fits Herr Clemens to a "T", a subway line he should stay away from in Boston, especially at Kenmore;

US Senator Edward Kennedy(D-MA) remarked that Roger will do anything but talk to Congress;



Monday, January 07, 2008

Jim Rice Deserves The Hall Of Fame

He was in 2 World Series in '75 & '86, & led with Power:

So WHY has he been treated as if he was another Deserving Guy who Never Got to The Hall Of Fame, like Gil Hodges, who led The 1969 Miracle Mets?

May that Question be answered soon enough;



A Post 2000 World Series Joke-But Roger Hates The Punch Line

There was this tour group from Texas on a Tour Of The Eternal City(Rome). There was this BIG, Somewhat Agitated Dude from The Houston Area. He wore an Oversized NY Yankees Jacket & Cap:

They entered Vatican City(Citta Di Vaticana), coming onto St Peter's Square. The Tour Guide greeted Them with "Benvenutti il Piazza Di San Pietro";

The Agitated Dude from The Houston Area, now in a cold sweat & 5 O'Clock Shadow, shouts @ the Tour Guide, screaming "Did I hear You Say 'Piazza'?"

The Tour guide, fearfully & calmly told the Dude that "This is Piazza Di San Pietro."

The Dude then grew violent. He opened a bag & threw a 98MPH Fastball @ The Obelisk. He topped it off by taking a broken bat & hurling it at the feet of The Swiss Guard Detail;

20 Guards of The Detail, tackle this dude, who's now telling the Detail that "Never have I been tackled by a bunch of faeries in my life like you. I wanna see your Boss. Y'all can kiss mah arse";

The Dude is dragged to the Office of The Prefect Of The Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith. The Prefect, one Josef Cardinal Ratzinger, a Powerhouse in his own right. In the Hallway passed US Ambassador To The Vatican, a Mr Raymond Flynn, a Standup Guy who used to be Mayor Of Boston & a Huge Red Sox Fan. The Dude called out to Mr Flynn, who looked @ the Dude & shrugged his shoulders, uttering "Your LACK Of Humility Has Caused A Commotion, which is WHY His Holiness Must See Me" & left;

Mr Flynn,& Cardinal Ratzinger are in the Room With Pope John Paul II. PJP II asked about the Commotion with The Swiss Guard. His Eminence remarked that The Dude, whose name in Latin means Merciful, was agitated as if on substances causing for bizarre stength. His Holiness then Remarked "Let me guess, but Roger Clemens must be going through "Roid Rage." He then sent Mr Flynn with a Special Message;

The Message from His Holiness through Mr Flynn was loud & clear:

"You disrespected my people in Boston, hence you're banned from & in Boston. You haven't met real Faeries until you've played for The NY Yankees, hence you're banned from The Public Square Of Saint Peter, as a Piazza is a Public Square, not some guy you hurl 100MPH Fastballs at. BTW, Signor Piazza has been Invited for a Private Audience, while you're invited to get lost";

Clemens spoke to Mr Flynn. He told Flynn he'll have PJP II's job the way he has Umpires Blackballed;

Flynn responded that ONLY the College of Cardinals can elect a Pope;

Clemens called the Hendrickson Brothers, his Agents & asked if he could arrange a trade to St Louis;


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In A Conversation About Allen Watson J r In A Pub On Woodhaven Blvd, Last Night

It was interesting, to say the least. A gent who told me that he played for UNLV in Las Vegas & who grew up in Middle Village, Queens, told me that Steroids were big in College Ball. Testosterone was his roid of choice;

He also told me that he's known Allen Watson J r, since both were 2 Years Old;

Allen coaches HS Baseball @ Christ The King HS in Middle Village;

Allen J r, once pitched for Christ The King HS;

He told me that if Al Watson had ever wanted Steroids, he would've gone to him, not Jason Grimsley;

This guy also knew Jim Leyritz, who was recently charged with Vehicular Manslaughter in Florida. Leyritz would party hard & do lines of Cocaine;

& there was no doubt that Roger Clemens did Steroids;



WHAT ELSE Have You Taken, Roger?

WHY were you shaking so badly? & WHY such a weak painkiller as Lidocaine? You ate Vioxx like Skittles? You shared a trainer with Andy Pettite & you're UTTERLY-SHOCKED that Andy used HGH to heal his elbow?

What's left of Andy's Balls, he at least showed that he had some & admitted HGH Use, while you shake in fear or in addiction to all those drugs. You discovered a Fountain Of Youth @ the End of A Syringe. Deca Durbolin? Wisterol? B12 Shots, my Arse! I remember Mantle's Favourite Painkiller & THAT was Good Ol' Beer. Unfortunately, The Mick drank himself to death & his muscles came from working in the mines in Oklahoma, NOT @ THE END OF A SYRINGE FILLED WITH JUNK;

Testosterone? So you could have a 5:00 Shadow in the 2nd Inning?

I wonder if that 5th Grader in a Catholic School in Brooklyn, from 5 Years Ago, who's now in her Sophomore Year in HS, just how she feels, especially if she was crying last night? WHAT do you say to her?



Producing Ad Copy With A Mac

Being a Mac OS X(10.5.1-Leopard)user, I have great choices in Software. I have Neolithic Office, which uses Open Office Code & the Edition is 2.2.2, Patch #6:

I put together an Ad for the General Stephen A. Moylan Assembly #715, 4th Degree-Knights Of Columbus, for their Dinner Journal, from my main Red Sox Bar, Professor Thom's;

I used the business letter template & converted it into a P D F Format. In fact, there are two versions of the ad, both stylishly-done;

It was easy. @ least I didn't have to pay $399 for MS Office:Mac, to get the job done;

In fact, the Receipt for The Ad was done on here, using the Business Letter Template, as well as for An Officers' Meeting Letter;

Mike-RSN-NYC-Queens-Sir Knight-Past Grand Knight


Giants 24 & Tampa Bay 14

Eli Manning may be headed for a confrontation with his brother, Peyton or @ least one with Mr Brady. Remember that in the world of the NFL Playoffs, it's win or, as Fitzy would put it, to "Go F--- Yourself". Mike-RSN-NYC-QUEENS


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Roger & The Lie Detector Test Before Congress-My Advice

Wear 2 Layers of Pampers:



On A Couple Of Arses Who Will Meet Their Match

WHERE the “Novus Ordo Moyland” shall have its' new boundaries:

Think of this as all of Southern Queens, Southern Kings County, & Central to Southern Richmond County(Staten Island) & The Amboys in NJ, shall Sir Knights feign Allegiance to The Omnipotent S & His Trusty Pup, Unpotent G, The Omnipotent S will face, at least in Courts of Law, in The Counties Of Queens, Kings & Richmond in New York State, and in The Village Courts of Amboy & South Amboy, New Jersey, a Legal Action, for Misusing the Title Of Omnipotent, by the Aristocratic Ruler of Midwood, The Omnipotent Q, who hast all Ruling Power on The Rails of Brighton, Culver, Sea Beach, West End, Fourth Avenue & Staten Island, as well as the Northeast Corridor on NJ Transit. The Power Of The Q, is so vast that the Password, “Tube Of Novacaine”, must be uttered, upon entering Kings County, as well as any “T” Lines on approach to Fenway Park, where “The Omnipotent Q” is known to frequent, in addition to the land of “The Spanish Crown”, where Fools of 2007, like Prostitutes, were known to “Blow It”, in an Arena, anytime after September 12th, En La Tierra De Corona, Casa de Fermented Liquid Bread Of The Monks, which monks must consume, before singing in Gregorian Chant, as well as chanting “Yankees Suck”, before that Cathedral is replaced with some structure of worship, with the name of “$iti”.
Payment by “The Omnipotent S”, must be made in fine oaken casks of “Fermented Liquid Bread Of The Monks”, must be made to “The Omnipotent Q” by a ramp leading from a Train Station, leading to the Great Cathedral, soon to be replaced by the facility, adorned by the name of “$iti”, to insure that “The Omnipotent S” & Pup, have paid the Required Licensing Fees to use the Aristocratic Title Of “Omnipotent”, Whilst “The Omnipotent Q” makes merry with all his “Trivial Pursuits”, with Professor Thomas, in a gathering place in The East Village of New Yorkshire, amongst his many admirers, who despise a Pompous Pretender, who has been advised to stop being such a “Dick”, a title, which he must also pay a license fee to use, by permission of “Court Jester Jeffy.”

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It Was A Marvellous Homily About The Three Wisen Men

Today Is The Feast Within Christmas called Epiphany, which means revelation. This is when three men brought gifts to the Christ Child of Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh. None of these men were named Radomski, McNamee & Clemens, for those 3 would leave the forementioned gifts plus Deca Durbolin & Winstrol plus Syringes:

For we all have Talents-Let's Put Them To Good Use;

A Warning to Certain Brother 4th Degree Sir Knights-Sabotage is NOT a Talent, as THAT can never be put to a Good Use;



Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm Looking Forward To Eastern Orthodox New Years Day-Or December 45th

In case you may not know, according to the Orthodox Churches, it's STILL 2007. Their Calendar reads December 31st on January 13th(Or December 44th, as per a Gag that Peter N, from "Peter's Red Sox Forever" came up with in celebration of my Birthday Last Year, which is on December 45th or January 14th):

On the Orthodox New Years Eve, I will be attending a Tridentine Latin Mass @ St John's Chapel @ 80th Street & Metropolitan Avenue, which I did on my Birthday, January 14th, '07, though I did attend that Mass in St Agnes Church on East 43rd Street, between Lexington & 3rd Avenues in Manhattan, which allowed me to pick up on Latin, where I left off, in 1965:

My Places of Celebration are "Professor Thom's" & "The Hairy Monk";

Famous 14th Of January Birthdays are as follows;

1741 Benedict Arnold (traitorous General in the American Revolution)

1875 Albert Schweitzer (humanitarian, physician, musician, philospher)

1914 Thomas J. Watson, Jr. (President of IBM from 1952 to 1971)

1941 Faye Dunaway (actress)

1948 Carl Weathers (actor)

1963 Steven Soderbergh (film director)

1968 LL Cool J (rapper)

1982 Rosa Lopez (singer)

1916 Andrew A Rooney(CBS 60 Minutes Commentator);

Andy Rooney will be 92;


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Roger Clemens & The "B12" Claim

Miguel Tejada was said to take B12 as well by injection. Ditto, Rafael Palmiero, Ol' "Senor Viagra";

But according to MTA-NYC Transit, that's a Bus line, running from my Old Neighborhood @ Liberty Avenue & Sheridan Avenue, in a Place called City Line, all the way to Parkside & Ocean Avenues, not too far from Ebbets Field;

I have seen neither Roger Clemens nor Tejada on THAT Line;

UNLESS these 2 stopped off in East New York & Brownsville for some Syringe Runs;

Roger? Nolan Ryan used TYLENOL for his aching Shoulder. WHY did you "Use" a dental painkiller as you think everybody is so stupid as to believe you;

WHERE DID You get the Syringes?



Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year's Eve With Carson Daily On NBC With A-Rod?

A-Rod as a Guest? He tries to upstage the World Series & now upstages 2008? @ Least I watched it on FOX, minus Buck & Mc Cahvah, so A-Rod couldn't stand a chance there:

I guess that Alex might try to upstage the Papal Visit in April;



Thursday, January 03, 2008

A New Member Of This Blog's Lineup Is "My Summer Family"-A NY Mets Blog

Taryn Cooper, a Mets Lifer from NJ & Shea Stadium Regular, writes "My Summer Family", located in The Link List on the Right Hand Side. It's Quite An Entertaining Read:

Since I'm not always able to get to my beloved Fenway Park, there's that steady ol' standby favorite, called Shea Stadium in Corona, Queens, now in its' last season & the 1st Place where Yankees Fandom is NOT APPRECIATED(A # of you "'86ers Mets Fans", PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS);

To the 2nd & 3rd Generations of "Mets Fans", who think it's OK to root for The Yankees, you may do so in the following circumstances;
(A) There's a "Hitler Youth Rally" on Austin Street In Forest Hills, Queens, on a Saturday;
(B)During Roger Clemens Hall Of Fame Induction Speech from Cooperstown, NY;
(C) During a "Salute To Stalin" Parade on the 4th Of July, on 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn;

Now, if any "Mets Fan" wears a "Buckner E3" Jersey in Shea Stadium, it's because you forgot to wear your jersey with either Jeter or A-Rod, sewn on the back. I've met a # of you & realize that your real baseball home is a place in The Bronx, called "The Toilet", as you "Root" like Yankees Fans, because many of you are Yankees "Fans" until the next fad comes around;

If caught by any "Old Guard Types" like me @ either Fenway Park or Shea Stadium & you're seen wearing Mets Gear, trying to pass as a Mets Fan & doing a miserable job of it, by yelling "Boston Sucks", you'll be herded off to a large room & forced to watch 7 Hours of "MLB On FOX" Bloopers, consisting of being forced to listen to every dumb comment, including Jeter Mentions, by Tim Mc Carver;

Yankees "Fans", you'll be so-noted;



To Red Sox Nation-The Plight Of Our NY Mets Cousins Will Be Heard By Us

As I run mostly a Red Sox Blog, with Traditional Latin Mass Material thrown in & being Originally from Brooklyn & having seen Shea Stadium from the days of Borden’s Coupons & $1.30 Upper Level Seats, I will state that while Old Shea’s a DUMP, & a new park is needed, the Skill Sets are being consumate douches by kicking REAL Fans to the curb. Tying Omar’s hands & rushing the “Ebbets Field Of Schemes” called $iti Field, makes me wonder just how often I have to use MlB’s Official Ticket Scalper, Stub Hub, to see the Mets.

As I look at it, the move from Shea to $iti, may be a move of 20 Feet, but will be treated by me as a Franchise Shift, ala the Brooklyn Dodgers & New York Giants;

When I went to 2 Games @ Fenway Park, this season, I used the Green Line “T” Trolleys to Kenmore Square & felt as if I was riding Trolleys to see The Brooklyn Dodgers @ Ebbets Field. I know that on the old BMT Lines Map, the BMT Brighton Franklin Line to Prospect Park Station, was the #7 Line & now known as The Franklin Shuttle of MTA-NYC Transit;

WHAT is so “BROOKLYN” about $iti Field? Where are The Trolleys on Roosevelt Avenue?

In Boston, I get more of a “Brooklyn” feel, than I ever will get in Queens;

Maybe it’s time to hang The Wilpons in Effigy, or hold Jeffy by his ankles from a Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp, as it’s High Enough off the Ground;

The End Of Shea Stadium, will be BITTERSWEET, Indeed;



Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Over The Next 2 Weeks-My Red Sox & Mets Plans To Be Made

Fenway Park Will Be there Next Year:

Shea Stadium will NOT be there, next year;

I've got plans for at least a couple of games in Boston, this year & more at Shea, this year;

But, it's a practice run for the future, as most of my Baseball will be seen outside of NYC & trips to Corona, Queens, made more-scarce;

& I usually have a better time @ Fenway Park, anyway;

As Shea Stadium says Good Bye;



Join This Intrepid Bunch Of NYC-Based Red Sox Fans In Saying Goodbye To That "TOILET" In The Bronx

We hope that by Late September, when the NY Yankees are NOT in contention, that we'll Gather at West 161st Street & River Avenue, in The Bronx, to say "Au Revoir" to that Institution, home to various Arrivistas, Hipsters & Various Lunatics, known in our vocabulary as Yankee Stadium, but to us, it's "The Toilet":

This is where Baseball "Fans" go to practice sheer inebriation, as well as poor sportsmanship. It will be missed by NONE of us in Red Sox Nation;

I believe that September 21st(A Sunday) is THE LAST DAY, before we leave & party @ Professor Thom's & The Hairy Monk, as "Fitzy" gives the place a final "GFY";

Ditto, Here;



Two Side Players Named Todd-Nevertheless You Both PISS ME OFF

It was 1996. A Record was broken in Single Season. Dodgers Great Catcher Roy Campanella, had passed away from the scene in 1994, hence not around for when the Single Season Home Run Record for Catchers was broken:

Todd Hundley was a Fan Favorite at Shea Stadium. Young Lassies used to hang "Todd Squad" Signs all over Shea Stadium. In 1996, Todd broke Roy's HR Record for Catchers with 41 Round Trippers;

As it was discovered in the Mitchell Report, Todd had a couple of friends for Help, namely Deca Durbolin & Scott Radomski;

Deca Durbolin is an Anabolic Steroid, while Kurt Radomski supplied Deca Durbolin to Todd Hundley. Radomski used to be The Mets Batboy(1986) & now was an "Athletic Consultant";

SCHMUCK-You're now on my "ULTIMATE SCHMUCKS LIST" along with Roidger Clemens;

Todd Pratt in 1999 in the NLDS vs Arizona, homered over the CF Fence, sending the Mets to the '99 NLCS;

He also had friends called "Deca Durbolin" & "Tes Tosterone". He was introduced through Kurt Radomski, to his new friends;

That Moment of The Homer, is now TAINTED;

SCHMUCK-You can now join Todd Hundley & Roidger Clemens on the "ULTIMATE SCHMUCKS LIST";

You BOTH RUINED Great Moments;



In Regards To Mr William Heyward Wilson AKA "Mookie"

My understanding is he now drives a Tractor-Trailer Truck, proving that there's Life after Baseball & NO PLACE ON THE M.DONALD GRANT LIST FOR MR WILSON:

A # of New York Mets Fans of "The 1986 Iteration" who, as far as I know, have never grown up, unto the Point of becoming Yankme Fans in 1996, were enraged at Mr Wilson's wearing of a St Louis Cardinals' Cap during the '06 NLCS;

I know that for a # of the '86 Iteration, you only came back to Shea Stadium to commemorate that team, best-known for causing $25K Damage to a plane carrying the NL Champions to NY to begin the '86 World Series, as well as your growing tired of A-Rod doing his annual October Flopperoo, hence your return to the DUMP in Corona;

Think about this. W'm Heywood Wilson, after Years of Loyal Service to The Mets, got kicked to the Curb by Sterling Mets LP. He came to the '06 NLCS, to show support for his Stepson, Preston, who's actually his nephew, even if Mookie did come on the SNY Dime. What do you expect from Mookie? To tell Preston that he SUCKS? He did THE RIGHT THING, even if it PISSES Off The '86 Iteration Of Mets(?)Fans;

I know that it looked strange to you, but that's Life. Grow Up. You bad mouth us guys & gals wearing Red Sox Caps in Shea Stadium, many of us old enough to remember Borden's Coupons & $1.30 Upper Level Seats, hence a # of us are the "Shea Old Guard", who know how Baseball changes;

GET A F---ING Life;

Mike-Red Sox Nation-NYC-Queens-Member Of Shea's Old Guard

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I Think I Started A Trend In March, '04

I went Macintosh with a vengeance, 1st with the G3 All In One PowerMacintosh, using Classic Mac OS 9.2.2:

The rest of my friends were all Windows Users, whether XP or '98SE;

My Closest Associate was next & he now uses Panther;

Another associate uses Panther;

I've used All Of Mac OS X, from Cheetah, now into Leopard, with Panther being my Longest-Used System, though that trip into OS 9(LimelightU1), was the sign that home is now an Apple Shop;

Others around me are going Mac OS X;

"iWork" makes work fun without all the work;

Neolithic Office allows me to be a pro without paying the "Gates Tax";

& even Microsoft Office is more-fun on a Mac OS X Machine;

& one can buy a renovated Mac & have a better machine than with a new Windows Machine;

My many Red Sox Watching Friends, also use Macs @ work & @ home;

& "Professor Thom's" Music System is an iBook on iTunes;

& "The Hairy Monk"'s Music System is an iPod;

& "Free Throw Studios" will be using an eMac on Leopard, for it's web coverage & Productions;

I don't think that Microsoft has any real "VISTAS" on their Horizon, as Vista might sink old MS;



Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The K Of C Free Throw Super-Production Is Underway

& with the help of "iWork '08", having been converted to .pdf, it is underway, as the Parish Of St Thomas Apostle in Woodhaven, Queens, gets its' instructions on how to be a part of it:

I love the "iWork" Template system, making for easy work for this contest;

I just woke up, getting a 2nd Wind;



I Need A Good Night's Sleep

I'm not watching this College Bowl Marathon. I need my sleep.


There Is TREMENDOUS Fury In The Voices Of Mets Fans This Winter

Hell Hath No Fury Like Mets Fans Scorned By The Wilpons, who're on my "Riviera Diss List" along with Kazmercyk(Pronounced Kazmarek):

I was reading the "Kranepool Society" Blog, written by Steve Keane of Staten Island, who's a Brooklyn Expatriate(Like I am). It is linked on the right side of my blog;

He's not a happy camper & neither are Mets Fans, who've had to endure a 20% increase in ticket prices, as well as a Skinflint Ownership, more-interested in Fat Cats Than Actual Fans;

He also links to "Matt Cerrone's Mets Blog". It's a good idea to click over there from Steve's Page;

Me? I'd rather be @ Fenway Park, but it was @ Shea Stadium where I 1st Encountered that Sweet Music to mine ears, "YANKEES SUCK";

Well, Freddie & Jeffy, SO DO YOU. & my last game in Shea, will be laced with tears;



Do You Remember A More-Simplified New Years' Day Celebration

The Cotton Bowl was on CBS, with the Loud Jackets Of Lindsey Nelson, which reminded me that Spring Training was not far away:

The Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl & Orange Bowl were on NBC;

The Parishes of The Catholic Church had full Sunday Mass Schedules;

Both Mets & Red Sox weren't beating down the World & NEITHER were The Yankees;

Now, there's a Bowl Championship Series spread over 7 Days from 1/1 to 1/7 on FOX;

Oh, how things changed from 1966;



It All Starts Again-It's '08

Great! My World Series celebration & Year's end were on FOX. Thanks!