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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

NY National League World Series Championship Necrology-Johnny Podres-Don Cardwell

On October 4th, 1955, "Dem Bums", the Brooklyn Dodgers, won their ONLY World Series as Brooklyn, defeating The NY Yankees in a packed Yankee Stadium, 2-0, behind the Pitching Of Johnny Podres & a Great LF Catch by Sandy Amoros, robbing Yogi Berra of a Homer. It was a Great Day Of Rejoicing For Brooklyn & Brooklyn Dodgers Fans everywhere. He pitched for the Dodgers from 1953(Chuck Dressen) through Walt Alston(1966), & was reunited in Detroit with Chuck Dressen(Who Died in 1966)& another Manager who died in 1966. He was with The Tigers for a Year & 1/2. He also was on the 1969 SD Padres, before retiring. As a Pitching Coach, he had two Prized Pupils named Frank Viola & Some Guy with A Bloody Sock in '04, Curt Schilling. The WS was where Podres did shine, in both Brooklyn & Los Angeles:

As We'd Say in our best Ecchlesial Latin, "Requistcant In Pacem et Deo Gratias, Johannes";

By 1958, "Dem Bums" were in Los Angeles, which truly bites;

Then in 1969, there was this National League Expansion Franchise in Queens, called The NY Mets. Like The NY Giants, they came back from a 15.5 Game Deficit & took the lead over the Chicago Cubs on September 10th, 1969 in a Doubleheader with the Montreal Expos(Now The Washington Nationals). The Mets won by a Lot of Games that year & were 7-1 in Postseason. Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman & Gary Gentry were the New Young Talent, as was Nolan Ryan. But, there was an old school Swingman named Don Cardwell, who did pitch an inning in the 1969 WS;

On a Friday in a September, 1969, the Mets Swept 2 from The Pirates. Don Cardwell & Jerry Koosman, each drove in 1 run & the Final Score was 1-0 Mets, in both ends of that Doubleheader;

Don was a good Swingman, alright. He played 1 more season in '70 for The Atlanta Braves & retired to NC;

Requiscant In Pacem;

Don Cardwell died Yesterday in NC, while Johnny Podres died on Sunday in his Upstate NY Town;

Requiscant In Pacem et In Paradisium;

In Nomini Patris et Filli et Spiritu Santi, Amen;

You now know that I'm a Red Sox Fan with a NY National League Background. It allows me to compare instances, common to The Red Sox, Brooklyn Dodgers & NY Mets, & to relive the Era of The Complete Game;

When Kason Gabbard pitched a complete game in Fenway Park, in '07, I thought I was watching something straight out of Jerry Koosman, who Gabbard reminded me of, only Gabbard did something rare by today's MLB Standards. WHATEVER HAPPENED to The Complete Game?

BTW, Click on The Title. Read what Curt Schilling has to say about Johnny Podres. It's Very Well-Written;




Blogger The Omnipotent Q said...

Actually, the furthest back the 1969 Mets were was 10 games on August 11, and the 1951 Giants were 13 back on August 13.

Both great comebacks though.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

They were(The Mets), behind St Louis, in 3rd Place:

Then, The Cubs went South

3:35 PM  
Blogger The Omnipotent Q said...

The Mets were actually 10 games back on August 13th, after a loss in Houston that dropped them into third for just one day. It was still the furthest the Mets were out of first all year.

6:40 PM  

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