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Saturday, November 29, 2008


In Valle Stream, LI, home to The Green Acres Shopping Complex, a man who opened the doors to Wal-Mart at 5AM, was stampeded to death:

All this for SHOPPING;

All for Wal-Mart's Greed;

Some people only value THINGS;

Strangest Murder in History!



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Great Minds And Brain Surgeons At Sports Radio 660 WFAN

Those Brilliant Operators at WFAN, mis-reported that Edgar Renteria was signed by the Detroit Tigers as a Shortstop for 2 Years:

Wrong! He was NOT;

Red Sox Fans remember Rent-A-Wreck. He was the one who hit the ball back to Keith Foulke, who tossed it to Doug Mentkiewicz, and The Red Sox won the '04 World Series. He was then the SS who replaced the brilliant Orlando Cabrera. Rent-A-Wreck was just that-a wreck in '05, who may have ruined the Sox '05 chances for a World Series Repeat;

Oh, Well;

Note that WFAN, once Imus got canned, lost its' #1 Commercial Booking Station In The Nation Status, surviving on all those yoyos who pollute the NY Area Radio Waves with endless rounds of mindless chatter;


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J E T S and G I A N T S-Rolling Along

The Jets are awakening from their Slumber at 8-3, having won 5 in a row, now leading the AFC East:

There's no Doubt that the Giants are the defending Super Bowl Champions, as they roll along;

It might be a NY Year and Super Bowl, only it would take the Jets 40 Years to return;



Saturday, November 22, 2008

Things That Did Exist In NY In 1963 And Things That Did Not Exist In NY In 1963

The Headquarters of The 3 Major Networks were and are still here in NYC:

There were NO Cell Phones with Web and Text Messaging in 1963;

There was no World Wide Web;

All Phone Service Originated through AT & T, via The Bell System, through landlines. That service is now run by Verizon, a Baby Bell;

A Winning Mets Team didn't exist in 1963. Transistor Radios were becoming big;

The NYC Bus and Subway Fare was $.15 per ride. Pizza was $.15 per slice;

There were still privately-operated Bus Lines, mostly in Queens;

Abortion Did NOT Exist;

What has THIS World Come To?



Coverage Of The JFK, Martin Luther King And RFK Assassinations in The Period Of 1963 Through 1968

This was the Era of 3 Commercial and One Public Networks. There was no CNN, no FOX, no FOX News Channel, no Headline News and no ESPN:

CBS, NBC and ABC were the Commercial Networks+The Non-Commercial NET, handled all this coverage. Walter Cronkite and Harry Reasoner were on CBS, while Chet Huntley, David Brinkley and Frank Mc Gee were on NBC. Over on ABC, was Howard K Smith, formerly from CBS, back in 1963, while Peter Jennings and Howard K Smith were on ABC in 1968;

During the Mourning Period up to The Funerals, it was wall to wall coverage, on these networks. The Independent Stations, WNEW 5, WPIX 11 and WOR 9, took network feeds from any of the 3 Commercial Networks, in those days. Like I said before, there were no Cable Channels to break the Tedium of the coverage;

It was fascinating but tough to watch all that wall to wall coverage;



"Assassination" Entered My Vocabulary, 45 Years Ago, Today

I was sitting in my 3rd Grade Classroom at around 1:30PM, EST, on Friday, November 22nd, 1963, when an announcement came over the Public Address System, to keep in our prayers, President Kennedy. We were all ordered over to The Church, across the street from the school. I was only 8 years old at the time:

We heard the Ill-Fated Announcement that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX, and died at 1:30PM, ET, after taking an assassin's bullet;

Assassination entered my vocabulary, on that day, in City Line, Brooklyn;

By the time I was 13, in 7th Grade, two more noted men, namely, Martin Luther King Jr and Robert F Kennedy, J F K's Brother, who was running for the Democratic Nomination for President, died by Assassination;

The 1960s were One, Crazy Era;



Friday, November 21, 2008

AOH-K of C Night As If It Was Brooklyn In Babylon

Avenue I and Flatbush Avenue?

My friend, Eamonn and I, went to Ancient Order of Hibernians Division II in Babylon, NY, so he could study Irish Gaelic. It's a Cultural Thing, ya know:

Talking about Language Studies for a moment-Pimsleur, for instance, uses sheer conversation. You hear a phrase in English, then you hear the phrase in Gaelic and you hear it, say it and absorb it. It reminds me of "Instant French For Children", which I had as a child in Brooklyn;

Talked to a fellow Hibernian named Ron, who, retired from Suffolk County Police Department, is also a Past Grand Knight of Our Lady Of The Island Council and Past Faithful Navigator of Pope John XXIII Assembly in Suffolk County. Ron, Eamonn and I, knew all the Same 4th Degree All Stars, as Eamonn(Ed) is a Past Grand Knight of Woodhaven Council 1866, and I'm a Past Grand Knight of Msgr Sherman Council #5103, in East Glendale, Queens;

Spoke with Carleen, a woman, who is a Drummer in a K Of C Pipe and Drum Band, who lives in Babylon, is a Female Hibernian. Her husband, Kevin is a Piper. Both are members of Division II and of Columbus Council #126 at Quentin Road and Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn. This I NEVER KNEW-Fr Mychal Judge, The Franciscan Priest, who was Chaplain of The F D N Y, was a Member of Columbus Council #126. I've been to Columbus Council-Cool Place to wet one's Whistle;

There was a Queens County 4th Of July Parade, which I was involved in, in 1993. The Columbus 126 Band marched. Some dude named Chumley, had suffered an attack of Heat Exhaustion at 60th Place and Myrtle Avenue. I remember running to get Gatorade to refresh him. According to Carleen and Kevin, he was seen at 5103's Bar, downing beers to rehydrate himself, as they were also in the Parade;

Ahhhhh, Memories!


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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Click On This Link And See Shea Stadium And Brand Spanking New $iti Field

The Field Boxes at Shea Stadium are gone. So is all The Grass. And new turf is put down at $iti Field, which looks beautiful, as Shea Stadium, the Voted All Time Favorite Rock Concert Mecca, by MTV, is coming down:

I wonder if $iti Field will be a favorite Rock Concert Place, like Shea Stadium WAS?


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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coco For Ramirez At 10AM ET

Only the Ramirez in Question isn't Manuel Aristedes, who is now a Free Agent, but Ramon Ramirez, a Pitcher from The K C Royals:

Coco Crisp, especially for his centrefield defence in Fenway Park, will be missed. I think that he was better than that Yankees Overrated Millionaire, Mr Juan Damone or Johnny Damon;

We shall see;



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dustin Pedroia-AL MVP

WBZ TV has announced a 4:30PM Press Conference at Fenway Park, to hail the announcement that Red Sox 2nd Sacker, Dustin Pedroia has been named American League Most Valuable Player:

He was consistent in hitting and fielding. He isn't a "Stats-Padder" like a certain "Madonna Boy Toy" like "A-Rod";

Nice News-Later!


Lord Albert Of The Pool Halls Was Named N L MVP, Yesterday

Despite the fact that he missed part of the Season and the Cardinals weren't quite in the race, I guess that Albert Pujols must've been great with the Print, Internet and Broadcast Media. He does hit with power:




That may not and is not mathematically possible, but for a Mr George Thomas Seaver, it means that #41 turned 64 on November 17th:

Happy Birthday To The Greatest Franchise Player in NY Mets History;



Something Old As A Remedy

I'm amazed at Old Remedies. I took one that was Neutral Flavored and it worked. It detoxified my system. It was pure with no additives. Let's just say it gave me a good internal detoxification, which I needed, BADLY:

I was once told the taste was AWFUL. It had a little bite to it:

It was not sweet, but it worked;

Ready? Castor Oil still works. It has no sugar or artificial ingredients, which is a good thing. I now feel better;

It has several uses and still works fine;

Nature is the best medicine;



Monday, November 17, 2008

Three Guys With Money To Invest Or "The Parable Of The Talents"

It's that Time of Year, again, where The Christ talks about being excluded from Paradise, at least it's been that way from the Days Of The Novus Ordo Mass, Post Vatican II:

A master of an Estate, who represents The Christ, from what I gather, was about to go on a long journey(In Earthly Terms, This Master could Represent "The Donald", as in Trump), and entrusted three of his servants to make some sound investments, preferably not in any of the banks in the Home Loan Scandal(LOL);

The 1st was given 5 Talents. The 1st Guy doubled it to 10 talents. The 2nd Guy doubled the 2 Talents to 4 Talents. The 3rd Guy did nothing and buried the Talent. The 3rd Guy just gave back the Talent with nothing to show for it. The 3rd Guy tried to tell off The Master. The 3rd Guy got tossed out of The Estate, representing the Kingdom of God, doing NOTHING;

Take care of The Talents God Gave You and Do The Right Thing by those Talents;

It's Warning Time-Do Right By The Lord;

Pax Vobiscum!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Until Further Notice-This Blogsite Will See No Further Writing

I have more-important things in my life to do, so until then, this blogsite is now on Hiatus:



Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In The 11th Month, On The 11th Day, In The 11th Hour

An Armistice was signed, signaling the End of WWI, or The War To End All Wars:

As a Result Of The Ending Of This War, Germany Paid Reparations, leading to Hyper-Inflation( 1B Deutschemarks for a loaf of bread), all in the name of Peace;

Adolf Hitler Followed as did WWII;

But, Today honors all our War Veterans, living and deceased;

Say a Prayer-Buy 'Em a Beverage, Adult Or Otherwise;

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen


Monday, November 10, 2008

Today, I Found A Rosary Ring

It has a Crucifix and 10 Points on it, so I rotate it praying The Rosary:

Very Useful, as it doesn't snap apart, like Regular Beads;

I Like The Approach as it's a Reminder of The Crown Of Thorns The Christ wore, during His Passiontide;

Pax Vobis!

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

News Of Great Joy Of An Ordination In Rome

I've lived my whole life in The RC Diocese of Brooklyn, a wholly urban Diocese, separated from The RC Archdiocese of New York, by The East River, The Hudson River(The Mouth of Said River called NY Bay) and Long Island Sound. When I was born in Brooklyn, The Diocese covered all of Long Island, from Brooklyn in The West to Suffolk County in the East, including Fishers Island, NY, giving the Brooklyn Diocese, a Border with CT, NJ and RH. But in 1957, it was determined that a substantial Catholic Population, could be served by a New Diocese, so Rockville Centre was created, covering all of Nassau County and all of Suffolk County, except for Fishers Island, NY, which is now covered by The Diocese of Norwich, CT. I figured that I'd give you some background, on the Diocese of Brooklyn, now the Smallest Diocese in Area, but populated by 1.7 Million Catholics:

I was reading news in "The Tablet", the Official Diocesan Weekly Newspaper and a report caught my eye. It was about an Ordination of 2 Transitional Deacons in Rome;

I know one of those 2 Deacons. He was in a Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest, sponsored by Msgr Sherman Council #5103, from Saturday, January 7th, 1995 at Resurrection-Ascension Parish, in Middle Village, Queens, just up Woodhaven Boulevard from my residence. He was a Columbian Squire at Cathedral Preparatory Seminary, in Elmhurst, Queens, from 1996 until 2000. He moved on to studies at St John's University, under residence at the former Cathedral College Minor Seminary, before studies at Catholic University Of America in Washington, DC, leading to a Masters Degree.In 2005, he began studies for The Priesthood at The Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. Just this past week he was Ordained a Transitional Deacon. He's pictured giving The Eucharist to his mom, who I've also met on more than 1 occasion;

I can remember 1 Saturday, in September, 2000, when I was at a Mets-Expos Game at Shea Stadium. I was seated in The Loge Section. I was sitting next to a former Emergency Medical Technician, who was also a Knight Of Columbus. He had his little nephew with him. He told me about being an Undergraduate Seminarian at Cathedral College Residence, in Douglaston, Queens, while going to St John's University. I mentioned that I was a Past Grand Knight of Msgr Sherman Council in East Glendale, Queens and mentioned about The Seminarian Donation Program, called The Refund Support For Vocations Program, sponsored by The Knights Of Columbus Supreme Council in New Haven, CT, where, when a Council sponsors a Seminarian, for $500, the Supreme Council will refund $100 back to that Council;

The Brother Knight-Seminarian, unselfishly, mentioned some Cathedral Prep Graduate named Daniel Champoli, from Resurrection-Ascension, Queens, as a Seminarian in Need;

It hit me-He was in FT(Free Throw)IV at R-A, in January, 1995, as was his brother, John. The Mets defeated the Expos, that afternoon(09-27-00). I left Shea Stadium, with tears pouring down my face, over the Report of a Seminarian In Need;

I can recall speaking to one of his former Parish Priests, namely, One Of The Founders of The National Marriage Encounter Movement. He rated Daniel Highly, stating that he's make a Great Priest. That Priest, Dr Robert Blauvelt, is now retired;

So I proposed his name to my Grand Knight, who wasn't thrilled with the idea. He claimed to have argued with Daniel's Mom and hated her attitude. I have a feeling that this supposed arguement never took place, because this guy had a History of Making Up Stories to cover his own tracks;

And So it is Today, The Reverand Deacon Daniel Champoli,has another appointment and that will be Priesthood in The Near Future. Pax Vobis, Danny;

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen.

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Willie Randolph Made Bench Coach With The Brewers

Good! A Fine Man and Baseball Man was given a job, one who knows The National League. This should prove helpful to Brewers Manager, Ken Macha:

News has it that The Wilpons have given Omar Minaya the Green Light to spend $152M to go out and get some good players, namely in the Pitching Department;

Jeffy? STOP MAKING PLAYER DECISIONS. YOUR record speaks for itself in the "Sabotage A Manager" Department;



I Have NOW Seen THIS In My Lifetime

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a Nominal Roman Catholic, was elected President of The USA, in 1960. At least JFK was a Tax Cutter, and had great taste in Women he used to pal around with(Something Bill Clinton didn't have):

Barack Obama was elected on November 4th, 2008. He's a Mulatto(Half-Black and Half-White). He has Socialist Leanings, hence he's No JFK;

It's amazing what's happened in a span of 48 Years;



"You Turned My House Into A Den Of Thieves"

OK, to you Dudes and Dudettes, who thought that The Christ is all warm and fuzzy, GUESS AGAIN:

A bunch of Moneychangers were in the Temple, selling things for Sacrifices at The Temple, not to mention making it into a Local Mall;

The Christ did NOT want to see this, and trashed their operations;

"Zeal For My Father's House Consumes Me", hence He threw out all the Wheeler-Dealers;

Pax Vobiscum!


I NEVER Thought I'd Agree With This Man On ANYTHING

A LOT can be said about Mao Tse Tung(Mao Zedong), like being a Mass Murderer, who let Millions of Chinese Peasants starve to death in "The Great Leap Forward", amongst other things, as well as being a Stalinist(As Paranoid as Stalin was):

He Did re-institute Acupuncture as Treatment, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. The World got to see Richard Nixon with Mao and The Uses of Acupuncture. That's about the ONLY NICE Thing I have to say about Mao, as the Rest of Him belongs on Professor Thom's Now-Famous "Riviera List", and that's where everyone on that list, has their names preceded by the word, starting with the letter "F", and I don't have to tell you what that "F Word" is;

This guy left Mainland China as a Collectivist Basket Case;



Saturday, November 08, 2008

Transfer Between Toilet II And Toilet III

Yes, Yankee Stadium II had its' Final Ceremony:

It didn't involve someone taking either the last leak, dump, or puke at Toilet II;

You see, 4 members of the 1998 World Champions and Several High School Students, took dirt from the Pitching Mound and Home Plate Area+Home Plate and moved it to Toilet III, just across West 161st Street;

It was done in the Rain;

It's the Signal that Yankee Stadium II is done;



MR Maurice Vaughn And Mr Bill Lee Have Been Added To The Red Sox Hall Of Fame

Too Bad that Neither One were there in The Glory Years of This Century, but both were Quite-Good Ballplayers:

Mo is now into building Middle to Lower Middle Class Housing. Bill "Spaceman" Lee, is always being "Spaceman";

Mo is a big guy. His Homers went beyond Yard;

Don Zimmer, as Red Sox Manager, started Mike Torrez over Bill Lee, in that Yankee Playoff Game, perhaps for Ideological Reasons, and not for what goes on on The Diamond;

Congrats to Mo and Spaceman;



Cat Fanciers? Mariah Carey? A Case Of "Chumpire" State Building If You Ask Me

Now, on November 10th, The Marines were founded 233 Years ago Monday and what has been known as Tradition, was to honor The Marine Corps, appropriately, by public display, of The Corps' Colors of Red And Gold:

However, Empire State Building Management, is lighting up for The Cat Fanciers Association's Cat Championship, with Mariah Carey, involved;

Pussycat, instead of Patriotism, is taking a front seat-SAD;

Click Title and read what one Daily Periodical, has to say;



Friday, November 07, 2008

Dustin Pedroia Wins A Gold Glove Among Other Things

For his play at 2nd Base:


Meanwhile, if you click on the title, you'll be taken to an Intensely Hilarious Story, involving Derek Jeter;

You need The Laughs;




WHAT Will It Be?



Thursday, November 06, 2008

From CBC-The Election View From Canada On "The National"

Please note to our Canadian Readers, That Mr Peter Mansbridge is away:

Perhaps the Finest English-Speaking Newscast in North America, "The National", on CBC, is giving its' breakdown on the US Presidential Elections;

Click on The Link and be taken to "The National", a newscast which I hold in high regard;

Later, Eh!


To Some Guy Who Accused Me Of Racism

Now, for trying to accuse me of failing to Support Barack Obama, by labeling it racist and hatred, let it be known that I didn't support Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Michael Dukakis, Albert Gore,and John Kerry, either. All of Them were and are of Liberal Stripe:

Alan Keyes, born in the State Of New York, BTW, I would be only too glad to support;

He certainly has more fire than John Mc Cain has;

I wouldn't hesitate to support Sarah Palin for National Office, either;



Doing Away With Coal?

WHAT Alternative Fuels are planned Mr President Elect? Just how many people are going to be thrown out of work, over your latest plans? It looks like 1965 and 1977 and 2003 Blackouts all over again:

The Fairness Doctrine didn't help grow anything in Broadcasting. Hey, the Networks, except FOX, are still Liberal;

Rush W Limbaugh, John Donald Imus, Sean Hannity, and even Lynn Samuels(A Liberal), garnered their audiences, without the Fairness Doctrine. There's even a Liberal Talk Network, called "Air America", now in receivership, because it can't cut the mustard, nor garner ratings;

Conservative Talk Radio scares The Obama Minions, such as Chuck Schumer, because when People are informed, it scares the bejabbers out of Guys Like Schumer;

The "Fairness Doctrine"-Call it The New Fascism;



Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good News

Mr Theodore Natan Epstein, he who was born in the Peoples Republic Of The Upper West Side, has been re-upped as GM of The Boston Red Sox:

His Deal's for 2 Years;

Good to know;



The American Elections

Americans often tend to vote for Charismatic types. I, myself, would've preferred Fred Thompson of TN, but that was not the case this time, as Republicans tended to go with Mr John Mc Cain, as he was the "Annointed One" by Party Chiefs:

The Liberal Media and Democratic Bosses of 4 Years ago, at their convention, rolled out one Barack Obama as Keynote Speaker, introduced by the Liberal Media as the hottest thing since the invention of toast and butter;

Knowing Yanks, like I do, being a US Citizen by Birth in Brooklyn, NY and being raised there, currently residing in Queens, Yanks(And I don't mean a team owned by The Steinbrenner Crew)have a tendency to fluctuate, and go whichever way the wind is blowing, One candidate says "Stay The Course" and the other says "Change";

In reality, this election is a contest for States with the most Electoral College Votes, so by aiming for the States with the Most Electoral College Votes, one takes home the Big Prize of a mansion at 1600 PA Avenue in Washington, DC, as well as all the Subsequent Headaches that come with that turf;

A Mulatto, not Black, President of The USA, was chosen, with the slogan of "Change". Funny, but Former President Bill Clinton, used that monicker, 16 Years ago;

Why do I say "Mulatto"? Mr Obama is of Mixed Race, with a black father and white mother;

Truly, Thomas Sowell and Alan Keyes, are NOT Happy Today, as I tend to agree with Messrs Sowell, Keyes and Deroy Murdock. I share in their Political Train of Thought. I do NOT share in Mr Obama's Train of Thought;

Be careful of "Change" for you know not what it truly entails;



Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"V-Day" as In Vote

Just Do It-Vote!


Monday, November 03, 2008

Heidi Lives On(At FOX Sports)

The Tenn. Titans(Originally The Houston Oilers), defeated the Green Bay Packers, 19-16, in OT, Yesterday:

It was 4:12PM-ET, at Professor Thom's. The Omnipotent Q, Fan of The Vikings, viewed The Titans Game with Intense Interest. Now, FOX viewers were informed that by NFL Rules that those in The NY Market and the Other Team's Market, that the 4:15PM Game would be shown in its' entirety;

The Network switches to Commercials for 3 Minutes, then to The Giants Game;

Shades of "Heidi", here, as Ed Goren(FOX) became a veritable Julian Goodman(NBC)
. The 1968 Jets-Raiders Game with 32 Seconds to go, cut away for a Commercial, then the Movie "Heidi" went on. The Raiders won 43-32, and no one saw that Game. I was at My Uncle's Home in Flatbush, when that Happened;

3 Minutes of Commercials before the Switch-Infuriating. FOX Sports 2008, became NBC Sports 1968 for a Fleeting 3 Minutes;
(Pictured-From "Heidi");

"Heidi" Lives on at FOX Sports, an outfit designed to ruin all Enjoyment Of The Sports They Cover;



My Beliefs Are Varied And My Own

I believe in Medical Freedom. What is meant is that whatever way works to prevent diseases, I'm all for it:

If Alternative Medicine is Your Bag(It's also my bag), by all means, use it. If seeing an M D or D O is your bag, by all means, utilize these resources;

In faith, I consider myself a Catholic who likes Good, Traditional Liturgy. If You wonder why I have Gregorian Chant, it's both a favorite of mine and gives you something to think about. I'm NOT a Fan of Guitar Masses. I like some Greek(Kyrie) and Latin in The Liturgy, as Latin is STILL The Official Language of The Church;

I prefer The Web for my Information, as there are Opposing Points of View, here;

In short, I'm a Bit of a Libertarian;

I root, root, root for The Underdog. It means that I neither root for The Yankees, nor The Lakers. Those are front-runner teams on both coasts. Give me a Good Ol' Game at Fenway Park, or Citi Field, and I'll be Happy;

My Philosophy!



TOMORROW, It'll Be All Over Except For The Concession Speeches

Tomorrow, please do your duty, Judy:


Don't Complain-just do it;

If You call yourself a Good, United States Citizen, You shall go to your Polling Place, and cast a Secret Ballot, which is Yours, Alone;

God Bless America!

Soldiers went to war to insure this Freedom;



In Today's All Souls Mass

Those who lost a loved one, received a lit candle, reminding them of both the Loved One They Lost as well as The Light Of Christ:

The Kyrie was Sung in Greek;

The Agnus Dei was Sung In Latin;

Beautiful Mass!

Pax Vobis!


All Souls Day(The Faithful Await)

Lazarus died. Jesus was passing through town. Martha and Mary are Sitting Shiva in mourning for their Brother, and Martha informs Jesus of Lazarus' Death. The Christ tells Martha that Lazarus is only asleep and not dead:

Martha tells The Christ that He's The Savior;

Life has not ended, just changed;

Pax Vobiscum!


I Made My Appointment With My Acupunturist

It was quiet, extremely Soft-Spoken and peaceful, 2 Flights up from West 14th Street, over by 6th Avenue:

You could barely hear a pin drop, it was so quiet. All Conversations were conducted in a Whisper;

At $20 a pop, I think it'll be Good Money spent;

After watching a video from KDSK 5 in St Louis, I know now that Acupuncture is painless, restful and enjoyable;



Sunday, November 02, 2008

IF Only People Could Utilize Community Based Accupuncture-Their Health Would Be Better

Think about this-No Bloody Pills which may have Strange Side Effects, Like Prozac or Glucophage or Ciallis:

Instead, in a Community Based Setting, in a Comfortable Chair, you relax with an Acupuncture Treatment. You might even end up taking a nap, instead of getting worked up, upon seeing someone in a White Lab Coat or Surgical Scrubs, and you solve your health problems;

And it's only a Sliding Scale between $20 and $40. The Chinese have been doing this for a Couple Thousand Years and it still works. One 13 Year Old Boy was cured of Bell's Palsy, this way;

It'll save you some big $$$ and keep you out of problems down the road;

Click On The Title, above and see what I mean;



Saturday, November 01, 2008


Just some more of The Season In Pictures. The 1st Photo is of 2 Guys who're looking to crown a Champion in Citi Field(After 2 Seasons Of Heartburn On The Last Day of The Season, I'm NOT so sure, ESPECIALLY with Jeffy calling The Shots):

Eric Gagne' is still despised in Boston;

Robert Moses did get his name on The Shea Stadium Plaque;

A Discipleship Award from a Catholic Blogger;

A Lightning Bolt drawn on my Palm T/X;

The Knights Of Columbus;

Manny That Maniac;

Jere and His Mom;

Good Old Jerry Casale, Founding Father Of Red Sox Nation in NYC;

NHK-Japan Originated a Morning Show from Professor Thom's;

Francona, Our Fearless Leader;

And Of Course Omar "He Has Complete Autonomy-When Jeffy Says So" Minaya;

This is another Segment of This Blog In Pictures;


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The Clocks Go Back 1 Hour Tomorrow

Enjoy the extra hour sleep-you'll need it and it'll be dark at 5PM, tomorrow:

I liked it the Old way better. It was the way we could tell seasons were passing. Starting Daylight Saving Time on the 2nd Sunday of March, is a wee bit strange as it's still Winter, Outside, and Morning is dark as night in some cases;

Enjoy the extra hour tonight;



To Complement Chiropractic-I'm Giving Acupuncture A Try

I figure this-after giving Colonic Hydrotherapy a shot, it revealed that there's more to Good Health Than seeing an M D, getting a prescription, and that's that. After all, all those Antibiotics did lead to a case of Cadidiasis in my body, which does explain Topical Eczema around my calves(NOT Fun):

Chiropractic is enhancing me, and so I'm turning to that Ancient Chinese Medical Practice called Acupuncture, to make me feel better, in the next few weeks;

I've found a Community Based Version of Acupuncture, some blocks away from Professor Thom's(219 2nd Avenue), over on West 14th Street and 6th Avenue, called City Acupuncture Of New York and it's about $20 per visit;

If you click on the Title Above, it will go to the Website;

Funny, but President Nixon's 1st Trip To China, opened up this medical opportunity. Americans were exposed to it for the 1st Time, in television reports. I can recall that trip, wondering in Cold War America, if this was some kind of Commie Propaganda from China. It's now considered to be somewhat mainstream, today, and operates from a Holistic Point Of View. All is not cured by pills with strange side-effects. And now, I'm going to try it, soon;

You Remember Richard E. Nixon, don't you? Archie Bunker called him by that name. Well, Richard M. Nixon did open up China, and, thanks to his trip, we have this kind of Treatment, which is real and is no passing fad;



You Know Baseball Is Finished WHEN

I'm Writing Other things, such as Catholic Theology and Liturgy, both Good and Bad, particularly in The Liturgy Department. The Annual Knights Of Columbus Free Throw Baseketball Championship, gets a lot of writing here(Including The Parody of FOX Coverage, though that might end up an ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Parody, complete with a Commentator who's a "Thorne" in everybody's side, like Jon Miller, HOF Joe Morgan and Good Ol' Gary Thorne, which means ESPN is in for a good lambasting):

Enjoy Baseball's Awards, except if one is given to A-Jerk. And it's Free Agent Time in The Sport;



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Bill 'Spaceman" Lee Talks About "Who Killed The Montreal Expos"

A Word of Caution-His language gets a bit salty, but it's an interesting session, when you click on the link. I consider it both informative and entertaining, and I believe, so will you.




As Latin is my favorite Liturgical Lingua Franca, like Baseball is my favorite Sport, the two cross paths on occasion:

I love my sport to be played on Green Grass, not Artificial Turf-out of doors and not in a catwalk-laden Cloth Tent like Tropicana Field, as it is played in Fenway Park and will be at Keyspan Park and Citi Field;

I love my Communion Antiphon chanted in Latin, along with Certain Prayers of The Catholic Church;

Even a chant of "Yankees Suck" was written in Latin, a year ago, hence where the Sport and The Lingua Franca, collide in Harmony;

At times, the Latin Derived Spanish Language, is good for both Baseball and Catholic Liturgy. Even French fits here, as I had gone to 2 Expos Games in Jarry Park in 1973;

A Plus Tarde! Mas Tarde! Later!

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"Dear Ol' Curt And V-Tek" Are Free Agents

Both are ageing now. Curt Schilling will be 43 in '09, and V-Tek will be 37 in '09. Ol' Wake had his option picked up:

Who'll pick up Ol' Curt and V-Tek? The answer will be in a few weeks'

Stay Tuned as 2 more "Idiots" will find out;



It Is Now 06H24 GMT-All Saints Day

Things changed in The United States for The Church, especially when it comes to Holy Days Of Obligation. Only The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception and Feast Of The Nativity, require attendance at Mass at all times. The Rest Of The Feasts, if they fall on Saturday or Monday, so as not to take away from Sunday, are not days "Of Obligation":

In the 15 Western United States, The Feast Of The Ascension, 40 Days after Easter, on a Thursday, is transferred to the Following Sunday. Methinks it's because there aren't enough Priests to go around, as some of the More-Liberal Dioceses are out West(Think Cardinal Mahony-I think You Get It);

It sure was different, years ago;