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Monday, March 27, 2006

Bushwick, Brooklyn-The Artists Invade

Bushwick & Starving Artists

I remember Bushwick, Brooklyn, before it declined into a massive slum area. When it turned into a massive slum, it was sad.
On Broadway-Brooklyn, a great department store called Bargain Town, was in business. Then, as the area became a slum, it moved to the 5 Towns Area in Nassau County.
The building was dormant for years, as was much of Broadway. Then in 2000, things began to change. As Williamsburgh, Brooklyn was getting an Artist & Yuppie Crowd, rennovations were starting to take place in Bushwick.
The demographics are changing in this area. I see it in my morning commute aboard the J & Z Subway-Elevated Lines. Young Artists are moving into Bushwick, giving it a bit of an East Village Look.
This is an area I long dreaded passing through. Now, I see it budding. It’ll be a couple of more years before even more changes.

Who Knows: Maybe a couple of Red Sox Friendly Locations may pop up there. The gloom of the slum will be gone. & a fancy neighborhood name like NoBro, or “North of Broadway”, will come into vogue. If people go South of Broadway, “SoBro” will be the sobriquet.

“The Neighborhoods, they are a changin’!”
To borrow a phrase from a “FOX Saturday Baseball” Lead Analyst, this applies to what’s taking place in Bushwick, Brooklyn:
“Baby, You Gotta Love It!”

This evening, I rode on the Z Train with 2 of the "Starving Artists." They are from Rural Wisconsin. This is an adventure to them. One of them told me that where they live, there are a lot of cool people, there.

The Artists will make that difference.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Doc Gooden/Calvin Schiraldi>Possible Game Throwers

It was Game 6 of the 1986 World Series:
Dave Henderson hits 2Run Homer off Rick Aguilera;
Schiraldi pitches 2 2/3 strong relief & then the adventure begins;
Gary Carter Singles;
Kevin Mitchell Singles;
Ray Knight Singles, sending Carter home & Mitchell to 3rd;
Mc Namara had enough of Schiraldi & in comes Stanley;
Wilson does a 10 pitch job on Stanley, who has a history of being an "Arsonist" in this situation;
The Wild Pitch, in a # of replays, looks blockable, but Gedman lets it go by;
Mitchell Scores & it's 5-5;
Mc Namara wanted a horrifically-pained Buckner on the field, when the Red Sox win The Series;
Normally, Dave Stapleton was there for moments like these, but sentimentality reigned here;
Wilson hit the grounder & you know what happened there;
I do think that Schiraldi was exhausted at that point, as I don't see many relievers go 3 Innings, so throwing the Game wouldn't enter my mind.

Doc Gooden, on the other hand, would've done ANYTHING for a line of Cocaine; His fastball was way off & he looked awful, physically. This World Series was tighter than it needed to be, because of the High & Erratic Gooden. The Mets won, IN SPITE of him. The Guy pitched like he was looking to win the "Medallin Cartel Cup" for most lines snorted up his nose. By 1987, I was tuning into WTIC 1080 in Hartford, CT, for Ken Coleman & Joe Castiglione, on Red Sox Broadcasts, with quite a bit more-frequency, so I wouldn't have to hear about Gooden.

The Verdicts:
Schiraldi was tired & Mc Namara was an "Original Idiot";
Doc Gooden is STILL a Selfish Little Coke Freak, & may go to prison for 5 years, for violating probation;
In the case of Doc's Nephew, Gary "The Cream" Sheffroid, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but in Sheffield's case, his crime was enhancing himself with steroids;
But like "The Doc", his attitude SUCKS.

Click on title for Game 6 Movie.

The bit about Schiraldi throwing Game 6, was in a discussion in a Red Sox Friendly Pub, called "The Hairy Monk", @ East 25th Street & 3rd Avenue in Manhattan, a place where "Theo The Great" Epstein, did a turn as a Celebrity Bartender.

Friday, March 24, 2006

It's Official Now

I now have dual citizenship.
One of those countries is the Good Ol' USA;
I live in Queens, not far from the site of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series;
I am now an Official Citizen of Red Sox Nation;
One of these days, I plan to party on Lansdowne Street again;
Until then, I'll be wearing the Red B cap in Shea Stadium.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

A RADICAL Change For "FOX" Baseball Coverage

Tim Mc Carver Play-By-Play On FOX

You just read this correctly:
I’m NOT making this up;
This is what he did quite-well on NY Mets Broadcasts on WWOR9, years ago.
Joe Buck would do the straight-up “Lead Analyst”;
There would be less of a chance of some memorable comment, which would be all over web sites & newspapers.
Unfortunately, Buck would delve into more sarcasm than ever before, but he does that now, on “FOX Saturday Baseball.”
Unless one received Super-Station WWOR9 on Satellite & Cable, a number of years ago, & viewed the Mets broadcasts, one wouldn’t remember Tim in Play-By-Play Mode.
Tim is 10 times better than Tom Seaver could ever be. I was never bored to death.
My mockery is of the “Lead Analyst Mode”; The Play-By-Play was flawless.
I guess that the networks (ABC, CBS & now FOX), were doing a “Pee Wee Reese” thing, with the Southern Gentleman in as “Lead Analyst” to give the Broadcasts more flavor. Pitching Great, Dizzy Dean & Dodgers Great , Short Stop Harold “Pee Wee” Reese, sounded great on CBS.
Some Great Gentleman named Curt Gowdy, was the Voice of NBC Baseball & AFL/NFL Football over that Network, for so many years.
Tim Mc Carver, on Super-Station WWOR9, was in the mode of Mel Allen, & Curt Gowdy, in Play-By-Play Mode.
His talent is NOT being harnessed, properly. It’s time to make a change.
“Mime In The Rock Band Has Made Some Noise.”
Buck delivered a Blisteringly-Sarcastic Opening Game of “FOX Saturday Baseball”, last season, with Mets/Yankees. Tim NEVER did that.
It’s time to “Shut The Buck Up.”

Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Parade On March 17th

Moments of emptiness & remembrance can occur at any time, even in a joyous celebration, such as the NYC St Patrick's Day Parade.
Yesterday was such a day.. New York City was cold and windy, after all it's March.
Two gentlemen, both of Irish Descent, had passed onto greener pastures.
May they be in Heaven, a day before the devil knew about it.
Marching in the parade on 5th Avenue felt strange. I felt a twinge of Sadness.
Suddenly, I notice a kinswoman. She wasn't Irish, but a member of Red Sox Nation, in Manhattan.
I ran into this lassie @ East 85th Street & 5th Avenue. We did a High Five Sign, chanting "Let's Go Red Sox", & wishing each other a Happy St Patrick's Day.

The Two Gentlemen who died, called Jim & Larry, werre instrumental in my joining the Ancient Order of Hibernians, an Irish-Catholic Fraternal & Social Order, which was founded in NYC in 1836. The Church in which it was founded, is now in the heart of Chinatown.

I broke from the Parade at East 66th Street, to meet with The Nation Member. I just had to do something a bit different on St Patrick's Day.

Later a friend & fellow blogger, went to the Best Manhattan Neighborhood Pub & Red Sox Haven, The Hairy Monk, for a perfect pint of Guinness Stout. It was crisp-tasting & marvelous.

The numerous young lassies made it memorable as well.

Click on the title to go to my friend's blog now.
His Irish Sense of Humor is really something.

New York Fans=Casual Fan A-Holes

I am NOT a “New York Fan”. Just WTF is a “New York Fan”? In the Sports World, they are what is known as a “Casual Fan A-Hole”, or “Casual Fan Biatch.” I have ABSOLUTELY NO USE for “New York Fans.”
My passion is Baseball, so I like to watch NESN @ Red Sox Pubs in Manhattan or online from home, as well as listening to the WEEI Red Sox Feed, online, as WTIC-Hartford is just too much static.
I also like to watch the new Sportsnet New York (SNY), Television Home of the New York Mets, as well as their Over The Air Station, The WB Channel 11. I saw SNY on the 1st Night & it has a New England Sports Network Kind of flavor to it, as it isn’t overbearing, unlike the YES (Yankees Entertainment & Sports) Network, which will, therefore, be called HN (Hell No), or FT (F--- This). Only when the Mets are playing, or when “Imus In The Morning” is on the air or “Talking Baseball With Ed Randall” & “The Sports Edge” is on, do I really listen to WFAN. “Mike & The Mad Dog” are not my idea of Intellectual Stimulation. I often listen to Public Radio over “iTunes” on my Mac.
One bar, on Metropolitan Avenue-Kew Gardens, Queens, calls itself a “Mets” Bar. but during Mets-Yankees Series 1, the Games were seen on FT, as Michael Kay, was blathering on more than Tim Mc Carver was on FOX. Red Sox Bars are more like real Mets Bars, as they dare NOT carry HN or FT during Mets Yankees.
Another example of the “Casual Fan A-Hole” was found in the last series of Yankees-Red Sox. DFYankees clinched a playoff berth on a Saturday & loads of people came out on the streets of Queens, wearing “Giambi” shirts & jerseys. I wonder just how many were carrying syringes in his honor. These clowns will wear Yankees gear, but wouldn’t get caught dead in DF Bronx. Some of these people, would make for great extras on “The Sopranos.”
Women fans who root for DFYankees because “Jeter is Soooooo Cute”; Derek Jeter doesn’t care about you, especially while dancing the night away, in some trendy night spot on 1st Avenue with some starlet; Ditto Women Fans who swoon all over Mike Piazza in his Mets Days; Mike is married now; How many of you Piazza Swooners will be at Shea Stadium in 2006?
I was in a place called “Killarney’s Cottage” on Woodhaven Boulevard in Rego Park, Queens, last June. Some dude with Major League Brain Damage, walked over to me demanding that I remove my Red Sox Cap. He told me that since this is a Mets Bar, The Red Sox are not to be tolerated & that to be a true Mets fan, I should root for DFYankees whenever the Yankees play the Red Sox, in order to honor the ‘86 Mets.
Maybe, he was partying too much with Dwight Gooden, in 1986, which may explain what kind of state of mind this dude was in. He may be spending too much time with the “New York Fans” who populate the Field-Level Boxes. That crowd abhors the chant of “Yankees Suck”, a chant in Shea Stadium, which emanates from Right Field Mezzanine.
“New York Fans” are committed to which way the wind is blowing. To those across Red Sox Nation-New England & New York:
The REAL Mets Fans, who are a by-product of the Brooklyn Dodgers & NY Giants Fans of over 50 Years Ago & Honorary Members of Red Sox Nation, share a common passion and a phrase which we all chant with Unbelievable Clarity & Intonation;
Repeat After Me:

DO You Get the message, Spike Lee & Other Casual Fan Blohos?
Thank You!
Click on the Title to Go To "The Mighty Quinn Of Midwood, Brooklyn", a Member In Good Standing of Red Sox Nation-NYC.

Monday, March 13, 2006

"He's Really Not As Bad As We Think"

He can be quite-literary & reads Civil War Stories & Shakespeare, as well as History;
Famous phrases like "That was a Peggy Lee Type Pitch-'Is That All there is'", has come from him;
He once remarked that bringing in Mel Rojas into a flashpoint situation was "A Bad Move";
It was when the NYDFYankees became all the rage for "FOX Saturday Baseball", that he became more pedantic than normal;
He's a quite a good Play By Play Man;
I think that Joe Buck brings out the pedantic side, in the Comedy Series called "FOX Saturday Baseball";
Click on the Title to go to the show site, as his TV Show is quite-Interesting.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

"Game 6" Review

This is NOT "Fever Pitch", thank goodness. I was spared having to hear some baboonic drivel by Tim The Dim Bulb.
Nick Rogan wrote a Broadway Play. On The prowl was the Infamous Theatre Critic, Steven Schwimmer. Nick decided to watch Game 6 of the '86 World Series. The Red Sox led The Mets 3-2 in this Series.
It wasn't to be, as Schiraldi tired out & Stanley threw 10 pitches. One of them was an infamous grounder to Buckner. Rogan imagined that Buckner made that play.
He went to find Schwimmer The Murderous Critic.
Schwimmer confessed that he saw 2 Nights of Rogan's Play & found it to be fascinating drama. There was something which also drove Schwimmer;
I cheered for my prediction of a Mets-Red Sox World Series;
One Nun in 7th Grade told me that it wouldn't happen in my lifetime, but it did;
I cheered for the Mets in 1986;
Now, I call them "The Medellin, Colombia Cartel's Team";
Darryl Strawberry, Doc Gooden & Keith Hernandez were clients of the Cartel(Hernandez in 1988, not '86);
Gary Carter was a consumate "A-Rod-Style Diva", in short, a "Drama Queen", who campaigned to become Mets Manager;
Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa;
Such is life in Red Sox Nation.
Nick's Dad, made a mistake about 1986:
It wasn't a Yankees Town;
It was a Mets Town for a long time;
& MTA-NYC Transit Authority ran NO Articulated Bus Service, ANYWHERE in NYC, in 1986;
A Most-Interesting Dark Comedy, indeed!
Just thank goodness that Series was NOT on FOX;
Click on the Title for "Game6 Film." Thanks!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

'86 Red Sox-Mets Radio & TV Crews

This is a breakdown of both the 1986 American League Champion Boston Red Sox & 1986 World Series Champion New York Mets Television & Radio Crews. It should be so noted that 4 Elegant Commentators, namely Ned Martin & Ken Coleman on Red Sox TV & Radio, are no longer with us & neither is The Voice of Summer In NY, Mets Radio Commentator Bob Murphy, who was part of the Television-Radio Crew for The Red Sox, in the 1950s’, with Curt Gowdy S’r, he just having passed away.
On NESN was Ned Martin & Bob Montgomery; on TV 38 was Bob Kurtz & Bob Montgomery; on Radio was Ken Coleman & Joe Castiglione. I listened to WTIC 1080-Hartford for Red Sox games & heard Ken Coleman, he sounding so mellow & Joe Castiglione, he sounding a bit gravely, but enjoyable.
On WHN 1050, a precursor to WFAN, Bob Murphy worked with a former Maine Lawyer named Gary Thorne, who now does ESPN Baseball. Both were easy to listen to. On TV (Sports Channel & WWOR Superstation) were Baseball Hall Of Famer & Blooper King, Ralph Kiner, Gary Thorne & Some Dude we all razz, on “FOX Saturday Baseball”, for some famous sayings as “That Was a Linda Ronstadt-Type Fastball; It ‘Blue Bayou’” & “They Needed a Derrick To Get Jeter Out.” That guy caught Steve Carlton , so he knows what he’s talking about.
Thorne is still on ESPN; Kiner, now 86, will be doing selected Mets Games on Sportsnet New York & the WB11; Castiglione will be on the WEEI-Red Sox Radio Network, this season. That leaves the guy that the Mets have spawned on the rest of the country, who beats one over the head with his analysis, causing many fans to visit web sites, begging him to “SHUT UP.”
On Saturday, 9/10/05, when John Olerud, a proverbial “Quiet Man”, homered into Tier in Yankee Stadium, this Utterly-Nonsensical line was uttered by a Nonsensical “FOX Saturday Baseball” Lead Analyst, who may have been @ a Wine-Tasting (Or Wine Consumption) Party, prior to his call:
“Mime, In The Rock Band, Has Made Some Noise.”
My comment followed with;
“Idiot, in The FOX Booth, is causing me flatulence”
Click on the title;
You all know who Tim McCarver is; need I say more!
The Title will take you to Jere’s Blog. Thanks!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ecchlesial IDIOTS of Boston-Part 2

In Part One of “Ecchlesial IDIOTS of Boston”, I Wrote of the inactions of Bishop Thomas V. Daily & the way he handled Frs Shanley & John Geoghan. These two priests had files bigger than the Manhattan White Pages & Manhattan Yellow Pages.
Bernard Cardinal Law, who was run out of town, in 2003, is in The Vatican. He’s on my “Idiots” List, for his incredible lack of action, in the case of these two priests & others. Bernie transferred Fr Geoghan from Parish to Parish, despite having molested 130 boys. I’m also grateful that Cardinal Law was NOT in Boston, when “The Beloved Bunch Of Idiots” won the ‘04 World Series.
John Geoghan was dismissed from Priestly Ministry, on February 17th, 1998. He was convicted of a Sexual Crime & sent to prison in 2002.
Bishops Banks (Now of Green Bay, WI), McCormick (New Hampshire) & Hughes (New Orleans), as well as Murphy (Rockville Center, NY), weren’t exactly bright lights in this mess.
Thank Goodness that NONE of these guys are in Boston anymore, to foul things up. All of them were in exile, when “The Olde Town Team”, won the 2004 World Series.
Click on the link, to be taken to the real, ecchlesiastical “Boston Massacre.”
Thanks! Peace !

Friday, March 03, 2006

Seasons Converging

We are in the throes of Winter. Strangely, instead of becoming warmer, temperatures in the New York Metropolitan Area are falling. January & Early February were downright balmy.
We then got a rude awakening in getting over 2 feet of snow on a Saturday Night into Sunday. Luckily, the weather warmed up to melt most of it away, but some snow is around. Ice & snow fell on Thursday & today is ice cold. But, this will come to pass, as Spring will begin on March 20th or 21st.
Another Baseball Season is upon us, as teams are playing their Florida & Arizona exhibition games in Spring Training. By next week, I will renew my M L B Game Day Audio Package. That way, I can hear Red Sox Network Broadcasts without having a struggle to find the radio signal out of Hartford, Connecticut. I will also take up the M L B TV Package on a monthly basis, so I can view N E S N out of Boston (I miss D O & The Rem Dawg ; it’ll be great hearing that duo again).
But this Season which I will talk about, transcends the other 3 Seasons. Wednesday, March 1st, 2006 was the beginning of the Lenten Season. It is a preparatory season for the Coming of The Christ, in His Passion, Death & Resurrection.
The Christ fasted for 40 Days & 40 Nights in preparation for His Public Ministry. Satan tried to tempt Him, but that never succeeded.
Our 40 Days consists of Prayer, fasting & forms of Penance, to ready us for the Easter Season in The Resurrection, Ascension to Heaven & The Sending of The Holy Spirit.
It is a Call To Change, a Call of Conversion; it’s time to “Make All Things New.”
Perform Loving, Seemingly Senseless Acts Of Kindness towards others;
Come to The Sacrament of Penance a little more-often, as You & God need to talk more-often;
“Damn It” is NOT God’s last name;
Offer up that 1 or 2 fewer beers for a wonderful cause;
Love One Another, As God Loves You.
That’s more than 4 Seasons Converging;