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Friday, June 29, 2007

K. Rupert Murdoch IS REMOVED From "The M. Donald Grant List"

There is a common dislike:

Fred Wilpon is "Nickle & Diming" Mets Fans to death, while Jacking up prices;

Another Thing;

Great Stories by Steve Dunleavy;

Great, All American, Common Sense Editorials;


Heavy Rain-No Stoppage-Why Were The Yankees Batting In A Really-Bad Downpour

Are MLB Umpires under instruction from Bud Selig, who in turn is under instruction from TBS, ESPN & FOX(The Post Season Networks)to keep a game going in driving rain, to keep the Yankees batting?

Strange but this is the ONLY time they hit:

This is "A-Rod Homer Weather", as the pitcher's best pitch is affected by the Monsoon-Like Weather;

Those Post-Season Network Partners must be desperate to have that team in their plans, or that certain advertizers would be no shows;

HENCE, last night's action in Baltimore;

Game was suspended & will be resumed at another date;

How frigging desperate are these networks;

For one, FOX won't be able to promote their Prime Time Shows, if Yankee Stadium is NOT in the picture;

Who gives a F--- about the World Premiere of "Fort Martina";


Time For The Party Boy In Me To Give It A Rest

It's expensive & I have bills. So if you see me somewhat less, it's because I have priorities:

I can stay home & watch the Red Sox on MLB Extra Innings;

That way, I don't have to run into the City;

What more can I say;

Besides, I need a rest;


Thursday, June 28, 2007

A WFAN Sendup From "Call Of The Green Monster"

Just Click on The Title. It involves Chris Russo. Bill Mahoney's "Story" captures the feel of "The FAN":

You'll LIKE IT;


20 Years Of WFAN All Sports Radio

The Crazy End of Talk Radio was born on July 1st, 1987, with the Premiere of WFAN Sports Radio 1050, at 3PM, EDT:

Jim Nantz had the 1st Show out of LA. WFAN Sports replaced WHN 1050 & Country Music;

I'm listening to Steve Somers right now, as The Mets have been rained out;

They don't call him "Schmoozer" for NOTHING;

Tomorrow Morning, will be "Imus" Highlights;

Hey, Imus made that station what it is, today, that is, PROFITABLE;

"Imposters In The Morning", is NOT going to CUT IT;

& F--- Al The Mail Order "Reverend";


Mets Rained Out

After watching a Lightning Show near Shea Stadium, I doubted that a Game would be played:

I was right as Steve "The Schmoozer" Somers just announced the rain out;

Ditto, Howie Rose;

Day-Night Doubleheader in Philly, tomorrow;


Would The Sox Care For A Quadruple Shot Of Espresso?

2-1 in 13 Innings?

Why is Seattle so Sleep Inducing?

Pitchers with 8+ERAs', looking like Sandy Koufax?

Tomorrow, there's NOTHING like Home Sweet Home & The Texas Rangers;

That'll wake ya up;


Roggggggahhhhhhhh? Trust Me, You Ain't No Saviour

According to the assorted bozos, who populate a certain large Stadium(Or is it Toilet) in The Bronx, they thought that Roger Clemens could save the season. The Only Thing Certain about those denizens, is that they can turn a Gallon of Beer into a Gallon & a 1/2 of Urine & that's all:

Rogggggahhhhh cannot turn Water Into Wine, but he sure can cause those thousands of Moronic Denizens, to whine like crazy. He cannot walk on water. He, like all of us, can get wet walking in the rain & that's all;

Last Night, The Yankmees lost 4-0 to The Orioles. Roggggggahhhhhhh did something for the 1st time in 25 Seasons-he struck NOBODY out;

He was NEVER Ready;

& he's fading & OLD;

& he's a Lion @ Twighlight;

More like a little kitten;


Glavine Is ONLY 3 From #300

Pitched a 2-0 Rain Shortened Game vs The St Louis Cardinals:

Boy, did it storm here, last night(Can You Say KABOOM)!

He's been effective in his last 2 starts;

David Wright hit a 2 Run Shot to RCF;

Anthony Reyes has NO Wins in this Cardinal Season;

& He's as Thin as a Rail, compared to his WS Appearance;

Tonight, Weather-Permitting, is David Wright Mousepad Night, then it's "Hit The Road For 10 Games", returning after The All Star Break;

& Pedro may be back a couple of weeks after the All Star Game;


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Wonder How

Sox-Gorian & Mets-Gorian chant will sound:

I'm hoping to make it joyful;

I wonder how "Put It In The Books" Will sound in Latin;

Veritas Splendor, I Hope;


Ball Game Over- Baltimore Wins

My Thanks to John Sterling for that header, which is more-common these days:

It used to be the Yankees blowing out the Orioles;

That's not the case now, as Orioles win it 3-2;

It's going to be a tough one for FOX in October;



3 1/3 Innings of being eaten alive:

No pitching;

8-7 Mariners;

Manny was off, replaced by Eric Hinske;

Loser was Javier Lopez;

There was a Blast by Richie Sexon;



The Boos Were Heard @ The Crack Of The Bat

It was 11 Innings again. Mets & Cards tied at 3. Scott Showenweis was out of the Mets Bullpen. This guy isn't cooking with Gas:

Gives up a a Solo Shot to the Cards 2nd Baseman, Brendan Ryan, followed by another run;

The Fans booed Showenweis. He's TOTALLY-AWFUL;

Stache Valentin is fielding like an old man(1 Official E);

Jose Valentin will be 49-Why is he starting?

Cards 5, Mets 3;



Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunday Will Be Different

A Mass In Latin, Traditional;

I may try Our Lady of Peace in Brooklyn, or my Favorite, St Agnes on East 43rd Street, in Midtown;

It'll give me perspective on Catholic Worship;

Besides, I do LOVE Gregorian Chant;


Blog Rating-Thanks, "Salve Regina" & Georgia Lee

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

The word Hell was seen once & Bomb was seen, twice;

A Blog Rating System;



iPhone? What Next, iBelch?

For me, a Palm TX, gets it done, whether I'm in a Wi Fi Spot or using my RAZR Phone, connecting it to the web:

I have Pocket Tunes from various WROR-FM Downloads(Loren & Wally). I can play videos & I can write reports, using Documents To Go. I can view the web & send e-mail;

Can "iPhone" do that, that is, send documents?

No, though both do calendars & e-mail. I got the feeling that iPhone is sheer beta testers delight. Wait'll iPhone 2.0 or 2.5 for that one;

I have an iMac, though, at home & it purrs on OS X;

I'm Fine

YES Contrcact With "My9" To Expire After This Season

Yankees May move everything onto YES, except for the up to 9 Games Maximum on FOX, & up to 5 Sunday Evening Games Maximum on ESPN, for all of next year:

I can recall when WOR TV 9, telecasted 120 Mets Games per year, way back when;

If one goes back to the 1950s, The Brooklyn Dodgers were on Channel 9, The Yankees Home Games were on Ch 11 & Road Games were on Channel 5 & The Giants were seen on the road over CH 11 & at home on Chs 9 & 13. There was a Baseball Game every night in NYC on The Tube;

Then, after the '57 Season, The Brooklyn Dodgers & NY Giants, went to LA & SF, respectively, leaving the Yankees with TV on Ch11, though the Phillies & Cards, did send their signal into NYC on Channel 9+MLB Game of The Week;

Today, The Red Sox are on NESN, except for those FOX & ESPN Games;

Ditto, will be the Yankees;

For years, Dodgers & Giants Games TV were road Operations only. Now, Home & Away Games are telecast;

Chicago used to be big in the home tv game market. Now, much of it is Cable, along with WGN TV;

Atlanta's WTBS Superstation, goes out of the Braves Business, this season @ the End;

& it goes on & on;


Overnight Bad News Travels Quickly As The Sox Lose To Coffee Grinders


'Nuff Said;

Losing to the USELESS Jeff Weaver;

Fielding NOT Sharp;

Tavy had little support;

Gabbard Tonight;


Monday, June 25, 2007

"Mets In 11"

2-1 over The Cardinals:

Shawn Green-7th Homer in 11th Inning;

Despite only 3 hits, two were solo homers-Mets Win 4th In A Row;


9/21/57 Was The Last Saturday Game In Ebbets Field

A Trusted Member of Red Sox Nation, Pat, then of Brooklyn, went to see the Dodgers lose to The Phillies, 3-2. He learned EARLY in life to NEVER Root for the Yankees:

3 Days later was the end, when Pittsburgh lost to Brooklyn, 2-0, then it was onto Philly to close out as the Brooklyn Dodgers, @ Connie Mack Stadium;

Then, it ended-Dem' Bums were gone;


"The Evil Empire" Has The Night Off

They return to the East via Baltimore Tomorrow Night, with Andy Pettitte on the mound, after their "NL Swoon Song" in CO & SF:

Here's to Roger(& Everyone Else)having their October Off;

We'll Take it;


Will The Sox Please Bomb Jeff Weaver Back To The Stone Age? Thanks!

The Red Sox are in Seattle(Can You Just Smell The Coffee), tonight @ 10:05PM, ET, facing The Mariners:

Julian Tavarez, who has been marvelous as a 5th Starter, takes the Mound against "Yikes, I'm Facing A Healthy Roster, I'm Not Facing A Team With 8 Guys On The DL, I'm Not Facing A Bunch Of Double A Callups, My Latte' Is Cold", Jeff Weaver;

Remember the last time in April @ Fenway Park? Jeff was going through his own "Olde Towne Massacre. & He's still melting with his 8+ ERA;

The POWER Continues, TONIGHT;

& Jeff? You still SUCK;


"Dis Is A Bklyn Cyclones Cap? Whaddya Nuts?"

A Brooklyn Cyclones Cap has the White Brooklyn Dodgers "B"+a "C" next to it:

A Brooklyn Dodgers Cap has a White "B", a white Button on Top & all Blue;

This, in case you wonder what this cap is, represents the team I root for, in Fenway Park;

Boston Red Sox, NOT Brooklyn Cyclones, folks!


A Sad Moment In Brooklyn Baseball History-Re-Enacted At KeySpan Park

September 24th, 1957 Represents "A Death In The Family":

This is the Date of The LAST Major League Baseball Game ever played In "The Borough Of Churches";

The Brooklyn Dodgers Played their Last Ever Home Game At Ebbets Field-Brooklyn;

74 Year Old Danny Mc Devitt & 78 Year Old Joe Pignitano, replayed that Last-Ever Pitch;

Those Born in 1957 or Had a Ticket Stub from The Last Game, were admitted for Free to KeySpan Park;

I'm now Inclined to believe that Mr O'Malley was having hand forced by One Robert Moses, who believed himself to be Omnipotent. Moses, you see wanted the New Dodger Facility to be in a Dump next to Flushing Meadow Park;

Well, that Monument to "Moses Omnipotence" is standing, & will, mercifully, be ripped down in '09;

& an Ebbets Field Tribute Park is being built, abeit State Of The Art;

But, I feel as if "I Wuz Robbed." Imagine what this town "wuddah" been like, if The Dodgers & Giants stayed?

Joe Pignitano was the Bullpen Coach of the 1969 WS Series Champion Mets;

A Nice Poetic Touch, I might say, for a Great Guy from Brooklyn;


2-1, 1-6, 4-3 Red Sox in San Diego

The 6-1 Score was because Wakey's Knuckler did NOT Dance & he got smacked around:

It was a good weekend for RSN. Not a Good one for Yankees Fans, everywhere;

Josh is 11-1;

Dice Still Dices & Ks';

Wakey's not consistent;

On to Seattle!


Of The Feast Of The Birth Of St John, A Parish Thank You Party, & "Is That A Bklyn Cyclones Cap You're Wearing"

St. John The Baptist was born for ONE Mission-Herald The Coming of Christ, who was his Cousin, BTW:

"I am NOT Fit to unloosen the straps of his Sandals", as he described the One, Greater Than John, who Baptized Sinners in The River Jordan;

From the descriptions in Acts Of The Apostles, it gives hints that John may have been born without Original Sin;

T'is a Grand Feast;

There was one in my Parish, St Thomas Apostle-Woodhaven, Queens, yesterday. It was The Parish Party To Honor Volunteers:

The BBQ;

OK, since it was indoors, there were no grills going, so it was catered;

I hung out with The Choir. The Music Director, a Piano Virtuoso, made this comment about Sam Adams Beer;

"It Tastes like someone already drank it";

Strange, but he has a large house in Brookline(Theo Epstein Country);

Anyway, in the More Established Red Sox Pubs, Harpoon Ale is my beverage of Choice;

Music & Technology were the topics of conversation;

One question is why Public School Parish Kids enjoy the Choir more than the Catholic School ones. The Catholic Schoolers tend to be indifferent or bratty at best;

I checked a score-Mets Swept The Athletics & won 3 Straight, winning 10-2;

"Are You Wearing a Brooklyn Cyclones Cap"

So help me, Larry Lucchino, I was asked that;

"No, a Boston Red Sox Cap" was my answer, as a C would've been next to the Brooklyn Dodgers B;

It was fun;



Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rich From BOSTON, You're Next On Sports Radio 66 WFAN

Dear RSN in The Hub & Those In Suburban MBTA Country:

I'm a Member of RSN. I'm also a NATIVE of BROOKLYN. I reside in the Borough & County of Queens;

I do know my way from South Station to Fenway Park, via Red Line to Park Street, transferring to B, C, or D Green Line to Kenmore;

You have a LOAD of Yankees Fans in your midst, in RI & MA, & they're calling Sports Radio 660, WFAN-NY, located in the Kaufman-Astoria Studios in Astoria, Queens;

As of 1987, I started listening to Ken Coleman & Castig out of WTIC-Hartford;

By 2000, after 3 trips to Fenway, I got really-hooked, with the Sox, making the jump from Intermediate Yankees-Despising(NY Mets) to Advanced Yankees Despising with the Red Sox;

I only ask is that you accept NY Area Red Sox Fans as your own. Yankees Fans hate many of us NATIVES of the NY Metro Area, perhaps even more so, as we're a source of irritation;



For The 1st Time Since May 29th, I Heard This Line 2X In A Row

"Put It In The Books", was exclaimed by Howie Rose on WFAN 660-NY:

Double by Ramon Castro, Intentional Walk to Carlos Beltran & a Single by David Wright;

1-0 Mets Over The Oakland Athletics;

3 1/2 over the Braves & 3 over The Phillies;

@ least there's some breathing room;


Two Red Sox Promotions Of Note- & I Saw Their Debuts At Fenway Park

At The September 2nd, '06 Accidental Due To Storm 1:05PM game vs the Blue Jays, I saw David Murphy, up from P'Tucket, in RF in Trot Nixon's Place. I saw his 1st MLB Hit, off A. J. Burnett, & the Denizens of Fenway went Wild, in a 5-1 loss;

On Sunday, May 20th Braves-Sox Game, I saw Kason Gabbard, up from Pawtucket, make his MLB Debut, pitching a gem, enroute to a 6-3 Victory. That was the 2:05PM, hit by rain, 4:35PM Game start. Again, Fenway's THE Place to watch someone up from the minors, as the ovation is soooo wild & cool;

Both have been called up for the 3 Game Seattle Series, next week, in Starbucks' Country;

Good luck to both of you, as I can always say I saw your debuts. Thanks!


My Suggestion To You Is To Check The Progress Of Citi Field On Mets.Com

Which Links from this site, in the link list:

The New park pays tribute, mostly to Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, with a huge left field grandstand & entrance Rotunda, both elements of old Ebbets Field;

The Brownish Stone & Cathedral-Like Windows, also pay tribute to Ebbets Field;

But, in the case of seating, further down the left & right field lines, it looks a lot like a home park, which I've really taken to going to via Chinatown to South Station;

Take a look;


Dice Went 126 Pitches-Good Thing San Diego Can't Hit

It was something of A Long Evening on MLB Extra Innings, being treated to The NESN Feed, being told about a 1 Hour Condensation of the game called "Breakfast With The Sox":

Really Fab', RemDawg, but I live here in Queens, so NESN is NOT part of my Time-Warner DTV Channel Line-Up, which blows like Roger's Pitching in Denver;

It was a 2-1 Victory over Greg Maddux & The Padres, in Beautiful PETCO Park, a pitchers' paradise if ever I saw one;

Coco is "Crisp" with his bat. He needed this Inter-league Road Trip;

I went to bed by the 8th Inning, confident of a Sox Victory;


Friday, June 22, 2007

In 2:10, Glavine Has #296

9-1 Mets over The Oakland Athletics:

The day off did some wonders;

The Hitting & Defense were crisp;

Lenny Di Nardo mistook Shea Stadium for Fenway Park, by the way he got whacked around;

Or maybe KeySpan Park in '01;

Whatever! Both Carlos were productive;

"Put It In The Books"(Howie Rose on WFAN 660-NY);


Steve Phillips IS Removed From "The M. Donald Grant List"

When a GM has his hands tied by "Those Back-stabbing Little Weasels"(Thanks, Imus), Fred & Jeff Wilpon, I can see now why Phillips made some of his comments in March, '07:

You wanted better & stronger. Fred Wanted 3 Stiffs for 1 star;

You are responsible for David Wright & Jose Reyes;

& The Trade For Mike Piazza;

& 2 Consecutive Post-Season Appearances;



When The 4 Packs For Fenway Park Go On Sale, I gotta Grab One

Because, as long as Fred & Jeffy are running the "Nouveau Expos", there will be no Ticket Packages for Shea Stadium, next year:

No wonder Steve Phillips looks with Bitterness-he experienced 2 back-stabbers, especially Jeff;

How long will Omar & Willie survive;

If the AL East plays The NL East, & the Red Sox are in, it'll give me 3 Days or Nights of Venting on you guys;


For The Next 2 Seasons, The Mets Will Spend Like The Expos

Picture Jean Talon Metro Stop in Montreal. It's a mild summer evening, as crowds of Expos Fans, Jam onto the 30 Bus to Parc Jarry, in 1973:

Fast-Forward to 1997, as crowds to Olympic Stadium, drop off DRAMATICALLY, as ownership traded off Pedro Martinez for some dude named Carl Pavano, in December of that year. Metro Stop at Isle Ste. Helene was as busy as some stop called Willets Point Blvd, was in 1978(NOT);

Keep going for the scrap heap was the philosophy of that ownership. It was a 3rd World Mentality in a "Premiere Classe" City. Piss 'em off & they won't come, unless there's a new ball park in the works;

XM Satellite Radio ought to play "O Canada, Terre De Nos Aieux" as an 8th Inning Sing-A-Long @ Shea Stadium. Why? Why not, as Boston Red Sox Favorite, "Sweet Caroline", was expropriated for use in the Middle of Nowhere To Party, such where Shea Stadium is located;

The Mets Come close & one would think that even more help would be coming, but there was as much action as from a constipated person on a toilet bowl, so similar to what fans of the Expos experienced, from the hands of ghastly ownerships;

So Fred & Jeff are reviving "Les Expos De Montreal" in Grandoise Fashion, while holding a "Fab Freddie's Ball Park Fundraiser", with much higher prices;

"Where Have You Gone, Nelly Doubleday? Mets Nation Turns Their Lonely Eyes To You, Boo Hoo Hoo, Boo Hoo Hoo?"

At the Risk of sounding like 2 Forest Hills Guys named Simon & Garfunkel, I can't help myself, but to mock The Wilpons, who think that Mets Fans are idiots;

I can't wait until "Parc Jarry II", I mean, Citi Field, opens for business. Until then, "Allons Les Expos", or "Let's Go Expos" will be my "Chanson";

& Omar Minaya, a true Baseball Genius, has to work under 3rd World Conditions Like This. Only he could be GM of Both versions of the Expos;


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mets Fans Should Remember The Team's History After Post-Season

NOTHING Major ever occurs, except for SUBTRACTION:

Remember after the '86 WS, that crazy team was broken up, as Kevin Mitchell was thought to be a bad influence on Darryl Strawberry;

Nothing ever gets added;

Fred Wilpon became equal partners with Nelson Doubleday & became more-meddlesome. It became a war between owners;

Wilpon plotted against Doubleday & bought the club in '02;

Nothing was done after '00 WS, except for obtaining scrap-heap players;

No wonder Steve Phillips,now on ESPN, looks at the Mets with Jaundiced Eyes. He lived through Wilpon Control;

Also, Fred is all systems go on his new stadium, in the Shea Parking lot, that's what these next 2 Seasons are dedicated to;

This is a scrap heap season;

Mets Fans, don't say that I didn't warn you;


In Regards To Tomorrow Night's "Mike Piazza's Farewell To Shea Stadium Tour-Part 2"

It's also part of Tommy Glavine's Farewell After 300 Wins & somebody up & coming:

The Oakland Athletics, you see, are starting Lenny Di Nardo;

He's a starter this year;

He was a member of the NY-Penn League Champions of 2001, Brooklyn Cyclones;

In '04, he was a member of the World Champion Boston Red Sox;

Sterling Mets LP owns the Cyclones;

It should be interesting;


The Yankmees Were Swept In The Mountains

The last time in Denver, they set all kinds of scoring records:

Mike Mussina & Andy Pettitte were on that trip. Ditto, Roger Clemens;

All 3 were losers on this trip;

The Rockies are 38-34;

The Yankthese are 35-35;

A-Rod didn't have the right conditions for homers, like facing 40+ Pitchers, Cool & Rain, Cool & about to rain, or Cold;


Red Sox are now 10.5 Games up on this bunch;

Great! Wonderful!


Mets Fans Are Relieved About This

No More "Sweet Caroline":

I don't care if Neil Diamond is from Brooklyn;

It has a Fenway Feel, not a Shea Feel;

It is far-better suited to Fenway Park;

I'm comfortable At Fenway with that song;

Get your own anthem, Mets.

The Braves Are No Great Shakes

Save for Curt's Bad Performance, The Sox clobbered them for 2 straight nights:

&-0 Game 2 & 11-0 Game 3;

Mr Crisp has hit 3 Homers in this series;

Now, I know why the NL East is "MLB Least";

No Pitching;


Two "FOX Saturday Baseball" Conflicts For Red Sox Nation-NYC

July 21st-Red Sox & White Sox, but #1 Game on List is Dodgers-Mets;

August 25th-Same conflict amongst those Teams;

This is according to FOX Sports, so those are 2 Days of Red Sox Radio, or going to Fenway;

Last year, the Yankees led in schedule conflicts.

In The Absence Of The Schill, Kason Gabbard Would Be My Choice Of A Pawtucket Call-Up

He had a great outing on May 20th Vs The Braves @ Fenway Park. I should Know as I was at That Game:

Let Jon Lester work out his kinks, so Gabbard would be my choice. Hey, he did strike out Andruw Jones 3X;

He'll be good in the short term now;


You Know That The NY "Yankmees" Are In Trouble

When The CO Rockies take the 1st 2 Games in Denver:

They're up & Coming The Rockies;

Andy Pettitte isn't really young anymore;

Pitching for The Rockies has been key;

& "Juan Damon" may be put on the DL;

Even though these Games were Quasi-Official Yankees Home Games, what with all that Yankees Gear being worn by fans;

They face the SF Giants, next. The Giants got swept last weekend by the Red Sox. It would be funny if Bonds tied Aaron's Record this weekend vs the Yankmees. In fact, it would be embarrassing & hilarious;

I wonder what dumb comment Mc Carver will make, Saturday, at 3:55PM, Eastern, on FOX, in regards to all this;

It'll be an interesting weekend;


Is The NL East Now The MLB Least?

Despite The Intense Suckiness of The NL East, The Mets are Still In 1st Place:


Because The Braves & Phillies also lose behind them;

The Mets, using scrap-heapers, still lead the NL Least, I mean, East;

Tomorrow Night, the "Mike Piazza Farewell To Shea Stadium Tour-Part 2" begins when the Oakland Athletics come in for 3 Games. Oakland last faced the Mets @ Shea Stadium, in the '73 World Series;

Can the Mets win at least 2 In A Row?

Hey, this team had the 2nd Best MLB Record a few weeks ago;

Can't operate by the Scrap Heap Alone;


The Schill Is Down-15 Day DL

Retroactive to Monday:

I don't get it but why are there so many 40+ Pitchers in Starting Roles?

C/O of Some "Midnight Sunglasses-Wearing" Dude named La Russa, there's something called the 100 Pitch count;

There were no 20 Game Winners Last Year & Fewer Complete Games;

Now we have 40+ Pitchers in the Game;

NOT Good!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Food Poisoning X2-This Must Be Red Sox Summer Of Fun

Well, not that much fun, as Curt's past 40 & needed an MRI to see about his Monday Night Slow Throwing:

There was the Friday Night Chili, in a NYC Red Sox Meetup Group, @ Sertell's Dive called "The Riviera", causing me much indigestion & a cry of "F--- Sertell" & "F--- Kazmercyk", not to mention the Diarrhea, which followed on Saturday;

Then an Empanada Place, opened yesterday. It looked nice & clean. I had the Beef & Beans & it tasted good. Too bad, I was sick overnight. Who do these guys think they are-The Current Sucky Edition of The NY Mets? Oh, Please, I'm still paying for yesterday afternoon;

Oh, my arse!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1986 Game 6 World Series Quiz Question

On WHN 1050-NY, Bob Murphy, a man who has called both Red Sox & Mets Games over the Years, called the final play in Game 6, Saturday, October 25th, 1986:

"Slow roller to 1st, it's behind the bag, it gets by Buck-ner...& The Mets will win the ball game. The Mets Win-they win";

His broadcast colleague uttered these words "Red Sox in STUNNED DISBELIEF";

Clue-He's a Barrister from Maine-Name that Colleague;


"Roger Clemens 2057"

For a few laughs, click on the Title:

Roger can't keep coming back folks;


Schilling MRI-Breaking From The Boston Globe

With so many 40+ Pitchers, it's coming to this:

Curt Schilling threw no faster than 81 MPH, failing to strike out anyone for the 1st Time in his career, last night;

With The Phillies, his heater blazed. Ditto, the D'Backs!

He's been sent back to see Dr Thomas Gill, RS Team Doctor for a Preliminary MRI;

Click on the title & read Gordon Estes Globe Blog for more info;



Having Reached Post #714, Why Are People Always Looking For The Hottest Ticket In Town? Is It Just To Brag?

Leave The Tickets for The Real Fans:

People are breaking down doors at Fenway Park. Unfortunately, in those crowds are those who buy tickets to brag "Hey, I got to see Red Sox-CO", or Red Sox-Giants;

Hipsters, I cannot stand them;

You know these people-they think that some "Over-Rated, Disco Queen, I'm So Cool, I Have 4 WS Rings" guy named Derek Jeter, is the SOX Centerfielder;

Clueless Assh----;

As someone from BLOHARDS put it, these idiots should stay home, for they ONLY WANT the hottest ticket in town & don't really care about anything or anyone else, thus badly in need of remediation by being held by their ankles from a Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp(Very High Up There);

The Real Fans want their park back in Boston. Let these Fakers head to W.161st Street & River Avenue, where they can be themselves, in "The Toilet";


CBS Sports Did This 1st & It Changed The Face OF Baseball On TV

I should note that when I was growing up in "The Borough Of Churches", namely Brooklyn(Cypress Hills To Be Exact), I usually watched NBC's AFL Coverage with Mr Curt Gowdy Sr, he also the Voice of the NBC MLB Game Of The Week;

Occassionally, I would view the NFL on CBS, listening to a Mr Jack Buck(All Before Dulcet-Toned, Blonde-Highlighted Joe was born);

The Elder Buck was better, trust me as I write this. I knew his Football Work on CBS, as one fine play by play man;

Fast Forward to CBS Sports 1990 & CBS gets the MLB Saturday Contract, Playoffs & World Series;

A new style of broadcasting was coming to the fore. Jack Buck was Old School, as the Play-By-Play Man ran the show in the booth. The New Style was where it was the Lead Baseball Analyst would run the show in the booth, with the play-by-play man, as set-up-Intro to the Analyst;

CBS introduced us to the Analyst, WHO WOULD NOT STOP TALKING;

Fast-Forward to the World Television Premiere of "Same Game-New Attitude"-FOX Saturday Baseball Major League Game Of The Week, on Saturday, June 7th, 1996, LA Dodgers at NY Mets, at Shea Stadium. The Most-Feared Words were spoken at 1:15PM, ET that day & they were as follows;

"I'm Joe Buck & will be momentarily joined by Tim Mc Carver";

The Lead Baseball Analyst breaks down plays & makes them interesting. Tim, this past Saturday(SF Giants @ Boston Red Sox), made this memorable gaffe, in that "The last time the Giants had a man on base was in the 4th Inning with Youkilis";

Kevin Youkilis is with The Red Sox;

Tim has a history of getting players names & teams wrong. The ONLY name he has NOT gotten wrong is some "Big Name, Over-Rated, Thinks He's Sexy, Disco Queen, Thinks He's A Legend, Can't Play Shortstop As Well As Alex Rodriguez & Jose Reyes, Has 4 WS Rings, Yankees Captain For Life" Guy named Derek Jeter. Tim might think that The Cask N Flagon Bar-Pub, on Lansdowne Street, is next to Yankee Stadium;

Unlike Jack Buck, Joe is the set-up man for Tim's Gaffes, followed by Joe's Legendary Penchant for the Wiseass in all of us;

It's called Comedy;

It's NOT Baseball;

I can't help it if I want my Baseball, served up by The Great Ones like Bob Murphy, Lindsey Nelson, Curt Gowdy Sr, Mel Allen, Jack Buck, Ken Coleman, Joe Castiglione, Vincent Scully(He of Inwood-Upper Manhattan) & from the Days when Mc Carver caused one to think instead of being a foil for another Comedian;

"We'll See You Tomorrow Night"(Jack Buck);

"Back For The Happy Recap In Just A Moment"(Bob Murphy);

Just my thoughts!


Some Pics From "Call Of The Green Monster" Writer, Bill Mahoney From Saturday's 1-0 Gem By Dice-K

Click on the Title For his blog:

Now his pics of Barry Bonds Striking out, a pic of Dice K & "Los Dobles" Lowell & Daisuke Matsuzaka on the mound;

Bill must've had Field Seats. He once asked me how I scored a ticket for Red Sox Braves @ Fenway on May 20th;

You can get Red Sox Tickets, if you play your options right;


While Mr Crisp & Mr Drew Put Balls In The Seats, Mr Schilling Was Not So Fortunate

It was 9-4 Braves over The Carmine Hose, in Turner Field-Hotlanta:

Curt had no gas, @ least not enough to cut a huge one in the dugout;

He couldn't pitch well, proving to me that Pitchers Past 40, really can't cut it, unless their bodies are altered by the finest chemicals known to man(Like that Fat F--- named Roger);

Guys in their 40s don't belong in pitching rotations. Roger lost to the NY Mets(Jose Reyes), 2-0, while Tommy Glavine(41)had nothing going on Saturday, as it was about to rain(Real A-Rod Weather) & was cool. Orlando Hernandez is anywhere from 42 to 57 & had nothing in his tank. Only Tim Wakefield had his knuckler dancing for awhile in defeating the SF Giants;

Tonight, THE ULTIMATE Red Sox Bar, Professor Thom's, was open & jumping, with BLOHARDS & Meetup @ The Prof. Meetup is planning to steer clear of "The Riviera Cafe", which is run by Sertell, run as if JEFF WILPON has an interest in the place, in other words, cheap, low rent & BOTTOM-FEEDING & where the Chili has no taste & acts as if one could use it as a colon cleansing formula;

It was "Kay-reoke" Night with the Sox in Atlanta & Play By Play was done by a bunch of us. One of the BLOHARDS, mocked the crap out of the Yankees "Ma Pinstripe" Suzyn Waldman;

Covelli Loyce Crisp homered 2x, both Solo Shots;
JD Drew also homered;

The Mets won 8-1. At least a YOUNG Pitcher named Maine was used. The Twins got clocked in that game;

The Trivia Maven, Quinn, kept everybody in Good Spirits;

I was homeward-bound;

Nighty-Night All;


Monday, June 18, 2007

Mets Fans, Come Join Us In Retreat For Awhile

Red Sox Nation-NY Welcomes You to watch fun baseball with us:

At least our ownership team doesn't cut "Coupons";

Our ownership group will pay a tax, not play "NHL Salary Cap";

If a Sox player is injured, he's on the DL, NOT pretending to be well enough to screw up;

Join us at various Red Sox Friendly Hangouts, such as The Great "Professor Thom's" or that Intimate Place, "The Hairy Monk";

The Riviera Sports Bar & Cafe' is NOT Authentic, as no REAL Red Sox Pub, would continue to have a framed picture of "Roger The Roided Rocket", prominently-displayed, & has all the cheap feel of anything run by Fred & Jeff Wilpon, who think they're running the Montreal Expos, not the NY Mets;

Mets Fans, you need a break. Join us in Red Sox Nation-NY;

It's a BLAST;



Adios, Barry:

OK, you homered ONCE, but you were a bust;

Dustin Pedroia & Youk are my sluggers;

Manny's MY MAIN MAN, from Upper Manhattan, especially on Saturday & Sunday, slugging away;

3 Taken from The Giants, NOW NO LONGER IN NY;

You were "Dice-K'd" & Sliced;

Now, get outta here;


The NEXT Boston Based Red Sox Fan Who Asks Why I Root For The SOX IN NYC

Will be asked as to why there are so many Yankees Fans in their neck of the woods:

NYC is part of the Northeastern United States;

We do love The RemDawg;

We think that Mc Carver is a jackass;

Ditto, Michael Kay;

Like Harrington & Duquette, The Wilpons Turn stomachs, especially Jeff;

If you don't like my answer, there's always being held by your ankles from a Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp(The Green Monster isn't High Enough);

'Nuff Said;


I'm Grateful To The NY Mets-NOT

Freddie? Jeffy?

I'm using this summer to ignore you guys(At Least for this week), until you find a way to make some kind of deal, which will have the town talking about you. You guys just PISS ME OFF, like no tomorrow. You wanna fill up Shea Stadium, that hideous hunk of steel, just off Flushing Bay?

I waited for deals of a Championship Caliber & you guys had all the movement, of a constipated person on a toilet bowl. It's no fun, & this replicates '01;

So, for this week, you're on my Ignore Button. It'll allow me some sleep;

See you in September;


Sunday, June 17, 2007

In Case As To Why I Went To The Riviera For 2 Nights

I will state this. On the 1st Night, I wore a "Professor Thom's" Shirt. Sertell was NOWHERE to be seen & neither was Kazmerzcyk:

2nd, denizens want to pay the Consumate Red Sox Bar, "Professor Thom's", a visit;

3rd, what kind of Red Sox Bar still has a picture of "The Roided Rocket", Roger Clemens, sitting on its' bar? Doesn't Sertell realize that Roger, "The Dayton Donut", is "The Anti-Christ" in our minds & hearts?

4th, a place once noted for such delicious items as Mozzarella & Tomatoes, no longer has that on the menu. Instead, the place is trying to replicate the menu of "Professor Thom's", & does a real SUCKY job of it. The Chicken Quesadilla is as dry as Cardboard(So are some of my jokes, BTW);

5th, The Meetup Group likes to meet all over, though Paul, like me, calls "Professor Thom's", the Best Red Sox Bar in NYC, Bar NONE;

In any self-respecting Red Sox Bar, or any bar, for that matter, Tim Mc Carver is still a barrel of Misinformation. I thought that he talked more during Giants-Red Sox, with KENNY Albert, & Ken Rosenthal on FOX, yesterday, mentioning that "The Last Time The Giants had anybody on base was with YOUKILIS in the 4th Inning." Timmeh, does St Louis still Blow in a NY Minute? I knew that this telecast was in trouble when standing next to Kenny Albert was The Red Dyed "Sophocles of The Diamond";

6th, the Chicken Quesadilla @ Professor Thom's, had chicken, veggies, & cheese in it. It was so filling that I couldn't finish it;

7th, the Professor Thom's Chili is hearty & Robust. The Riviera Chili left me with an intense case of "La Turistas" or "Montezuma's Revenge";

As I'm doing Penance for my 2 Night Visit, which got all over town on the web, I shall state unequivocally what i really think about an outmoded cafe', at 7th Avenue South & West 4th Street;

F--- Sertell;

F--- Kazmerzcyk;

F--- Brennan;

F--- Tabachka;

& F--- any place with a Roger in a Red Sox Jersey;

In Short, F--- THE F------ RIVIERA, You & that ROGER Portrait on the Bar;

You don't even have a TENTH of the Beer Selection;

You try to replicate a "Thom's" Menu & DON'T EVEN COME CLOSE TO IT, EVEN IN TASTE;

Riv customers, drop your chains & come NORTH to The Best Red Sox Pub, BAR NONE;

My Penitential rant is finished;


Saturday, June 16, 2007

"Malo Yankees Est"

Malo Yankees Est

Libera Nos A Malo

Pax Non Vobiscum

Pax Non Vobis

Malo Yankees Est

(Latin, In Gregorian Chant, For "Yankees SUCK";


Last Night On The NYC Boston Red Sox Meetup Group Front

I know that Mc Guire & Wertz would be shocked, but that's OK, as I was with a Group of Red Sox Fans of various backgrounds, watching from the place, made famous by Mc Guire The Great One, before his Untimely Purging:

I was at "The Riviera";

As in "The Riviera Sports Bar & Cafe";

As in "F--- The F------ Riviera";

Paul, one of our group members, stated that "Professor Thom's" is the best Red Sox Bar in NYC, bar none;

I shall be there sometime this weekend;

Despite the presence of Barry Bonds, who is breaking no record this weekend in the "Racist" City of Boston, it was Dustin Pedroia's Game of Stars, 5/5 with a Homer into The Monster Seats with the Sox smashing the SF Giants @ Fenway Park, 10-2:

Meanwhile, in "The Toilet", Roger "Pocket Rocket" Clemens, pitched well, but came into contact with Jose' Reyes, allowing "Jose', Jose', Jose', Jose', Jose'..Jose', Jose'" Reyes to homer into Tier. Mets break 9 Game Yankees Winning Streak & end their own 5 Game Schneid, by score of 2-0. Since it wasn't raining & Cold, A-Fraud was cold;

David Ortiz was pissed over strike calls. Can I blame him, as 1 Strike Zone varies from Umpire to Umpire? He was ejected while entering the Dugout;

Barry Zito SUCKS. He's only good against teams with 7 Guys on DL;

"Ollie, Ollie, Ollie-luia, Ollie, Ollie, Ollie-luia, Ollie, Ollie, Ollie-luia, Alleluia, Ollie-Luia", was Ollie Perez' Pitching, shutting down DFYankees;

Note-During The Telecast of Mets Yankees on The CW11-NY, there was that Sad Reminder of it being 30 Years Ago Last Night, that Tom Seaver was traded for 4 Minor Leaguers, to The Cincy Reds. I, from RSN-NY, shall NEVER FORGET. Neither shall The Omnipotent Quinn;

Nice Group of People To Meet Up With-Kim Mari, Paul, Dara, & Company, let's do it again;


Friday, June 15, 2007

"This Is Incredible"

Josh Beckett finally got wild, allowing a Grand Slam & another homer, prompting "Castig" to let loose with "This Josh Aided Homer, brought to you by Home Depot. Like Josh's Homer Runs, Home Depot always goes the distance." Please, this looked like Classically bad Josh of last year, with Red Sox losing 6-1 to the pathetic CO Rockies, in Goulishly-Cool "Dragula"(A-Rod) Weather:

This was even crazier, as I watched the game at "The Riviera" @ W4th St & 7th Ave South. It's a place which inspired Mc Guire The Great of "Professor Thom's" to lead a litany of names, prefaced by the adjective & verb, called F---;

The Bar menu, now echoes that of Professor Thom's, but not as good;

Was with a pleasant Lady, Nikki, with whom there was some postgame cuddling & warm conversations;

Despite reports to the contrary, The Riv' still draws crowds;



Intelligent Yankees Fans Jokes

How does One cleanse the filthy thoughts of a Yankees Fan?

By The Proper, thorough, relaxing use of a colon cleanse:

How do you have a conversation with a Yankees fan?

An In Depth one about Baseball, should either do the trick, or render that person crazy;

How does one drive a Yankees Fan crazy?

Mention The Great Comeback of the Boston Red Sox in the '04 ALCS, especially Games 4-7, or force that fan to sit between Buck & Mc Carver during a telecast of "FOX Saturday Baseball".

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Remember The Maine-He's Been Sunk"

2nd Inning, John Maine gave up 3 straight homers on 3 straight pitches:

Dodgers 4-1 in the 8th;

I'm going to bed-no more losing sleep over this bunch;

Omar? Wake up Jeff & tell him something has to be done or it'll be '01 all over again;



Tuesday, June 12, 2007

El Numero Siete Ciento(#700) Or Why The NY Mets Drive Their Fans To Drink...Heavily, I Might Add

Outside of my love for All Things Carmine Hose, I now turn to my !ST Reason As Why I MOST-THOROUGHLY DESPISE DFYankmees, in the 1st Place:

Last Year, it was unto the point of horrific tears & memories, as well as causing me bouts of Insomnia, which was NOT FUN, NOR the least bit FUNNY;

It's through THIS Team, that I saw Interleague Play for the 1st Time & witnessed a certain Knuckleballer, give up a 3 Run Homer to the Starting Pitcher, in 1997(0615);

It was through THIS Team, where I watched an Idiotic, Maniacal, OVERSIZED Roid Boy, embarrassed by also giving up a 2 Run homer to the Starting Pitcher, on Saturday, June 15th, 2002;

& this Friday Night, June 15th, That Team will tussle with FOX & ESPN's Favorite Attraction, THE Great & Tired Ol' Whore, in the Whore's Place of Residence, "The Toilet";

& I'll try to make it a Festive One at that, though it'll be sad, as 30 Years will have passed, when Larry Lucchino's & The CHB's Inspirations, M.Donald Grant & Dick Young, forced (1992 Inducted HOF)the Trade of Tom Seaver, the 1st Time, for some guy laboring as a coach for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays(Steve Henderson) & another guy, a precursor to Kevin Brown(Pat Zachry). Yes, I will remember that dark, Thursday Night back in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn in my own way, drinking toasts to the following people, namely Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Tommie Agee, Rocky Swoboda, Cleon Jones, Jerry Grote, Ed Charles, Wayne Garrett & of course, Tug Mc Graw & Bob Murphy, as well as Lindsey Nelson & Ralph Kiner & Rusty Staub;

Why am I leaving the 1986 TV Play By Play Man off the list? Let's just say that 1986 is a sad moment in Red Sox History & I don't want anybody throwing good ale on someone over the mere mention of Tim Mc Carver;

The 1997 Pitcher who gave up that 3 Run Shot, throws a knuckler which, lately, doesn't dance & is Tim Wakefield(SOX). The Pitcher, who he gave up the homer to, is Mark Clark;

The Roided, Fat Schmuck, who gave up the 2 Run Homer to opposing starting Pitcher, Shawn Estes, went out of that game with a Fatigued Groin & Injured Hamstring is Roiger Clemens;

The Site of These 2 Games?
Shea Stadium. It may be a dump, but, at least it's not a "Toilet";

To Catch "The Whore" at "The Toilet" take the D or 4 Train to East 161st Street-River Avenue, to catch the big flush noise as the "Mos' Noligibl' Fanz In Thuhh World" moan & groan;

The Team is The Mets. They Lost 5-3 to the Dodgers tonight & just cost me some sleep. WTF Else is new?



Monday, June 11, 2007

This Is A Mixed Up World When...

Adults use the T-Mobile Sidekick III, for their e-mail:

Teens use the Blackberry Curve for their e-mail, IM & web-browsing;

The Pittsburgh Pirates are sent as a Sacrifice to the Altar of Offerings, so the Kings & Princes can continue to bed down with an Old Whore(As their Ratings In the 11-13 Mental Age, Middle Age With Lots Of Cash Audience, must be pleased at all costs);

Why does this last Paragraph, sound like The Apocalypse According To St John The Evangelist?

In short, to The Big Shots at MLB, you have no soul. You've sold out for tons of cash to FOX & ESPN. You've hyped ONE TEAM, Ad Infinitum, as your savior. You make it easier for them by throwing them way too many gifts;

FOX can't promote, with their stars, their new series UNLESS it's played in some place called "The Toilet"?

Mike Breen of ABC-ESPN & Donald Trump, got mentions at Shea Stadium, but no FOX Shows were promoted. Dan Dierdorf of CBS Sports, got his name mentioned at St Louis @ Busch Stadium III, but no promotion of Stars of FOX Shows, took place;

"The Old Whore", BTW, plays at "The Toilet";

Let's just say that it's located in a rundown section of The Bronx & leave it at that. #700 is next & promises to be memorable;


In The Annual "FOX Saturday Baseball" Parody In January

Think of "Outing" & "Whacking":

& Think of Wisea----, who get what's coming to them;

What would Tony & Paulie do?


As The Latest Weather Forecast For Tomorrow Is Thunderstorms In The NY Area

This should be conducive to the Home Run Power of "Dragula":

Actually, rain & cool is when "A-Jerk" is at his most powerful. A sunny, warm day, is of grave disadvantage to him. A warm, sunny day is a great photo-op in The Post, to show off his physique for his adoring legions in Chelsea & Greenwich Village, but he'll have nothing else going for him(Like Last Summer);

Why do I call him Dragula?
The Real Dracula didn't seek out a newspaper photographer to take pictures of him sunbathing, nor did Dracula slap a ball out of someone's glove. Dracula preferred the dark of night to do his things, especially when stormy. But since A-Rod did slap a ball out of a pitcher's glove & appear half nude for a photo shoot, as well as perform in the dark(Just Ask His Mistress), he's now called Dragula;

Either which way, he's still a d---, if you ask me;


Uh, MLB?

Did you know that DF Yankees NEVER went to Pittsburgh?

They played the Pirates in '05 in Da Bronx:

Are you guys planning another "Fix It" Trip anytime soon?

Was this ONLY an oversight on your part?

Or a need for hoping that the Yankees make it to Post-Season?



Sunday, June 10, 2007

You Kinda Wished The Sox Had Faced The '06 & '05 Randy Johnson

Because this edition was lights out, as far as I was concerned. Hey, the hernia surgery helped a lot, too, as well as pitching indoors:

In the Up & Coming Series in YS, the Yankees will be sorely-tested, as the Pirates were a gift from MLB. The Diamondbacks are NOT a gift;

Is Dice-K's Unlucky #, 4, as in the inning? It certainly looks that way. & Mike Timlin put the Game out of Reach;

5-1 the Final, as "The Nation" had a good time out west. It's back to Fenway Park for 3 with the CO Rockies, starting Tuesday Night;

& Jere? Be careful of what you wish for as you got it(NESN). Did RemDawg get you torqued off again? Hey, SNY does it like NESN in that Department;


Why Is MLB Soooooo Charitable To The Yankees

Why were the Pittsburgh Pirates Scheduled?

A team which hasn't won ANYTHING since both Tim Wakefield & Barry Bonds were patrolling Three Rivers Stadium?

Is MLB doing what FOX wants them to do?

No wonder "That Fat Fraud" Roger came down with a tired groin!

Yesterday, he pitched 6 Innings of his 4th Minor League Tuneup, while winning his 349th Game, & NOT impressively, mind you:

Ohh & how's FOX going to handle a Yankees-Free October? Will Mc Carver carry on about missing Jeets?

Too Bad!



I Viewed The Top Of The 1st On NESN Via MLB Extra Innings In Demand

It's a miracle what Medical Science Can Do:

Randy Johnson actually looks Pre-Yankee, which means like his old self;

Sox strand 2 In the Top of the 1st;

Why didn't the Yankees Med Staff catch onto what was going on?


@ 4:30PM Dice-K Vs "The Big Eunuch"

Why do I say "The Big Eunuch"?

Randy Johnson will be 44 this year. With the Yankees, he was ineffective & was hit with regularity;

Today was dark & damp. That might explain Slappy Mc Chokesonwad's 2 Homers as the Yankees use a piss-poor Pirates Team for Ease of Win Practice;

I have this feeling. When Glavine Wins #300, it'll be curtains for his career, as it should be;

Guys in their 40s, especially Pitchers, can't go on forever. I think Glavine knows that;

Rogggggahhhhhhhhh? You're a faker;


About MLB Extra Innings On Cable

The Brain Surgeons on the Twins Network, reported that the Mets just got to the Tigers pitching & it was 10-3 Mets:

A few mins earlier, I viewed the CW11-NY, & it was the opposite, not to mention that Tommy Glavine is getting too old to do this, he having given up 9 runs in 4 2/3 innings;

When's your next groin pull, Roggggahhh? Like "The Riviera", F--- Rogggahhh;

aaron Sele isn't really effective;

& I refuse to watch YES, during this fix it up for the Yankees series;

& Hawk Harrelson is still an arse;


"Rat-Ger? The World's Mos' Noligible Fanz Deserve You"

As these "Fans" only pay attention to end results, not the game itself:

Wait'll you face the Detroit Tigers;

I suspect that the Fatigued Groin will be back on Friday night, unless the NY Mets have the "B-" team out there;

You weren't great out there, yesterday;



As I've Said Before

There's A Certain Catholicity to this blog, despite it being a Baseball Blog. Originally, I was to be at the 9:00AM Mass at St John's Cemetery Chapel, but due to a raging fever, which broke only 3 hours ago, I went to my usual 11AM Mass @ Woodhaven's St Thomas Apostle Church. The Mass was reverently-celebrated with Traditional Hymns for the Feast of Corpus Christi:

During the fever, I wasn't sure as to what day it was, I had slept so long. It wasn't until the announcement that "The Sopranos" Finale is tonight, that I got my bearings;

Say a prayer for Fr Felice DeLaura, as he has Neurological Problems with his feet, as he can't stand up most of the time, but he can still celebrate Mass with the best of them;

One usher mentioned to me that when his brother was signed by the Detroit Tigers, conditioning was different, as there were 6 weeks of drills & few hamstring problems. Now there's only 2 weeks of this, followed by games. He suspects that all these untraceable substances are being taken, causing for all ballplayers' injuries;

It's just my thoughts for today;


Over Last 26 Hours

Friday Night, Josh Beckett was at his best as the Sox defeated The Diamondbacks 10-3, with JD Drew driving in 7 Runs, & he smacked 2 3 run homers. It appeared that "The Nation" had the Great Majority of Fans in Chase Field:

Matt Williams? As we were stuck with the FSN-AZ Feed on MLB Extra Innings on Cable, outside of New England, you talked MORE than Tim Mc Carver. NOT fun;

Also viewed OAK-SF from AT&T Park(FSN-Bay Area)(OAK Winning on a single by Shannon Stewart, proving to me that he's not a mere flash in the pan, but truly-seasoned) & Toronto-Dodgers from LA on FSN-WEST2, where Mr Scully was penultimate in calling the game(I can't complain about that Man From Inwood-Upper Manhattan);

Mets shut out Tigers in Detroit, 3-0, on homers by Carlos Delgado & David Wright(Solo Shots);

Now, I know why Roger Clemens waited to pitch against The Pittsburgh Pirates Yesterday-they're a weak NL Central Club;

I was waylaid with a fever & chills-it feels good to be back;


Friday, June 08, 2007

Curt 38-A No No-ALMOST

The No Hit bid ended at pitch 98:

I was at work, so I couldn't tell you;

How come more Mediocre Pitchers get No Hitters than really good ones?

Go Figure!

& it's always a a nobody, or someone at the Twilight of Their Career;

Shannon Stewart?
Former Blue Jay in Oakland, now?

But a win is a win & @ least curt wasn't ruined by JC Romero;


"Thanks For NOTHING & Terrible Job"

(Not Quite) Scorecard Philadelphia Phillies at NY Mets
Thursday, 06/07/07 @ 1910 Hrs

• It's 2010 in the evening. It's bottom of the 5tth.
• Jose Valentin singled. Carlos Gomez popped out foul. Ditto Jose Reyes. FC6 by Maine.
• Chant of Philly (Bleep) started.
• Chant By Philly Fans Mocking “Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose”
• Chant of censored.
• Omar better make a deal.
• No one got arrested upstairs.
• MTA Q53 Bus Runs to 61st Street-Woodside 7 Line Connection, less frequently on Game days, for some strange reason.
• As Jere Smith of “A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory”, borrowing from Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, on WFAN 660 Radio, would’ve assessed MTA Bus Q53 Service with the words “Terrible Job”, with which I would concur.
• Hey, MTA Bus! I was 2 Innings Late-Terrible Job.

In a 6th inning to be worthy of Game 6 of the 04 ALCS, David Wright homered to LCF, thru an umpiring ruling. His homer was sandwiched between Carlos Delgado &
Paul LO DUCA on a back to back to back homer barrage;

Does Billy Wagner want to be the reincarnation of Armando Benitez?

This NOT being Yankee Stadium, also known as “The Toilet”, there were no fights, save for 2 Drunks in a Loge Box. It didn’t happen in Upper Level, like it happens in all levels of Yankee Stadium, especially Tier Reserved;

AS this was the 3rd game in my 5 game package, Fenway Park, Orioles at Red Sox, can't come soon enough. I have 2 more games in September with the 5 Game Mets Package;

Ernie Paicopoulos (Fenway Nation) is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT in his assessment that “Sweet Caroline”, played in 8th Inning at Fenway Park, is authentic, whilst the XM Radio Sing Along in the 8th @ Shea Stadium, of “Sweet Caroline”, is NOT. I having experienced “Sweet Caroline” during the 3rd Game of Red Sox Braves at Fenway Park, confirmed that the Mets Version is a sheer imitation, even though Neil Diamond grew up in Flatbush & Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn & “Sweet Caroline” is played, due to an increasing # of visits to Shea Stadium, from all around New England, especially from, MA & RI, as tickets to Fenway Park, are much-harder to come by, these days. Perhaps, Billy Joel’s “I’m In A New York State Of Mind”, a kind of Mellow, Sad Song, would be more of an appropriate anthem;

The Home Run in the 6th Inning by David Wright, had Mark Bellhorn-Style Overtones, especially when the Umpires had to confer to rule on that call;

Shea Stadium Sightlines, especially for following the flight of the ball, from seats in Upper Level, are quite poor. Following the path of Incoming Flights into La Guardia Airport, seems a lot-easier, though. Even with a pole near a seat, Fenway Park has better sightlines, because of proximity(Closeness)to the field;

Philly & Mets Fans did agree on ONE thing-Yankees Fans in road ball parks, are as bad & nasty, as they are, in Yankee Stadium. In short, they’re not really fans of Baseball;



Thursday, June 07, 2007

"It's Time For Some Diet Coke With Vitamins For The Carmine Hose & Those Guys In Corona

Like any equipment, it becomes frayed from overuse;

The Teams need Preventive Maintainance;

Time for some Diet Coke & Double Vitamins;

Time for some Quiet, Gregorian Contemplation;

Time for Jon Lester's Return to The Red Sox;

& Time for Omar to get on the phone to cut some deals, though not for anyone with the 1st name of Roger & last name of Clemens;

I think that I'll sing my Gregorian Chant Version of "Yankees Suck" at Shea Stadium tonight, to see how it works;

Something's gotta give;


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Coward In The Closet Ran A Vendetta-Part One

Someone is successful in his career & has a lot going for him, but that someone does NOT want a certain side of that person, exposed:

It can mean loss of career, prestige & reputation. What happened here was that a successful Information Technology person, who was a major leader of a Catholic Fraternal Society, had a dark secret. In fact he was The Head of that Society in Queens, from 1990 until 1992. It was in the period where he was the #2Man in that Society, when things were beginning to unravel;

I was in the tap-club room portion, when whispers of unease & tears took place. A male of almost 34 Years Old, was seen with the #2 Man, mentioning that he couldn't stay around there for fear of people finding out about their arrangement, where they lived together, as partners(The Current Terminology);

In short, it was a Gay Relationship, abeit closeted. And someone was going to pay for this breakup, in ways that were unfathomable at that time;

The guy initiating the break off, was 1 year behind me in a Catholic HS on East 44th Street, Lexington to 3rd Avenues on the Cross, in Manhattan. I graduated from there in 1973, while the Guy in the Breakoff, graduated in 1974 from said school;

That Guy mentioned to his partner that he couldn't stay for fear that I might find out about this & say something. At 1st, I wasn't sure what this mess was all about, but it came to me over time. The #2 Guy then became leader of that Catholic Order, succeeding his father in that role, from 1990-1992;

End Of Part 1

Monday, June 04, 2007

Why I NEED A Change This Sunday

The Traditional Latin Mass is offered on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of the Month & every Sunday throughout Lent, at St John's Cemetery Chapel, 80th Street & Metropolitan Avenue in Queens:

The meditative nature of The Latin Mass, brings one to awe & reverence, especially in The Offertory & Consecration. In the Readings of Epistle & Gospel, these readings are NOT disjointed, as they appear to be in the Novus Ordo Mass. One appreciates the continuity & the quiet;

There are Hymns of Worship to God, not Affirmations of Self, here;

Like a Pastural Game of Baseball, there are nuances, appreciated in meditative silence. One communes with God in prayer. One does not need current music to blast ones senses, nor does one need to listen to endless blathering(ESPN's Joe Morgan & FOX' Tim Mc Carver, do tend to that style, hurting one's eardrums to the delight of a few masochists), usually from Litugical Experts, who've wondered where all the people have gone to;

As many of that group in Queens are Red Sox Fans, we wonder just what appropriate Penance should Alexander Emanual Rodriguez, perform for his acts of sheer self-indulgence & Public Adultery;

Should he locked in a room & forced to endure tapes of the "Best" of Joe Morgan, or the "Best" of Tim Mc Carver, for 45 Minutes?

Or should he be subject to a Penance, renduring the part of his Body, causing him to sin, useless for a week? Perhaps both Penances should be hoisted on a Liturgical Expert, locked into the same room with Mr Rodriguez;

It's a grand intellectual & Spiritual Experience, The Latin Mass. Give it a try. It sure worked for a Long Time & still does. There's NOTHING like The Real Thing;

Pax Vobiscum;


Now That Roger Is Starting Saturday In The Toilet Vs The Pirates

It's Appropriate:

He'll be back with the Most-Hideous Pretenders To Fanship ever known;

& he doesn't have to bat;

He can just pitch to Glorified Double & Triple A Players;

Will the Networks(Kings)once again, cavort with "The Tired Whore"(Yankthese) & foul up tv coverage for this over-sized, over-roided Old JERK;

Then again-he wasn't pitching too well to Minor Leaguers anyway;

Unless Jason has a stash for him;

Do I read "Groin Pull" in the 5th Inning?



ESPN & Tonight's Rain In Chicago

Will it be played?

Will common sense prevail or will it be played for ratings, as A Rod hits in the slop & rain, which would make for great tv ratings?

If this is fair weather, he might not hit at all;

Follow the Foul Weather A-Rod Homer Chart. Only 2 have been hit in warm sunny weather;



1st, To FOX Saturday Pre-Game:

Highlights of Mets-Diamondbacks, where Mets won, 4-1, shows only Eric Byrnes Homer;


Cross-Promotion for a Mock Game Show, where Eric Byrnes Plays Host, Contestants, & Audience;


ESPN-replaying Joe Morgan's Single to win the 1975 World Series;

Joe Morgan giving analysis driving sober people to drink heavily;

FOX Saturday Baseball-The Blond Haired, Dulcet Toned Joe Buck talking about dents in the Fenway Green Monster;

Tim Mc Carver, who now causes people to go to their windows & howl, maniacally, "Shut Up, Tim", questions as to why someone didn't run to 3rd on a shortly hit ball;

YES-Do you always have to go Soviet TV, one Better, by sounding like a KGB Colonel is Directing what the puppets in the booth are saying;

Like Jere who uses Chris Russo's 'Terrible Job"(TJ for abbreviation), I shall add this from Rush Limbaugh;



Reports of Rain For Chicago Area & Cool Weather

I know of few pitchers who want to stand in the rain & pitch, as that leads to mistakes & wanting to get to the dugout to be warmed up & dry:

There will be cool temperatures & rain in Chicago over this week;

That should help A-Fraud's #s, as he can't do it in domes or warm sunny weather;

It must have been cool or warm & DRY for all those Cold Octobers;

Check your Barometers. If pressure's falling & it's cool to cold, A-Rod's a Happy Man;

If it's Sunny & warm, chances are he'll be cold.

"Cold Weather, Rain, Makes For A-Fraud's Night"

Of the 20 Homers hit by that fraud, A-Rod, many of them came in Cold Rainy Weather:

Only 2 were hit in warm weather;

What was bothering Andy Pettitte, Tonight?

A-Jerk? It can't be November weather every Night, as this week, you'll be yourself as usual, Jerkweed;

Sox lose 6-5 in A-Rain

Sunday, June 03, 2007

"For They Have Fornicated With The Great Whore, Granting Great Riches"

& all The Kings Have Accumulated Wealth Through The Whore:

Alas, they cried;

The Whore Is Tired & out of it;

Prizes Galore(26);

Now She's out of Gas;

The Denizens Of The Great Whore now weep, moan, mourn, gnash their teeth & suck down 10 Beers per match;

One of The Whore's Gladmeators, is even whoring around in other cities of the Empire, cavorting with Blonds;

Tonight in Fenway-Geddon is the Finishing of The Great Whore;

& The Kings shall weep as The Whore is no more;

That'll put an end to Mc Carver's Deification of Derek Jeter, won't it!

This can be summed up in 2 words, in English;



For Next Sunday-Something Traditional

Mass in Latin:

I need it, as my outlook is better;

Gregorian Chant puts everything into perspective;

Deo Gratias;


When Will "Roidger" Be Ready?

By July? Is that when the 1st MLB In Game Injury takes place, groin pull & all? Will it be on ESPN? FOX Saturday Baseball? Your guess is as good as mine:

Are the Yankthese looking to sign Mickey Lolich? Steve Carlton? Nolan Ryan? Jim Lonborg? Is Sandy Koufax available?



TWO Years Of This Blog, Tomorrow

Ad Multos Annos:

From Red Sox 'Round The Clock, to "Yankees Suck", to Heartbreak, to falling in love with Latin, it's been here. #700 is only a few days away;

It's STILL Fun;


3-0 Singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game, When Sox Are On FOX Saturday Baseball

The Key Line is "Root, Root, Root For The Red Sox" in my Faux Boston Accent:

A crazy friend of mine, penned an unprintable version of that song for Yankme Stadium's "Bleacher Creatures";

I can't print it here, but you'll laugh 'til you puke;


11-6 & Them Thar Yankees Still SUCK

They are not aging like fine wine. They're getting OLD & losing ground:

In the Words of The Red Dyed "Man From Memphis"(The Illustrious Tim Mc Carver) & indeed these are wise words, "John Henry Trades in The Futures Market. George Steinbrenner Trades in Futures & the future isn't bright";

Roger Clemens is NOT ready, now with Groin Problems. At 45, isn't it time to hang it up, Roger? It's OVER, let's face it;

Jeter is NOT fine wine, for he erred, even if he did homer;

Curt Schilling KNOWS that he's aging & gives up bombs. Red Sox Middle relief scares me, but not "Darkman"Okajima. Paps is still fine;

Douggie "On The Ball" Mientkiewiecz, got hurt in a collision at 1st Base & went out on a stretcher;

Mike Lowell & V-Tek amazed me with homers;

Red Sox 11, Yankmees 6;

It was NOT pretty, but a win is a win;


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mets Fans Did The Right Thing on Wednesday Night

They Booed a Returning Roider:

Yes, they booed Guillermo Mota, when he came on in a relief role;

Then the boos turned into cheers after an effective inning of relief work;

They're truly the OPPOSITE of Yankees Fans, who cheer the likes of Jason Giambi;

How candidly-refreshing;


My Quick, Sharp Witted Tribute To "Sgt Pepper"

"A-Slap" In The Dome With Blondes"
"A-Slap" In The Dome With Blondes"
"A-Slap" In The Dome With Blondes"

A quick spoof of "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds";

I always wonder how John Lennon would treat the A-Rod Situation;


85% Of You Will Be Tortured By "The Trio"

This means that at 3:55PM, ET, on FOX, in Yankees-Red Sox from Fenway Park, outrageous amounts of information, & misinformation, will be force-fed to you, courtesy of Joseph Francis Buck, son of Late Broadcasting Legend John Francis Buck of Holyoke, MA, James Timothy Mc Carver of Memphis, TN & Ken Rosenthal:

"Well, Tim, why don't you tell everybody about the NY Yankees TV Schedule on WSBK TV38";

That'll be a Buck Wisecrack, in regards to some pearl of wisdom from this dork, who'll talk about Mariano's Excellent Gait, in regards to Bucky Dent's Walk-Off Homer in 1978 & so on;

ONLY Rosenthal will offer any perspective;

When's the next telecast from Shea Park, since it's like a park?


&, Theo, You Can Forget About Armando Benitez

He got shipped Back To The Marlins, last night, after horror(Comedy)show blown saves vs the NY Mets, while with the SF Giants:




The Ball Did NOT Dance-It Was A Sad "Wake"

Flatter than a warm 'Gansett:

Flatter than a warm Rheingold;


of Yankees 4 Victories in 110 games vs the Sox, 3 come from Tim Wakefield;

Or is he Bill Wakefield(In the words of Tim);

3:55PM, Schill takes on Mussina;

Don't be FLAT, Schill;


Friday, June 01, 2007

A Prayer Card-Preview To Yankmees-Red Sox & Ernie, With The # of Red Sox Fans In Exile @ Shea Stadium, Don't Worry About "Sweet Caroline"

A Colleague of mine, gave me a Reminder of My Father's Wake, from February, Y2K, which I keep in my back pocket:

As I view my 42nd Season of Live Major League Baseball, which began on 9/2/66 @ Shea Stadium, it was the 1st Place I was taken, in order to appreciate cheering for the Underdog. It wasn't the Ebbets Field of Closeness to the Game, such that Fenway Park is. Dad took me to that 1st Game, in a place about to be replaced by a larger Replica of Ebbets Field;

Though "Sweet Caroline" is a Fenway Park Tradition, Neil Diamond is a Native of Brooklyn, & the Playing of "Sweet Caroline" in Shea Stadium is sponsored by XM Satellite Radio, in the 8th Inning. Besides, with Tickets which are hard to come by @ Fenway Park, so many Sox Fan Day Trippers & exiles, as Boston Red Sox Caps are the 2nd Largest # of Caps worn at Shea Stadium, the Mets are at least trying to make us feel welcome, which further annoys Yankees Fans, who're not really welcome in Shea Stadium, nor Fenway Park. Think of Imitation as the Sincerest Form of Praise. However, at least the Fenway Park Version is the Most-Authentic Version & Most-Animated, which I can attest to, on Saturday, 9/2/06 & Sunday, 05/21/07 when the Red Sox defeated the Braves 6-3, with me in attendance at both games, having the fun which I can't really say that I would have at Shea Stadium;

The Yankees are about to go into Oblivion, as their (STeroided Up The Wazoo)Slugger, Mr Giambi, has more damage to tendons in his foot, from all that Steroid Abuse & may be out for the Season. Mr Damon is a DH tonight, unable to play CF(Besides he has a 5th Grade Girl's Arm, Anyway, hence why Coco Crisp is way superior in CF;

Somebody please drill Alex(is)Rodriguez, in a position where he'll remember. Hit him in the arse, as that's where most of his thoughts tend to come from, anyway, or on his hands so he won't try to hurt a woman who is his wife;

Ballpark Music is best played on an organ, adding to Baseball's Position as a Pastural Game. I don't NEED "Who Let The Dogs Out";

Thanks, Dad;

Thanks, Mets;

Thanks, Red Sox;