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Thursday, August 31, 2006

" A-Fraud Breaks Out Of Slump"

3-4 with a Homer:

Must've stopped taking his Estrogen!

"Wells is Gone"

See CBS4 Boston & Dan Roche for update;

Rebuilding time, with "The Idiots" now a distant memory!

"More RSN Comedy"

A girl was with her dad, about to enter Yawkey Way, when a T-Shirt Vendor was selling the legendary "Yankees Suck" shirt. The girl asked her dad to buy one for her:

The father said to her "You can have it if you promise not to use that awful word in the shirt:

"Suck?" asked the girl;

The Father; "No! Yankees!"

"Hope, Ecstasy & Agony"

2003-a 7 game ALCS ends with a dramatic homer & theb firing of Grady Little;
It is also the last year for 2 years, of a huge sized Jason Giambi, hence the Red Sox are 1 season away from the glory(Hope & Agony);

2004-"The Bloody Sock of Curt Schilling" & "The Idiots" come back from 0-3 in the ALCS to win 4 Straight & 4 more in the World Seies(Ecstasy @ Last);

2005-Postseason is brief, but there was a 3rd Postseason(Hope but Agony);

2006-Heart problems for David(Big Papi)Ortiz, torn cartiledge in Manny Ramirez' knee, ditto for Captain Jason Varitek, Cancer Scare for Pitcher Jon Lester, horrific bullpen, Trot Nixon's out of action, trades that are trouble, troubles in Front Office with the Ownership, especially with General Partner named Larry(SHEER Agony);

Anything can happen, but there's Red Sox '07(Hope);

& for RSN-NY, there's always The Mets(Hope & Ecstasy);

Now, somebody go out & steal Giambi's syringes;
& HGH doesn't stand for Healthy Green Herbs;


Boston here I come!


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Thanks To 2 Papis"

In the case of the 1st "Papi", he took me to my 1st MLB Game, on September 2nd, 1966, when the NY Mets "Battled" the Philadelphia Phillies, & propmtly lost 6-0, @ Shea Stadium in Corona, Queens, across the Street from the Old NY World's Fair Site @ Flushing Meadows-Corona Park:

3rd Base Line Box Seats, in Loge, were $3.50 each, for him, my brother & me, which he called "Too Expensive";
$3.50 buys you NOTHING @ an MLB Game these days;
Hence there will be many memories of that 1st Game, this Saturday @ Fenway Park in Boston, @ $45 for Infield Grandstand & a "Bleak Futures @ Fenway" Seies when the Toronto Blue Jays, face a powerless Red Sox Squad, as if reminding me of the '66 Mets;

In the case of the 2nd "Papi", David Ortiz, who like my father, is a big guy, he's being tested for heart problems & may not play this weekend, thus rendering the Red Sox powerless;

I thank Papi#1 for my love of Baseball & miss him a lot, though I may have inherited his sense of humor, hence he is near;

& to Papi#2, get well soon;
You're Missed!



Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"For Red Sox Nation-New England, Ways To Join In The Shea Fray"

Check the Mets Website @ for ticket availability:

Order & Click & Print your tickets @ home;

Leave your car home as the Shea Stadium Parking lot has construction underway for a new Mets Ballpark;

From Boston, if using the Green Line, take all service to Park Street & change for Red Line to South Station;

@ South Station you have a choice of Fung Wah Bus & Amtrak; Fung Wah is $30 Round Trip, whereas Amtrak costs more;

By Fung Wah Bus, trip is 4 hours & will leave you at Canal Street by Manhattan Bridge;

Walk westbound to Canal Street-Centre Street Subway Entrance & take #6 Train to Grand Central Station. @ Grand Central Station, change for # 7 Flushing Line to Willets Pt Blvd-Shea Stadium;

Amtrak to Penn Station 34th Street;

Take E Train to 74th Street-Roosevelt Avenue & change to #7 Flushing Line, upstairs;
Or @ 34th Street-Penn Station, take Long Island Railroad, Port Washington Branch, directly to Shea Stadium Stop. Follow the crowds to the stadium.

The Mets Fans will make you feel @ home.

End of Part 1 of this series.

Monday, August 28, 2006

"15 1/2 Games With Tix @ Fenway To Spare"

The NY Mets are the Hottest Team in the Northeastern US, right now, having clobbered the Phillies, 8-3 @ Shea Stadium in Corona, Queens:

Meanwhile, the Boston Red Sox have lost 18 Games in August & the month isn't over;

This looks a lot like the '02 Mets, in August, when they lost all August Home Games;

On my Partial Plan that year, I only saw 4 Victories;

Now, plenty of tickets have opened up in Fenway Park, for every series up there;

Sounds like a New England Invasion of Shea Stadium, is in the making.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Cool News for the Next 2 Saturdays"


There will be no Tim to cause your ears to bleed;

No "Scooter";

No Buck & his sarcasm;

Think of it as a vacation for your ears;



"A-Fraud" is 0-12 with 9 Whiffs:

I guess that there were no rookie pitchers with groin pulls to slap around, Mr Pepsi Mc Bluelips?

" Bought The Bus Tickets For 9/2"

Will wing up to Boston @ 10AM & should be there by 2:30PM @ South Station. It'll be followed by Red Line Subway to Park Street. where I change for B or C Green Line to Kenmore Square & some partying by Fenway Park.

Then it's the 7:05PM Game, Blue Jays @ Red Sox.

I wonder who our "Starting Arsonist" will be?


Terrible Job!

What else is new?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Thoughts Of A Sweet Lassie Rebel"

I was having a light evening meal @ Wendy’s on Woodhaven Blvd, while donning a Red Sox Cap, when I noticed a lass with blond hair & streak of red dye in her hair, for the “Punk” look.

I did a double-take & realized that I knew her. So I called out to her & she knew me.
Her Da was born in Ireland, this I do know.

I remember her as a child, when she served as 1st Female Altar Server, to serve In Title, for the Knights of Columbus Communion Breakfasts, for the Appalachia Fund.

Now she’s about to enter her Senior Year of High School, in a High School, dedicated to preparing young people for the teaching profession.

She told me that she observed so much of the classroom & did NOT like what she saw, hence the thought of majoring in some form of Business. She talked of leaving New York City, for the State University of New York @ Oneonta, in Western New York State, or to some college in CT.

I knew her @ a tender age, when the hair wasn’t blonde. & she is a bit of a rebel. Unlike most lasses of her age, her favorite player is NOT Derek Jeter. She likes the New York Mets.

Ahhh, but to be young in New York, & NOT be rooting for the Yankees! I just love it.
When I 1st met her in 1999, I had a full flowing head of hair with no silver touches, but it wasn’t because I had followed the Grecian Formula Regimen of Buck & Mc Carver.

Like that fair lass, who went blonde, I went the rebel route & shaved my locks off. In my observation, she is wise beyond her age of 17.


-Michael, Past Grand Knight.

"David, Please"

Stop The Bleeding:

Only your pitching has been good, win or lose;

You can do it;

Just do it;


"What Do The Show 'Clubhouse' & The NY Yankees Have In Common?"

"Clubhouse" got canned by CBS, after 4 Episodes in '04, while the Yankees got canned, after 4 Straight Losses."


Friday, August 25, 2006

"Will The NY Post Please STFU, Thank You!"

Remember the report that one of your editors(Page 6)was looking for some payoffs? It was fodder for The NY Daily News, Newsday, The Sun, & The NY Times:

You pack of slimebags were around spreading a rumor that Mike Piazza is Gay, which he is NOT, but which one of your writers is;

The Paul Lo Duca Adultery Story(Or is that just a salacious non-story) sounds like an In Print Way to get Sterling Mets LP to bend to your "Populist" will;

Give us a f---ing break, ok dudes;

Somehow, you are trying desperately, to paint Sterling Mets as Racist, if they don't succumb to your "Populist" will;

Sterling Mets LP was the group that 1st floated the idea of a PRIVATELY-Financed Ballpark;

River Operating Company LLC(DFYankees)is following the lead of Sterling Mets, as it is the only way to get a new stadium built. Fred Wilpon does NOT need advice from a Multinational Corporation, based in Australia, on how to own & operate a Baseball Team, especially since News Corporation, Parent Company of the NY Post, actually took a $76M bath on the LA Dodgers(In one season,which would have Walter O'Malley spinning in his grave), who once called Brooklyn home;

On obsessing over your desire that Sterling Mets LP, not accept a stadium naming rights deal, & should name the new ballpark for Jackie Robinson, free of any other endorsements, just because Yankee Stadiun III will simply be named Yankee Stadium, is rubbish;

Sterling Mets LP is doing the Legacy of The Man Who Broke Baseball's Color Line, in the Grandest Way, possible. A Latino GM, who grew up(In Queens) watching the Mets in the Upper-Level of Shea Stadium & a Black Manager, whose Uncle Joe, drove him on a Saturday or Sunday Afternoon, to Shea Stadium, from Brownsville, Brooklyn, to that same Upper Level, where I spent many a Summer afternoon, & hey, they're a WINNING Combination;

Jackie Robinson, if he was alive today, would be more than proud of these Mets, for keeping his legacy alive;

The only thing that the NY Post is doing, is keeping alive the legacy of a man, whose title is Reverand & his 1st name is Al. I guess that birds of a feather, flock together & spread salacious rumors;

While the Yankees sell naming rights for the broadcast booth, the bleachers & the Stadium Club, the Pinstripe Pub & every level, you want the Mets to go sponsorless?

It's time to tie "The Kangaroo" Down;

Coming from a company that shoves "FOX Saturday Baseball" down our collective throats, forcing us to endure endless mind-numbing drivel from Buck & Mc Carver, unto the point of puking for 3 hours on a Saturday, what else are you going to do?

ONLY on FOX after the World Series, sometime in the future;
The Season Premiere of "Fort Martina", a heartwarming comedy about a group of elite Lesbian NYPD Cops, who patrol the NYC Tennis Courts;

Don't worry, as it'll get a 5 Star Rating from the Post's TV Page;

& I'm outta here!

#3 Only NOT As Bad

Lower Manhattan is the Food Poisoning Capital of The USA:
3X I 've had it, only this edition was not so bad though I had more "runs" than the Red Sox(LOL);
It means that the Mets are going to The World Series.

"Eternal Rest"

"Grant unto Marty O Lord & let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him:
May He rest in Peace, Amen;
May His Soul & All The Souls of the Faithfully Departed,Through The Mercy Of God, Rest In Peace, Amen";

I'm witing of someone, who I met in Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 14 in the Borough & County of Queens;

When I was Grand Knight of a Knights of Columbus Council in East Glendale, Queens, he was a "Minuteman" in that he filled a spot & got it done;

I thank Him;

Step up to the plate, Red Sox;


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Top 10 Signs Things Aren't Going Right With The Red Sox"

From The Home Office in Somerville, MA, here we go:

#10: “T” Service stops running before Game Time of 7:05PM;
#9: N E S N replaces Jerry Remy & Don Orsillo with Michael Kay & Tim Mc Carver;
#8: Lucchino sells soul to the devil, I mean merges NESN with the YES Network;
#7:Huge September Online sales from Boston, for Upper-Level Reserved & Box Seats, for N Y Mets @ Shea Stadium;
#6: Boston Bars Dart Boards now feature the image of Josh Beckett;
#5: John Henry, Tom Werner, Larry Lucchino & Theo Epstein, buy Season Ticket Package for remaining Mets Home Games in ‘06;
#4: Bandwagon Fans give up & head for The Bronx, where they haven’t been seen since 2004;
#3: Theo Epstein’s laptop gets a virus, prompting him to lament about why he didn’t get a Mac Book Pro;
#2: Francona stops chewing & starts drinking heavily;
#1: Youkilis & Kapler traded, when Mel Gibson becomes a Limited Partner.

"Red Sox Nation Needs a Laugh"

How does Russian President Vladimir Putin, digitally & electronically communicate?

Through the Internyet.

Monday, August 21, 2006

"On Baseball Seasons 2002 & 2006-An Essay"

This is my 41st Season of Regular Baseball-Viewing. My 1st such game was @ Shea Stadium in Queens, on September 2nd, 1966. In the days before the League Championship Series, the 1st Place Team @ the end of the season, was in the World Series. The New York Mets climbed out of Last Place, for the 1st Time, by finishing 9th in a 10 Team National League.
Meanwhile in The Bronx, where a team most noted for sheer #s of World Series appearances, plays, the NY Yankees fell into 10th Place, & drew a record 413 Fans to a Double-Header, versus the Chicago White Sox, on the last day of the ‘66 Season. They were in the 2nd of 11 seasons without an appearance in The Fall Classic. Even the traditional North Jersey White Trash, stayed clear of “The House That Ruth Built”, known by Red Sox Fans as “The Toilet.” October “Arrivistas” had nowhere to go.
Fast Forward this situation to 2002 for the New York Mets, who were just 2 years removed from the 2000 World Series:
The Owners, Nelson Doubleday & Fred Wilpon, had been at war with each other, so Wilpon bought out Doubleday & made himself the Principal Owner of the Team. The Mets were furiously in contention for a post-season bid versus the Atlanta Braves, when August came around.
The pitching & hitting fell apart, all at once. The deals made by then General Manager Steve Phillips, of trading for 2nd Baseman Robbie Alomar & the signing of one-time Red Sox super hitter, Mo Vaughn, were coming apart at the seams. The Mets lost all of their home games in the dog days of August, ‘02. There was also a Marijuana problem with that team, which had the fans in an uproar. These Mets, not even half as talented as the Coke Heads of ‘86, watched that season go up in smoke. Of course, the Manager, Bobby Valentine, lost his job. Bobby had a hand in forcing (Eventual Red Sox Pitching Guru) Dave Wallace to leave, after the ‘00 World Series (I wonder if Al Leiter & John Franco, had their hands in that as well). Phillips got the heave-ho in ‘03.

This is now 2006, as the Boston Red Sox went through some upheavles, in their front office situation in ‘October, ‘05. Boy Wonder Theo Epstein, Architect of the ‘04 World Champion Red Sox as General Manager, resigned because of Red Sox General Partner & Team President, Larry Lucchino’s talking to a Boston Globe Sportswriter named Dan Shaughnessy, & having Epstein savaged in the Globe, a property of the New York Times Company, 17% owner of New England Sports Ventures, owners of the Red Sox. Co-General Managers ran the show (Ben Cherington & Jeb Hoyer). Deals like Hanley Ramirez & Annibal Sanchez for Josh Beckett, were made (Who knew what a bomb, that Beckett would turn out to be, he of 1 pitch).
Larry Lucchino, from this point on, will be referred to as “M. Donald Lucchino”, acting as if he was one M. Donald Grant, onetime Chairman of The Board of the New York Mets & a General Partner in that franchise. Mr Grant utilized a New York Daily News Sportswriter named Dick Young, to savage the living daylights out of (Eventual Hall of Fame Pitcher) Tom Seaver, for talking about being worth more than Nolan Ryan. Seaver had the #s to back it up, having pitched in the New York Market, whereas Ryan was a superstar in small markets.
Young had a conflict of interest, as his Son-In-Law, Thornton Geary, was employed by the Mets Broadcast Operations Department, so hence, the Savaging & the Trade of Tom Seaver (Thursday, June 15th, 1977) which sent Mets Fans, scurrying for cover & other things to do on a weekend, while Grant was busy, turning the team into a 3rd World Franchise. For his “Dick Young Style Savaging” of Theo Epstein, Dan Shaughnessy shall be called Dick, in as much as he is one, the perpetrator of “The Curse Of The Bambino”, from which he so handsomely-profited.
Theo did pull off a couple of trades, which caused for people’s heads to shake a bit, such as Bronson Arroyo for Wily Mo Pena (Who could be confused for Lastings Milledge of the Mets, at times) & the signings of Rudy Seanez (Recently Designated For Assignment) & Julian Tavarez, to shore up the relief corps, both of them being major liabilities (Where on Lansdowne Street did that ball go).
The Matt Clement Signing, as a starting pitcher, is forgettable, as he’s on the D L, as we speak. Having Albert Samuel Nipper, as Interim Pitching Coach, for much of this year, he being a 1986 World Series Arsonist, gave me an incredible lack of confidence, in this year’s pitching staff. I’m happy about the return of Dave Wallace as Pitching Guru, but I fear that it may just be too late.
With Catcher/Captain Jason Varitek on the disabled list after surgery on his kneee, he who really knew the strengths & weaknesses of his pitchers, the focus may have to be on 2007 & beyond. It may be time to rebuild. It’s a thought.
I’ll hold that thought. I’ll see you @ Fenway Park, on Saturday, September 2nd for the 7:05PM Game with the Toronto Blue Jays. Meanwhile, there’s still some games to play & one never knows what will happen in September. It could be interesting.
And one never knows what the real motivation for some of Epstein’s Deals were. Perhaps, it may have been his way to tell M. Donald Lucchino & Dick Shaughnessy, where they could stick it.
& I’m outta here!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Report Of Mets Pitching Emergency As of This Morning

Last night, things looked good for the NY Mets pitching staff, from a relief pitching perspective. Aaron Heillman was sharp & Billy Wagner got his 29th Save, with the Mets defeating the Colorado Rockies 7-4. The Victory honored the 20th Anniversary of the 1986 World Champion Mets.
This morning, Mets Fans awoke to the news that Tom Glavine’s shoulder may have a blood clot & may end up putting him on the Disabled List for the rest of the ‘06 Season. It may even be Career-Ending. I’m just hoping that it might not be as bad, but the Mets have made contingency plans, by picking up Guillermo Mota, off “The Waiver Wire.”
Stay tuned for further developments, as the situation arises.

"A Reading (Sic) Of a Letter of Paul To Timothy"

A Mime is one who performs by the use of gestures & not sound. Now, in which rock band is a mime to be found? Mr John Olerud, a Baseball Star of some note, did NOT know that he was a mime in a rock band. How did he make some noise? Did he sing? Was he in a rock band? Was the band called “The Ramones”? “KiSS”? “The Who”? “The Beatles”? Or did he use the gesture of hitting a baseball into the Tier Level @ Yankee Stadium off Mike Mussina of the New York Yankees. A batter does not speak. Rather, he hits the ball. He is a player, not a mime.
Mr Dave Roberts stole a base off someone named Mariano, in the 2004 National League Play Offs? There was no pitcher in the National League, in 2004, going by the 1st name of Mariano. By the way, Timothy, the Official Major League Baseball names of these series, are called “The League Division Series” & “The League Championship Series.”
How could you have confused Mariano, he of that excellent gait of his, as a National League Pitcher? You may have forgotten that his last name is Rivera & pitches for the New York Yankees. Mr Roberts was with the Boston Red Sox. Both teams are in the American League, in case you & the Young Buck, haven’t noticed, unless your research assistant is an Intoxicated Mendicant, who lives on the corner of West 163rd Street & River Avenue in the Bronx, about 2 blocks from “The Gigantic Toilet”, also called Yankee Stadium.
I think that you know what the results of the 2004 American League Championship Series was, unless that Mendicant told you otherwise. Now, why are you continuously talking about a conversation on your Television Program, with John Lieber, about various Red Sox Players wishing the Yankees players well in the ‘04 World Series? He has named no names & you told FOX Audiences the same story, twice, including on Phillies-Mets on FOX, 2 weeks ago. What gives, Timothy?
We KNOW that ground balls don’t go out of the ball park. Just what is a “Drop & Drive” Pitcher? WHY the homo-erotic drooling over Derek Jeter? Did Alex Rodriguez actually cause Global Warming? Why didn’t you mention A-Rod’s N Y Post Photo Opportunity in Central Park, making A-Rod a Pinup Boy all over Greenwich Village? WHY DO YOU TELL US THE OBVIOUS, all the live long day? I had no idea that Linda Ronstadt & Peggy Lee had great fast balls. Are they “Drop & Drive” Singers?
A word to you, Timothy, is not to cause your audience to lose heart. Tell some good stories. Another piece of advice has come from a wise & learned man & it is this:

SHUT UP, for my ears bleedeth, you baboon;



The Words of Paul;

Thank Goodness!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

"I Gotta Get My Mind Off Last Night's Horror Show, Which Is Red Sox 'Pitching'"!

I will be at Shea Stadium, this evening, to watch the 1986 World Champion Mets being honored:

Not all will be there, but many will be;

Mets-Rockies, 7:10PM, on SNY;

You shudda taken the job that Omar offered ya & you'd be away from Larry That Asshat;

I need a break!

"It was Strange But..."

Julian Tavaras was actually effective in 2 1/3 Innings Last Night:

Manny Delcarmen was NOT effective;

Mike Timlin was HORRIFIC;

Craig Hansen? Time to head back to St John's for Grad School;

Lights out on this season;

12-4 & 14-11 DFYankees sweep 2 in the "Massacre-Marathon", which is Red Sox "Pitching";

Theo? Get away from your PowerBook, NOW!

The Team is driving Fans, in record #s, towards SHEA Stadium.

Friday, August 18, 2006

"Take 5 From The Toilet 'Roid Boys"


Thursday, August 17, 2006

"My Way Of Writing The Baseball Essays"

Whenever a column for “Fenway Nation” is written, it will be on Mariner Write where I write it. I refuse to use that bloated document format of MS Word, in any way, shape or form, when writing from home.

Working with MS Word from work, shows me just what a resource user that program is. It is slow to open & even slower to close. Rich Text Format is just fine for what I write & it’s lighter in regards to code sent to an associate by e-mail. Mariner Write only uses 2 M B of RAM.

Instead of that associate receiving a 20 to 30 K B file, it’ll only be a couple of K B. Any word processor will open Rich Text & Plain Text. It’s the only way in which I write to associates & compose columns. I believe in keeping it simple, but elegant.

I can send & receive MS Word files, but I prefer not to receive in the bloated MS Word Format. Let’s just keep it elegant & simple, folks. & for Windows users, MS Word is quite-prone to carrying viruses, so Rich Text & Plain Text are preferable.

Just a word to the wise, that this is the way I do it on Mac.

"Dear Members Of The Mets Fan Clan"

Just 2 Years ago, the "Abandon Hope Forever, Ye Who Enter Here" Sign, may as well have been hung over Shea Stadium, as the place & the team was in a Pall:

Yet, a youngster named Jose' Reyes, he of much speed, was showing some signs of life, as also the promise of the future, Mr David Wright, eventually came up to the Team;

The Good News was that, in that time, "The Last Days of Al Leiter & John Franco", were nigh;

By '05, a Couple of "Upper-Level" Guys named Willie Randolph & Omar Minaya, were put in charge of righting the ship;

The Mets in '06, have the Best Record in the NL, so my word to "The Bandwagoners" is that you should shut up about this mini-slump, as it happens to EVERY Team;

I go back as far as when Wes Westrum was Manager, when Seaver was a Glimmer in One's eyes, when Cleon Jones was the Centerfielder, when Jack Fisher was the Prime Starter, which wasn't saying much, when there was some dude named Jack Hamilton in the Bullpen, as was one Frank Edwin "Tug" McGraw & Ed Kranepool played 1st Base, he wearing #7, like a certain IRT Line, which stops @ Shea Stadium;

In 1967, things changed a bit, when Tom Seaver came up & a New Direction was coming, leading to the Hiring of Johnny Murphy as GM, who engineered the trade of Pitcher Bill Dennehy, to obtain that Bklyn Dodger Great 1st Sacker & Washington Senators Manager, Gil Hodges;

It should be noted that Johnny M, was The Red Sox Scout, who signed Carl Yastremski of the East End of Long Island, to a Red Sox Contract;

By '68, Jerry Koosman & a WILD Nolan Ryan, came up & Young Players were coming to start the building to the "Miracle of '69";

By '69, it was all in place & there was that Great Championship, repletye with the 2 Great World Series Catches by Tommie Agee;

There was a competetive period, culminating with an 82-79 Mets in a 7 Game World Series with a Powerhouse Oakland A's Team, but the swagger was gone by '76 & still the Fans came to Shea Stadium;

It was "The Great Betrayal of Ownership" which sent Tom Seaver packing & the crowds took off;

We still followed the team on Radio & TV;

& $1.30 was upper level general admission;

This current period, I see, is just a bump in this road & Red Sox Nation will be there to help you newbies to understand what's going on here;

To those Bandwagoners who question my Red Sox Cap, let it be known that I was around for the forementioned period of time, & '86 tasted so sweet, in a personal year of family tragedies(Running to Hospitals for Injured Parents was no fun);

"Let's Go Mets!"

"Ladies & Gentlemen, Fasten Your Seat Belts, We're in The 9th Inning", as Bob Murphy would say.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"They're Building a Gigantic Toilet In The Bronx"

It will become home to thousands of North Jersey, Westchester & SW CT Monied White Trash, who have no idea which # Babe Ruth wore:

It will be home to front-runners, Casual Fan Ass-Hats, politicians, among others who will gather there;

There will be a new edition of "The Toilet", which will be owned by the Team of 'Roid Boys, various cast-offs & a $205M Payroll, going through its' "Braves Phase" of Spinning Wheels;

& the people of that neighborhood, are the ones most-likely, the ones who can least-afford the price of a ticket there & ground was broken on the Anniversaries of The Deaths of Babe Ruth & Elvis Presley(Today);
"Toilet II" opens in April, 2009;

"PUKEBARF"!(With Thanks to Jere)

"Jose' Reyes Sure Could Hit The Long Bomb"

3 Tonight with 4 RBIs':

No Errors;

WMP can't make the claim;

E-Rod could claim that, but he was playing SOCCER for DFYankees;

Unfortunately, "El Duque" was USELESS;

Phils 11 & Mets 4 was the final score.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Hideously AWFUL"

104 Pitches by Mr Beckett last evening, into the 6th Inning:

Bombed for 5 Runs & 13 Hits+walked 4;

He did NOT have it @ all;

Beware of the 3rd Base Coach, as he could cause you injury in traffic, on B'Way @ W. 168th Street;


Despite a Youkilis Homer(#13), Good Pitching defeats good hitting any day;

& Francona should be called "Francoma."

"A Muscle Pull"

Pedro Martinez had one last night:

Gave up 6 runs & was in pain;

Got it in the bullpen warm-ups;


If last night's NY Mets-Philadelphia Phillies Game is indicative of Pedro's Future, it's really all a part of his past in Boston, anyway;

Still, he would be better than that Gopher Give-Up Specialist, Josh Beckett, or that Psyched Out Matt Clement, any day of the week.

Monday, August 14, 2006

"Take Charge"

This is from a marvelous Homily by Fr James Hughes, yesterday, at the 11AM Mass @ St Thomas Apostle Church, in Woodhaven, Queens:

I direct this to "The Olde Towne Team";

Go & Do it better;

Do it to The Tigers & Yankees;

"Take Charge";


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Saturday & 3 Weeks To Lansdowne

Manny Ramirez continued his hitting streak in extra innings, with Baltimore Left Fielder misplaying the ball & the Sawx winning 8-7(Thanks For The Donation, Os'), on a game seen on FOX, in New England & Baltimore & Washington:

We were stuck with Angels-Yankees on FOX, but for 2 glorious innings before I shut off the game, there was NO mention of Derek Jeter(Captain Drivel)by Tim Mc Carver, who analyzed the 5 Game Blow It Streak by the Red Sox;

He said that Varitek was the KEY, as his familiarity with his pitchers, contributed to this chain of events;

His commentary is better without Joe Buck(Captain Blond Highlights), that sarcastic little S---;

Also seen were touches of grey on his head, as he worked with Lesley Visser's Husband, Dick Stockton, a One-Time Voice of the Red Sox on TV;

Mets won 6-4 in Washington, as RFK Stadium was more like a night @ Shea Stadium(Corona In DC);

20 Days to Fenway-I can almost taste that Fenway Frank & tender kiss from a Female Fan!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

"All's Well That Ends, Wells"


Where have you been?

Magnificently done, into 8th Inning;

Lots of run support was given to you & you really held on;

Not wild at all;

Great with 9-2 Victory & no complaints from me;

For me, there was a switch in location for viewing the game & it must've worked like a good luck charm;

Was @ "The Hairy Monk", with some of the "Professor Thom's" Crew;

& was drinking exceptionally-fresh Sam Adams, poured by Leanne of East Belfast, & Cory of Boston & the Purveyor of The Perfect Pint of Guinness Stout, The Illustrious Mr Ivan Spence of East Belfast;

& I received the Customary Kiss from a young lady;

Mr Ed Trotter of The Area & a frequent contributor to "Red Sox Diehard", was at the bar;

I sensed a great victory;

Is Mike Lowell awesome or what?

Beaned, gets up, later steals 3rd(much harder to steal than 2nd) & makes great in-stand catch between 2 Yankee dudes, comparable to Pokey Reese(Game of 072404), NOT "Captain Fist Pump"(What TF was NESN thinking, comparing that catch to "Mr Brokeback"; Oh, I forgot about NY TIMES Company Part-Ownership);

DFYankees lost 7-4 to LA Angels of Anaheim(Thahhhhhhhhh Yankees Suck, to paraphrase one Harry Moskowitz of The Bronx, he being known as John Sterling);

1984 Boston Globe Scholastic Athlete Pitcher, Tom Glavine of Billerica, pitched & the Mets lost 2-1 in Washington's RFK Stadium, with Mets being 24 Games over .500;
Nice to know that Glavine's Mojo is back;

But, Wells' Mojo was really magnificent.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

"Puke Time"

V-Tek's Absence is having a SEVERE Effect on this team & THAT is NO JOKE, not to mention whatever damage may have been done by Nipper as Interim "Pitching" Coach:


Starting "Pitching"=ARSON;

@ this rate of FLOP @ the Hands of the Devil Rays & Royals, barring a miracle, it just might be a LONG New England Winter of Discontent, as well as for the rest of Red Sox Nation;

It sounds, @ this point in time, like "South Station To Shea Stadium" is going to be a familiar run, with extra trains added, if this keeps up, & the 7 Line will begin to sound like the Green Line to Kenmore Square, only in Corona, Queens;

Theo? Get AWAY from your computer, NOW;

Bronson Arroyo for Wily Mo Pena?

More like "Jay Buehner for Ken Phelps"!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"Patience" In "The Nation"

According to a wise & learned man, a Priest who once ran the High School Seminary of the RC Diocese of Brooklyn, & who was later my Pastor, in Woodhaven, Queens, the word "Patience" comes from the Latin Verb, meaning "To Suffer":

As we all know just how key, Mr Jason Varitek, Catcher for The Boston Red Sox is, we took some advantage of the fact that he was there, steady & able & so key in the '04 WS Championship as well as the Grand Comeback of '04 & in '05;

His knee is out & that was operated on, recently, which disables him for 4 to 6 weeks;

We, of "Red Sox Nation", are noted for our endurance & were rewarded for that faith in '04;

Those of the "Universe", who, in many cases, may only be "Aficionados" for the past 2 weeks or so, think of suffering as something someone else should go through, for gratification in their often, own-meaningless lives, in the mob mentality, thus having no appreciation for the term, called fan;
I know of that "Universe" as many of us are watching people wearing their caps, accumulating like rats in the streets, having no clue as to what they're cheering for, other than it's the "In-Vogue" thing to do,with all the smugness which follows;

If things don't go their way, inflicting pain on others, becomes their rationale.

Patience is a virtue!

& we shall endure!

& that is what sets us apart from the "Universe", where "YES" can be construed as a 4 letter word in our Nation, as well as a propaganda-style sports network & "Kay" can mean a ranting jackass.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Let me Digress for a moment from the miseries of RSN:

The San Diego Padres are in town;

Mike Piazza wears their uniform;

Ovation by Mets Fans=THUNDEROUS;

Those are for 7.75 Years of Memories;

Tears streamed out of me;

Thanks, Mike!

Now back to Red Sox Nation & ANY Conspiracy Theories by Tim Mc Carver!

Monday, August 07, 2006

"Time To Call The Fire Marshall For An 'Arson' Investigation"

It's time to question the Lead Suspect in this case, one Albert Samuel Nipper, as to just what the hell is going on in the Bullpen & w/the starting pitching:

What did you do to change mechanics of pitchers, who were more-effective without you around, you of a 7.11 ERA in the 1986 World Series, which classifies you as an ARSONIST, along with Calvin Schiraldi;

Timlin is giving up Bombs; Beckett is giving up Bombs; Schilling is giving up Bombs; Delcarmen is giving up Bombs; Hansen is giving up Bombs; The "Cask 'N Flagon" may sue for Broken Windows;

If it wasn't for Papelbon for most of the time, We'd've lost all hope; & he even gave up a Bomb;

Where did Theo find you, Al? I'm surprised in Theo's Panic, that he didn't make a deal for Lastings Milledge, as back up to Manny(LOL);

& Poor Ol' Dave Wallace has to clean up this mess, which is as big as some old Landfill in Fresh Kills, in Staten Island, NY;


Saturday, August 05, 2006

"Time For Wells To Retire & Another Look @ Game 6-1986"


You're BIG, Tired & Old & You don't have it, anymore, & I don't care what Nipper thinks:

Games with you are long bomb affairs, unlike last year, by comparison;

You just might work out, nicely, on "FOX Saturday Baseball", especially when correcting Tim, after one of his many facinating, but dumb, observations(Preferably by smacking him over the head) & ratings would be at an all time high;

It's Time, Guy! It's Time!

I was watching Sportsnet New York, the NY Mets new TV Network. I saw a new angle on the replay of the ball that got through Mr Bill Buckner's Wickets:

He took his eye off the ball for a moment, looking towards Bob Stanley, to see if Stanley was coming to cover 1st Base;

The Momentary Lapse, to say the least, was Fatal.

"In Praise of Our Team, Through All It Has Gone Through, In A Long Season-Curt & El Papi Grande"

Curt won his 14th Last Night & Papi belted 2 again:

It was the ONLY GOOD NEWS I had at Shea Stadium, last night;

Our Captain is down, with Arthroscopic Knee Surgery & V-Tek, be well & prosper;

Trot is down, too;

Manny, of Upper Manhattan, is Manny;

If MLB had Olympic-Style Testing, would HGHiamBALCO stand a chance, as well as his buddy-boys?

Will Yankees "Fans" Stay TF out of Fenway, Shea & other Parks? There's a fist waiting for you, somewhere, to one of your Braying Faces;

& Tim on FOX, is still a BRAYING DOOFUS;


"When Is A Yankees Fan Welcome @ A Baseball Game In A Visitors Ball Park"

It's most-likely AFTER that game is over:

In the case of Fenway Park & Shea Stadium, the answer is NEVER;

A contingent of Smart-Ass, Blohard, Yankees Fans, descended on Shea Stadium tonight, even though the NY-NNJ-SWCT(For Southwestern Connecticut)Yankees were NOWHERE to be seen;

They were as welcome this evening, as Mel Gibson is, in a Synagogue;

Mets Lost to Phillies 5-3, as Chase Utley's Hitting streak ended @ 35 Games;

A # were on their 6th beer @ Shea Stadium, by the 2nd Inning;

Some were giving the usual point in ones' face routine, contributing to Yankees Fans' Legend that they're SORE Winners & More-Sore Than Anybody, LOSERS, who want to fight people in the stands, a common practice @ "The Toilet"(Thanks, Jere), in The Bronx;

Repeat After Me; "Yankee Fans SUCK!"


Friday, August 04, 2006

"In 29 Days Is My Journey To Lansdowne"

Whilst I will be present for Mets-Phillies tonight @ Shea Stadium in Corona, Queens, my thoughts will be on both the Game @ hand, anything Mr Schilling does in Tampa Bay-St Petersburg & on thoughts of the NY-NNJ Yankees(Northern New Jersey for those outside of the NY Metropolitan Area) vs the Baltimore Bird-Brains, I mean Orioles.

In my burning desire to get away from the "Johnny-Come-Lately" crowd, which thinks that rooting for the Yankees is OK as a Mets Fan, which is a Sacriledge in Shea Stadium & could cause that "NY Fan", a term meaning "Casual Fan Ass Hat", one horrific beating, my thoughts are on September 2nd, where I will watch a game in a MLB Park, evoking thoughts of what deceased relatives did when they were younger in Brooklyn.

It's a magical place, where I got my 1st "Yankees Suck" T-Shirt; It's a place which drives my creative spirit; It's a place which drives this column; It's a place which is also sold out a lot & has been improved immensely. I hope to see my fellow & sister bloggers, as we commiserate about the "Olde Towne Team", in song & revelry.

Fenway Park, Here I Come up to "Dah Pahhhty."
I need it, BADLY!
(Saturday, 9/2/06 7:05PM, Red Sox-Blue Jays-Fenway Park-Infield Grandstand).

Thursday, August 03, 2006

"Beckett Was Bombs Away, Tonight"

He gave some BAD memories to Red Sox Faithful:


Travis Hafner(31);


You all know what happened with the 1st guy mentioned here, as if we needed reminding;

If Microsoft were to sponsor all of Beckett's Given Homers, in addition to dumb comments by Tim & Joe on FOX, Microsoft would be out of business;

Nipp? WTF are you?

" That 'Roided PO#2" Homered

HGHiamBALCO hit his 31st this afternoon(I Guess they didn't allow your collection of designer syringes in Canada)in what appears to be an 8-1 Yankees rout of Toronto:

I can't wait until Dr Caitlin of UCLA, comes up with his Urine Test;

If it's perfected, HGH PO#2 will be out of business.

"Papi-AL POM"

David Ortiz was just named the American League Player of The Month For July, 2006:

Finally, he's being recognized for the True MVP he is;

This is while A-Rod was shattering records; He tossed his wife a CD & it went across the room & broke a light bulb & scratched up the CD, containing his Bolero Collection.


Mark Loretta drove across 2 runs on a single, after the bases were loaded by Tribe Reliever Carmona, who got the 1st 2 Guys out & the Sox came away with a 6-5 victory before another sellout @ Fenway Park.

This leaves the Red Sox in a virtual tie with DFNYankees of The Bronx & Northern NJ, separated by 2 %tage points.

It's still a race.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


We have an extreme heat situation in the Northeastern US. My office has turned down the A/C & I've been operating with a Windows XP Workstation, which uses 305 Watts of Power for the computer, 39 Watts for the monitor & 5 Watt Speakers, making for 354 Watts of power consumption.

Yet, an iMac only consumes 150 Watts of Power, using the brilliant, UNIX-Based Mac OS X, in its' All In One Design & Mac OS X is virus-free.

Businesses & much of government, goes the Windows Way, yet ask us to CONSERVE Power & Resources, while failing miserably in their own method of operation. It drives up power costs to these industries.

This reminds me of The Loathesome NY Yankees:
In order for everyone to remain competetive, salaries were driven through the roof, as well as ticket prices & the greed-lust of television-radio revenue;
Large markets could handle this, while smaller markets struggle;

Windows has loads of "Gotchas'", while Mac just works;

The Loathesome Yankees lure people in with $5 Ticket Nights, but sell concessions which are higher-priced than anywhere else. That's their "Gotcha."
Microsoft=Yankees Universe=Gotcha.


"A Word To The NY Mets"

Stay out of Taxis:

Tom Glavine had a broken tooth('04) & Duaner Sanchez(7/31/06) is lost, due to a taxi crash, causing a seperated shoulder & his being on DL for rest of this season, as he just had shoulder surgery;

I had better not catch you guys @ cab stands, anywhere in NYC.

"Captain Takes A (Bad) Knee"

& Jason(V-Tek)Varitek has a bad knee & is on the DL:

May need surgery & be out 4-6 Weeks;

Red Sox lose 6-3 & are tied with The NY-North Jersey Yankees;


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"The Setup To Paradise By The Centrefield Wall"

I was @ Woodhaven House, a nice Irish Pub, on Woodhaven Blvd, watching the ESPN Coverage of Indians-Red Sox:

Some condescending a-ho of a Yankees Fan, walked over to my place @ the bar & mentioned that things don't look good "For YOUR TEAM, Do They";

I merely smiled & stated that it's "merely a game";

Then, an Irishman from across the Atlantic Pond, boasted proudly that he is a "Mets" Fan & questioned my Red Sox Cap;

Let's put it this way; He's the kind of guy who needs to be held by his ankles from a ramp, leaving Upper Level @ Shea Stadium, by various guys who remember Cleon Jones, Ron Hunt, Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman & J C Martin, as well as Jerry Grote; That would be from those of us who remember Borden's Coupons, Doubleheaders & $1.30 Seats, of which I'm a member of that fraternity; It might scare him into what Old-Time Mets Fandom, is really all about; Much of Red Sox Nation-NY is from that early group;

Which is WHY that 3 Run Banger into the Fenway Centrefield Bleachers was as refreshing as an Ice Cold 'Gansett or Ice Cold Rheingold or as Fine Wine to be savored;

Thanks, Papi, For The Memories!