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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mobile Gadgets & Baseball

What you see is my Palm T/X, a PDA which operates like a Laptop, which I carry with me a lot. I've carried it to Fenway Park and Shea Stadium to write my Game Summaries and can do e-mail and text from it, with my cell phone as wireless modem(Bluetooth Is Great, but WiFi is better);
It's 5.4 Ounces, which is better than carrying a 5 to 7 LB Notebook Computer. Add The 2 Ounce Palm Universal Keyboard and it's only 7.4 Ounces. With my 3.5 Ounce Cell Phone, it's almost 11 Ounces. The 3.5 Ounce Motorola RAZR V3 can shoot short videos, often seen on this site;
But, that's about to change, with the soon to be purchase of the Palm Centro Phone for AT and T Mobility, weighing only 4.4 Ounces, giving me longer videos, photos, MS Office, and MobiRadio, carrying less and giving me more flexibility, like having a Notebook, only without all the Wires and it does the Nextel Push To Talk Function;
Think-shooting a Big Papi or Manny Homer, A Jose' Reyes Stolen Base or A-Rod Striking Out and the Videos will run longer. And a friend will get the Palm T/X, as the Centro will run at 3G, EDGE Class 10 WiFi Speeds for a PDA;
Data in Boston and NYC, will fly like a Manny Homer;

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Youk, Jose' And A-Fraud

Kevin Youkilis singled home a Sore-Kneed Papi Ortiz,and ruined Roy Halliday's Complete Game, with The Red Sox defeating The Toronto Blue Jays, 1-0 at Fenway Park. The Red Sox broke a 5 Game "Flu-ser Losing Streak" at home:

Dear Jose' Reyes; Throwing a ground ball out 10 feet in front of Carlos Delgado, and causing an error, is where I think that you're becoming a cocky little smart a--. Still, the Mets won over the Pirates, but the game didn't need to go 11 Innings, 5-4, but you kept Johann Santana from his 1st Victory at Home, even if you did go 3-3 with 2 Walks;

To the M L B Plate Umpire-Ball has to be over the plate, NOT 2 Feet OUTSIDE. Aren't you the same guy who tossed Manny Ramirez on April 20th;

A-Fraud is hurt. Awwww, Poor Baby! Yankees lose to Kenny Rogers(Ol' Mud Hands) and The Detroit Tigers, 6-4. A-Fraud may be headed to the DL with Jorge' Posada. The Yankees are getting OLD;


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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Almost Home-As Shea Passes Into The Twilight

Citi Field is done, except for new seats and concessions. This was taken when the Mets cancelled Monday Night's Game, due to Rain, from the New 7 Train Stairway. The Rotunda is ready:




Have Our Mobile Phones Become Entertainment Centres?

Remember when The Most Amazing Thing was looking like a hot shot and being able to call someone from the street?

Then came Text Messaging. Then Picture Messaging and now Video Messaging:

And Web without having to be at a Main Computer Terminal;

And Listening to Radio Via Satellite...Ditto, watching TV;

Writing "War And Peace" from A Handheld Phone-Computer Device, means not having to lug around a Notebook Computer, as this is ONLY 4.4 Ounces. Currently, I carry The Motorola RAZR V3, The Palm T/X and Palm Keyboard, and it only comes out to be 11 Ounces. With The Projected Palm Centro, all I'll need is that All In One Palm Phone Device, and only carry 4.4 Ounces, to do what I needed a Notebook Computer and Phone and Cables For;

Even M L B will shoot highlights and audio to your phone. Watch News as it happens. These Mobile Phones are our News and Entertainment Centres;

This is our Digital Leash on us all. There's even GPS to track you;

Ahhh, The Age!



Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday, August 11th @ 1:10PM Mets-Pirates? Some Of Us Gotta Work

Ticket for tonight's game will be used in obtaining a ticket for the last regular season night game ever @ Shea Stadium. Why Not! My 1st Game ever, in 1966 was a night game in September. My last Shea Game, will also be a night game. The memories will linger on for years to come. Something good will come from the rainout, tonight. Mike-RSN-NYCQ


Like Fitzy Would Say "Thank You Very F------ Much, NY Mets"

You guys knew @ 3pm that it would be raining cats & dogs, but you waited until fans arrived @ Shea Stadium, to call of the game. Really f------ brilliant, like Roger Clemens 15 Year Old Country Singer/Mistress! & you shut all your ticket windows to prevent a rush for refunds. Like Fitzy says "GFY or Go F--- Yourself!"


The LATEST From The NY Daily News-Roger Clemens Stuff Of A Compromising Nature

Ya gotta hand it to "The Rocket", for his "Pocket Rocket" was flying high for 10 years. You might even say he was a member of "The Mile High Club", so Mindy Mc Cready, a Country Star, kept him company in more ways than one:

Read The Daily News Article, by clicking the Title, Above;



The LOST Weekend

In The Annals of a World Series Champion, this One Weekend BLOWS. I'm a afraid that Tampa Bay may have some Excellent Pitching:

James Shields was Excellent in his pitch command.

Hitting will be hard to come by, there.

WHAT is the Source of The Red Sox Flu Epidemic?

Casey is down-Papi is down-Wakey pitches like crap and finally doesn't get it done.

Francona must think he's managing The Phillies all over again;

What's Epstein and His Baseball People going to do? Trade for Aaron Heilman?(Which would be unbelievably in the Gagne' Territory of ABSOLUTELY NUTS);

Barf, Barf, Triple Barf! No Sox Today;

Toronto, Tomorrow at Fenway Park;



Sunday, April 27, 2008

Awoke From His Slumber

Carlos Delgado with 2 homers as the NY Mets beat John Smoltz & the Atl. Braves, 6-3. Mets took 2 of 3 from the Braves, this weekend. YEAH!

BTW, Carlos, nice NOT to go along with the Curtain Calls, a cheapie thing from 1986, as many of that Variety of Mets Fan, only cares about winning, NOT about the Game, itself;

They'd boo your mom, if they wanted to;



It May Be Early But I'm Inclined To Believe That Tampa Bay Has The Pitching

Then again, my observation of Post-Series Championship in the next season, is usually a letdown of some kind. No serious deals were the Red Sox FO, UNLESS one counts letting Eric Gagne' escape to the Brewers, it has been QUIET.


This Just In From CBS4-Boston

Papi Ortiz is sitting out today's game, vs Tampa Bay, with a knee bruise. It's day to day for Ortiz.


Tampa Bay Either Has The Pitching-Or Most Of The Sox Have The Flu

This could be a Long Season. Wakey's Knuckler didn't quite dance, which is NOTHING New, which ended up in a 4-4 tie until the 11th:
That was a 5-4 Loss;
Tonight, holding a 1-0 Lead into the 8th Inning, Mr Buchholz gave up a single & then hung one up over the plate, that said "Please Hit me" & Tampa's A Iwamura, sent it flying into the RF Stands, & Voila, it's a 2-1 Sawx Loss;
Troy Percival got the Save For Tampa Bay, a team now 13-11 and 1 Game behind the Red Sox in the AL East;

NOT Fun;

WHy all the Flu? WHERE is the source?

This is killing the Sox;



Saturday, April 26, 2008

FINALLY, The NY Mets Got To Tim Hudson

4-3 was the final @ Shea Stadium, with Beltran & Delgado having productive @ Bats, driving in runs. No homers for the Mets & Atlanta Braves on Foam Finger Day. Billy Wagner got his 5th Save, with John Maine, Winning Pitcher @ 2-2.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Atkins Diet Tips For Fenway Park & Shea Stadium

Whenever you eat that Fenway Frank or Nathan's Hot Dog, slather your mvstard on the frankfurter & use the bun for moving the frankfurter into your mouth. The bun is not to be eaten, because it's white bread filled with white flour and sugar & leaves a pasty taste. It's the white bread that packs on the lbs, not the frankfurter itself. Mike-RSN-NYCQ.


J-E-T-S, Mets, Mets, Mets

Monday Night, The NY Jets come to Shea Stadium to be honored, especially the Super Bowl III Champions and The Sack Exchange Guys:

A Night of Memories, as I remember paying for Standing Room, for $3, for Jets Games at Shea Stadium;

I liked to stand in the end zone, where I could run through the Mets Bullpen and use the Bathroom, and toss a Football where the Mets Relief Pitchers, warmed up;

I hated The Meadowlands and still do, as Jets Games are full of Yankee Stadium's NOTORIOUS Bleacher Creatures. Shea Stadium wasn't like the Meadowlands at all, thank goodness;

And, it's been 25 Years since The Jets called NY their actual home city;

And it'll be a Night of Memories of SB III and "The Sack Exchange";

Thanks to The Dolans, Cablevision and Madison Square Garden, which is Dolan-Land, The Jets decided to co-build Their new Stadium in NJ. The NY Jets, in both AFL and NFL, were at Shea Stadium from 1964 until 1983. The Jets could've returned to their city, but the Dolan Family got in the way. BTW, The NBA NY Knicks STILL SUCK;


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Major Centres Of Baseball Torture

In The FOX MLB Booth, the guy on your left will bore you with his dulcet tones, while the guy on your right, will make your Saturday Afternoons memorable, by whether or not you turn off your TV Set to go do something else, after some nonsensical comment, like "Youkilis would make a good #8 Hitter with the Pitcher's Spot due up", or "St Louis Blows In A NY Minute";

In The Case of THAT DUMP, called Shea Stadium, 'Nuff Said;


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Bad Ollie

The Mets Lost 10-5 In Washington this past evening:

Ollie Perez didn't have enough gas in his tank to cut one in the corner of the dugout;

Be consistent, Ollie, and S--- or get off the toilet;



The Proper Application Of The Atkins Diet

There have been a lot of misconceptions about this diet, being a sheer all fat & protein diet:

It does NOT say to cut out the vegetables, except for the starchy ones at the beginning;

I am enjoying salads, preferably Caesar Salads, as the dressing & Romaine Dressing are delicious-just don't eat the croutons;

I have stopped with the beer, save for this past Sunday @ Fenway Park's Pre and Post-Game Celebrations;

I drink a lot of Seltzer with a Lemon or Lime Twist, and have substituted one glass of Red Wine;

I have cut back my caffeine a lot and I operate under 20 Carbs per day, so far losing 10 pounds this week;

The Protein and Fat satisfy me, so I don't go reaching for a Candy Bar. I have cut out all bread;

I am losing slowly, this 1st week, but intend to speed up my metabolism, by doing a few days without the Salads, which by the way, are meant to add fiber;

I used the Extreme version, which absolutely guarantees Rapid Weight Loss, but can cause one some sodium weakness;

The Atkins Shakes taste great-you'd swear they're fattening, but they contain fiber and control your hunger. They contain electrolytes, to keep one from Dehydration, plus have a load of vitamins;

The Atkins Bars are filling and nutritious, with loads of nutrients and tend to have 5 Grams of Fiber;

I can eat a Cheeseburger and do so without guilt, subbing Mustard or Regular Mayonnaise for Catsup;

Urination is more-productive as fats are carried out in the Urine, instead of peeing out sheer water of my last beer;

Urination is less-frequent after the 10 LB weight loss-then again, I'm not drinking all that Harpoon Ale, either. I had enough of coming close or even wetting myself and, in a couple of cases, wetting the bed sheets;

I haven't passed Flatulence in a week, which was a major problem when consuming the starches and sugars to go with the fat;

I use my Smokeless Tobacco even less these days, and don't miss it for hours at a time. This diet may even get me to quit it, altogether, provided I'm sated;

You see, the Diet can be adjusted to how much weight one would like to do. It's allowing me to get some proper rest;

It's working. I think I can really live with this diet;

Caution on Extreme Phase where it's only Meat, Fish and Fats-One can "Gas-Out". I once gassed out after 5 Days and urinated 25 Lbs out of the Body, sleeping for 15 Hours, losing 50 Lbs in 3 Days, & that's how I did this diet, before;

The Diet is Satisfying-Calories are without limits, but when you discover your eating pattern, you'll find that you'll need less food and fats;

Mike-RSN-NYCQ, on The Induction Phase of The Atkins Diet


Thursday, April 24, 2008

LA Angels Of Anaheim 7, Red Sox 5 @ Fenway & A Streak Is Broken

As The Mighty Quinn would put it, The Red Sox NEVER lost a game while he was there. Well, Quinn's streak has ended by a 7-5 score. FLU VACCINE BADLY-NEEDED IN FENWAY.



It was in the 1700s, or 18th Century, when The USA was founded with 13 States. I live in one & visit another of the 13, whenever I get Red Sox Tickets, sometimes racing across 4 States to get to a Game, but it's fun & a party at Fenway Park:

I do view the NY Mets, though, that Old Dump, Shea Stadium, looks like it'll fall down at The End of this Season, but many will miss it, because Citi Field will be so-expensive;

The Man, who loosened The Reins on The Offering of The Traditional Latin Mass, Pope Benedict XVI, was here in this Country. Papa Ratzinger? Way To Go;

I'll be brief-I've got a lot more to write on this blog. It's been fun, from both a Baseball Sense & a Catholic Sense;


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When Will The Fans Leave THIS Park?

Try Bottom 7th or Mid 8th. It's a Shea Stadium Tradition. Baseball is 9 INNINGS, Dudes & Dudettes:

It's a place which Quinn of "Mighty Quinn Media Machine, calls a DUMP. It's a place where Jere of "Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory" abhorred The Mezzanine, which I, heartily, Concur. The Bathrooms are falling apart;

I guess that Freddie & Jeffy, are waiting for The Fans to go, to be replaced by Corporate Types, ordering Sherry in their Luxury Boxes;

I concur with Quinn, who's @ Fenway, today, That SHEA STADIUM is a DUMP. Unless you're in Upper Level, the Views all SUCK;

Cheesesteaks & Philly Fans SUCK;


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7th & 8th @ Fenway Park From April 20th, 2008

Why Not-Fenway Park is the most-electric Fan Park, going-NO ONE LEAVES UNTIL THE END;



Fenway Park Images

Only one of those places was NOT in Boston-Professor Thom's, a Legendary Red Sox-Themed Pub is at 219 2nd Avenue, between East 13th & East 14th Streets in Manhattan, where my brother Past Grand Knight & I wet our whistles;

Photo of Team Store shows a kid with a Red Sox Cap. He looks like a Younger Jere of "Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory";

Party Spots were Boston Beer Works & Game On Cafe';

It was a FUN & LONG Day;



Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shea & Fenway

It must be the fact that Shea Stadium, located by the Grand Central Parkway & Van Wyck Expressway, is the middle of NOWHERE. Now, certain habits are formed, especially by the Fathers of Children, to depart at the end of the 7th Inning:

I know, I Know, you want to get out of the various Shea Parking Lots-they can be a pain in the arse. And I know that you don't always trust the Good Ol' IRT #7 Flushing-Times Square Line, or the LIRR Port Washington to Penn Station Line;

Often, the ONLY ones left in the Park, by the Bottom of the 9th, wear caps with a Red B on them;

In one Mets Game in August 1969 vs the LA Dodgers, the Game was tied. So, firing up Ol' WJRZ 970AM in Dad's Car, one could hear Bob Murphy calling the Game;
"A High Pop Up To short by Grote. He can't get it. Swoboda around 3rd, he'll score & The Mets Win The Ball Game, 5-4". That was the 9th Inning & Dad trying to, according to his tradition, beat the traffic out of Shea's Main Parking Lot, by leaving in the Bottom of The 7th;

A LOT of those Habits, die hard with Mets Fans, but they miss the point &, perhaps, the Most-Exciting Part of The Game;

Fenway Park on Sunday, April 20th, the Sawx faced the Texas Rangers. Down 5-0 after 6 1/2 Innings, they scored 2 in the Bottom of the 7th Inning. In the 8th with 2 Outs & No One on base, a 4 Run Rally began & The Sawx won 6-5 & EVERYONE I Know of, STAYED, so the Party in Game On, was So-Much Sweeter. There was no need to catch Dave O'Brien & Castig, on the Radio via WRKO 680, afterwards, or while making a run for it at the end of the 7th;

Sawx Fans don't make a run for it. Mets Fans DO TAKE NOTE;



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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Red Sox Game Plan For Next Year

3 Games @ The Fens next year & 1 game @ the new Citi Field, as Ol' Shea Stadium'll be gone. I have no plans to go to the "New Toilet" in The Bronx. If The Mets host the Sawx, I'm going all out for Citi Field, & that's all. I'm going for a 3rd Game in this year. Mike-RSN-NYCQ


Monday, April 21, 2008

A "Message" From His Holiness To The NY Yankees

It's from "Call Of The Green Monster", & HILARIOUS. Just click on The Title. You'll Laugh Until You're Issued a Papal Edict:


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Afterwards, @ Game On

I watched Replays of THAT 8th Inning, PLUS Bonus Coverage of ERIC Gagne' BLOWING a Save & a Game, vs The Reds & Papal Coverage on WHDH-NBC 7, where a Motherlode of People wore Red SOX Jerseys, inside of the Site of The Papal Mass, Yankee Stadium, which now resumes its' Title of "The Toilet", Today.

This was a "Game For The Ages", whether in "The Toilet", The Big Shea, or Fenway Park;

His Holiness was @ Ground Zero, while I was in Westerly, RI, as I followed over my phone on MSNBC, via MobiTV;

One thing-Whether @ Boston Beer Works, where I tried The "Victory Red" India Pale Ale, Families walked in with their Wee Ones & other children, as well as at Game On after the Game, there was a Feeling of Brooklyn in all of this. It was Yesterday's Brooklyn & NOT NYC of Today, where Nanny-government Prevails, sort of like The USSR;

& I introduced myself & my Amigo, as "2 Sawx Fans from Queens". The Welcome was Great;


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I came all the way to Fenway to watch you get EJECTED?

I took The BMT, The LIRR, Amtrak & The Green Line D from Arlington, on Marathon Weekend, to watch you get into an Dispute over a 3rd Strike?

A Lassie named Marsha, from New Hampshire, asked me WHY you got tossed. I explained that MLB Rules prohibit the dispute by batters on 3rd Strike Calls;

Nevertheless, Papi kept the ball rolling as that was One Helluva Comeback in the 8th Inning;

Next Time-SHUT UP;


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Sunday, April 20, 2008

8th @ Fenway



To That Slab Of Canadian Bacon, Eric Gagne'

6 Saves? Amazing! When did the Injections Start?

All I know, if you show your face in Fenway Park on a mound, it'll sound like a game @ Shea Stadium, whenever Armando Benitez showed up to close a game;

Fenway Park and the surrounding area, will shake from the booing;

And like Fitzy and I will tell you;



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Live Blogging-Manny's At Bats+Pictures From The Game

& some Pics of Yawkey Way, the former Jersey Street:

How 'bout a RemDawg Dog;

I wanna be part of That Mardi Gras, there;


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It's ONLY 4 'Til 500

Manny Ramirez needs 4 until 500 Homers:

It's possible to do it in a day;

Don't disappoint me;



I'm Up-Ate Breakfast-In 4 Hours, I'll Be "Sending Up To Boston, Oh, Ohhh"

Amtraking via Penn Station To Back Bay:

But 1st, it'll be BMT Broadway And Jamaica Line to Jamaica Station and LIRR-ing it to Penn Station;

From Penn Station to Back Bay, I'll Relax;

Then, I'll be going Green-B, C, Or D Line to Fenway Park;

Beat Millwood;



Saturday, April 19, 2008

This Just In From The YES Network

YES Network, 8 p.m.-9 p.m.

This week on Centerstage with Michael Kay, the Yankee broadcaster asks Ray Romano exactly when he started loving the Yankees. Romano responds that he is actually a Mets fan, resulting in an hour of awkward silence.

(From "The Onion")




Wakefield VS Millwood @ 1:35PM Tomorrow

The last time I saw Wakefield in person, he gave up a 2 run homer to Mets Starting Pitcher, Mark Clark, in '97:

Then, I was supposed to see him start the 7:05PM Game on Friday, August 31st, vs Baltimore, but his back went out & we all got stuck with that ARSONIST, Julian Tarvarez;

Let's hope it works this time, Wakey;

Kevin Millwood, @ one time with the Atlanta Braves, starts for Texas. He was at one time, Pretty Good for The Braves;

Here's hoping Ortiz & Ramirez, Stay Hot;


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Driving On Grass Is NOT Permitted, Il Papa

A Warning from Henry Steinbrenner To The Vatican, in regards to the Popemobile:

Hank? A-Rod causes more damage to your field by being there;

The Yankees will be back April 29th;

Since when is The Stadium, "The Cathedral";

Who died & made you Archbishop;

After tomorrow's Mass, The "Cathedral" resumes being a "Toilet";

& Archbishops don't run their Diocesan Churches from a Toilet;

Which, Henry, Makes you the archplumber;


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Papi May Be Breaking Out-Don't Worry, Big Papi

David Ortiz in his 1st at bat, Hit a Grand Slam, as the Sawx defeated Texas, 11-3;

It'll be a great weekend, DAVID;

Trust me;



Tomorrow As I'm "Sending Up To Boston" To See Red Sox-Texas At Fenway Park

I will have Papal Coverage Access to tomorrow's events on Mobi TV on my Motorola V3 Phone, over ATT's Digital Network, over GSM-GPRS. Imagine watching The Papal Mass from Yankee Stadium, while cheering a Manny Ramirez or David Ortiz Homer @ Fenway Park:

FOX News Channel, MSNBC and CNN, all at my fingertips, will carry the Mass;

On the Way Up, it'll be forecast checks via WBZ-CBS4 & The Weather Channel;

Funny, but I wondered how I got through my 1st Fenway Game Trip, WITHOUT ANY of this, though Trips 2 & 3 had text Messaging on OMNIPOINT(T-Mobile), Game 4 had mobile web & Texting, Games 5 & 6 followed Game 4 Protocols, but this'll take the cake with Papal Mass Coverage;

& there will be some live blogging & pics from Fenway Park;

Godspeed Your Holiness, Through my mobile phone;


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Visits By Popes In NYC, 1965, 1979, 1995, 2008-Modes Of Travel

1965-There was The Vietnam Conflict-Pope Paul VI(Giovanni Batista Montini)rode by Open Air Limousine from JFK Airport, down the Van Wyck Expressway to Queens Blvd & over the Queensborough Bridge To Manhattan. It was all by car until evening, when he choppered to JFK for The Flight to Rome:

1979-Pope John Paul II(Karol Woytyla), was by Limousine, closed & Bulletproof, until near arrival at the Destination, though in Lower Manhattan, there was "The Popemobile". At Shea Stadium, for instance, The Grand Central Parkway was empty & then the Entourage came in through the Shea Centerfield Entrance(Gate F, for NFL Jets Games);

1995-PJPII was all around by bulletproof limousine & US Army Chopper, especially to Aqueduct Race Track, arriving by Copter to celebrate Mass(In The Case of 1979 and 1995, I was at the 1979 Shea Stadium Event and The Masses in Aqueduct and Central Park);

2007-Yesterday, I saw 6 US Army Field Helicopters flying above Brooklyn. I looked up & waved at all 6. One of Them Carried Papa Ratzinger to Manhattan. Pope Benedict XVI was in NY Airspace;

Godspeed Your Holiness;

The Open Air Limousine is a thing of The Past, if 09/11/01 is any indication;


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Friday, April 18, 2008

FOX Sports Left Out 1 Of The All Time Moments in Yankees History

Yankees up 3-0 in ALCS, then lose to Boston 4-3;
HOW can THAT be left out?


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Park Slope, Brooklyn, Filled With Red Sox Fans

As one Young Lady put it to me, The Neighborhood Long Time Residents think the Young People are saluting the Brooklyn Dodgers, who once played 10 blocks from Park Slope @ Ebbets Field:

They might have played nearby at Atlantic & Flatbush Avenues, save for the Political Machinitions of Robert Moses;

Hey, there's a B on the cap & it is Brooklyn. Only the Dodgers are on the Wrong Coast;


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Paps? You ALMOST Ruined My Night

In Giving The Yankees 2 Runs, including a Cabrera Bomb. Waste a Pitch & Keep The Ball down:

Moose Mussina has nothing on Mr Ramirez, with him giving up a Manny Bomb(2). It was 7-5 Red Sox Over The Yankees, last night in The Bronx;

The Sawx return home to Fenway Park against the TX Rangers. I'll be @ Sunday's Game;

& Yankee Stadium will have a Classy Crowd for once, as His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, Offers Mass. There will be NO BLEACHER CREATURES there to hoot him down;

Godspeed Your Holiness;

& Thank You for The Motu Proprio of 07/07/07, freeing up the use of the Traditional Latin Mass;


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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The 15-9 Fiasco In The Bronx

NEITHER Jon Lester nor Wang could Pitch:

& Julian Tarvares is still an ARSONIST;


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This Is The 1st Day Of A Major Project

I have gotten tremendous in size, from all the starches & Fat & sweets, so I have decided to eliminate both the starches & sweets & go Low Carb, adding some salads down the road:

Bartenders take note:
It'll be Seltzer & a twist of lemon for awhile. The Cookies & muffins are gone. There will be Fat Burning going on. Caffeine will be cut back;

I gotta do it-my health is on the line;



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two Nights In The Toilet & Mets Are Also Home & His Holiness Leaves Sunday

@ Least Papa Ratzinger doesn't have to worry about the Goings On in The Bronx tonight & Thursday, nor are The Mets His Worry:

Jackie Robinson Wouldda Loved The Citi Field Rotunda Dedication, as his Widow, Rachel loved it;

& here's something I never knew-The Robinsons' Babysitter was a Lafayette HS School Student & Brooklyn Dodgers Batting Practice Pitcher named Fred Wilpon;

As in NY Mets Owner, Fred Wilpon;

Mr Murdoch? Why the Huff? Was it something Hal or Hank Steinbrenner told you?

The Sawx Won in Cleveland & All The Mets wore Jackie's 42 in Tribute, last night, in the Mets Victory;

The NY Post Editorial Was Nice & not written like a Yankees Sponsor;

Red Sox vs Yankees, next 2 Nights in Yankee Stadium;

Both Mets & Yankees are out of town, while The Red Sox are Home in Fenway Park, & Yankee Stadium is being used for a 3rd Papal Mass;

Godspeed, Your Holiness!


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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't You Wish That Pope Benedict XVI Had Planned THIS Trip?

Click on the title above-You'll laugh until you're excommunicated. Imagine Papa Ratzinger telling off A-Rod & Now, Hank Steinbrenner! It's a VINTAGE "Call Of The Green Monster":


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Fenway Park-The 1st Trip This Season-This Sunday

A friend & I will Amtrak It to Fenway Park this Sunday, for the 2:05PM Game vs the Texas Rangers, then bus back to NY & Professor Thom's & the Commencing of some of the Dietary Changes in the form of a Caesar Salad & One Last Glass of Ale:

It should be fun;

Godspeed Your Holiness;


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I Have To Make Major Changes In My Life-In Short, I've Gotten Too Large

So, there are things being eliminated so I can dump the weight & feel better, like bread, sugars, starches, Fermented Liquid Bread Of The Monks(Now I know what made them so Jovial & Peaceful), which is code for Ale & Beer, Pastas & Cereals:

I want to get my weight, blood pressure & Triglycerides down, & make myself more-energized. I don't need all this Gas in my system, nor all this fat. I don't feel like being winded, going up to my Upper Level Seat at Shea Stadium. & The Weight makes me tired & lazy;

Proteins, fats & some salad will do this change in metabolism. My Red Sox Locations, do take notice of this. If you see me with Club Soda & Lemon, understand why;

Keep me in your prayers, folks;



Monday, April 14, 2008

Some Words For The NY Mets



If YOU can't hit Eric Gagne', YOU ABSOLUTELY SUCK;



I'm Just Filing My Paper NOW, BUT

Last week, I checked my Checking Statement & it was loaded with Goodies, such as Federal Stimulus Funds, a Federal Tax Refund & a NY State-City of New York Refund:

It came in handy, as I paid back taxes from 2005 & my Moose Annual Dues. All of it was done digitally;

But, I'm filing the Papers Now;

How did I help to stimulate the Economy? By Watching The Red Sox defeat(Rather Sloppily, Mr Matsuzaka) the Yankees, 8-5 @ Good Ol' Professor Thom's, @ 219 2nd Avenue, between East 13th & East 14th Street, on the Island of Manhattan;



For Our "German Shepherd" Cometh

He who was known as "Ratzinger The Prefect", will soon grace our shores, as Pope Benedict XVI:

He gave us back our Traditional Latin Mass, not to be interfered with by Bishops named Trautperson & Baloney Mahony;

He has a LOT to say-DO LISTEN, PLEASE;



Be Nice To Your Beer Vendor At The Ballpark-He May Grant You Absolution, One Day-A "Feast Of The Good Shepherd" Lesson

There was this gent, a Yankees Fan growing up in Queens named Kevin. He worked over 9 Summers @ Shea Stadium, Home Of The Mets. He hawked beer, soda & ice cream. He worked his way through school:

Fr Kevin Sweeney, Brooklyn Diocesan Director Of Vocations, offered the 11AM Mass, Yesterday @ St Thomas Apostle-Woodhaven. He was that Onetime Shea Stadium Vendor;

For we often talk to God, BUT do we LISTEN to Him?



Meanwhile, On FOX Last Night

FOX 5 NY stopped in @ KNOWN Red Sox Bar, Professor Thom's on the Subject of The Buried & Disinterred Red Sox Jersey buried in the Visitor's Clubhouse in the New Yankee Stadium, which sent Henry Steinbrenner over the edge. Supposedly, his Brother, Albert Steinbrenner, called for violent Actions, by The Construction Worker Gino's Colleagues, including the kicking of Fecal Material out of Gino:

I was on FOX5 NY last evening, as I received a phone call this morning. Last night I stated that it was a little prank, which one Female Sox Fan agreed with. That Lady also bought me a drink(I owe ya one);

The only "Coise" I see the Yankees having, is that $275M 3rd Baseman, A-Rod. Maybe they should press charges against A-Rod for holding them up for $275M. Gino would be NOTHING by comparison. Hank & Hal should kick THEMSELVES;

& for Alice Mc Gillon & Randy Levine? WHAT kind of deal did Rudy Giuliani make with Good Ol' George Steinbrenner?



Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mr. Murdoch? Your NY Newspaper Is Only Good For Flacking For Hankenstein

Now that New Toilet's Visitor's Clubhouse, is free from the "Cursed" Red Sox Gear, your fish-wrapper of a paper, gives that mental midget, Henry Steinbrenner, a chance to talk to them. "I hope that the guy's co-workers, kick the s--t out of him." You Utter Jackarse, you & Mr. M, in the words of my ol' pal, Fitzy, can "GFY". Mike-RSN-NYCQ

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Earth To "MLB On FOX"

Why DIDN'T You simply cut over to "Heidi" instead of NASCAR? You don't command a Channel Switch during an at bat, to accommodate the "Gomer Pyle" Crowd in Bunf---, Iowa:

Final result was Robinson Cano grounding to Dustin Pedroia who threw to Casey, after losing precious seconds to switching TV Feeds;

Final Score was Red Sox 4, NY Yankees 3;

Shades of NY Jets-Oakland Raiders, NBC Sports, NBC & "Heidi", where NY Jets lost 43-32 in final 32 Seconds;

We didn't see the last play, like Jets Fans didn't in 1968;

Today & as always, FOX Sports & "MLB ON FOX", will receive a "Riv" F-Salute;


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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mussina-Beckett @ 3:55PM-ET From Fenway Park

Should be an Interesting Matchup-hoping Beck's Back is sound & Muss
Game is way off;

Here's hping for Papi's Slump to end, TODAY;


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"It's 3:55PM-Eastern. Do You Care To Watch Or Go Do Something Else?"

Here's hoping that The Hawk flies free & makes a Bee Line to the FOX Booth, in the(Very-Likely)event that Tim Mc Carver utters something sickeningly DUMB, so he can be chanted, derisively about in the Mid 7th Inning:

The F Word precedes the Name Of The Person, who's the Subject of The Chant;

"The Last Runner The Yankees had on was in the 3rd Inning with Youkilis";

"I Think that Youkilis would make a good #8 Hitter with the Pitcher due up next";



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Last Night Was AWFUL

Mr Timlin, your job is to Minimize Damage, NOT MAXIMIZE it, as Mr Buchholz pitched pretty well, though Mr Wang did much-better in a 2 Hit Complete Game, allowing 1 Run on Homer by JD Drew:

Then Again, it's Early, & Wang & Postseason do NOT Mix, as a he becomes a veritable "Pitch-Rod";

4-1 Yankees. Get me a barf Bag;


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Friday, April 11, 2008

From Mr Wowie Zowie Comes This "Gem" After A Yankees Win Over KC

I wonder just what does Yankees Radio Yacker, John Sterling, put in his coffee because Carton & Boomer were crashing with laughter on WFAN. A-Rod & Posada hit consecutive homers in the 4-1 Yankees victory. "A-Rod & Jorge, Belly to Belly homers" was heard. Bwahahahahaha!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

It Didn't Get By Buckner For He Was Honoured With The 1st Ball Ceremony @ The Opener

From the time I was 14 in Brooklyn, until I was 35 in Queens, Bill Buckner played ball. His best Years were with The Dodgers & Cubs:

But, he had Good Times with The Red Sox;

& Game 6 in the '86 World Series was NOT his fault-Calvin Schiraldi fell apart, which was part of his Shea Stadium Legacy, especially in 1985;

Ol' #6, Threw Out The 1st Pitch this past Tuesday. Without Buckner, there may NOT have been a 1986 American League Pennant;

He Shed a few Tears as his welcome was Emotional & Rousing;

I shed a few myself, as I was Glad That He was Honoured in such fashion;


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It Was Opening Night & A Comic Opera @ That

I was NOT @ The Metropolitan Opera. However, I did watch the NY Mets @ Shea Stadium, facing the Philadelphia Phillies, in the 1st Night Game of the Season & the LAST Opening Night Game, in the History of Shea Stadium. Tonight's game committment was c/o free tickets from my Local Knights Of Columbus Council in East Glendale, Queens & was in Upper Level:

It was Cold, Damp & NOT Pretty, but the Mets won 8-2 over The Phillies. The Game served to commemorate the 1st Ever Game in 1966, where the Mets lost to The Phillies, 6-0 in 1966;

One So-Called Mets Fan, asked where was the Timing Clock For an Inning. Innings are NOT Timed, but end with 3 Outs. It could be an hour or 5 Minutes. This Guy was looking for An Upper Level Ramp Ankle Hold. Go try this stunt @ some Toilet In The Bronx;

Phillies Fielding was AWFUL-4 Errors to be exact, as was their pitching. Even that Ex Red Sox Rocket Scientist, Rudy Seanez, got involved. He actually pitched a Scoreless 8th, which amazed me, considering his ability as One Of Nipper's Arsonists in '06, for which he was RAZZED;

WAKE UP, Jose', & Do your job & NOT be in a fog, dude;

To that Brown-Hooded A--hole on the Q53 Bus, who was asked to leave the Bus, only to take a swing at The Driver, you deserve a Good Beating;

& I'm TIRED, as Red Sox Disaster Reports poured into Shea Stadium, with The Red Sox losing 7-2 to The Detroit Tigers-AWFUL Pitching;

@ least The Yankees got shut out by The Improved K C Royals, 4-0;

I did something rare at Shea Stadium-I wore a Mets Cap. Even more Rare was that Mike Pelfrey was the Winning Pitcher & held the Phils pretty well, considering that on my 5 Game Pack last year, he lost 3 of the 5 Games, where I only saw 1 Victory.& The 1st Soxers are showing up at Shea, as Fenway continues to sell out;



Wednesday, April 09, 2008

For An UnFurling & A Welcome Home & A Commitment Tonight

The World Championship Banner Was Unfurled @ Fenway Park, with The Red Sox defeating a Winless Detroit Tigers, 5-0, with Matsuzaka in Form & Okajima with The Save:

This was a Moment For The Ages;

Bill Buckner threw out the 1st Ball, Yesterday & WHY NOT, it was a Beautiful Moment. I even shed a Tear or 2, as I remember Buckner with The LA Dodgers in the 1960s;

'86 was NOT his fault;

Tonight, I'm heading to the Mets 1st Night Game of the Season & Last 1st Night Game in Shea Stadium History;

The Mets Bullpen, especially Middle Relief, BLOWS;


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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword, But Mets Middle Relief, Well, BLOWS"

Ahhh, da coise of Oliver & Bradford-it just bit Jeffy Skill Sets in the arse, AGAIN. Scott Schoenweis & Jorge Sosa are living proof that Jeffy MUST stay out of Omar's way or risk one very bad beating. There was a very good reason WHY Sosa was not on the Cardinals '06 Postseason Roster. Quite-Simply,both Schoenweis & Sosa are 2 scrapheapers who're @ the end of the line. In short-BOTH SUCK. The Mets are now into philanthropy as they donated a game to the Phils, 5-2.


TODAY, One Place Raises The Flag, Whilst The Other Place, Begins A Season-Long Goodbye

Around 1PM, The Presentation of World Series Rings & Unfurling of The World Series Banner, takes place at Fenway Park, then The Red Sox take on the Tigers at 2:05PM at Fenway Park:

On a cool damp day, in about an Hour, will be the LAST Opening Day at Shea Stadium, Home to a Colorful Mets History & Colorful Fans;

One Fan Base Celebrates, while another says Farewell;

I'll have my 1st Game on Thursday, April 17th, @ 7:10PM, when it's Mets & Washington, to kick off The Shea Farewell Tour. It was 40 Years Earlier on April 17th, when the Mets won their 1st Home Opener, a 3-0 Triumph over The SF Giants, with a Shutout of 3-0. I sat in Loge, back at the Price of $4.00. That same Section, is $119 per seat for the Opener. I'll be upstairs at next Thursday Evening's Game;

Then, on the 20th, @ 1:35PM, it's Rangers-Red Sox, from Grandstand 3 @ Fenway Park. I'm starting Early, folks. The Last Game of The 5 Game Mets Pack is June 25th, with Mets vs Seattle Mariners;

I'll do one Last Friday Night Game, in September. The Last Game of The Package, & The Friday Night Game in September, will constitute The Conclusion To The Farewell;


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Monday, April 07, 2008

1981-1989 Was A Long Period Of Time Not To Go To A Major League Baseball Game

1981 is what I called the "1st Strike Of The Millionaires", so I did NOT Step into a Major League Baseball game until 1989. Think of this as my strike, but I did watch on TV. It was more-comfortable. I went back, sporadically, but returned, full time in '97 which included the June, '97 1st game @ Fenway Park. The '94 Strike torqued me off, too, but not like '81. Mike-RSN-NYCQ


Sunday, April 06, 2008

The KC Boston Pee Party In Melrose, Sunday, 09 21 08 Starting @ 1;35PM, ET

From the end of the national anthem to the mid 7th Inning, every conceivable Red Sox & Mets Fan should descend on the bars on the blocks of & surrounding Yankee Stadium, & just drink the bars dry. This will leave the Bleacher Creatures with no beer to suck down. K is for Kenmore Square, where the Red Sox Play, C is for Corona in Queens, where the Mets play & Melrose, is the Bronx Neighborhood where the Yankees play. For more info, it's


Chad Dolby Wants To Give A Red Sox Cap Back To The Rightful Owner

Chad Dolby is from NJ. Chad Dolby is a NY Mets Fan, sympathetic to the Red Sox Cause & Nation. He was at Yankee Stadium on Friday Night, when The NY Yankees were losing 13-4 to the Tampa Bay Rays & their "Fans" were in a FOUL Mood:

Some poor guy with a Red Sox Cap was accosted by these "Yankees Fan" Vermin, having his hat stolen, and was threatened by the usual assorted drunks & vermin, who comprise Yankee Stadium's Crowd, for wearing the cap. The Cap was found under the stands by Dolby's friend. He wants to return the Red Sox Cap to the rightful owner. Chad was thought to have the cap & was threatened by certain of Yankees Fans with extreme physical harm;

Dear Red Sox Fan-contact Chad at H's only too glad to return that cap. Besides, METS Fans are NOT YANKEES FANS. Those 2 Fan Bases despise one another. Mets Fans usually protect Red Sox Fans;



Saturday, April 05, 2008

August 23rd & September 20th Are Red Sox vs Blue Jays

Both are 1:07PM, ET Start Times-both are in Toronto & BOTH are Saturday Afternoons:

You don't have Bus Or Amtrak or Plane Fare to Toronto;

FOX Sports is screwing you out of NESN outside of New England?

Then, let's all Take Metro North Up to New Haven;

We'll Find a Bar with NESN & Watch the Game, there;

It'll be cheaper than going to Rogers Centre;



The Mets Are Out Of Town As Well As The Yankees

On April 20th, When The Pope Offers Mass @ Yankee Stadium:

I'll be "Home" at Fenway Park, when The Sox play Texas, while keeping an eye on The Papal Events;


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I Had The Fortune To Miss "MLB On FOX"(MDCL)

Though The Mets Lost To The Braves 11-5, At least I listened for awhile to Howie Rose on WFAN 660 & not to those 2 Boring, Braying Bozos, Joe Buck & Tim Mc Cahvah(Using The Boston Area Pronunciation):

When pitching breaks down, it's no pitcher's duel;

Santana & Smoltz, tomorrow, in Atlanta;


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THe "Other" NY MLB Opener

Forget about Yankee Stadium, Home to Tourists, October Arrivistas, Hipsters & Sheer North Jersey & Southwestern CT Monied "White Trash", of The Tennis Variety, this Tuesday Afternoon @ 1:10PM, ET:

This is where People from the 5 Boroughs, & Long Island & Parts of NJ, head for Baseball. This is also where Displaced Red Sox Fans from the Boston Area, without Tickets for Fenway Park, head to;

The Stadium is in Queens, & The Train Stop is Willets Point-Shea Stadium on The IRT #7 Flushing Line, for Shea Stadium also says Goodbye This Year;

You may see a Good Game. You might also see Jerry Seinfeld at The Games, as he does have Season Tickets;

& I saw my 1st MLB Game here, in 1966;

& for me, a Teary-Eyed Farewell, @ my last Game, in September, this year;

Memories Of The Last Season THE NFL Giants Played in NYC, The Mets of All The Years(Except For The Druggie '86 Mets), of My Beloved 1969 Mets, & of a Game, where Joe Namath came off The Bench for the Jets vs 49'ers & a Tie For The NL Wild Card in 1999;

And There was Pope John Paul II's Shea Stadium Visit and Prayer Service, when The Storm Clouds Scattered;

& Memories of The 1st Game & 1st Day Game;

This Won't Be Possible in Citi Field;



Andy Pettitite Must NEED His "Injectables"

As The Yankees lost for a 2nd Straight Day to Tampa Bay, this time 6-3:

Last Night, The Yankees were trounced 13-4, when Ian Kennedy, a Wunderkind Call Up from '07, didn't have any gas;

The Season is young, but DFYankees, well, are old hat. Maybe, this year will be 1965 all over again;



Last Night was NOT "So Good, So Good, So Good, So Good"

I have noticed a similarity between 2005 & '08. In both seasons, Curt Schilling is on the Disabled List & the 'pen is not stable, as well as losing the 1st 2 Games in Rogers Centre in Toronto:

However, there was a Far East Start to the Season in Tokyo, followed by a West Coast Swing in LA & Oakland. The Games with the Dodgers did not count, but Oakland got swept in Oakland;

So, upon returning to Eastern Time, Sox Pitching is off kilter, like their 'pen, losing the 1st 2 in Rogers Centre, 6-3 & 10-2;

Wakey was out of gas by the 6th Inning, last night, while Clay Buchholz was out of gas around the same time. We couldn't see today's game, due to FOX controlling 1PM to 7PM;

Monday, the Red Sox come home, to a World Championship Ring Day @ Fenway Park @ 2:05PM;

Feckin'(MT)A, I twisted my ankle on one of those Articulated Bus Monsters, which is NOT Fun, but I'm still mobile;

& to those Red Sox Regulars @ Professor Thom's who broke on me over the 5 Game Mets Package, I do come from a NY NATIONAL League Background, where rooting for DFYankees is HERETICAL & it's a FAREWELL To Shea Stadium, where those without Tickets @ Fenway Park, are known to come on Weekends, via Chinatown Bus, Amtrak & #7 Flushing Line;

And to Mickie From Woodside, another Red Sox Fan, Thanks For The Hug My Lovely, as it felt "So Good, So Good, So Good, So Good"

Until NEXT Time;



Friday, April 04, 2008

A Hawk Attacked Alexa From CT

13 Year Old Girl, Alexa Rodriguez from Bristol, CT(Home to those Sports Hawks who comprise ESPN), was on a Middle School Tour of Fenway Park, when a Hawk, nesting up by the Fenway Message Board, flew down & attacked Miss Rodriguez, who received scratches from that bird. The Hawk was a real hawk, not some dude who speaks ebonics on White Sox Telecasts in Chicago:

Funny, but the 1st Name I called Alex Rodriguez in his ball slap of Bronson Arroyo, was Alexa. I was once told that a hawk, bears down on its' prey, giving the target little time to react & 13 Year Old Alexa was attacked;

She was taken to hospital, where she was treated & is OK;

The Hawk & The Nest were removed by authorities;

Feel Good & Be Well, Alexa;

I wonder what NY Yankees Owners are doing about The Vultures' Nest in The RF Bleachers? Why they're selling tickets, there, so NOTHING;




My Advice To Teams Playing The NY Yankees

The Yankees are NOT a Charity. Stop donating games to them. It'll protect the mental health of the fans of the other 29 Clubs. Thanks! Mike-RSN-NYCQ

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Let's Drink Up All Their Beer And Leave 'Em Dry

It should be a humongous throng of Red Sox & Mets Fans, on the Last Regular Season Weekend of the Yankees in Yankee Stadium, as we do one last Yankee Stadium Pub Raid & drink the Bleacher Creatures Beer, under River Avenue:

It'll be hilarious as Stan's Sports Bar is emptied of all its' beer supply, sending the Bleacher Creatures way over the edge;

I think The Creatures will have a bad time when Shea Stadium closes up, as there's only 1 bar in walking distance of Shea Stadium;

It'll be interesting;



Red Sox 5-0 Over "Moneyball", Mets 13-0 Over Fish And Blue Jays Over Skanks At The Toilet-An Anti-Yankees NY Triple Play

As Sterling would say "Wowie-Zowie", today was a Great Day, for Yankees Despisers in The NY Area:

5-0 Sox over Oakland, taking 3/4 from the A's with a 3-1 record;

Mets cubbed the Marlins 13-0 as the Good Ollie Perez k'd 7;

Mussina didn't have it vs The Jays in the 5-2 Loss;

Pedro Martinez has a Strained Left Hamstring & will miss 4 to 6 weeks;

What's all the National Fascination with The Yankees Last Season in Yankee Stadium? The place, while historic, is old, cramped and narrow;


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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Perhaps, Spring Training Lasts Too Long

Cut it down by two weeks as the great majority of players arrive in Prime Shape, anyway:

I get really tired of Exhibition Games. I think the players are as well;

I want my action real & so do you;



Pedro? Wowie-Zowie? OK, THE SOX WIN, 2-1

Pedro Martinez is the 1st Mets Casulty as he pulled out his left hamstring. Mets lose in 10 to Marlins 5-4 on Andino's LF Liner Homer off Reliever Matt Wise. It must be a long winter for Yankees Radiocaster John Sterling to come up with "Wowie-Zowie", in 3-2 Yankees Win. & The Sox beat Oakland 2-1, & neither Castig nor O'Brien said "Wowie-Zowie", mercifully; Mike-RSN-NYCQ

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tim? The Brewers Have Eric Gagne'.

Unfortunately dear members of Red Sox Nation & our friends, the Mets Fans, the Silly Season begins this Saturday @ 3:55PM, ET, with the unfortunate Season Premiere of "MLB On FOX" & Tim Mc Carver has predicted that the Milwaukee Brewers will win the NLCS, as sure as his 17 mentions of Derek Jeter. Of course, Tim has failed to take into consideration that the Brewers Closer is Eric Gagne', an arsonist's arsonist, as we in RSN will attest to(Please, No). Shut Up, Tim, You Baboon as our ears bleedeth. Mike-RSN-NYCQ


My Farewell To Yankee Stadium-My Way

It'll be uniquely my style. I will go to the bleachers, where I 1st saw the despised Yankees when they faced the Orioles, for the price of $.75, on Old Timers Day in 1969. On this last & ONLY Game, I'll follow my father's protocols & depart after the 7th Inning, flashing both Red Sox & Mets Caps, chanting "Bye-nice knowin' You" & getting to the D or 4 Train for going to Prof. Thom's or The Hairy Monk. I know this'll piss off the Bleacher Creatures but so be it. Mike-rsn-nycq