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Saturday, September 30, 2006

"Pedro Out For 8 Months"

Both calves of Pedro Martinez were injured(Torn Tendons), but here's the Kicker(Ouch, Ouch, Super Ouch):

Torn Labernum(Rotator Cuff);

Pedro will have the Rotator Cuff, surgically fixed, this week;
Then it's 8 months before he's back;

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Quadruple Ouch!

Friday, September 29, 2006

"The Boston Red Sox End Of Season Toast & Drinking Game"

This is a Tributory Drinking Fest, but you will get a bit pixillated:

A Huge Toast To Johnny Pesky @ 87, with The RF Pole, Officially Named For Him;

Toast Radio Commentator Joe Castiglione, for his new book "I Saw It On The Radio With The Boston Red Sox";

Toast Gerald Peter Remy(The RemDawg), for his book "Talking Baseball" & for introducing us all to that cute little doll called "Wally The Green Monster";

Toast Terry Francona, manager;

Toast Dave Wallace, Pitching Guru;

Whenever that Untalented "Curse Of The Bambino" Profiteer, Dan Shaughnessy of "The Boston Globe", writes something, as if it was sent to him by Larry Lucchino, take 3 drinks;

Toast Bill Buckner;

Toast "The Splendid Splinter", Ted Williams;

Toast That Kid From The East End of Long Island, from the Potato Farm in The Hamptons, named Carl Yastremski;

A Toast to Radio Crew of Ned Martin(Mercy) & Ken Coleman;

A Toast to the 1950's Duo(Radio-TV), Curt Gowdy Sr(Red Sox, NBC Game of The Week, NBC Super Bowl III, "The American Sportsman" on ABC), who passed on, in March, '06 & for why Saturdays were enjoyable, & whose legacy is Curt Gowdy Jr, Excecutive Producer of SNY(Sportsnet New York, the TV Home of The NY Mets);

For Robert Allen Murphy, "Heeeeeeee Struck Him Out" & whenever New Englanders ventured into the NY Area, felt like they were listening to an old friend, who then spent 42 Summers in the NY Mets Radio Booth, except when "The Murph" did Red Sox Games "On Special Assignment" in the 1960s' & 1970s';

Toasts to be conducted with Narragansett Beer & Rheingold Extra Dry(You must have guessed that in the case of Rheingold Extra Dry Lager Beer, that I'm originally from Brooklyn, with that one);

Definitely Toast Jon Lester, who was having the time of his life pitching, until the news of a rare lynphoma;

Take a stiff drink whenever you think of Al Nipper, as Interim Pitching Coach;

Toast Bill "Spaceman" Lee, for who he is;

Toast Jerry Trupiano, with all his "Pun-Filled" Sense of Humor;

Toast Trot Nixon, who patrols that Fenway Right Field, like no one else;

How could I forget Don Orsillo & a lively NESN Booth, so, Toast the one we call "Announcer Boy";

Toast Our "Idiots of '04";

Toast the Commentator on FOX, who's the Son of a Broadcasting Legend in St Louis, John Francis Buck, who listened to Fred Hoey as a child in Holyoke, MA, hence an early member of Red Sox Nation, This son of John Francis Buck, Joseph Francis Buck, whom I would almost never toast made this famous call @ 11:45PM, on October 27th, '04:

"Back To Foulke: Red Sox Fans have LONGED To hear it; The Boston Red Sox are WORLD Champions";

Despite "Manny Being Manny", toast Manny Ramirez, as his bat speaks for him;

& TOAST David "Big Papi" Ortiz, The REAL AL MVP, & I don't care what Tim Mc Carver may say about __________________________;

Toasts are to be done with SIPS of Favorite Beverages & food is to be eaten;

This way, you might have a little sugar buzz in the morning, but it'll go away by the afternoon;



Thursday, September 28, 2006

"The 2006 YES Network Yankees Drinking Game"

Whenever Al Leiter Sucks up to someone, take a drink;

Whenever Michael Kay proposes "Captain Intangibles" for MVP, take a drink;

Whenever ______ is mentioned by the YES Network Crew, take a drink;

Whenever the words "No Hitter" & "Holocost" are used in the same sentence, take 2 drinks;

Whenever Yankees-Red Sox is seen on YES in NY & other regions, which look forward to NESN on the MLB.TV Package, take 2 drinks;

Whenever John Sterling uses the words "Well, Obviously", take 2 drinks;

Unfortunately, you may end up with a blood level of 0.15 by the top of the 1st Inning, so prepare to have a good meal beforehand, so you can survive until the 3rd or 4th inning before getting sick from listening to this bunch;

Don't say that I didn't warn you;

Over half this garbage will end up be repeated on FOX & ESPN, anyway;

PS: If Jason Giambi looks like he's grown about 6 or 7 pants sizes, he was having his "Protein Shakes" injected into his stomach, so take 3 drinks for that;

Make sure you have a hangover preventer ingested before watching this drivel;



PPS: Tim will repeat whatever YES Commentators say, on FOX; Ditto, Joe Morgan on ESPN & I think that you know which Tim, I'm talking about, as does "Captain Intangibles".

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"The FOX Sports-Postseason Coverage Drinking Game of '06"

Take a drink, whenever Tim Mc Carver mispronounces a polysyllabic word:

Take a drink whenever Joe Buck, comes up with some burst of sarcasm;

Take a drink whenever Lou Piniella comes up with some strange medical diagnosis;

Take a drink whenever Tim mentions ________;(Thanks, Jere)

Take a drink whenever Tim & Joe get their facts wrong, in fact, take 2 drinks;

Make sure that you've eaten well, as this could be a long night's journey into day & vice-versa;

Especially when it's Yankees-Red Sox in Boston, take a drink for every time Tim mentions the Bucky Dent Homer;

Take 2 drinks, whenever "Scooter The Talking Baseball", gives some meaningless information;

For every Tim Mc Carver Giggle, take 2 drinks;

Make sure to take a hangover preventative;

For every piece of useless information, take a drink;

For every "_________-MVP" mention, take 2 drinks;(Again, Thanks Jere)

For every mention of Jon Leiber's conversation on Tim's Nationally-Syndicated TV Show, about the Red Sox, wishing the Yankees "Good Luck" in the '04 World Series, take 3 Drinks;

The best option is to never play this game, as you'll have an acute case of Alcohol Poisoning;

With all those flubs & all that beer or wine, you'll be sick for 4 days straight.



PS: You just might be sick by the bottom of the 2nd Inning.

"J-E-T-S, Yanks, Yanks, Yanks"

Something happened when "Gang Green" moved to The Swamplands of Northern NJ:

The NY(J)Jets went into Giants Stadium & mistreated their longtime Queens-Brooklyn-Nassau-Suffolk County Long Island Fan Base;

Many who had Jets Tickets in Field Level & Loge Levels @ Shea Stadium, were often moved to the hinterlands of Giants Stadium(Like Far-Upper Level);

In the Old Days, Shea Stadium had a basically Mets Crowd at Jets Games with a # of Yankees Fans in that crowd;

But, the move to East Rutherford, changed the character of Jets Fans;

The Overwhelming Change is that all those "South Bronx Arrivistas", found Season Ticket Opportunities for the Jets to be much-greater, thus overwhelming Giants Stadium, turning it into the NJ Version of "The Toilet";

The place is sounding like Tier Box-Tier Reserved in Yankee Stadium, not to mention the RF & CF Bleachers in DFBronx.In the Yankee Stadium Bleachers, the Only Non Yankees Gear tolerated is NY Jets Gear. Chants of "J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets", is often heard @ Yankees Games. That chant isn't even heard in Shea Stadium, anymore;

Many "Bleacher Creatures" & Tier Ticket Holders, now occupy seats for Jets Games;

"The Bronx Zoo" is now in Jersey;


Chanting "Show Us Your T---", @ Female Patriots Fans & calling security on them, sounds like a vile trick @ "The Toilet";

As i just said, "J-E-T-S, Yanks, Yanks, Yanks";

You deserve one another.

Monday, September 25, 2006

"On Vacation, Going Fishing, Or Falling Asleep"

Will the NY Mets "awake from their slumber", as that comes from the lyrics to the Hymn, "City Of God", please?

Thanks! I hope you get my message:


"Two Links For Jon Lester"

One is to "The Jimmy Fund", The Red Sox Favorite Charity & The Other is to "K Cancer", a blog put up by one of those great "Sox Sistahs", "Beazer" as she's known by, or Cyn Donnelly, as she's known by her real name. Both Sites have been posted on the top of the links section, which is growing faster than last year's Yankees Payroll(Even This Year's Payroll).

Click to either one;

Get Well, Jon;



Sunday, September 24, 2006

"Candidate For MVP(Or Tim's Petition For Sainthood-Ditto, Miller & Morgan)For Derek Jeter(All You Shills Including Kay, Shut Up, Thanks)"

All of last weekend, during Yankees-Red Sox @ a giant toilet in The Bronx, various media pundits, including the “Master Of The Obvious Observation”, one Tim Mc Carver of FOX Sports, the talk of naming one Derek Sanderson Jeter, Yankees Shortstop, known as “Captain Intangibles”, was in & on the air. Tim was his usual blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, which is his forte, which is tiresome. It could be a Papal Election &, even there, Tim would manage to get in 17 mentions of Derek Jeter.
The “Gang of Two” on ESPN, Jon Miller & Joe Morgan, couldn’t get the 1st names of Sox Players correct, but all that one heard about was Dear, Darling Derek Jeter. What was FORGOTTEN was that the Red Sox took 3 out of 4 Games from the Yankees, causing the huge # of October “Arrivistas” who came to the South Bronx, looking for a celebration of the Yankees 9th Straight East Crown, & being sent home without supper, instead. It couldn’t happen to nicer “Fans”, who believe that they have a sense of entitlement, unseen anywhere, in modern times.
Did anyone notice in this year’s All Star Game, that when Alex Rodriguez fielded a ball & almost threw it away,which 1st Baseman saved that throw from landing in the stands, to become an unexpected All Star Game Souvenir?
Answer is David “Big Papi” Ortiz, but I don’t think that the pundits noticed. David does play a good 1st base, but his forte is as a Designated Hitter, which has been a position in the American League since 1972, if any pundit has noticed. His RBI totals also include Game Winning Hits, but that isn’t what’s really looked at by Baseball Writers.
You see, David is NOT a National Commercial Spokesman for a major product. Derek Jeter has a Cologne called “Driven”, while Alex Rodriguez is a major spokesman for Pepsi.
What I’m afraid of, is that the Most Valuable Player Award, is just a ploy for what the sponsors want, in order to target sales in major media markets. Sex Appeal sells. It isn’t about achievement anymore.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

"An Open Letter To Yankees Arrivistas Coming To Shea Stadium for Next 2 Days"

You're as welcome in Shea Stadium & Fenway Park, as Neo-Nazis(& Mel Gibson) are, in a Jewish Neighborhood:

Chants of "Jeter Swallows", "Gay-Rod...Jeter's Boyfriend" & "Thahhhhhhhhh Yankees Suck" are in full supply, over the next 2 days;

Your personalities could be used as birth control;

I know that your Moms, who are Mets fans @ heart, won't let you go up to "The Toilet" in The Bronx. It must be your Dads, the Yankees Fans, who are sicking you on Mets fans;

So, BE PREPARED to really hear it at Shea Stadium, Home of Real, NYC Baseball Fans, You Bunch Of Arrogant Tourists;

& RSN-NY & New England, are READY For You.



"Last Night @ Shea, The Right Thing Was Done & Julian, You're So Masterful"

I was at the 7:10 Game, Mets-Nationals. The Mets lost 3-2, but The Catholic Schools won.

Schools of the RC Diocese of Brooklyn, a few Private Schools & Some Public School Parent-Teachers Associations, received a cut of the Gate Receipts.

One of those Schools, St Sylvester-City Line, Brooklyn, is where I 1st heard the Broad Boston Accent, from my nuns, The Sisters Of Charity-St. Vincent De Paul-Halifax & most of those Beloved Nuns, eminated from Boston & Vicinity, as well as Nova Scotia, Canada.

In other words, they were from the Heart of Red Sox Nation.

Ricky Ledee, a 1 Time Yankees Prospect, now in various stages of wear & tear, hit a 450 Foot Bomb, over the Mets Bullpen, to put the score at 3-2 Nationals(It was 3-1).

In Toronto, Sr Julian Tavarez pitched a masterful complete game as the Red Sox Cruised to a 7-1 victory over the Blue Jays, with Mike Lowell, homering.

It looks like Dave Wallace, the Sox Pitching Guru, found a gem in Tavarez.

Friday, September 22, 2006

"Off To Shea Stadium"

Mets-Washington Nationals @ 7:10PM:

The Game then off to "The Hairy Monk" for some fun;

I hope that there's a victory followed by an hour of Post Game Cuddling with a lovely lady;



Cincuenta Y Uno Y Cincuenta Y Dos=El Papi Grande

1st Inning=off Johann Santana:

7th Inning=off Matt Gurrier;

6-0 Red Sox, barely alive for Wild Card;

Beckett=8 Shutout Innings;

I knew something was missing when Dave Wallace was on Sick Leave;

It was Papi's Night.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

"El Papi Grande El Numero Cincuenta-A Foxx-y Move"

Despite an 8-2 Loss to The Minn. Twins, as well as elimination from 1st Place Contention, David Ortiz smacked his 50th Homer tonight:

Still, there's Wild Card Contention, though that possibility is slim, but the season isn't over, officially;

As they used to say in my native Brooklyn, "Wait'll Next Year";

Let's hope that the Olde Towne Team is well enough in '07;

It was a sad year & more on that later.

A Mysterious Outage At 8PM EDT Threw My Blogging World Into Utter Chaos

I love Blogging. That may not be news to you. At times, I write with a serious tone, such as in regards to the 9/11 5th Anniversary. I tend to go with offbeat observations on Sports & Life, mainly the Boston Red Sox, though I do add NY Mets Coverage, as I do live here in Queens:

At times, I can be somewhat Snarkaliscious & why not as this is a free republic of laws & not merely of men & women. It is the Grand Old USA, the Land of The Free & The Home of The Brave;

You've all been a great audience, especially those who comment here or those who leave me an e-mail. I love to entertain & inform. I will continue to do this, whether here, or on various blog sites such as "Peter On All", "The Mighty Quinn Media Machine", "Laura & The Red Sox", "Red Sox Die Hard", "A Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory", "Miles From Fenway", "The Eddie Kranepool Society", "Fenway Nation" & "Stabbed By Foulke." It's a Labour Of Love for me;


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Bash Buckner Night @ Shea Stadium"

2 guys are wearing Mets Jerseys with the name "Buckner" on the Back of the Jerseys:

One jersey has "86" on it;

The other has E-3 on it;

20 years have passed;

Time to can it, as that episode is over;


"Papi 0-5 & a 2nd Clinch"

David Ortiz went 0-5 with 3 Ks':

Mets defeat Marlins 3-2 & clinch Home Field Advantage in NL DS & CS;

Good Night, All!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Papi Watch

1st Inning @ Fenway Park, David Ortiz 6-3 Grounder:

0-0 Twins-Red Sox;

Tune to Red Sox Radio Network, via your Local Station or online @ Audio.

"The 10 Commandments & Yankees Fans"

"Though Shalt NOT Take The Name Of The Lord Thy G-D In Vain":

Someone called Derek Jeter A Diva-Like Showboat;

That somebody is set upon by 15 oversized drunken Male Yankee Fans, who have consumed about 9 Beers each by the Bottom of the 2nd Inning;

The Fan is pounded silly & bloodied, badly, for daring to call Jeter a Diva-Like Showboat;

The 15 Oversized Drunken Male Yankee Fans, then Call Security, to have the fan ejected, for drunken, boorish behavior & reports of carrying a knife;

No Knife is found;

The 15 Oversized Drunken Male Yankee Fans then boast "We have gotten rid of this blasphemer, for no one dares to call Derek Jeter A Diva-Like Showboat";

Then, the 15 Thugs are arrested for reporting a False Incident, Assault in 1st Degree & Attemted Murder 2nd Degree;

Forgotten by the 15 were "Though Shalt Not Kill" & "Though Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor";

Derek Jeter is NOT THE LORD & The 1st Commandment was violated, for being a "Strange God";

Hence, will the fans, FOX Sports & ESPN, stop worshipping on the Altar of Matinee Idols?


Monday, September 18, 2006

"@ 9:39PM EDT, The NY Mets Clinch The East"

For the 1st 8 Innings, I listened online to WFAN, then joined SNY's Feed on Cable TV in the 9th Inning:

Tonight was dedicated to National League East Coverage, as The Mets are who I grew up to, hence many memories, as well as despising the Yankees(Team 198M);

The NY Mets win the Eastern Division Championship in The National League;

It's their 5th Division Title;

1st Team in MLB to Celebrate a Championship Title;

Final is 4-0 over the Marlins;

Mets, currently have the best record in MLB;

The Braves Era has ended;

Just to remember this:

"This Is A Bob Murphy, Ralph Kiner & Lindsey Nelson Kind Of Moment";

& To Willie Randolph, who spent many a Game in Upper Level, in the old $1.30 Seats, which now run from $5 to $22.00, over the years & To Omar Minaya, who did it like Willie;

Muchisimas Gracias!

To Fred The Owner, I knew that you could ONLY Trust Omar Minaya;

& Fred, you're RIGHT, in that "A-Rod" is NO KEY Player;

& to Mets Fans of ALL AGES, only you can appreciate moments & NOT act like you're entitled, year after year, UNLIKE another "Fan" Base in this area. I guess we are the keepers of the Flame of The Brooklyn Dodgers;

"The Team, The Time, The Mets!"

Yeahhhhhhh! "Let's Go Mets-'FAN!"

& SOMEWHERE Tonight, One can practically hear Bob Murphy, telling the Radio Audience this:

"& The Mets Will Win The Ball Game; They Win; They Win";



"9-6 Cubs over Phillies in 7th @ Citizen's Benk Ballpark In Philly"

Top of 8th @ Shea Stadium & FLA Marlins sent up Joe Bouchard, who smacked into 3-6-3 DP & Aaron Heilman just struck out Hanley Ramirez;

Going to Bottom of 8th, with Mets Leading 4-0;

Later with the story;

Thanks to Howie Rose & Tom Mc Carthy for painting the Word Pictures on WFAN 660-NY.

"End of 7"

NY Mets 4-0 Over Fla Marlins:

Top of 8Th Inning;

More Later.

"5th Inning End"

NY Mets 2 & FL Marlins 0:

Halfway Point of Steve Trachsel Vs Brian Moeller;

Juse' Valentin 2 Run Homer with Shawn Green on 1st via HBP in 3rd Inning;

Jose' Valentin just homered in bottom of 5th, 3-0 Mets;

Steve Trachsel just singled;

1 Run 2 hits none left;

End of 5th, Mets 3 & Marlins 0 on the WFAN Mets Radio Network.

"For All You Suburban Tourists Who Showed Up At West 161St & River Avenue, I Have Some Very-Sweeping News"

To Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe On Why The Yankees Will Win It all this year:

Did Murray Chass of The NY Times, ghost write today's column? After all, the Globe is part of the NY Times Company;

Oh, Poor Baby!

& thousands of Suburban arrivistas, who wouldn't get caught dead in a certain part of The Bronx at this time of night, are going home in a rather pissed-off state of mind, from 'The Toilet";

The Red Sox completed a Day-Night Doubleheader sweep of the Yankees, by winning the nightcap, 5-4. Amazingly, Mike Timlin looks ageless in saving the 3 victories;

Yankees Magic # is STILL 4 & the race might continue much longer than expected;

& wouldn't that be a lot of fun!

& I love Fine Whine, from all those bandwagoners, who give real fans, a bad name.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Necessitated By a 3 Day PA Weekend"

What is it with teams who're eliminated from Postseason, who suddenly awaken from a Season-Long Slumber?

Salary Drive?

You get good NOW, with NOTHING on the line? You lose 3/4 to a great team, but suddenly you gain your macho?

To the Pirates, get lost. You'll be doing all this same crap next year at this time:

For Game 1 of the Florida Marlins Series, The Mets may win the division, tomorrow night;

Public Transportation? Take it, via LIRR & 7 Train to Shea Stadium or via Water Taxi;

It'll be an interesting night.

"The SW CT-NNJ-Putnam-Westchester-Rockland Arrivistas Won't Be Able To Celebrate A Clinching Of The AL East Tonight"

O, you poor Babies:

The Red Sox took the 1st Game of the Day-Night Doubleheader, 6-3, with "El Papi Grande", David Ortiz, hitting his 49th Homer & David Murphy, his 1st MLB Homer;

Nice! Now go home you little Arrivistas & keep on Whining;

It's music to my ears.

"Let's Wait Until We Get Home, OK?"


Playing like one doesn't care until a Homestand, so fans can jump on the field & make a massive mess, is not a good thing;

20 Years Ago, The Mets were in Philly with 1 Game to go & stunk up the entire weekend, then got to Shea Stadium, where all hell broke loose on the field, in gleeful celebration;

Win it TODAY, so it won't be a nuthouse @ Shea, Tomorrow;


"Waiting On 1, A Split, & Bandwagoners"

The Boston Red Sox Won Game 1 of The Series with the NY Yankees, 5-2, while the NY Yankees took the nitecap 7-5. I watched the 1st game on FOX @ Professor Thom's Pub, on 2nd Ave, btwn E. 13th & 14th Sts, & posed for pics with 3 Lovely Ladies from Boston, in watching that 1st Game:

In a bar on Jamaica Avenue in Woodhaven, 4 blocks below my house, on Friday Night, a non-animated Conversation, with a Legitimate Yankees Fan, who is no bandwagoner, took place;

He'd rather see his team make trades & develop their own players, rather than go out & sign everyone for huge salaries;

There was a candid admission about Mr Jason Giambi's repeated Contraction & Expansion, in that known Steroiders, now use Human Growth Hormone & Testosterone, because there's no urine test for those drugs;

He's not fond of Bandwagon Jumpers, who'll be gone when this Postseason streak comes to an end. I estimated a huge drop in attendance, when it does come to pass;

Even @ Fenway Park, the sellouts will end & those Self-Proclaimed Mets Fans(1986 Variety, many of whom are Bandwagon-Jumper Yankees Fans), who question the wearing of a Red Sox Cap, will be gone;

& The NY Mets are acting stupid, letting things go in PNC Park-Pittsburgh, by dropping one from the Bullpen, 3-2, with Magic # still at 1;

An Interesting Weekend, Indeed!



PS: & Tim is STILL a Braying Blohard Of a Baboon(Tip Of Cap To Bob McFinnan For That).

Friday, September 15, 2006

"& Then There Was 1"

With The Phillies losing to the Braves, the NY Mets are poised to become the 1st Team in MLB to clinch a title in this long season:

Pedro Martinez will take the mound in Pittsburgh's PNC Park, tonight;

May he be the Historic Victor tonight;

Meanwhile, in DFBronx, Red Sox Yankees, @ 7:05PM.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

"The Dumb Things Tim Will Say-OMG, FOX Saturday Baseball Is Back-Please, No"

Tim Mc Carver will babble on like a Baboon, about the following Topics:

John Lieber's Conversation about Various Red Sox Players wishing the Yankees Good Luck in the '04 World Series;

Bucky Dent's Urban Legend Homer in the 1 Game '78 Playoff, about 10X;

Derek Jeter & his Cologne;

Alex Rodriguez & how key he is;

& anything else on his mind, we'll hear it from Tim+how Dave Roberts stole 2nd Off Mariano in the '04 NL Playoffs;

Everybody buy some Tums, as you'll need it to keep from puking;



"On My Links List-An Incredible Bargain"

You'll see a button for some great Office Software for free:

It's called Open Office & works like MS Office, only free & doesn't take up so much disk space;

For Mac OS X users, from OS 10.3 & up, try Neo Office @ Neo, which comes from Open Office Code;

& you'll save between $400 & $500;

Try it;



"2 Away"

The NY Mets now have 90 Victories & Best Record in MLB:

They may clinch it Friday Night, with the Return of Pedro Martinez to the Mound, in Pitssburgh;

They look like they have life in them, with the 2 Comeback Victories over a Young,contending Marlins Team, whose Owner may not be "Wrapped Too Tightly";

& The Atlanta Braves?
Stick a fork in them:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"The Beauty Contest Of Baseball Writers"

It's called the MVP Award &, as far as I'm concerned, it's more for he who gets the most-commercial endorsements, as a product spokesman:

Alex(Pepsi Mc Bluelips)Rodriguez, is a sheer stats-padder, especially when the Yankees are way down, or way up, as he, rarely hit in key situations, but he sure could be a great Pepsi Route Driver;

Derek Jeter has a cologne, called "Driven" on the market. Are the Writers looking at who's in front of him or behind him?

David Ortiz & Jermaine Dye, have none of those endorsements & neither does Joe Mauer;

So, who'll be "Poster Boy", This Season?

"I Finally Fixed The Media Player Problem, Overnight"

In the wee hours of this morning, commonly called "Overnight", I re-downloaded Windows Media Player for Mac OS X(10.3.9), known as WMP 9, reinstalled it & put it through heavy-duty testing:

I replayed that last out of the '04 World Series & she played beautifully;

This did NOT work, with the WMP Plug-In for Apple's Quick Time Media Player &, hence, could not access MLB Replays, nor Gameday Audio.

I can now listen to Castig/Trup, via 'EEI, Rose & Mc Carthy, via WFAN & Sterling/Waldman via WCBS, all online, again(Hey, I didn't join RSN, for Nothing);

No more fiddling with the radio & all its' static;

It's my way of keeping my teams close & the enemies in The Bronx, closer.

"Reflecting On 09/11"

In this evening, I was @ Woodhaven House, on Woodhaven Blvd in Rego Park, Queens, listening to an Iron Worker, who's a Retired FDNY Firefighter:

He had come back from 14 Hours of 9/11 Ceremonies;

Many of his buddies never made it home on 09/11/01;

He was digging out a few oncluding one of the 20 Survivors;

For his efforts, he tested positive for Cancer from Asbestos;

Many more survivors are quite-ill these days from lung diseases, 5 years later;

Why did the US EPA call the area air safe?

Many good people are dying for that kind of BS Report;

The stench from burning & dead bodies, paticles of asbestos & ground stone, are all killing factors;

But most of all, people of a religious faction of Islam, miscontrued the work of the Evil One with the Will of God & misused Free Will, choosing their own selfish path.



Monday, September 11, 2006

"AT These Times Today"

8:46AM The Drums Were Beat, signifying When AA Flight 11 Hit The North Tower of The World Trade Center:

At 9:03AM, A Bell was rung, signifying when United Flight 175 Hit The South Tower of The World Trade Center;

9:59AM is when the South Tower Collapsed;

10:29AM is when the North Tower Collapsed;

& my New York City has so changed because of it;

The Tears have flowed freely, like water;

God Bless America!


Sunday, September 10, 2006

"In 'Roided PO#2 News"

HGHiamBALCO just had another shot of cortisone for his wrist:

I guess that all that Human Gorilla Hormone & Testosterone may be catching up to him, as he grows & shrinks accordingly;

Just another reason why Olympic-Style Testing is NEEDED in MLB;

#25 on DFYankees is living proof of that. Need I Say More?


Saturday, September 09, 2006

"How To Ruin A Chant of 'Let's Go Yankees'"

Just yell "Suck" after Yankees:
It works @ Shea Stadium & against that chant;

Suddenly, there's silence;
Then, I did my mock "John Sterling" version;

"Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK!"

Even Yankees Fans are derisive towards Sterling & Waldman;

So why do Yankees Fans start their chants, during a Mets Game, not even involving the "Team From The Toilet"?

They've got NOTHING to say, except to show their Ignorance, of where they are;

That's what makes me laugh about them;


"Eerie Coincidence In Red Sox Final Score & Remember That Day, This Monday"

In the Red Sox 10-9 Loss to the KC Royals, the Olde Towne Team had this eerie combo of numbers:

Boston had 9 Runs on 11 Hits & made 1 Error;

This Monday, 09/11/06;

Say a few prayers;

Light a Candle, like "The Omnipotent Q", suggests;


'The Red Sox & The Mets BOTH Had The Night OFF"

OK, it was Keyspen Energy Mets Skicap Night, so I went to Shea Stadium, for Mets & Dodgers:

Jose' Reyes was out of Gas;

David Wright erred, allowing the Dodgers 2 Unearned Runs, however he did have 2 hits, a single & double;

Shutout by some rookie with a 5ERA, not good(Mets Lose 5-0 & 2 of my home teams, score 1 run between them);

52,077 showed up. Whenver Yankee fans chanted "Lets Go Yankees", the word "Suck" followed;

I think that it's time that Mike Timlin retires, or ends up with some NL Club for another year, with Red Sox losing to KC, 10-9;

Yankees lost to Baltimore, 9-4, amidst reports that Mike Mussina, has a sore arm;

& more Boston Area Red Sox fans were at Shea, tonight. Not a good night for Mets & Sox Fans!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

"With The Red Sox Off, The Mets were ON"

& Jose' Valentin Homered, so one could hear Gary Cohen recite "It's Outta Here". for a Solo Shot, but Jose' Reyes hit a 3 Run Inside The Park Homer & The Mets creamed the LA Dodgers, 7-0

Tom Glavine won #13, in 6 1/3 Innings;

Mets are 7 Games from Clinching The East Title;

Great Year!

"Shawn Green was 6 for 8 Today"

NY Mets swept The Braves in a Doubleheader 4-1 & 8-0:

Braves are 4 Games from 1st Place Elimination & 8 Games from Post-Season Washout;

Green was traded to The Mets from AZ Diamondbacks, who have egg all over the team's face, today;

Mets to clinch by 9/11, which should remove some of the pain of the 5th Anniversary of that Day Of Infamy.

"With Larry Having Final Say"

A lot of Future disappeared:

Hanley Ramirez & Annibal Sanchez went for Josh "33 HR" Beckett, who's been no bargain;

Hanley's an NL Rookie Of The Year Candidate & Annibal just pitched a "No-No" vs the AZ Diamondbacks;

No wonder Theo went ballistic @ the Trading Deadline, as much of the future's in Miami, or wherever the Marlins will move to;

Thanks, Larry;

Now shut up!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"To That Macho-Moronic Yankee Fan In A Deli On Woodhaven Blvd On September 1st, '06"

If you ever come into my face again, you'll be spitting your teeth out of your head:

You probably work in Landscaping or "Construcshun" & need "Hooked On Phonics" in order to spell "Suck", correctly;

Your personality is a great form of Birth Control;

&, in typical form, most-likely, your favorite player is that 'Roided PO#2, GiamBALCO;

Heed these words in front of your 8 Gumbatti & even they would run like they had seen some guy, looking weak & sickly, after going through 'Roid Withdrawl;

You want to act like a Typical Macho-Moronic A-Hole Yankee Fan? What's The Matter? Won't Mommy let you go to "DFToilet" to watch your "Heroes" play? You mean you can't sit with those Idiotic "Bleacher Creatures", who you're the "Intelecshual" equivalent of? Be prepared to be treated to a Knuckle Sandwich;

Thanks! Now, get lost, Punk!

Monday, September 04, 2006

"Help Jon Lester"

Click On The Title, for The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, with link to "The Jimmy Fund":


Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Tales From Near The Red Sox Dugout @ Fenway Park & Kenmore Square"

OK, there was "Ernesto", a certain storm, which was annoying:

I got an e-mail from The Red Sox, @ 7PM Friday Evening, informing me of the switch from 7:05PM, to 1:05PM. "The Q"(Quinn The Informative & Entertaining) also e-mailed me. I thank both sources for the Time-Change Information & CBS4Boston, for Weather Information;

Plans were changed by about 6 hours & still I was excited;

Arose @ 6:22AM, ET, showered & went to the J Train @ Woodhaven Blvd;

Bought myself some soda & snacks & went onto the staion, waiting a few minutes;

Used my automated fare card, the "Metrocard" & it was rapid boarding;

What awaited me in Boston, is another story with "The Charlie Ticket";

Got to Canal Street @ 8:10AM & Walked to Fung Wah Bus @ 139 Canal Street, where my reservations were changed, so I hpped on the 8:30AM Bus, which left the stop @ 8:37 AM;

It was a 4 Borough Run, onto the New England Thruway in the East Bronx, then Westchester, then CT;

I-95 was nice, followed by I-91 & then made it into Massachusetts, hooking up with the MassPike. The return run was via MassPike, then I-84 & I-684 to I-87, taking the bus past a "Giant Toilet" in the Southwest Bronx, located @ East 157th Street & River Avenue(Thanks, Jere). The trip was delayed by 20 Minutes, when a group of Nigerian Tourists, wanted to use a rest area for a toilet call, in Northern Westchester County. One of them, who was bigger than "Big Papi", sat next to me(Ouch). Did arrive @ 139 Canal Street @ 10:15PM, from where I went to Red Sox Pub, "Professor Thom's on 2nd Ave., between E.14th & E.13th Streets.

I knew that Boston wasn't far, when we reached Worcester, the westernmost city of MBTA Commuter Rail, so I figured that it was another 25 Minutes to South Station;

On the Bus was a pleasant, soft-spoken, Southern Lass. Turned out to be Courtney from Cafe' Buon Giusto, 2nd Home of "Boston 212." @ Boston's South Station, there was a kiss by me of her hand;

Passing Fenway Park was an experience. It looked like it glistened in whatever sunlight was available. It looked more-beautiful than ever before;

I ran from South Station Bus Terminal, along the RR Platform to the Rail Link Version to the Red Line Subway;

The MBTA is finally coming into the 21st Century with Automated Fare Collection, in other words, no more tokens, so I bought my 1st "Charlie Ticket" for $2.50. The fare is $1.25 for a 1 Way Ride;

I love MBTA Signs, reading "Inbound & Outbound." It's a little confusing @ 1st, but I got used to it, & took the Red Line Sauna Special 2 stops to Park Street, where I changed to the Green Line C Train, which stops @ Kenmore Square;

Kenmore Square Station is under renovation. @ times it reminded me of Franklin Avenue Shuttle Stop in Brooklyn, except for the Street Cars. Except that the proper term is "Light Rail." I found the cars to be clean & loaded with Red Sox Fans. This is, for sure, not DFBronx. Departing Kenmore Station, seemed a bit like an obstacle course. It was even funnier when Scalpers were selling Game Tickets for BELOW Face Value;

Went around the corner from the station & took the foot bridge across MassPike, & was on Yawkey Way. Despite the gloom overhead, as Ernesto was waiting to drop his load of rain, the area was festive. I entered Fenway & bought a Pizza, & made it to my seat by the bottom of the 1st, with Toronto leading 1-0;

Not a good start, but, hey it's Fenway Park, where anything can happen. Sat through 3 Uninspired Innings where A.J. Burnett, Onetime Property of the Florida Marlins, looked like he could pitch a perfecto, though I recall his days as a stiff;

Burnett was once Property of the NY Mets(Phillips? George Costanza would make a better GM than You);

The Biggest Hand went to #60, David Murphy, making his 1st start in RF & singled in his 1st MLB At-Bat. Almost 36K Attendees gave him a thunderous ovation, in the 4th Inning. I can't remember this happening anywhere else. Only @ Fenway, I believe;

Kevin Jarvis, traded to the Sawx for a player to be named later, started in place of Cancer-Stricken Jon Lester. He didn't pitch badly, in what appeared to be a "Bleak Futures @ Fenway" Game, allowing 3 Runs(2 Earned) on 6 hits. Lenny DiNardo came in & pitched nicely, until the homer by Aaron Hill, into the Green Monster Seats; Craig Breslow then came in & gave up another run;

The Lone Run for the Red Sox, came in on a Single by Kevin Youkilis(Who would be traded if Mel Gibson were to become a Limited Partner), another Single by Mike Lowell & the rally was held to one run, when Eric Hinske, formerly of the Blue Jays, rapped into a 6-4-3 DP,which led to the run;

I have an interesting record in Fenway Park in that in Y2K, I sat in the bleachers 2x & The Sawx are 2-0. In 1997, @ the 1st Game, I was in Outfield Grandstand, Section 9 & Mo Vaughn was on the 60 Day DL, having been injured in an Interleague Game @ Shea Stadium(What else is new, Mo). It was the Knights of Columbus Trip with Ridgewood Council-Queens & Arlington Council, where I met a Yankees Fan named Jack. The game was @ 5:05PM, RemDawg Daylight Time, & viewed a 6-0 blanking of the Sox by the Tigers;

That game & visit, hooked me on Fenway Park. Now, it was a bleak '06, September, & I was in Section 16, Row 3 Seat 1, with a great view of the terrifically-renovated Fenway Park, surrounded by GREAT Fans, with Red Sox Fans from Northern New Jersey(Home to The White Trash which fills a Giant Toilet in DFBronx), PA, & VA & Secondary Red Sox Fans, who root for the NY Mets of Pedro Martinez & Tommy Glavine(Of North Billerica, MA)& Lastings Milledge(Lol);

On Yawkey Way, I ran into a Mets Fan, who told me that he can't party near his own ballpark. I know of what he's talking about, here in Queens, as Shea Stadium is surrounded by Junkyards, so I suggested that he take the 7 Train to 61st Street in Woodside, where there are a slew of Irish Pubs, in order to have a Grand Time(Hey, I know Queens, don't I!);

After the game, I was on the Big Concourse, & conversing with 4 Sweet Lasses from Arlington, MA. We discussed the game, Fenway Park, & Jack of Arlington Council, the Yankees Fan, as well as a discussion of the '86 Mets & '04 Red Sox & the linguistic differences in "Jack & Coke"(Kisses of The Hands, my favorite ritual, was carried out with them);

In 1986, the Extremely Rowdy World Champion Mets idea of Jack & Coke, was a half bottle of Jack Daniels, followed by a line or 2 of Cocaine. For the 2004 Red Sox, it was Jack Daniels mixed in Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola. Plus, no one on the '04 Club has been in the Slammer;

A dude in a Mets Jersey, told me the tale of punching out John Gotti's Ex Son In Law. I hope that he doesn't go to Howard Beach, on Cross Bay Blvd, to brag about this. In Fenway Park, it's OK though;

NONE of the remaining "Idiots" of '04, were in this game, which was sad;

Manny has a bad knee, while Papi was in the Dugout wearing a Heart Monitor & Trot & V-Tek were on the bench, along with Gabe Kapler;

Save for the pole near my seat, it was a great view of Fenway Park;

These were the MLB Parks my older & deceased relatives watched games in, like Ebbet's Field in Brooklyn;

& Kenmore Station was a bit like Prospect Park, only with Light Rail Vehicles, though with dropping $1.25 in an attended Box, it was more like Franklin Avenue, when I was a wee one in Brooklyn;

With the Charlie Ticket, Boston is moving into the 21st Century, especially @ South Station, where I got the Red Line to Park Street;

I did go to Game On Cafe in Fenway Park, for a Post-Game Beer & it was fun;

But, with the Light Rail Ride & the Game @ Fenway Park, I got a taste of Brooklyn, which I never knew, nor experienced;

Thanks, Boston & Thanks Red Sox!

& Get Well, Soon, Jon Lester, for You are MISSED;


Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Lester with Lynphoma; Papelbon's Sore-Ernesto's A Schmuck"

& I'm on my way, EARLIER than expected:

1:05PM Start @ Fenway Park, then Back to NYC;

Get Well, those Above;

"Ya Gotta Believe!"

Friday, September 01, 2006

"RSN-Wherever You Are-Ya Gotta Believe"

About this time in 1973, with their Backs against the wall, in last place in the National League East & with Yogi Berra as Manager, the New York Mets, filled with injuries, as well as having a 42 Year Old Center Fielder named Willie Howard Mays, old #24, as he was finishing out his career in New York, where he started with the New York Giants, that team began an amazing run:

Tim Mc Graw’s father, Francis Edwin Mc Graw, a Mets Reliever, coined a most-famous phrase, one which sits with me to this day;

“Ya Gotta Believe”;

Well, this is NOT the time for we fans of “The Carmine Hose” to give up hope. Adversity is what makes us great fans. It makes for fun, whereas despair makes us an unhappy, if not suicidal lot;

Our Captain, Mr Varitek, may return Sunday, as will Trot Nixon. Did I mention that Mr Dave Wallace is back as pitching coach? & David “El Papi Grande” will be back tomorrow night;

That Mets Team, in ‘73, was 82-79 & dragged the Oakland Athletics 7 games in the ‘73 World Series;

I hope, for Jon Lester’s sake, that all he has is a bad cold & nothing more;

If it’s more-serious, this season is dedicated to him & a glorious post season will follow;

It’s time for the players to give MORE of themselves, just like the ‘73 Mets did;

The time is NOW, for a run of these proportions;

It isn’t time for the fans to run to the Zakim Bridge or for the NY contingent of Red Sox Nation, to run to some high point & commit Hari-Kiri;

It’s time for all to remember Francis Edwin Mc Graw’s Adage, which rings true in every season, where “Play Ball” is heard;

“Ya Gotta Believe”;

Thanks, Tug. Those words ring true all the time;

Francis Edwin “Tug” Mc Graw (1940-2004);



"This Weekend Feels Like A 32 Year Old Movie"

There was a wonderful & sad movie, which was a story of a Pitcher & his dying Catcher, called "Bang The Drum Slowly", starring Michael Moriarty & Robert De Niro:

Both played for the fictitious team, the NY Mammoths;

Moriarty(An Emmy Award-Winner from "Law & Order") played that Pitcher, while De Niro(Mr Tribeca Film Festival Himself & Academy Award Winner for "Godfather Part 2") was the Catcher;

The Mammoths won all the marbles @ the end of the season, but the catcher died over that ensuing winter;

As I head to Fenway Park tomorrow morning, I feel like I'm headed to a live performance of this cinematic gem, with all of its' pathos;

Jon Lester, Rookie Dynamo Pitcher, was tested for Cancer, as he has enlarged lymph nodes;

Let's just pray that the enlarged nodes are as a result of a bad cold;
Get well, Jon; You have a great career ahead of you;

There's good news, in that Papi will be back, tomorrow night @ 7:05PM, for Game 3 of Red Sox-Toronto Blue Jays;

All of You, Be Well;