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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Channel 174 At 1800 EST, 01/01/09, Baseball Goes 24/7

For You Time Warner Cable-NYNJ Subscribers, Baseball's new MLB Network goes on the air:

The Don Larsen World Series Perfect Game highlights the 1st Night-Bob Wolff does the Play By Play;

BTW, Wolff works for Cablevision, and they won't have MLB Network;

Baseball 24/7 works for me;

Joyeux Annee'!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Eric Mangini:

Like Ralph Kiner Would Say;

"Gone Goodbye";

Just Like The Former Home of The NY Jets, Shea Stadium;



Monday, December 29, 2008

ULTIMATE Sucktitude

The Detroit Lions have reached the Epitome Of SUCKTITUDE:

0-16 For The Season;

Mr Eric Mangini, Alleged Savior of The Florham Park, NJ Jets, well dude, you F---ed Up BIG TIME, by pulling a "Midnight Randolph" on Chad Pennington and Brett Favre's Arm Went Kablooey;


The Epitome of SUCKTITUDE, DUDE!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

An Eric Gagne' Song From Lorne And Wally By Tom Doyle

Let's Just Say That Eric Gagne', p---ed off Red Sox Nation, A LOT, in 2007:

Click on The Title To Listen;

Ditto, Mr Eric Mangini!


Eric Mangini? You NEED To "GFY"

YOU are NOT a "Bright Light":

Did Mr Favre blow his arm out?

Why was there no Backup Plan?

Videotape THIS!


The Actual Destroyer Of The North American Soccer League Was An Australian

I'll Give You All A Clue:

Let's just say that his Network destroys the enjoyment of Major League Baseball, on Saturday Afternoons and in Post-Season;

Warner Communications was owner of The North American Soccer League's Premiere Attraction, through its' Corporation, Global Soccer INC. The Team was known as the NY Cosmos;

Through them, I got to enjoy Soccer, IMMENSELY;

But, due to the Machinations of a Mr K.Rupert Murdoch(Yes, he who controls News Corporation, an outfit which has seen fit to unleash the Duo of Buck and Mc Carver on an unsuspecting Baseball Audience-Ugh), by trying for a Hostile Takeover of Warner Communications, The Erteguns and Steve Ross, were forced to cease control of the Cosmos, by selling the Club to Soccer Star Georgio Chinaglia, who did NOT have the means to run this club. The Cosmos went defunct as did the N A S L;

Luckily, Rupert did not get his hands on Manchester United. Unfortunately, we have your network, hoisting Bad Arse Sports Coverage on us;

Click on the Title and Read!



Shea Is Almost Gone

I've just seen some Shea Stadium Dismantling Pictures, and the Following Levels of The Stadium are, as Ralph Kiner would've put it, "Gone, Goodbye":

Gone are Field Level, Loge, Press Level and Mezzanine. And now from the Old RF Corner, Upper Level is disappearing as well;

By January, it'll be a shell, and then it'll be dismantled into oblivion;

Click On The The Above Title. I realize that for those of you who have been there several times in your life, this can be a bit traumatizing.


Sunday Within The Octave Of Christmas Or Feast Of The Holy Family

There was a journey to Jerusalem for Passover. Jesus went to the Temple, questioning the Temple Priests. Mary and Joseph wondered where Jesus went, and found Him in Temple. The Christ stated that he had to be about His Father's Business:

From This Point, He grew in Wisdom;

Pax Vobis!


50 Years Have Passed Since The Greatest Game Ever Played

That Game was in Yankee Stadium I(The place that closed, recently, was the 2nd Stadium on the same site). The Baltimore Colts vs The NY Giants were really the 1st Nationally Telecast NFL Championship Game, putting the NFL on The Map:

Before the Championship Game, The NFL was followed on a Regional basis. The New England Region received NY Giants Telecasts on CBS Affiliates all over New England, especially, Boston, Hartford and Providence(This may explain why in the Boston and Providence Areas, that during Super Bowl XLII, there was still a tremendous following of NY Giants Fans vs the N E Patriots);

Bob Wolff did the Perfect Game(1956 World Series Telecast), and did the "Greatest Game Ever Played", Game Call;

The Colts are in Indianapolis, but not recognized by the NFL as the Baltimore Franchise. The NY Giants may be playing in NJ, across the Hudson River, but are still here in the area;

The NFL as we know it, was born on this day;

At Least Post Season didn't last into Mid-February;

The Coach of the Baltimore Colts, Weeb Eubank, would also win Super Bowl III, on 01/12/1969, as the AFL NY Jets, defeated the Baltimore Colts, at the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL;



Friday, December 26, 2008

The Mysterious Case Of Kaylee A Of Phoenix, AZ

We, from both Red Sox Nation in The US of A and Catholic Bloggers, have been "Had" by a Girl in AZ called Kaylee:

Click on the Title-it's very interesting reading;

My Thanks To John Quinn for researching this;



Thursday, December 25, 2008

If You're A Baseball Fan-The Game Goes 24/7 On January 1st, 2009

MLB Goes Cable and Satellite on New Years Day:

Interesting/I Love This Game of Baseball/I miss it at this time of year/EVERY MLB Team is on it/Loads of Nostalgia;



Christmas Eve Programming

Eric Cartman is ONE SICK DUDE. He read a Deranged Little Story, directed towards his Hatred of Jews, with his friend Kyle Myslansky, dying of AIDS:


Going to Canada to retrieve Ike, the Adopted Brother of Kyle was funny as a "Wizard Of Oz" Spoof, with the Wizard being the New Canadian Prime Minister, who was not Stephen Harper, but Saddam Hussein, who was captured by Canadians and put on Display in The Christmas Parade;

Now for BBC America-The BBC has no commercials on its' 3 Networks in The United Kingdom, but its' Cable Service in North America, does. Having viewed BBC 1 and BBC 2, Northern Ireland and Wales, while in Ireland in 1990, I know what I'm talking about. "Keeping Up Appearances" keeps in line with English Humor in their TV Shows. Let's just say their humor is Silly and I love it;

On EWTN, Totally Intact and Live, was The Christmas Midnight Mass, live from St Peter's Basilica in Rome, with The Celebrant, His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI;

On that Live Feed from Rome, the Satellite Uplink and Downlink, is paid for by The Knights Of Columbus . It's nice to be part of That Order for these past 30 Years;

Happy Christmas, All;

Gloria In Excelcis Deo!


The Christmas Season-It's Not Just December 25th

In fact, December 25th is The 1st Day. In The British Commonwealth, there's St Stephen's Day, in honor of The 1st Christian Martyr, then December 27th, St John The Baptist Day. On The 28th, will be Feast Of The Holy Family. On December 31st, St Sylvester I, Pope at the Time of Constantine, is that Feast. January 1st is Solemnity Of Mary, Mother Of God(Feast Of The Circumcision in The Old Calendar). In The New Calendar, January 4th Is Epiphany, and in The Old Calendar(Traditional)Epiphany is January 6th. On Sunday, January 11th, is Baptism Of Our Lord:

So, you have Time To Celebrate Christmas;

Gloria In Excelcis Deo!


All Together Now-Merry Christmas-Happy Chanukkah

Never Mind "Happy Holidays", as that is so Nonsectarian. You can say "Happy Holidays" at Anytime of The Year. A Rabbi named Jacob Maza once said to call each Holiday by its' name. So Greet People, Appropriately and Accordingly:

Rabbi Jacob Maza is The Comedian, Mr Jackie Mason, so a Happy Chanukkah to The Jewish People. To all Christians, Merry Christmas;


Gloria In Excelcis Deo;


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A Little Child Looking For Love-A Christmas Message From Rome

The Christ spent Infinite Years with His Father in Heaven. The Angels all knew Him, but when He came to Earth as a Baby, The Angels took Greater Note Of His Majestic Being That He would come to this world for the Redemption of Humanity, as All of Heaven Rejoiced at His Birth:

This was part of The Message, explained in a Homily, by His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, given at The Midnight Mass at St Peter's Basilica;

Gloria In Excelcis Deo;

Happy Christmas!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

From An Irish School's Christmas Party

Sunday, December 21, 2008

8 Nights Of Burning Lights

Chanukkah is upon us, as Jews around the world celebrate and Commemorate the Time In History when Oil For The Lamps, burned for 8 Straight Nights, on a 1 day supply of oil. It was an Amazing Miracle. It is a Festival Of Lights:

To the Uninformed, it is not Jewish Christmas, but it speaks of a Heavenly Miracle, as Hope springs eternal;


Pax Vobiscum!


Beating Up His Girlfriend

City Council Member and State Senator-Elect, Hiram Monserrate, is in hot, hot water over throwing his girlfriend, a bad beating:

Hiram also has a History in Corona, like shaking the NY Mets down over the Building of Citi Field;

Click on the title and read carefully;


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Saturday, December 20, 2008

From A Very Interesting Homily On The 4th Sunday Of Advent

The Priest who gave this Homily, was once the Chaplain of Xaverian High School on Shore Road in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn:

The Crowd at the 5PM Mass, at Holy Child Jesus, Richmond Hill, Queens, was not too large, as the cold, snowy, icy weather, had an effect on attendance;

The Priest mentioned that one of the modern day proud boasts, is that one is an ATHEIST. He even mentioned that it was heard in that Catholic Institution, called Xaverian High School;

It's in Our Media in all forms-TV, Radio, Internet, beamed to all of us;

John The Baptist, Jesus' Cousin, proclaimed the Good News Of Christ's Coming;

The Priest mentioned that we need more Prophets, TODAY;

The Good News is out there-it's our duty to spread that news;

"Start Spreading The News", as a famous crooner named Francis Albert Sinatra, would sing;

Venite Adoremus, Dominum;

Pax Vobiscum!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

2009 Is Soon & A Time Of Teaching

In 2 Weeks From Today, 2009 Begins:

Hence, in 20 Days from Today, The assessment to send me back to work after a Long Convalesense, is nearly at hand;

The Idea that when I return to work, hopefully soon, will be a busy time, indeed;

It, I hope, can be a time of teaching my Colleagues, that we should all care for and about One Another;

Pax Vobiscum!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

According To Another Angle, Mr Stanley Did Throw A Wild Pitch, Not Presumed

However, Mr Schiraldi did leave men on base up the kazoo in Game 6 Of The 1986 World Series. The Fact that Mr Wilson(William Heyward, aka Mookie)was batting from the left side of the plate, and was up for 10 Pitches, was of no help to Mr Stanley:

Now from another NBC Sports Replay, from another angle, it showed that Mr Wilson was much-closer to the plate, than 1st thought and that Gedman was a bit out of position, when Mr Stanley uncorked that Wild Pitch which tied the Game;

The Following Should NOT be forgotten;
The Starting Pitcher for The Red Sox had this Philosophy, for when the Going Gets Tough, A Blister is an Option towards Bowing Out, with the ability to b---s--t the press, later(& Congress In 2007). Let's just say that Mr Clemens, is NOT a Happy Camper;
Mr Schiraldi has a Tradition of being a Stiff at Shea Stadium;
It was a WIDE Throw, but, Mr Stanley came into a Nerve Wracking Situation;
The 1986 Mets were The Ultimate Wild Bunch of MLB. They won it all and were broken up. Calvin Schiraldi was traded for Bob Ojeda, prior to 1986. Mr Remy retired at the end of 1985 and plays a mean air guitar, though he did fall off the table in the NESN Booth, in '07;
Fenway Park has seating on The Green Monster, which didn't exist in 1986;
And Shea Stadium, Site of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, is both older than Yankee Stadium II, by 12 Years, and is being dismantled, being replaced by Citi Field;


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Monday, December 15, 2008

John The Baptist In Advent Sunday III-Gaudete Sunday

For John The Baptist was Hailing that there was One Greater Than He, who is Coming:

You see, John is the Son of Elizabeth. Elizabeth is Mary's Cousin;

Mary is Jesus' Mother;

This is One Great Story;

Pax Vobiscum!


The Great Ordeal Is Close To Conclusion

I can recall when I got sent out on Extended Sick Leave, to get well, I got well, Physically, which made for a greater feeling emotionally:

But, there's a requirement that I MUST See a Psychiatrist, before going back to work. You may feel great from attacking the root cause of your problems, but as I found with one of them, the Root Cause I treated was not my problem. Rather, he stated that it was Depression, which could be treated by Prescription Medication, which I questioned;

It's Often Forgotten that Psychiatrists are Medical Doctors, who truly look to prescribe medicine, often not recognizing that fact that one can be made well, holistically. I found out what made me ill, in the 1st Place, via Holistic Methods, such as Probiotics, Minerals, Vitamins and Enzymes, were utilized in making me well;

The Courses of Antibiotics, led to a rather Severe Case Of Candida In the Gut, which led to Depression and Other Ailments. The Candida Over Flow, caused Flatulence and Putrescence in the Bowels, and other Disorders regarding Digestion;

I'm no fan of Western Medicine, as the Practice of it, tends towards treating and suppressing symptoms, but not treating the cause;

I switched, through the help of Visiting Nurse Service, to a Psychotherapy Center in Queens. They've scheduled my Appointment for returning to work, via Psychiatrist, for the 1st Week of January;

And then, it's back to work;

Pray For Me!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our "Nouveau Retro" Look

The $50B "Ponzi" Scheme(And You Wonder Why Nellie Doubleday Laughs About Freddie, Jeffy, Sol And Co)

Fred Wilpon and Company are in Deep Doggie Doo, in the $50B "Ponzi" Scheme, possibly losing $500M in It:

Click on The Title and Read It;



Update-Schoenweis Is GONE

This is just in from $iti Field-Scott Schoenweis has been dealt to the AZ Diamondbacks for relever Connor Robertson, a Young Arm and a Good One, at least that's what Omar Minaya has said:

That Homer given up to Wes Helms, by Schoenweis, sealed the early closing of Shea Stadium, which is being dismantled;

Click on the Title and read all about it;



L'Chaim-From NJ To Staten Island-A Possible Mets Trade

This looks like something of a Baseball Story, which belongs in "The Forward":

Scott Schoenweis, a Mets Reliever who frustrated the Hearts and Minds of Mets Fans EVERYWHERE, is rumored to be going to Chicago, in exchange for the Cubs Jason Marquis;

Both Gentlemen are Jewish. Schoenweis is from Asbury Park, NJ, while Jason Marquis is from Staten Island, a Borough just West of Brooklyn;

Mazel Tov To That Possible Exchange;

Click On The Title and read about it(Thanks To Steve Keane, Native of The Same Borough, where I was Born and Raised, called Brooklyn, and Webmaster of The Kranepool Society @ );



Thursday, December 11, 2008

A "Putz" And A K-Rod-The 'Pen May Just Be Mightier Than A Sword At Citi Field

Mr JJ Putz, a Significant Reliever from The Seattle Mariners, Is Coming East, having been traded to Los Mets, for Aaron Heilman, who may end up as a Starter for Seattle:

Mr Putz is a Set-Up Man for K-Rod. Also, this was a 3 Way Deal amongst the Mets, Mariners and Indians. Endy Chavez was also traded away, as was Reliever Joe Smith;

According to reports, the Mets are not looking for a Big name starter;

Meanwhile, in Theo-Land, all seems to be quiet, save for another Japanese Pitcher being signed;


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

K-Rod's A Met-CC's A Yankee And Other Things

CC Sabathia May get The Yankees To Post-Season, but NOT past It, as his History does speak for itself. He's Been Known to s--t The Bed in That Regard. He did s--t the bed in the '07 ALCS:

But K -Rod had 62 Saves. That isn't The Mets Problem. Good Setup Pitchers are needed, and Scott Schowenweiss will not solve the problem;

Meanwhile, what Might Theo be conjuring at 4 Yawkey Way, by way of Las Vegas?


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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Latest From Vegas-Mets Close To Signing K-Rod

Click on The Title:

Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez is soon to sign with the NY Mets, improving the 'Pen;


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"Our Daily Meds" A NY Times Book Review

Imagine, inventing an Ailment to sell a drug called Detrol, for "Overactive Bladder":

The Side Effect mimics Dementia, with Loss Of Memory;

Melody Peterson, who once covered The Pharmaceutical Beat for the NY Times, has a Great Book out called "Our Daily Meds", on how the Pharmaceutical Companies create a Demand for their drugs for all kinds of Ailments;

Click on The Title Above. I was reading this Book at B & N, last evening;



The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception on December 8th

Quite-Simply, Mary The Mother Of God The Son, was Immaculate From The 1st Moment Of Her Conception, free from Original Sin:

Hence, She was Chosen by God to be The Mother Of God's Son;

A Matter Of Faith;

Pax Vobiscum!


Monday, December 08, 2008

In Red Sox Nation In The State Of New York, The Governor Has Named Me To His Cabinet Of Merriment

No, David Patterson is a Yankee Fan:

This Governor is Part-Proprietor of "Professor Thom's";

His Honor, Mr Chris Wertz, due to his Authority In Boston Red Sox Matters, as well as reporting to The President of Red Sox Nation, The Esteemed Mr Gerald Peter Remy(Known by his aficionados as "The Rem Dawg" on N E S N and on FOX), has granted me the Title of "Gregorian Knight" under the Name of Pez";

I shall explain The Title;

I've been known to say, in Clarion Voice, "Yankees SUCK". In Latin, the Phrase "Malo Yankees Sunt", means "The Yankees Are Evil". "Yankees Combihbo" is Latin for "Yankees Suck";

I also love Gregorian Chant, especially during the Traditional Latin Mass, as well as at Novus Ordo Masses, celebrated at St Agnes Church on East 43rd Street, in Midtown Manhattan. The TLM and NO Masses at St Agnes-NY, caused me to love Latin, again;

Baseball And The Faith are combined;

That I'm also a K of C Man, for 30+ Years, helps explain where the Knight Title came from;

As for The Name of Pez, there is a MLB Approved Pez Dispenser, called "Big Giant Pez", in the shape of Charlie Brown, wearing a Boston Red Sox Helmet. Since I've been known to shave my head, the nickname of Pez now comes with the Territory;

Just Some Fun in RSN-NY;



MMCCCL-News Breaking From Bailout Field-Mets to Talk To K-Rod

And to THINK back to Y2K, when Freddie wouldn't let Steve Phillips talk to A-Rod:

A report in the K. Rupert Murdoch Controlled Newspaper, The NY Post, revealed that LA Angels Of Anaheim Closer and Free Agent, Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez, with No Kabbalistic Overtones, nor Interest in Madonna, will be meeting with NY Mets GM Omar Minaya(Los Mets) and Mets COO, Jeffy Wilpon, in Las Vegas, at The Winter Meetings, this week, with Los Mets, tending a 3 Year Offer;

The Full Report is available by clicking on the Title, above;



Sunday, December 07, 2008

I DON'T Give The Dominicans A Chance In The WBC

Do You Wanna know WHY?

The Reason is a Self-Serving Kabbalist Wannabe, with the nickname of A-Rod;

Alex Rodriguez;

Madonna's Squeeze Of The Moment;

How "Fabulous" will he be(WHO TF Cares);



V-Tek May Reject Arbitration

With Bor-arse as Jason Varitek's Agent, it figures:

Click on the title and read Ken Rosenthal's Article, from;

"The Captain", it seems, wants to "Test The Waters" of Fee Agency;



December 8th-Feast Of The Immaculate Conception And An Anniversary Of Note

1st, The Anniversary Of Note:

Congress Declared War on Japan, for the Actions at Pearl Harbor, on December 7th, 1941;

The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception is a Holy Day Of Obligation, tomorrow;

In Short-You gotta Go To Mass, Tomorrow;

I know that it's not easy. Way back when, the Holy Days used to have the same schedules as Sundays did;

But, along came Vatican II and a DECLINE in Vocations;

Priests are harder to come by these days, and so are Masses;

Pax Vobiscum!

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The Man With The Camel's Hair Shirt

He preached by The Jordan River. He baptised Sinners who came to Repentance. He was the Son of Elisabeth, The Cousin of Mary, who would be the Mother of The Messiah, Jesus:

St John The Baptist came as the Last Prophet, to Proclaim The Good News that The Messiah was at hand;

Thus reported on this, the 2nd Sunday Of Advent;

Pax Vobiscum!


THIS # Is Getting WAY-Smaller

On Sunday, December 7th, 1941, The Pearl Harbor Hawaii Navel Station was attacked by Imperial Forces from The Empire Of Japan:

The Battleship USS Arizona, sits at the Bottom Of Pearl Harbor, still leaking oil;

The Veterans of that battle, are shrinking in number, on this 67th Anniversary;

Never Forget;

Pax Vobiscum!


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Never Lose THIS

"Where There Is Despair, Let There Be Hope"(From The Peace Prayer Of St Francis Of Assisi) for without Hope, Charity and Faith are NOT Possible:

A Thing To Think About and Pray Over;

Pax Vobiscum!


Monday, December 01, 2008

A "Giant" Jackarse

Someone named Plaxico Burress of the East Rutherford Giants, shot himself accidently, in the leg, in Midtown Manhattan on Friday Night:

He's a gifted football player-he's also a jackarse;



Prayers Needed

Someone Near and Dear To Me has a problem:

Let's just say that John Barleycorn has too much of his attention;

Alcoholism is a "Slow Suicide";

Pax Vobiscum!

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"Where's My Glass Of Water"

A man is walking with God one day, in the streets. They come up on a house. God is looking for a glass of water. The man knocks on the door. A Woman answers. He asks her for a glass of water. She not only offers him the glass of water, she offers him food:

30 Years later, he and the wife are established people in the community and quite-prosperous, yet there's an impending disaster and the man is crying out to God for help;

God asked him "Where's MY Glass Of Water";

This was from a Homily, delivered by a Franciscan Priest, who was the Celebrant of The Traditional Latin Rite Mass at St Agnes Church at 143 East 43rd Street(Lexinton to 3rd Avenues On The Cross), in Midtown Manhattan. It was a Homily in connection with the End Times;

I love The Traditional Latin Mass. It's The Epistle And The Gospel, followed by the Homily, then into the Credo and then The Offertory, which is much more substantial than the Offertory In The Novus Ordo Mass. There's no BAD Music(Haugen, Haas, ETC). The True Mystery Of Faith(Mysterium Fidei) is Transubstantiation. One kneels to receive Holy Communion;

Interesting note, but in The Novus Ordo Mass at St Agnes, people also receive by kneeling at the Communion Rail. Only Priests and Deacons distribute The Eucharist and there's even Gregorian Chant and some Prayers recited in Latin at the Novus Ordo Masses there;

Never Forget God-He NEVER Forgets You;

Pax Vobiscum!

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