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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beckett Was Superb, Mets Win In Extras< Yankees Continue The Suckathon & Armando Benitez STILL SUCKS, But In A Good Way

The Red Sox Won it 4-2 over Cleveland, improving to a .706 Record:

Yankees losing to Toronto, 3-2, now 8 Games under .500 @ 21-29, as they continue in a Canadian version of "Suckathon", eh;

Andy Pettite looked Clueless, allowing Aaron Hill to steal home, whilst A-Rod was scratching his Arse;

Mets win it in 12, 5-4, as The Legendary Armando Benitez, for whom the chant of "Benitez, You SUCK", walked Jose Reyes, balked him to 2nd Base & Balked him home, making it a 4-4 Tie, then allowing a moon shot by Carlos Delgado, to make it a 5-4 Mets Win over the SF Giants, now 50 Years removed from NYC, on "Barry Bonds Syringe Night" @ Shea Stadium(Lol);

Finally, Armando did right by The Mets, with 2nd Best Record in MLB, behind the Red Sox. Fortunately, Armando is w/the SF Giants & out of Harms Way in Corona. Mets are 33-17, @ .660(Sounds like a certain Radio Station Frequency for WFAN-LOL);

Might just take in Thursday Night at Shea as Red Sox & Yankmes, get set for Friday Night Square Off, as "Oblivion Week(Yankmes)" Continues;


A Yankees "Fan", "Divorces" Her Team-Just Click On This Title

Thanks to Jere, of "A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory", you'll laugh until you pee:



Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What To Expect IN NYC For Red Sox Fans This Weekend On TV From Fenway Park

As we of Red Sox Nation know, we'll be stuck with Soviet TV, I mean, YES, referred as "Al Yanquezeera", seen on FOX Owned "My9", complete with Kay The Shill, & replays of BFD's 1978 Homer, played ad nauseum:

Saturday, on "FOX Saturday Baseball", torturing us here in NYC, on WNYW Ch5 & in Boston on WFXT Ch25, in the following manner. Shots of Batter, Pitcher, Catcher & Jeter, will be the sequence of how coverage will go. Joe Buck will be a Sarcastic A--h---, & Mc Carver will provide "Jeter Jabber" until people open their windows up & shout(Like Peter Finch's Howard Beale in "Network) "Tim, SHUT UP";

Sunday will be ESPN, with HOF(& Legend In His Own Mind), Joe Morgan, annoying people with his incredible sense of SELF;

There's something WRONG here. WWOR Ch9, a One-Time Superstation, once seen Worldwide, including Ireland, was home to the NY Mets. Top Notch Play-By-Play & Analysis was provided in the 1980s' & '90s', by Tim Mc Carver. He's just Joe Buck's Comic-Baboon in the Booth these days on FOX;

There's something wrong with this picture, isn't there!


I Must Be A Rebel In The Irish Sense-God Bless America

There's The Network of My Nation, NESN, with RemDawg, DO & a Guest, Bernie Margolis from the Boston Public Library:

& There's Manny's Homer;

I did something unusual, as, for the 1st time in the history of watching the Red Sox at home, I watched an entire Red Sox Telecast on NESN;

That's right. NESN! Not ESPN, SNY, YES or FOX;

I got a real treat in that "Youk" ripped an Inside The Park Homer into the Triangle & Manny hit a liner into The Monster Seats;

No Tim Mc Carver to say something Idiotic-it was DO & RemDawg, & Wally In The Deck Chair & The DO-RemDawg Bobbleheads;

I must be a rebel, as Mike, an Irish Barman Put it-what with my Irish Blood from both North & Republic, hence my rooting for "The Olde Towne Team" in Queens;

Men & Women have died defending those Rights;

Remember them;

God Bless America;


Monday, May 28, 2007

Time To Catch NESN-SEE You Later

Fine with Me!


Trot Nixon Returns Tonight & The Yankees Begin a 6 Night Slide Into Oblivion

The Original Dirt Dog, who got his uniform dirty, Trot Nixon, is back at Fenway Park, as a Cleveland Indian:

Stand on your feet, Nation & give him a Massive Cheer;

Yankees go into a 6 Game Oblivion Week, starting in Toronto & ending in Fenway Park;

I can really hear the moans among Yankees "Fans" as it's music to my ears;


Red Sox Nation's NYC Triple Play & Memorial Day

The NY Yankees are a Washout, as they were swept by The Angels @ home in The Bronx, 4-3:

The Red Sox Swept the Hapless Texas Rangers, 6-5. They had help from Covelli Crisp on a marvelous catch, a 3 Run Homer by V-Tek. To those who bemoan the loss of Johnny Damon, he would NEVER have made Coco's Play. He might have tripped, have the ball bounce off his noggin, hit the ground & sprain his shoulder, Or cut a big gasser, but, no, he wouldn't have caught up to it;

The NY Mets are now "Kings Of New York", sweeping the Marlins, in a 6-4 Triumph. They will NOT be playing today, but will be at Shea Stadium, tomorrow;

It's Memorial Day, as a Tribute to our Veterans of All Wars & not merely a shopping day;

Say a Prayer;
Light a Candle;
Rest Up;


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yankees Fans @ Mets Games With Mets Caps

Your Ignorance Will Give You Away:

One which("Well, Obviously", as Sterling would put it)will give you away is a Chant of "Boston Sucks", a common chant of "Yankmes Fans";

More Often than not, these "'98ers" were '86 Mets Fans;

The Chant of "Gay-Rod...Jeter's BF", will go over your heads;

& your appearances are going to be more common;

& you wonder why I hate going to Shea Stadium;


Mets "Home Games" In South Florida

For the last 2 nights, the Mets have won against the Florida Marlins, as Dolphins Stadium is like Shea Stadium, full of Mets Jerseys, massive chants of "Let's Go Mets" & the Bats are coming alive, especially Carlos Delgado, hitting two massive homers in the Mets 7-2 Rout of the Marlins:

I knew something was missing, when the Mets were cold, as Shea was like an icebox;

Mets 3.5 Games over the Braves, who had hands full with the Red Sox & now the Phillies;

The "Yankmes" are getting clobbered on Angels Wings & are 5 Games under .500;

& the Sox are in Texas, rolling over the Rangers;


Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Clippard-ed" By Angels

It was Quick, as Tyler Clippard was facing a Healthy lineup from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California In The United States of America:

4 Innings & 3 Runs given up;

The Weather was warm & A-Slap homered in his 1st Warm Weather Game;

The Yankees got creamed 10-6;

& Yankees fans left by the 7th Inning, wondering just what Paulie Walnuts would do, as they fled for the safety of NJ;

The "Mos noligible Fanz In The Werld", don't really exist, do they!


Friday, May 25, 2007

Joe Morgan-ESPN Legend In His Own Mind

Click on Title:

The NY Post's Phil Mushnick, in "Equal Time", lambastes Joe Morgan, for his true LACK of Sense;



Roger Clemens Is NOT Ready For Prime Time

In fact, he looks a bit slimmed down:

No real power on anything, was wild & threw over 100 pitches vs Red Sox AA Farm Team, the Portland Sea Dogs, & was the LOSING Pitcher;

According to ESPN "Baseball Tonight" Analyst, John Kruk, a 1 Time Slugger for the Phillies, Roger is NOT ready to face MAJOR League Hitters, as he's got little in the tank for Minor League ones;

How long before he gets up to the big club & BURNS OUT there?


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Malo Yankees Est" In Gregorian Chant Worked Like A Prayer Last Night

As you may have noticed, Gregorian Chant is the Music of this blog. I know that it's unusual for a Baseball Blog, where the LINGUA FRANCA can get a little rough(Especially when Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez or Tim Mc Carver, is my Subject/Target), but the Music is soothing & prayerful:

During last night's Red Sox-Yankees Game on MY9, a FOX Channel, I chanted a Gregorian Piece, 1st tested in Fenway Park, this past Sunday. It went like this;

"Malo Yankees Est, Malo Yankees Est, Sed Libera Nos A Malo";

As my Latin Mass in Queens is full of Intelligentia & Red Sox Fans to boot, we're used to Gregorian Chant;

Loosely translated into my Lingua Franca(East NY Brooklynese), the Latin Chant means "Yankees Suck, Yankees Suck, Save Us from Steinbrenner". The Actual Translation from Latin is "The Yankees Are Evil...But Deliver Us From Evil";

OK, "Sed Libera Nos A Malo" is from the "Pater Noster" or "Our Father" in Latin. One learns a lot at a Traditional Latin Mass. The Latin, in Gregorian Chant, certainly sounds prayerful & peaceful, as opposed to the Lingua Franca version;

I chanted the Gregorian Version(Or Yankgorian Version), as the Yankees were vanquished 7-3. With Yankees Fans fleeing Yankee Stadium, like roaches, thoughts of "What would Tony, Paulie Walnuts & Uncle Junior Do, in this Situation", filled their minds;

& you wonder why I love The Red Sox & the Traditional Latin Mass-it brings out creativity;

Deo Gratias;

Pax Vobiscum;


"A-Rod Slaps Balls, Or Grabs Them If They're Someone Else's"

As the Yankees were sent home without a victory or supper, 7-3, Alex(is) Rodriguez went to grab Sox 2nd Sacker Dustin Pedroia's crown jewels, to break up a double play:

A-Slap Mc Bluelips must practice his utter gayness, thinking that he'll land on "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy", only to get turned down;

The weather was warm, hence no "A-Bombs" by "A-Fraud";

Julian Taveras was the Winning Pitcher, while Moose Mussina took the loss, giving up 2 homers, one to "Los Dobles" Lowell & one to Big Manny;

Red Sox now 10 1/2 Games up on the "Yankmes";

& Alex(is)should keep his(her)hands to him(her)self, that jerk.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

& One Wonders Why The Sound Is Turned Off During "FOX Saturday Baseball"

This is one of those "Tim Mc Carver" Classics:

"The Carousel Continues here @ Shea Park. It's Like a Park";

Just what, praytell, is Tim Talking About;

Carlos Delgado made the score 7-2 Mets over the Yankees with a Double;


That oversized MONSTROSITY, with an Upper Level so high, that one could be on a 1st Name Basis with pilots on approach to La Guardia Airport, is a PARK?

Can I go on rides there?

This I found funny in a toilet on the "Big Concourse" in Fenway Park. There was In Stadium Advertizing for a hand sanitizer, with a STADIUM for a backdrop. The Stadium pictured, had Upper Level Red Seats, Green Mezzanine Seats, Skyboxes on Press Level, Blue Loge Seats & Orange Field Boxes. The Place was used for Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, which, mercifully, was not on FOX;

Would Tim like to be strung by his knees from the top of that Monster of a scoreboard? I think that he'd call it a STADIUM in a hurry;

Or is Shea Stadium @ 126th Street & Lansdowne Street, next to Game On Cafe, in Brooklyn?


It's part inspiration from "Fire Joe Morgan", part inspiration from sitting in Fenway Park, & from personal experience from sitting in the Upper Level of Shea STADIUM, which isn't any "Walk In The Park";


Fenway Fotos In Rain & Triumph, From My Cell Phone

Francessa? You're FAT! Now SHUT UP

Acting Like An A--h--- on a National Radio Show on WFAN, in Typical Yankee Fan Bravado, there was no thoughtful analysis:

But, there was mention of Orthotics for the Bone Spur of Jason GiamBLOWCO;

Jason looked Heavier than at the beginning of Yankees-Mets;

& you wonder why I'm not really a fan of "The FAN";


A ? I Must Ask

Why Do Yankees Fans INSIST on The YES Network Feed, BUT NO SOUND?

I guess that they're the people who love the sound of 1 hand, clapping;



Wakey Had Nothing In His Tank

Giving up a Homer to Cold Weather A-Fraud & Blow/Juicehead, the GiamBALCO/GiamBLOWCO, in Yankees 6-2 Victory:

Gotta be at Professor Thom's For "Kayreoke";


My Sox Ticket For 8/31/07 Arrived, Quickly

Box Seat, in the area of Outfield Grandstand Section 4, arrived, but I hope to be @ Fenway Before That:

I can't get enough of Fenway Park;

It's The Ebbets' Field, I never Knew;


I Wish That It Would Warm Up In NYC

That way, "A-Faker" would get cold again:

He's Hot, ONLY in these circumstances;


Monday, May 21, 2007

Fenway Park, Red Sox Triumph & A Rain Delay

Don't always trust 3 Day Forecasts:

I checked with WBZ TV's Website & they said clearing & a chance of showers;

I got to Fenway, early, after a 3:41 Ride from Chinatown-NYC to South Station;

I took my usual Red Line to Park Street, to grab the Green Line to Kenmore;

It was humid in the stations, which is why it felt so good when I got to Kenmore;

I crossed the foot bridge over Mass Pike, & started my walk to the Ticket Office, to the "Will Call" Window,showed my myriad documents, got my ticket & walked into Fenway Park @ corner of Ipswich & Van Ness Streets;

It was Pre-Game Festivity Time, as I bought a Fenway Frank & a Large Diet Coke. Both settled my hunger pangs;

In 4 Prior Visits, I had a marvelous time at Fenway Park. This was the Best Time Of all of them;

Tim Hudson of the Braves(Used to be with Oakland), got clocked for 4 Runs, as Fenway was Electric & Papi doubled, but Youkilis was 'The Star", as he doubled & Homered;

Kason Gabbard was the Sox Pitcher of Record-he did NOT disappoint me & left to a Roaring Ovation;

Manny really plays that wall in Fenway, quite-well, holding someone to a single;

It was a 2:30 Rain Delay. It was also Connecticut Day in Fenway Park;

I was NOT angry over it, as I stayed for a 6-3 Victory, with Paps in to save it, though I thought that he might've gotten a case of the "Yips" by allowing a run in the 9th Inning. Okajima(Darkman), was brilliant in the 8th Inning;

I was Uniquely-Seated In a top row of OF Grandstand 3, sitting in a Folding Chair In Wheelchair Seating & had good legroom;

"Sweet Caroline" never sounded sweeter than in Fenway Park. Ditto, The Victory Songs of "Dirty Water" & "Tessie";

I also watched Mets Yankees from Game On Cafe, inside Fenway Park. At least I wasn't watching with a bunch of Yankees Fans at some bar in Queens;

Fenway Park caused me to realize that Shea Stadium is such a barren place, which needs to be replaced;


Saturday, May 19, 2007

76% Of The Country Will See

Yankees Mets, @ 3:55PM @ Shea Stadium, on FOX:

When do you start the "Jeter Jabber", Tim?

When is the 1st DUMB Comment?


1/4 Of The Season

Red Sox 28/12:
NY Mets 27/14;
NY Yankees 18/22;

Only Time Will Tell, but the Red Sox & NY Mets are wonderfully hot, with a proper mix of vets & kids;

The Yankees, meanwhile, have a barren farm system & a $200M Payroll. Do I see a Fire Sale?

See you around the End Of June;

I think that the Yankees are doing a "1965";



Friday, May 18, 2007

'The Raging 'Roid Boy Strikes Out-Put It In The Books"

The Yankees are 10 Games BELOW The Red Sox, as the NY Mets defeated the Yankees @ Shea Stadium, 3-2, on an Endy Chavez 2 Run Homer in the 5th Inning:

Mr April, "A-Fraud" was 0-4. The Game ended when Mets Closer, Billy Wagner, struck out the Very-Large, 'Roided, PO#2 Jason Giambi;

Oliver Perez was the Winner;

Andy Pettite=LOSER;

Amazingly, this was a cold night & A-Rod went NOWHERE. Then, again, it's MAY;

As Howie Rose, on the WFAN Mets Radio Network, said it tonight;

"Put It In The Books!"



Tonight's Atlanta-Red Sox Game

Due to Heavy Rain, is pp'd:

Day Night DH @ Fenway at 1:05PM & 2nd Game at 7:05PM;

Sunday's 2:05PM Contest is NOT affected, though it'll be cool with a chance of showers;

Update for now, as taken from WBZ TV;

Click on Title for more info;



Little Known Things To Take Place in Subway Series I-'07 @ Shea Stadium

1st "Bleacher Creature" Ejected-8:03PM, ET(Was on 12th Beer & Yelled the Usual Expletives, none of which he can spell):

1st Chant of "Gay-Rod...Jeter's BF" will be at 7:22PM ET-By Special Hookup with NESN, Red Sox Fans join the Mets Fans in this derision;

6th Inning-Via NESN Hookup on Diamondvision, both Mets & Red Sox Fans do a joint version chant of "Yankees Suck", around 9:15PM, ET;

1st Punch is 7:17PM, when Yankees Fan, takes issue with the chant of "Yankees Suck" & tries to get out of trouble by saying that he's an '86 Mets Fan, who lost a bet with his GF;

1st Dumb Comment is on Saturday @ 3:56PM, ET, when Tim Mc Carver opens with something about Derek Jeter;

Like I'm going to miss ANY of This S---?

Fenway, Sunday, here I come!


Anti-Yankees Chant-Gregorian Style

"Malo Yankees Est":

Translated from the Latin, as any aficionado of the Traditional Latin Mass, would know, it means "Yankees are evil";

Translated loosely into my Native East NY Brooklynese, it means this;

"Yankees SUCK";

May either the Gregorian Chant Version, or The Brooklyn Version, be chanted loudly in both Fenway Park & Shea Stadium, over this Weekend;

I want to hear ye(Boston);
I wanna hear ya(Queens);


The Quintuple

Red Sox Swept Both ends of Twin Bill from Detroit 2-1 & 4-2:

Mets defeated Chicago Cubs, Mothers' Day Red Sox-Style 6-5;

Yankees lost to The Chisox 4-1;

& I scored an Outfield Box Seat for August 31st, when the Orioles Face The Red Sox @ Fenway Park, in a 7:05PM Match-Up;

Nice Day of Baseball, even if the Weather Sucks in Kenmore Square-Boston & Corona, Queens, TONIGHT;


Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Triple Victory For My Side

Julian Tarvarez hurled a Marvelous 2-1 Vitory with Red Sox Beating the Detroit Tigers this Afternoon in the 1st Game of a Day-Night Twin Bill;

NY Mets were down 4-0 to the Chicago Cubs, but came back to win it 6-5, taking 3/4 from the Cubbies;
Red Sox Lead the NY Yankees by 8.5 Games;
NY Mets lead the Atlanta Braves by 2 Games;

& I landed an Outfield Box Seat for Friday, 083107, when the Sox meet the Orioles, making it part of my new 2 Games at Fenway per season regimen, making this a Triple Victory;

Yankees Play Tonight in Chicago;




The Guy is Joey Buttafuocco, while the Gal is Amy Fisher. I can just imagine the FOX Cameras catching them canoodling on camera, during postseason;

I already know that Joey is a Yankees Fan;

What is it that The Yankees always attract the Biggest Whack Jobs as fans?

Then Again, Red Sox Nation & Mets Fans, repeat after me;


& now, in Latin, to be sung in Gregorian Chant;

"Malo Yankees Est";



Forecast This Weekend For Braves-Red Sox Series @ Fenway Park

Rain for Next 2 Days, then P'tly Cloudy & Cool on Sunday, temperatures from Upper 60s' to mid 70s' with low around 40F. Check with Weather Channel & NBC Weather Plus for updates, as well as WBZ TV's Site:

Enjoy The Weekend;


Forecast for Subway Series @ Shea Stadium-Rain Tomorrow Night

Click on the NBC Weather Plus Link. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

For Mets Fans @ Braves-Red Sox Series @ Fenway Park, This Weekend

This means that only REAL Mets Fans will be there:

Join Red Sox Nation in MANY Rhythmic Claps during the game;

Tell Chipper Jones just how much you DESPISE Him;

Tell Renteria just how much he SUCKS;

Have a Grand Time;

"Let's Go Red Sox!"


My Annual Warning About The Subway Series In Corona, Queens

The MOST-HIDEOUSLY OBNOXIOUS Fans in Baseball will be on a 3 Day Pass from "The Toilet", & be drunk by the TOP of The 1st Inning, beginning @ 7:05PM on Friday, May 18th:

I do NOT speak Affectionately about those Yankees Denizens of the RF Bleachers, called "Bleacher Creatures." They will look to engage you in fights, call you couch names which are completely unprintable & just be a--h---s in General;

Those attending in Red Sox or Mets Gear-Don't Say I did NOT warn you;

Here is a CLARION CRY from Red Sox Nation-All Regions;



"No, Please, Say It Ain't So, Tito"

Tarvarez Starts Tonight @ 7:05PM, @ Fenway against Maroth, in SOX vs Tigers on NESN:

I just want to BARF, since Julian is pitching;

Sort of like a Highly-Paid Mike Pelfrey;

No, Please, NO!


1999-The Splendid Splinter In The Twilight

It was a June, 1999 Evening, June 12th, a Friday & The Red Sox were to meet the Mets @ Shea Stadium. It was a 7:10PM Start @ The Site Of Game 6 of The 1986 World Series. It was a Night To Remember, as the Great & Grand "Splendid Splinter", Ted Williams, was to be Jointly-Honoured in NYC by the Red Sox & Mets:

Ted Williams Honoured In NYC-Irony Of Ironies;

It was NOT In The Bronx, but in Queens, in Corona, @ a venue, which is both Aging & becoming a Red Sox Refugee Center for Red Sox Fans in The Boston Area, who can't score tickets @ Fenway Park. The NY Mets Employees & Mets Fans are most cordial to Red Sox Nation. Outside of Mets Caps, the most-commonly worn caps in Shea Stadium, are Boston Red Sox Caps;

My words to MTA-NYC Transit Authority;
Yankee Stadium is NOT the ONLY Baseball Stadium in NYC. The #7 Line is a part of NY Mets Folklore, especially the Local from 74th Street, a Transfer from E, F, & R Subways. Not all travellers to Shea Stadium, live in Manhattan & ride the Express;

I arrived at 7:15PM, a little late, as Local Service was sporadic, but I did get to see Ted Williams. He was speaking from a Golf Cart. He spoke of thanking Both Mets & Red Sox Fans & of Both Ball Clubs & saved a Special Tribute for the US Marines, who were plentiful @ Shea, as Ted was a Marine Fighter Pilot in Korea;

"The Splendid Splinter" couldn't stand up anymore, but it was grand to see him;

& Johnny "Load 'Em Up" Franco, blew the Mets Lead & The Game. I think that Trot Nixon doubled to win it & Franco also walked the bases full. Mets Fans made no bones about it, with their cry of "Franco, You SUCK";

& "The Splendid Splinter" Tipped His Golf Cap;


The Knuckler Did NOT Flutter & Maine Was Even Flatter

When Wakey's Knuckler doesn't dance, it's time to weep, moan & gnash one's teeth, as the Detroit Tigers mauled the Red Sox, 7-2 @ another Sellout in Fenway Park;

To the Southwest @ Shea Stadium, where people from MA, RI & NH are going while Fenway is sold out, "The Maine" was sunk, as John Maine faltered & the Mets were clobbered by the Cubs, 10-1;

The Yankees & Chisox in Chicago, were rained out;

It was just one of those nights;

We all have them;


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blog Coverage From Fenway Park This Sunday

Includes 1st few innings & wrap up. The Palm T/X will be my device of Choice, along with my Moto RAZR V3. Pics to come the next day, Enjoy:


A Roll Of The "Dice K" Was Grand, Indeed

It was a complete Game with The Red Sox smashing the Defending American League Champion Detroit Tigers, 7-1 & Daisuke Matsuzaka was brilliant in his mastery(Control);

The Roll of The Dice, means that in the Game I have on this Sunday at Fenway, "The Dice-K" is the starter, against the Atlanta Braves;

Monday is a Recovery Day for me, with the Sox in The Bronx;


Monday, May 14, 2007

Sunday-Penn Station To South Staion To Park Street To Kenmore & Back Again

Hey, even I need a break from ESPN, FOX & Whatever, So it's off to Fenway Park, away from the maddening crowds, headed for Shea Stadium for Mets-Yankees;

I promised that this would be a different kind of Baseball Season, hence only a 5 Game Mets Package;

I think that from this year forward, It'll be a couple of pilgrimages to Fenway Park, every year;

Shea Stadium whets the Appetite for Fenway Park, in ways that you have no idea;

Sunday can't come soon enough;


Test On Saturday-Sox On Sunday

Saturday, I take a Civil Service Test For a Higher Rank:

Sunday it's Sox-Braves in Fenway;

I'll take Monday off to recover from that Weekend;


Of Latin, English, Red Sox, Mets, & Being Delivered From The Yankees

I was at the Cemetery Chapel @ St John's Cemetery, in Middle Village, Queens @ 9:08AM yesterday, at the Traditional Latin Mass. Outside of being Mothers' Day, it was also a day of 1st Holy Communion. The Mass was also sung & there was grand participation by all, joining in Gregorian Chant & The Gloria, The Confetior, The Credo & The Pater Noster, as well as The Agnus Dei & The Kyrie:

The Mass in Latin, truly-distinguishes Itself as CATHOLIC from The Get-Go. Kneeling at Communion at an Altar Rail, says this is CATHOLIC. The Confetior in Latin, Offers Prayers To All The Saints. This Mass is set in stone, whereas there's no room for so-called "Hymns" which are more affirmations of OURSELVES, than Worship Of God;

Two Wee Lads, no doubt taught by use of "The Baltimore Catechism"(Which has NOTHING To Do With Cal Ripken Jr, BTW), received their 1st Holy Communion, in the same manner as I did, 45 Years Ago, kneeling at an Altar Rail, receiving on the tongue & NOT in one's hand, with The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass In Latin. One of those wee lads, is a Red Sox Fan, who no doubt, is waiting for The Gregorian Chant Version of The Standells' "Dirty Water", Red Sox Nation's Anthem Of Victory;

Our Musical Accompaniment, came from a Secondary School Junior, playing a Violin. She 's terrific. There's something to be said about no Communion Hymn & that is the Meditative Silence is MOST-Welcome;

Then, as Evvy said to me, about my having to usher a Novus Ordo Mass in my Home Parish, it's time "To Do Penance";

Whilst Evvy said that in jest, I went & did my duty & "My Penance"(LOL);

The poor Priest couldn't stand nor walk comfortably. Church was not crowded. One of The Ushers, Ed, stated that he was an Altar Boy & misses the Latin Mass. One of the Choir Members, Dorothea, told me that she loves singing in Gregorian Chant & not the So-Called Modern Hymns;

I'm no fan of "Ballpark Music" @ Mass, Either, hence my Preference for the Traditional Mass. In the Novus Ordo Mass, some of the More-Stately English Hymns have been tampered with. AWFUL! When words are changed around, the Sense of The Sacred, is diluted or LOST;

IMAGINE losing to the Baltimore Orioles? The Sawx couldn't fathom being shut out by the Os', who in charitable fashion, DONATED a 6-5 Victory to the Sox, thanks to Orioles Catcher Hernanadez, dropping a sure 2nd out & Manager Sam Perlazzo, changing his marvelous starter for a faltering closer, named Chris Ray, perhaps, pitching in the panicky tradition of the Mets Aaron Heilman. The Game was a Gift-Sox Fans will take it;;

The Mets were more-orderly, like a TLM, demolishing the Milwaukee Brewers, 9-1, with Ollie Perez, doing his best Koufax Imitation;

The Yankees Lost 2-1 to the Seattle Mariners. The Weather must've been warm in Seattle, as A-Rod did no damage, with Andy Pettite taking the loss;

Yesterday was a Triple,with Sox & Mets Winning & Yankees Losing;

It was a Great Sunday;

Pax Vobiscum;


Saturday, May 12, 2007

"Sup' Was NOT ON-Sorry Jeff"

You faced the Team, MINUS The Injuries & you got bit on the Arse in the 4th Inning, with Mets Winning 5-4:

Aaron? You were FINE on the Road-Treat Shea Stadium like it's the road, OK?

2:15 To play the MIL Brewers;



Thanks to Howie Rose & Tom Mc Carthy, for being the Wordsmiths, on the WFAN, Mets Radio Network;

"Put It In The Books!"

Friday, May 11, 2007

On FOX Tomorrow-NY & Boston Always Seem to Get "The Trio"

76% of the US will see Cubs @ Phillies. Will there be any more Derek Jeter Mentions, Tim?

How much "Verbal Fellatio" of Roger Clemens, will go on tomorrow?

I dreaded to ask the above questions;


To Abe Foxman-Head of the ADL-B'Nai Brith-Get Your Facts Straight Or JUST SHUT UP

May Pope Pius XII be raised to the Altar as Venerable:

That play, in 1963, "The Deputy", was written by a Soviet KGB Dupe, in an attempt to portray Pope Pius XII, as in collaboration with the Nazis;

But that doesn't SATISFY YOU;

Go say hi to your buddy, Al Sharpton, while you're at it;


"Al? Your Silence Is Deafening & Hypocritical BUT What Else Is New"

Al Sharpton is AMAZINGLY SILENT about something said on Satellite Radio about a Black Woman:

"Opie & Anthony" are on XM Satellite Radio, out of NYC. XM is a subscription service, hence not out over the regular AM & FM Waves, though the Censored portion is heard on CBS Radio's FREE-FM in NY;

Opie & Anthony had a caller called "Homeless Charlie", who called in to this Duo, talking about raping a certain Black Woman, & This Idiotic Duo joined in egging on about holding her down;

The Lady In Question is US Secretary Of State, Condelezza Rice;


Raping a GOV'T Official, is an INVITATION to SILENCE?

& YOU, AL, are soooooooooooooooo SILENT;

May Bernie Mc Guirk, do a MAJOR # on you FAT HEAD, TONIGHT on "Hannity & Colmes", on FOX News Channel;


It was A NICE, Relaxing Game In Toronto, Last Night

No, I was in Professor Thom's on 2nd Avenue Last Night, as Wakey's Knuckler Fluttered, & "Los Dobles", Mike Lowell homered, as the Red Sox Coasted to an 8-0 Victory over the Toronto Blue Jays in Rogers Centre in Toronto:

Doc Halliday had nothing in his tank while pitching for the 'Jays, not even enough to let out a good belch;

The Yankees got blown out by The Texas Rangers, 14-2, as Chien Ming Wang pitched his perfect game, as far as Red Sox Nation goes, getting blown out;

Meanwhile, it's time for the "Roger Rocket Injury Game". Guess when Roger will have a blister(Bwahahaha);


Thursday, May 10, 2007

From We of Red Sox Nation-NYC To Our Bretheran In The Boston Area

We may NOT live close to Fenway Park, but it does NOT lessen our love of all things SOX:

We view NESN via Satellite(DirecTV)in our pubs;

I was in a place where Theo Epstein did a guest bartender appearance(The Hairy Monk @ East 25th Street & 3rd Avenue, in Murray Hill, Manhattan) on St Patrick's Day, '06, with a business associate. A Woman from Boston inquired as whether or not I was an Infiltrator of The Nation;

As We'd say in BROOKLYN-"Dem Woids is WAR". We may actually be the CRAZIEST Part of Red Sox Nation, as we tend to live in Brooklyn, Queens & Manhattan, as well as Hoboken, NJ, Birthplace of Ol' Blue Eyes Himself. Shea Stadium, home of our Gracious National League Hosts, the Mets, is our Home In Exile, where many an intelligent exchange of Baseball Talk takes place. Mets Fans showed great interest in Jon Lester's Condition & felt that Big Papi was robbed of '05 MVP, because of "A-Jerk's" Status as a Product Spokesman;

Shea Stadium does whet our appetites for the World Of Fenway Park, as we desire to be with our Boston Bretheren. Paul Lo Duca may be OK, but he doesn't replace V-Tek;

We must be crazy to wear a Red B in this town, but we do KNOW our Baseball. For we who were born in Brooklyn in 1955 & were to young to remember, the BROOKLYN Dodgers defeated the NY Yankees in a 7 Game WS. '04's Grand Triumph, was our 1955. The 1986 Mets, an Incredibly-Talented Bunch, are an Aberration, as Coke was the Fuel & it was NOT sipped from bottles;

We're SOX Fans from different circumstances, but NYC being so diverse, I guess it's this City's Tolerance of us, as the Red Sox Pubs do the Best Business in this town;


Mike, A Certain BROOKLYN Native, now in Queens

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

On Henry David Thoreau & "Walden Pond"

He sought to live a simpler life, hence a retreat:

To him, a blackberry was a fruit to be savoured, not a device to send e-mail from;

His idea of a sidekick, was either a live friend, or a cup of hot cocoa, not an internet phone;

Red Socks were worn on the feet;

& Yankees were a derogatory term;

Considering that Walden Pond was in MA, Yankees today is still an unkindly term for Americans;

Hence, "YANKEES SUCK" was true then & even truer today;

Got that, ROGER?


PS; Even the Verizon Wireless Guy, couldn't find a signal there;



The next correspondances you all receive from me, will be via Google's Intuitive & Fun e-mail service, called G Mail:

I use it from my Moto RAZR V3, my Palm T/X & my desktop. It is useful and unobtrusive & will open a Microsoft Word Document, even on my RAZR. It makes my phone as useful as a Blackberry, without the cost of a new phone, which is cool;

NOW, THAT's Useful;


"Rudy, The Lord Of The 4 Rings"

& they're 4 World Series Championships of the NY Yankees:

Rudy Giuliani, a certain "America's Mayor" has them;

You see, he didn't get backrubs from Roger;

He does own some Yankees Hardware, among other things;

Click on the title, as it's an Intriguing Story of how even "Eliot Ness", let his love of The Yankees, corrupt even him;



Tuesday, May 08, 2007

As To Why Roger Returned to The Yankees?

He hated leaving Andy & Derek's Behind:


From Late Show With David Letterman

You all heard about Roger Clemens re-signing with The Yankees:

He'll get $18.5M, be able to pitch when he wants to & have all of October Off;



How To Drive A Yankees Fan Crazy




Monday, May 07, 2007

Why Roger Always Meets Up With Andy

Click on the title above:

It's about Clemens & 'Roid-Rage;

Interesting Reading;


An Oldie But A Goodie

"Top 10 Signs N Y Yankees Fans Are Out Of Control"
#10: Holding a moment of silence for Bleacher Creatures, ejected during 6th Inning of Yankees-Devil Rays;
#9: Moment of sillent prayer for "Uncle Junior" on "The Sopranos", upon news of his having been "Whacked" by Vito;
#8:Fans now throw garbage at Babe Ruth Monument after finding out that he once pitched for the Boston Red Sox;
#7: 20 drunken male yankee fans, peeing on a cop's shoes, telling him that it's raining;
#6: Creatures booing Pope Benedict XVI, for not wearing a Yankee cap during Papal Mass @ The Stadium;
#5: 10/1 ratio of yankee fans to 1 Mets fan is called a fair fight;
#4::25/1 yankee fans to 1 Red Sox fan is a fair fight;
#3:Fans coming to games, carrying syringes in honor of Roger Clemens;
#2: Bleacher Creatures snapping up new yankees edition of "Hooked On Phonics", to learn how to spell "SUCK";
#1:Idea of a tranquilizer is listening to Tim Mc Carver.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

F--- Roger Clemens

He can fart until the cows come home, but he's back in the AL, & will be hit & clobbered:

How long before he gets clobbered or pulls a muscle?

He's really welcome-like Nazis in Borough Park, Brooklyn;

Like "The Riviera", F--- Roger Clemens;

Wait! He might just like that;


Wang Really Looked Like A Descendent Of Cy Young While Jeff Weaver Was Noted For His "SUCK-CESS"

Until 1 Out In the 8th Inning, Chien Ming Wang was flirting with a Perfect Game:

That is, until Seattle 1st Baseman Brossard homered into the Handicapped 1st Row of the RF Bleachers. Then, a single was given up & Yankees Fans were sent home without the Perfect Game;

I felt some sense of the emotion of what Wang felt when that Perfecto was broken up, for, even though he's a Yankee. For you see, we have our peaks & valleys, & he crashed into his valley, when the Perfecto was broken up. I choked back a tear & so did he;

I was at a Cousin's Wedding some years back. She's a Jew, & as is the Custom, a Glass, wrapped in a towel, is broken underfoot by the groom;

I asked her Rabbi what it meant. He told me that "Everything Can Suddenly Come To An End";

& hence it did for Wang, as Yankees Fans fled to the Suburbs(What Else Is NEW), when the Perfect Bid Ended. Yankees Won 8-1;

Jeff Weaver has this formula for Success;
Team he pitches against is made up mostly of Call-Ups from AA or AAA Players;
Team is playing a Load of Guys preparing for Surgery;
Those Conditions did NOT Exist, so Jeff Weaver STILL SUCKS;

This was a "FOX" Game, & there was no sound. The Last Broadcaster to Witness a Perfect Game, the one in June, '99 by David Cone, did NOT get that 2nd Perfect Game, so he could crow about that Game, for the next 6 weeks or so. The Sound was down, so No One, where I was, could hear Tim Mc Carver, rant on & on, which was a treat to my ears;

& Jeff Weaver could hit the side of a barn. It wouldn't be the One he was aiming at, though;


Saturday, May 05, 2007

This Game on FOX Will Have A High Degree Of "SUCK-CESS"

The Game is Seattle Mariners @ NY Yankees:

3:55PM ET On FOX;

Yes, Buck & Mc Carver will Torture the ears of 54% of the FOX Markets;

BUT, the pitching will be an atrocity;

Jeff Weaver, he of an 18.26 ERA, vs Chen Ming Wang, with a 5.18 ERA, will square off;

It will NOT be a nice sight to watch;

& we'll really hear about Jeter going 0-6 last night(& perhaps for a few more games from Tim);

& since it has warmed up, A-Jerk will be rather unproductive, but having just remembered this, Jeff Weaver is only good in regards to rosters full of injuries, not high-priced talent in good health;

It's going to be a Loooooooooong Afternoon;


In The Yankees 15-11 Loss Last Night

"Senor Clutcherito", Alex Rodriguez, drove in 3 runs, for the 1st time in almost 2 weeks. He had something of a dry spell for awhile:

Meanwhile, Derek Jeter ended his 20 Game hitting streak, by going 0-6;

We ALL know who's going to dwell on that subject at 3:55PM Eastern on FOX;

FOX Sports Kyle Myslansky of "South Park, CO", has just weighed in with own thoughts;

"Om My G-D, Tim just KILLED Kenny, talking about Derek Jeter. YOU BASTARD!"

Par for the course, I will say;


That Brat in AZ Who Needs a Good Hanging

Ok, A. Burgos was pitching for the Mets, in relief of John "Remember The" Maine. Burgos gives up a long fly ball, which is something he's noted for:

In LF for The NY Mets, is Left Fielder Endy Chavez, most noted for his Game 7, '06 NLCS Catch, which turned into a Double Play;

Under MLB Rules, Interference can cause a team to lose a run & The Game, & either cause the one committing the Offence to be ejected from the Game, unless you happen to be named "Slappy Mc Bluelips"(Alex Rodriguez, or A-Jerk). If a fan interferes, that Fan is EJECTED from the Stadium & Subjected to Arrest;

Well, Endy was reaching for a fly ball, timed the jump & had the ball. A Boy reached over the fence & had his container over the fence, in the 8th Inning of Last Night's Game & shoved the container into Mr Chavez' Glove, causing Chavez to lose his balance, & nearly causing Chavez a trip to the DL. An Inside The Park 2 Run Homer was the result;

Where was Diamondbacks' Security on that one? Who does the kid think he is, Jeffrey Maier of NJ? Maier did this action, only with his glove over a fence in the '96 ALCS, stealing a homer & was feted as a celebrity on "Late Show With David Letterman" & "Late Night With Conan O'Brien", as No One from MLB noticed that the kid interfered in a MLB Playoff Game, giving the Yankees an unwarranted victory, signaling the start of the 4 World Championship Run. Maier even got a shot on NESN Pre-Game, last season;

The Kid, who put his arm over the fence, was seen on Sportsnet New York(SNY) for a few minutes, sending someone a text message from his cell phone & talking on that phone(Must've been calling his agent). Hey, A--h---, you almost caused an injury to a player;

But, justice was served when Burgos got out of the Inning & Billy Wagner saved the Game & The Mets Got the Win, 5-3;

Now for that Kid's Punishment;

Hold by the legs from Coke Bottles on top of The Green Monster for 2 Minutes. It'll scare the Dickens out of him;

Hold by ankles from Upper Level Ramp @ Shea Stadium, for 30 Seconds. He'll be so scared that he'll think twice about his actions;

Here's the Coup De Grace, or as John From East Glendale would put it, the "Coupe De Gracie". Put him in the FOX Booth with Buck & Mc Carver, as Mc Carver does his "Jeter Jabber", which should cause the kid not to want to attend a MLB Game, or even watch "FOX Saturday Baseball." The Combo of Buck's Wiseass Remarks & Tim's Jabber, complete with fumes from Tim's Hair Dye, will cause the kid to learn some lessons about his action;

The 3rd Action, called Torture, is appropriate punishment;

'Nuff Said!


Papi Does It & So Does Tim

The Knuckler Fluttered Nicely, keeping the Twins off balance:

Sox Win it 2-0, as Papi provided the margin of victory, homering in the 5th Inning;

Great Job;

Meanwhile the Yankees, they of NO PITCHING, lost 15-11 to Seattle;

All is well!


Manny Awoke From His Slumber

The Novus Ordo Hymn, says "Awake From Your Slumber":

Manny did & the Sox won 8-7, when he homered twice against Oakland;

Don't you Love it?

& despite the Yankees 3 Game Streak against a "Bush" League Team like the Texas Rangers, The Sox still hold hansomely to their lead over "The Bronx Blowheads";

Fun, isn't it;


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

On A Bizzare Night Of Baseball

In the case of The Mets, I wished that it had STORMED earlier, thus sparing me from having to go out to Shea Stadium to freeze my arse off last night, & watching a Nasty Thunderstorm & Lightning Display, which would make Fireworks Night, look chintzy by comparison:

It was the 1st Inning & Mets Starter Mike Pelfrey, a rookie who's No Seaver, started off striking out the 1st guy, hitting the next batter & walking 2, before Marlins Josh Willingham tripled in 3 runs. You could've turned your sets off right there. He threw 35 pitches in that inning. He would settle down & throw 105 pitches before removal in the 7th Inning;

David Wright Homered last night, making my 5 Pack Ticket worth something;

Aaron Heilman has NOTHING in his sinker, giving up a 2 run homer to Willingham. Perhaps, Dr Bill "Southie" Morgan is in Heilman's Future;

Mets Fans are in agreement about 1 thing-The Wilpons are definitely running a "New Ball Park Fundraiser" as prices have gone up & no real money was spent over the winter for any outstanding players. Besides, they're benefitting from a sold out Fenway Park, as a good # of people from MA & RI, showed up again @ Shea last night;

NOTHING in Baseball is a given. Even Jonathan Papelbon is human. Last night he blew a save & a 2 run lead, serving up a homer to one Travis Buck of Oakland;

Brendan Donnelly gave up a double in the 10th inning to Mike Piazza, now on the 2nd year of his "Farewell Tour of Baseball", now touring the Junior Circuit(American League), followed by a single & a loss of 5-4;

The NY Yankees Phil Hughes had a gem, with a No-Hitter into the 7th Inning;
Wouldn't you know it, his hamstring went bad on him & will be gone 4 to 6 weeks;

Ouch! A 2nd ouch was a 10-1 Yankees Drubbing of the Texas Rangers;

It rained hard last night. Last Night SUCKED;


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"May Day, Mayday, It's An Auspicious Time For #600"

Like "Kranepool" on "Kranepool Society's" Blog, predicted:

"El Duque" Hernandez would go onto the Disabled List, though I suspect that he made that comment, half in jest. Well, Orlando Hernandez is ON the DL, along with Jose' Valentin, both for 15 Days;

Chan Ho Park doesn't have enough gas in him to cut a decent one in the corner of the Mets Dugout, if you know what I mean;

Domestic Beer prices were upped by a dollar, in order to help fund "Fab Freddie's Stadium Drive", for the new park in the Shea Parking Lot. The Fans want a winner, NOW. They're not interested in "Old Timer's Day." Mets fans have NOT FORGOTTEN that prize acquisition of Steve Phillips, named STEVE TRACHSEL;

I guess that Fred & Jeff are counting on more fans from MA & RI, since Fenway Park is sold out, braying about their New England Newspaper Campaign, which "The Great Chris Wertz" of "Professor Thom's", advised me about. The 7 Train is starting to sound a little like the "T" to Fenway;

My advice to Mets Fans is "Start Drinking HEAVILY", as Mr Blutarsky would say;
& I have a ticket for tonight's farce, with Mike Pelfrey getting the ball;

On a more-positive note, The Sox are at home, facing The Oakland Athletics, perrenial slow starters, on Lansdowne Street, with fans watching the 2nd Year of "The Mike Piazza Farewell Tour";

& A-Rod is his old self, not driving anyone across the plate in over a week, as the Yankees only gather weeds from their farm system, since they were blown out over the past week, last month. I don't think that George can buy his way out of this mess. It should be an interesting "Fire Sale" in The Bronx, come the end of July. Ohhhhh, the weeping, moaning & gnashing of teeth & the Yankees Broadcasts Booths will supply about 80%(The Rest of it will be Buck & Mc Carver);

The Great "Motu Propio" allowing for ANY Latin Rite Priest to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass, may soon be released by Pope Benedict XVI(Joseph Benedict Ratzinger). There are a good # of Sox Fans at the one in Queens & the 1 in Brooklyn;
Through Georgia on "Salve Regina", Anita on "V For Victory", "Simon Peter's Blog" & Catholic Church Conservation(Cathcon), as well as "Lair Of The Catholic Caveman", those sites have been valuable in my Catholic Writings. Thanks;

Deliver Us From The Yankees;
Sed Libera Nos A Malo(Literally, Deliver Us From Evil);

Pax Vobiscum;

& to Jere, who now lives in Boston;

That is a shadowy shot of Citi Field, so for me, "Terrible Job";

& my Question to Omnipotent Q;
"Is that your Final Answer?"

& to Peter Naboichek;

To Christine E, & Laura, Julie & Kaylee;

& as always, Suldog & Mattysox;


Oh, before I forget again, Erica T & FiNY;