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Friday, September 23, 2005

Red Sox Nation-Shea Stadium Style

T'was a ball, but, not-quite. Pedro Struck Out ONLY 1 Batter in 5 Innings. He seemed a bit off. Dontrelle Willis looked not-much better, though Willis did get a hit.

I was in Section 4, Row G, Seat#12. Rows A,B, & C, were occupied by Red Sox Nation-NYC.

Met a guy, with his gal, with a "", shirt, reading "Choke-The Official Soft Drink of The Yankees", on line, in a Shea Bathroom. Met another Red Sox Duo, who mentioned just how much-bigger, Jason GiamBALCO's neck had become(Bigger Than Ever Before).

Paid $12 for the seat. Mets Bullpen was better, than if, Pedro was leading by a wide margin, only for Braeden Looper, to blow the lead, though the Mets lost 2-1, hey, I was fairly-happy.

Found a Greek-Orthodox Priest, in my row. He was seated with a 2005 Minted Mets Fan.

The Fan in question, confessed that he used to be a Yankee Fan, but since Steroids entered the question, ESPECIALLY WITH JASON GIAMBI & GARY SHEFFIELD, he could not, ETHICALLY, root for The Yankees(The Whole Franchise History, is Ethically-Challenged).

I like Ethical Rooting, ESPECIALLY when realising that a Team, In The Bronx, has NO Ethics.

@ Game's End, it was High-Fives, with The RSN-NY Crew. We High-Fived by The Willets Point-Shea Stadium #7 Train Stop.

In NYC, people do have a conscience.

When Mike Piazza Batted, he struck out. I realised that it was my LAST CHANCE, to see him. I got all GUSHY, About that moment, remembering his trade to The Mets.

Mike will be a Designated Hitter, in The AL, for a couple of more seasons.

He'll be missed @ Shea, for a long time: I shed a Tear.

Red Sox Nation-NY: Shea Stadium is your Baseball-Welcoming Place; Keep Coming, More-Often. Mets Fans WANT Your Company, realising our Common Enemy.

Anyone, ETHICALLY-CHALLENGED By The NY Yankees? Come on over; You're ALWAYS Welcome.

Friday, September 09, 2005

A Disaster

Upgraded The G3 Apple iBook, to 576 MB RAM, which made me late to watch Red Sox Yankees, on UPN 9.
Was @ "The Hairy Monk"; Oona & Ivan, were working; David Wells, was pitching, as if he was an undercover in YEP(Yankees Embed Programme), in other words, he sucked.
Let an Amica, Jennifer, know about The Purge @ Boston 212. She & I, agreed, that Dave, was the one, who really made it happen, NOT Charlie.
"Hairy Monk" was jammed; Yankees were leading; Tonight, the Red Sox, in a spirit of Donation, commited 3 errors(Millar was generous, as were Damon & Renteria).

DFYANKEES are NOT a Charity; everyone STOP DONATING to them.

If you click on the title, one can make a donation to The Red Cross/help our brother/sister Americans, in New Orleans, LA & Alabama & Mississippi, who were DEVASTATED by Hurricane Katrina.

That was a disaster of epic proportions/Pray for them.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Remy Report

Jerry Remy's informative & entertaining site. Just click the title, above.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Joy of Sox(Canada)

Great read! Why are we getting MASN instead of NESN, with the Red Sox @ Home?