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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Next on this blog-my 1st attempt @ HD, c/o filmed on my iPod Touch, 4 Gen.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Despite the snow, light @ 12:30PM, La Misa de Doce Y Media was packed in-en Woodhaven. It was as Liturgia Catolica goes, inspiring, Prayer en Espanol & Latin.
La Misa en Espanol-The Mass in Spanish-As Espanol is really updated form of Latin, those who cry about no Latin in Mass should try La Misa-Doice Y Media.
The various Latino Groups from the Carribean & Central & South America, like Mexico, demonstrate the Fe Catolica. I eas inspired to pray in Latin & Espanol.
La Misa en Espanol-The Mass in Spanish-As Espanol is really updated form of Latin, those who cry about no Latin in Mass should try La Misa-Doice Y Media.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sanitation. Workers-. Unsung. Heroes

N. Y. C is expecting between 10" to 14" of snow, hence a blizzard with winds & low visibility.
Sanitation workers are clearing the streets to keep things moving. They are just as much of an emergency service as. Police &. Fire. These people are unsung heroes in my book.
Thank them & pray for them.
The. Big. Giant. Pez. Report


On Common Cents Mobile from Sprint Prepaid, this Kyocera Loft S2300 is their high end phone, yet here on Virgin Mobile, it is the entry level social phone.

En. Espanol=. Latin

For @ 1 time when younger, the. Mass was in. Latin.
I can remember today's. Mass was in a familiar language, one formed from . Latin, called. Espanol or. Spanish. Sorry about the periods but in order to capitalize letters. I have to add periods. It is the nature of the. Kyocera s2300 on. Virgin. Mobile.
But the. Mass sounded familiar, so often. I prayed in. Latin as well as. Spanish. To those. Anglos who moan about the. Mass in. Spanish & cry about the disappearance of. Latin, that language has not disappeared, for it now takes the modern form in the form of. Espanol. And that rendition of liturgy is beautiful & stirring.
So to ye. Archie. Bunkers del mundo, stop your whining & come to this liturgy. You will think that you are back in tiempo(time).

Miguel(aka el pez)


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Up & Coming is New Year's Eve, a time when people make resolutions & drink top shelf when they never do the rest of the year.
As to what approximate date Christ was born is not known. He could have been born in September for all we know.
The Early Church designated December 25th as Christ's Birthday as the answer to The Pagan Roman Festival of The Sun God.
My travels have taken me across the East River to the NY Archdiocese where there are more celebrations of the Traditional Latin Mass+more Gregorian Chant.
Now for those who think that the current rite of The Mass is not valid, you are wrong. The Bread & Wine still becomes the Body & Blood of Christ.
The Response to The Prayer of The Faithful this morning were "Lord Hear Our Prayer, Deus Exaudinos, Senor Escucha Nos", in English, Latin & Spanish.
Adeste Fideles was sung this early morning in English, Spanish & German as 1st Hymn for the International Character of The Parish. A Great Touch!

Friday, December 24, 2010

I am at Midnight Mass @ St. Thomas Apostle in Woodhaven, Queens. There are no mobs surrounding the Parish. Protestant Christians celebrate Christmas, Today.
The Christmastide is upon us. But, in the early 19th Century, only Catholics celebrated it publicly. & they were often persecuted for it.
T-Mobile also has good prepaid text-data plans. The two companies forming the old "Ma Bell", Verizon Wireless & AT&T, are comparably too expensive.
The Virgin Mobile Brand of Sprint-Nextel is a good investment in that a lot of people are cutting back on expensive contract plans. Simplicity is the key, here.
I just like how AT&T Mobility says it "Has more bars in mote places." Like where Dude? Your smartphone data plans SUCK. & the data move slowly.
I can just watch the Newspaper Reporters jumping on the next sensational headline "Rex Farts on The 4 Train." It's what I think of this foot fetish crap.
Text-what a way to update a blog!
The Kyocera Loft is often called "The Poor Man's BlackBerry" & can be just as addicting. The phone beeps when I get e-mail. +the battery life is pretty good.
If you see a #of people using the Virgin Mobile Kyocera Loft S2300, well it works like a BlackBerry especially w/email & text messaging. Cheaper!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Android OS was developed by an Apple Engineer. It looks to be a new step in that the phone does Wi Fi as well as regular Sprint Virgin Mobile Service.
It looks like by next week, that my device of choice will be announced. I still have an eMac on OS X, but may go with Android with the Samsung Intercept.
Merry Christmas Everyonel
OMNIPOINT NETWORK was the most advanced mobile network of its' time. They were all digital when no one else was even close, except for Sprint PCS.
My 1st Mobile Phone, from Erisson, was on the OMNIPOINT Network here in NYC. The phone did Fax Mail, 2Way Texting & received news reports. No other svc had this
Funny but an American developed & patented the cell phone, yet the Europeans & Japanese are the ones showing the way with mobile devices.
On Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & on Palm, Windows Mobile & Android Devices, one doesn't have to carry a 7 LB notebook computer to work. A few OZ will do.
In many nations, unless one is on business or in school, the mobile phone is the important thing to carry. In this digital age, portability is key.
In Japan & In Europe, the mobile phone is where one gets information & entertainment. These mobile phones act as if they're computers.
What got us Yanks into Texting? Why call & use minutes when one can say something quickly! In many cases one doesn't want the world to know what one is saying.
The 3rd Largest Texting Nation is now the USA, which for the longest of time, was dead last in that department. A Younger Crowd does it frequently.
In most nations of the world, the landline phone is expensive. So are voice calls in most nations. Text & Multimedia Messaging are cheaper than voice.
As a favor to an Irish Lass, I let her text a friend on my AT&T phone because her Verizon Phone could not be used for International Texting.
The Irish are noted for texting across the Atlantic Ocean to relatives in the USA & Vice Versa. I often see this in Irish Pubs & did 1 text to Ireland.
The two most-noted text messaging countries on the planet are The Philippines & Ireland. The Filipinos once organised the ouster of a President using text mssgs
The PrePay Plans on Verizon Wireless are brutally expensive, not surprising for 1 of the 2 Companies which comprised the old "Ma Bell."
I find that CDMA, the system driving both Sprint & Verizon Wireless, are better at moving data+voice than GSM-GPRS. Never had a dropped call yet on Sprint.
What unlimited texting allows me to do is to update my blog, as well as communicate w/o having to make a call. Multimedia Messaging works the same way.
With the Samsung Intercept on Virgin Mobile, video & photo+apps foir free abound. & Android uses Flash so I can view online shows, easily.
Sprint is investing heavily in the prepay market & making that young oriented market, the next trend. I may just go with the Samsung Intercept Android Phone.
Sprint formed Common Cents Mobile which is marketed by Walmart. Boost Mobile has a $2 per day plan with unlimited minutes, text+data. Sprint investing in prepay
The Future of Mobile Phones looks to be in Non Contract Services, probably why Sprint bought both Virgin Mobile & Boost Mobile & formed a Walmart Ventute.
A BlackBerry Plan on Virgin Mobile isn't that expensive. Even MetroPCS BlackBerry is not a bad price @ $50 per month. Data plans are great on both carriers.
That it is $40 for 1200 Minutes+unlimited text & data on Virgin Mobile, says a lot about other carriers attempts at Prepay Services. No Contract is inexpensive.
On AT&T Mobility, text, multimedia messaging, email & web+voice costs "A Pretty Penny", in short rather expensive.
$40 buys a lot more on Virgin Mobile.
I have seen the Kyocera S2300 from other Virgin Mobile users here in NYC. Now I get 300 Anytime Minutes+unltd text, Multimedia messaging & e-mail & web for $25.
Well, my iPod Touch needs some fixing but I am grateful that I have my Kyocera Loft from Virgin Mobile in operation. It does give me messaging & web for $25.
@ least with Virgin Mobile, I still have contact with the rest of the world via text, email, MMS & The Web. Virgin's Price @ $25 per month is right.
While this service was out, the iPod Touch 2nd Generation 8 GB got a workout as a combo internet device & mobile phone. All those calls were free.
It has been said that Boost Mobile has better phones than Virgin Mobile. But, Virgin Mobile is mostly noted for its' Social Networking Features.
+Virgin Mobile became the 1st Pre-Pay Carrier to offer an Android Phone. The Android Phone is now rapidly outselling Apple's iPhone, w/as many useful apps.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Novus Ordo Latin Mass @ Our Lady Of Mercy Parish-Forest Hills @ 2000 Hrs on Friday, 12/31/10. A New Years Eve Party will follow @ OLM Lower Church Hall. $30.

A. Christmastime. Article

Midnight. Mass will highlight my. Christmas @. St. Thomas. Apostle in. Woodhaven. A novus ordo. Latin. Mass will top off 2011 @. Our. Lady of. Mercy in. Forest. Hills.
Happy . Christmas. Holidays!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Running Into People You Meet On Production Sets

The Gang from the recently wrapped Indie film, called "The Normals", has been a source of two reunions:
In the case of "Duxton County", an indie shot mostly in New Hampshire, but wrapping in Astoria, Queens, I would meet colleagues Andrew Lee & Mino Jones, where the three of us would portray paparazzi in that flick.
A few weeks later, Peter Bockman, his wife, Andrew Lee & I, who were in various stages of "The Normals", would be part of an indie being filmed now in Brooklyn & Nassau County called "Burning Blue", a Naval Thriller. A woman called Heather was in a scene of a short NYU film called "Bottles", & then "Burning Blue". I was in "Bottles" a few days after Heather. Both of us were in "Burning Blue".
Linda Collins & I, were Background in "Burning Blue" & then in the CBS Series for 1 episode of "Blue Bloods".
Then, a young woman called Linda, from Queens, was Background with me in "Blue Bloods". I have seen her before & she has seen me. Trouble is I am & she is trying to remember where we met.

Fun on "The Big Giant Pez Report"

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