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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Special "F--- The Riviera-NY Mets Edition"

As usual, we denizens of Professor Thom's, have a certain disdain for our former Red Sox Watering Hole. Joining them are the Recently Collapsed NY Mets, joining the '95 Angels & '64 Phillies, as Big Time Chokers:

F--- Sterling Mets, LP;

F--- Fred Wilpon;

F--- Jeff Wilpon;

F--- Sol Katz;

F--- H. Amon;

F--- Bob Wilpon;

F--- Jose' Reyes for being a Smart arse;

F--- Lastings Milledge;

F--- Jorge' Sosa;

F--- Guillermo Mota;

F--- Rickey Henderson;

F--- Scott Schowenweiss;

F--- Aaron Sele;

F--- Joe Smith;

F--- Rick Peterson;

F--- Tom Glavine(Over 300 Wins-You're NOW Toast)

F--- The Mets Ticket Office;

F--- Ollie Perez;

F--- The Mets Bullpen;

F--- Yesterday's Mets-You F---ing QUIT, You F---ing QUIT, You F---ing QUIT, You Doubly F---king QUIT, in Fact You Triply F---king QUIT, Weeks Ago;

& These Usual Suspects, from The Riviera Sports Bar, Cafe & Dive;

F--- Brennan;

F--- Kazmerzcyk;

F--- Sertell;

F--- Tabachka;

From The NY Yankees;

F--- Jeter;

F--- A-Rod;

F--- Roger Clemens;

F--- Andy Pettite;

In The Case of THOSE 4, they might actually like it;

F--- ESPN;

F--- Joe Morgan;

F--- FOX Sports, especially;

F--- Aikman;

F--- Buck;

&, lat but not least, F--- Mc Carver;

&, Naturally, F--- The Wilpons;

A Rather, Maniacally Raging Rant, Indeed!


It Has Come To This

Marlins @ Mets, Dontrelle Willis Vs Tom Glavine @ 1:10PM-ET @ Shea Stadium & @ 1:35PM-ET, Nationals @ Phillies:

Mets Win & Phillies Win, means a 1 Game Playoff, tomorrow in Philadelphia;

If Both Lose, same scenario;

Mets Lose, Phillies Win-Wait on outcome of Milwaukee San Diego to see if Padres Lose, followed by 1 Game Playoff For Wild Card. Ditto for Mets Win & Phillies Lose;

The Race Lives On;


"Bob From Boston-You're Next On WFAN"

There have been a # of calls from "The Hub", lately, to a Sports Station in Astoria, Queens:

Surprisingly, they're in Support of The NY Mets, who "The Fan" carries on the air;

Since tickets for Fenway Park, are hard to come by, the Boston & Providence Runs to Shea Stadium, are frequent, especially on the weekends. Funny, but Papelbon Jerseys, are the most commonly-worn Red Sox Jerseys @ Mets Home Games;

Well, I did pay my way to Fenway Park, 2X this Year. I was at Shea, 6x. & the Best Post-Game Celebrations on the IRT #7 Flushing-Times Square Line, this year, have been Red Sox Celebrations, as if they were on the T-Green Line, leaving Kenmore;

Interesting, as "Bob From Boston" said that "On Monday, I want to read about 2 Teams as Division Champs, The Red Sox & The NY Mets";



Bad News For Those Who'll Watch The ALCS-It's Going To Be On FOX

You KNOW What This Means:
Jeanie Zelasko's Frosted Hair, Kevin Kennedy's Mundane Analysis, Chris Meyers'In Game Interviews;
Then, The MAIN Course, with The Game being Secondary;
Joe Buck; "Well, Tim, how about some mention of The Handsome, Suave, Swashbuckling, Debonaire, Derek Jeter;
Tim Mc Carver; "Give Me Time, it's early. Like Forrest Walberg Once Said, "Catch me if you can. If you cannot catch me, you're clogging up the Basepaths";

Even if The Yankees are NOT in the ALCS, there will be tons of mentions of Derek Jeter;
Camera Shot of David Wright & Alex Rodriguez in stands, will have Tim identify David Wright as Jared Wright;

You get The Picture;


Saturday, September 29, 2007

In Search of A No Hitter-Hope is STILL There

13 Runs on 19 hits * no errors for the NY Mets. It was a no hitter for The Mets for 7 2/3 Innings, until Marlins Replacement Catcher, Paul Hoover, got an infield dribbler & John Maine came out of the game. He struck out 14, using over 100 Pitches. He was running out of Gas in the 7th Inning. I then emitted some tears over this:

Mets 13, Marlins 0;

Mets are Still in it, until at least tomorrow;

Meanwhile, I think I'll catch the Sawx vs Twins at 7:05PM;


Victory Is OURS, Red Sox Nation

While The Storm Clouds Gathered, Far Across Flushing Bay, I had left Shea Stadium for the last time this season:

By the time the Q53 Bus rolled into 74th Street & B'Way, in Elmhurst, wonderful news had flashed on my cell phone;

The Boston Red Sox defeated the Minnesota Twins 5-2;
The Baltimore Orioles defeated the NY Yankees, 10-9 in 10 Innings;
The Red Sox won the AL East Title;
The Yankees only got the Wildcard;
& I danced into the Night;


The Conversation on The IRT #7 Train After The Mets S--- The Bed

A Father & His Son were riding the 7 Train to 61st Street-Woodside(High Enough To Hang Sterling Mets-LP, in effigy, especially Freddy & Jeffy, the 2 Lead A--holes in this Tale of Woe):

The Father followed the Mets from their days in The Polo Grounds, in Upper Manhattan, into Shea Stadium. He mentioned the Bullpen Situation on how bad it became, especially after playing hardball with Darren Oliver & Chad Bradford;

My Thoughts Exactly! The Quality Went Down, by trying to run The Mets like The Expos. For once, I wasn't talking to some Idealistic College Kid, who Drinks The Mets Kool Aid. That Real-Old Time Mets Fan, also likes The Red Sox & has been to Fenway Park a few times;

I got on the Q53 Bus at 61st Street. By 74th Street & Broadway, I got absolutely great news about Games in Baltimore & Boston;


Picture & Video From "The Dump"(Shea Stadium)

I was sitting in Section 45 in Row V, @ "The Dump", officially called Shea Stadium, while watching the Mets S--- The Bed, 7-4. They made Bunny Kim, look like Cy Young, While Ollie Perez couldn't keep his head on straight:

Twice, this season, I was seated by "Pesky's Pole" in RF in Fenway Park. I could see the WHOLE Field in Fenway Park. The Place has Character & Charm. Shea Stadium has NONE of that. IT IS A DUMP, hence seated by "Pesty Pole";

@ least when a Bunch of wearers of Jeter & A-Rod Jerseys, came around to annoy everybody, there were some Classic Chants, like that Old Fenway Park Standard "Jeter Swallows" & "Gay Rod, Gay Rod, How Is Jeter." One Lassie wore the #13 A-Rod Yankees Jersey & heard this little ditty, "A-Rod's a Lesbian";

It wasn't Yankees Fans Night Either;


Friday, September 28, 2007

Fred? Jeffy? Stay TF Out of Omar's Way-You Fcucking Brain Surgeons RUINED The Season

Back in October of '06, I was an emotional wreck, suffering from lack of sleep, over-indulging, & finally, crying tears, 5 times in 3 days, @ the end of that memorable & bittersweet Season:

Jon Lester pitched on the Red Sox & was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Big Papi, Manny, & Captain V-Tek, were all down with injuries, which spelled trouble on 4 Yawkey Way. It was painful to watch all of this;

So what do you Sterling Mets-Owning Brain Surgeons come up with, after missing a World Series, which caused me Bittersweet Tears? Downgrading the Pitching Staff, to save money? Aaron Sele didn't have enough gas in him to cut one on the 7 Train, let alone any, to cut on The T to Kenmore, years ago. Aaron Sele's Price was right, as was Scott Schowenweiss' Price, which caused many a fan to have more gas, to cut one on the 7 Train. Jorge' Sosa, who was left off the Postseason Roster by La Russa, was left off because he SUCKED. I kept referring to this Team as the "Metspos", because it was put together with Spit, Glue, Gum & Scissors, a lot like the Montreal Expos. Joe Smith came at an 8th of the cost of Chad Bradford, & went down with a sore arm. Aaron Sele came at a lower cost. Quality Suffered. The likes of an Unroided Guillermo Mota, NEVER A FAVORITE of Mine, also contributed to this mess;

Spending Little & Jacking Up Prices all over Shea Stadium(THE DUMP), contributes to a pissed off fan base. I guess that the "New Ballpark Fundraiser" is paramount in Fred Wilpon's Mind, as well as Jeffy's Mind. Hey, the park looks beautiful @ over 50% completed, but most fans will have to settle for SRO or buying over Stub Hub, for a seat, in the new Upper Level Terrace;

As for Sterling Mets, LP, WHAT IS SO F---ing "Sterling" about you people?
As Fitzy from The North Shore in MA, might say to Sterling Mets, LP, it's;
"A Hearty GFY To Fred Jeff, Herm, Sol & Bob & Root, Root, Root for the Home Team & If They Don't Win, They're The Mets & You can Go F--- Yourself";


Marlins Catcher Matt Treanor Homered Off El Duque

7-3 Marlins in the 5th Inning. They're making Bunny Kim look like Cy Young. But Luis Castillo tripled and scored on a 6-3 by David Wright. 7 to 4 Marlins, end of 5:

"Folks, You can turn off your TV sets & go do something else. Good Lord!"(Thanks to Joe Buck, from "FOX Saturday Baseball" for that comment after some "Gem" from "The Master Of The Obvious", Tim Mc Carver);

This is the Final Score;


2 Run Homer by Beltran, halfway up Shea Scoreboard. 4-3 Marlins end of 3rd.

Bottom 2nd, Ollie singled home Carlos Delgado & in top 3rd, Ollie allowed a single, double and hit a batter. After 2 out, hit Cody Ross, and Hermida scored. Hit Mike Jacobs and it is Fla 4 and NY 1.

I Think The Bad Oliver is Pitching

The Marlins Dan Uggla walked & Jeremy Hermida Homered giving Fla a 2-0 lead. With 2 out, David Wright singled , but Beltran grounded 6-3. Marlins 2-0@ end of 1.

MCC-1.2K-1200th Post

I can't believe this, but, especially writing a lot, in regards to Baseball & its' On & Offbeat Sides, it has come to this:

In January, it was my 400th Post, & other topics began to be covered, including The Traditional Latin Mass & other things;

Currently, until the End of Postseason, Baseball, mostly The Red Sox, will be written here, as well as the Breaking Story of the Historic Self-Destruction of The NY Mets;

Off To Shea I go, tonight, to cover the impending Carnage, though, for once, I'd like a "Happy Recap", as Ol' Bob Murphy, would put it;

I will be Brief-Thanks, Everybody;


Sawx Go "Boof", 5-4, While Mets Lose To A DFA, Who Tito Couldn't Trust

Boof Bonser? Who TF is that? Hitting was flat but Josh was FLATTER. Last Night's 5-4 Loss to the Twins, who're Playing out the Schedule, was NO FUN, for Red Sox Faithful, around the globe(& I don't mean the NY Times Company's Boston Globe, Either):

Last Night on NESN, I heard Bob Ryan of The Boston Globe, discuss with Jackie Mc Mullen(Boston Globe), The NY Mets Historic Collapse. I can't say that I was surprised by any of this, as the Mets Bullpen Acquisitions were downgrades from Last Season(Aaron Sele? Scott Schowenweis?);

According to Manny Acta, Mgr of Washington, what was happening to Willie Randolph, was out of his hands, from the start. I believe Manny to be Right on this one, as my suspicions lead right to Fred & Jeffy Wilpon, who tied the hands of Omar Minaya, making the Mets into a version of the Montreal Expos;

The "Metspos" lost 3-0, expecting Pedro Martinez to walk on water for them to postseason. Pedro's back from Surgery. Losing to a DFY like Joel Piniero, who blew a # of Red Sox Games, this year, to cause Tito to blow a few gaskets, is a sign that there will be NO Postseason;

I can imagine what Mel Gibson must think of Freddie & Jeffy;

Funny, but the Mets have the best road record on the road in all of MLB. It's in that Dilapidated DUMP, called Shea Stadium, which is currently under-maintained & where players have come up lame, where there's a lack of wins. I guess that all those wins will have to wait for Citi Field, That Megabucks Fat Cats Dream Park you're building. Am I Right?

Back To The Red Sox-this isn't time to get careless. Am I Right? Do it right & don't p--- me off;


Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Root, Root, Root For The Home Team, If They Don't Win, They'r The Mets"

Funny, but the Mets are 47-34 on the road & have the Best Road Record of any MLB Team. Then they go back to The Dump, called Shea Stadium. With the new park beyond the CF entrance, it could be wind current changes affecting where balls land. Also, there have been injuries in the Shea Outfield. I suspect deferred maintenance is a culprit.

Jeff? A Birdie Told Me

That you have too much to say over Mets team Baseball Operations. Do Mets Fans a favor & get out of Omar's Way, you twerp. Mike-RSN-NYC-QUEENS.

Piniero Vs Pedro Martinez with Cards @ Mets, 7:10PM @ The DUMP

This is what happens when owners decide what is cost-effective:

They tie a Dynamic General Manager's Hands;

The Really Effective Pitcher is too-expensive, so they go with a raw talent @ a Quarter of the cost & the kid burns out, halfway through the season;

All revenues are being put into a New Ballpark, 10 Feet from the Centerfield Entrance, @ a capacity, much-smaller than the current facility, which is looking like a Dump;

Joe Smith(His Real Name)came into the Game & S--- the bed, getting the loss, with the rest of the 'pen on burnout;

I had this gnawing feeling back in January, when the Mets developed a case of Constipation. Somewhere, in my mind was Jeff Wilpon has his hands in this;

I guess that a Championship is NOT good enough for Shea Stadium(The Dump), as it must be held over for Citi Field;

Pedro Martinez will try to save the day, tonight;

Funny, but when there was that Power display early on, I was hoping to feel grand. I was to make my Moose Legion Degree & did;

Came out & Mets Pitching came apart, with score now 7-6. Final was Washington 9-6 over The Mets;

As far as Postseason Plans, I'll be watching The Red Sox, by & large. I don't see the Mets in this Picture. I hope I'm wrong;


M#2 With 4 To Play In Honor of #2-The RemDawg

11-6 Red Sox, with Timlin getting The Victory & The Bats Came Alive, saving a Jon Lester Performance(Remy Wore #2, so M#2 Is A RemDawg Night);

Some Oakland Guy Named Mike Piazza, homered;

Tonight, @ Professor Thom's, I Hope it's a Clinching Party, as The Twins have no "Metro DUMPdome" to fall back on;

Unfortunately, The Yankmes, are in the Postseason Picture;

There's only an AL East Race for 1st Place, which should be Wrapped up by Tonight or tomorrow;

All the Confusion is in the NL;


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Guarana Can Cause One Incredible Rush & Crash

The Seed from the Guarana Plant, in Brazil, has 3 times the caffeine of a coffee bean:

I had a bottle of Dasai Strawberry & Kiwi, which is laced with B vitamins. It also contains Guarana. It also made me intensely-nervous & sweaty;

When I crashed, I had trouble keeping my eyes open. This is only from drinking 6 Ounces. It was like a certain Baseball team, crashing after a 3-0 Lead in the ALCS, in '04;

Never Again will I drink that "Rocket Fuel"(I wonder if Roger might be using it as we speak. In his time now, it's Hammy Time);


Having Gone Macintosh 3.5 Years Ago

It more than meets the eye in regards to artwork & production of my blog. Software of the free variety, does a better job than commercial software. & I don't worry about viruses.

Because of The Production Work On This Blog Being Done With A G3 iMac

Next Month or November, I will upgrade to a G4 eMac:

It shouldn't be bad, as it does ethernet & will have more memory;

It's a Refurb, but Macs make Great Machines, as I don't do Windows & I'll upgrade to Tiger that way(OS X-10.4.9);


Hey, Father, But It's NOT OK, Okay?

The Catholic Church in America is UNITED To Rome & must follow the Teachings Of The Church:

It's NOT ok to be both a Knight Of Columbus & Freemason. Your Ultimate Boss in The Vatican, Papa Benedictus has said so, via Canon Law 1374 & Apostolic Declaration of 26 November, 1983;

Oh, & Father, it's NOT OK, OKAY? You wonder why there are tables in place of altars in Church & the Priest is Seated in the Chair Behind The Altar? Archbishop Bugnini, one of the formulators of the Novus Ordo Mass, was a Freemason. The Priest, here, is seated in The East, as if he was a Worshipful Master, leading a Lodge in Ceremony;


M#4 Salute To Rocky Swoboda & Rusty Staub

Rocky was RF for the '69 World Champion Mets, while Rusty was RF for the '73 NL Champion Mets. Both wore #4:

But, last night, the Mets lost 10-9 to Washington. Great Murphy's Ghost! This Race is close. The Phils got spat on the Floor by The Braves;

You guys are lucky as everybody else in the NL East SUCKS;

Time to look for Pitching Help from The Taunton HS Lady Tigers, Omar;


In The American League, There's Only One Race Left

The Red Sox Won last Night, 7-3 over Oakland In Fenway Park, while the NY Yankees lost, in extra Innings to Tampa Bay, 7-6, so that M# is 3, as Tampa has not been kind to the Yankees:

Hey, S--t Happens;

Blanton vs Lester as Oakland Takes on The BoSox @ Fenway Park @ 7:05PM-ET;

Remember when David Wells wore #3 in honour of Babe Ruth? Hey, David-This one's For You;


Tales From "The Dump" With Video-Pt 2-Jose' Reyes

Tales From "The Dump" With Video

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mets Got CREAMED 13-4 By Washington

It was a Little League Game at MLB Prices, in short, a farce:
Those of us who took this 5 Game Package with the Mets, remember 1 thing & that Mike Pelfrey Started & BLEW 3 of These Games, hence "The Pelfrey Pack";

Guillermo Mota, a cheaper version of Eric Gagne', is as bad, if not worse than Eric. That Roid boy got it bad from the crowd;

More Pics & Replays, Later;

Actually met a Red Sox Contingient from Florida, @ Shea Stadium, a DUMP if ever I've seen one;

The Unicycle Guy from Keyspan, watched this dreck, from Upper Level;

The 50th Anniversary of the Last Dodgers Home Game, @ Ebbets Field, was remembered in the 6th Inning. A # of Brooklyn Dodgers Caps & Brooklyn Road Jerseys, were worn @ Shea Last Night;

The Game was hideous, though the crowd was about 8 Times Larger than the one in Ebbets Field, 50 Years Ago;

The Difference was that Brooklyn defeated The Pittsburgh Pirates, 2-0, while The Mets lost big, 13-4;

Either way, it was a LOST Night;


Monday, September 24, 2007

Yankees Draw 4M+ To The Toilet

How many of them were TOURISTS?



"Yankees Lose-Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees S--k"

4-1 in Final Home Game of The Regular Season, 4-1, as Andy Pettite(Roger's Gal Friday), had nothing in his tank, not even one to cut on the Downtown IRT #4 Train:

Red Sox M#5;

Yankees on The Road & Sawx @ Home-NICE;


Tonight, I Shall Be At "The Dump" @ 7:10PM, When Mets Play Washington

This Afternoon @ 1:05PM-ET, Toronto takes on the Yankees @ "The Toilet". I haven't gone to "The Toilet", all season. Why should I bother to do so, today:

Instead, I'll be in Section 21 of Upper Level @ "The Dump In Corona". It's also the 50th Anniversary of the Last M L B Game, played in Brooklyn. "The Dump" does describe Shea Stadium, Quite-Accurately;

The Sawx are off Tonight, resuming at Fenway Park, vs Oakland, tomorrow night @ 7:05PM;

There's my day. & to that fine lass @ Professor Thom's, who looks like The Actress, Terri Garr, you were so sweet & pleasant & you are NOT a Lesbian. Let's embrace again;


Sunday, September 23, 2007

M#5 Mets

The NY Mets are now 5 games from clinching the NL Eastern Division by deafeating the FL Marlins 7-6, as the Phillies lost to the Washington Nationals, 5 to 3. Those 2 players with the #5, saluted here are current MLB Superstar 3rd Baseman, David Wright & 1969 3rd Baseman for the World Champions Mets, Ed Charles.

It Was Surreal @ Professor Thom's Last Night, as Our Sox Won

You see, Con Edison was working, which Knocked out the Kitchen & a Lot of the air-conditioning, hence it was sweat city & Notre Dame was losing again & Michigan was victorious:

We had a visitor with his Fair Maiden, Kim, known as Jere Smith, writer of "A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory", now residing near Fenway Park in Boston. One could sense that, despite the Power Failures, all would be well;

Things went well as Red Sox Won, 8-6, but it was surreal;

Eric Gagne', he of a few 61st Street Woodside Symbolic Ankle Hangs, got 3 out, with 2 Ks, as if, for a moment "Le Gagne' Ancien";

V-Tek Tied The Game @ 6-6 on a solo jack in the 9th, whilst Julio Lugo hit a two run homer. Gagne' got the Win & Paps got the Save over Tampa Bay;

The M# for Clinching the AL East Title, is 6(That was Johnny Pesky's #), but the Red Sox also became the 1st Team in all of MLB to Clinch a Postseason Berth, as Detroit crashed & Burned;

According to Willie, a Red Sox Regular @ Thom's, who was born on The Island of Manhattan & raised in Sprinfield, MA, he watched Mets-Marlins on FOX, where the Mets Won, 7-2 over the Fish, all while That Bane Of Red Sox Nation, That Baboon, Tim Mc Carver, kept talking about The '61 Yankees & Derek Jeter, causing Mets Fans to turn off their sets & go do something else. Tim, a Gifted PLAY BY PLAY Man, was in his FOX Function of Moronic Lead Baseball Analyst;

NY Mets Magic# is 7. 7 is the # of Speedster Jose' Reyes, & 1969 World Series Champion 1st Baseman, Ed Kranepool. #7 is also the # of the IRT Train, which stops at Willets Point Blvd-Shea Stadium Station;


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ollie Perez vs Bunny Kim @ 3:55PM-Eastern, Mets @ Marlins

Willie? Find the Nearest Shark Tank & drop Mota in it:

The Inconsistent Ollie Perez faces the AWFUL Bunny Kim;

Chance to pick up ground;

Just Do It;


Dice-K Vs Sonanstine-Red Sox @ Tampa, 7:05PM-Eastern

Words of Advice to Matsuzaka:

DON'T S--- The Bed, Again;

Words of Advice to Francoma;

Find the Nearest Shark Tank & drop Eric Gagne' In It;


Monday Night @ Shea Stadium-50th Anniversary

Mets Take on Washington @ 7:10PM-ET. There's An Anniversary of Note, which causes memories for people older than I am:

It was Tuesday, September 24th, 1957. The Pirates came to Brooklyn's Ebbets Field for 1 Game vs The Dodgers. It was the last home game for the Dodgers, that season;

It was the LAST Major League Baseball Game, EVER-PLAYED in Brooklyn, as the Brooklyn Dodgers would be the L A Dodgers, in 1958. They finished the Season, in Philadelphia, on Sunday, September 29th, 1957;

I'll be @ Shea Stadium on Monday Evening. I may be @ Shea on Saturday, September 29th, it being the 50th Anniversary of the Last-Ever Home Game of The NY Giants @ The Polo Grounds, as the Giants were to be the S F Giants;

& I find this ironic, that I'll be watching both games @ The Site of The Robert Moses Flushing Meadow Stadium Site, where Moses tried to Coerce the Dodgers into playing there, because of Moses' Ruse of Buildig a Monumental Parking Garage, on the Brooklyn Site of where the New Ebbets Dome was to be built & where the NJ Nets are building their Arena;

Why didn't Moses try to persuade the NY Giants to go to his Flushing Meadows Site? It cost NYC a couple of Major League Baseball Teams. Sad, isn't it;

Mike-RSN-NYC-Queens-Originally From Brooklyn

Red Sox & Mets Fans Commiserating Under The 7 Line In Woodside, Last Evening

Red Sox Fans in an Irish Pub, called "Saints & Sinners", @ 60th Street & Roosevelt Avenue, bemoaned the deal, bringing in Eric Gagne', in exchange for Kason Gabbard & David Murphy(Better Than JD Drew, I may add). The Sox Fans saw K-Gab's stats in Texas & Murph's as well & concluded that The FO, may have blown the season. Some even discussed that Eric Gagne' may have been a juicer, which is WHY he's a big NOTHING, right @ this moment:

Mets Fans were bemoaning the current slide, as well as suspecting Jeff Wilpon is actually running the Team, usurping Omar Minaya's Authority. Fred Wilpon is being blamed for causing Global Cooling. Meanwhile, Symbolic "Ankle Hangs" have been moved from Shea Stadium's Upper Level Ramps, to 61st Street-Woodside Stop on the IRT #7 Flushing Line, with a Panoramic View of Speeding LIRR Trains, right below the #7 Stop;

Eric Gagne', Jeff Wilpon, & Theo Epstein, are my 1st Choices for "The 7 Line Ankle Hang";

Have a Good Morning, Folks;


Magic #s 7(Red Sox) & 8(Mets)

The Red Sox smacked Scott Kazmir senseless in the Trop Dome, 8-1, reducing it to 7 games to clinch the AL East Title. The Yankees aided the cause by losing to Toronto, 5-4 in 14 Innings @ "The Toilet". BTW, Josh Beckett won his 20th Game, making him the 1st 20 Game Winner in MLB, in 2 Years:

The Mets won, Butt-Ugly, 9-6 in Miami over the Marlins, who were Exceptionally-Generous, by committing 6 Errors, 2 by Miguel Cabrera & 2 by Mike Jacobs. I believe that Mr Carlos Delgado, homered for the Mets(His Music is the Same Song as Julio Lugo-Go Figure). Pedro Martinez Pitched, not as well as last time, but got the win;

M#7 in Red Sox Lore, stands for "The Original Dirt Dog"(No, NOT Steve Silva, TG), in the Person of Trot Nixon, "One Of The 25 Idiots", who was our right fielder(JD Drew wears 7 in RF-He Ain't No Trot Nixon, that's a given);

M#8 in Mets Lore; If you're more of a 1969 World Championship Purist+the 1973 National League Champion Mets, like I am, #8 belonged to 1st Base Coach(1969) & Manager(1973), The Distinguished Mr Lawrence Peter Berra(Lorry AKA Yogi), who coined the famous line, "It ain't over 'til it's over", & "They give you cash, which is just as good as money"(LOL);

#8 in 1986 Lore, belonged to Gary Carter, now managing in the Mets Farm System, in Pt St Lucie, Florida. He was the 1986 World Champion Catcher & played a role in that 10th Inning Of Infamy, in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. According to the book "The Bad Guys Won", Carter was something of a "Me, Me, Me Diva", in other words, a Role Model for A-Rod. Davey Johnson, Manager of The Wild Bunch, called The 1986 World Champion Mets & the Same Guy, who flew out to Cleon Jones in LF, to end the 5 Game 1969 World Series for Baltimore, giving The Mets both The 1969 Championship & the right to sing on "The Ed Sullivan Show", coined this phrase "The Bad Guys Won";

Give me M#8, commemorating Yogi, over A-Rod's Role Model, ANYDAY;

Baseball Continues Today, with Yankees @ 1:05PM, in The Toilet, vs Toronto. The Red Sox have a 7:05PM Start vs Tampa Bay, in Tampa Bay & the Mets @ Florida Marlins @ 3:55PM-ET, on FOX, with Brian Anderson & Some guy from the "Professor Thom's Riviera Bash List", The One & Only Tim Mc Carver;

It's going to be an Interesting Weekend, ahead. Stay Tuned;


Friday, September 21, 2007

"Willie? Omar? Rick? FREDDY? JEFFY?"

The Taunton Lady Tigers Softball State Champions from Taunton, MA, could DRAMATICALLY OUTPITCH Jorge Sosa & Guillermo Mota. Last night, the 'pen SUCKED, in the 8-7 Loss in Florida.

This "Cult"

I'm NOT Talking about "Red Sox Nation", but something quite-sinister:

You may have dropped out of this "Cult", but certain people want you on its' rolls for purpose of Blackmail, as one person in particular, seeks power over others lives, to rule autocratically;

A friend of mine, upon a Catholic Layman's concern for him, left the World Of The Masons;

An enemy of his, as well as of that Catholic Layman, signed up my friend in another Masonic Lodge, for the purpose of silencing my friend in the Knights Of Columbus, in regards to that enemy's run for Highest Office, as well as silencing my friend from blowing the K of C Whistle on him;

My friend is out to clear his name, as he was restored to Masonic Rolls AGAINST HIS WILL;

This is NOT a True Fraternal Society, but an Anti-Christian Cult, for purpose of Subversion;


A Nightmare Postseason Rotation

Eric Gagne':

'Nuff Said;

Jorge Sosa;

Left off the Cardinals Postseason Roster in '06, now on Mets & blowing it out his arse, 8-7. Like Gagne', SUCKS;


Thursday, September 20, 2007


Get off your "Annual Vacation", & do something:

Red Sox Nation Turns Their Lonely eyes To You;


Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The Lady Tigers of Taunton HS in Softball, would pitch better than you do:

Theo? Give 'em a call;


Eric "Fcuking" Gagne' S--- The Bed, AGAIN

He has BLOWN 4 Games off the Lead. It's NOW Panic Time:

Like I said in July, it's a DUMB FCUKING move to get him, as he was breaking down with Texas After the All Star Break;

Bad Move, as it looks like Mel Rojas, all the Fcuk Over Again;

As reliable as Armando Benitez(NOT);

I'm TOO P---ed to Write Anything more, Today;


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


BOTH Red Sox & Mets s--- the bed. Pitching didn't exist, especially in the Mets case, 9-8 to the Nationals. The Sox, in the case of Jon Lester, lost 4-3. Why was Lester sent to Portland before returning to the big club? This Season is a mystery.

It Can Be Too-Grueling To Watch, The Pennant Races

It's wire time

Mr Lester? It's Your Game

Pitch! I don't want to be tossing objects at my radio or TV:

If you don't, I'm hoping that neither Theo, NOR Larry, are in the same room, as I am;

I don't want to go into another rage like I did, last night. Get The Picture?


I Didn't Know That The Mets Could

Cause me to lose my composure, like I did, last night:

I was finished with a Long 4th Degree Meeting & I heard the end of the Game on WFAN, & exploded in a rage. It's a good thing none of The Wilpons were in the room;

Mr Selig? Please suspend that Pretender to being a pitcher, Guillermo Mota, for another 100 Games. He just BLOWS;

To my Brother 4th Degree Sir Knights Of Columbus, I'm Sorry;


Monday, September 17, 2007

7:07PM-ET Wakefield Vs McGowan-Red Sox @ Toronto

After a Hectic Time In The States, it's a 3 Game Set Across The Border:

After this Road Trip, the Sawx come home for rest of Regular Season, @ Fenway Park;

Wakey? Hope Your Back is Fine;



It was out of '02, when I last saw that:

That's what happens when a GM is hamstrung by Owners, who don't Give a Flying Fcuk, except about building a new Pleasure Palace;



"Puke-Barf"-I'll Let It Speak For Itself-For All Of Baseball, Yesterday

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Fred? Jeffy?

Since you think you 2 are too good for real Mets Fans, the real ones are really too good for you. A lot of them may end up staying home.

The Motu Proprio Is NOW In Effect

This means that any Catholic Priest of The Latin Rite, may celebrate The Mass Of The 1962 Missale Romanum, without permission of his Bishop. Deo Gratias!

Here's A Sure Fire Revenue Scheme, Mr Lucchino

The Bucky Dent Dunk Tank, where fans can, for a nominal fee of$100, sink some Sox Villian into water. Tim Mc Carver is 1st guest victim.

Pedro-6 Innings-95 Pitches-9 Ks

But the Mets Bullpen likes to S--- The Bed. You see, Mr Wilpon may not want to invest in his team until it crosses into the "Citi Zone". As Shea Stadium is "The Dump", he'll save all the best for Citi Field:

Leave Sosa off the Post-Season Roster-PLEASE;

& Jeffy? Stay out of Omar's Way. Go run the Cyclones;


"Curt? Shut Up! Pitch!"

For Tonight, YOU are on The Mound Vs "The Roidket", Roidger Clemens, an Oversized Ton of Juiced Lard, if ever I've seen one:

1st Pitch @ 8:09PM-ET on ESPN & ESPN-HD, where "The Rambling On Hall Of Famer", Joe Morgan, will stare into Space & say "Yada Yada";


Saturday, September 15, 2007

It Was An Old Style Ass-Kicking

The Red Sox Destroyed The NY Yankees, 10-1. Chien Ming Wang was wild in the loss, hitting "Youk" on his hand with the pitch. Ouch! Meanwhile, Josh Beckett pitched nicely for 8 innings & Mike Timlin mopped up.

A Change In Gregorian Chant For Red Sox Fans-NY Metro Region & Mets Fans Joined With Us

As We Face A Foe Of Evil, from The Bronx, it's time for a Chant Change. It was easy to change, using my Safari Browser on my iMac:

It represents a pleading to The Lord, to get us through this Weekend, unto The End Of The Baseball Season;

It was also time to switch to another chant, anyway;


90% Of You Will See On FOX, This Afternoon

Yankees @ Red Sox, in HD. Sometime, this afternoon, someone in the FOX Booth, will "Kill" Kenny from South Park:

Stan won't do it. Cartman will not do it. Neither will "Omnipotent Q" Sound-Alike, Jimmy Vollmer, do it;

The Commentators will be Josh Lewin, Tim Mc Carver & Ken Rosenthal;

My Money's on Tim, to utter something verbose, which will "Kill" Kenny;

Will it be about Derek Jeter? Or Brandon Arroyo?

Stay Tuned Later @ 3:55PM-ET, on FOX to find out, just who "Killed" Kenny;


The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword But This " 'Pen" S--- The Bed

"Darkman" doesn't have enough Gas in him to cut one on The Green Line Out of Kenmore, anymore, let alone, cut one on the IRT #7 Flushing Line Out of Willetts Point Blvd. In fact, he's reminding me of one Armando Benitez, over the last few weeks. This is what a Red Sox Fan with a New York National League Heritage, is thinking:

Theodore Nathan Epstein is starting to look more like One G. Stephen Phillips, did In the Winter of '01-'02, making me wonder if Theo's next stop is E S P N, as was the Case with Phillips. Is Theo going to be replaced with George COSTANZA, a chant directed at Steve Phillips, in '02 @ The Flushing Meadows DUMP, called Shea Stadium;

Eric Gagne' can be counted on, in a non-strategic situation, when the horse is way out of the barn & in Brookline, somewhere;

I don't want a Post-Season With Roger & His Girl Friday, Andy, in it. Come to think of it, Andy didn't have anything in him to cut one on the IRT #4 Train, last Night;

& Armando Benitez is STILL the Platinum Standard by how SUCK-Cess is Measured;

Hidei Okajima is coming mighty-close to the Benitez "Standard";

Jonathan Papelbon in a 6 Out Save Situation? Is Tito Jr's Name, FranCOMA, or what;

J.D.Drew's wasting my time-you ain't no Trot Nixon;

Lugo? There's always an Ankle Hang from the Williamsburgh Bridge, you might consider into waking you up, you having grown up in Brooklyn(LOL);

Manny? Get Off Your Dead Arse & save this season, or else you'll be strung from a point @ Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital @ West 168th Street & Broadway, near where you grew up, in Upper Manhattan's Washington Heights(LOL);

Losing 8-7 to the NY Yankmees, Made me F---ing SICK, Last NIGHT;

Mike-Red Sox Nation-In The Borough Of Queens-New York City

Friday, September 14, 2007

OK, No "YES"

Red Sox Nation-NYC @ Professor Thom's is watching ESPN with Dave O'Brien, Rick Sutcliffe & Dusty Baker. O'Brien, a Red Sox Radio Guy, is NOT ESPN's Michael Kay of YES. Yankees 0 & Red Sox @ bat.

"I Was Once In The Drainpipes Of A Huge Toilet"

OK, this is an actual On Duty Story, from 1992:

Vendor Duty, confiscating Unlicensed Merchandise, we had to go to a Huge Vouchering Area, in a Mammouth Location, located in the lower regions of the "Netherworld";

It was in the beginnings of an era, ruled by a rod staff, soon to be spreading their errors throughout the world, by a River & a Street;

I had gone into the cramped quarters of The Vouchering Area & done my duty. It was dark & hot. I noticed a couple of Luxuriously Appointed Rooms, with no one in them;

Then, I went through a Passageway, & saw a Lush Green Field, with huge stands & no one was there & stood in a place called a Dugout;

My thoughts were of Time & Departure, for those in Charge Of This Place, Run an Empire Of Evil;

I asked my guide "Is This Paradise";

He responded a firm but polite "No, for this is often called "The Toilet", because of all the A--h-les, who come here";

I thanked my guide & left through myriad passageways, until I reached Daylight, then my car & off I was on the Bruckner Expressway, until I got Home To Queens;

Mike-R S N-NYC-Queens

Magic# For Red Sox & Mets

"11" to clinch AL East & NL East Titles, Respectively:

Do it by NEXT Week;

Mike-R S N-NYC-Queens

Red Sox Tickets ARE Available

Only Through Ticket Brokers & The Red Sox Replay Window:

Last Year because of all those Injuries, it was much-easier getting them in September;

For The New England Region, Shea Stadium(The DUMP)is available, for Mets Games;

Just an Alert from Mike-R S N-NYC-Queens

The 3 Games

Hey, Andy! Remember when all appeared lost? Then, on one Sunday afternoon, you & Disco Derek were jumping up & down like Schoolgirls, as it was announced that your girl was back. He'll be pitching Sunday Night:

Tonight @ 7:05PM-ET, Andy Pettitte Vs Daisuke Matsuzaka @ Fenway Park(ESPN-NESN-YES);

Tomorrow @ 3:55PM-ET, Chien Ming-Wang vs Josh Beckett(FOX Saturday Major League Baseball Game Of The Week);

Sunday @ 8:09PM-ET, Roger Clemens Vs Curt Schilling(ESPN Sunday Night Baseball);

Dice-K scares the daylights out of me, as he's really out of gas, not even enough to cut a small one on the Green Line out of Kenmore. I think that he's burned out by his fastball;


Was Ol' Rog really hurt, or was he awaiting a shipment of "Vitamins";

Curt? Shut Up & Pitch;

Stay Tuned;

Mike-R S N-NYC-Queens

Thursday, September 13, 2007

To Those So-Called "Mets Fans" Who Thought I Was A "Boston Interloper"-I Know Your Stadium Better Than You Do

In fact, I've been in parts of the Park that most fans have no idea about:

As a 16 Year Old, in 1971, in the Hodges Era, the Team USA Baseball Team, managed by Arizona State University Baseball Coach, Bobby Winkles, who later managed the California Angels, fell for a story that I was Head of The "High School Press Association";

I talked to the players. I sat in the Mets Dugout & had access to the Mets Clubhouse & the Lower Regions Of Shea Stadium;

There was also using the bathroom at Jets Games by going through the NY Mets RF Bullpen, to go to the Mens Room. Standing Room was $3;

There was the time when I got knocked over on the Shea Field, by the Jets Winston Hill;

A few years ago, @ the Tennis Tournament, which so many of us, UTTERLY-Despise, I was in the Parks Department Offices, down below the Mets Clubhouses, on NYC Business;

So, to any So-Called Mets Fans, I know your Stadium, inside & out, BETTER than You Do;

Hence, I'm NOT Some "Bostonian INTERLOPER". I once, in 1973, saw Bob Murphy, pouring a can of Schaefer into a cup, feeling no pain. Thems is memories;


Papi? Your 2 Run Dinger Past Pesky's Pole, Helped Kaylee In AZ

& Sparked A Raucous Celebration on the 7 Line, Leaving Shea Stadium:

Muchisimas Gracias, David & Kaylee Thanks You, as All of Us From A Grateful Nation, Salute You;


Ahhhh, Shawn Green, Your Single Won It For Kaylee In AZ

Your Single in the 9th & Mets 4-3 Over Braves, is helping Kaylee of AZ, recover:

Thanks, Dude! Happy Rosh Hashanna;


Magic 12 Sawx & Magic 11 Mets

Both are Off, Today:

We need a Break;

Evil will come to Boston, while a certain "Phanatic" will be @ Shea, beginning Tomorrow Night. In Boston, the Start Time is 7:05PM-ET, while in Corona, start time is 7:10PM-ET;


"To The Assorted Bozos Who Dress As Mets Fans @ Shea Stadium"

Now I know WHY you wear Mets Gear. You don't want to be serenaded with "Jeter Sucks-A-Rod Swallows", if you were to wear Yankmes gear with either Jeter's or A-Fraud's # on that jersey:

I realize that some of you are on a Day Pass from Section 39 in a place, referred to by Lord Archibald of The Sunnyside Estate, as "The Terlit, D'ere, in Thuh Bronx". The Sunnyside Estate is located in a place called "Bunker";

I found it STRANGE that the Ones who most-appreciated last night's game at Shea Stadium, donned gear most appropriate for Fenway Park or "Professor Thom's";

Real Mets Fans booed the mere appearance of that rogue-juicehead, Guillermo Mota, who's only 2 tads worse than Eric Gagne';

These Mets are Gimmick-Filled such as "Anthem Search", with auditions to sing the National Anthem before a Mets Game. Anthony Jost sang it.It was "Bravo" & "Bravissimo" for his singing of it;

I was in "Brooklyn Smart-A--" Mode last night, as the Mets defeated the Braves, 4-3. One dude asked me why a guy from Boston would know this stadium, better than he would. It's simple-I was @ Shea before he was even conceived;

The More I go to Fenway Park, the less I like Shea Stadium. When I can get a Pint of Guinesses Stout for $7.75 in Fenway's Big Concourse, while paying $7.25 for a bottle of Warmed Over Budweiser in Shea Stadium, my better bargain is in Boston;

However, the view in Section 21 from Row T, was totally unobstructed. Once again, XM Satellite Radio did the "Sweet Caroline" Sing-Along. It really does NOT work in Shea Stadium. It works in Fenway Park, & @ Keyspan Park in Coney Island, as Neil Diamond, grew up not too far from Keyspan Park, when it was Steeplechase Amusement Park;

The Marlon Anderson Homer was flying towards the Willets Point Station, as it left the bat;

There was a Thunderous Celebration on the #7 Flushing Line, when it was found that Big Papi had hit a 2 Run Homer, so the Sawx defeated Tampa Bay, 5-4. It was almost as if it was Kenmore on The T;

"New York" Fans couldn't understand this, as some said that to be a True New Yorker, we should get behind the Yankees. I advised them to go back to The Bronx, where they belong. Many of them, were "1986 Mets Fans", who now call The Bronx & "The Toilet", their base;


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A 123 Inning

Top of 1st, Braves 0 & Mets @ Bat. Bottom of 1st 2 Out & David Wright walked.

On My Ticket Package of 5 Games

The 5th Game will be Washington Nationals Vs NY Mets @ 7:10PM-ET, on Monday, September 24th, 2007:

It was on Tuesday, September 24th, 1957, that the Last Major League Baseball Game, was played at Ebbets Field, @ Bedford Avenue & Sullivan Place, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. It was also the Last MLB Event in Brooklyn;

Only over 6,000 showed up that night;

I shall commemorate that evening, starting the Countdown, to the Closing of Shea Stadium, as '08, will be My '57;



Two Teams, The Boston Red Sox & The NY Mets, have that "Magic" #:

The Pitching was an Atrocity, as the Red Sox defeated Tampa Bay, 16-10 & Wakey's Knuckler did NOT dance;

That series continues tonight @ Fenway Park;

Last Night upon the Return of "The Ancient Mariner", Orlando Hernandez, the Mets got shelled by Atlanta, 13-5. But The Phillies also lost;

I'll be at Shea Stadium, tonight & try to have the same fun, I have at Fenway Park. Mets go with John Maine, while, The Braves counter with John Smoltz @ 7:10PM-ET;

Game is on SNY in their regions & ESPN Wednesday Night Baseball, in the rest of the country;


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September XI, MMI-In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen

Requiscant In Pacem:

In Memorium;

In Paradisium;

It was a beautiful, sunny, 72 Degrees Fahrenheit Day in Late Summer in NYC. People were just getting into Downtown Manhattan, going about their business, around 8:30AM;

Meanwhile, in the skies between Boston's Logan International Airport & Albany, NY, there was fear in the sky, as American Airlines Flight 11, bound for Los Angeles International Airport(LAX), & United Airlines Flight 175, also bound for LAX, were hijacked, around 8:20AM, by Muslim Terrorists, who were Saudi Citizens, BTW. These Terrorist Suicidal Murderers, were with Al-Qaeda;

A NYC FD Company was with a French Film Crew, checking for a Gas Leak. Then a plane, AA Flight 11 was hurtling out of control to The North Tower. The ONLY Tape of Flight 11, was from the French Film Crew. Then, there was a crash & a fire was started;

& life as we knew it in America, came to an end, @ 8:46AM-ET;

17 Minutes Later, in what was a Surgical Strike, United 175 veered into the South Tower, causing explosions & fires to race rapidly to the top of South Tower, @ 9:03AM-ET;

One Eyewitness, saw the Suicides from those towers. He also witnessed Severed Heads on the street, from which he has never recovered. This poor guy saw his wife & children mowed down by a drunken driver, in 1980;

We were Under Attack from Evil People, whose concept of reaching paradise, involved Murder & Suicide & the Promise of a Carnal Eternity(72 Virgins), for a Reward;

The two planes were hijacked & their pilots turned off the transponders, so no US Military aircraft could follow the path of these flights;

@ 9:39AM-ET, The Pentagon had a jet land & crash, broadside into the Side of the building, on a flight out of Newark International Airport;

@ 9:59AM, The South Tower of The World Trade Center, so badly Burned, collapsed, as if a bananna was being peeled, or a volcano was erupting. @ 10:29AM-ET, The North WTC Tower collapsed in similar fashion;

In Shanksville, PA, on a Flight out of Dulles International Airport, United Flight 93 Crashed, despite the Heroic Efforts of Various Passengers. This flight was trying to crash into the White House;

One Report from JFK International Airport, unconfirmed, found that Hijackers were trying to board a flight, with box cutters, to fly the plane into the United Nations Building. That was stopped at 9:10AM-ET;

In Memorium;

343 Uniformed Members of the FDNY, 23 Uniformed Members of The NYPD, 80 Uniformed Members of the Port Authority PD, & Countless Others, going to work that day;

In Memorium Et In Paradisium;

These two, I knew, as two of the 343 FDNY Uniformed, Personally;
Captain Patrick Waters-Special Operations-Middle Village, Queens, whose older son, is in 1st Year of College & younger is in 3rd Year of Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens. Currently, the Parish of Sacred Heart-East Glendale, has a recreation evening called "The Pat Waters Family Fun Night", every year in his honour;
Firefighter Scott Larson-East Glendale & Parishioner of Sacred Heart-East Glendale, whose children are approaching the teen years & latter stages of Middle School;

Kaylee, a Red Sox Blogger, now living in AZ, lost her Aunt Aboard one of The Flights from Logan, in Boston, into the WTC. Kaylee is recovering from Serious Health Issues of her own;

Also, by extension, was NYC FD Firefighter Mike Weinberg(Our Lady Of Hope-Middle Village);

& Joyce Carpinetto, Friend & Colleague of NOTED Red Sox Writer, John Quinn. John's Father is a Retired FDNY Lieutenant;

Baseball Resumed on Friday, September 21st, 2001, in NYC @ the Site of The Emergency Volunteer Center, Shea Stadium, with the Mets Beating The Braves, on a dramatic 2 run homer by Mike Piazza;

Kyrie Elaison;

Pax Vobiscum;


It Was 8:03 AM & Flight 11 Left Logan

@ 8;46AM, the world of NYC, changed forever.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Red Sox Magic # on A Cool Damp Night is STILL 14

Still can't hit lefties, eh. Funny how you took Kazmir in the Tropicana Dome, but farted out Fenway, Tonight:

There's ALWAYS Tomorrow Night, after this 1-0 Shutdown;


Mets Magic # Is 14

They've won 9/10 & are on a roll, now at 82-61, Mets winning 3-2 over the Atlanta Braves, who're now 9.5 Games behind the Mets. Courtesy of a 2 Run Homer by David Wright in the 6th Inning, the 'Pen did its' job, well with Wagner getting the save. Ollie Perez got the win, lasting 7 Innings, K'ing 7. Aaron Heillman pitched a grand 8th Inning:

So, as Howie Says "Put It In The Books", Fitzy sends his regards & if you Yankme Fans Don't Like it, then "Go F--- Yourself;


How Current Mets Fans Would've Celebrated R S N's Grandest Triumph

As the Real Mets Fans, DESPISE the Yankees & Their Fans, above & beyond the call of duty, they cracked open a good many cold ones in celebration:

The Real Ones, are prime to the Mets & 2nd Team is The Red Sox, & often seek tickets in Fenway Park. there's also been a lot of Boston Area Red Sox Fans, who come to Shea Stadium over the past few years, due to the Fenway Park Sellouts;

& to the " '86 Mets Fans ", who think that it's okay & fashionable to root for the Yankees, to commemorate the '86 World Series, "Fitzy" & I, have 3 words for you;

"Go F--- Yourself";


How A Red Sox Fan Would Re-enact the !986 World Champion Mets Celebration on "Actober"

They would find a Coke Spoon & White Powder, to simulate the celebration, have a few Harpoons & be grateful that they did NOT become Yankees Fans, unlike certain "'86 Mets Fans", who did spit the bit & go over to The Empire:

"'86 Mets Fans" would go the whole route, only with The Cocaine & the Champagne, coming out later, as Yankees Fans, due to all that partying;

Then, there were the Real Mets Fans, who still hold October, 1969, as the true standard of excellence, as NO Scandal is connected to that team;


Top 10 Signs You're @ a Very Bad NYC-Based Red Sox Pub

#10: The Food-Poisoning from the freshly-opened Canned Chili;

#9: The Portrait of Roger Clemens in a Sox Jersey on the Bar;

#8; Frequent Guest Appearances by NY Mets '86 1st Baseman Keith Hernandez;

#7; Model of a New Fenway Park, looks suspiciously like Citi Field, in Queens;

#6; Pub GM is Jeff Wilpon;

#5; Menu Items are copied from Professor Thom's & Taste like Cardboard;

#4; Holds contest for Best-Tasting (Canned) Manhattan Clam Chowder;

#3; Maine Lobster, culled from the waters of Sheepshead Bay & Jamaica Bay;

#2; A-Rod, cuddling with his manly-looking mistress(Wait-it's Derek Jeter);

#1; It's "The Rivi-F---ing-era";


Really F---ing Brilliant, Mets

Norfolk Tides players for the Cyclones' '01 Championship Season? You guys really know how to drive your fan base away. Any more stunts?

Click on the title-it comes from Steve Keane's, Bitingly-Brilliant "Kranepool Society"-he's a Mets Fan, who hates bullsh--;


Hudson Vs Perez-7:10PM-ET, Braves @ Mets @ Shea Stadium

I ask THIS Question-WHICH Ollie Perez?

The Mets did swwep the Braves in Atlanta, hence breaking out of a Malaise. I think Pedro's Return has to do with it;

7:00PM-ET on SNY & WFAN(Home To Sports Whiners Unanimous);


Kazmir Vs Schilling @ 7:05PM-ET/Tampa Bay @ Red Sox

In his last appearance, Kazmir got shelled. Tampa Bay might get shelled by Schilling:

It should be a good one & Yanks Have a Night Off, before going into Toronto, where the going's a bit rough, unless the "Vitamin Shots" have arrived;


There Will Be NO Baseball Coverage On This Blog, Tomorrow

The Day Is TOO Solemn For That:

6 Years Ago, on THAT Fateful Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, our world changed in a flash;

I work 4 blocks from Ground Zero, The World Trade Centre Site;

It'll be quiet tomorrow morning;

Moments of Silence will be observed at 8:46AM-ET, commemorating when the 1st Plane hit The North Tower, @ 9:03AM-ET when the 2nd Flight hit the South Tower, @ 9:59AM-ET, when The South Tower Collapsed, @ 10:29AM-ET. when the North Tower Collapsed;

People I will be remembering;
FDNY Captain Pat Waters-Middle Village, as 1 son enters College & the other, Junior Year @ Archbishop Molloy High School;
FF Scott Larson-East Glendale, whose children are entering the latter stages of Middle School;
Red Sox Blogger Kaylee's Aunt, who took one of the Fateful Flights out of Logan International Airport;
& Joyce Carpinetto, Friend & Business Associate of Red Sox Blogger, & Son of a Retired FDNY LT, John Quinn;

Say a Prayer-Light A Candle-If you can get to Mass in any part of that day, do so, or other Churches & Synagogues;

Kyrie Elaison;
Pax Vobiscum;


Gagne' Set To Return

As of Tonight:

Only Time will tell;


Jets "Fans" S-U-C-K, S-U-C-K, S-U-C-K

Cheering for your own QB, Chad Pennington for getting Injured:

Low F---ing Rent Stunt;

Then again, over 75% of you are Yankees Fans, courtesy of the move to NJ, where the Jets started pushing out so many NYC & Long Island Season Ticket Holders from the Shea Stadium Days;

& many of you are those Bleacher Creatures, unfortunately with access to beer;

F--- The Jets & their "Fans":


To All Those Soon To Be Displaced Mets Fans

You can have fun, despising George Steinbrenner, by coming over to Red Sox Nation. So many of you have the Red Sox as #2 Team, why not make it your #1 Team:


Aren't You Overjoyed That The US Open Tennis Tournament Is Over?

It's so Baseball & Football Fans don't have to put up with these Whiny "Waiter? Where's My Pate' De Fois Grois & Champagne" Arrivistas, who, more often than not, are a bunch of Whiny Hipsters & "October Arrivistas", who normally pollute the area from East 157th, through East 161st Street in The Bronx, in Postseason, along River Avenue, under the IRT #4 Train. What a bunch of Thurston Howells, these people are! These Arrivistas, in connection with the US Open, then show up in various Queens Bars, screaming for the Locals to leave, before going back to Great Neck, Manhasset, Kings Point, The Upper East & West Sides & Greenwich, CT, wearing the latest Abercrombie & Fitch Gear, usually reserved for the Yo-Yos, who inhabit Yankee Stadium:

It's an annual form of Economic Terrorism(& Jim Caple Thinks Red Sox Nation Is Bad-Frig Him). A Bunch of People, with bucks, force everyone to change their lifestyles, so they can come in, dictate policy, then leave for Bermuda(Or Greenwich, CT);

My Sympathy goes to the NY Mets Fans, who have to endure these Snoberrinos, in Late August & Early September. Mets Fans have more in common with David Wright & Jose' Reyes than Roger Federer, though to be fair, John Mc Enroe is a Lifelong Mets Fan. However, when Citi Field Opens in '09, the Crowd at a Mets Game, will be just like those people @ The US Open;

It's Over, Woo Hoo;


Will The Following People Who Write Alleged Hymns For Sunday Mass, Please GET OUT Of The Business? Thanks!

Dan Schutte, R. Joncas, Marty Haugen, Dave Haas, Troy Aikman, Joe Buck & Tim Mc Carver:

The 1st 4 Guys write Liturgical Music, so insipid that "Dirty Water" by The Standells, sounds more-inspirational;

The Last 3 are reasons why people turn off their TV Sets & go do something else, as their network is FOX;

As these 7 men, "Bore Us Up On Beagles Wings, Bore Us To The Breath of Yawn";

I think it's time for some "Tridentine" Gum, huh;


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pedro Doubles & Scores-Josh Wins 18th-A Pretty-Good Day

The Red Sox are @ Magic #14 with a 3-2 Win over the Orioles @ Camden Yards in Baltimore, as Josh Beckett, won Number 18. Mets are 15 away, as Pedro Martinez doubled off Roy "Drop & Drive" Oswalt(He drops & drives-very simple), to complete a sweep of Houston, 4-1. Pedro threw 92 pitches & got his 2nd Win.

Mr Beckett Vs Mr Guthrie @ 1:35PM, ET From Baltimore-Red Sox @ Orioles

Josh will stop the bleeding & I can feel it:

Should be a great game;

WHY is Theo Epstein, starting to look a LOT like Steve Phillips did in '02?

Dice-K, based on the World Baseball Classic, was signed?

Sounds similar to trading to get Mo Vaughn on the basis of his swing;

History has a strange way of repeating itself;


@ "Sweet 16" & Here Comes Pedro, Home To Shea Stadium(1:10PM-ET)

As the NY Mets took yesterday's Game, 3-1, as Titan Tom Glavine won his 13th, it puts the NY Mets Magic # @ 16:

Pedro returns to the Shea Stadium Mound at 1:10PM-ET. Most-Likely, Game will be sold out;

Enjoy these moments, Mets Fans, as you'll have a bad time getting tickets in the Millionaires Palace, twenty Feet from Shea Stadium, in the Parking Lot;


"Dice-K A Later Liability"

All he throws is Fastballs, lately:

& he looks tired all The Time, with his pitching;

He's in a 162 Game Schedule, here;

He pitched Mostly in Domes & in a 140 Game Schedule in Japan;

Here, he has to pitch mostly outdoors;

Farrell? Let him pitch his dynamite stuff, the great offspeed stuff, because with fastballs, he burns out;

&, he's burning out as we speak & watch;

Strange, but in the Philly Tuneup Game on 03/31, he threw loads of pitches & I felt some bad vibes about it;


Dice-K S--- The Bed

Unacceptable! Horrible 3rd Inning when the Sawx were ahead 4-1. He gave up a total of 8 runs, as the Red Sox lost 11 5 to Baltimore. It made me barf.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

For Next Weekend's TV Coverage Outside of Most Of New England

In NYC, we will be subjected to the INSIPID Coverage on "my9", a FOX Station, & the "NO Network" Feed(Barf Bags Anyone):

Saturday, those putzes on FOX;

Sunday Night, with Joe Morgan, rambling on about himself & NOTHING;



"15"-Nice Job, Jon Lester

Holding Orioles Scoreless is a Nice Job:

Magic's In The Air, as the # is 15;

Red Sox @ Orioles Tonight from Camden Yards;

The Nation Invades;

It may be 14 or even 13, tonight;

NESN for ALMOST all of New Englend;

MASN for the rest of Us(@ least Gary Thorne is from Maine, so he'll make us feel a bit at home);


For Your Viewing DISpleasure on Saturday, September 15th @ 3:55PM-ET

The NY Yankees(Yankthese, Yankmes, Crankees) will face The Boston Red Sox, live from Fenway Park, Boston:

Joe Buck; "Well, Tim? How long before we hear from you about that smashingly-handsome, swashbuckling, Matinee' Idol, Debonnaire Shortstop, Derek Jeter;

Tim Mc Carver; "Give Me Time, we've got all afternoon. Mercy";

After a Papi & or Manny Shot, a FOX Director will have a shot of a Sullen Derek Jeter for a moment;

& folks, you can turn off your sets & go do something else-This is a FOX Telecast @ its' WORST;


Friday, September 07, 2007

Well, Fred-In Regards to Citi Field Of Schemes-Your Version of Ebbets Field Will Have

Too much of a Brooklyn Dodgers Flavor with a touch of L A to it:

The L A Dodgers play in an area called Chavez Ravine;

Your spot will be called "Fred's Ravine";

& you'll have NOTHING but Corporate Types. coming to games, not knowing what is going on. They'll need to be prompted as when to cheer, laugh, stand & fart, in between sips of sherry. They won't even know what's going on half the time, anyway. They'll confuse Jose' Reyes with Derek Jeter. The place will be as quiet as a library;

The reason you're building Citi Field, is to guarantee sellouts. Just think, you won't have to worry about Fans going to games, as you never really wanted fans there, in the 1st place;

& I will treat next season, like Dodgers & Giants Fans, look at 1957, as a Franchise Shift;

& the tears will be immense;


7:05PM, ET, Lester On The Hill In Baltimore

On NESN in New England & other Areas on MASN:

I can take Gary Thorne. I can't take Kay on YES;

Red Sox Magic # is 16;


Congrats To The Bklyn Cyclones

They've Won The McNamara Division of the NY-Penn League & Home Field Advantage throughout the Playoffs:

The League's Wild Card is the SI Yankees;

Bklyn plays at Keyspan Park, while The Staten Island Yankees, play at Richmond County Savings Bank Ballpark(& since this involves the Short Season Bombers, your Ballpark is hearby called "The Urinal", since "The Toilet" is in The Bronx);

Brooklyn won in 11 over the Lowell Spinners @ Keyspan Park. The Spinners are the Short Season Affiliate of The Red Sox, in the NYPL. Lowell's Pitcher balked in the Game Winning Run in the Bottom of the 11th Inning;

Put it in the books!


Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Latest Suggestion To Mets Fans

Just go to ONE game next year. Take pictures @ Shea Stadium, as they will be your memories. Save the ticket stub. Because, you might get to see only ONE game every 2 years @ Citi Field. Mike of R S N-NYC-Queens.

"2008 Will Be My 1957"

The Dodgers & Giants left this City after the 1957 Season for California:

The NY Mets will play their LAST Season @ Shea Stadium in '08;

Capacity @ The New City Field will be 42,500 Seats & 2500 SRO;

Most Tickets will be Season Subscription ONLY, save for 2500 public tickets;

That's NOT the Case @ Shea Stadium, where you can still walk up on Game Day & get a Ticket;

THAT LAST GAME there, may be so-emotional, that I'll cry for hours after it;

As 2004 was my 1955, 2008 will be my 1957;


Lowell Spinners @ Cyclones In Coney Island

Tonight, it'll be on the TV Home of The Mets, SNY. I'll probably catch it @ Professor Thom's During The Chowder Cook Off. It should be FUN:

Freddie? Jeffy? What's with you guys hiring "Yankthese Fans" as Ushers & Ticket Takers, who RAZZ Red Sox Nation-NYC?

WAIT! You're already telling LONG-TIME Mets Fans to shove it;

No wonder you 2 are on BOTH "The Riviera List" & "M.Donald Grant List";


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I Just Saw The Funniest Anti-Yankees T-Shirt

An Asian Man was standing @ W. 32nd Street & Broadway in Manhattan, sporting an unusual T Shirt. It had the interlocking NY of the Yankees, but it had 3 letters in front of the NY. The letters read "P H O". THAT'S WHAT I Think of "Yankees Fever" & Rudy Giuliani. Mike-rsn-nyc-queens.

My Annual Displaced Boston Red Sox Fans Directions To Shea Stadium In Corona, Queens

As a Service to those left in the Cold as to Ticket Availability @ Fenway Park & since the Minor League Baseball Schedule is finished & you don't feel like going to M L B's Official Scalper @ Stub Hub, I present to you my Annual Directions to Mets Games @ Shea Stadium, in Corona, Queens:

A LOT of R S N was @ The Site of Game 6 of The '86 World Series, only because they wanted a Day at a Ball Game & only Seats in The State Street Pavilion @ Fenway Park, were available for a Family of 4, or in the EMC Club. Mind you, Shea Stadium isn't as intimate as Fenway Park is, but the fans there make it fun. You have this weekend & 2 other weekends, to come down;

Ok, the occasional & delusional Yankees Fans, who're as fun to be with as Mel Gibson is welcome as a Speaker @ a B'nai Brith Convention(NOT), are the biggest jackasses on the planet. They get taunted, with "Yankees Suck", & for the jerk who wears an A-Rod Jersey, that fan is treated to such chants as "Gay Rod...Jeter's BF" & "Stray Rod...How's Your Mistress". Pedro Martinez will pitch this Sunday, so I advise that you go to the Mets Website to check for Ticket Availability;

Leave the car @ home. Shea Stadium's Parking Lot is a mess, with all that New Citi Field Construction, hence my PSA for coming to the Games over 3 Weekends. I remember that on a few weekends, families were coming from the Boston Area, a story I've heard in BOTH Fenway Park & Shea Stadium. I remember a father & 2 sons on the 7 Train, which sometimes sounds like the T to Kenmore, who came down for Mets-Braves, dressed in Papelbon & Ramirez Jerseys & Red Sox Warm Up Jacket. & neither Tom Glavine(of Billerica), nor Pedro Martinez, were pitching. That Game was pitched by Victor Zambrano until his arm went down(A Deal Crafted By a Duquette-D'oh). I've seen Amtrakers from Providence, at Shea, on a few Sundays. The Upper Level, the highest view in M L B, is good for waving to pilots on approach to La Guardia Airport. Now, here's my Directions List;

From South Station or Back Bay-Amtrak to NY Penn Station, then Uptown E Train to 74th Street-Roosevelt Avenue, & change for #7 Flushing Line To Shea Stadium;

If you want a Bargain-MBTA Commuter Rail to Providence then change for Amtrak to New Haven, then MTA Metro North To Grand Central Station-East 42nd Street. Change for #7 Flushing Line Direct to Shea Stadium;

For a Really-Quick Ride from South Station or Back Bay, Acela Express to Penn Station-NY & change for Long Island Railroad-Port Washington Branch, direct to Shea Stadium. It may be pricey, but worth it for Speed;

By Air, fly Delta Shuttle to La Guardia Airport from Logan & get the Q33 Bus to 82nd Street-Roosevelt Avenue, Changing for #7 Line El to Shea Stadium;

For Economy Conscious Travelers, go to South Station & take Fung Wah Bus to Canal Street. Walk west on Canal Street to Canal & Lafayette Street & get #6 Train to Grand Central Station, to change to #7 Flushing Line to Shea Stadium;

Just a myriad of ways to enjoy M L B, in NYC without going up to "The Toilet" in The Bronx;


8 More Yankees Games @ "The Toilet"

7 of Them are Promotion Dates. Tonight they give out Sunglasses Holders. What Next, "Derek Jeter Self-Protection Night", sponsored by Trojenz?

Who TF Cares!


17 Is A Magic Number In Kenmore Square-Dookie Smashes 2 2X3-& Who Cares If Hollywood Is Showing Up @ "The Toilet"

Mr Josh Beckett notched his 17th Victory, with Red Sox defeating The Blue Jays, 5-3. The Red Sox Magic Number is 17 & remain 7 games over the Yankees, who won 12-3, with Brad Pitt in the house. Meanwhile, Paul Lo Duca drove 7 across with 2 3 run Jacks, as the Mets beat the Reds, 11-7:

Like, WHO CARES whether or NOT Brad Pitt is @ "The Toilet". Is FOX Scouting Celebrity Locations in the Case That DFYankees are in Post-Season;

What the NY Post is good for is acting as the Paper & Digital Version of FOX Sports. These Guys would cover A-Rod Farting on The IRT #4 Train while making out with his mistress, or something like that;

Who TF Cares!


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

7:05PM-ET Blue Jays @ Red Sox & Haliday vs Beckett

Josh Beckett looks for his 17th Win vs the Blue Jays @ Fenway Park tonight. NESN will have it for you. Meanwhile, in The Bronx, The Yankees have Wang on the mound. Joe Torre was heard to say "My Wang is good to go."

In Case Anyone Has Noticed

The Yankees have hit the wall, again. They played their "World Series" already, before S----ing the bed vs Tampa Bay & rolling into that Pattern with Seattle & looked stupid vs Baltimore:

The Old Story of Roger & his shoulder suddenly hurting, makes one wonder if he's afraid of a pitching turn in Fenway Park. Then, again, Ol' Ma Nature is telling him that he can't go on like this, for years to come;

After the Seattle Series, the Yankees have ONLY 7 Home Games left in The Bronx & They have more action on the Road, a place which is NOT friendly to them, this year. 6 of those 7 Dates, are Promotional Dates;

Have you noticed that their Ballpark empties out in either the 6th or 7th Inning, when the team is behind? The ONLY People in Fenway Park who leave early are those Suite Types in the EMC Club & State Street Pavilion, a group I now refer to as a Bunch of Crybaby, Runaway Yankees-Type Fans;

&, if there's NO Post-Season, say a Big Good Bye to their crowds for awhile, until the "New Toilet" opens;


Monday, September 03, 2007

Eric Gagne' Out Indefinitely,

As per NESN, Eric Gagne' has a Sore Shoulder & is out for awhile. Nothing further from Yawkey Way! Mike-RSN-NYC-QUEENS.

Pedro Comes Back A Winner

With the NY Mets smashing the Cincy Reds, 10-4. They looked inspired by Pedro Martinez' Return.

Well, Roger! I See That You Peed In The Bed, Again.

You won your "World Series" game, this past Wednesday. But, you were gone, today in the 4th, giving up 5 runs enroute to Seattle winning 7-1 in The Toilet. Nice Day!


Martinez-15th Pitcher to record 3000 Strikeouts:

Victim #2999 was Cincy's Scott Hatteberg(Remember Him from Fenway in '97). Victim #3000 was Reds Hurler, Aaron Harung;

Mets lead 3-2 in Top of 3rd, on an Opposite Field 2 Run Homer by David Wright;

It's now 3-2 Mets going into top of the 4th;

Mike-RSN-NYC-Queens(@ least it's progress).


You KNOW how I Love THIS Team, with REAL, FUN Fans. People call us "Red Sox Nation". Yankees "Fans" have NOTHING On Us:

I'm what one calls a Renegade, as I'm a Sawx Fan, born & raised in Brooklyn, Living in Queens. What a Combo;

I not only write this blog but co-operatively write on "This Blog Sox" & contribute Essays to "Fenway Nation". I know, my fingers are always busy;

I also write about another favorite thing & that's The Traditional Latin Mass. A # of them are Red Sox Fans, which is a sign that "The Nation" is everywhere;

& the Young Lassie, Kaylee in AZ, is feeling Better;

Above are Photos from my Favorite Ball Park & the People who make it memorable, including "The Long Ride Of Wally The Green Monster";

I enjoy the Two Communities Who Come Here, from "Red Sox Nation To Traditional Catholics. You All Make My Day;

Pax Vobiscum;

Lets Go Red Sox(1);
Lets Go Mets(2);


MXCIX-Bad Music Makes For Dull Liturgy

Roger Mahony can keep his bad dance troupe in L A:

The Marty Haugen & Company Crew, have to get out of the business, as your music is boring me to tears at Novus Ordo Masses;

Thank God For The "Motu Proprio", which takes effect in 11 Days From Now, on 09/14/07;

I was at Mass, yesterday & realize that Haugen & Co music was played. It was MIND-NUMBING, to say the Least;

In a Traditional Latin Mass, Haugen & Company's "Music" has no audience;

That "Music" has no place on this Blog. You get Gregorian Chant or NOTHING;

"MC" or 1100 Is Next;


To NY Mets Fans Who Whine Like Long Island North Shore Princesses All Over WFAN Sports Radio 66

Like WEEI-850 In Boston, it's basically a "Whine Line". Mets Fans calling "The FAN", tend to only scratch the surface, by blaming Omar Minaya, for a lack of deals, this past post season. The Same was done to Steve Phillips:

Don't these fans realize that Fred & Jeff Wilpon are behind the "Expos-ization" of The Mets? Please know your history, as the Wilpons don't allow upgrades, for fear of paying the luxury tax. These guys nicknames are "The Coupons". There will be no upgrades until Fred & Co, are in Citi Field;

So, leave the GMs' slone & blame the OWNERS;


7:05PM-ET @ The Fens-Lasch vs Dice-K

Hope to see Lasch get Lashed by Sawx Hitters & Dice-K, dices & slices the Blue Jays:

That would be Grand;


1:05PM-ET @ The Toilet Is Hernandez vs Roger Roidboy

Frankly, Roger, I hope you "S--- The Bed" in this game today:

Here's to you, Jeter, Andy & A-Rod, getting October Off;


You KNOW What I Think Of This Team

They S---. Their Fans S---. Their Radio & TV Crews S---. M L B Umpires who give into Yankmes Fans S---. Roger Clemens is a Roided P O #2. Derek Jeter Is a Diva & Drama Queen. Why does Roger follow Andy Around? Is there a lot of "Chemistry" between them, if you know WHAT I mean?

Why is their Stadium called "The Toilet"? Shouldn't Fans go to a stadium or park to watch a game, instead of going to a toilet?

Torre is OVERRATED, as it was Zimmer, who really ran the club, in the Championship Years, until Steinbrenner shot himself in the foot;

I'm a Red Sox Fan from a NY NATIONAL League Background, so that makes me a real target for Yankthese Fans & Honoured to be Doubly Hated. My HQ is Fenway Park, with my Satellite Office @ Shea Stadium;

My Rant Is Finished. Let's Go Red SOX(1) & Let's Go Mets(2);


Pedro Returns TODAY @ 1:15PM-ET

He's Good to Go from Cincy vs The Reds. To read further, just click on the Title:

TV-SNY in SNY TV Regions of NY, CT, NJ & PA. FSN-Ohio will also be on the air on Extra Innings;


I See That Roger's "Gal Friday", Andy, P--d The Bed, Yesterday In The Bronx

What's The Matter, Andy? Roger didn't give you your Injectable "Vitamins"? Awwwwww, poor baby;

The Taunton HS Girls Softball State Champions, had more gas than you did, yesterday;

The Yankthese lost 8-2 in "The Toilet" to Tampa Bay;

When You S---, You S---(Which in The Minds & Hearts of Red Sox Nation, 110% of The Time, anyway);


Some Fenway Friends From Friday

The Top Photo shows Michelle & Daughter. They were Cool & Fun to be with. Standing Behind them, in the Blue Cap, is Steve Sanchez of The Taunton Gazette:

Photo #2, when Michelle took my picture with The MA State High School Champions, Taunton & what great people to be seated with;

Photo#3, is my shot of the Taunton Team;

More Pics Later;


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pelfrey's 1st Winner

Mets now 3 up on Philly & 6.5 on the Atlanta Braves. Congrats to Mike Pelfrey on his 1st Win.

XXII To Go To an AL East Championship-MXC

In Roman Numerals, "XXII" is "22", any Combination Of Red Sox Wins &/or Yankees Losses, will lead to An A L East Title, for the Team for Which "We Still Believe":

This article is "MXC" or "1090";

Once AGAIN, Clay Buchholz, CONGRATULATIONS on The "No-No";


You Just KNEW Buchholz Was Up To SOMETHING Special, Last Night

The Plays in the field were crisp(No Pun Intended), including one by Coco. Pedroia's Nice Diving Stop to stop a single & The Comebacker to Clay Buchholz, signaled that Something Special was occuring:

Clay Buchholz Walked 3 & Struck out 9 & The Sawx scored 10 Runs, en route to a 10-0 Blowout of the Orioles, last Night in The Fens;

A No Hitter, 1st-Ever By A Red Sox Rookie, signals a Great Pitcher In The Making(Or does it signal the FO to make a Stupid Move to Bring in Armando Benitez-Who Knows);

T'was a Night To Remember;

So's ANY Night in The Fens;


Saturday, September 01, 2007

In An Interesting Sideline In Last Night's Whacked-Out Game

Being Seated In Box 90, next to the Taunton '07 High School State Softball Champions, who were really cool. Beats looking at those arsecap Bleacher Creatures, anytime:

Michelle & her Daughter, were Nice Company, as many a good conversation, ensued;

Lara was cool company as we waited for Amtrak Regional 174 to pull into Boston Rte 128, as there was a delay of a few minutes. We both exited at Back Bay, over by Copley Square, which reminds me of Union Square, on East 14th Street, on my merry was to "Professor Thom's", aka, THE Consumate Red Sox-Themed Pub, in NYC;

My Thanks to Amtrak's Tim Driscoll, for the Heads Up on Back Bay & the Green Line T Connection, there, as Copley was 2 Blocks Away;

Copley's ONLY 2 T Stops from Kenmore, which made it nice to get to my favorite place in New England, or the Northeast, for that matter;

I had my 1st-Ever Beer in the Ball Park, so I drank a Guinness Stout. I can't do THAT, in Shea Stadium;

"Sweet Caroline", The Wave & 7th Inning stretch were fun points;

Big Story in "The Hub" was that 2 Hub Firefighters named Cahill & Wayne, were killed in a Major Fire(Kyrie Elaison). A moment of Silence was held. All Flags in Boston were flown at half mast;

Dave Cummings, a star of "Still We Believe" recovering from a broken neck, threw out a Ceremonial 1st Pitch-Ovation was Huge. He threw better than Julian Tarvarez;

Dr Otis Dixon, Age 104, from Harvard Law School, also threw out a 1st Pitch. He threw Better than Mike Timlin & Eric Gagne';

Michelle was not @ all pleased with the Eric Gagne' for Kason Gabbard-David Murphy Deal. A lot of Red Sox Faithful were p'od over THAT Deal. A lot felt that a LOT of Momentum & Pitching was disrupted, by that move;

The Red Sox Fans are The Best Anywhere, especially in the Lower Stands & Bleachers. They tend to stick with the WHOLE Game, even through a Driving Drizzle. It's those Fat Cats in the EMC Club & State Street Pavilion, who remind me of those "Fans" in The Bronx, who ran before the 7th Inning;

The Anti-Yankees Shirts keep getting Wilder & Wilder. One read "Posada's A Litlle B----", "A-Rod S---- Jeter", & "A-Rod, Mr April, MISS October." I bought the Original "Yankees Suck" Shirt, on Brookline Avenue, n'r Kenmore Station;

A Word to the MBTA-@ least run until 2:30AM, when the Bars Close, ESPECIALLY after Sox Games. I had to wait until 2:00AM for a Bus Back to NYC;

The Adventures Of Mike-RSN-NYC-Queens, saying in the Immortal Words of Fitzy of Townie News, it's "Root, Root, Root For The Red Sox; If They Don't Win, then "Go F--- Yourself".

When Markakis Homered

Some Jackarse tossed the ball back near JD Drew's Feet & got tossed:

Fenway Security Plays No Games;

So be good or else;