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Sunday, April 17, 2011

1 Thing a Major League Baseball Player doesn't want to hear is "Welcome To The NY Mets."(Lol).
--ORIGINAL MSG: The M E S S Mess are a Bad Joke.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Mets are, as 1 Past Grand Knight is being paraphrased, "AWFUL."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Filipinos & Irish have something in common-Texting. I once lent my ATT Phone to an Irish Woman, who needed to send a text back home. Verizon didn't do int text
Sports Radio, a variation of Talk Radio, is NOT a bastion of Keen Intellectualism. Please!
Funny how the Red Sox took 2/3 from the Yankees. They're having trouble @ Home over the Tampa Bay Rays. Horrible!
Lansdowne126-MMD Productions LLC produced the K of C Free Throw over 8 Video Sharing Services. The coverage is the 1st one not exclusive to YouTube. Great!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The K of C Free Throw Coverage can be seen on Vimeo, Viddler, YouTube, VodPod, Dailymotion,, & This is the 1st Coverage not exclusive to 1svc
I spent from Early January until Early April, producing the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Basketball Championship Video Coverage on Various Video Nets.
C/O Blogger, one can blog via Text Messaging. Since Virgin Mobile has Unlimited Text Messaging, I can send my thoughts to my blog, quickly.
You never win on paper. You have to play that game. M
WEEI & WFAN are the "Institutes For The Intellectually Challenged." Every caller thinks they are some team's GM.
Remember this point in Baseball-ALL these games do count right now. M