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Monday, November 30, 2009

For Mac Users-The Software Suggestion-MMMI

Let's say one is a Mac User. Mac users often demand great, intuitive software. Here's a way of getting great software without breaking the bank:

Microsoft Office is said to be the Gold Standard for both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. It can also be rather expensive. In the Home/Student Edition of MS Office:Mac 2008, 1 GB of space is needed on the hard disk. Business Version requires 2.3 GB on the hard disk. The 1st Version is anywhere from $99 to $149, while the other is around $399.

In my system, if I need templates for my writing, I use iWork '08 Pages. If I need total Microsoft Office Compatibility, I have it in Neolithic Office, a Mac OS X port of the Open Office Project. Having both Office Suites from Apple and Neolithic Office, the total GB Count is 1.6GB and $79.99 for both suites.

Neolithic Office has Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Formula, Drawing and Database Functions, making it a suite in tribute to Appleworks. iWork has Word Processing/Layout, Presentation and Spreadsheet functions. Both are valuable and will save money.

If you absolutely need Microsoft Office:Mac, it's actually more fun on the Mac side than in Windows. Just add an entry to an Excel Sheet and watch the column jump up at you. You won't see that in Windows Versions.

Just a tip to Mac Users!

The Pez Report-Mac Software Edition


MMM-Three Millenia Of Articles

One can only imagine the effort put into an essay on a website, which is often called a Blog. There are 2,999 prior articles on this site, whether they be a simple exclamation or a long essay, which this 3,000th Post is going to be.
One has to wonder how what began as a Boston Red Sox Baseball Blog has expanded to other topics, such as the Catholic Liturgical Debate of Traditional Latin vs a vs Use of The Vernacular.

Let’s just say that certain topics inspire passion. This afternoon at 5:15PM-EST, I was at St. Agnes RC Church on East 43rd Street, between Lexington & Third Avenues in Midtown Manhattan. The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass in the Ordinary Rite, often referred to as the Novus Ordo Mass by certain people in a quasi-derisive manner, is what is offered at 5:15PM. However, there are no “Michael Row The Boat Ashore” Style Hymns played at St Agnes Parish. Rather, the “Kyrie” was sung by the Cantor in Greek, he also being the Organist, in the style of Gregorian Chant, often called Plainsong. The “Agnus Dei” and Communion Antiphon were chanted in Latin.

I believe in receiving the Body of Christ on the tongue and not in my hand, as I do not have consecrated hands, like a Priest, Bishop or Deacon has. At St Agnes, the Parish from whence the Traditional Latin Mass has returned over 20 Years ago, even in the Ordinary Rite of The Mass, as offered today, Communicants often prefer to kneel at the Communion Rail, which is something I prefer to do.

I was at a 5PM Sunday Mass in Queens, in recent time, replete with Guitar Music and it turns me off, with Children as the choir in this arrangement. WHEN I was a child, I remember having to learn hymns that are of a Praiseworthy Nature, with one of those Hymns heard during the Christmas Midnight Mass from St Peter’s Basilica, sung by the Sistine Choir. Today, children are taught to sing JUNK. If I want junk, I’ll watch Baseball at Citi Field, viewing the NY Mets.
Other topics have sent me over the edge, such as the Deal the Red Sox made to obtain that broken down slab of Canadian Bacon, Eric Gagne’. Please, his fastball was infused with Human Growth Hormone. When he didn’t have access to that, he couldn’t throw to save his life. One wonders why Paul “Fitzy” Fitzgerald had taped a rant against Gagne’, while on Holiday on Cape Cod!
This evening, across the street from the United Nations, also called the Turtle Bay Spy Club, I was at Holy Family Parish for Advent Vespers. The Air was filled with that sweet aroma called Incense and there was Benediction for The Most Holy Sacrament Of The Altar, called the Eucharist, held in a Golden Monstrance, on the Altar.

“Down In Adoration Falling” sung in Latin as “Tantum Ergo, Sacramentum” was done this evening. The Church was where Pope Paul VI(Giovanni Battista Montini), met with Catholic, Protestant and Jewish Leaders on the subject of Peace in The World, on October 4th, 1965, hence I was in an Historical Location.

My Good Friend(Actually Alter Ego)Ross Mac Duncan has written a Novel called “Southie O’” about the life, loves and furies of Boston Detective Paul “Southie” O’Brien. Check out the novel at or

I like to play with Software. This 3,000 Article was done using Bean, a nice light Mac word processor, free on the web. The Southie O’ Novel was written using iWork Pages. iWork is a combination of Word Processing & Layout Program, Spreadsheet and Presentation Software, both intuitive and fun to use & won’t break the bank like Microsoft Office:Mac. If you absolutely have to have MS Office Compatibility, there is Neolithic Office, a Mac Adaptation of Open Office, which is free and great software. Of course if you MUST have MS Office:Mac, it’ll be a LOT more spectacular than its’ Windows Version. The next Windows version of MS Office, will be from the last Mac Version of it.
Funny, it was Appleworks which got me attuned to the Mac OS, back in OS 9.2.2. Neolithic Office, with its’ integration of applications in one suite, is a tribute to Appleworks, only with more file formats.

On the subject called “The New Age”:
I recently studied some therapy called “Reiki” which is supposedly a Spiritual Therapy, claiming all kinds of benefits for one’s health. In one such session, I can say that lying on a massage table, listening to soft music, and doing some deep breathing can be a relaxing experience, but one cannot run energy to an area to cure pain. Another thing-Reiki can be a bit expensive. So, if you want a deeply-relaxing and spiritual session, one which costs nothing and which may give you the Free Gift of God’s Grace, try listening to and praying prayers in Latin in Gregorian Chant. I find that the Sacrament of Penance gives one Peace of Mind and Grace at the same time.
Reiki only came about in 1922, when a Dr Usui was up on a mountain near Kyoto for 21 Days at 2000 Feet. Frankly, I think he was suffering from Malnourishment and was starting to see the So-Called “White Light”, because of the malnourishment. Reiki is NOT ancient, to learn a bunch of symbols which I think are crap and symbolize other things, and is EXPENSIVE. Basically, the Practitioner is carrying out a Medical Procedure, which many Health Care Practitioners carry out, called a Cashectomy. Stay clear of it, for your Faith & Health. Thanks !

As Far as Red Sox Fans in The NY-NJ-CT Metro area are concerned, we’re a good bunch of fans. Besides, I think it’s more fun being Red Sox Oriented in the NY Area. The Next person who asks me my LEAST FAVORITE Question “How did you become a Red Sox Fan in the NYC Area”, which is ONLY asked here in NYC, may get a pint of Miller Lite in one’s hair(LOL), as I NEVER GOT this question asked of me at Fenway Park.

As for NY Mets Fans, you’re my best companions at Sunday Mass, as I appreciate your sense of humor, before and after a game, as I’ve seen many of you at the 5:15PM Mass at St Agnes in Manhattan. I will not pour beer on any one of you.

Don’t get me started on The Yankees.

Three Thousand Articles, from June, ‘05 until Now.

Pax Vobiscum!

The Pez Report Three Thousand Special


Saturday, November 28, 2009


I DO NOT LIKE DRAMA QUEENS like Miguel Cabrera. He decided to get fershnickered with a Blood Alcohol Level of 0.26, throwing the Detroit Tigers out of Postseason:

In short, he's more of a clubhouse cancer than Manny Ramirez or Alex Rodriguez. He once decided to fight Florida Marlins Team Mate and Pitcher Scott Olsen on the bench at Shea Stadium, where he was ejected while on base after he was clipped by a pitch;

In the '06 All Star Game, he failed to even try to put his glove down to attempt to field a ground ball. Gee, I wonder WHY, DUDE? Must be you didn't like being the star of the show;


The Pez Report


I Was Rather-Tourqued Off In Regards To The '09 Red Sox

One could find WHY The Red Sox did not do well vs The LA Angels Of Anaheim. Quite-Simply, they had no bearing in regards to the last two weeks of the regular season:

Looking listless vs the KC Royals was a sign that all was NOT RIGHT;

BUT, the Quiet Winter of '07-'08 was a warning signal that '09 was not going to go well;

Jonathan Papelbon's Warning Sign really came when he blew a save and lost a game in May, giving up a two run homer to someone I shouted "Go Try That In Citi Field" to;

Losing a Series to The Mets is NOT Good Form-a team mismanaged by Investors in a Bernie From Far Rockaway Ponzi Scheme. I didn't feel good after that Series;

WHY the problems signing Jason Bay?

The Pez Report


Mr C. Manuel? Was Pedro Your Idea Of Causing One To Lose One's Lunch?

If you are all wondering WHY I'm doing a World Series Rant at this point, consider that the Series did end in this month:

Charlie? The Yankees were NOT Fooled-they've hit Pedro before. & In that new rendition of the ballpark, where I suspect that distances are certainly shorter than marked, Pedro is noted for being careless at inopportune times. In Game 6, Pedro had nothing in the tank;

Charlie M? I don't appreciate you being a "Mini Grady";

You NEVER Start Pedro Martinez in Yankee Stadium;

A Pez Report Rant!


Friday, November 27, 2009

At Age 99-The Voice Has Retired

He went to both St John's Preparatory and St John's University and graduated from both places:

He obtained his Masters from Columbia University;

At St John's University, both in Brooklyn and in Queens, he taught Speech. He even taught one John Franco, he from the Mets Bullpen;

From 1951 until 2007, he was "The Voice Of Yankee Stadium";

Robert Sheppard has hung up his microphone, spanning the era from when there were 16 MLB Teams until now with 30 Clubs;

Noted for his precise way of speaking, he has been imitated by Comedians and Broadcasters;

Godspeed MR Sheppard!

The Pez Report


Thursday, November 26, 2009

In Regards To Christmas-There Are Steps To It & 40 Years Since The Change(MMCMXCV)

Out With The Old & In With The New:

The Liturgical Calendar Begins with This Sunday in The 1st Sunday Of Advent-The Gloria Is Not Sung nor recited, as Advent Is a Penitential Season, leading to Christmas. There are Four Sundays;

So, to those who are Liturgically-Inclined, I say Happy New Year. I know it's not January 1st, but for The Church Catholic & Apostolic, a New Day & Year is Dawning;

Forty Years Ago at This Time, The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass was updated to a New Form. Sadly, so was the Music, which went from Solemn to Please Don't Ask. Thank Goodness, there are places which will NOT play that Music and do utilize the Time Honored Gregorian Chant Of All The Ages, as well as Hymns Of Praise;

But, the Traditional Latin Mass is being offered in much bigger numbers than ever before. Even now in the Ordinary Rite, more Parishes are placing the Tabernacle at The Center, WHERE IT BELONGS. The Three Chairs in the Middle, without the Tabernacle There, looks either Broad Church Anglican or Lutheran, or Masonic in arrangement;

But things are looking up for The Better;

Pax Vobiscum;

The Pez Report


The Baseball Season Begins Wiith Spring Training In March

I think as Football grinds down, Baseball awaits us:

The Red Sox will open vs Northeastern University in Fort Myers, FL;

Twice they face some team called "The NY MESS", once in Port St. Loathesome(SNY at 1:05PM) & on March 17th, in the Wearing of The Green Uniforms on St Patrick's Day(1:05PM on NESN);

On NESN, it'll be DO & Either The RemDawg or Someone named Eck;

On SNY, Gary, Keith & Ron will paint the Game Picture, Directed by Bill Webb, who also directs FOX Saturday Baseball, with the Blonde-Haired & Sarcastic Joe Buck & The Red Dyed Tim Mc Carver(AKA-The Baboon);

Baseball, Sox Style-Catch It;

Baseball, Mets Style-At Least Gary, Keith and Ron are entertaining. Got that, JEFFY?

The Pez Report


The Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving to all of You!

It's Short & Sweet:

The Pez Report


The Church Of The "Tre Monsignori" & A Requiem

My dear friends The Kellys, suffered a loss, as Jenifer's Mum passed on:

Mass of The Resurrection occurred at Our Lady Of Miraculous Medal in Ridgewood, Queens, by the Maspeth Border;

God Does NOT Lose WHAT is HIS;

For Life Is NOT Ended, just Changed-In Paradisium;

The Choir Loft is High & The Tabernacle is at The Centre;

There's even a Communion Rail, not often seen in a Catholic Church Setting;

The Mass Celebrant was one of Three Monsignors;

Monsignor Anthony Danna, formerly the Associate Publisher Of "The Tablet", offered The Mass;

At The Wake Service the evening before, Monsignor George Shuster, offered the prayers and comfort;

The Pastor is Monsignor Edward Ryan, a member of K of C Council 6194, whose 4th Degree I Witnessed;

Hence WHY I called The Parish, the Church of The "Tre Monsignori";

Pax Vobiscum;

& Happy Thanksgiving, to all of You out There;

The Pez Report


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I just had my hand shaken by Steven Spielborg at the 9th Avenue Apple Store. Seems he is a customer here.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

MMCMXC-What I Prefer Liturgically

As One who saw the Dramatic Liturgical Changes 40 Years ago at this time, unto the point where The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass took on aspects of the Sacred Liturgies of The Lutherans, with the beginning of the Haugen-Haas Insipid Hymn Festival at such Liturgies, often infused to us in the form of a "Folk" Mass, I feel I can comment on the state of Liturgy:

I am now seeing a return of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar to His Proper Place at The Centre of The Altar, which "Dignum Et Justum Est" or in the vernacular, "It Is Right & Just."

The Problem within the Current Offering Of The Sacred Liturgy, began with the Priest facing The Populi. Whereas the the Focus of The Liturgy should be on The Christ in regards to the Eucharist, which occurred when the Priest faced East, the Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass in the current form, may give way to a personality centred Liturgy:

If there's one thing to be said about the Anglican Book Of Common Prayer, it must be noted that the English used, is of a stately manner;

Currently, I attend the 5:15PM Sunday Mass at St Agnes RC Church on East 43rd Street, between Lexington and Third Avenues, in Midtown Manhattan, though I reside in Queens. WHY do I do this? There is absolutely NO Haugen-Haas Awful Liturgical Musical Festival. There is NO "Michael Row The Boat Ashore" type of Liturgical Music at Mass there. There is a stately Opening Hymn and Closing Hymn. There is the singing of Gregorian Chant in Latin, at the Communion Antiphon. Some pre-Communion Prayers like the "Agnus Dei" are chanted in Latin. There is Solemnity as it should be;

The Parish is home to the Traditional Latin Mass of the 1962 Missale Romanum, but even in the current Ordinary Rite, there is a Beautiful Solemnity, I experience NOWHERE Else:

Mum was Baptized there in 1921;

I went to the then Parish Owned HS from 1969 to 1973, when the school had liberalized somewhat;

But, as a Church with Solemnity, even in the Current Liturgical Form, I feel at Home;

Pax Vobis;

The Pez Report


MMCMLXXXIX-The Last Sunday After Pentecost Or The Feast of Christ The King

If you go according to the Traditional Catholic Calendar, this is the Twenty Fourth And Last Sunday After Pentecost, as it is during the Offering of The Traditional Latin Mass or The Anglican Use Sarum Rite Mass. If you go according to the Ordinary Rite, to day is the Feast Of Christ The King, which is celebrated in October in the Extraordinary Rite of The Traditional Latin Mass. Either way, the Old Calendar is passing and the New Year of The Church is upon us, as of Next Sunday, in the Minor Penitential Feast called Advent, bringing us into Christmas.

Out with The Old and In With The New, as in Renewal;

The Pez Report


Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Snowbird Who Flew Home

Actually, he was called Home By God:

An Integral Part of The Ancient Order Of Hibernians in Queens County, Vincent played the Grand Role of Historian, imparting lessons to us all(Halloween is Irish, Dear People);

For he received the Grandest Call of All Time, For God Called Him Home, last Sunday;

"Bless You, My Son", was his call to me;

To which I say "Bless You Da";

Slan Leat!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On The 11th Day Of The 11th Month At The 11th Hour In 1918

The War To End All wars ended, which we know as World War I. An Armistice was signed. As a National Holiday, it was called Armistice Day. It is now called Veterans Day to honor all The Veterans of All Wars:

You see a veteran of any conflict or an active duty soldier, Thank Him or Her. Buy them a cup of Coffee, tea or even an Adult Beverage;

To date, only 1 "Doughboy" from WWI from the US is alive. Ditto, Canada & that last Canadian Veteran is a US Citizen, living in Washington State. 2K WWII Veterans per day are dying. Korean & Vietnam Veterans are aging. & Now we have Gulf War and Current Vets in our Midst;

God Bless America!

The Pez Report


Monday, November 09, 2009

I Have An Idea What You're Thinking Of The New Music On This Blog

If you are a US Marine, it's a John Philip Sousa March. You would be absolutely correct in saying so:

But to those of us who were children, teens and adults in the 1970s, it means "And Now For Something Completely Different";

The Military March, called "The Liberty Bell", is the theme for "Monty Python's Flying Circus", which starred Messrs Eric Idle, John Cleese, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam & The Late Graham Chapman. The female most-often cast in the series was Carol Cleveland. The show was on BBC 1 for a number of seasons, as well as various PBS Stations and later as part of ABC Late Evening Programming;

The show still causes me gales of laughter;

The Pez Report


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Game ended. Yankees won!
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27 World Championships for DF Yankees-Oh, FUCK!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Under NO Circumstances Is It Permissible To Do THIS

Repeat-Under NO Circumstances is it permissible for METS Fans to root for DFYankees & certainly NOT in a World Series:

It's like Jews rooting for HITLER;
In my parlance, a METS Fan who roots for the Yankees in this series, deserves to be strung from a Citi Field Light Tower. In the past, it would've been an Ankle Hang from a Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp;

It's losing your Baseball Soul;

The Pez Report


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Oh, S--t, I Had To Bat & I Couldn't Pitch

AJ Burnett couldn't pitch last evening. It's more like he s--t the bed, which is really nothing new for him, giving up 6 Earned Runs in 2 Innings, with the Philadelphia Phillies hitting the NY Yankees 8-6:

The Yankees are 1 away from a World Series Title, #27 to be exact, but they may have to do it in that ridiculous bandbox of theirs with the Low Fences, like HS or Little League Low Fences;

Then again, it still might not happen, as CC Sabbathia isn't quite a World Series Pitcher;

Cliff Lee was strong but not quite as strong. Ryan Madson isn't the kind of Reliever I would have confidence in. And Chase Utley set a new record for 2nd Basemen, cracking his 7th Postseason Homer. Raul Ibanez cracked one a nice distance;

Notice Jorge Posada's Double-it was a Homer in RF Pop Fly Land in The Bronx, but not in Citizens Bank Park.

Now one Wonders about the Listed Yankee Stadium III Distances-are they the REAL Distances or is that all for show, & perhaps deception, by possibly 15 Feet? Like how SHORT are those Distances?

7:57PM ET on FOX, Tomorrow. Radio is WPHT 1210, Philadelphia, if you DON't Want to hear Sterling & Suzyn or The Wit & "Wisdom" of Tim Mc Cavah.

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Game ended. Yankees lost.
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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Not far Down The Line On This Blog is MMM or 3K

From The Red Sox To The Catholic Faith to other subjects:

3K is a heady # of articles, but even I get bored;


The Pez Report


As Explained To Me By An Irish Born-Woman

The Festival called Halloween is of Irish Nature, not American. Halloween is All Hallows Eve There. In fact, according to the Old Celtic Calendar, this is the beginning of a New Year. But with Christianity it became All Hallows Eve, replete with Feasting and Bonfires:

Cut with the "Top O' The Morning To You"-It does NOT exist in Irish Culture.

TO those two Irish Ladies on Holiday-Slan Leat!


The Pez Report