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Friday, October 31, 2008

WHY Are The '08 Rays Being Compared To The '69 Mets? WHY?

For WHATEVER Reason, I feel that this is a strange comparison:

In 1967, The NY Mets were in 10th Place. In 1968, they were 73-89 and in 9th Place in the National League;

In July, 1969, they were just behind the Cubs. On August 15th, 1969, the Mets were in 3rd Place in the National League East;

On September 10th, 1969, the Mets Passed The Cubs, by defeating the Montreal Expos in the 1st Game of a Doubleheader(Twi-Night at Shea Stadium), and never trailed again, as the Chicago Cubs were s--ting the proverbial bed. On September 24th, a Wednesday Night, with Lindsey Nelson on WOR 9, and Bob Murphy on WJRZ 970AM(The FAN Didn't Exist), The Mets won the 1st Eastern Division Championship of the National League. The Game started at 7:05PM ET and ended at 9:07PM ET, when St Louis Cardinals 3rd Baseman and Perpetual Green Tea Drinker, St Joseph Of Torre, cracked into a double play. Gary Gentry was the Winning Pitcher, and even cracked a smile for the TV Cameras. There was Joy in The Borough of Queens and Stu Sternberg of Canarsie, Brooklyn, was only 10 Years Old;

I saw 7 Mets Games that year. They only won 2 of the games I saw. The Mets drew about 2.5 Million Fans through the Shea Turnstiles;

They made easy work of The Atlanta Braves, The NL West Champions, then took the Heavily-Favored Baltimore Orioles, 4 Games to One, losing their 1st WS Game, 4-1 in Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. The Orioles drew over 1.2 Million Fans in a place, which is now an empty lot;

So, O Brilliant M L B Comparison Freaks, WTF is this equivication between Tampa Bay and The Mets?

Tampa Bay drew 1.3 Million Fans(strange For a 1st Place team for most of the '08 Season, or ANY Season), NOT 2.5 Million Fans. And according to MLB's way of counting attendance, the American League Standard of counting Tickets Sold, instead of Physical Passing Through Turnstiles(The NL Method), was utilized here. The 2.5 Million Fans in 1969, was counted by actual attendance(Paid that is). 4 to 6 Sellouts tell me that Tampa Bay was not an enthusiastic Baseball Town. If we go according to NL Standards, I would say that Tampa Bay only drew about 800K, if at all;

Mets Fans in 1969 brough their Lungs and Signs to ball games. ONLY in Postseason, did Tampa Bay bring their Cowbells to the Games and that was ONLY in Postseason. Cowbell Man at Shea Stadium, was the ONLY Guy I knew, who brought a cowbell to Mets Games. I guess that this is the place where Stu Sternberg got his idea to ply Tampa Bay Fans with Cowbells, as well as assorted noisemakers, possibly bought at a garage sale of clearance items from Jeffy's Bar Mitzvah;

Had The Boston Red Sox been at peak health, without Manny Being an A--h-le, The Famous Not So Original Rays, who play in a glorified circus tent, might have been out of this situation, quickly. Instead, on FOX and tbs(Very Funny), we saw all of the Bandwagoning Frauds, passing as fans in The Giant Cloth Tent. They showed up trying to pass as fans, and did a lousy job. They looked out of place, not unlike Marlins Fans, who need to be told when to stand, sit, cheer and fart in sequence. It was disgusting. They had a winner and didn't know it for most of the '08 Season;

You wouldn't catch this in Boston at Fenway Park, where Fans are Fans, not a bunch of Socialites, who show up once every few years, when the mood suits them;


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Halloween Conversations At AOH Division 2-Babylon, LI, NY

Conversations included, NOT THESE 2 Gentlemen, but more serious things such as the Inclusions of Latin in The Mass, something which The Rebels of Vatican II, didn't wish to address. The place, where these 2 Gentlemen, conducted their torturous dialogues, is being dismantled:

Peggy, one of the Students of The Gerry Tobin Irish Language School, sings at Funeral Masses. She asked me if I had witnessed a Latin Mass, so I answered in the affirmative. I mentioned that where I go to Mass on Occasion, that certain prayers such as the "Sanctus" are sung in Latin, as well as the "Agnus Dei", The "Kyrie"(Greek) and the Communion Antiphon;

To her this is a Good thing, as Latin was NEVER MEANT, by Vatican II, to go the way of Shea Stadium. In short, Latin was to be preserved in The Mass, in various Prayers such as the "Pater Noster", The "Credo", amongst other things;

Latin is The Universal Language of The Church-it MUST be Preserved;


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NOW That Baseball Is Wrapped Up, I Shall Be Writing Other Subjects For A Few Days Like HALLOWEEN

Imagine no -uck and Mc Cavah, to kick around anymore. Can you imagine Halloween Masks of both Doofus Joe and Tim Mc Fullofs--t? How well are they selling?

Probably not too well, as who TF watched "The World Series On FOX"? Who would buy a "Jeffy" Mask?

The Not So American Holiday of Halloween is here. Let's just say it originated in Ireland, which, according to my spies, is turning into a veritable "East New York", as Ireland isn't Ireland, anymore. Can Anyone say "75 Precint", as it would be said in my Native Brooklyn?

1st of all, Halloween was at One Time, Irish New Years Eve, as November 1st on the Irish Calendar, was New Years Day, in Pre-Christian Ireland. When Ireland was Christianised, It became "All Hallows Eve";

In The Pagan Form, food was left out, with the hope that evil spirits would eat the food and leave those folks at home, alone. It was a "Fright Night", later evolving into parties and bonfires. Halloween survived in Ireland and made it to these shores;

In the modern form, it got a bit nasty. Stores are not selling eggs and shaving cream to minors, here in NYC. The Americanised version of Halloween has made it in Europe and a lot of people are pissed off over there, probably from the sale of -uck and Mc Cavah Masks, not to mention all the hair dye that goes with it;

Oh, Well! Trick Or Treat! Please don't get made up to look like THESE TWO!



Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last Night At Approximately 02 Hours GMT, All This Series BS Ended

It ended in the Chill Of October, on The Pitch(Field), in The City Founded By Quakers, in the South Portion, from whence a team from an enlarged circus tent, was sent home crying:

The Mets had better Pitching than T B Rays, but because Jeffy was too busy running Willie out on a rail, the Mets never got to Postseason, with Jeffy looking to Move into $iti Field, and chasing his corps of family fans out in favour of assorted nouveau riche, sherry sippers, who need to be told when to fart;

As a reminder to Mets Fans, Mr Bradford was in for Tampa Bay;

Later and Congratulations to The Phillies, who don't need a dome!

Thus Ends The Saga Of Buck And Mc Carver;



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

8:37PM-ET Or 0037 GMT-Pick It Up In The Top Of The 7th

It'll be cold and dry, barring any last minute cold fronts moving through NJ and PA:

To either keep us warm, there will be the usual hot air from -uck and Mc Fullofs--t, or via ESPN Radio, Miller and HOF Morgan;

Should the '08 WS end tonight, it'll be fine. If not, it'll be Game 6 at The Trop Circus Tent, tomorrow night;


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The New Toilet Is Over Budget By 30%

In case you're wondering about that "New Toilet", it's Yankee Stadium III, where a nouveau-riche class of a--h-les, will be bombed from beer by the Bottom of the 2nd Inning:

Click on the Title and read a Reuters Report all about The Yankees Financing Mess;

Thanks! And hank, I think you NEED to "GFY";


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Please, Tim, SHUT UP

For whatever reason, "The Moron From Memphis", "The Sophocles Of The Diamond" and FOX Sports Lead Baseball Analyst, The Insufferable James Timothy Mc Carver, whose name is chanted in Professor Thom's "Riviera List", where each name on that list, is preceded by the word beginning with the letter "F", suggested that if he had his way, Game 5 would've been played all over again:

Is it so we suffering Denizens have to listen to Disinterested Joe Buck and You, shooting the Chit for 4 Hours, in between 17+ mentions of Derek Jeter, as well as listening to your constant getting players names wrong? Please, NO;

Click on the title of this article and be taken to his latest rant in the Philadelphia Daily News(P D N);



Monday, October 27, 2008

The NYC Area Ultimate Yankee Haters List

It is about time I pay High Tribute to those who spend their days, despising the NY Yankees, they who root for the Boston Red Sox, a virtual 3rd NYC Baseball Team in the Tradition of The Brooklyn Dodgers, The NY Mets, descendants of both the Brooklyn Dodgers and NY Giants, and(Steve of Staten Island and formerly from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn), The Philadelphia Phillies, as NJ is part of the NY Metro Area, You definitely deserve a mention, for your faithful call for the Utter Destruction of The NY Yankees. The Winners are, as follows:

John Brian Quinn-Native to The Borough of Brooklyn in the County of Kings, in the State of New York. He remembers going on a Shea Stadium Trip w/the Knights Of Columbus(Which Council, this Past Grand Knight-Writer has no idea) in 1968 and remembers Borden's Coupons for Mets Games. M.Donald Grant(Remember Him?), pissed off J B Q with intensity(Tom Seaver Trade #1), as the Mets, since the death of Joan Whitney Payson, went on a downgrading spree(Going CHEAP). He fully entered "The Nation" in 1978;

Nick Stevens of North Billerica, MA, now residing in the Park Slope Section of Brooklyn, not far from where the Original Dodger Stadium was to be built. You wonder just WHO is Nick Stevens is. Well, he;s quoted on this blog as Mr "GFY". You in New England, know him as Paul "Fitzy" Fitzgerald, The Consumate Boston Sports Fan, the kind of guy who appreciates beer, sports and life. "GFY" is translated as "Go F--- Yourself", especially when One Eric Gagne' had a tendancy to blow close games for the Sawx in '07. I have often quoted Nick's "Fitzy" Character on these blogs, especially whenever I had a beef with The Red Sox Front Office, or with Jeffy Wilpon, whatever. He's a Lifetime Member of "The Nation";

Steve Keane from Staten Island, formerly from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, who wears his Love of The Mets, on his sleeve. He declared that Doofus Joe Buck and Tim Mc Fullof s--t, are both idiots, as well as his contempt for Jeffy Wilpon, in more ways than one;

Taryn Cooper, a Mets Blogger from NJ, who lets the Mets have it, from time to time and has contempt for that little s--t Jeffy;

Peter Naboichik from the Waterbury, CT area for his hopeful Red Sox Blogs, which are entertaining;

Jere Smith, who grew up in Danbury, CT, who Co-Wrote the Novel, "Dirty Water" a Red Sox Murder Mystery, with his mom, Mary-Anne Tirone-Smith, and who "Cheered" the Demolition of the Gargantuan Shea Stadium Scoreboard, which is why he wears specs today, as we speak;

Ed Seewald Jr(Past Grand Knight, Humorist, and Past 4th Degree Faithful Navigator), whose Yankee Hatred knows no bounds. He took a picture of a Long Island Railroad Toilet Bowl, which depicts my representation of Yankee Stadium(Toilet)II;

Mr Jerry Seinfeld of Massapequa, LI, who had George Steinbrenner Ridiculed, on "Seinfeld" for a few Years on NBC. He has a Citi Field Season Box;

Mike Leggett, owner of this blog, from his beginnings as a Shea and now Fenway Denizen, originally from East NY Brooklyn, who remembers $1/30 Upper Level Seats, despising M. Donald Grant, and Jeffy Wilpon, as well as chronicaling Red Sox Goins-Ons at Fenway Park(Michael is a 4th Degree Sir Knight and Past Grand Knight, now living in Queens for almost 27 Years. Eric Gagne' is a Waste of his time;

The Honorable Governor of The State Of New York(Red Sox Nation That Is), originally from Alston-Brighton, Boston, MA, Mr Christopher Wertz, One of The partners in the SUCCESSFUL Venture, Professor Thom's Bar in The East Village of Manhattan, who despises "Riviera Chili" and gave Mike Leggett the name of "Big Giant Pez";

And last and NOT Least, Jim Mc Guire, a Partner in Professor Thom's, who inspired the "F--k The Riviera" Chant, originally from Newark, NJ and the One who 1st gave asylum to NYC's Bunch of Red Sox Fans;

There's your NYC Yankee Haters, for all time;

Derek Jeter and Tim Mc Carver, not to mention Joe Buck, all of you 3 NEED to "Go F--k Yourselves";

All commentary in the Videos are mine. If You don't like it, take "Fitzy's" Advice and " GFY";


PS to Bud The Used Car Salesman-With all this rain and WS Games starting st 0206 GMT, you defintely NEED to "GFY";

Later! I'm Outta here!

Mike Higgins. of Jersey City-a Phillies Fan-Partner in Professor Thom's-1 Game Away from It All-Congrats!



Game 5 Shows Us The Tampa Bay Fakers

Ski Caps? You gotta be kidding, in 50s temperatures:




"Auld Lang Syne" For THIS ESPN Duo? Well....

According to Bob Raissman of the NY Daily News, the ESPN Sunday Night Duo of Jon Miller And Joe Morgan, may be history. Click on the title and read Raissman's story. Raissman has given us a phrase we in Red Sox Nation are familiar with-YES is "Al Yankeezeera":

NOW, if only FOX Sports could figure out WHAT to do with THIS Duo!



Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays Are VERY MUCH Alive

The Phillies Won 10-2 with a 3-1 World Series Lead.Why is Tampa Bay being called The DEVIL Rays?

They were OUTDOORS. Sonnanstine, well, SUCKED. Ryan Howard homered 2x. The Tampa Bay Pen SUCKED;

Game 5, live from CBB, tomorrow Night on FOX;

At least the MMF in the World, are actually happy, FOR ONCE, possibly for the 1st time in 28 Years(Phuc Yoo, Jeffy);



The 7 Line Was Packed As If There Was A World Series At Shea Stadium

Of Course, Jeffy Skill Sets was more-interested in moving all operations to Citi Field, rather than put up with the INCONVENIENCE of a World Series getting in his way, which explains why Scott Schowenweiss was signed by Omar "He's In Charge-Yeah, Right" Minaya:

Mets Fans are going, on the Weekends, to the Old Shea Stadium, taking pictures of the progress of the dismantling of the old stadium;

I think that Citi Field is not the term that Old Guard Shea Types will refer to in going to Citi Field. They'll still say "I'm Going To Shea";

Click On The Title-Down comes the Gargantuan Shea Stadium Scoreboard;

Tomorrow Night, my list of NY Area's Most-Ardent "Anti-Yankees" Fans I've Known, will be listed, with pictures and videos from Shea Stadium and Fenway Park;



The Pharisees

The Pharisees were the Legal Experts in Matters Of Faith in Judaism, for they were the Priestly Class. Anything Regarding Faith, was settled by them. In short, they were the Go To Guys For Everything. That's why they considered The Christ as a threat to them:

Their Successors include The American Bar Association and The American Medical Association(LOL);

In the Ancient Of Days, they prescribed Punishments. Today, they'd sue;



The Two Commandments Which Complement Each Other Perfectly

The Christ spoke to The Pharisees in the Gospel According To St Matthew in regards to the Two Greatest Commandments, which are the Summary Of The Whole Law:

"Thou Shalt Love The Lord Thy G-d With Thy Whole Heart, Thy Whole Soul, Thy Whole Mind And Thy Whole Strength";

"Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself";

For, in Today's Homily, we learned of People so dedicated to neighbor that they forget about The Lord(Planned Parenthood and Such Like Groups would be Worldly Examples).But would they love one another as themselves, while calling for the destruction of another human being? I would think NOT;



For Today Is When It Was '04s' Match 3

For on this day, Pedro Martinez was Winning Pitcher in Game 3 of the '04 World Series:

Fire up that Memorable World Series DVD. Busch Stadium II is now gone, as the 3rd Time was the Charm in Red Sox Vs Cardinals;

Of Course, to best appreciate the '04 World Series Triumph, fire up the 1986 World Series DVD. You'll remember Game 6 and 7, which actually leads to appreciating The Triumph of '04, which, mercifully was NOT accomplished with Roger Clemens;

While Fenway Park is an upgraded version of itself from 1986, Shea Stadium, Home Of The Mayhem of 1986 game 6, is coming down by dismantling it. The Scoreboard, where the message "Congratulations To The Boston Red Sox, 1986 World Series Champions", appeared, has been pulled down, signaling that Shea Stadium's Dismantling is Full Speed Ahead;

Anyway, watch your DVDs at home;



At 0547 GMT Match 3 Ended

I know that the Title has a BBC Ring to it, but since the Red Sox are out of it, I'm utilising some of that BBC-Inspired Hyperbole:

At 0147 EDT(0547 GMT), when most residents of the United States were content with resting oneself, The Phillies defeated Tampa Bay's Rays, 5-4, in this ridiculous to fathom game made only for the advertisers(Mad Men) on M L B International, which is actually ESPN outside of the United States, and for them thar Dudes at FOX;

The MMF went home satisfied, if not happy. It wouldn't be Philly Fandom without the Requisite Complaints;


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Saturday, October 25, 2008

10:06PM ET Was 1st Pitch In WS Game 3 At 53*F

Thanks To Bud, FOX And ESPN, we are running late-More Later!


It Is NOW 9:54PM-ET In Citizens Bank Park

And The 3rd Game of The World Series(Moyer For The Phillies and Garza For Tampa Bay) is underway:

Funny, but we never seemed to have this rain problem, until the Series started to appear at night;

No Fun!



While The Storm Clouds Gather And Dump On A Lot Of People

A Lot of People Including The MMF at Citizens Bank Ballpark in South Philadelphia, are getting drenched like rats deserting either a Sinking Ship or leaving Toilet II at the End of The 7th Inning:

So, ESPN Radio is making available their collection of World Series Games on their network of stations;

Like I once said, I prefer my Baseball On Radio;



It May Be Raining In Philadelphia But That Won't Stop M L B's Most-Miserable Fans From Being Even More-Hostile

Gee, Bud but it's 59*F and Temperatures will be dropping into the 30s, sometime tonight:

The MMF(Most Miserable Fans) have booed Santa Claus. You wonder why there was no Papal Mass in Philadelphia, Recently? His Holiness would hear unconscionable language from those who heckle the Easter Bunny, or State Funerals;

And all that they need to get everyone going is some Obvious Observation from FOX Sports Lead Baseball Analyst, whose Name you all know and have no desire to write his name right here;

The MMF-It's my terminology;



I Have To Admire This Certain Amount Of Chutzpah Going Into Promoting A Just Closed Stadium

The LAST Event was held on September 21st, but The Yankees are still running tours at what THEY Call "The House That Ruth Built":

Only "The House That Ruth Built" was designed by Osborn Engineering of Cleveland;

The Current Place, though closed to Baseball, was designed by The Firm of Praeger-Kavanaugh-Waterbury;

It is the Site of 2 Yankee Stadiums. This just Closed Edition? Think Of It as either "The House That Lindsay And Beame Built" or The Place that George Costanza Worked At;

AND, The Newly Closed Stadium II, is only 32 1/2 Years Old;



The Gigantic Scoreboard Is Gone

The fact that Shea Stadium is being torn down is being driven home by the fact that the huge Right Center Field Scoreboard, has now been ripped down and is being carted out of decommissioned Shea Stadium:

That Signals The Finality that Shea Stadium is now history. The Seats are gone, but the Bare Stands are still around, with the Concrete about to be knocked out, followed the Steel Frame. This should be gone by January, '09;

There will be markings in the Parking lot as to where Shea Stadium was;

It'll be in our memories for a long time;



Through The Help Of Chiropractic

I've managed to lose the chronic urge to use Tobacco, w/o the use of drugs or patches or gums. It's because with Chiropractic, it works with tne Central Nervous System, in the Spinal Manipulations:

Now, if only I could get some uninterrupted sleep, without a problem;

Later-It'll Work!


Friday, October 24, 2008

I Can See My Allopath But I Prefer My Naturopath And Chiropractor

You Don't know what an Allopath Is?

You've been to a Dentist. You've been to a Chiropractor. You may have been to a Homeopath. You don't want to do business with a Psychopath-I think that it's too crazy(LOL);

It was because of Allopathy that I went Holistic to get to the Bottom of things. For you see, Allopathic Practitioners tend to treat and suppress symptoms. Allopaths have certifications, and licenses with the Initials "M D" in their names;

Just another piece of vocabulary to drop on your friends, as well as someone you see about cold, flu or worse;



To That Yankee Moron Who Vandalized The Red Sox Nation's Governor Of North Carolina

From what I gather, Literacy is not your strong suit:

You'll need "Hooked On Phonics" To learn how to spell the word "Suck";


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Do You Remember How You May have Learned French-Even A Bit Of It?

For me it was the "Hockey Night In Canada" Method of listening to Public Address Announcer, Claude Mouton and Anthem Singer Roger Doucette, live from the Montreal Forum, or in Person at either the Forum or Parc Jarry- Jarry Park, with the Expos in Town. The Music from Fernand LaPierre, the organist at Jarry Park and Olympic Stadium. got one into learning some of the French Language:

Il fait Base-Ball et Hockey;

A Plus Tarde(Later)!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tito Getting A Back Operation

Do Major League Baseball Players and Managers, all take a pledge to see the Next available Surgeon. Why not try a preventative alternative like Chiropractic and Massage, so as to avoid Surgery?

Tito? Try The Alternative-You'll feel better;



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why I Will Cheer For The Rays In The World Series

Stu Sternberg, Principal Owner Of The Rays, came from Carnarsie, Brooklyn. His 1st M L B Game was at Shea Stadium, hence a chant of "Lets' Go Mets":

The 1st Team in The N L which I hated was The Phillies(Phuc The Phanatic). In Philly, they'd boo The Pope;

Sternberg has renewed his seats at Citi Field;

Maddon's Comparison of his Rays with the 1969 Mets. Maddon used to get WOR TV Channel 9 on cable in PA;

At Citizens Bank Ballpark, when the Sox Fans invaded from all over, to annoy the Phillies Phans, a group of us chanted "Lets Go Mets". It pissed off Philly Phans to no end;

To me, The Phillies Represent The Place which many Red Sox Fans, detest, namely "The Riviera Bar And Sports Cafe'". Phuc Philly and Phuc The Riviera;

The Rays have "Chris" Floyd-at least that's the name that Tim Mc Carver gave to Cliff Floyd(Phuc Buck and Phuc Mc Carver);



Monday, October 20, 2008

Yankee Memorabilia Isn't Selling Too Well, Is It?

While Mets Fans are buying Shea Stadium Memorabilia, Yankee Fans are not buying up memorabilia from 32 Year Old Yankee Stadium(Toilet)II:

I would say that 50% of those who passed through the Turnstiles in YS II, were Tourists, who, like Yankee Fans, didn't have much of an Idea of what was going on there, especially during games. Most Fans were out of the Stadium by the Top of The 8th Inning, Anyway. The A-Rod Blue Lip Gloss Price was too high. Maybe the Unused Syringes from The Roger Clemens And Jason Giambi Collections, didn't fetch anything. Who Cares about Jose' Molina's Last Homer in YS II? I Don't care;

Besides, this is NOT the 85 Year Old Yankee Stadium, despite all the bullchit from M L B and The Yankees, who're used to peddling chit to everybody. Besides, YANKEES SUCK;



A Requiem For A Season Or You NEVER CHIT Where You Eat

In Regards to The Post-Season Fans Of The Two Teams:

In Post Season Situations, you don't see that many real fans. In Tampa Bay, this and other seasons, you rarely saw that many fans to begin with at that Circus Tent in St Petersburg, FL;

1/3 of The Crowd are Season Ticket Holders, 1/3 are sponsors and 1/3 Are Representatives of the 29 Other M L B Clubs. The Principal Owner Of The Rays, has Season Tickets in $iti Field in Corona, for instance;

In Regular Season, it was rare to see a Capacity Crowd, and Usually a capacity Crowd was only for the Series with The Red Sox. Despite all of those Ex-Denizens of the 5 Boroughs living down there, The Yankees wouldn't draw the Capacity Crowds;

Will Sternberg Emulate Huizenga and Loria, in conducting a Fire Sale after The Season? It is Florida, a Pro Sports Black Hole, after all;

Last Night's Crowd, of a bit over 40K, with Noisemakers from Jeffy's Bar Mitzvah, witnessed History. When one considers that the Franchise existed for 10 Prior Seasons, in The Era of Free Agency, I'm surprised that they never made a run at it, earlier, which is Unlike The AZ Diamondbacks, who came into M L B at The Same Time, and Won The World Series in '01;

Tampa Bay 3, Red Sox 1 is the Final Score ending this dramatic 7 Game Series;

The Trouble is that Red Sox Pitching Chit The Proverbial Bed At Fenway Park. Because of The Postseason Situation, The Cask n Flagon got crowds earlier when people left Fenway Park in as early as the 5th Inning, which is unthinkable in Regular Season. Pitching was NON-Existent there;

The Hot Stove Is Warming up-will there be Fireworks between Larry and Theo?


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Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Win, Jon, Win"

That's All for Tonight, as I head To Maudsley Stadium in Ozone Park, for some Boston Red Sox Induced Craziness:

Later and "Win, Jon, Win"!

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The Great Woodhaven Street Fair

There was a chill in the air, as it's only 55 Degrees F, in NYC and a bit breezy:

Something I've found that Holistic Medicine is making strides on Jamaica Avenue;

One place, has Chiropractic and Naturopathic Medicine as well as Acupuncture and Massage on it's premises. My Chiropractor is based there, at 84-16 Jamaica Avenue. Chiropractic Practice is becoming big in Woodhaven;

Click on The Title-You'll Thank Me Later;



"Render Unto Ceasar"

And I don't mean the Salad or Ceasar Romero(LOL):

A Group of Pharisees, whose descendants now have Law Offices on Court Street and or Queens Boulevard(LOL), start to question The Christ about certain legalities, like "What do I do With This Coin with Ceasar's Inscription and Likeness";

The Christ, knowing that this pack of Wisenheimers, are so full of contempt for Him, answered "Render Unto Ceasar, The Things That Are Ceasar's, and Unto God, The Things That Are God's";

It put that pack of Smart-Alecks in their places;



"Frank TV" On tbs-Very Funny(NOT) Will Be Interrupted By The Pitching Of Mr Jon Lester At 8:07PM-ET

Very-Nicely Interrupted by Jon Lester, I might add. Matt Garza goes for Tampa Bay:

After tonight, there will be a World Series played, starting in the A L Park. Coverage will be on tbs-Very Funny(NOT), for the 7th Game of the A L C S. Coverage for The World Series, will be on FOX, with The Self-Centred And Uninterested Joe Buck, aided and abetted by Some Guy who will utter Inanities, by The Name of Tim Mc Carver;

"I think that Youkilis will make a Good #8 Hitter With The Pitcher's Spot Due Up", was uttered in the '07 A L C S, by Tim, sending fans scurrying to their radios, to avoid this nonsense;

AND, You Wonder WHY, Buck and Mc Carver are on "The Riviera List", with each of their names, preceded by the word beginning with the Letter "F";

Win, Baby, Win, Jon;


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Cliff Floyd Is NO Joe Willie Namath

Let's just say you don't have a fur coat, white shoes or bad knees. You don't even play for the NY Jets, for crying out loud:

However, on a bad achillies tendon, you did play in Shea Stadium, in the N L C S, in '06, but you are NOT Joe Namath. Also, this is NOT January, 1969, at Miami;

Besides, your team ran over everybody like your team was the Baltimore Colts, in 1968. The A F L was that bunch of upstarts;

The Red Sox will assume the role of The NY Jets, and pick your guys apart, the way Namath did on Sunday, January 12th, 1969, as Earl Morral s--t The Proverbial Bed;

Our "Weeb Eubank" is Tito Francona Jr, while Maddon will be Don Shula, looking for answers;

ONLY, This is Major League Baseball, and your team's Bullpen is looking a lot like something only Omar Minaya, under orders from Jeffy Wilpon, could assemble to set up a manager;




Top 10 Signs You're Watching Bad Baseball Playoff Coverage

#10:Auction of Roger Clemens' and Jason Giambi's Autographed Syringes;

#9:Ditto, Tim Mc Carver's Grecian Formula;

#8:Names Of Players you've never heard of, such as Brandon Arroyo and Chris Floyd;

#7:Commercials for A-Rod's Blue Lip Gloss-Eskimo Edition;

#6:Pitching Commentary by Don Cherry;

#5:An Inordinate # of Trojenz Commercials starring Derek Jeter;

#4:All Those Unsold "Toiletries" from Yankee Stadium II, on auction;

#3:Joe Buck, Uninterested as usual;

#2:Flip Caray, subbing for Daddy, Chip;

#1:It's from the Bottom of The 1st Inning, only on tbs-Very Funny(NOT);


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Joba Wasn't Pitching But He Surely Got Bombed

He got "DUI"'d as he was arrested for Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol:

Was he under that Influence when he threw at Kevin Youkilis?



30 Years Since I 1st Took A Pledge

It was on Wednesday, 10/18/1978, when I 1st Joined The Knights of Columbus in Brooklyn, NY, by taking my 1st Degree:

So, Last Night, I viewed a Game from a Moose Lodge Facility in Maspeth, Queens;

Kind of a Change of Pace from going to my traditional Red Sox Hangouts;

In those 30 Years, I've been a Grand Knight in The Organization at a Council in East Glendale, NY, in Queens;

The 1st Step was taken 30 Years Ago;



3-3 Going to A 7th Match Tonight

Save for 2 Homers given up by Josh Beckett, he didn't pitch badly. Methinks that tampa Bay Rays, of little experience, is in "S--t The Proverbial Bed" Mode:

Mr Youkilis homered off Shields, whose Shield wasn't up. Mr Youkilis also drove in a run on a grounder;

A Better Time took place when Mr Varitek awoke from his 0-14 Slump with a Homer;

4-2 Red Sox over The Rays;

Tonight at 8:07PM-ET, Game 7 will be on tbs-Very Funny. I hope the whole game is on, this time around;

Later, as Beckett Pitched quite-well. Lester is on, tonight.

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It's 8:07PM-ET-Do You Know WHERE Your A L C S Coverage Is?


It's not a Mickey Mouse Operation, as that would be Disney-ESPN;

Top of 1st Inning replaced by "Steve Harvey Show";

Something to do with Electrical Problems with tbs Feed out of Atlanta, yet ESPN's International Feed was unaffected;

We missed Coco Crisp's 1st Inning Single;

Think of it as NBC and "Heidi" in Reverse;



Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Look At Citi Field And Yankee Stadium III

1st, Citi Field:

A Bit Pricey, but more-intimate. Seats will be Polo Grounds Green, field distances will attempt to emulate Shea Stadium, but be asymetrical, ala Ebbets Field. Seating will Face The Infield. Spacious Concourses will be a part of the Fan Experience. Like Ebbets Field, there will be a Left Field Grandstand. There will be more seating in the Outfield Area, likening it to Ebbets Field and The Polo Grounds. It'll be an improvement over Shea Stadium, with Wider Seats;

Yankee Stadium III:

Pricier than YS II. True to YS I, with the Frieze lining the roof. Seats are all Blue, like in YS I and II. Very Pricey, more of a snob atmosphere. Tier in new YS is only about 7 Rows. The Bleacher Creatures will add to a "New Toilet" Experience, as they'll be just as stupid, as they were in "Toilet II". Same Dimensions on field as in YS II;

While Red Sox Nation Prefers Fenway Park, I'm of The belief that they'll adopt their Exile Home, Citi Field, Quite-Nicely;

While Yankee Stadium III is still regarded as "That Giant Toilet In The Bronx", as it will not be on the Original Site;

And Remember this-Babe Ruth's Widow, Clare Ruth, was voted in 1969 as One Of The 25 Greatest Mets Fans Of All Time;


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Game 6 In History-What Does Game 6 In Red Sox History Mean?

It Means Good Memories, such as Curt's Bloody Sock and Memorable Performance in '04. It means Cleveland flopping with the help of the Overrated And Large C.C. Sabathia, s--tting the proverbial bed, in '07:

Then, in the past, in 1986, Calvin Schiraldi s--tt-ng the proverbial bed, in a place now being dismantled, to be replaced by $iti Field;

Josh Beckett starts tonight vs James Shields at Tropicana Field, in Tampa, FL, where fans bring noisemakers from Jeffy's Garage Sale, all of them left over from Jeffy's Bar Mitzvah;

May the Comeback of Game 5, Inspire Josh Beckett, and the Rest Of Us;

Later(8:07PM ET on tbs-Very Funny)!

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Vaccines-Germ Killers Or Neurological Destroyers?

Frankly, I think that too many Vaccines, especially to young babies, will hurt them. Thimeroserol, a Mercury-Based Preservative+an Aluminum Based Preservative, will hurt the developing brains of these children, unto the point of Impairing Speech(Autism is on the rise, like 1 in 166 have this condition):

I had both sets of Measles as a child-Once at Age 5 in 1960, and at Age 9(Rubella or German Measles, in 1964). I developed Immunity to both Measles, naturally. Some years later, Vaccines were developed for these Conditions;

Pediatricians start giving Inoculations, as soon as 24 Hours after the Birth of a Child. It's as if the Child of Today, is a Guinea Pig. Children of such a young age, experience 68 Different Vaccinations, as well as being hit with all those Preservatives;

It's like Kids can't be kids, anymore, as they become lab rats, to enrich the pockets of the Pharmaceutical Companies;

In a lot of cases, Alternative Medicine seems to hold the answers to Wellness;

AND to think I hated Injections as a child-NOW I know why;

Click on The Title-It may cause you to think about the Safety Of Vaccinations;




Josh Beckett Starts Game 6 On Saturday Night

Stop The B-lls--t, as I know you're sore and tired:

You're being as truthful as Omar Minaya(NOT);

Win The Damn Game, DUDE;



Omar Cuts The Cheese On The 7 Line And The Red Sox WIN It

8-7 Final, as Tampa Bay's Bullpen, must've been assembled by Minaya The Liar, and s--t the Proverbial Bed. Papi Homered. Jonathan D. Drew singled home the Winner:

Dan Wheeler gave up runs 5 through 7. J. Howell gave up the Losing Run. That was because Eva(N) Longoria threw wide of 1st Base. That run came home on the Single by Drew;

In 1929, The Cubs led The Athletics by 8 Runs, only to lose 9-8 in the '29 World Series, so this was the 2nd biggest comeback in a postseason game, EVER;


Game 6 is Saturday Night at 8:07PM from Tampa Bay, on tbs(Very Funny).

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

From Two Boston Born Comedians, Bob And Ray-A Plea To Our Red Sox

Ray Goulding and Bob Elliot, ORIGINALLY From Boston and Funny Guys, once did a Cigar Commercial where Ray played a Hockey Coach. Ray said these words which ring true in our Red Sox World, Today:

"Please Win"!

Daisuke Matsuzaka(Known as Dice K) is NEEDED to stop the MASSIVE Bleeding, like Josh Beckett was last year, vs Cleveland;

See You later on tbs-Very Funny(Which Chip Caray is NOT);


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The Story Of "Lansdowne On The Hudson" Can Be Accessed By Clicking On The Title-My Comments On That Place May Be Read Below

The Place, known as "The Riviera Bar and Sports Cafe", has been around since 1969, at 7th Avenue South and West 4th Street in Greenwich Village, on the Island of Manhattan. It had the Title Of Haven For Red Sox Fans, living in NYC, but the place is held in derision:

You don't FIRE The Guy, who put you on The Map. THAT Guy went and opened a much, much-better Red Sox Haven, at 219 2nd Avenue between East 13th and East 14th Streets, in The East Village;

There are NO Yankee Fan Partners, like some dude named Sertell;

Fresh Chili Con Carne' is served, NOT Canned Chili. The Canned Chili at the Riviera caused me some food poisoning(Or was it a Yeast Attack);

The Riviera is NOT the ONLY SHOW in town. Professor Thom's In The East Village and The Hairy Monk at East 25th Street and 3rd Avenue, in Murray Hill, are 2 Prime Red Sox Locations. One of the Old Riviera Regulars, W. Vernon Trotter, has set up "The Hairy Monk" Branch of Red Sox Nation;

Meanwhile, the Bartender and Founder of The Riviera's Red Sox Following, Jim Mc Guire, is one of The Owners of Professor Thom's as Well as Mike Higgins and Chris Wertz(Wertz Being Governor Of Red Sox Nation-New York, according to The Home Office at 4 Yawkey Way in Boston's Kenmore Square-Back Bay Area). We all treat The Riviera with the UTTER CONTEMPT that it deserves;

WHAT Red Sox Themed Pub would have a Picture Of That Utterly-Contemptable Traitorous PO #2, Roger Clemens, on a Bar? ONLY The Riviera has it. ONLY 3 Tap Beers? Professor Thom's has 16 Tap Beers, while The Hairy Monk has 8, with the "Perfect Pint" of Poured Guiness Stout. The Riviera cannot make that claim;

I 1st met Jim Mc Guire at The Riviera on the 1st Day of 2005, in The Bar Area of The Riviera. Later, in April, '05, after the Red Sox raised the '04 World Series Championship Banner, a number of us discovered that Jim was canned by Sertell And His Cohorts;

By 2006, The Chant of "F--- The Riviera" was born. The List contains names of people associated with The Riviera, Various NY Yankees and other N'erdowells from FOX Sports. Recently, The Names of Omar Minaya, Tony Bernazard, Fred and Jeffy Wilpon, have been added to the Riviera List, and our usual Standby of "F--k Kazmerczyk, F--k Him", which is used as a 7th Inning Stretch Chant;

Buck and Mc Carver(Mc Cavah)? Oh, are those 2 ever on The Riviera List! They came on screen one night, and caught Derision from Thom's Regulars. Eric Gagne' is on The List for being a 2007 World Series "Ring Thief", as his Relief Pitching was a cause for contempt;

Oh? As For The Riviera, Red Sox Fans coming to Professor Thom's, tend to deride The Riviera, as the Worst Red Sox Bar Experience, they've ever had. The Same is said by those going to The Hairy Monk about The Riviera;

Oh, well!


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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Cask N Flagon Is Begging For New And IMPROVED Pitching

Last Night's Red Sox Pitching looked like it was straight out of the 1962 NY METS(The Initials mean "Must End The Season-LOL):

Wakefield's Famous Knuckle Ball, DID NOT DANCE. In fact, it was flatter than a warm Narragansett Beer(Ever Drink a Warm Budweiser-you get the picture. Ditto-Rheingold Extra Dry). That Flat Knuckle Ball even landed by The Cask N Flagon;

Red Sox Fans were asking why there was no movement by the F O just after the '07 World Series. There was Constipated Movement, making me wonder if Someone in the Ownership Group, with the Initials "LL" might have been tying the F O up, to make no moves;

Mr Wakefield lasted 2 2/3 Innings, giving up 5 Runs, it was such a disaster. The Final was 13-4 Tampa Bay, Red Sox "Pitching" gave up 31 Runs over 3 Games(10 1/3 Runs per Game over the 3 Games).Over 4 Games, with the Matsuzaka Shutout, Tampa Scored 7.75 Runs per Game, which means that Pitching is in need of a major upgrade;

Thursday Night, The Red Sox will start Matsuzaka, again. Will This stop the Onslaught? At Least there's a day off to figure that out;

Carlos Pena(Haverhill, MA), Evan Longoria(NOT Eva) and Willy Aybar, all hit homers on the Green Monster, with Pena's shot hitting the Cask N Flagon;

The crowd of 38,133 at Fenway Park, was out of it, EARLY. Men did not get on base for David Ortiz. He tripled, and scored on a Youkilis Grounder to 2nd Base;

13-4 Final-BARF;



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where Pitching Has Been ABSENT

1st, Josh Beckett, who says that he feels fine(B-llsh-t), got shelled. Yesterday, Jon Lester got a shellacking, and a bad one as BJ Upton played Monster and Beyond Ball, as did Rocco Baldelli of Woonsocket, RI:

Mr Epstein, it's time for an UPGRADE. One wonders if Mr Wakefield is up to the task, as he's been Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde, pitching-wise. If The Knuckler doesn't dance, it'll be a Very-Long Night, with a number of us, awfully-p---ed off, crying in our Harpoon Ales;

9-1 to The Rays, owned by some dude from Canarsie, Brooklyn, losing like that, IS NOT COOL;


8:07 PM on tbs-Very Funny!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Today, The Concrete Starts Being Removed

The NY Mets will turn over the keys to the demolition crew and concrete will be removed, as Shea Stadium, Home to Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, Numerous Rock Concerts(Stadium Rock Was Born There), Joe Namath's Super Bowl III Jets, amongst other things, will be torn down over the next 3 Months. Then, it'll be part of the parking lot for $iti Field:

(Note-Pictures of 3 Dudes we want left in Shea Stadium, while it's being ripped down);



Sunday, October 12, 2008

Youdda Thunk 3 Homers In The 5th Wouldda Done It

Pedroia, Youkilis and Bay, all went Yard. Unfortunately, Josh had this thing going. He couldn't get it done:

I don't care that he says that he feels fine. That's all B-lls--t, as he looked pained;

9-8 Rays last night in The Circus Tent;

4:37PM, Tomorrow on tbs-Very Funny, with Ace Lester vs Matt Garza;


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Oh, and Chip? How Desperate Is tbs In Regards To Florida Baseball Ratings?

If it wasn't for Chip's More famous grandfather, the Oft Humorous Shill Called Harry Caray, Chip wouldn't really be here, today. He looks like Jim Carray and isn't as funny-ANNOYING would be more like it:

Tampa Bay SUCK UP Coverage continues from Fenway Park, tomorrow at 4:30PM on "tbs-Very Funny";

Such PLASTIC Fans, The Tampa Bay Rays Have, waving towels and using noisemakers left over from Jeffy's Bar Mitzvah, obtained in a Garage Sale in Greenwich, CT;

The real Fans From A real Baseball Basilica, will fill the air with REAL Cheers, Not PLASTIC Ones;

Later, on FOX, The Dimwitted Duo of -uck and Mc Cavah, will pollute the airwaves with more "Manny" Rhetoric, unto the point of making us PUKE;


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By WHAT Standard Are You A Good Person-A Homily And Essay

Remember The Wedding Feast being compared to The Kingdom Of God?

The King invites all the Big Shots to a Wedding Feast(No, this is NOT The Opening Of $iti Field-LOL, and Jeffy is NOT The King Here{Mercifully}). None of the Big Shots wanted to show up, since the King is despised:

He tries the next tier of guests, and they tell the King to Shove it(These are NOT The Mets Fans who held partial plans at Shea Stadium-LOL). So The King sends his messengers(From what I gather, The Apostles) to get people to come to this event(WHICH Is Not The Last-Ever Game at Shea Stadium-LOL);

Finally, The Feast Is Held. The King Enters The Reception and notices a man without a Wedding Garment. He has the guy tossed out;

The King Represents God. The Wedding Feast represents Heaven. The wedding Garment represents Grace;

I was at The Installation Of Officers Mass at Monsignor Sherman Council-Knights Of Columbus #5103, yesterday afternoon. The Wedding Feast Gospel Led To A Very Good Homily by Fr John J Fullum, a Priest Who Gives Very-Memorable Homilies;

BY What Standard are you a Good Person? The World's Standard or God's Standard?

Imagine The Definition of a Good Person by Mets $iti Field Standards-You have a Luxury Suite in that ballpark. Who did you mistreat on the way to that "Standard"?

By "FOX Sports" standards, Joe Buck and Tim Mc Carver are "Saints", while driving people to drink(Heavily), after a dose of their Mind-Numbing Drivel;

And So On!

God's Standards are not Our Standards. His Standards Of Good And Evil are much-higher than our standards;


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Josh Beckett Had As Much Right To Be There As Jeffy Wilpon-NOT

In short, it was a disaster, not unlike someone cutting the cheese on a packed IRT #7 Express, leaving Shea Stadium, after the Bullpen s--ts the proverbial bed:

Josh Beckett had better look into his arm or shoulder after the Season. He's in pain and he knows it;

Red Sox lost it in the BOTTOM of the 11th Inning, but the 1st 5 Innings set the 9-8 Loss up, as Beckett was totally ineffective;

Oh, and OMAR? Giving up Chad Bradford was a SERIOUS Mistake;



Saturday, October 11, 2008

James Was NOT "Shield"ed By The Cloth Dome And Things Were Somewhat "Dice"Y "K" And Paps Got A Save To Boot

Tropicana Field, also called "The Trop" and The Cloth Dome, or Circus Tent, had the air let out last night. It's a place where fans have to be told when to cheer, boo and FART:

Last Night sounded like it was New Year's Eve with bar-like noisemakers being rattled around. Red Sox Fans thought this was so-gauche. Like they say on tbs-Very Funny;

2-0 Red Sox was the Final as Dice-K went 7+ Fairly-Strong Innings. He walked 4 and k'd 8. Shields lasted 7 Innings. Dice K had a No Hitter after 6 Innings;

The Red Sox Pen was mightier than Tampa Bay's Swords. Justin Masterson got Eva(N) Longoria to rap into a 6-4-3 DP. Hideii Okajima relieved Dice K in the 7th after 2 singles by Carl Crawford and "Chris"(Cliff)Floyd:

On Offense(Not Much, but it was enough), in the 5th Inning, at 0-0,
Jason Bay Walked and scored on a Sac Fly by Jed Lowrie, after a double by Mark Kotsay, a blooper to right field;

In the 8th Inning, Dustin Pedroia singled. He was driven in on a Double By Mr Youkilis, off Tampa Bay Reliever, J. Howell, who replaced Mr Shields;

A Victory to be savored by The Red Sox, who were 1-8 In The Circus Tent, called The Trop;

Later, Mr Beckett takes on Mr Kazmir on tbs;


And Al and Johnny? I think you two NEED to "GFY", like Fitzy Recommends!


Friday, October 10, 2008

These Are The Actual Tim Mc Carver Comments

"It's extraordinary -- the dichotomy between what he was in Boston and what he is in Los Angeles," McCarver said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I mean, talk about wearing out your welcome in a town, and it was a long welcome with the Red Sox. But some of the things he did were simply despicable, despicable -- like not playing, refusing to play. Forgetting what knee to limp on. And now it's washed, it's gone."

Tim Mc Carver put this quite-well:

Manny did piss me off, ESPECIALLY, when he wouldn't take the bat off his shoulder, in an At Bat vs Mariano Rivera at Yankee Stadium II, in July, with The Game on FOX. It was disgusting, to say the least;

I remember because Jim Mc Guire and I let Manny have it, for his latest "Manny Being Manny" Antics, which, by that time, were NOT FUNNY;

Jim Mc Guire is one of the Proprietors of Professor Thom's, The Centre of The Red Sox World on The Island of Manhattan. We both agree that The Riviera Bar And Sports Cafe', is a Tampa Bay Rays Bar(LOL);

AND, now MANNY is on "The Riviera List", where the word "F--k" Precedes his name;


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Please Tim- I Know You're Right About Manny Ramirez, But Will You And Buck STOP BEATING US OVER THE HEAD FOR 9 INNINGS-Thanks!

I realize that Manny Ramirez QUIT on The Red Sox. He was a Cancer this year and NOT entertaining. I suspect that Manny started his a--h-le antics on April 20th, when he argued a called 3rd Strike, and got his arse shown the door by the Home Plate Umpire. I should know-I was at Fenway Park in Outfield Grandstand 3, up from Queens for the game(Thanks for NOTHING, Manny):

Mc Carver, in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, revealed that Manny had quit on his team, The Red Sox. He also gave an interview with ESPN, on the same subject;

BUT, for 9 Innings on FOX, This Duo(Pictured Here), went on and on about Manny Ramirez, until people screamed "Please Stop". These 2 Magpies wouldn't shut up about Manny Ramirez. Not unlike Tim's 17+ Mentions of Derek Jeter, who was NOT mentioned last night, MERCIFULLY;

Tim, while I agree with your assesment of Manny Ramirez, you and -uck annoyed the living s--t out of the audience;

Cool It!


PS: What about Brent Myers beating his wife in Boston a couple of years ago, or Jimmy Rollins being disciplined by Charlie Manual for a few of his antics. It might add some balance;


Oh, and BTW, the field you see in the background? A canary told me, last night, in The Red Sox Centre Of Civilization in NYC, Professor Thom's, that all the seats have been removed from it. The "$kill $ets" are ready with their brand spanking new "$iti Field";


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Thursday, October 09, 2008

OK, Bud-WHERE Re The Tampa Bay Rays Bars In Manhattan? Brooklyn? Hartford, CT?

As my friend Fitzy, the Consumate Boston Sports Fan would wonder? WHY is M L B pushing this crap, on behalf of a Manhattan Pizza Chain?

Just WHERE TF is "Rays Nation"? Is it in Little Italy, by Old St. Patrick's Cathedral?

Just WTF are there any Tampa Bay Rays Bars?

I KNOW of NONE in Manhattan. I Know of NONE in Brooklyn. I Know of NONE in Hartford, CT;

I don't think "Game On Cafe'" at Fenway Park, Logan International Airport or Atlantic City, are Rays Bars;

Professor Thom's is OUT. That's The Red Sox Centre of The Nation In NYC. The Hairy Monk, The Place where Theodore Natan Epstein did a Guest Bartending, is ALSO OUT. The Sin Bin at East 58th Street and 1st Avenue, owned by Ivan Spence, would also be out, as Red Sox Games are shown there, as Mr Spence used to do the Bar at Night in The Hairy Monk;

There might be ONE Bar, of Red Sox Orbit, which most of us hold in CONTEMPT. It's The Place with The Clemens In A Sox Uniform Shirt, and only 3 Kinds of Beer. The "F" Word precedes the Name of This Place. We've been known to, unmercifully, mock the S--t out of that place, a Proverbial "Gary's Old Time Tavern", a Haven for Yankee Fans and other a--h-l-s;

THAT Place, which we designate as a RAYS Bar, is The Riviera Bar And Sports Cafe', a great place for canned Chili and Flatulence;

F--k The Riviera. F--k F--k--g Kazmerczyck(A 7th Inning Stretch Chant at Professor Thom's), F--k Him;

AND F--K RAYS Pizza!



Jed Lowrie? I Thank You For Timely Hitting

Your single in Game 4, drove the Red Sox to the A L C S:




Jeffy May Lose His Spy

Mr Antonio Bernazard, A spy and Instigator for Jeffy Wilpon, will be interviewing for General Manager of the Seattle Mariners:

This S--- Stirrer, in the name of Jeffy The Rattler(Jeffy does have a rattle), sowed seeds of dissension, so Jeffy could get even with Willie Randolph, because Jeffy was beaten out of "$.55", in Contract Extension Negotiations;

WHAT part did this guy play into making for ONE, HIDEOUS Mets Bullpen?

Later!(Omar is his buddy)

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The Latest "South Park" Sounded Like A Beer Swilled Night In "Toilet II"

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, in a bizzare fantasy, were engaged in "Raping Indiana Jones", in their latest movie?

The "South Park" Producers must've engaged in drinking 9 beers by the middle of the 2nd Inning at "Toilet II", during the last Red Sox-Yankees Series;

Kenny wasn't killed off in the episode;

Unfortunately, these people have issues, whether Cartman is a blithering Racist A--h-l-, in regards to the Chinese, or raping a male on screen, which is so-bizzare;

Turning "Chef" into a pedophile, before his death?

Murdering Pope Benedict XVI, in the name of some Secret Society?

Either, it was Psychodelic Mushrooms, or too many Foster's Lagers in Tier-Reserved, whenever The GiamBALCO was at the plate;

These Guys who put this together, are ferschnickered one too many times;




Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The "Toilet II" Farewell Has Been Scrapped

The 32 Year Old Yankee Stadium II Farewell is not going to be held. GOOD! Paying Tribute to a 32 Year Old Ballpark, finished in 1976, is a Waste of Time. It is NOT The Original Stadium, which was taken down in 1973, YET The Yankees, along with the Thunderbird-Filled Brain Surgeons of Major League Baseball, have tried to pass off as an 85 Year Old Facility, which doesn't work with a lot of people over the age of 42:

Click on The title, to read the Yankees reasons why the Gala farewell was cancelled. The NY Giants never played in the New Yankee Stadium II. If you can find any Old NY Cosmos running around, tell them the Party is Over;



Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The NLCS-Look Who You're Stuck With(On FOX)

You're stuck with these guys(Pictured). My Advice is to switch to either your local broadcaster or ESPN Radio. The Play By Play Commentator isn't interested while the Lead Baseball Analyst will annoy you with his amazing observations:

Funny, but The Lead Baseball Analyst is a far superior play by play commentator;



A Shea Stadium Update

Shea Stadium's Upper and Mezzanine Seats are all gone, as well as half of Loge. Loge should be gone by today as well as Press Level and then Field Level should be gone. All Fixtures have been removed:

Starting Monday, concrete will be removed, then the outer framework will disappear;

Good Bye Old Friend!



3-2 Red Sox The Final

Sorry Scorscia-Later!


Monday, October 06, 2008

Beer-Part II

Rolling Rock Beer, an old favorite from Latrobe, PA, near Pittsburgh, is now owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, and is being brewed in that Fabled Pittsburgh Suburb, called Newark, as in Newark, NJ, at an old Budweiser Plant. Really F--king Brilliant! I hope that the brewing formula hasn't changed, being so close to that "mountain stream" called the Passaic River:

Luckily, The Latrobe Brewing Plant is now home to the Bottled Versions of Samuel Adams Beer. The Tap Beer is made in Boston, MA;




In Brooklyn, Brooklyn Lager is the Cool Brew, out of Williamsburgh, Brooklyn. It's an Independent Brew:

Pabst now brews its' beer under contract with SABMiller Brewing Company, with Milwaukee being not the great brewing centre it once was;

SAB is hq'd in London, UK;

InBev now owns Anheuser-Busch and is headquartered in Belgium;

SABMiller makes a favorite brew of mine, Pilsner Urquell, The Great Czech Beer. Imagine, Miller Lite and Pilsner Urquell as the same company-Yikes;

Thank Goodness for the Brooklyn Beer Company;

Rheingold Beer is planning to start up again. I've come to appreciate the small brewers, because they do right by the customer;



For My Baseball Coverage, I PREFER Radio Over Television

WHY Radio? Why Not! On Television the guy tells me often the obvious(I Know, that this sounds like Tim Mc Carver, and that's usually the case, but that is true about any Television Broadcast of Baseball):

Radio stimulates the Imagination. It makes you think about the Game at hand, more;

I actually found Michael Kay, enjoyable. He's better on Radio than on Television. Then again, he's not on YES at this point;

Oh, well, Later!


Bottom 12th

Jared Weaver back for Bottom of the 12th. Papi is up.Papi walked on a low breaking ball. Youk is up, flying deep to Tori Hunter. Fog is settling in. Bay is up. 0-2 Count. Inside Corner Strike 3 Called:

Alex Cora, grounded 5-3;

Baseball tonight at 8:00PM-ET on ESPN Radio and tbs;

Mike Napoli had 2 homers. Atrocious performance by Josh Beckett, but he is hurting due to his Oblique;

John Lackey and Jon Lester on the Mound in Game 4;



Top Of 12th

5-4 Angels. Javier Lopez is Pitching. Mike Napoli singled and was Sacrificed to 2nd, Singled in by Aybar. Chone Figgins was K'd.Garrett Anderson is up and Singled. Texiera grounded out 6-3:

Bottom 12 is next/Papi, Youk and Bay are up;

Later, as the Game is 5:11 Old.


Bottom Of 11th

Kotsay Kd' by Jared Weaver. Coco Crisp Singled. Ellsbury at the plate. Ellsbury Kd'. Pedroia is up. Crisp stole 2nd. Pedroia out 5-3 on a grounder:

Dan Schulman and Dave Campbell are doing this game on ESPN Radio, doing a nice job, painting the word picture;



Sunday, October 05, 2008

On To The 11th Inning

Jed Lowrie flew out to Right Field, 2 outs and the bags full:

4:28 so far;



There's A "Thorne" In My Side-On ESPN Radio

Tampa Bay leads the Chicago White Sox, 1-0 after 2 Innings. Gary Thorne is doing Play By Play:

"The Chicago White Sox Must Win or They'll Go Home"-How Profound, Gary;

US Cellular Field sounds like a Shea Stadium Style Wind Tunnel;



IF You Thought That The Brewers Were Going To Win It All-Consider This Pitcher

I remember the deal bringing Eric Gagne' To Boston. I knew that he was a breakdown case. He inspired fury in Red Sox Nation's Capital:

I'm debating as to whether or not, Omar Minaya is a putz for not trading for him, or even thinking of dealing for him;

On May 17th at Fenway Park, in the 1st Milwaukee Brewers-Red Sox Game(3:55PM on FOX), It was Soups-Off Suppan and Dice K Matsuzaka. There was a chant of "We Want Gagne'", followed by "No, You Don't", over in Right Field. A Bumper Sticker read "Gagne' Is A Yankee Spy". Eric is NOT Beloved in Boston;

That weekend in Baltimore(2007), where he blew 2 games, enraged Red Sox Fans at Professor Thom's, were chanting "You SUCK, Gagne". It was NOT a pretty sight, to say the least;

In my Fenway Foray of August 31st, 2007, I can remember Michelle with her daughter, telling me that she was against the deal from the Get Go;

Some Bridge to Papelbon-that bridge was on fire too many times(call The Fire Marshalls and Investigate For Arson-LOL);

Gagne' weighted the Brewers down;


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Listening To ESPN For Phillies-Brewers

I Cannot believe this but Michael Kay and Steve Phillips are paired for this game:

Kay sounds, well, like Kay. Pat Burrell just homered off Guillermo Mota, and Kay's signature "See Ya" was heard. It's 6-1 Phillies;

Looks Like Dodgers-Phillies is next on tap;

The Brew Crew isn't up to par at all;



In Today's Gospel-A Warning To Those Smart Arse Pharisees

Currently, The Pharisees are playing at your local Courthouse(Sounds like I'm describing Queens Boulevard and Court Street all too well-LOL):

These guys THOUGHT they were the "Know It All-Go To Guys" in Christ's Earthly Time. They knew the Mosaic Law and all the loopholes(Sounds like Court Street and Queens Boulevard, Home Of Cheever T Loophole-LOL);

So The Christ warns them about The Kingdom Of Heaven and how it could be taken away from them, by giving them a Parable;

The Master of a Vineyard goes on a journey. He leaves the place in the Charge of his Underbosses(I Know it sounds Mafia-Centric, but I think you get the idea that it is not). Some of the Workers look to take over the Vineyard and start whacking the Guys In Charge. The Master comes back and is not pleased at all. He then sends his son. They whack the son;

The Christ asks the Pharisees what they think should happen to those who committed those murders. They replied with having the Murderers subjected to a painful death(Which is not in this case, being forced to watch the Last Mets Game of 2008. The most that can cause is tears and a lot of Gas-LOL);

What The Christ did in warning these 'Go To Guys" is that they could lose the Kingdom Of God, which could be taken from them and given to those who would bear fruit;

The Pharisees were not bearing fruit for the Kingdom Of God-they were just enriching themselves;

Pax Vobiscum!


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Famous October 4ths' And Personal Ones

On This Date in 1955, The Brooklyn Dodgers defeated The NY Yankees in the 7th Game of the 1955 World Series(2004 Explained 1955, Quite-Well):

October 4th, 1969, The NY Mets played in the 1st Ever N L C S and defeated The Atlanta Braves, 3 Games To None;

Note-NONE of these games were on FOX or tbs;

On October 4th, 1978 I was voted on to be admitted to Knights Of Columbus Membership, taking 1st Degree on Wednesday, October 18th, 1978;

Just some info over time;


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"Well! I Guess Jackie Childs Wasn't In The House To Defend OJ"(Click On The Title-You'll Scream At Me Later)

Goodbye, OJ, We Love To See You Go:

You got away with Murder, but not kidnapping and robbery;

BY The Way, give back your Mets Gear;




The NLCS Will Be, Unfortunately, On FOX-Home Of The Post-Season Malaprop

Short Bursts Of Brilliance from One Commentator will be heard:

" I think That Youkilis will make a good #8 Hitter with The Pitcher due up";

"The Last Time That The Giants had a runner on was in the 4th Inning with Youkilis;

"St Louis Blows In A New York Minute";

And So On, will be the ramble of some commentator who uses Red Hair Dye;

Combine him with Gary Thorne of ESPN and Dialogue will rise from the Sublime to The UTTERLY-Ridiculous;

I'll let you guess just who Tim Mc Carver is(Yikes! I Just Did!);



7:17PM ET On tbs Sunday Evening

Josh Beckett, who I hope is Well-Rested, will start for The Red Sox vs The Angels, live from Fenway Park:

Scoscia is spitting the bit as his Angels are S--tting the proverbial bed;

It looks GOOD, Tomorrow;



Much Of Shea Stadium's Upper Level Is Gone

This whole Seat and Fixture Removal Project is on time and on schedule. Much of The Upper Level and Loge Level Seating Is Gone:

Then, Shea Stadium will be barren, and the tearing down of the structure will begin. It should take about 3 Months;

I'll pay a visit, sometime in February to the Site of So Much History;



JD Drew Is NOT Named Nancy(7-5 Red Sox Over The Angels)

He homered off K-Rod in the 9th Inning with The Red Sox now in a 2-0 Lead in The A L D S, hence 11 straight post-season victories over The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim Of Southern California In The United States Of America, or the SoCal Fab Flops:

Reality Bites! Just ask Mike Soscia;

Two Homers by The Bay(Jason, Of Course);

Paps got the Win. Youk made 2 Nice plays at 3rd Base;

Beckett, Oblique And All, gets the call on Sunday at Fenway Park;

Later!(Thanks To Castiglione and O'Brien for painting the word picture on WRKO Red Sox Radio Network)


Friday, October 03, 2008

"A Clueless Putz" Until 2012(Click Title To ESPN For Minaya Propaganda)

While The Omnipotent Q, Mr Quinn of Midwood, Brooklyn, writes of Omar Minaya as a Clueless Putz, I heartily Concur in his assesment and say Thanks:

Omar Minaya obtained junk to set up Willie Randolph, because Jeffy Wilpon, That Sinister Little S--t, hated Randolph's Guts over a Contract Extension;

You see, Minaya hired Tony Bernazard as Director Of Player Development for The NY Mets. Bernazard was utilized by Jeffy to disrupt clubhouse chemistry. Omar folded up like a cheap camera. Omar fired Willie Randolph in the Middle Of The Night. Bernazard left Jerry Manuel Alone. Omar failed to address the Hideous Little S--t Bullpen Situation;

He got rewarded for all this. For You See, Internal Politics is more important to Jeffy Wilpon and Omar Minaya, than the On Field Product. No wonder(Bwahahahahahahahhaha) The Mets Flopped-A--h-les were in charge;



"Coises" As It Would Be Pronounced In Brooklyn

There was this "Coise" called "The Curse Of The Bambino" but with 2 World Championships in 4 Years, Red Sox Nation has nothing to fear, as there's the Current Ownership Group of Henry, Werner and Lucchino And The NY Times Company. The Job Got Done:

A silly "Coise" is "The Curse Of The Billy Goat" in the case of The Cubs, supposedly when a tavern owner in Chicago, was thrown out of a World Series Game in Wrigley Field. That Tavern Owner, supposedly put a hex on the team. Frankly, it was Ownership which never really modernized. Then, Again, Notoriously-Corrupt Chicago Politicians stuck their noses, within smashing range, interfering in the Operation of the Ball Club, dictating that most Cubs Games must be played in Daylight, despite the fact that the weather(A Lot of Humidity) takes a lot out of a ballplayer, as that was the case of the 1969 Chicago Cubs, where pitching did wear out from all that sunlight in day games and all that humidity;

One of The Silliest "Coises" is "The Curse Of Ray Knight" or C.O.R.K.. This curse was due to when the NY Mets won the 1986 World Series and the fact that Ray Knight was gone after that Series. In reality, Mets Ownership was altered when Fred Wilpon became Half Owner of The Mets, and later brought Jeffy, his son into the Wilpon's new "Sterling Mets L P" Operation, which has produced tension and a new ballpark, Citi Field(Often called $iti Field). Fred got in the way of Nelson Doubleday, then Jeffy took charge and continues to piss off Mets Fans;

Just some "Coises" Writings. It's all bad management to me;



Thursday, October 02, 2008

I'm Going Out On A Limb-Red Sox Vs Dodgers

OK, Fenway Park is still there, though Ebbets Field(Brooklyn)is gone, so Dodgers-Red Sox will be played on 2 Coasts:

Torre'-Francona is a Classic, like Old Times('04);

Bay vs Ramirez-I'll go with Bay on this one;

A Series with Old NL Managers-it works for me;

Will Mc Carver be Typically-Baboonish? Ditto, Buck?



This According To Steve Keane-Kranepool Society(Click On The Title-Thanks)

Stuart Sternberg, Tampa Bay Rays Owner, has NY Mets Season Tickets and is a Lifelong Mets Fan. Looks like he's upping for Citi Field. It may explain why Tampa Bay is on the schedule for Citi Field. Stuart is originally from somewhere down the Belt Parkway(Canarsie, Brooklyn):

Just read about the dismantling of Shea Stadium by the Parks Department. The Lights are being removed. The Fences are down. The turf is being rolled up and the seats are being removed. The Lights from the Top Turrets will be moved to athletic complexes all over NYC;



4-1 Red Sox Over The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

Thanks to Mr Lester's Pitching and a 2 Run Moon Shot by Mr Bay, all is well:

Good Night!


3 Days-Bad Knee-Surgery

Johann Santana just had his knee "Scoped":

Back by Spring Training;

Mr 3 Days and a Masterpiece;