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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ok, I am Back Again

It's a bit cold in NYC, so I managed to do a few things, such as:
#1: Chucking my MS Internet Explorer out the Windows(I have Mac OS 10.3.9-Panther, & IE can't even render MS Hotmail in the Mac OS X Version, hence, CYBER-JUNK);
#2: My #2 Browser is Opera 8.5.1, a nice alternative to MS IE 5.2.3;
#3: My FREE Office Suite of Applications, called Neo Office/J, for Mac OS X, & it's nice, MS File-Compatible, & did I mention FREE(Click on above title, for link);
#4: Celebrating the acquisition of Josh Beckett, to make the Red Sox, the 2006 World Champions, in the Pitching Department:
#5: Celebrating the building of a Championship-Caliber Team, called The Mets, by Omar Minaya, a Neo-Theo, with the acquisition of Carlos Delgado, Fab-Hitting 1st Baseman, from The Florida Marlins, who are not long for Miami, & the report that Premier Relief Pitcher, Billy Wagner, may be headed to the Mets;
#6: Trying to guess, what's in the mind of Manny Ramirez, this week, as well as last week;
#7: My plans for a New Palm Computer Purchase, for the end of December, 2005, a Palm Computer with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, &
#8: Finally Figuring out that Windows XP, actually means "An eXPerience which Cyber-Sucks."

Using OS X(Panther & Tiger), one could take a document, or web page, click the print button, & Print it to a printer, turn the document into a PDF File, or FAX the document through a conventional phone line(Includes MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint, & Data Base, for Mac 2004 Office). One is lucky if one can print on the Windows XP Pro or Home Versions, but cannot do the other 2 things, which are available in Panther(10.3) & Tiger(10.4). Only with the introduction of Windows Vista(NT 6.0), will one be able to turn a document into a PDF File, placing MS Windows latest advance, about 5 years behind Mac OS X, if not longer. When XP started the concept of Multiple Users of a Computer, the concept was 2 1/2 Years behind that of Mac OS 9.0.4(Sonata). XP isn't even as stable as Mac OS 9.2.2(Limelight Upgrade 1). XP even copied Mac OS 9 Icons.

Funny thing about the free, Neo Office Programme-it only required 3 patches, is stable & was brought to frutation by 2 Software Engineers & is maintained by volunteers, the Helvetica Font, which is my favorite writing font, comes out looking nicer, than it does on MS Word for Mac, not to mention MS Word For Windows. Appleworks version of Helvetica is crappy, unless it's saved as a Microsoft Word File, where it looks so much better.

Friggin' MS Word, costs $234, by itself, & MS Office, costs $399 for Standard, $499 for Professional, with the extra $100 for a data base, & $149 for Educational Uses. MS Office mentioned to its' users, to download Service Pack 2, for its' Mac Edition.

Neo Office/J is so nice to use.

Best of all, it's FREE, & so are the Best Things In Life.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Intermission Before The Storm

One Thing About Red Sox Nation In NYC, is that many of us, also cheer for a National League Team, called the NY Mets. It is our way of being so totally "Anti-Yankees."

Chances are, if one is either a Mets Fan, or Red Sox Fan, & is seen with either team's cap, either is more-likely to see a Game, involving their team, either @ home, or on the road, than one sporting a Navy Blue NY Yankees Cap. The NY Yankees Cap, is, more-often than not, a cap which identifies a person as either a Casual Fan Bloho, or a front-runner. Those wearing NY Yankees Caps with gear, beyond the Navy Blue Cap, tend to actually go to an actual Game.

On the Q23 Bus, rolling through Forest Hills, Queens, on the way to Austin Street, I got into a Baseball Conversation, with a woman, who donned a Red Sox Cap.

"Nice Cap", I exclaimed. She did a "Ditto", in regards to my NY Mets Cap.

As Rebels in Queens, we talked Baseball, & our favorite announcing teams of Jerry Remy(RemDawg), Don Orsillo(Both on NESN), Joe Castiglione & Jerry Trupiano(WEEI Red Sox Radio Network), & Fran Healy(NY Mets on FSN-NY). Healy is NOT a favorite, as on one game, his Home Run Call, was a Roll-Up of calls made by Trupiano, Castiglione, & Mel Allen(How 'Bout That), meaning that Fran is annoying & NOT Original. Tom Seaver, on the WB11, is not really a favorite, either.

The Brooklyn Cyclones, a Mets-Owned Minor League Team, in Coney Island, is really another form of being "Anti-Yankees." I may just go see them, finally, this season.

Something about Red Sox Nation-NYC, which I found amazing this season, are the number of people using Apple Macintosh Computers. Then again, as rebels, we love & demand QUALITY from our computing experience. The Lady with The Red Sox Cap, is Mac-Oriented & wouldn't have it, any other way, & still loves the Classic Mac OS 9.2.2, a system, on which I 1st learned to love & use the Mac. As I'm writing this on a G3 400Mhz DV iMac, with a 20GB HD(Color is Graphite), I received it on 11-08-05, with it running Mac OS 10.3.9(Top of Panther-Marvelous OS).

I love the system & love being a fan of a team, other than DF Yankees.

I hope to see that lady, again, sometime.

& neither of us like YES, ESPECIALLY Michael Kay.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

"K of C Free Throw Night On FOX"(A Satire)(Pre-Game)

Opening Theme is "FOX NFL Sunday"

Jim Brown: "We welcome everyone to 'Knights of Columbus Free Throw Basketball Championship Night on FOX', from our FOX Sports Studios, here on 6th Avenue & East 49th Street, joined by my FOX NFL Sunday Crew of Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson, with Mike Leggett & Monsignor Angelo Farrecchio, returning from last year, & as we go around, Terry, what are some of the things to look for in this contest";

Bradshaw: " Poised shooters like Miss Keara Liu, from last year & the real biggie, is just how many names will Tim Mc Carver, butcher on air tonight; like Ralph Kramden once said, 'You're a regular riot, Alice' & in last year's case, Tim, you almost started one. Howie?"

Long(Laughing): "One reference to last year's Supreme Council Champion, from Forest Hills, Queens, Tim kept confusing her with Bronson Arroyo, & calling her brother, Brandon, in reference to the ball-slap, in Game 6 of the '04 ALCS, by some dude named Ahab Machokesanwahd, & the nasty phone calls, from Alex Rodriguez & Bronson Arroyo, on that subject, with Derek Jeter, holding up a sign, promoting an Anti-Tim Website, was a real highlight, not to mention that Al Leiter, almost choking Tim, until that booth invasion by Mike Leggett & Company, was a real highlight. Jimmy";

Johnson: "Expect Mike & Co, to do a 'Coup In The Booth', but with Joe Buck, Sean Patrick, Mike Piazza, & Don Orsillo, it'll be a good night, though Mike & Co, will join the crew, making this look like a "Police Squad" movie scene, but funnier. Mike";

Mike Leggett: "In the words of Baseball Hall of Famer, Mets Radio Man, Bob Murphy, 'Ladies & Gentlemen, fasten your seat belts', it's gonna be a strange night. Monsignor";

Monsignor Farrecchio: "I laughed so hard, last year that tears streamed down onto my Powerbook; in a moment, the most-feared words, in the English Language, will be spoken. Those words will NOT be spoken by Sean Patrick, nor by us here, nor by Don Orsillo, nor Michael Piazza. Jim"

Jim Brown: "Joe Buck is standing by, in Forest Hills; Joe";

Buck: "& we welcome one & all to 'Knights of Columbus Free Throw Basketball Championship Night on FOX'; Joe Buck here, & will be joined in a few minutes by Tim Mc Carver; Mike Piazza is with us here, to reflect on some experiences, he's had in this contest";

Piazza: "In the days of 1979, I was 11, & that was the earliest age, you could participate, in the contest. I was the short, squat kid, whose throwing ability was limited, & only sank 4/15, so Baseball became my thing, as a hitter & catcher";

Buck: "Mike, you had an interview with a a huge Texas Kid, named Billy, & we're going to roll that tape, now";

Tape is rolling:

Billy(As it turns out), is William Roger Clemens: "I was the gangly kid, that everyone really demanded a birth certificate from, to make sure that I wasn't a ringer. Back in 1976, we didn't have video games & computers, & I'm glad that the Contest is still as popular as ever. But, Baseball is still my passion."

A close-up photo, shows Clemens & Piazza, both signing Basketballs @ a K of C Free Throw Contest, in Maryland.

Buck: "Knights of Columbus Free Throw Basketball Championship Night In America on FOX", is brought to you by Apple Computer, maker of the 200GB iPod, by T-Mobile, & by the Knights of Columbus.

Buck: "Public Address Announcer, Carl Beene, will kick off tonight's ceremonies-let's listen in";

Beene: "Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, Welcome to the 2010 Edition of the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Basketball Championship. Tonight's Musical Show, is from The Boston Popular & Boston Symphony Orchestras.
Ladies & Gentleman, Boys & Girls, would you please Rise, & join in The Singing of The National Anthems of Canada & The United States. Both Anthems will be sung by Soloist, Ms Ashley Solu. Please direct your attention to the Colour Corps of The General Steven Boylan Assembly 4th Degree Knights of Columbus;

As the Combined Orchestras played, Ms Solu was elegantly-dressed, & sang both Anthems. She received a Thunderous Standing Ovation, for those renditions.

Back in The Booth;
Buck; "& we have just been joined by Tim Mc Carver";
Tim: "That Young Lady's Renditions, have left me SPEECHLESS";
Buck: "& THAT, Tim, is THE BEST News of The Evening-Free Throw on FOX is Next."

This has been a Parody-Presentation of FOX Sports.
(FOX NFL Sunday Music is rolling).

Time for a commercial message from your local FOX Station.

(Click on The Title-Here's Your Chance to tell Tim & Company, to "Shut Up").