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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Never Mind The Ghosts & Goblins, I Think I'll Go To Mass Instead

Halloween Is All Hallows Eve & Tomorrow is All Saints Day, so tonight I'll be at Mass, somewhere, followed by assisting in the setup of my friend's newer G3 iMac @ his house:

That'll be easy-just plug & play, as Mac OS 10.3.9(Panther)is already on the system, as it was my system for 2 years;

I got hit by a minor bug, so I'm taking it easy;

The Mass & Mac-Sounds Good;


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Reports of a NYC "Gas Attack"

It was on the IRT #4 Train. A-Rod "Cut The Cheese" in rush hour:




To Mac Users Who Still Have Appleworks 6.2.9-It's Still Useful On Your New Mac & It's A Bargain

I paid $65 for my Copy of AW 6.2.9 in '04 & got a full, intuitive, Office Suite. Apple did take it off The Market, so they can market iWork '08, a great Office & Presentation Suite, though not as full-featured as Appleworks:

I know that MS Office is the Alleged "Platinum" Standard, when it comes to Office Suites, but, for $65, I have the same functionality that those who bought MS Office '04 For Mac, have, except that I didn't have to lay out $399 to $499;

Appleworks 6.2.9 can be exported as MS Word & Excel Sheets. It has everything MS Office Has, except for a Mail Program called Entourage;

Appleworks users can communicate just by using AW, not having to convert anything, not having to worry if their software can be hacked, unlike MS Word & Excel;

This software is used to run a Knights Of Columbus Free Throw Basketball Contest in a # of Parishes. Communications between me, as Contest Chairman & my 4th Degree Faithful Navigator, will come via AW 6.2.9, natively, without converting anything to MS Word;

Since Mac OS X has the Native Ability to allow Documents to be converted to PDF Files, schools & organizations won't have to worry about files coming over in MS Word, but if they want the letter in MS Word, Appleworks can be exported as MS Word;

My advice to Mac Users with Appleworks 6.2.9 is keep on using it;

Go Red Sox;


Mac User since 03/13/04.


Our 1967 Impossible Dream Anthem Singer-Requiscant In Pacem, Robert Goulet

Who, BTW, was born in Lawrence, MA, 73 Years ago & grew up in Canada:

In 1967, The Red Sox were "The Impossible Dream Team";

Robert Goulet sang "To Dream The Impossible Dream";

& So did Tony C., The Kid From Revere, MA;

Robert will be missed;

Merci Beaucoup;

Requiscant In Pacem;



Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"We Interrupt This Papal Pronouncement To Bring Y ou This Special Announcement"

That Alex Rodriguez has broken off his friendship with Derek Jeter. More, Later on FOX News.


There's A Change Coming This Sunday

I know that you're thinking of The Change in terms of Sport. OK, That The Boston Red Sox are world champs, are now out on the golf courses or in discos:

No, for I need to get back to the Traditional Latin Mass, so it's a road trip into Manhattan, to St Agnes @ East 43rd Street, so as to feel a sense of Mysterium;

I need that sense of MYSTERIUM, as it puts my mind at ease so I can function & function well, as I pray To The Lord & commune with Him & through the Silence & Awe, listen to Him. It has a good effect on me;

This Sunday, my life will undergo some changes, after all the noise;



We Won't Have "MLB On FOX" To Kick Around Until The Next Satire In November

Kids say the darndest things-Ditto, FOX' Lead Baseball Analyst. Imagine, Tim writing a History of Game 6 of The 1986 World Series & you'll get the picture:

"When Keith Hernandez Booted The Ball hit by Mookie Wilson, it was because he was looking over to Pitcher, Bob Clemens";

Need I say more? The Satire will be in November, '07. It'll be wilder than the previous 3 satires;



This Just In To FOX Sports

A-Rod licenses image to the producers of "South Park". He'll have his bawls licked by that closet case, Eric Cartman. Curt Schilling remarked that since A-Rod has some manly-looking mistresses, this should surprise NOBODY.


Monday, October 29, 2007

The G4 eMac Has Arrived

This G3 iMac, a Fabulous Machine. is going to a friend:

There SHALL Be NO WINDOWS With Great VISTAS in my house;



How MANY World Championships Do The NY Yankees Have In THIS Century

The Same # of Runs Batted In By Alex Rodriguez In The World Series:

Note; 2000 is the LAST Year of the 20th Century;



A-Rod Has Exaulted Himself In The 8th Inning Of OUR Victory Party

Well, "MISS OPTober", you intensely despised little s---, he who slaps balls(Fortunately, none of us in RSN have been SLAPPED by Jeter's Secret Love Interest), only thinks of HIMSELF:


"Fitzy" has 3 Initials to describe your STUPID LITTLE S--- Action of SELF Exultation;

As you DESERVE A Good, Swift Kick In your ARSE;




A World Series Championship Over Teams With Fans With Towels, Pom Poms & Thundersticks

It Was a Sweep of The L A Angels of Anaheim:

It was 7 Games vs The Cleveland Indians, where Sabathia & Carmona unraveled like cord;

& Rockies Pitching came undone in the sweep;

& Paps Saved The Night;

& WHO CARES IF Alexander Emmanuelle Rodriguez(Slappy Mc Bluelips, A-Fraud, Etc) became a "Free" Agent, just so he can steal the thunder from everyone. Maybe he should be called "Miss OPTober". DRAMA QUEEN;

The Boston Red Sox Have WON ALL THE MARBLES. Red Sox Fans needed NO GIMMICKS in these 3 Series. We were Ourselves;

Time to Celebrate;

I've had enough Harpoon Ale;

To The WHOLE Gang @ Professor Thom's, we were in it together, from the Warm UP in Philly, to 12:08AM Today & May we be in this, FOR A LONG TIME TO COME;

& A-Rod is A-Fraud;



The "Gloria" Signifies A GREAT Victory

As The Boston Red Sox have garnered a Great Victory, winning in a 4 Game Sweep:

For as Red Sox Nation, we believed, hence why "Credo" was sung;

As Promised, The Gregorian Chant was changed to reflect this change;

It was not just our faith in the team. It was & STILL IS FAITH In God;

For as we celebrate, as the Gospel said, yesterday, Be Humble;

& as St. Paul's Epistle told us, yesterday, "I Have Finished The Race. I Have Fought The Good Fight";

"Gloria In Excelcis Deo";

Pax Vobiscum;



Sunday, October 28, 2007

"We Interrupt This Red Sox Celebration"

A-Rod signs deal for blue lip gloss promotions in Eskimo communities in The Yukon and Alaska;

Curt Schilljng had no comment, except to say "Ahh, Slappy Mc Bluelips, like who gives a s---, girly man, who loves manly-lookjng mistresses";

Woof de f---ing do


He Who Exaults Himself Will Get a Kick In The Arse

Today was the Gospel about the Pharisee & The Publican.

Instead of praying to God, the Pharisee was bragging that his s--- didn't have a malodorous quality to it.

The Publican was asking for God's Mercy, admitting that he's a sinner;

Which of these 2 men received a Big Fitzy "GFY";

& which one received The Lord's Mercy;



Game 3-Interesting & A Little Scary As Well As Long & Drawn Out

What with Dice K Matsuzaka Singling home 2 Runs, which is what makes playing in an NL Park, most interesting. Josh Fogg was in a Fog of sorts, in that he only had enough gas to cut one on The T out of Kenmore, or out of Willets Point Blvd on the IRT #7 Line, if you get my drift:

10-5 The Red Sox Final from Coors Field In Denver, CO;

I hate Towel Waving. It's Soooooooooooo Friggin' BUSH League. A Chant of "Yankees Suck" would've been better;

Okie-Dokie Okajima(Darkman), was somewhat "Fogg-y" if you get my drift, serving up a meatball to Matt Holliday, who could've singled & risk getting picked off(By Paps, of Course);


Then it's "Gloria In Excelcis Deo" Time;



The Tim Mc Cahvah Drinking Game

This is how we @ Professor Thom's, pronounce Tim Mc Carver's Name, especially when the "Riviera" Hit List is announced. Imagine this scenario in The FOX Booth:

Tim is in the booth with Buck & Jerry Remy. Remy has the "Wally The Green Monster" Doll in a deck chair in the booth;

Tim; "Nice to see Youppi here with us";

Remy; "Youppi, Tim? This is Wally The Green Monster. Youppi was the Expos Mascot";

Tim; "Like The Late Richard E Nixon, Trot's Dad once said, 'You can't choke a chicken with its' head cut off'";

Joe Buck; "Call Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital right now & get a tank of oxygen. Tim's out of breath. Better yet, get some anesthesia";

With that scenario, I'd be on my 4th Harpoon IPA;



Saturday, October 27, 2007

MCCCI-History-Daisuke Matsuzaka

Daisuke Matsuzaka will become the 1st Ever Pitcher from Japan, to start a Fall Classic Game, this evening, @ Coors Field in Denver, as he starts tonight for The Red Sox vs the CO Rockies & their Starter, Joshua Fogg:

Name the 1st Japanese Player to play in a World Series. Note, the year was '02 & the guy was NOT noted for hitting prowess, whether here, nor in Japan & he was an Outfielder;

Dice K pitches for the Boston Red Sox. Guess which Rockies Pitcher, was actually born in Boston, MA?

See You Later with The Answers;



The 13th Centennial Post-MCCC-A Time To THINK & Have A Few Laughs

A Man called Neville, born in a Free State called Ireland, he of unbelievable wit, was asked a question. He, being a World Champion Dancer, knew how to dance around complexity, by stating a most-obvious answer.
I had the temerity to ask “Just which people in the Metropolitan Baseball Club, deserved to be fired," for the lackluster performance during the final week of September, ‘07, costing the club, a position in Post Season.
He was direct in his surmise, for he stated, matter of factly “Fire The Fcuckin' Players”:

With Fag in Fingers, he puffed away, contently & @ ease. With Faggot in hand, he plotted his next move against a Game Presenter on FOX;

I know what you may be thinking, but this is merely a matter of language, especially in Eire & The UK. There are differences in the Lingua Franca between The British Isles & we who reside across a large pond, called the Atlantic Ocean, not a rather-flooded Atlantic Avenue, covering Brooklyn & Queens. For you see, Faggot is simply a bunch of sticks & Fag is merely a stick, which in this case is a stick, laden with nicotine, which is usually smoked, for Neville was smoking a Cigarette of a rather "Kool" Variety, as well as enjoying a Royal Pint of Fermented Liquid Bread Of The Monks, causing him to be "Harpooned" into being philosophical. The Faggot in hand, was a pack of Kool Cigarettes;

Across that pond, a Presenter is what we call a Commentator @ an event. The event I'm focusing on is Major League Baseball's Fall Classic, called The World Series, even though 29 of the 30 M L B Teams are located in the United States Of America, with one based in Toronto, ON, Canada, However, as more players come from the Far East & Latin America & Australia, the Game truly has an International Character;

The Presenter in question, is called the "Lead Baseball Analyst" on a network of TV Stations, called FOX, which is part of the Worldwide News Corporation Empire, headed by one Mr K.Rupert Murdoch. FOX is a derivative of the Great Movie Studio, 20th Century FOX. The Lead Baseball Analyst gives insights into the Game, presenting information, not ordinarily seen by the fans. Unfortunately, his knickname is "Master Of The Obvious Observation";

He's often "The Master Of The Wrong Name." On a play called in August, on "FOX Saturday Baseball", involving L A Dodgers @ NY Mets @ Shea Stadium, he said "Fine Play by Sandy Alomar J r". The only problem, was that the player was Russell Martin of The Dodgers, as a NY Mets player fouled out to the Dodgers Catcher. Alomar was the NY Mets Catcher that day;

I can just imagine who's starting for The Boston Red Sox in Game 3 of the '07 World Series:
@ SS is Julio Matsui; @ 2nd Base is Dustin Pedelsbury; in CF is Creme Crispy; in RF is Nixon Drew; Pitching is Dice Clay Matsusonnenberg; I think you get the idea of whom I'm talking about, because the only names he'll get right, are Steve Carlton & Derek Jeter;

& Neville, Born in Eire & raised in The Bronx, north of "The Toilet", while growing up a Mets Fan of the 1st Generation, will have another Fermented Liquid Bread Of The Monks, chanting that classic "Riviera" chant of "F--- Mc Cavah, That Aresecap";

There's a Time for Thought, A time For Fun & a Time for Silliness & it's my belief that Post #1300, has covered that, as Baseball winds down, as "JETS" means "Just End The Season", METS means "Must End The Season" & "Domenic, Go Frisk 'Em", would've been a prayer chant, if Mc Cavah was ever an Altar Server. I've more important things like deciding which Victory Music, In Latin, should be added to this blog, as well as paying Bills & enjoying life in General;

Go Red Sox-Sledge Hammer The ROX;

Pax Vobiscum;



On Apple's New Fat Cat Called Leopard-I think I can Go With Tiger, Especially After The Red Sox Are Crowned '07 World Series Champions

Just a few hours ago, Steve Jobs & his Apple corps of Mac Engineers, released the latest version of Mac OS X, called Leopard, or 10.5.1. It can be run on both the Intel Dual Core Chips, as well as on the Power PC Chips. The latest version of Mac OS X, is said to be the most-spectacular OS ever created, with over 300 new features & the system will require 9 GB of Hard Disk space. A lot of RAM will be needed to run this system, so I’m told.

I can just imagine what MS Office ‘08 for Mac will be like. I’ve already experienced MS Office ‘04’s free trial. It was the 1st time I’ve ever seen 3D columns in Microsoft Excel Sheets. No wonder Microsoft Office is more-fun on a Mac-try this with Windows machines & watch tech support people drink 3 cans of Diet Mountain Dew, to stay awake, while fixing crashed machines.

Funny, but a Just-Discontinued piece of software, which I find to be a joy to use, called Appleworks 6.2.9, is still useable, thanks to Rosetta, for 10.4 & beyond. I’ll continue to use it, with all the things I’ll need. I bought this software 3 years ago for $65. I will also upgrade by buying iWork ‘08, for more complex jobs, especially in connection with the Inaugural Edition of The Knights of Columbus Free Throw for the 4th Degree.

What I find amazing about OS X, is that all these systems are named for Fast Cats, namely Cheetah(10.0), Puma(10.1), Jaguar(10.2), Panther(10.3), which I’m running at the moment & is really when Mac OS X got really-powerful & Tiger(10.4) on the machine to arrive on Monday. Leopard is the single biggest of all of these systems(10.5). Leopard will be the biggest & fattest cat of them all.

On Monday for me, it’s “Hold That Tiger”, while I put it on my system. Any plans for me to run Windows on the machine, are off, as I don’t want Bill Gates bug ridden system of patch after patch after patch, to fix a very broken system.

Oh & by Monday Morning, I hope to be making Red Sox Victory Parade Plans for the following Saturday. So, Go Red Sox.



Friday, October 26, 2007

A Mac Production

It’s funny about how technology changes. For Many Years, I used DOS & Windows, both exciting & both thought to be a standard. Trouble is, Windows, an alleged standard, is both difficult & substandard. Sure, the icons look so nice, as to make it easy to work with, but Windows misbehaves-in fact, rather-badly. Software there, is no fun to work with, especially Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel.

I’m a Mac user @ home. I use Windows XP @ work, so I notice the 2 systems, several times a week, by working with those systems. In Mac, I will use steps just like in Windows, but on Mac, the steps are fewer. I’m NOT almost screaming at my machine.

I’m a Mac user who started with Mac Classic, in the form of OS 9(Gershwin To Limelight Upgrade 1). Mac Classic gave me the feel for the Mac Platform & helped me transition over to Mac OS X, quite-helpful in showing me the way in Jaguar(10.2.8). It was Jaguar, which really started to demonstrate the power of OS X, in that many more applications were developed for it. I can say that I’m capable of working with 3 Desktop Systems, especially Mac OS X, Windows XP & Vista, & Classic Mac OS 9.2.2.

You know about Windows XP in late ‘01? It has multiple users on the same machine, & password encoding per user. However, Mac OS 9 had it 1st in 1999. Do I notice that the standard is somewhat behind?

I’m chairing my K of C 4th Degree Assembly’s 1st Ever Free Throw Basketball Contest. Appleworks 6.2.9 & iWork ‘08, will be the Official Software of that contest. My Faithful Navigator & Close Friend, a Mac User, is getting my G3 iMac, when the G4 eMac, comes in this Monday. All communications, flyers & letters, will be produced on his Mac & mine, I’m using AW 6.2.9 & it has everything I need to put together this contest, in communicating with the schools. There will be no communications using Microsoft Office(Which BTW, started on Mac & not on Windows). Appleworks & iWork ‘08 are good enough for me, especially Appleworks 6.2.9.

I had used Open Source Neo Office, which was good but, NOT as much fun as Appleworks, which can read & write MS Documents. Appleworks 6.2.9 is a quick working application suite & way faster than the grossly-overcoded Microsoft Office Suites;

The K of C Free Free Throw-4th Degree Edition is a Mac Production. It’s a time to Have a load of fun with it.


PS=Go Red Sox


2-1 Leads To 2-0 Lead

I don't think the 12 Rockies Fans are happy, what with Mike Lowell's 5th Inning Double, nor with Paps striking out Brad Hawpe, Todd Helton or a fly-out to center by Jeff Adkins:

Paps got the Save;

I listened to WRKO via Gameday Audio, with Joe Castiglione & Glenn Gaffner;

Curt Schilling has his 11th Postseason Victory;

Here's the advantage of Gameday Audio-NO Tim Mc Carver;



Thursday, October 25, 2007

"& Papelbon Picks Him Off! Can You Believe It?"

Roy HOliday of The Rockies, was @ 1st Base. Papelbon picked him off:

2-1 Red Sox over Rockies, bottom of the 8th Inning, now;

(Note-Thanks To Joe Castiglione For The Radio Call on WRKO-Boston)


New Mac Coming Tomorrow

G4 eMac 1Ghz, 640 MB RAM. I'll install OS X 10.4 on it, tomorrow evening. It's only about 2.5 Years Old & can run 10.5(Leopard). It'll have a 60GB Hard Drive:

An Associate of mine, gets this G3 From me, an iMac, a good but slower machine;



John Lieber Told You WHAT, Tim?

That Certain '04 Idiots wished the '04 Yankees good luck in the World Series, after "The Idiots" were down 0-3:

Lieber named no names;

& you think people are Mind-Numbingly STUPID, as to listen to your POINTLESS Verbal Sewerage, about what Lieber said, like any of us give a flying FCUK;

Like Forest Wahlberg once said "Stupid IS as Stupid SAYS";



Jeff Francis Was Effective-As Effective As Tom Glavine In His Last Mets Start- Which Means NOT

You might even say "Overrated":

He sure is OVERRATED;

He got clocked BADLY;

You knew that trouble was ahead when he allowed Dustin Pedroia to clobber one over the Green Monster;

13-1 is a hell of a BAD BEATING;

That 9 Day Vacation wrecked ROX Momentum;

& Josh Beckett is The Master of Postseason in Red Sox Land, in the way that Lardarse, Roger Clemens NEVER Was;

& another Prince Of Postseason, Curt Schilling, will be on the mound @ 8:36PM-ET, live from Fenway Park-Boston;

& a Word or 2, to Tim-SHUT UP;



Wednesday, October 24, 2007

To My Red Sox Nation Readers-Don't Get Over-Confident

I had been viewing the Rockies for awhile, over the Summer & think of them as The Ones To Watch. They're Young & Talented & look Fresh:

On the Other Hand, the Red Sox look a little bit like tired, older warriors, what with Wakefield's shoulder giving him problems & Curt Being Curt, which means unpredictable from Start To Start & tiring out at times. Coupled with the IDIOTIC Trade for That Broken Down Bus, Eric Gagne' & an overworked Bullpen, this might not be the Eerie Magic Of '04;

Jeff Francis(Rockies) is a LHP. The Red Sox have demonstrated not much ability in hitting lefties. This could be trouble. On the other hand, teams on long layovers, have shown to be a bit laxidaisical(Just Ask The '06 Detroit Tigers);

However, Mr Beckett has an October Pedigree, with both the Marlins & now with The Red Sox. Mr Francis is beginning to establish one with the CO Rockies;

Most of my Sisters Of Charity-Halifax Nuns, grew up in New England(Like in Dorcester)& one of them referred to me as a pessimist. As they were part of my rearing process in Brooklyn, I may have acquired a good deal of that New England Angst. Then again, too, I do come from the Borough of The Dodgers, "Dem Bums Of Flatbush", & have that angst as well as part of my DNA;

It is NOT going to be an easy Series;

I hope The Best For Our Red Sox, but I'm going out on a limb & saying CO Rockies in 7 Games. My gut feeling says that;



Rockies In "Counselling" @ Fenway Park

For a humourous take, click on the title:

"Call Of The Green Monster"-a great source of Red Sox Humor, in "Onion" Form;



The Denver Take On The World Series

Interesting Read-Give it a look-click on The Title-Thanks:



Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who Will FINALLY Kill Kenny Of "South ParK"?

"More Multi-Run Games begin with a Home Run than with a Walk":

OMG-Tim Mc Carver Killed Kenny-in Prime Time, in "The World Series On FOX";

"You Bastard!"



Monday, October 22, 2007

Of What Team Would Eric Cartman of "South Park" Be A Fan Of?

Let me see:

Loud, Crude, Obnoxious;

He'd be a Perfect Fit in Section 39 Of "The Toilet" in The Bronx;

He'd be a Yankee Fan;



In Last Night's Great Triumph, Westbrook & Company Looked Like The '07 Mets In The Last Week & Boy Was That A Great Red Sox Triumph

Usually, "The Jake" in Cleveland is overrun by Red Sox Nation on a jaunt, during the Regular Season. How many times was the place half-empty this year?

Then, it came Post-Season & every "Fan" & his/her Mom, was there, for ALDS & ALCS, waving those Idiotic Rally Towels, which started as the "Homer Hankies" in Minnesota, in 1987;

& then up 3-1 in the ALCS, Sabathia, Carmona & Westbrook, all looked like Mike Pelfrey, pitching for the Mets, in the 3 Games I saw that guy, this year. In other words, these guys fell apart @ the Seams;

& these Games were BLOWOUTS. The Last Win for the Sawx came last night with an 11-2 Triumph with The Sawx starting the World Series, this Wednesday Night, @ 8:24PM-ET on FOX & ESPN Radio & MLB INTL;

Youk Homered to make it 11-2;

BTW, @ Professor Thom's last night, I was told that in my appearances to sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", with cheering, rousing chorus, that The Sawx Have Won 3 In A Row, to take this Series Away from The Indians;

Let the Streak Continue, Wednesday Night & Thursday Night;

Last Night, a married couple came to Professor Thom's for the 1st Time ever. The Night before, they were in The Bar, which we denizens of Professor Thom's, speak of so-loathingly. That Place, "The Riviera Cafe' & Sports Bar", was described as THE WORST Place to watch a Red Sox Game in NYC. The Expletives used to describe that DUMP, are many & fourfold, & often carried on this blog;

You KNOW how Jim Mc Guire, Chris Wertz, The Omnipotent Quinn, & I, feel about "The Riv'". Let's just say that the "F" word is used to describe the place & we don't mean Fiddlesticks, either;

So, until Wednesday Night, when That "Dulcet-Toned Master Of Sarcasm" & "Gomer Pyle-Toned Master Of Both The Obvious & Obtuse", invade our TV Screens, I wish you all a Grand Week Ahead;

That Sweet Lass was on the BMT Nassau Loop Train, knitting & in Contemplation & Prayer. She does make my week;



"Still We Believe" & The Music On This Site

Well, when Cleveland pitched like the NY Mets did in the Last Week of This Season, one knew that all is well in Red Sox Nation:

More-Triumphant Gregorian Chant will play when The Sawx wrap up this World Series, what with The Rockies 9 Day Layover;

"We Believe", or more-appropriately Translated from the the Latin, "I Believe" is being sung here. It's actually "The Nicene Creed" being sung in Latin, hence known as "Credo";

Triumph shall signal "Gloria", to be played on this site. Not The Rock Song, mind you, but "Gloria In Excelcis Deo" will play here;

Yankees Combibo(Yankees Suck);



Sunday, October 21, 2007

Game 7-Westbrook Vs Matsuzaka-8:24PM ET-FOX

It has come to this, when legions of Red Sox Fans around the globe, will gather by computers & televisions & radios & cell phones, to follow what's going on @ Fenway Park Tonight:

Rematch-Westbrook vs Dice-K. Dice K has to Dazzle everybody with the Gyro Ball. Time for a Gagne'-Proof Game;



Bombos Away-Curt?" You Were Brilliant! & Jonathan D Drew-Bombs Away

Professor Thom's was PACKED, Last Night. We're seeing Red Sox Fans from all over, even from "The Hairy Monk", another famous Red Sox Watering Hole, As The Fermented Liquid Bread Of Monks(Harpoon Professor Thom's Ale), flowed freely:

Another filming of a Red Sox Documentary, by Bombo Films, took place over the din of those two jokers, Joe Buck, who looks amazingly-like some conceited arsecap named Jeffrey, with the blonde highlights & Tim Mc Carver(We KNOW HOW OLD you are, Tim-you're NOT a redhead, so can the Easter Egg Colouring of your hair). Haven't these two Magpies learned that people do appreciate some SILENCE during a telecast, ala Mr Vincent Scully? No, Perish that thought, as "Heckle & Jekyll" must bray on, as if magpies or, worse, Baboons;

J.D. Drew BLASTED a low, over the plate fast ball, off Fausto Carmona, long into the night for a Grand Slam Homer in the 1st Inning, with The Red Sox sending 7 Men to the plate, making the Game 4-0 Red Sox over the Indians;

The Final Score was 12-2 Red Sox. Curt Schilling showed us his Game 6 Form, which was fine over 7 innings. Javier Lopez also shut the door in the 8th & Eric Gagne' showed us a bit of "L'ancien Eric", by slamming the door on Cleveland in the 9th Inning;

We had our fun, during the Bombo Taping, in the form of "Ka(y)reoke", an art form of Professor Thom's. Ka(Y)Reoke" is so named because whenever the Yankees faced the Red Sox, we had to hear (The Unspeakable Horror Show) Michael Kay, a Babbling, Braying Shill, on the YES Network. We, basically mock all Yankees Broadcasters, except for Mr Bobby Murcer, who we actually enjoy. I called the 2nd & 5th Innings. I made the comment that Alex Rodriguez did NOT warrant $350M over 10 Seasons & I worked Solo, in both those innings, in imitation of Mr Scully, contrasting Buck & Mc Carver, those 2 Magpies;

When the Game ended, the chants of "F--- Kazmerczyk" & "F--- Mc Cahvah", flowed freely like Ale. Knuckle Jabs & High Fives were Given. Hugs & Kisses from Sweet Ladies, pleased me to no end. I had a great time, leading the Professor Thom's Partisans in "Take Me Out To The Ball Game", drowning out those 2 Magpies on FOX;

Like The Great Jack Buck used To Say "We'll See You Tomorrow Night"-well, that is TONIGHT, with Matsuzaka vs Westbrook, Red Sox vs Indians from Fenway Park on FOX @ 8:24PM-ET. I hope to see you all back out there;

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, even if you are a Giant PEZ Dispenser;

& The Gregorian Chant In Latin, will change, to what I hope, will be More-Triumphant Music, Soon;



Saturday, October 20, 2007


Do Our Country a big favor-JUST SHUT UP. THANKS!


Schill? Just Do It!

Carmona? Just BLOW IT!


Friday, October 19, 2007

The Commute This Morning

On my head, I wear a Boston Red Sox Cap. I'm wearing a Mets Shirt with #31, Mike Piazza's Name on the back of the shirt:

I was on the BMT Broadway-Brooklyn, Nassau Loop Train, contemplating my latest set of articles, a lot of it sarcastic & humorous. Sitting next to me was a sweet-looking artistic woman, who was knitting something;

She was reading a book about prayer. I was reading over her shoulder. It was one of those "For Dummies" books. I think that Buck & Mc Carver could use one called "Broadcasting The ALCS & Not Driving People To Drink Heavily For Dummies";

She seemed peaceful. She told me that it gets her through her day. She then got off @ Marcy Avenue, before the train headed over the Williamsburgh Bridge;

Just before I boarded a "J" Express @ Woodhaven Blvd, a guy claiming to be a Mets Fan, called out to me saying that NO Mets Fan would ever don a Red Sox Cap. Error made by him, was that @ the 11:00AM Mass, this past Sunday, one gent wore a NY Mets Pullover. But, in his seat was a Red Sox Cap. You see, like me, he wears the cap of his primary team & the shirt of his 2nd team;

It's as ANTI-YANKEES as you can get;



Potential "Terror Groups" To Watch During The ALCS On FOX


A Cell of 6 Men, Dressed, Preferably, In Black, who have NO Idea what they're watching, including The Strike Zone, or the RF Wall in "The Jake" in Cleveland;


A Sarcastic Arsecap, who thinks he's funny, doing Play By Play. Most-Noted for the Statement "The Umpires Got The Call Right, Again", made in Game 5 of the '07 ALCS & Game 6 of The '04 ALCS. In the case of this Game, WTF was this guy watching, in the case of Manny's Over The Wall "Single";


We know how old you are & Red is NOT your actual hair colour. The ONLY name you get right, these days, is Derek Jeter, a name uttered so many times that people are turning on the Radio to avoid that Guy's Name. Your latest inane theory of Multi-Run Games, is driving people to either drink heavily, or people are putting on the '04 World Series DVD. Unfortunately, they also hear you over on that DVD Set, but they remember it as a HAPPY Time;

Al-Buckahni & Al-Kavah are "Heckle & Jekyll", 2 Magpies who just won't SHUT UP;


He's HISTORY. Let him replace either of those 2 Magpies in the FOX Booth. The Sound Of Silence would be refreshing;

But the 2 Magpies are worth it for the NEXT "MLB On FOX" Sendup. Sarah Silverman joins in the Pregame Festivities, this time around;



Thanks To Josh-We're Back Home, Tomorrow Night & Torre Says Enough Is Enough

7-1 Red Sox, with Youk Homering, Manny's Over The Fence "Single", Umpires From The Tim Donaughy School Of Not Seeing Anything, & Josh was Lights Out, K'ing 11 in 8 Innings & Eric Gagne'was NOWHERE to be seen:

The Crowd @ Professor Thom's was Chanting "F--- Kazmerczyk" in Unison, as well as "F--- Mc Cahvah", who was as Annoying as this Game was Entertaining;

Off to Boston & "We'll See You Tomorrow Night." Who was that Masked Man, who took over for Joe Buck? That Guy was GOOD;

Joe Torre said "Bub Bye" to The Yankees &, methinks it's "Bub Bye" to the '08 Yankees. One can only take so much crap from George Steinbrenner for Sooooooo-Long;



Thursday, October 18, 2007

Doug Mirabelli Is 37 Today

Our Handler of all Fluttering Things(Knuckleballs From Wakey)turns 37 Today:

Happy Birthday, Douggie;

Turning 51 today-Martina Navratilova;

51 Love, Love;

To think I can remember her defection from Czechslovakia, in the '70s, way before "The Velvet Revolution" & the break into Czech Republic & Slovakia, in the '90s;

In Tennis, she sure knows how to lick 'em;



Josh Vs CC-8PM-Red Sox @ Indians-On FOX

Win or Get Lost:

The "Get Lost Plans" are c/o The FO, when they got Gag-me;

May Josh put a stop to it;



Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's THAT Time of Year, AGAIN-I Shudder @ THAT Thought

It's the time of year, where some guy with Red Hair Dye, pontificates on points of the Game, until people go rushing to the Radio, or start to break things, like their TV Sets, or dishes:

"Like When Roberts stole 2nd off Mariano in the '04 National League Playoff";

"The Last time the Giants had a runner on was Youkilis in the 4th Inning";

"Youkilis would make a good #8 hitter, with the pitcher's slot due up next";

"Brandon Arroyo & Pedro Martinez will start Game 2";

"St.Louis Blows in a NY Minute";

"When Flatulence is a sign of something imminent, Derek Jeter had better run to 2nd Base";

OK, in fairness, Tim Mc Carver did NOT make that last statement. However, there is that way of working Derek Jeter into something;

How do Joe Buck, Kenny Albert, Dick Stockton & Josh Lewin, put up with these Gaffes, by "The Man From Memphis", the "Sophocles Of The Diamond", "The Baboon Who Won't SHUT UP"?

Either these guys are pros, or have been sedated or drinking heavily;

It's going to be a LOOOOOOONG Post-Season;

Especially "In the time it took to play this game, I could've flown from Baltimore to Iceland";

& we can turn off our TV Sets & go do something else;

Pray for a SHORT Series in the World Series;



Tomorrow Night Is Win Or Go Home

It's up To Josh To right the course:

He has more Post Season Wins in a Red Sox Uniform, than that Fraud, William R. Clemens;

& Josh Beckett will do it;

Mark my words that he will;

& there will be a Game 6 @ Fenway Park;

& Eric Gagne' had better NOT come near Game 5;




After the Wakefield Blow-Up, the good news is Josh Beckett is starting in Cleveland tomorrow night. The bad news is that Eric Gagne' is STILL on the ALCS Roster. The Gagne' Deal is what led to this mess, leading the team to carry 2 40 Plus Pitchers & a loss of momentum. While you & Larry are at it, Theo, why not add Armando Benitez(LOL). A BAD MOVE, INDEED! MIKE-RSN-NYC-QUEENS.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

CO Rockies Turn This Into "Rocktober"

With a 6-4 Victory over the AZ Diamondbacks, The Rockies go onto their 1st World Series:

Question-are there any Rockies Bars in NYC?




Beware Of Scott Boras & The Bill of Goods he sells(Like, er, A-Rod & any AA Or AAA Pitcher from The Far East):

2 Runs in the 1st Inning & 2 in the 5th Inning & you could've turned your sets off, right there(Can't Dice K ever make it out of the 5th Inning);

Then, to make matters worse, making Jake Westbrook, look like Cy Young. It was way too cold for a Midges Attack;

I'll try to sleep this one off;



Monday, October 15, 2007

Dice K Vs Westbrook-Red Sox @ Indians-Game 3 ALCS On FOX

If only Matsuzaka has his out of this world breaking stuff in order, I'd be impressed but he does tire out & relies too much on the fast stuff:

Westbrook is nothing to write home about;

I say that this'll be a real barn burner(High-Scoring);

Mike-RSN-NYC-Queens(With The Sox having a 2-1 Advantage-Game 4 tomorrow night)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The CO Rockies Are WHITE-HOT

Don't be surprised if they're the 07 World Series Champions. Don't be!

Suzyn Waldman's Take On My Return To Msgr Sherman Council Knights of Columbus 5103

"Past Grand Knight Michael Leggett is in the Grand Knight's Bawx. He's back. Past Grand Knight Michael Leggett is a Sherman Star, once again."

Youkilis Would Make A Good #8 Hitter With The Pitcher Due Up


This Is the ALCS, NOT the NLCS;



With The ALCS On FOX

The "Shut Up Tim Mc Carver" Website should be getting a few hits, with Tim's memorable comments:

Scroll down this page & read it;

It's THAT time of year, again;


Yesterday, I Went Home

After a few years of asking me to return from various Past Grand Knights, I went to that Council's Installation of Officers Mass & Dinner:

BTW, I transferred back into Msgr Sherman Council #5103, where I served as Grand Knight, from 1996 until 1998;

It was time to go home.

Caput Eric Gagne' In Anno Est

In short Order, Eric Gagne' is an Arsonist:

In Friday Night's Game, though he struck out 3, he loaded the bases;

Last Night he got the 1st guy out, then allowed a single & walk, to start Cleveland's 7 Run Rally in the 11th Inning;

Indians 13-Red Sox 6;

Javier Lopez & Jon Lester, also contributed to this mess;


Trot Nixon Singled off Lopez, to drive in the winning run;

37,051 witnessed the carnage @ Fenway Park;

Dice-K Faces Jake Westbrook @ "The Jake", tomorrow night in Cleveland;


Friday, October 12, 2007

Red Sox Diehard Play-By-Play & Commentary Summary

Click on The Title & Read It:

We did our own Game;

C/O Gameday Audio, we listened to Castiglione & Geffner, preferable to Buck & Mc Carver;



Stay Tuned To Red Sox Die Hard For Internet Play By Play

There will be a few of us, involved in this project, as we listen to GameDay Audio, or ESPN Radio, to bring this Live Blogging Tonight, to all corners of the Earth, so one need not hear the Din of Buck or Mc Carver, on FOX:

It's like the People in The Town Square, following postings, from Western Union Ticker & Posting The Scoring;

Only, the World is our Town Square;


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yankees Es Malum

Yankees Combibo:

The Title, in Latin means Yankees are evil(The Yankees Are Bad);

Yankees Combibo is Latin for Yankees Suck;


This Site Now Has Babelfish Translation

A banner is on this site, so you can translate it into various languages:

EG; Volpe, Renard, Fuchs= The Italian, French & German names for my LEAST Favorite Network for MLB. If you guessed "FOX", you guessed correctly;

Have Fun;


Viva Los Calcetines Rojos

Vivre Les Chaussettes Rouge:

Viva I Calzzini Rossi;

You KNOW what Team, I'm rooting For in 3 Languages, all Based on Latin;

Yankees Sulcet;

Yankees Aspira;

Yankees Succhia;

You know what Team, I'm despising in those same 3 languages;


This Is A Time Of Fear-For FOX Sports

I know this much-they can live with a Boston-Arizona or Boston-CO Rockies World Series, as there would be plenty of Advertizers:

But, let's suppose it's Cleveland-AZ or Cleveland-CO;

Who might watch this spectacle? The Midwest & Mountain Time Zones? The Midwest & Pacific Time Zones?

In the Case of The Red Sox in The Fall Classic, as there's Red Sox Nation, which goes everywhere & ANYWHERE, there will be great coverage. There's a Rather Sizeable Following here of The Red Sox, in the NY Metropolitan Area. Our Watering Holes will be filled to the Brim(Except For The Riviera, which has been replaced by the #1 Place, Professor Thom's & The #2 Place, A Great Pick Up Spot, The Hairy Monk);

Now, in the Case Of Cleveland, there won't be that enthusiastic a following in many places;

With AZ's Diamondbacks, one can just imagine Tim Mc Carver, calling Brandon Webb, Bronson Webb, confusing Brandon Webb with Bronson Arroyo;

Ditto, Tim confusing Kazuu Matsui, with either Daisuke Matsuzaka or Hiddeki Matsui, in the case of the Rockies;

There will be the INEVITABLE Mention(S) of Derek Jeter, any # of times, as Tim does his Annual Audition for a spot in the YES Booth.Ditto, Roger Clemens & A-Rod;

In case of Cleveland Indians, break out your '04 DVD Of the Red Sox winning the whole shebang. Ditto, AZ or CO;

Advertizers might ask for rebates if Cleveland gets in & goes vs The NL Winner, as was done to NBC Sports(Indians-Marlins in '97). That happened to Cardinals-Tigers, last year, with FOX, & happened across the Country, with the '00 Subway Series;

Viva Las Medias Rojas-Let's Go Red Sox;


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Little Red Sox Film To Keep You Thinking Of Friday Night

NY Yankees 2007 Refund Application From Toasty Joe, A Mets Blog

Click On The Title. I think You'll laugh until you p-- in your pants:



Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"Viva Las Medias Rojas"

No, it isn't a phrase to place a hex on Tim Mc Carver. It's the Spanish way of saying "Long Live The Red Sox" or "Lets Go Red Sox". Just a linguistic tip from Mike-rsn-nyc-queens.

I Wonder WhAt Yankees Fans Are Going To Be Disguised As, This Time

In last year's NLCS, a group of Cardinals "Fans", came into Woodhaven House in Rego Park, just to make Mets Fans, uncomfortable, in Cardinals Gear:

It turned out to be that they were Yankmes Fans from Middle Village, Queens, afraid to show up in their real gear;

I guess they'll be donning Cleveland Indians Caps, with The Sawx in Post-Season;

Like with The Redbirds Caps, they probably won't know what they're talking about, this time, in Indians Gear. Then, after the carnage, they'll revert to Yankees Gear, sometime in '08;



Imagine If Visiting Invaders From Another Galaxy Were To Stop All MLB Post-Season-It Has A Somewhat Happy Ending

Red Sox Sweep Angels, easily. Indians take 2-1 lead over Yankees:

Aliens come by spaceship, taking Bud Selig, hostage;

He appears on Giant Screens in Fenway Park & Jacobs Field, as well as on TBS & TNT;

He declares that all Playoffs be suspended & The Yankees declared World Champions. They tell Bud “Show us the Man who taught us about Derek Jeter”;
A Ship flies with Bud, to Bryn Mawr, PA, outside of Philly. It lands in the front yard;
They ring the bell. A woman answers & said, “My Husband is in the shower, coloring his hair, red. What do you want with him, Bud?”

“We need your husband to answer some questions. His answers may save post-season”, exclaimed by Bud;

“What kind of questions’, the woman asked. Bud stated “Red Sox Trivia”, to which the woman panicked. She cried “He’s Got This Jeter Thing. I must clip him, gently with a rod’;

“Do as you musi’, said Bud;

Then onto the ship, Bud, The Aliens & The Mystery Man With The Red Hair Dye, went;

The Mystery Man was to be quizzed on Red Sox Knowledge, by the one, known as “The Omnipotent Quotient”, based in some Boston Suburb, called Brooklyn, NY, not too far from Ebbets Field(About 10 Minutes by Q Train to Prospect Park). The Omnipotent Quotient was polishing his wand, listening to Bob Murphy’s Famous Victory Call(They Win the Damn Game, 10-9);

The Omnipotent Quotient was secluded in an upstairs Loft on 2nd Avenue, between East 13th & East 14th Street, while the Mystery Man must consume The Liquid, Fermented Bread of Monks-only one pint will do;

The Mystery Man was relaxed after consuming the Fermented Liquid Bread Of Monks. The OQ began his quizzing;

“In 1967, who won Baseball’s Triple Crown?’
MM; Carl Yastremski;
OQ: In 1942, Ted Williams lost out to which player for MVP;
MM; Joe Gordon of The NY Yankees;
OQ: These Two Hall Of Famers were Red Sox Broadcast Colleagues from 1954 to 1959. Name these two Ford C Frick award Winners;
MM Curt Gowdy & Bob Murphy;

OQ: Accordingly my good & brave soul, for thou hast saved the Post Season;
MM; It’s a Grand Feeling. Joe & I are working Friday Night in the ALCS;

OQ; After more of this Fermented Liquid Bread Of The Monks, you won’t remember;
MM; It’s as if I’ve died and have gone to The Riviera;

This enrages The Grand Huge Pez, who bellows “F--- The Riviera”;

& Post Season Plays On;

Without The Yankees on FOX;

& in The NLCS, Chip Caray will NOT Know what he's talking about;

Ditto, Buck & Mc Carver on "ALCS On FOX";


@ 11:41PM-ET, Joe Borowski of Bayonne, NJ, struck out Jorge' Posada

& The Cleveland Indians defeated the NY Yankees, 6-4, eliminating the Yankees from the LDS. Cleveland faces The Red Sox on Friday Night, in the ALCS, on FOX. I'll be part of an Internet Commentary Team on Red Sox Diehard, on Friday Night, as a FOX Alternative. It'll be fun. Mike of RSN-NYC-Queens

Monday, October 08, 2007

Even tbs Made An Error

NOWHERE was Ron Darling, listed on the tbs website, yet he & not Bob Brenly, was working Diamondbacks-Cubs, in the NLDS, with Dick Stockton:

But the coverage has been good;

I liked how Don Orsillo sounded;

Ditto, Darling;


I Cannot Stand "Indian Summer"

It's October 8th. It's The Official Celebration of Columbus Day. I look forward to nice cool weather with a bit of a nip in the air. I don't expect to be sweating like I'm in a Sauna, or like it's July, outside:

& it's HUMID, as well. It causes people to get nasty colds & Bronchitis. It has been over a week, now, where we have 80+Degrees F, Temperatures;

It's not natural, as your body is telling you that something is Wrong. I'm Sweating & am about to shower, again;

I can't wait for Real Autumn to come;


MCCL-The Beating Story Update From The Boston Globe

I got it from The Boston Globe:

Read The Interview with a Yonkers Detective & one of The Alleged Suspects;

It's Interesting Reading;


Columbus Day & The End Of "The Impossible Dream Of 1967"-An Essay

It was a Thursday, a cloudy & cool day. I was on 5th Avenue, across the way from St Patrick's Cathedral:

The Red Sox were in a battle for their very survival against some mighty birds-Red Birds in Fact. I had caught a glimpse of the Mightiest Red Bird of Them all, on the steps of St Patrick's Cathedral;

No, Stan Musial was not there. He was GM of certain Red Birds, who were set to engage in the 7th Battle(Game 7 of the 1967 World Series);

The Mighty Red Bird was Francis Joseph Cardinal Spellman, he of the power to make new Bishops in America, almost as if he was The Pope;

The St Louis Cardinals were soon to go into combat, with the Mighty Bob Gibson on the Mound. His Catcher, in'67, was one who could chronicle great details, & call games with great skill;

The Red Sox sent Jim Lonborg, who now makes a handsome living, drilling for gold(As In Root Canal Therapy);

There was no such thing as an 8:24PM-ET Start Time, nor was FOX a network. All Games were on NBC Radio & Television & in daylight, with Curt Gowdy, Harold "Pee Wee" Reese, Mel Parnell(Red Sox TV) & Harry Carry(St Louis Cardinals TV). On NBC Radio it was Jim Simpson & Tony Kubek;

The Cardinals won the 1967 World Series on that day;

No Joy in Beantown;

This Friday, on the 40th Anniversary, will be the start of the ALCS. That St Louis Catcher will be there, reminding everybody of the '67 Series, Succeeding Red Sox Failures, while forgetting about the "Glory of '04", while leading up to his favorite subject of all time, Derek Jeter, whether the Yankees are there or not;

In '67, there were no Macs nor PCs. In '07, one can listen by radio, watch on FOX, or follow an Intrepid Band of Internet Commentators, aided by Game Day Audio, so as to avoid the Baboonery of Joe Buck & Tim Mc Carver. Mc Carver was that St Louis Catcher, who'll say all those strange things, no one wants to hear, or cannot believe they're hearing Tim, say his stuff;

May there be a Crescendo of Joy In Beantown;


On This Day, Now & In 1957-A Time To Commemorate & Remember

Currently, in The United States, it is Columbus Day. In Canada, it is Thanksgiving:

My deepest congratulations are in order for the Celebrations in Canada & the USA;

50 Years ago today, in NYC;

The Brooklyn Dodgers Made it Official, as the became the Los Angeles Dodgers, never again, calling Ebbets Field, Home;

On October 6th, 1957, the NY Giants officially became the San Francisco Giants;

Both the The Dodgers & Giants, officially left NYC, during the 1957 World Series;

Not until 1962, did the National League, play in NYC, when the Mets came into existence, in the Polo Grounds, where the SF Giants were their Landlordsl

This 50th Anniversary of Those 2 Days, is STILL Sad, indeed;


Sunday, October 07, 2007

ALDS Marathon Coverage Has Ended

With The Yankees winning, 8-4:

Not something to celebrate;

But, it's time now for a cold one, so Goodnight from The Baseball Wars;


Good Luck On Worldwide TV, Dave O'Brien

He & Rick Sutcliffe, will call the FOX Feed, worldwide, via ESPN International & MLB International, for the ALCS & '07 World Series:

Only The US will be stuck with -uck & Mc Carver;

Dave is The Red Sox Radio Commentator, who came home;


All I Know Is This In Regards To All This Postseason Coverage

A Cold Beer Will Really Taste Good In Awhile:

Wait! Trot Nixon doubled across a run & The Yankees Lead is Now 8-4;

8th Inning Is in the bottom;

I can't wait For The Misery To End;


Walk To Load The Bases

Then, all hell breaks loose, as a Single by Robinson Cano, played into a 2 Extra Base error by Trot Nixon & it's 8-3 Yankees @ The Toilet:

Westbrook is No Front End Starter;

Aaron Foults, now on the mound for Cleveland;

Now, it's Top 7 in The Bronx, following on ESPN Radio;


The Next Network Jackarse(Like On FOX) Who calls a Fenway Homer A Cheapie

Which I know that either -uck or Mc Carver, will utter:

Point out those Short as S--- Porches in "The Toilet";

& Los Animales who sit over there;


Westbooke's Struggling

& it's 5-3 Yankees in the 5th Inning, on a homer by Judas Demon:

Jake Westbrook's a Weak Link in Indians Pitchingl

6th Inning Coming, via ESPN;


@ 7:33PM-ET, In The 3rd Inning

Roger Clemens is out of The Game, with Cleveland leading 2-0:

Phil Hughes, The Rookie, is in the Game;

More, Later;


Red Sox Diehard "Play By Play" of Victory With Webmaster, Kristen

Click on it & read:

You'll relive the 9-1 Game Victoryl

Congratulations Red Sox, now advancing to ALCS, Friday Night;

Unfortunately, it's on FOX;

Listen to The Sox on WTIC Hartford or Gameday Audio, in order to avoid the Din of Joe & Tim;

Or follow your alternative by being tuned to Red Sox Diehard;


A Wise & Smart Lady Said This To Me, Today, After Mass

With all the Languages which need to be learned, for Mass to be celebrated, we need a Unifying Language, which is Latin:

Wise Lady! I couldn't agree with her more. She's also a Mac User, like I am;

One of our 11:00AM Mass Ushers, Frank, who was an Altar Server, over 50 Years ago, greeted me with "Introibo Ad Altare Dei", to which I responded "Ad Deum Qui laetificat Jueven Tutum Meum". Translated, this means "I will Go To The Altar Of God, The God Of My Joy & My Youth". He then came up with the Prediction, that the COL Rockies, like the '97 FLA Marlins, could go all the way, to which, I do concur;

0-Rod & the Mets have one thing in common-NEITHER has even the Faith of a Mustard Seed;

Pax Vobiscum;


"Well, Tim? Any Analysis Of The Post Season So Far?"

Tim: "So Far, I am Utterly-Speechless":
Joe: "Well Tim, That's what many of us have hoped for";

Why are all these commentators such Gabby Gusses?

Let's have some silence, like there is in the Traditional Latin Mass;

Mr Vin Scully did that;


"Well, Mr Rollins? Your Team Was The Team To Beat-& They Got Halved"

@ Citizens Bank Ballpark In Philadelphia, they got Halved 4-2 & 10-5:
@ Coors Field in Denver, CO, they got Halved again, 2-1;
I guess it's Eagles time in Philly(Or is that "Iggles");

Click on the Title for a wrap-up;



Saturday, October 06, 2007

"Well, Red Sox Fans-Still You Believe-But Some New Gregorian Chant To Help You Believe In The Highest Power"

Why Not! After All, one must turn to God, Himself,if one is to become Whole. If your God is Yourself, then you're a jackass, as you can't make a tree. You can plant a seed, but you can't make it grow:

Never Ignore God-He is There;

This Chant is called "Credo" or"I Believe"(The Nicene Creed);

As This Blog also Supports The "Motu Proprio" of 07/07/07, effective as of 09/14/07, to allow those of us, who desire to Worship God in the The Traditional Latin Mass. Even to this day & it has been 37 Years since implementation, I'm not fully-comfortable with the Novus Ordo Mass, except when celebrated @ St. Agnes RC Church on East 43rd Street, between Lexington & 3rd Avenues, in Manhattan, where Traditional Catholic Hymns of Praise & Gregorian Chant are sung. The Tabernacle is in The Centre & People still kneel for Holy Communion;

Enjoy The Chant;


Sunday, 6:30PM-ET-TBS-Westbrook Vs Clemens, Indians @ The Toilet

In WHICH Inning will Roger Clemens:
(A)Pull A Muscle;
(B)Survive till;
(C)Trip & Fall Down;
(D)Get a blister on his finger;
(E)Get Ejected;
(F) Announce his retirement;

Your guess is as Good As Mine;


"Manny, Manny, Manny-Luia"

Manny, Manny, Manny-Luia:
Manny, Manny, Manny-luia;
Manny, Manny, Manny-luia;
Mannyluia, Manny-Luia, Luia

In honor of Manny's 3 Run Bomb into The Night, taken from a Rendition(Novus Ordo, Latino Style), of Alleluia;

Sing Along;


Letterman Is Having A Field Day With The NY Mets

There's this show on CBS called "The Ghost Whisperer", where the Whisperer runs errands for Dead Folk. This week, he got The Mets, Playoff Tickets:

Speaking of Leona Helmsley, she left $12M for The Mets;


"Left Field..& The Red Sox Are Winners..Manny Ramirez Hit One Into The Night..."

The TBS Call By Ted Robinson(Chaminade HS on Long Island & Notre Dame), as Manny delivers a 3 Run Bomb out onto Lansdowne Street & The Cask 'N Flagon, making it Boston Red Sox 6, L A Angels of Anaheim 3:

Next Game on TBS is Sunday, 3PM-ET, from Anaheim, Schilling vs Jared Weaver, Red Sox @ Angels. Manny homered off Francisco Rodriguez, one of the Better Relievers in the Game;

Speaking of Rodriguez, O-Rod was 0-4, k'ing 3X, now 0-6 & 2 Walks in Yankees-Indians, as The Tribe won 2-1 in 11 Innings. When Yankees-Indians Ended, a Huge Chant of "Yankees SUCK", went up;

Gee, I wonder how the "Crowd" @ "The Riviera" was? F--- Kazmercyk;

After singing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game", i received a Sweet Hug & Kiss From Heather. It was sweet. Thanks;


Friday, October 05, 2007

Yankees Fans STUPID & Violent Season With MA Resident Assaulted In Yonkers

Click on the Title & Read The Story. I think it's disgusting What happened in Yonkers last night. Two Drunken Yankees Fans, from PA, happen upon a Quincy, MA Resident, Carlos Ortez, who was dressed in Red Sox Gear, as he left the Hotel & beat Ortez to a pulp:

I was in an Irish Pub, where Yankees Fans watched the last night's game, but they left around the 6th Inning, so no trouble;


Kelvin Escobar Vs Dice K-Angels Vs Red Sox @ 8:30PM-ET On TBS

With Yankees @ 5:00PM-ET on TBS(Pettitte Vs Carmona). With Chien Ming Wang on the mound, last Night, well he got knocked out after giving up 8 runs in 4 1/3 Innings, as the Yankees got clobbered by the Indians @ Jacobs Field, 12-3. Kenny Lofton wanted this bad enough, homering & going 3/4( Oh, & A-Rod was 0-2 with 2 Walks);

Another Night in The Fens @ 8:30PM-let's hope that Dice K, dices & slices with everything & not just his Fastball, which causes him to run out of juice;

Like I've said before, The COL Rockies may be the Surprise of Post-Season, as they clobbered the Phillies, in convincing fashion, 10-5;

From last I saw, the AZ Diamondbacks, were leading the Chi Cubs, 8-3;


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Be Honest Now, Sawx Fans

Since Josh Beckett tied Roger Clemens in Red Sox Postseason Wins with 1 win, was Roger Clemens really worth as much as Roger says he is worth?

Josh Went The Distance-Jeff Francis Did Nicely-Cole Hammels Did Not-Cubs Lose To D'Backs

All of This Was On TBS:
Mr Beckett? I'm Glad you're listening to V-Tek & You shut out The Angels, 4-0 in Fenway Park. I'm happy to see Papi Smash One down the RF Line & Youk put one up on The Green Monster;
In Citizens Bank Ballpark, a Nice Park I've been to, where according to legend, Phillies Fans Boo @ Funerals, The 2 Hottest NL Teams Squared Off, only for Cole Hammels to go wild by giving up 3 hits & 3 of His 4 Walks, so the CO Rockies could win it, 4-2. Methinks, the Rockies are The Team To Watch in Post Season. My Guides for this Game, were Don Orsillo(-RemDawg) & Joe Simpson(TBS Braves Coverage);
The AZ Diamondbacks defeated The Chi Cubs, 3-1 in Chase Field, Phoenix, AZ, not far from the Cubs Spring Training Base, so the Fans had Mixed Allegiances. Dick Stockton(MLB on FOX-FOX NFL Sunday & Married to Lesley Visser) was joined by(Surprisingly) Ron Darling(SNY-Must've Gotten this Gig, due to his 2 Inning Stint on NESN with Orsillo, last year). That Game was quick;

NY Yankees open in Cleveland, tonight, & GOOD News is that YES is NOT carrying it. It'll be on TBS;


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

In 15 Days, The New Mac Couldn't Be More Welcome

As Cameras & Cell Phones For Video are equipped with QuickTime, a Mac Application, It would be Natural to have a Newer Mac Around, For my more-ambitious Projects for The Future:

Windows Isn't always going to get it done, so Mac is my real option. In fact, it's the machine that can get everything done from MS Office, to more-artsy ventures;

Gotta do it & an associate of mine, will be getting the Current iMac. For Me, it'll be Flat Screen, from here on in;


Run On BB Makes It 3-0 Rockies-More DO

More Orsillo On TBS With Rockies Leading 2-0 Over Phillies

Don Orsillo On TBS-Rockies @ Phillies-Was 1- Rockies @ This Point


'Nuff Said!


The Universal Sign For Post Season Choking-All Time

The Universal Sign For Choking-'07

TBS Coverage OF The LDS Should Be Interesting

Dick Stockton(FOX NFL Sunday & FOX Saturday Baseball) With Steve Stone(WGN Superstation):

This will be a good, steady crew, with NO Tim Mc Carver to overemphasize Tim's Importance. Stockton brings years of Postseason Experience from FOX & CBS to these Games;

Don Orsillo(NESN) & Joe Simpson(TBS Braves Coverage):

Orsillo is the Rookie in this & will not be playing off Jerry Remy(NESN & FOX Saturday Baseball). There will be no visits from Dennis Leary & Lenny Clarke(Rescue Me on FX) & cackling, howling laughter, such as on NESN. With Joe Simpson, it'll be like a Braves Telecast on TBS-Nothing Fancy, just a good game. DO gets his 1st National Exposure-Good Luck, DO;

Ted Robinson(NBC, VERSUS, USA, FSN-Bay Area, FSN-NY, CW11-NY, FSN-North)-He spent many a Summer @ Shea Stadium, watching The Mets, as a Kid. full Scale Pro, working With Bob Brenly, another Pro, who blended in nicely with Buck & Mc Carver on FOX. Should provide for a nice telecast;

Chip Caray(TBS Braves Coverage), snd Grandson of Harry Caray, with Baseball HOF Tony Gwynn(ESPN Little Leaugue World Series. As TBS Braves Coverage was seen everywhere over the Years, I'm used to Chip & his Father Skip, so there are no surprises there, being a nice, steady called Game;

Meanwhile, ESPN is doing the Radio. Remind me to scream whenever Joe Morgan says ANYTHING;

When I said I covered The On & Offbeat, I wasn't Kidding. I know that this is Offbeat, but hey, I just don't follow Stats, which anybody can do. There are the people who're putting these Games on. One thing about TBS, is there are No Spinning Logos, nor anything as stupid as "Scooter The Talking Baseball";

TBS? Welcome To Post Season. You'll Do A Great Job;


Post Season Begins Today @ 3:00PM-ET

Thank Goodness it's on TBS & NOT FOX. ESPN Radio will also carry the Games:

Tomorrow, on TBS, it's Yankees @ Cleveland, Wang vs Sabbathia;

Tonight, The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California, USA, will Face The Red Sox, live from Fenway Park, in The Kenmore Square Section Of Boston, MA, with John Lackey Vs Josh Beckett;

The Sawx Knuckleballer, Tim Wakefield, is off the ALDS Roster, due to a Balky Back. I remember that his appearance was scratched, on August 31st, '07, due to the back. I was @ that Game, down by Pesky's Pole;



Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Times Square Hookers "Mets Special"

For $50, They'll "Blow It":


Credits to last night's Dave Letterman Monologue, on the "Late Show With David Letterman" for that Joke;

Also, OJ Simpson has returned his "Stolen Mets Memorabilia"(Credits-"Letterman");

Unlike Adam Sommers of the NY Daily News, I'm going to have fun with this;


Adam Sommers Has Just Been Chosen As My Latest "M. Donald Grant List" Member

Adam Sommers, a NY Daily News Copy Editor/Sports Writer, has committed the ULTIMATE Transgression, thus landing him on the Ultimate Sports Trangressors List, from which there's little to NO Chance of Redemption from, "The M. Donald Grant List", a list of Traitorous Characters, so vile, they are enshrined there as people who really crossed the Line of Decency, in Both NYC & Boston:

What You Have Done, Adam, is show to the world, your cowardice & disloyalty, ABOVE & BEYOND The Call Of Duty. It's like forming a Chapter of "Jews For Hitler" In Germany, Mel Gibson endorsing B'Nai Brith, or Catholics joining the Knights Of Pythias, instead of the Knights Of Columbus. In short, A--hole, You ARE A TRAITOR, for you FORSOOK Your National League Heritage(The NY Mets), for That Pit Of Easy Temptations & 26 World Champions, THE EVIL EMPIRE, born of Corrupt Seed, The NY Yankees. In short, You're Joining a Group Of Fans, to use that term, loosely, who'll desert the "Toilet" when things do go wrong. Don't let the door smack you on the arse, on your way out, a--hole;

Click on the Title of this article, to be taken to this Rationalizer's Article of "Conversion". It will bring out Gales Of Laughter;



In Last Night's San Diego Padres-Colorado Rockies Post Season Tiebreaker For Wild Card

Holliday NEVER touched the plate as he slid into the Padres Catcher, who dropped the ball. Replays from a # of angles, showed that Holliday never touched the plate:

The Rockies however have returned to post season, for the 1st time since 1995;

It should be exciting in the NLDS;

Kudos to New Post Season TV Partner, TBS, for their production;


"TOP 10 NY Mets Excuses For NOT Going To Post-Season"

#10:Thought We were told to SUCK 110%;

#9:Raging, Raving Phone Calls To Our Loser Owners From Mel Gibson;

#8: Daisuke Matsuzaka, we thought, was a new dish, so we got Scott Schowenweis, instead;

#7: We're Way Too F---ing Old;

#6: We missed being mocked by Letterman, in his nightly monologues & TOP 10 Lists;

#5: Just the Sound of Tim Mc Carver’s Voice, caused us to spit the bit;

#4:Jose Reyes’ Idea of Hustle, was a Disco Dance, imitating Derek Jeter;

#3:Who needs 2 Good Pitchers, costing $6.4M, when for the savings of $400K, you can get 5 Guys who SUCK;

#2:With Next Year’s Improvements, Fans will pay $7.75 for Warm Bud;

#1: Never mind “Wait’ll Next Year”-Wait’ll Citi Field where most real fans can’t afford it. Let them join their friends up in “The New Toilet”, Anyway, in The Bronx.

Monday, October 01, 2007

As To When It Appeared That The NY Mets Were NOT Serious About '07

It was, IMHO, amazing that there was any run at all, but when the Mets Played Hardball with Excellent Relievers like Darren Oliver & Chad Bradford, I had that feeling which said that the team wasn't serious about another run for the gold:

No Wonder The Wilpons are called "The Coupons"-They'd rather have 4 Mediocre Players instead of 2 Good Ones, because the PRICE is right. They take Mets Fans for FOOLS. Aaron Sele had nothing in the tank for years, but he came cheaper than Darren Oliver & Joe Smith was @ New Orleans & WAY CHEAPER Than Chad Bradford. Jorge' Sosa could be added & that Asshole, Guillermo Mota could hold it in the 'pen, all for the price of two high quality pitchers. Of course, concession prices rose a good deal & there were more Gold weekends to make ticket prices rise, all without making any serious investment in the team;

Yesterday, I saw fans crying in the Shea Stands, via the CW11-NY. They FELT Betrayed. Trust Me, They WERE BETRAYED. & they will be BETRAYED AGAIN, when Citi Field(Stub Hub Park), opens for all the High Rollers & Fat Cats, with the REAL Fans left High & Dry. Getting Tickets at Fenway Park would seem easier than getting them in Corona;

Yesterday, @ Professor Thom's, I sang Two Editions of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game", one Rendition for those Mets Fans, viewing the Last Game/Irish Wake, on the CW11-NY, from Shea Stadium & The Usual Rendition for Red Sox Fans, viewing the Game, on NESN, from Fenway Park. It was Bittersweet+The Shout of "F--- The Yankees", which gets the crowd rolling;

So, as Fitzy would say to The Wilpons;
"Go F--k Yourselves";