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Friday, October 30, 2009

Eh,. Charlie? Really ,.,',,...Gradyesque of u to start Pedro.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh, Please! The Keen "Intellecshuals" Are Displaying Their "Nowlij" On That Forum Of The Airwaves Called "The FAN"

It is Baseball's Post-Season. It is a time when Yankees Fans whine as much as Long Island Miracle Mile-Queens Boulevard Princesses & pontificate about a Team that Red Sox & Mets Fans know more about. After All, the latter two fan bases are actually genuine students of Baseball:

Funny about that cultural institution called WFAN 660-it attracts the LCD Fans, both of the Liquid Crystal Display and the Lowest Common Denominator, as Yankees Fans are celebrating their rendition of "The Feast Of The Assumption", where their team is assumed to be going to the '09 World Series, with Visions of Imported Beer dancing in their heads;

May their "Feast" be an empty one;

The Pez Report!

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"The Big Whistle" At Age 94

Mr William Leroy Chadwick recently turned 94 in Cutchogue, in Suffolk County NY. While growing up, I viewed Rangers Hockey on Channel 9, then THE Big Sports Station in NYC.
Bill "The Big Whistle" Chadwick, was the 1st US Born NHL Hockey Official, 1st as a Linesman & then as the 1st US Born NHL Referee. He introduced the current NHL Hand Signals, now in use by Hockey Officials all over the world.
But, I'll always recall him working Rangers Games on WHN & WNBC with Marv Albert & on MSG Network Produced Rangers Games, with Jim Gordon.
Bill was partially blinded in Hockey Accidents. He also played Baseball in his young days, against such Baseball Luminaries as Phil Rizzuto and Sid Gordon.

Resquiscant In Pacem!


"Pakalakaha, They're Whispering All Over Turkey"

On Thursday, the Comedic Mr Milton Supman, passed on at Calvary Hospital in The Bronx at Age 83:

You never heard of Milton Supman?

The Title of this post is a song heard on Milton's TV Show, in the 1960s on WNEW Channel 5-NY;

OK, his real name was Milton Supman & he made the live "Pie In The Face" his signature gag;

Soupy Sales, as we knew him, is Milton Supman;

I saw that 1/1/1965 telecast in regards to Soupy asking the kids to go to their parents wallets and pocketbooks, if they were asleep and to send him pictures of Abe Lincoln, George Washington & Andrew Jackson "& I'll Send You A Post Card From Puerto Rico." It was mostly Monopoly Money sent to him;

On his Radio 66-WNBC Show, he had a "School" run by "Vito", where "You better say Yes, because it's not nice to say No to a man named Vito."

Soupy? You'll be missed. Thanks For The Laughs!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Phillips? GEORGE COSTANZA Would Make a Better GM or ESPN Analyst Than You"

In August, '02 at Mets-Dodgers at Shea Stadium, with the team now in Wilpon Hands, I saw the Mets lose all their August Home Games:

My chant of derision was directed at the Mets GM, Steve Phillips. It went as follows;

"Phillips? George Costanza would make a better General Manager than you." It got a lot of laughs from the extremely frustrated Mets Fans;

As the 7th Inning Stretch Song, "Lazy Mary" was played, Joe Dolce would go "Second Stanza." I would yell "Mets General Manager George Costanza";
To be fair, the Winter Deal Phillips made looked top notch. He made it because, well, Fred Wilpon was panicking;

In 1998, Steve got caught makin whoopie with one Rosa Rodriguez at Shea Stadium, a Mets Employee. It's '09 & he got it on with a 22 Year Old Gal;

Twice cheating on his wife may get to be really-expensive this time around, as he played with an ESPN Production Assistant;

Where do the Mets and ESPN get these people?

The PEZ Report

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

It is cold outside, yet the air conditioning is running on futt full blast. Why is this the case?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It IS That Time Of Year-Barf Bags Anyone?

The NLCS will begin tonight, with Phillies at Dodgers. Chip Caray(AWFUL) will be with Ron Darling.

The ALCS, tomorrow night, will be on FAWX, I mean FOX. Joe "Am I FUNNY Or What" Buck, will be teamed with the "Man From Memphis", "The Sophocles Of The Diamond", with 17+Mentions of Derek Jeter, Ad Infinitum, He who would give a description of a Pitcher's Ring Finger, The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Tim Mc Carver.

Earplugs, Anybody? I can't wait for the 1st Memorable Comment.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Paps on tbs-NOT Funny

He failed to pitch. He s--t the bed. He treated the LA A of A as if he was pitching to Omir Santos.

Theo? Have you been consulting with Steve Phillips? Omar Minaya? Jeffy The Wonder Moron? Brad Penny? John Smoltz? It goes on & on.


The PEZ Report


Saturday, October 10, 2009

After Two Nights Of NESN on tbs, NOT VERY FUNNY

OK, Announcer Boy Don Orsillo and Buck Martinez, with Buck being ONE of 26 Broadcast Partners for Mr Orsillo on NESN, while we awaited the Return of Gerald Peter Remy from his Illness, were fine these last two evenings, unlike the Pitching of Mr Jon Lester and Mr Josh Beckett, and the Nonexistent Offense:

I've heard of Vacations but this is ridiculous. Making John Lackey and Jerrold Weaver look like Cy Young, is Utterly DISGUSTING. 1 Run in TWO Nights means it's time for a big bat to come into play;

Fenway Park, NEXT STOP! It's time for some Home Cooking;


The Pez Report!

PS: The Mets Fans are on board with us-WAKE UP!


Game ended. Red Sox lost.
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Friday, October 09, 2009

Game ended. Red Sox lost.
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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

NYC Police Commissioner Kelly is the new Grand Marshal for the 2010 St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Downloading Interesting Material Took An Interesting Turn

I was downloading various Christian Sermons, which are in MS Word. They were opened using Apple's iWork '08 Pages. In saving those documents, they were saved in Pages Format, though they opened up in MS Word:

Pages works fine-who needs MS Word;

The Pez Report


Saturday, October 03, 2009

Online Then & Now

When I first went online on March 31st, 1998, I did so using a device called the Brother Geo Book NC80C, a notebook computer using the Graphical Environment Operating System. The computer was pre-configured to work with an internet service provider called Earthlink. Personally, at the time, I had never heard of Earthlink.

Mind you, this was in 1998. There were a whole load of online services and internet service providers, such as Prodigy, A T & T World Net, GEnie, CompuServe and the biggie, America Online(AOL), but, there I was with this unknown quality called Earthlink. DSL was starting but Cable Broadband was not in operation. Here I was working with this unknown service, Earthlink. Sprint also had internet access.

Upon switching to a Compaq with Windows 95, the rest of the web opened up to me. Mac did not appeal to me, the way Mac appeals to me today. When Earthlink went online in 1994, it was developed to work across several platforms. I used it in Windows 95 & 98SE, on GEOS 3.0 and later in Mac OS 9.2.2, which is the last of the Mac Classic Operating Systems, all the way into Mac OS X, 10.5.6.

Setting up the internet via broadband in Windows 98SE took awhile to do, whereas in Mac 9.2.2, it was plug and play without the need to rip out one’s hair. And Earthlink was and still is the Mac-Friendly way to connect to the web, whether via Broadband or Dial-Up.

Of that huge group of ISPs, only Earthlink offers dial up and broadband. AT & T has broadband only. As far as AOL is concerned, it’s bring your own access, as dial up is a thing of the past and AOL is like Yahoo or other portals.

Earthlink got online, 99% on the 1st dial in. AOL often required 10 dial ins and as many as twenty six two number dial ins. One wonders why sites like AOL Sucks used to flourish. It is true that AOL used to give out loads of floppy disks. People would try the service and then junk it, as getting online was a hassle.

Currently, I’m happy using Broadband, Mac OS X and Earthlink. The fact that AOL is free with BYOA makes me quite-content. The fact that I can type up this essay at a nice pace, using Mac Word Processor Bean, is comforting.

I have Earthlink & I have Bean and Mac. And I’m content to have three good things which work well.

The Pez Report.


A Quicker Way Of Writing Your Blog Or Essay If You're A Mac User, 10.4 Or Above

My recommendation to you is to find a speedy, lean word processor, which can speed the words you write into it and then copy/paste the words into iWork Pages, Open Office Writer or Neo Writer, as well as MS Word. This is Bean, so very-useful in this circumstance, so as to easily create documents rapidly. it’s a nice download of 4.4MB. You never see a Beach Ball Of Death with this program which is why most of the dialogue and text will be written for another project, using this program.

Just think-no Beach Ball! I can write a lot quicker with this and then drop it in Pages, quicker than if I had just written it in Pages. I think you’ll like it in writing the text/dialogue for your Major Project. Copy/Paste and you’re Good To Go!

It’s a good thing you operate in Mac OS X, as this processor’s heavy lifting is done by the programming language called Cocoa. It makes everything so much-easier to do and you’ll spend far less time writing and getting more things done.

Text Edit is OK, but this, like Liquor, Is quicker. I like the options Mac OS X, 10.4 and above, give a user. It’ll make for quicker writing of a project. You won’t worry about the Beach Ball here. Any Major Essay will run along here in half the time of Pages alone(Let alone MS Word, Open Office and Neolithic Office). By starting the essay here, you’ll see why I recommend Bean.(& It's Free).

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