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Saturday, January 19, 2008

This Is A Story Of Leo Durocher You'll NEVER See In Wikipaedia

In Wiki, all you'll ever read about was his 3 Divorces, his gambling, his wild-arse arguments with MLB Umpires & Such. He was no Proverbial "Altar Boy", if you read the Secular Accounts:

I've even seen Leo, in an argument with an Umpire, long after his days of managing the Brooklyn Dodgers & New York Giants. He was managing the Chicago Cubs, in the Cubs Fateful Season of 1969(The Embarrassing Collapse Symbolized By A Black Cat From Under The Shea Stands);

I was at Shea Stadium in Corona, Queens for a Doubleheader, where the NY Mets played the Cubs. I was seated upstairs, in Upper Level, for the price of $1.30, which today, won't even get you water there;

Mets Catcher Jerry Grote threw a strike to Mets 2nd Baseman, Ken Boswell & a Cubs Runner was out. The Runner doth Protested to the Umpire. Before you could say "Gilbert Shoots-Scooooooores"(Thanks, Marv Albert), Leo Durocher charged out of that dugout & jumped ugly with that Umpire(Derived from The Latin, Nonpere, meaning "Not Fair");

It was stories of "Leo The Lip", that had come to life. I heard these stories in childhood. Now, I was watching the stories come to fruition, in one felt swoop;

Leo was no College kid for sure. He grew up, of French-Canadian Descent, in West Springfield, Hamden County, in The Commonwealth of MA. The Faith Of His Ancestors & Fathers, was Catholic;

Despite his National League Pedigree, he began MLB as a Shortstop for The NY YANKEES, who had a penchant for living wild living & lavishness;

BTW, he was the 1st Yankees Shortstop with a Number. His # was #2, a # now worn by that "Playboy After Dark", one Derek Sanderson Jeter, born in Brigantine, NJ, also raised Catholic, BTW;

Leo lived, played & managed Hard. He was Divorced 3 Times. He was even suspended by MLB Commissioner Happy Chandler in 1947, for associating with Gamblers;

Some Catholics were in denial about Leo, because of the 3 Divorces. I was even told that he was Jewish, for crying out loud, a long time ago, in The Borough Of Churches, Parks, Beaches & Wide Boulevards(Brooklyn);

He retired from Baseball in 1973, after managing the Houston Astros. He did serve for a time as a Television Commentator;

He retired to Palm Springs, CA;

Then, an Article caught my eye in 1986 in the NY Post, that Leo Durocher was living a quiet life, ushering in his Local Catholic Parish Masses;

About two years ago, in a Wonderful Homily @ Holy Child Jesus RC Church in Richmond Hill, Queens, the Story of Leo Durocher was told;

He made peace with God & found a Wonderful Inner Peace. He came back to the Faith Of His Youth. Leo mentioned this in a story that he had a temper, he cursed & swore like a madman & he drank wildly;

He wanted Peace & Happiness & Prayed. He made a Promise To God that he would give up his gambling, his violent temper, his Drunken Sailor Like Language & his drinking;

He became that Quiet Soft-Spoken Usher & in 1991, died with The Grace Of A Happy Death. Leo was elected to Baseball's Hall Of Fame in 1994;

Requiscant In Pacem, Leo, In Nomini Patris, Et Filli Et Spiritu Santi, Amen;

For Spiritual Change For The Good, can happen at any age;


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