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Thursday, January 03, 2008

A New Member Of This Blog's Lineup Is "My Summer Family"-A NY Mets Blog

Taryn Cooper, a Mets Lifer from NJ & Shea Stadium Regular, writes "My Summer Family", located in The Link List on the Right Hand Side. It's Quite An Entertaining Read:

Since I'm not always able to get to my beloved Fenway Park, there's that steady ol' standby favorite, called Shea Stadium in Corona, Queens, now in its' last season & the 1st Place where Yankees Fandom is NOT APPRECIATED(A # of you "'86ers Mets Fans", PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS);

To the 2nd & 3rd Generations of "Mets Fans", who think it's OK to root for The Yankees, you may do so in the following circumstances;
(A) There's a "Hitler Youth Rally" on Austin Street In Forest Hills, Queens, on a Saturday;
(B)During Roger Clemens Hall Of Fame Induction Speech from Cooperstown, NY;
(C) During a "Salute To Stalin" Parade on the 4th Of July, on 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn;

Now, if any "Mets Fan" wears a "Buckner E3" Jersey in Shea Stadium, it's because you forgot to wear your jersey with either Jeter or A-Rod, sewn on the back. I've met a # of you & realize that your real baseball home is a place in The Bronx, called "The Toilet", as you "Root" like Yankees Fans, because many of you are Yankees "Fans" until the next fad comes around;

If caught by any "Old Guard Types" like me @ either Fenway Park or Shea Stadium & you're seen wearing Mets Gear, trying to pass as a Mets Fan & doing a miserable job of it, by yelling "Boston Sucks", you'll be herded off to a large room & forced to watch 7 Hours of "MLB On FOX" Bloopers, consisting of being forced to listen to every dumb comment, including Jeter Mentions, by Tim Mc Carver;

Yankees "Fans", you'll be so-noted;




Blogger Suldog said...

Well, it would be "E-3", of course, so if anybody wore "E-2" on their shirt, that would immediately prove their idiocy, even beyond the wearing of the shirt.

Happy New Year, Michael!

11:18 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Happy New Year, Jim, as some guys think they're funny.

3:17 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

The Correction is made Jim, to E3:

Many of that crew are Yankee Fans.

9:01 PM  

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