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Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Observation By "The Master Of The Obvious"

It has been opined by FOX Sports Lead Baseball Analyst, Tim Mc Carver, that the rules in regarding the Prohibition of MLB Players from wearing jewelry during games, be enforced. Perhaps, MLB could enforce a new rule, barring both Buck & Mc Carver, from using hair dye. Even Up! Later, Gators!


Top 10 Signs You're At A Bad Red Sox Bar

#10: Ownership Group headed by Someone named "Fred";
#9: Curious Photo of Roger Clemens in a Red Sox Uniform;
#8: Frequent Reunions of the 1986 Mets;
#7: General Manager with 1st Name of Omar;
#6: Whiny Managing Director named Jeffy, orders cutback on quality, while new place is being built in restaurant-bar's parking lot;
#5: Food Menu, copied from "Professor Thom's", food causes cramping and gas;
#4: Smell of Hair Dye, coming from Restaurant Guests, Keith Hernandez and Tim Mc Carver;
#3: Place is constantly saluted with the "F" Word;
#2: Favorite Bartender named Willie is fired, because Jeffy cut back on the Good Stuff;
#1; It's Called "The Citiera".


Remember Eric Gagne' Last Season?

He was supposed to be the "Bridge" to Papelbon and Okajima:

You know how THAT turned out, which only led to longer lines at "The Cask 'N Flagon" and Game On Cafe';

I'm afraid that Okie's Shelf Life is expiring, as is often the case of Asian Born Players, except for Ichiro Suzuki;

I now realize that in Japan, they only play about the Equivalent of AA Ball;

Not good;

Later, Gators!


Okajima' NOT Okie-Dokey At This Point

He was once "Lights Out". Now he's turning into Armando Benitez, which is NOT a good thing. He's becoming reminiscent of Bunny Kim, for crying out loud;

In short, a disaster is upon us in R S N;

Theo? Call Any team for pen help, but don't call Milwaukee. They'd only be too glad to depart with Eric Gagne';

I'm just wondering just how old is Okie-Dokie?

Later, Gators!


This Weekend WITHOUT NESN-Oh, My Gut

Somewhere outside of New England, except for Fairfield County, CT, we won't hear our beloved RemDawg & Announcer Boy, nor Heidi, nor Wally. No, especially us Red Sox Fans in the NY Metropolitan Area, will have to put up with this combo. Please get the Bromo Seltzer Ready for THIS Crew:
Bromo Seltzer, Everybody!

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Bill Gates Hangs 'Em Up

He ought to. Microsoft Windows Vista is CRAP. So is MS Windows XP. So was MS Windows 2000 and MS Windows ME, as well as MS Windows 98, and MS Windows 95:

However, he did make a Great and Powerful Office Suite for Mac OS and Mac OS X. You see, MS Office for Mac, runs rings around Office For Windows. Much of what went into MS Office For Windows 2007, was what was in MS Office 2004 for Mac OS X;

MS Windows is a BAD Copy of Mac OS. Windows Vista is a ROTTEN Copy of Mac OS X;

I'm a Mac User, now in Leopard, going all the way back to Moonlight in OS 9.1, now on OS 10.5.3;

Later, Gators!

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tampa Bay Is Not Going Away & In Games 2 & 3, The Red Sox Had A Problem

The Bullpen FARTED. Whether one was Manny Delcarmen or David Aardsma, it was NOT Nice, trust me:

Delcarmen cut one that would gas out the T at Kenmore, by giving up 3 in the 8th Inning on Saturday Night;

In the case of Jon Lester, who started Saturday Evening, he was AWFUL;

Mr Beckett was good, but no support;

Lost Weekend, but now it's Crunch Time, in a Division Collision, 1st in Tampa Bay and then in a Giant "Toilet" in The Bronx;

Later, Gators!


Mets Take It 4-2 In Season Series Vs Skankees

With final score of 3-1 Mets. Carlos Delgado homered in this event. INTERLEAGUE is over. Mets take Season Series, 4-2.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Well, Jeffy, You Got Your Way"

Did Willie cut into plans for your Satellite & Wi-Fi equipped Yacht on L I Sound? I can see WHY Doubleday has laughing contempt for you. MANY REAL FANS DESPISE YOU. Willie beat you out of the baseball equivalent of fifty five cents, so you get a spy to destroy clubhouse harmony? Strange but your old man kept Steve Phillips from building a powerhouse team, so as to buy out Doubleday & build Citi Field for all the Corporate hotshots. Take Your 4th Rate 3rd World Franchise and shove in your arse.


Watching 2 Games @ Once

Watching Red Sox @ Houston Astros on NESN, while, on FOX, with the sound off, lest Mc Carver might say something utterly-idiotic, or something about Derek Jeter. Mr. Mike Lowell, has doubled. Mr David Wright homered down the LF Line @ Shea Stadium, cutting the Yankee Lead to 3-2. Meanwhile, Sox-Astros tied @ 0 0 going to the bottom of the 2nd.


Red Sox Nation's Name For Yankee Stadium-Self Explanatory


The 2 Ballpark 30 Run Doubleheader

It was an all day affair, with The NY Mets and 3 Homers off an assortment of Yankee "Pitchers", to use that term, lightly, in The Toilet in The Bronx. The Mets actually swept the Yankees in The Toilet. It was 15-6:

Something will be said about Jose' Reyes-get your head out of your arse at Shea Stadium;

The ONLY Reason Pedro Martinez will hit a batter, now, is because he's hurting. He is NOT the same Pedro from years ago. He looked rather uncomfortable;

If you can't beat that Oversized Waste, Sidney Ponson, your season is in trouble;

Oh, Well, 3:55PM can't come soon enough for me;

Later, Gators;

It's Santana vs Roger's Main Squeeze, Pettite


This Afternoon @ 3:55PM-ET

The El-Subway Series continues at Shea Stadium(The Dump):

1st TV Shot is Buck And The Baboon;

Inevitable talk about a Shortstop named after a Hockey Player;

Then, the Baboon will wail on ceaselessly about Willie Randolph's Canning, his own canning by the Wilpons, then there will be hundreds of shots of that Shortstop named for a Hockey Player;

In short, it'll be an afternoon of rages;

The Network is FOX;


Later, Gators!

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The Red Sox Are In Houston-The Astros Have A Problem

Facing, perhaps the Best Team In Baseball, it was a Red Sox Victory, by the score of 6-1:

Dice K was a bit dicey, but he did smack a long foul ball down to the LF Corner and he got a Victory for his efforts;

Tonight at 7:05PM-ET, with Houston having a Problem;

Later, Gators!


Friday, June 27, 2008

A Little After 8PM-ET, The Action Switches To Shea Stadium

& it'll be a different atmosphere, as the chant of "Gay-rod" and "Jeter Swallows" will fill the evening air. The Yankees will think they're @ Fenway Park. In short, it'll be a funny and fun night.


The Yankees Have NEVER Done This Before

Lose all of their Home Games in "The Toilet" to the NY Mets. & the NY Mets have triumphed by the score of 15 to 6. It may be a precursor to Yankees Fate in September.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Breaking News-Red Sox Kid Nation-From Lynn, MA

Moments ago, on this blog, I received word that Victoria Glidden was elected as a Red Sox Kid Nation Captain, from online balloting. Highest Congratulations are in order. Well Done!


Anti Yankees Chant In Latin Using Gregorian Chant In F Sharp

Malo Yankees Sunt
Malo Yankees Sunt
Libera Nos a Malo
Yankees Combibo, Combibo, Combibo
Yankees Combibo

Translated into English

The Yankees are evil
The Yankees are evil
Deliver Us From Evil
Thahhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK

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This Weekend In Interleague-2 Subway Series

In case you may not know, Chicago is having their Subway Series, at Wrigley Field, where Ozzie Guillen will have to use his pitchers to bat, and Lou Piniella, will have an advantage:

Sunday's Game will be on ESPN. This is the Oft-Forgotten Subway Series;

The Mets will play one on the road in The Bronx, Friday afternoon, then switch operations and play 3 vs DFYankees at Shea Stadium;

DFyankees vs Mets will be on Saturday, at 3:55PM-ET, as Mc Carver will wail on like a banshee about why Willie Randolph was canned and why he was ordered ambushed by The Wilpons, so it might be either an annoying or entertaining afternoon to do penance;

Meanwhile, Red Sox are on the Road to Houston, Tampa Bay and The Toilet In The Bronx;

Carry a lot of Antacids, especially when watching FOX or YES or ESPN;

Later, Gators!

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"Dirty Water" Chapter One

Sunday morning in Boston—just like a Sunday morning
in any big American city—is quiet and traffic-starved,
except for the ribbons of church-goers making their way to
both large and small bastions of Christianity.Then,too,there
are the groggy couples slogging along in the direction of
museums or brunch spots, the tempo of their walk bogged
down by the lingering saturation of Saturday night sex.
But smack in the middle of this city—Boston—a greater
edifice is about to open its portals hours earlier than usual to
welcome a milling throng of tens of thousands:The Red Sox
are scheduled to play a make-up game at noon, the first of a
day-night doubleheader. With that, the routine at Fenway
Park is awry in order to accommodate the shift.
The previous night’s game went into extra innings and
lasted four and a half hours.That,plus the shift,will make for
bleary-eyed personnel and strained ballplayers. The grounds
crew arrives at 5 AM instead of seven; the food vendors and
souvenir concessionaires are already prepping the microwaves
or tidying the t-shirt piles by eight; and at nine, the ushers
gingerly remove their blazers from the closets. Also at nine
o’clock, the venerable clubhouse manager Joe Cochran enters
the special players’ door on Van Ness Street. Not until ten
Mary-Ann Tirone Smith and Jere Smith
does the press begin trickling in, generally hung over and
grouchy, slugging down coffee out of giant cardboard cups.
Finally, right on their heels, manager Terry Francona and
his team drive their cars,SUVs and pick-ups into the players’
lot tucked under the ramp at Gate D. Most come alone, but
some are dropped off by wives,who get a goodbye smooch.To
the family dog astride the back seat—a pat on the head. God
forbid the kids left the back door open and allowed the dog to
escape; ballplayers need their rituals.
The guys will enter their clubhouse,not only tired out,but
still feeling the vestiges of jet lag. They’d arrived from KC a
few days earlier, a flight that landed at Logan at 3 AM,
though each one—to a man—would insist, if pressed, that
he’s never affected by a missed night’s sleep. Denial and
superstition go hand in hand.
It is now 8:55. A good-looking guy, maybe Hispanic,
wearing a press tag around his neck and shouldering a bulky,
black, mesh backpack, strolls along Van Ness Street, past the
player’s parking lot. He turns the corner onto Yawkey Way
and arrives at Gate D during the morning’s most hectic
moments. Sacks of change—a quarter of a million dollars
worth—are being unloaded off the Dunbar armored truck to
be wheeled into the park under heavy guard, where they will
be dispersed among the concession and souvenir stands.
The lumpiness of the guy’s backpack should have raised
the eyebrow of the low-level security guard at D, his boss off
to see to the money truck. Sportswriters’ backpacks are flat,
though thick with their laptops layered between notebooks.
But this particular guard’s usual duties are to make sure no
one is sneaking under turnstiles.So he doesn’t even take in the
backpack; he actually gives the guy quite a friendly wave in
hopes of one day maybe making it into his column.
Also, the sportswriter is dressed sharply, and has a pres-
Dirty Water
ence about him what with the high-end sunglasses and hun-
dred-and-fifty dollar haircut. He’s briskly entered the park
with the superior air of a sportswriter on a deadline. He will
go directly to the clubhouse when only the clubhouse manag-
er is inside—the coaches and trainers won’t arrive until just
before the players do.
Joe Cochran is in a poor frame of mind because DeMarlo
Hale,the third base coach,impulsively decided to get in some
work in left and center with Coco Crisp and Jacoby Ellsbury,
the player brought up from Pawtucket to share left field
duties while Manny Ramirez recuperates from a strained
oblique. DeMarlo, Coco and Jacoby are about to arrive, so
that the kid could practice positioning himself to play the
tricky caroms off the Green Monster.
Cochran is frustrated that his clubhouse isn’t in the top
state of preparedness he prides himself on. The threesome
came barreling in. Despite this extra disruption, he quickly
has them organized and out to the field.
When the slick sports writer peeks in, Cochran is in the
shower room unloading a box of toiletries, lining up the play-
ers’ brands of choice on the shelves under the mirrors. He is
cursing actually, digging frantically for Soothe Sensation Post-
Shaving Therapy Solution, the aftershave Manny insists on
splashing over his face or else he won’t come out.This attitude,
described in a term now embedded in baseball lexicography—
Manny being Manny—is also reflected in Manny’s work ethic;
though sidelined for a few days with a painful strained oblique,
he’s arrived early too, so he can give more detailed tips to
Jacoby. Manny is already out in left field stretching and jog-
The sportswriter walks swiftly across the lounge area,past
the soda and juice machines, and to the nearest inner door
Mary-Ann Tirone Smith and Jere Smith
which happens to be the new interview room. He opens the
door, slides his backpack from his shoulders, and places it on
the floor just inside. He eases the door shut again and walks
The only thing Cochran ever heard was his own grum-
The guy takes the same route back out, waves to several
vendors, and to the bathroom attendants and ushers arriving
in force.Any of them who might have registered his counter-
feit press pass tag didn’t make much of the fact later that they
couldn’t recall his face.These press guys come and go.
The sportswriter strode right out through Gate D, now
mobbed with personnel rushing past a just-forming line of
tourists waiting to start their guided tour of Fenway, twelve
bucks apiece. They will end up quite thrilled at their good
luck—getting to see the unexpected mini-training session
going on at the foot of the Green Monster. Manny will be
sure to toss a ball or two to their group.
The sportswriter heads around the corner and up Van
Ness.At the gas station,he jumps into a Cadillac Escalade,its
engine idling.The SUV immediately speeds off past the tick-
et-holders heading toward Yawkey Way, and past the non-
ticket-holders hot-footing it to The Cask‘n Flagonas well as
several other bars of lesser renown along Lansdowne Street,
all opened early on this beautiful Sunday morning.
Sunday, 8:05 AM
I know it’s mid-season, but I want to give new read-
ers of this blog a sense as to what goes on here.
My name’s Jay, I live near Boston, and I’ve been
doing this website for five years. At least once a
Dirty Water
day, I’ll give you updates on our beloved Boston
Red Sox, or whatever else I’ve got an opinion on.
I’ll give you my take on last night’s game, but don’t
expect a traditional rundown. I’m assuming you’ve
watched the game, are familiar with the players,
know the bases are run counterclockwise, etc. After
all, you areprobably a Red Sox fan. When I see
people in Sox hats, I can assume they are probably
die-hards. When I see people in Yankees hats, well,
I don’t ask them who played shortstop before Derek
Jeter, because they probably don’t know anyone
everplayed shortstop other than ol’ Mr. Calm Eyes.
(All apologies to trueYankee fans.)
While the newspapers might talk about how much
“respect” we all have for Derek Jeter after a game
against the Yankees, I’ll tell you how much I can’t
stand looking at his face. Because that’s what fans
really say, and that’s how I really feel. I’m not audi-
tioning for a spot at the Boston Globe. I also go to a
lot of games at Fenway Park, and will post here any
pictures or videos I shoot at Sox games.
I’m always getting questions about the name, The
Number One Place. People think I’m implying that
they should turn here first for everything Red Sox. I
hope so, but I’m not that arrogant. It’s actually an
ad-lib from the song that’s been played after every
Red Sox win at Fenway Park for about ten years
now, “Dirty Water” by the Standells. After the line
Boston you’re my home, the singer snarls, Aw,
you’re the number one place.
Mary-Ann Tirone Smith and Jere Smith
But you should’ve known that, Red Sox Nation! Yes,
I know “Red Sox Nation” is now a copyrighted term
for a team-sanctioned fan club you have to pay to
get into. But I’ve been using it since “Red Sox
Nation” was just a term describing the team’s global
following of fans. The “official” RSN gives you some
good benefits, and I understand the ownership’s
desire to snatch up the popular title and market it,
but to me, that term will always stand for all the Sox
fans who have lurked in every town in the country—
even before the media noticed we were every-
where. That’s got nothing to do with the team’s suc-
cess. If it had, we would’ve given up a long time
ago. . .
Day-night doubleheader today against Toronto. I
smell a sweep.
MattySox said: Thanks for the update, I never knew
what the hell was going on here.
26Rings said: same old shit with you boston fans. one
title in a hundred yrs, it’ll be another hundred till you
win anuther. the usual boston choke is on, looks like
the yanks will win the al east again this year! go
ConnecticutSoxFan said: This is what I deal with, day
in, day out around here. The Red Sox could win the
next 30 World Series, and Yankee fans would still
make us out to be losers, and themselves winners:
“Sure, the Sox have more championships now, but
Dirty Water
ours are classier.”
Jay said: Mr. 26rings, I see you’re still a little bitter
over 2004. You Yankee fans called us “chokers” my
whole life. Now that you guys have committed the
ultimate choke to us, maybe it’s time to lay off that
word. Three years later, it’s just as sweet: We were
down three games to none to you guys, came back
to win the American League Championship Series,
and then went on to win our first World Series in 86
years. I’d say “I know how you feel,” but I don’t—my
team never choked that bad. . . .
RebGirl said: Ouch! Good call, Jay. And just because
our huge lead has been cut to eight games, I’d
hardly say we’re “choking” anyway. By the way, Jay,
what’s with this “us” and “we” stuff? Do you think
you’re on the team?
Jay said: Reb, when a team has been part of your
family your entire life, you can refer to them as
“we,” heh. Just the way I was raised, I guess. I’m a
lifelong Sox fan, you know. My great-grandfather
learned to speak English listening to the Sox on the

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Ok, Jere And Mary-0Your Red Sox Mystery Novel "Dirty Water" Is Here-I Gotta Get It

This is The Book Jacket. It's a "Gotta Read":

Later, Gators!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Penance(Or Is It Torture) NOT Pennants

A lad went to The Sacrament Of Penance at his local Catholic Parish. He mentioned that he had not been to the Sacrament in 5 years:

The Priest hears his Confession of Sins Committed and comments that due to his length of time the lad had been away from The Sacrament, that the priest would have to prescribe a stiff Penance;

Priest: "Here's a Ticket for a Mets Game. AND You Have to watch The WHOLE Game. That's your penance";

For the lad did his Penance and the Mets lost-some Penance, as the Lad was a Yankee Fan;

(Joke Submitted by the Faithful Navigator of the General Stephen Moylan Assembly, #715, 4th Degree, Knights of Columbus, for Southern Queens County);

Later, Gators

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Honours, Knights Of Columbus Style In East Glendale, Queens

Every year, at the last meeting in June, on the Cusp of a new Columbian Year, Msgr Sherman Council #5103, Knights of Columbus of East Glendale, Queens, has a Ceremonial Party to honour their own:
This year was a party that honoured not only members, but people from the Council's "Metropolitan Area", so to speak;
That Metro Area is East Glendale, Glendale and Forest Hills in Queens;
In the 1st Picture, a University Seminarian, living at the Cathedral College Residence in Douglaston, Queens and from East Glendale's Sacred Heart Parish, as he received a $500 cheque, in which the Council receives back from the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council, 20%, as part of the Supreme Council's "R S V P" or "Refund Support Vocations Program";
In the 2nd Picture, were some of the Winners of The Knights Of Columbus Essay Program. The rather tall Gentleman is Ralph Kleemann, Past Grand Knight and 4th Degree Past Faithful Navigator, who is both Youth Director and Financial Secretary;
In the 3rd Picture, Grand Knight Donald Gander(Past Grand Knight as of July 1st), in the centre, himself a previous Knight of The Year, is pictured with a previous Knight of The Year, Ralph Kleemann and with the newest Knight of The Year, Mr Frank Gander, Don's Brother, in intense service to his Parish Community and Council;
It brought back memories of when I was in my last days as Grand Knight, honouring those people for their mutual support of Council and Community and Don went one better,which I appreciated watching, very much;
There was the party afterwards and, since the Red Sox Game wasn't available, it was a choice of watching the Mets on SNY or the Yankees on My9;
Neither game was worth watching. The NY Mets wisecracks were flowing, like "Stick a fork in them. They're Done";
Mets lost to The Worst Team in Baseball, Seattle, 11-0, while the Yankees lost to the Pirates in Pittsburgh, 12-5, for the 1st Appearance of the NY Yankees in Pittsburgh, since the 1960 World Series;
It was truly a Night To Remember. My Good Friend, the Faithful Navigator of Moylan 4th Degree Assembly, presented Don Gander with a 4th Degree Certificate of Appreciation and Don's Past Grand Knight's Jewel. This PFN also did the same for me in 1998;
It was a great evening;
To Dominic, himself a Past Grand Knight, I wish you well in this endeavor, as the latest Grand Knight in the Sherman Saga;

Mike Leggett-Past Grand Knight

Later, Gators!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Can Just Imagine Tim Mc Carver's Or Suzyn Waldman's Commentary Sung As Gregorian Chant In F Sharp

Joe Buck:
"Folks? You can turn your TV sets off and go do something else. Good Lord!"

It might be tough to do, but might be an awful lot of fun to do:

Of course, it'll be easier after a couple of Harpoon Ales, with The Gang at Professor Thom's;

Imagine, Suzyn's "Roger Clemens" Rendition this way;

Or Tim's Commentary on Kevin Youkilis;

It would be UPROARIOUSLY-Funny;

Later, Gators!

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Gregorian Chant At It's Silliest-From The Rick Mercer Report On CBC

Canadians watch "The Rick Mercer Report", a satirical look at the News. They even make fun of Parliament:

The Renowned "Bach Children's Chorus" of Scarborough, ON, is featured here, singing "38th Session Of Parliament" Transcripts, through Gregorian Chant, in F Sharp;

Yanks(No, NOT THAT Team with Jeter and A-Fraud in The Toilet In The Bronx)? It's your turn to hear real "Bravissimo" Music, abeit, Satirical;

Enjoy, Eh!

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For The BEST English Language Newscast In North America

Click on The Title:

Peter Mansbridge, the Best Anchor in North America, was not on Friday Night, but Mark Kelley was, as was Alison Smith;

I'm not talking about FOX News Channel, nor CNN, nor CBS, NBC or ABC;

It's CBC's "The National";

They even covered the story on 17 Girls, in a "Pregnancy Pact" story from Gloucester, MA, without any sensationalism;

You want news? CBC has it for you, in depth;

"Anne Of Green Gables", the novel, is 100 Years Old and that was covered in depth;

Later, Gators!



Let The Picture speak for itself. Tim Mc Carver Commentary is NOT Needed Here:

Later, Gators!


On Green Tea

I've learned about the benefits of Green Tea, as it has many Antioxident Properties, so I had 36 ounces of it, yesterday afternoon and evening:

Neither bottle listed Caffeine, but I did get Caffeine Jitters for awhile, but they wore off;

Why is This Guy's picture here? Why not! He's a Green Tea Spokesman, that's why Joe Torre's Photo is here;

Later, Gators!


Sox Bats Took The Night Off

Just like the past few days, hitting was on Hiatus:

2-1 D'Backs over Red Sox at Fenway Park, last evening;

Danny Haren, late of the Athletics, who went to AZ, got the win;

Josh Beckett, gave up 2 Runs in 8 Innings, giving the 'pen, a needed rest;

I think you guys need some strong-brewed Green Tea;

Wake Up;

Later, Gators!


NOT The "Wright" Stuff

Coming up on the WORST Team in Baseball, the Seattle Mariners, David Wright bobbled the ball in the 2nd Inning, with two out, as Seattle loaded the bases. COSTLY!

Felix Hernandez, Seattle's Ace, became the 1st AL Pitcher to hit a Grand Slam Homer since 1971, in the Era Before The Designated Hitter;

But, Hernandez didn't get the win, as he sprained his ankle with 2 Outs in the 5th Inning;

Johann Santana made 1 bad pitch all evening and that was it;

5-2 Seattle;

BTW, Manual The Mets Manager, is making Jeffy look smart by saying something degrading the fans, as "S--t";

Later, Gators!


A Complete Game Victory To Report On

Ben Sheets, for Milwaukee, delivered his NL Leading 3rd Complete Game, as the Milwaukee Brewers defeated the former Milwaukee, now, Atlanta Braves, 4-1. Mike Cameron socked his 12th Homer in that effort. Sheets retired the last 16 Braves he faced and allowed only 1 Walk:

It means one thing that was extra special about last night;

Eric Gagne' was not called in to save the game;

Later, Gators!


George Carlin-Real-And Gone

It was on a Sunday Evening on CBS, in the 1960s', when I was 11 years old, in 1966, when I 1st heard of George Carlin. He was Clean Cut, in suit and tie, and did both the "Hippie Dippy Weatherman" and J. Edgar Hoover, hosting a late night TV Show, ala "The Tonight Show":

This was the 1960s and times were changing and George was 29 Years Old, far-removed from Morningside Heights or "White Harlem" as George would put it;

Then, in the time of 1971, George came out with his 1st Album, called "Class Clown", and he had an explanation of what "Shoot" meant. "Shoot is s--t with two Os'";

In 1972, in Milwaukee, he did a comedy routine, mentioning the 7 Words you can never say on television. But, that was in the time before HBO, Showtime and others;

In one comedy routine on HBO, George talked of paradoxes, such as "Bigger Houses, but no children, Gadgets to make things go faster, but not enough time for the kids and family";

In short, he was NOT merely a Comedian, but Social Commentator as well;

And Missed, he will be. George died of heart failure on Sunday;

Pax Vobiscum et Gratias!
Kyrie Elaison!


Monday, June 23, 2008

The Only Thing Missing From The Canadian Flag Is A Hammer And Sickle

In each Canadian Province, there's a So-Called Government Commission called The Human Rights Commission. It's also on the Federal Level, out of Ottawa:

I have an admission to make, since I do originate in the Borough and County Of Queens, in The City Of New York, having been born in 1955 in the County of Kings also called the Borough of Brooklyn;

Our Television and Radio Networks, tended to be under private ownership or stock ownership. When I had gone into Canada in 1963, for the 1st time, at the age of 8, it was to Quebec, I had gone. Sure, it was across the border from the USA, but there was something a wee bit strange;

It was called CBC and it's owned by the Canadian Government, as is the case, today. Only in those days, CBC tended to run American TV Shows a few days to a week ahead of the Networks down here. Today, Canadian Content is much-stronger;

Perhaps, as in Politically-Correct, or as my Brother 4th Degree Sir Knight Of Columbus says "Pure Crap."

It was on NBC in this Country, where Laura Ingalis Wilder's story, "Little House On The Prairie", was a prime time staple;

CBC, in full flowing PC, comes up with a show about a Moslem Family in the Prairie Provinces, called "Little Mosque On The Prairie", a comedy about a Mohammedan Family, adjusting to life in Canada;

Now, let's suppose I criticize the show, comparing the show to the NY Yankees, by stating that both the NY Yankees and the Show, both suck. Will I get a threatening letter from one of these Barrister Full Employment Commissions?

Like Will Shakespeare once quipped, "Let's kill all the barristers" or something to that effect, will comparing barristers with white sharks, cause the barrister profession to live up to the white shark reputation?

Like my friend Fitzy, The Ultimate Boston Sports Fan would say to these Censors, a hearty "GFY", and it doesn't mean "Good For You";

Later, Eh, Hosers!(Credits-Bob and Doug Mac Kenzie)


Sunday, June 22, 2008

WHAT The Traditional Latin Mass Or Novus Ordo Mass Ad Orientum Will Do

The Priest Is facing East. He's NOT Turning his back to you, but leading you in "The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass":

It is NOT a Group Meal. To me, a Pizza and Beer Party, is a Group Meal. Your Attention is to God. For you see, The Sacrificing Priesthood means that Fr.Xavier or Msgr Feirstein, are NOT the Stars Of The Mass, for Christ is. He is Offering up Christ for the remission and expiation of sins. The Host, unspotted, in Latin(Hostia), means victim, hence Christ is Victim, offered in Sacrifice, which is the case of the Offertory;

The Mystery Of Faith, is Transubstantiation, where by the Host and Wine, become the Body And Blood Of Christ, with only the Sensible Qualities or "Accidents", remaining;

People do kneel to receive, on the tongue, The Most Holy Sacrament Of The Altar;

In Ad Orientum, you know you're a part of something CATHOLIC;

No Haugen or Haas Muzak, here;

Pax Vobiscum!

Later, Gators!

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This Just In From His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI-Latin Mass In All Parishes

AND WHY NOT, as Latin is the Universal Language of The Catholic Church:

One language to pray in as Una Vox;

It is Our Heritage;

Besides, Latin makes it easier to learn other languages, like Spanish, French and Italian;

The Orthodox Jews pray in Hebrew;

Then, Catholics should pray in Latin. It's not all that difficult and NOTHING to be afraid of;

And You'll just love Gregorian Chant, which is all Praise To God;

Haugen And Haas Music Will NOT be tolerated;

Click on the Title Here, for an explanation;

Pax Vobiscum!

Later, Gators!

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The Chant Has Returned

No, not another rendition of "Yankees Suck", but Gregorian Chant from The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter:

"Pange Domine" is playing for your listening pleasure AND it's in Glorious LATIN;

This is the ONLY KNOWN Baseball And Sports Blog, with Gregorian Chant, ANYWHERE;

It is to let the World know this;

This Blog, though Sports Oriented, does operate from a CATHOLIC Perspective, abeit, Somewhat-Traditionalist;

Click On The Title of this article and be taken to the World Of Gregorian Chant;

Pax Vobiscum!

Later, Gators!


In 13-Youk

A 2 run shot and you could really hear Castig's Voice on That One:

Paps blew the save;

Red Sox won it 5-3 over Sr Sunglasses LaRussa and the Cardinals;

Lester had it for 7 1/3 Innings, and was fine;

D-Backs for next 3 evenings at 7:05PM at Fenway Park, all on NESN;

Later, Gators!


4-2 and 6-0 Means That Even An Also-Ran Schedule Guarantees Nothing For DFYankees

Beaten by Rookies for 2 days, The Yankees are now showing signs of age, wear and tear:

The Most-Overhyped And Overrated Player in the Game, also played today;

He who had Sainthood bestowed on him by Tim Mc Carver, played;

Also, some 3rd Baseman, who can be counted on with nothing on the line, played;

This is also the Cincinatti Reds 1st trip to Yankee Stadium since the 1976 World Series;

The last time the Reds lost in Yankee Stadium, was in the 1961 World Series;

Later, Gators!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dice K Is 8-1 & It Was Bombs Away

I couldda sworn the 2002 LA Angels Of Anaheim were in town, not LaRussa and The Cardinals. Troy Glaus Homered in a match where Dice K didn't have enough gas to cut one at the Kenmore T Station. Dice K only lasted one inning:

9-3 Cards over Red Sox. At least JD Drew is no longer called Nancy, like he was some weeks ago, as he hit his 14th Round Tripper;

Perhaps, a rush job by the Red Sox to get Dice K back in rotation. Methinks there's more to the Rotator Cuff, than meets the eye;

Later, Gators!


A Flat Knuckler Doesn't Do It-Neither Does A Knuckleheaded Shortstop

And by the 5th Inning, Wakey allows 2 Homers:

In the 6th Inning, Lugo boots one;

In the 8th Inning, Molina Homers;

5-4 Cards and today, Dice-K starts at 3:55PM;

Game is on FOX, so be forewarned of stuff said by "The Red Dyed Baboon";

Later, Gators!



1st, Willie Randolph gets fired at 3AM-ET on Tuesday, in a move of Corporate Intrigue(I guess that's how Sterling Mets L P, likes to sell out corporate suites at $iti Field):

Then, John Mc Laren got canned in Seattle, at a reasonable time;

Then, John Gibbons got canned in Toronto, replaced by Cito Gaston;

It was Bang-Out Week in M L B;

Later, Gators!


Friday, June 20, 2008

The Incredible Fluke

Just may be the Colorado Rockies. Last September, they went 23-1. Now, they're going nowhere, but, perhaps, last in the NL Central.


While The Red Sox Play Real Contenders On Their Interleague Schedule

The Yankees get mostly also rans and Never Wases, on their schedule. I think that FOX and TBS, need these guys in Post-Season, watching A-Rod Fart, or Jeter pissing or the fabled Yankees Middle Relief Corps, barfing up games, to please the Advertisers and to get ratings:

This week was the San Diego Padres. This Weekend is The Reds in The Bronx, who are no "Big Red Machine". Next Week, they go to Pittsburgh, for the 1st Time since the 1960 World Series, then trip into "The Corona Dump", Plotting Home of the "3AM Massacre";

I've heard of MLB Disparity, but this is ridiculous. It's called "Fattening The Calf For Slaughter", in order to give a proper send-off, for "The Toilet" in The Bronx;

Later, Gators!


Mr Curt Schilling Needs Surgery On His Shoulder And Thank You For The Memories

Funny, but I had a feeling that it would come to an end this way, as Curt Schilling needs surgery. I remember one evening, where I had a discussion with Allison of Beverly, MA, at Red Sox Haunt, "The Hairy Monk", which doubles as an Irish Pub at East 25th Street and 3rd Avenue, in Murray Hill, Manhattan:

She insisted that the rest will have Curt back on track, while I thought that Surgery by Curt's Surgeon, Dr Morgan, would take care of the problem;

Curt is Curt and has elected to go under a knife, to fix his problem shoulder up, which is too bad;

I can see why Allison thought that Therapy would be better. After all, I'm now under the treatment of Alternative Therapy, which is making me feel better as a person, than seeing some MD, who prescribes pills for Symptoms, without knowing the whole story about me;

Curt's gone for the Season and, perhaps, his career may be over, which is sad;

My advice to Omar Minaya-don't let Jeffy order you to sign a Post-Op Curt-it might not be fun and Weasal Bernazard may replace you;

But, for Game 6 Of The Great '04 Comeback, Thanks For The Memories, Curt and for '07, too;

And for suggesting that Tito be our manager;

And to Allison from Beverly, MA, a Tremendous Thanks, for that Sweet Wet Kiss and Hug, two weeks ago at The Hairy Monk, after the Red Sox downed an Opponent. I think it was Tampa Bay, who fell victim;

Later, Gators!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Morons May Lose Franchise

I kinda wished that MLB would've done this to the Wilpons, but this is about the Dolans of Cablevision & Madison Square Garden. They, like the 2 Morons they are, decided to sue the NHL, over who controls merchandising. This Dumb Duo lost. Now they may lose the NY Rangers, for their stupidity. They are MORONS. Later, Gators!


A Special NY Mets Edition Of "The Riviera List" Plus All The Usual Suspects

F--- Jeffy Wilpon! You didn't want a Manager who can win, so you used everything in your pea sized brain to insure a collapse. Willie deserved the money. You won't be getting mine in '09. Bernazard was your little pet s--ta-- spy. Wee Children cried over the Collapse:

F--- Omar Minaya! OK, Captain Fire Sale, what next? Was Jeffy behind all that JUNK to run real fans out of Shea Stadium? Explain Aaron Sele, Chan Ho Park AND Scott Schowenweiss, over Darren Oliver and Chad Bradford. Explain Tony Bernazard, that Horse's A--, who was Jeffy's Spy. Rushing Pelfry wasn't a bright idea, unless this was a plan to junk a season and save the good teams for $iti Field;

As Always, F--- Fred Wilpon, who spent more time conspiring against Doubleday, than trying to win. Put Jeffy in charge of the team. He's lucky he can run the Cyclones;

And, as usual, F--k Kazmerczyk-F--k him;

Later, Gators!


They Won, Jeffy

Mets 5-4 in 10 over the Angels, with Reyes, 3-5 & Easley with a solo homer to left center. Planning any more sabotage with your buddy, Bernazard? Later, Gators!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Due To The TOTALLY-CLASSLES Sneaky Stunt Performed By The Snake In The Grass Wilpon Ownership

My absolutely LAST Game @ Shea Stadium will be in July. Nothing further after that! It'll be Fenway Park in '09.


"WHERE There's A Wilpon, There Is No Way"

Awww! Poor Lil Jeffy! Willie Randolph was looking to extend his contract by 2 Years, as a reward for the '06 NLCS & you got pissed off about the extension, so you tie your GM's hands so only JUNK can be obtained. Then, you panicked like the Little S--t that you are. Then, you got what you wanted. Like my friend Fitzy would put it, you can "GFY". Later, Gators!


Coco "Crisp-ed" The Phillies W/A Homer And Lester Shut Them Down

3-0 was the final at CBP in South Philly. Nice job by Jon Lester:

More action in Philly at 1:05PM, then the Cards come to town this weekend at Fenway Park;

Later, Gators!


131-92 Celtics Over Lakers At TD Banknorth Garden

Wherever you are Red, the Cigar smells sweet, as The Boston Celtics win the whole NBA Shebang:

They destroyed the Hollywood Fakers. Looks like Jack Nicholson is not a happy camper, which is great news;

It seemed like a lifetime ago when the Celtics last won this NBA Championship, like 1986;

Tommy Heinshon was there, as was Bill Russell;

Havilichik was there. It was "Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here";

Party on, Boston, as it was fun in the North End;


Later, Gators!


Omar Will Walk The Plank

ONLY, it may be from a Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp, with no netting under it;

Willie Randolph indicated in a NY Times article that when Omar told him that it was soley Omar's Decision to fire Willie, Willie had his doubts about it, and left it at that;

See the article below this one for the answer;

Later, Gators!


THESE TWO Are A Bad Joke

It should be noted that BOTH are on the "Riviera" List of Sports Clowns, who DESERVE Derision:

The Man on the left, is the one who promised Omar Minaya, FULL AUTONOMY;

The Man on the right, is the son, who sees to it, that there's NO Autonomy. He's the one, who panicked like a scared little s--t, all over the papers, while the Mets were stumbling;

They're waiting for Citi($iti)Field to open up;

The Brooklyn Cyclones seem to be more-important to them, in addition to Citi($iti)Field;

And in the "Riviera" List, the "F" Word, precedes each name, chanted;

The man on the right, panicked the most about Willie Randolph and the '07 September Swoon, but, it's my contention that he crossed into the Land of Minaya, restricting him;

F--- The Wilpons! BTW, Jeffy, Fitzy sends his regards, in the form of "GFY";

It doesn't mean "Good For You";

Later, Gators!


It's 3:14 AM-ET

Has your local MLB Team fired their manager, YET?


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Omar? Don't Pat Me On The Back

I'm afraid that my team might win it all, only for me to be sent west to get canned. Is Steve Carlton available? Why not sign him? After all, he's old. Should I call you for backup? Am I nuts? Did Jeffy scare you s--tless? Or are you a weasal? Later, Gators!


Fred & Jeffy Are Catching The Heat On The FAN

Let 'em. Putting up $iti Field & forgetting about the team on the field, is their strategy. Mets Fans have opinions & are letting them be heard. Jeffy? YOU SUCK!


Rick Peterson Is GONE, GOODBYE

Later, Gators!


You Fly A Guy 3K Miles To CA, To Whack Someone?

Fire A Manager by e-mail at 3:14AM-ET? After 2 Victories In a Row?

How "Soprano" is this? Send a Manager to The Left Coast to can him?

It was a Whacking!

Later, Gators!


Sniveling, Sneaky, Utterly-Cowardly, Sick Stunt By Those Cowardly "Coupons"

The 2nd Winningest Manager In The History of The NY Mets National League Baseball Team, was canned in a Midnight Massacre, and it was COWARDLY:

The Franchise is run by RANK Amateurs-then again, The Wilpons, also called "The Coupons", have these tendencies. It was sneaky at best;

Willie Randolph was a pretty good manager. But his team wasn't allowed to upgrade, because The Wilpons are too busy, finishing Citi($iti)Field, and that's important to them, as they're busy chasing the real fans away, from "The Dump"(Shea Stadium);

Jeffy(Or Is That Stiffy)Wilpon is COO or Chief Operating Officer. He's a Classic Example of Nepotism Gone Awry. I can see why Nellie Doubleday must be laughing his arse off. Replacing Chad Bradford and Darren Oliver with 4 stiffs for the price of 2, is no way to get a winner;

It's as if The Ghost Of M. Donald Grant, has returned;

Utter F--king Morons!

Minaya has NO Autonomy-Jeffy is there;

Ahhhh, but The Wilpons will get "Riviera'd" sometime, tonight;

AND you know how my "Riviera" List is recited;

The Wilpons will be treated with the same respect, that Riviera General Manager, Steve Sertell, a Yankee Fan, is treated;


And The "F" Word, precedes all those 1 Fingered Salutes;

Later, Gators!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Hank? The DH In A National League Park Will Save Your Pitchers?

You don't remember when Roidger Clemens, he who also took Viagra, in addition to the other juice he took, beaned Mike Piazza? I remember that when Roidger did that, Roidger said it was an accident. Roidger never had to bat, giving him the green light to get away with mayhem. Let your pitchers take their cuts as it may be good for them to stay loose.


Why Could The Rockies Hit Cole Hammels But Not The Red Sox?

Then again, Bartolo Colon just didn't have it and neither did Mike Timlin(Hey, Jeffy, A Stiff Is Out There-Try To Get Him). It was 8-2 Phillies, in Citizens Bank Ballpark, with Jimmy Rollins leading off with a Homer and Ryan Howard sending one Yard and then some:

But, JD Drew is not going to be called Nancy for awhile, as he went yard as well. I think he finally "gets it";

7:05PM On NESN-Tonight


Remember When AOL Was The Biggest Thing Going Out There?

Now, Time Warner wants to dump the Dial-Up Part Of The Online Service:

You remember the dialup service-I once went threw 26 2 dialup numbers just to get back online in 1998;

I started with a then small ISP called Earthlink, which is now the biggest thing out there. AOL is now free with Bring Your Own Access;

AOL, or All Out Of Loop, was always a joke-a bad joke. It was never really real internet, anyway;

In 1998, there were 24M Subscribers;

That was just in the USA. Now there are only 8M in the USA;

A lot of people grew up and went elsewhere;

Later, Gators!


For The Time Being, J.D. Is NOT Nancy Drew

With The Red Sox smashing the Little Red Machine, 9-0 in The Great American Ballpark, on the Shores of The Ohio River, in Cincinatti, OH, and 5 Sox Homers, JD Drew is coming on with power:

Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury each jacked one out of the park;


Josh Beckett was in good mode, not giving up runs, nor any long balls;

Later, Gators!


A Split In Time

1st, where was the crowd at Shea Stadium?

The 2nd Game at Shea at 5:10PM, featured 2 people of certain note-Pedro Martinez and Kason Gabbard, the Texas Lefty;

You remember Ol' Gabbo, don't you? He went in the deal, which spawned the Bumper Sticker, reading "Gagne' Is A Yankee Spy", when he and David Murphy got traded to Texas for that Broken Down Mitchell Lister, Eric Gagne', subject of Fitzy's Cape Cod Podcast, telling Gagne' a hearty "GFY" to him. Eric leads MLB in BS, or Blown Saves, in the case of those 2 initials;

Gabbo must've practiced his batting, as he was 1/2, in his only MLB At Bats, with a Single off Pedro Martinez;

Robinson Cancel, out of MLB for 9 Years, singled across 2 Runs in the 6th, and Pedro Got The Win. Billy Wagner got the save. 4-2 Mets over Rangers;

Mets lost 8-7 in the 1st Game, with John Maine, pitching like Ol' Wakey on April 20th, in the Bombs Away Department, allowing homers by that Semi-Psycho, Milton Bradley and Ian Kinstler+ a 3rd Homer. DOS Carlos(Delgado and Beltran), also homered in that game;

Later, Gators!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

His 1st MLB Hit In His 2nd At Bat

Kason Gabbard got it off Pedro Martinez @ Shea Stadium in the 4th Inning. He's batting .500. Let's see Eric Gagne' try that. Later, Gators!


According To A Certain News Corp Publication

Willie Randolph is DOOMED:

Methinks that The Cowardly Jeffy is behind this move, as The Cowardly Jeffy, in dire NEED of a Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp Ankle Hang, along with Rick Peterson, is trying to cover his tracks, as the NY Mets are a current disaster, in part, due to Jeffy's Insider Interference;

No deals after '06 NLCS? Dumping Darren Oliver and Chad Bradford, to get 3 or 4 stiffs for the price of two quality pitchers? This sounds like the "Wilpon Couponing" if you ask me;

Oh, BTW Jeffy, Steve Trachsel is now available, after being DFY'd by The Orioles. The asking price is NOT TOO High;

Later, Gators!

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And Now, Both Houses Of The Congress Are Involved

The New Yankee Stadium, or "New Toilet", has the US Senate and House Of Representatives, talking about public financing of new stadiums:

The Yankees have gone about it, hiring Underworld Firms to build The Steinbrenner Pleasure Palace;


Click on the title-The Yankees have gone way overboard;

The Mets are on time and on budget;

Later, Gators!


Omnipotent Q's Shea Adventure Got Hit By Rain

Boy did it rain! A doubleheader, between Texas and the Mets is scheduled for today. Parts of "The Dump In Flushing Meadow", were flooded out. So no one got to see Pedro Martinez, Original Dirt Dog, Trot Nixon, Kaston Gabbard & David Murphy. This storm dumped a massive load of rain. Later!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why Pay On iTunes When It's Free On Songbird?

Click on the title. I had just downloaded for free, the song that warbled in the background of "The Toilet" when The Red Sox came all the way back from 3-0, to cripple the Yankees, in the '04 ALCS:

You all now have a free alternative to iTunes;

Later, Gators!


Replay(Limited)Is Coming August 1st To MLB

Remember that night on ESPN, at "The Toilet" when Carlos Delgado, homered off Chien Ming Wang, off the Foul Pole at Yankee Stadium, only to have that "Faerie Queen Of Drama", Derek Jeter, act like a Diva, running out to cry to the Umpires, to have it reversed?

Funny, but he who benefited from Jeffrey Maeir's Antics, should act like such a drama queen;

The Homer was reversed;

Replay should change that. This will be for disputed home run calls;

And as Fitzy would say to Derek Diva, "GFY, which means Go F--- Yourself";

Later, Gators!


Russert Part II

He served as Spokesman for US Senator Pat Moynihan and NY Governor Mario Cuomo:

He was a Political Lifer, as he was NBC Washington Bureau Chief and Host of "Meet The Press";

He was a Blue Collar Kind of Guy from Buffalo, NY and had a Jesuit Education;

He was an "Imus" Favorite("Bernie? Get Russert On The Phone!);

And he had a great time in Softball Games during Baseball's Mid Summer Classic;

And still rooted for his beloved Buffalo Bills;

AND he moderated that humorous debate for "Red Sox Nation" President, of which Remy is our "Fearless Leader";

Tim Russert was recording a "Meet The Press" promo at NBC-Washington, yesterday, passing away from the scene at age 57, from a bad heart;

Will Miss him a lot;

Later, Gators and Requiscant In Pacem, Tim!


You Can't Outpitch Aaron Harang?

Aaron Harang was Pedro Martinez' 3K Victim. The Mets treated him like a Punching Bag, a few times:

But, with a Power-Laden Red Sox Lineup, it was Child's Play, what with the Red Sox Road Record;

3-1, Reds over Red Sox in "Great American Ballpark";

Manny left after 7 Innings with a Sore Hamstring;

Adam Dunn Homered to CF. Justin Masterson, K'd 9 Reds in 6 1/3 Innings;

Game at 3:55PM on FOX-PLEASE don't let "The Baboon" say anything stupid;

Later, Gators!


The "Trot" Has Returned-7:10PM At Shea Stadium @ '04 Red Sox Oldtimers' Night

Christopher Trotman Nixon's The One. Trot Nixon was obtained by Omar Minaya, for a player to be named later. He'll be @ Shea, to back up Pedro Martinez:

Trot Nixon will be a familiar sight for Red Sox Exilers, coming to Shea Stadium tonight, with the Sawx on the road and Fenway Park on Stub Hub;

He plays hard. Just look at his caps. Pedro pitches tonight on Shea Stadium Replica Night @ 7:10PM;

Pedro and The Mets will face Lefty Kason Gabbard. You know Gabbo, from the trade that almost sank the '07 World Champion Red Sox, obtaining Eric Gagne', who was as popular in Fenway Park, as a Hitler Youth Rally, on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn(NOT);

It should be an INTERESTING Night;

Later, Gators!


Friday, June 13, 2008

Billy Wagner Was Not In The Game, Tonight

As the Good Oliver Perez appeared. The Good Oliver even drove in 2 runs. The NY Mets defeated the Texas Rangers, 7-1 @ Shea Stadium, this evening.


Requiscant In Pacem, Tim Russert

@ 3:45PM @ NBC in Washington. More, later!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Billy Wagner Is As Useful As Armando Benitez

NOT! NEITHER are useful. Both drive Mets Fans to consume way too much liquor. Wagner blew his 3rd Save Opportunity in a row. Mets lost 5-4 to AZ, in 10 innings. Bullpen sucks-thahhhhhh Bullpen SUCKS!


Bless You Mike Lowell, Youk & J. D. Drew

2 in the Green Monster Seats, 1 a Grand Slam by Mike Lowell, and 1 by Youk & 1 by a hot J D Drew. Red Sox 9-2 over the Orioles tonight. Jon Lester got the win & Jeremy Guthrie got clocked. Later, Gators!


"We Need More Financing For Our New Toilet, Mr, Mrs And Ms Taxpayer"

The NY Yankees are crying about new public financing for the New Yankee Stadium, all over the NY newspapers. Well, consider all those "Family Guys" you hired to build your pleasure palace, across the street from the Old Toilet, no wonder you guys are in trouble. Add A-Fraud's salary and well, all I can say is what Fitzy would say is "GFY", which, in this case, is "Go F--- Yourselves". Later, Gators!


Red Sox Have A Colon-ic

This is where Bartolo Colon comes into the picture. He was a winner of his 4th game. V-tek, his catcher, was one of 2, homering. Paps got the save. More action tonight @ 6:05PM from Fenway Park.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

C/O Their Ownership, The NY Mets Are Beyond The Point Of Being Merely Mediocre-Jeffy, Do You Get My Gist?



Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Imagine For A Moment-A Just If

Had Robert Moses not made up a tale that he was going to put up a huge parking garage over the LIRR Yards at Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues in Brooklyn:

It was to be a PRIVATELY-Built and Owned Stadium;

It would've been the 1st Domed Baseball Stadium;

People in Park Slope, would've walked to it;

People would still be wearing a cap with a "B" on it, all over NYC;

The Dodgers wouldda still been ours to cherish;

Instead, "Moses Monument" is in Corona, built on a NYC Department Of Sanitation Dump in Corona;

The Monument is called Shea Stadium;

Shea Stadium is in its' last days and I call it "The Dump";

The NY Mets play there and stink out the joint-The City of NY owns it;

But, an Ebbets Field Tribute Park is going to replace "The Dump";

The only "B" Caps being worn in Park Slope, belong to Boston Red Sox Fans, whose beloved Fenway Park, is the "Ebbets Field" I never Knew, but have been to, 8 times;



The Red Sox Are In Cincinatti Facing The Reds This Weekend

The Saturday Game will be on FOX at 3:55PM, ET:

It would be something if on Saturday, they faced Bronson Arroyo;

Or is his name, Brandon;

This is what to look for, if Mc Cavah is part of the FOX Crew;

Brandon Arroyo, Dustbin Elldroya, Jacoby Meyers, that Kevin Youkilis should DH in this game, Ruddy Lugo, Manny Ortiz, Ramirez has caused Mt Everest to erupt;

That and a mention or 5 of Derek Jeter;

Mc Cavah will be at his dumbest;

Later, Dudes and Dudettes!

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The Orioles Are In Fenway Park For 3

With Dan Cabrera vs Josh "Kick Arse" Beckett, tonight at 6:05PM. I know folks, that it isn't as convenient as 7:05PM, but the Celtics are facing the Hollywood Fakers(Lakers), tonight, and no doubt that Jack Nicholson will be seated at courtside for these festivities, in Staples Center in L A:

Red Sox-Beat The Orioles;

Celtics-Beat L A;

And last but not least, F--- Kazmerzcyk;



Monday, June 09, 2008

A Break In The Action

The Red Sox will play tomorrow Night & Thursday @ 6;05pm @ Fenway Park & Wednesday @ 7:05pm. Tuesday & Thursday evenings are early due to the Celtics in the NBA Finals. Beat LA-F--K Kazmerzcyk.


My Advice To NY Mets Fans In This Month

Drink Heavily & Often.


New Music Client For My Mac Called Songbird

I now have 3 Dropkick Murphys Tunes on Songbird:

Like a free iTunes player and imports my iTunes Favorites;

Google Songbird;

It can play on Mac, Windows and LINUX;

"Sending Up To Boston" is one of those free tunes;



Sunday, June 08, 2008

"They're All Gone"

Those Harrowing Words were spoken when 11 Israeli Athletes were murdered by Palestinian Terrorists, who interrupted the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany:

They were spoken by ABC Sports Olympic Anchor, Jim Mc Kay, born James Mc Manus in Philly;

For 16 Hours, Jim anchored that frightening episode in Olympic History, from the ABC Studios in Munich;

Jim was a pro's pro. He was host of "ABC's Wide World Of Sports" from 1961 to 1996;

Something I never knew-he was a minority partner in the Baltimore Orioles;

His son, Sean Mc Manus, is the Head of CBS Sports;

Jim was a reassuring voice-he'll be missed, a lot;

Requiscant In Pacem!


GREAT News For Red Sox Fans In NY Metro Area

There are NO Conflicts In The FOX Schedule, like Mets Vs Buttfink or Yankees Vs Cloydllyond, so if you check the FOX Game Schedule, you'll see the Game on MyFox5, NY:

I think this is a 1st, this Season;

Later, Folks!

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In The Projection Of The '08 NY Yankees Schedule

I just looked at it and found that it's not going to be a period of 6 weeks of Sub 500 Teams, for once, as that was the case, last season:

It's going to be a long season for these dudes. It's not going to be fun for them;

Which means it's going to be a LOT more-Fun for us;

Ciao! Later!


As Manny Blasted 504 Onto Lansdowne

Reportedly into the Parking Garage, The Red Sox DESTROYED Seattle, 11-3 on FOX, live from Fenway Park:

Wakey had it all, while Miguel Batista was getting clocked;

Somebody get the NY Mets a huge pot of coffee-their bats and they need it;

I think the Mets are on Iggy for a couple of days;


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A Gigantic "GFY" To Donald Rumsfeld

You gotta watch yourself with this guy. He was once head of GD Searle, a big pharmaceutical company:

For 16 Years, the FDA stated that Aspartame was a sweetener which would cause cancer in humans, including the bit with brain tumors;

Rummy, as Donald Rumsfeld is known, got an FDA Commissioner named, who approved Aspartame;

Now things do taste better, but Aspartame is still junk science and still deadly, but all the big Cola makers use it;

Granted, Sweet N Low is mostly Saccharine, not the greatest tasting thing in the world, but, unlike Aspartame, often going under the name of Equal, I'll go with the lesser "Evil";

Note-Rummy is in the Death & Destruction Business-it's called "War";

And as Fitzy would put it, a Hearty "GFY" To Rumsfeld, and it doesn't mean "Good For You";

Click On The Title Above and read some very interesting stuff;

Later, Gators!


Saturday, June 07, 2008


OK, the 1800 Series, if represented by years, means that sometime during the 19th Century, Baseball was invented to drive people crazy. We've reached a sequence that's not far from the MM Post, or #2000:

Youk's Temper-Filled Bat Tosses-I once witnessed Paul O'Neill tossing a batting helmet that popped in the air after hitting the 1st Base Bag;

Somebody can get hurt in a temper tantrum-keep it to a minimum, guys-thanks;

In regards to FOX Sports Lead Baseball Analyst, James Timothy Mc Carver, often the brunt of furious criticism and Mockery, he's actually a far better Play By Play man than Joe Buck, who brings out the worst in Jimmy Timmy;

I actually found Jack Buck to be way better than Joe, anyway, but Kenny Albert, in style and sound, sounds more like Marv Albert, every day and Kenny Albert should replace Joe Buck, who sounds so insipid, and thinks he's so-funny;

Why do YES Network Commentators on Yankees Games, sound so rehearsed, or like George Steinbrenner, or Hank The Lead Son, have shotguns aimed at commentators heads? No wonder YES is called "NO" or "Al Yanquezeera";

On NESN, there are the comedic moments in the booth, with Don Orsillo And Jerry Remy, reminding me of moments on "The Carol Burnett Show", especially involving The Late and Awfully-Funny Harvey Korman and Tim Conway, with Orsillo in the Korman Role, and RemDawg as "Conway". Add Comedian-Actor, Lenny Clarke for an occasional stop in the booth and it can be riotously-funny;

Those Guys on SNY Mets Telecasts are good and balanced, though in the case of Several Time All Star 1st Baseman Keith Hernandez, we do know that you were on "Seinfeld" as a One Night Stand-er with Elaine Benes;

Why The Mockery of George Steinbrenner on "Seinfeld"? Well, Jerry has Mets Season Tickets and Larry David was a Brooklyn Dodgers Fan from, where else, Brooklyn;

Favorite Choice of mine, to having Old NY Mets GM, Steve Phillips, replaced with? Quite Easy, "Seinfeld" Character, George Costanza, who went crazy, working for "Steinbrenner", played by Larry David;

Funny, but Ron Darling, in those bank commercials, looks somewhat like RemDawg;

You don't get moments like this in a Major League Baseball Broadcast Booth anymore. Last Season, in working with Kenny Albert, Tim Mc Carver did an inning of play by play, while spinning stories with Hall of Famer, Ralph Kiner, as the Mets played The Dodgers. It was "WWOR On FOX" and it was like the '80s and '90s, all over again;

What is it with Red Sox Ownership that "Sweet Caroline", is played in the 8th Inning? it was written by Neil Diamond, a YANKEES Fan from Brooklyn, NY. It's a nice sing a long, but Red Sox Fans tend to go with Edgy, Celtic Punk Rock of "The Dropkick Murphys", to which I concur;

I've started taking Acidophillus, which is Yogurt Bacteria, the Good Bacteria for the body. I'm starting to feel like my Old Self Again;

I like to experiment with Natural Therapies and find that they work better than Conventional Medicine. Though, by education, I'm a Social Scientist, and politically a Classical Liberal, mistakenly called Conservative, I find that what ails one, can be found by Alternative Means;

Funny, but in the '06 Mets-Red Sox Series, Orsillo and Darling worked a couple of Innings together on NESN. Both worked The League Division Series on TBS in '07. On SNY, Remy worked with Gary Cohen, and Keith Hernandez. RemDawg even brought Wally The Green Monster, in his deck chair, over to the SNY Booth. Gary Cohen, in '87, worked the Radio Booth of the Pawtucket Red Sox for 2 Years. RemDawg was funnier than Keith Hernandez;

Pope Benedict XVI was recently in this Country. He celebrated Mass in Yankee Stadium. The Boorish Hank Steinbrenner, known to put his foot in his mouth, gave the Papal Team a warning about driving on the grass in Yankee Stadium. Like The Pope was going to do Wheelies On The Grass, Hank? A-Rod does more damage playing 3rd Base;

On my 2 Trips to Fenway Park this season-both were victories and what a party place. I never get that feeling in Shea Stadium. Amazing, how a Rent A Reliever, like Eric Gagne', even when elsewhere, could generate so much deep-seated fury from a fan base;

Ciao! Later!

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Youk N Manny

Youkilis has a tendency to toss a bat into the dugout, in fury after a strikeout:

But, Manny objected and Youk got warned in the past about it(Must be too much Starbucks' Espresso or any coffee), so Youk got a little crazy about it;

Youk? A tossed bat can be construed as a weapon. Someone can get hurt;

Later, Folks!


When You Lose To Dreck, It's No Fun

8-0? To Seattle? @ Fenway Park? 3 Errors? That sounds like a Night @ Shea Stadium, for crying out loud! Not fun for the Fenway Faithful @ all. Next game is @ 3;55pm on FOX.


Friday, June 06, 2008

Is Scott Schoenweis Ready?

Time to hang Showenweis & Jeff Wilpon, whose "Couponing" Policy, kept Omar Minaya from re-signing Chad Bradford, & Darren Oliver.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

In Memorium From 40 Years Ago Tomorrow

Robert Francis Kennedy Was Assassinated, like his brother, JFK:

Only it was in the Kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel, after the California Primary;

He was shot by one Sirhan Sirhan;

I was home, getting set for school(7th Grade);

It was as Yogi would say "Deja Vu All over Again";

And the JFK Assassination was still fresh;

And there was a # of days of Mourning, like in 1963;

And there were only 3 Broadcast Commercial Networks and no cable;

Was reminded by Mike Barnicle on Imus, this morning;

Time has flown-R.I.P., RFK;

November 22nd will be 45 Years since JFK's Assassination in Dallas.


5-3 Mets In The Day Line In Frisco

John Maine was the Winner and Matt Cain The Loser and Jose Reyes hit a 2 Run Homer in the 4th;

Se what a Boot in The Labanza Threat Did? Reyes is Productive again;

Billy Wagner got his 13th Save, with an ERA of 0.36;

Later Gators


In A Change Of Scenery The Sawx Won Again

The Place was "The Hairy Monk" at 337 3rd Avenue by East 25th Street:

Yes, Manhattan Island is NOT just for Yankees Fans anymore;

After "Professor Thom's", "The Hairy Monk" is a real, friendly Red Sox Location;

My friend and I met the Man behind all the Red Sox Memorabilia, known as Ed, who can remember two guys on the Red Sox Radio and TV Networks in the '50s, known to us as Curt Gowdy Sr and Bob Murphy(The Same Murph of 42 Seasons in the NY Mets Radio Booth as well as Television). Ed's Father played on Washington Senators in the 30s and 40s;

5-1 Red Sox over The "Original" Tampa Bay Rays, a Pizza Team, who tends to win, mostly indoors. J.D, Drew continues his hot hitting hand and had a Ground Rule Double to RF. Coco Crisp was hitting well as well. Josh Beckett got the win. In relief were Hideki Okajima and Craig Hansen, and both did well to wrap up the game;

Big Papi is missed, but The Sox have a LOT of depth. The game was seen on NESN. Red Sox moved back into 1st place over the Famous Rays(As Chris Wertz would call them);

The Detroit Red Wings won their 11 Stanley Cup in the NHL, defeating the Pittsburgh Penguins, last night in The Igloo, 3-2. IMHO, the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are the best of all the Playoff Systems, as those Games are tense;

Thank You to that Young Lassie from Beverly, MA, for giving me that sweet kiss. It made my night. I think she and I discussed what should Curt Schilling do about his shoulder, one fair night;

Brian of The Red Sox Meetup Group, had a nice contingent there, last night;

Later, Gators

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In Every Story With A Hero-There Has To Be An Antagonist Or Villain

Pedro Martinez was the Hero or Protagonist, with a Victory, with 2 hits and a Run Batted In:

This almost was not to be, as Scott Schoenweiss, in relief of Martinez, gave up 3 Runs, before Billy Wagner came to the rescue, in the 9-6 Mets Win over the SF Giants on the Left Coast;

To be fair, Scott S had been doing Yeoman's Work, setting up Billy Wagner to close, a good thing. Unfortunately, Scott S almost became the antagonist or villain, something Braden(Hide My Injury) Looper, was quite-adept at;

Oh, well, all's well that ends, Wells(LOL);



Pedro Is Back-Sox Crack the Original Rays 7-4 In The Fens

Mets crushing the SF Giants 9-6. Sr Martinez won his 210th Game and had 2 hits, a run scored and a Run Knocked in:

Barry Zito didn't last too long, giving up 5 Earned Runs. Barry? Give back the money;

Manny Delcarmen? You scare me, almost as much as Aaron Heilman. Caught from 7th Inning onward. Thank goodness Papelbon was sharp;

Later Folks!

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Papi's Wrist Injury

David Ortiz is on the 15 Day DL, due to a wrist injury. Figure he'll be out a month, which includes rehabbing the wrist:

Manny Being Manny will get more DH Time;

Okajima is starting to pitch like Eric Gagne' did last year. We all know what a disaster that was;

6-3 Red Sox Loss to The Orioles;

Tampa Bay @ The Fens, Tonight and Tomorrow Night at 7:05PM and Thursday at 6:05PM;

Wakey's Efforts were for Naught last night, despite another Manny Homer;

Later Dudes and Dudettes


Oliver Perez

Is in need of an Upper Level Shea Stadium Ankle Hang as the Mets are losing 10 2 to the SF Giants. The game is a Suckathon. That is the final score, BTW.


Just How Old Is Okajima?

He, known as Darkman, pitched as an old man, as the Red Sox lost 6-3. In American-European Years, how old is he?


Monday, June 02, 2008

Cinco Ciento y Dos Por Manuel Aristedis Ramirez

Off Jeremy Guthrie in the 6th Inning, top of & it's Orioles 2-1 over the Red Sox in Baltimore. Later, Gator!


The All Day NY Yankees-HATER Triple Play

It began with the Yankees losing in Minny, 5-1:

The Sox won 9-4 with Manny homering #501, along with Mike Lowell, in a Quasi "Home" Game in Baltimore. DFYankees don't get those crowds in Baltimore;

The Mets won 6-1 on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. It was Dodgers Mgr St Joseph of Snorre's Night on ESPN. Torre, in 1977, lost his managerial debut in Shea Stadium & his Dodgers lost 3/4 to the Mets there, in the last trip of the Dodgers to Shea Stadium(The Dump);

It was a DUMP on the night of Seaver Trade I. Shea's still a DUMP. The Ebbets Field Tribute Park opens next year;

Torre loses both ends of his history in Shea Stadium, in the beginning and at the end;


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Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Reward To Those Mets Fans Who Went To Shea Instead Of Watching On FOX

You avoided having to listen to THESE TWO Magpies:



Mets Fans & Red Sox Exiles? Let Dodgers Mgr Joe Torre Really Hear It But Good

LA Dodgers @ NY Mets @ 8pm on ESPN. Mets Fans & Red Sox Exiles @ Shea Stadium can really drive Joe Torre crazy. Just chant "Green Tea Sucks". I remember his Bigelow ads. Add SoCal to that & it'll be a fun night.