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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cinco Ciento Por Manuel Aristedis Ramirez

In the top of the 7th Off the Underhanded Righty, Chad Bradford, into Camden Yards RF Bleachers. 5-3 Red Sox over the Orioles.


It Was Saturday & With The Weather Warming Up

It's that time of year again, when Red Sox Nation takes to the road. I know that tickets are in short supply. Over the last few years, the ticket sales in New England have been brisk, online-for the NY Mets. Shea's Upper Level Seats are filling up with Boston Area Folks, who remember Curt Gowdy & Bob Murphy on the Red Sox Radio & TV Networks. Younger Families are also doing the South Station To Shea Stadium run. One Mom & Daughter did the Shea run in '06, twice. The Mom told me this last August @ Fenway Park.



Wright doubled. Beltran Homered. Delgado singled & removed for a pinch runner. Fernando Tatis singled in the go ahead Mets run. @ least we're not watching this game on FOX. No one cares to hear what Tim Mc Carver has to say. "Enter Sandman" is playing & Billy Wagner is in. He K'd Russel Martin. He K'd Ethier. He K:d De Witt. Mets Win It 3 to 2.

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I Dread Going To "The Dump" But I'm There, Anyway

I'm watching Dodgers-Mets in a place that is NOWHERE NEAR the charm of Fenway Park. Unlike Fenway, I'm sitting along the 1st Base line, in Upper Level. Upper Level. Kevin James of "The King Of Queens" was leading cheers. Mets losing 2 Zip. As it's the 8th Inning, it's time to flee to the 7 Train. As long as Aaron Heilman isn't pitching, Mets Fans are content.


Aaron Heilman Has Ruined Many A Good Night

Like Last Night with the Mets over the Dodgers 5-4, Aaron has NOTHING in the tank, as he gave up 5 runs:

Time for a DFA with him;



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Two Shortstops in DIRE Need of a Boot In The Labanza

Julio Lugo, Boston Red Sox:

Jose' Reyes, NY Mets;

E6 up the Kazoo;


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Monday, May 26, 2008

My Advice To Jeff Wilpon

It's that last Year's team is your by-product:

You're the one who panicked;

Let Willie And Omar do their jobs;

Worry about The Cyclones and Citi Field;

Smart Mets Fans KNOW about your involvement;

You and Rick Peterson should be made to look down from a Shea Upper Level Ramp;


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The Irish Have A Sense Of Humor In Red Sox Nation In NYC

Mr Ivan Spence, Formerly of The Hairy Monk, has Red Sox Coverage @ his Pub, called "Sin Bin", on 1st Avenue, Between East 58th & East 59th Street, near The Queensborough Bridge;

Nice, Quiet Irish Place, slightly reminiscent of The Hairy Monk;

The Place was once called The Blue Room & it's good seeing the place open;



Running For Kid Captain Of Red Sox Kid Nation-She Also Does Charity Work

Victoria Glidden needs your support for Red Sox Kid Captain;

Click on the Title Above to read her biography;




Team-Wise It Was IF The Sox Were On Vacation

Hitting was On Vacation for The Sox, as was the 'Pen:

Even Manny dropped a ball-no one to "High 5", I guess;

11-3, 3-0, 6-3, all Oakland in Oakland;

Off to Seattle for 2 and 4 in Baltimore;



Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Ceremony

Yesterday, the Knights Of Columbus 4th Degree in Northern Queens, held a Flag Retirement Ceremony:

The American Flag is taken down. The Stripes are separated and cut from the Stars and then burned separately in 2 drums;

These are old tattered flags which are worn out, not new flags;

We are NOT a bunch of Hippies;



Friday, May 23, 2008

Eric Gagne' Is Hurting

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis might sideline him for a week for the Brewers:

Click on title to read;



Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Recommendation

IF The Mets Are Smart, they'd bring back Dave Wallace as pitching coach & string Rick Peterson from a Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp.


Another Piazza Moment In 1998

He homered off Pedro Martinez @ Fenway Park. Pedro didn't like it, & hit his wrist, leaving a hairline fracture. Pedro gave a rambling interview to the NY Post about it. It was not the 1st Dumb set of Martinez comments in the NY Papers.

Just a memory;



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2 Other Piazza Moments

Saturday, June 15th, 2002 when Mr Clemens had to pitch @ Shea Stadium. Roger had given up a 2 run homer to Mets Starting Pitcher Shawn Estes. Mike's Homer was icing on the cake. On July 10th 1999, The Yankees homered 6 Times But lost to The Mets, 9-8. Mike Homered to LF and it flew over a picnic tent into the Shea Parking Lot;




#45 May Retire As Well

2008 may be the last we see of Pedro Martinez as well;

It's Family Thing too, as Petey's Father has a Brain Tumor;

2008-a Time for Sporting Reflections;



#31 Retires

He was on NO List called Mitchell:

Unlike some dude from Ohio and later, Texas, who threw at his head, THIS guy has no shame to live over again;

This guy played across the water from The Bronx and caught & homered. In fact he hit 396 Homers as a Catcher;

When Baseball Returned to NYC after 9/11/01, his dramatic homer defeated the Atlanta Braves at Shea Stadium;

He's hit over 400 Homers;

He's NOT Paul Lo Duca;

Mike Piazza? Thanks!

Roger will have to buy a ticket for your Hall Of Fame Induction;



Mr Lester & Mr Varitek-WELL DONE

The 1st MLB No Hitter was pitched by Mr Jon Lester of The Boston Red Sox:

The 4th No Hitter & 2nd in 8 Months, was caught by Mr Jason Varitek;

I received the No Hitter Information on my cell phone via Text Message, after a 4th Degree-Knights Of Columbus Meeting;

I rejoiced & passed the info on by relay;

I watched the ESPN replay & enjoyed it immensely;

V-Tek? You're better than Torborg & Grote;


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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just WHAT Game Is Bob Davidson Watching?

A Ball Hits the Foul Pole, above a fence:

In most parks, it's a homer;

NOT in "The Toilet", a convenient name for Yankee Stadium;

WHAT GAME was Bob Davidson watching;

@ least he admitted that the Carlos Delgado Homer Ball was a bad call;

The Mets did take the game from the Yankees, 11-2;

Chen Ming Wang did NOT pitch well @ all;

Ollie Perez did not panic;



A BENEFIT Of Being At Fenway Park, YESTERDAY

NOT hearing what the Guy on The Right, had to say on FOX, Yesterday:

How to drive him nuts? Tell him he can't mention Derek Jeter's Name 17+ times;


He was with Kenny Albert on FOX, yesterday;



Papi's Vitamin Water Ad

It's seen In Fenway Park, on the Concourses and in the Toilets:

The Backdrop is NOT Fenway Park. The Enhanced Vitamin Water Company is not based in the Commonwealth of MA. As it turns out, the Company is based in Whitestone, Queens;

The Ballpark used for the backdrop, is located at 126th Street and Roosevelt Avenue;

Currently, I call it "The DUMP". The Place is NOT CHARMING. And it's going to be replaced by an Ebbets Field Replica;

Papi is a CHAMPION. The Backdrop is NOT a Champion Location. But, their Fans are our friends, unto the point where those fans are given refuge in our Red Sox Bars;

It's The Site of "Game 6" of The 1986 World Series. The Press Level is what Gave The Place away. The Place's Upper Level, is quite-familiar to me. The Beer is STALE, there;

Papi Ortiz? You're a Champion. You DESERVE a Championship Backdrop, which is current;

NOT a Backdrop for 1986;


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Yesterday From Fenway Park

I NOW know one thing in Boston-Eric Gagne' is NOT well-liked:



Eric Gagne' Is Hailed As A Hero-NOT

As the Brewers were in Fenway Park, and as a way of Red Sox Fans to show their EXCEPTIONAL DISPLEASURE to the '07 World Series Ring Thief, one Eric Gagne', who is as welcome in Fenway Park as a Hitler Youth Rally on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, the bumper sticker you see, was given out as part of the $2 Scorecards;

Red Sox won it 5-3, with Dice K getting his 7th Win, as well as lasting into the 7th Inning. Papi hit a 3 Run Homer;


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Saturday, May 17, 2008

2nd Annual Subway Series Avoidance Day

On way To Fenway Park!


RAINOUTS In Key Places

Red Sox & Brewers RAINED OUT @ Fenway Park, while NY Mets are rained out vs NY Yankees @ "The Toilet":

The Weather SUCKS;


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Friday, May 16, 2008

What I Think Of The Yankees & The Riviera Sports Bar & Cafe'



Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mac And Me

It started when my Compaq 475Mhz Laptop died on me in 2003. I was a big Windows guy:
In January, '04, I looked at Macworld's back pages and saw some older, but useful Macintosh Machines:

The 1st was a G3 PowerMac All In One, which was a 7 Year Old Machine. It was an education learning Mac OS 9.2.2;

Eventually, it was retired for a G3 iMac, which died after 2 Months, the I got a G3 iBook, Tangerine Clamshell. It wasn't bad, on Mac OS 10.1.5 & 10.2.8;

Then, there was the G3 iMac 400Mhz, which ran for almost 2 years, running on 10.3.9(Panther). I could really explore applications in Panther;

And now, this eMac, running on 1Ghz, running 10.4.11(Tiger) and now Leopard on 10.5.2;
From Classic to the Highest Point of OS X;

There are no "Windows" in this house, as it's an all Mac operation, now;

AND No Viruses, Spyware or Crapware;



Bill Belichick Was Taping

Aaron Heilman-he needed a few laughs:



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Pitchers Who Are NOT Good At Holding Runners On Base

Hidei Okajima-Red Sox-Darkman may have a good ERA, but lets someone else's runners score:

Aaron Heilman-Mets-STOP S--ting The Bed-You're a Reliever-STOP IMITATING Eric Gagne';

Eric Gagne'-Brewers-'Nuff Said;



Manny, Manny, Manny


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Aaron Heilman? You SUCK!

'Nuff Said!


WBZ Reported THIS

Clay Buchholz-15 Day DL. Red Sox lost to Baltimore, 6 to 3. Trouble in Kenmore Square! Mike-RSN-NYCQ


The Mets Reported THIS

Nellie Figueroa & Jorge' Sosa have been DFA'd to make room for Claudio Vargas & Joe Smith:

Panic @ Shea;



Last Night Wasn't Very Nice

Josh Beckett was not up on his game:

5-4 Baltimore over the Red Sox;

Hitting not consistent-neither was pitching;

Now behind Tampa Bay by 1/2 game;

Tampa beat the Yankees 2-1, with Mariano losing it;



Gagne' Closed Vs Dodgers

REPORTEDLY, it was a Gem:




Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bad News About Saturday's Game

WHILE it's Red Sox-Brewers from Fenway Park, it'll be at 3:55PM-ET. Look at who you might have to put up with:

(Notice The Background-it's the site of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series-You Guessed It, It's Shea Stadium, from the Ralph Kiner Television Booth. It's where the 1st-Ever "FOX Saturday Baseball" Took place, on Saturday, June 7th, 1996);


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"The Nation" At Shea Stadium

I KNOW! I've heard! Fenway Park is where you would RATHER BE. But, the supply of tickets dictate that you can't always go there, when you want to, unless someone has an extra ticket or 2. You can't always get 2 tickets together, unless it's a Stub Hub Deal:

Fenway Park is loads of fun, with all the restaurants and watering holes, nearby. What's right by Shea Stadium? NOTHING Really! You gotta get on the IRT #7 Line & find a few Red Sox Pubs in Manhattan, which can be a little rough, considering how packed the 7 line is, toward Times Square and Grand Central;

There were loads of Red Sox Shirts, seen at Shea Stadium, this past Saturday. They were the most worn MLB Gear, next to NY Mets Gear, as is the case at Shea Stadium;

But, Mets Fans have been Fine with us & we welcome them into Red Sox-Themed Pubs in NYC, as for Mets Fans, it's hard to watch games in NYC Bars, as DFYankees Channel is blaring the propaganda of the YES Network, of known by me as "Soviet Television";

For those coming from New England, Shea Stadium is both Culture Shock and a place to mourn Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, but the prices are fairly-reasonable;

It was in SHEA Stadium, where "The Rivalry" with DFYankees, returned in 1974, not "Toilet I" in The Bronx, and it carried over into "Toilet II" in The Bronx;

BTW, when Mets-Sox was on TV from Fenway Park, Sports Net New York was the outlet we watched. It's a bit like NESN, and Nothing Like YES, hence, enjoyable. It's called SNY for short;

SNY is cool. YES is NOT. But, I prefer NESN;

When I saw someone in Upper Level, wearing a Varitek Shirt, you really know that "Nation Members" abound;

ONLY in SHEA Stadium, in the middle of NOWHERE;

WHICH might not be possible, NEXT Season @ Citi Field, I mean "Stub Hub Field";


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Boston On Saturday-Travel

"Sending Up To Boston" will be via Amtrak and returning to NYC will be via Peter Pan Lines to Port Authority Bus Terminal:

I'm NOT going via "G F Y Bus Lines" to NYC's Chinatown, as those buses are uncomfortable, and leave for extreme personal discomfort;

I know that it's Fung Wah Bus, but one Mr J B Quinn of Midwood, Brooklyn will attest, it's not really that fast, especially when someone gets into an accident on the Mass Pike, and for $15, you could require a trip to the chiropractor. As Fitzy would say to Fung Wah Bus Lines, it's a simple "Thank You Very F------ Much and Go F--- Yourself, Mr Fung Wah, as my achin' back needs some work on it";

Never Again;

And I'd better brush up on my French again, because Eric Gagne' is back in town, and will hear it, like Armando Benitez heard it at Shea Stadium, which is QUITE-LOUD, BTW;

To Paraphrase Mr Ronald Reagan, "Mr Pohlad, Tear Down This DUMP, which you call a Domed Stadium";

Red Sox Lost to the Twins, 7-3;



Monday, May 12, 2008

Last Night's Bad News

Meanwhile, Reliever-Spot Starter, Julian Tarvarez was Designated for Assignment and Wakey was AWFUL:

9-8 Twins in The Cloth Dome;


End Of 7th @ Shea Stadium-Exodus Begins

Shea Stadium From Saturday Afternoon



Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Murdoch "Conquest"

New York and Perth(AP)
News Corporation Chairman K. Rupert Murdoch has added another piece to his puzzle, by acquiring the assets of "Ridgewood Times-Newsweekly", Queens Largest Weekly Newspaper:
"Hey, it was there for the taking", according to Spokesman, Col Allen of News Corporation. We'll cover Queens Local Events, of the likes you've never seen before";
It's News Corp, FOX, SKY & The NY Post. Leave it to your imagination;




Rupert Murdoch is about to buy NY Newsday. He'll own that, the NY Post, the rest of News Corporation, FOX 5, My9, & anything else he can get his hands on, like part of the YES Network, Pravda & major sporting events:
Can you Imagine your local Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Contest, being a Unit of News Corporation, under the title of "MLB On FOX Presents...";
Highlights from some Council Contest being seen on FOX News Channel? A-Rod interrupting a contest to tell everybody that Derek Jeter is a little bitch? Tim Mc Carver telling the world that some contestant named Youk "would make a good #8 hitter with the pitcher's spot due up"?
This is if Murdoch buys the world. Who says that he won't try to;


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Despite A Mets 12-6 Victory & Johann Santana's 1st Home Victory, Mets Fans Are Torqued Off

Mets Fans are, by & large, fun to be with. BUT, they're p'od @ how much of a DUMP, Shea Stadium has become. $8.50 for Bud & Bud Light? And they're the ONLY beers sold there? My friend Fitzy would give a hale & hearty "GFY" to The Wilpons(So Would I), if he showed up @ Shea Stadium. Rest Rooms there are far smaller than at Fenway Park. But, for many of these fans, it's the last time they might be able to afford going to a Mets Game. Citi Field may be 2.5 to 3X as expensive. There were people in Red Sox gear there, with the 1st spotting of a Varitek jersey being worn. Sox geared fans, stayed until the final out in the 12 1 Mets win. But many Mets fans, left Shea, starting middle of the 7th inning. There was no way that there were 55K Mets fans at Shea, as it was more like 48K. Mike-RSN-NYCQ

PS: It Sure is NOT Fenway Park

Chris Carrarra of "East Village Idiot", originally from Rhode Island, was at today's 1st Game Victory. He, like me, was at HQ in Fenway, recently.

BTW-Carlos Delgado hit a 395 Foot Bomb, into the RF Bullpen and Brian Scneider homered into RF Corner on a Liner, just FYI and David Wright was hot, driving in a run and Carlos Beltran drove in 5 Runs.

PPS: Jose' Reyes needs a Good Swift Kick In The Arse. Good Night!


Funk Domes

Red Sox lose 7-6 in the Metrodome, soon to be replaced, so the Twins will find out what life is like outside the MetroDome. Paps? What's gotten into you?

James Shields and Tampa Bay looked really good in the Trop, tonight. He looked like S--- in the Open Air of Fenway Park;

Mets Rained Out;

Yankees lose in Detroit, 6-5;

Nighty-Night Folks;



I Despise MSG-Two Versions

The Other Night, I had a little snack of Fried Pork Rinds and ended up with a Headache. Turned out that Monosodium Glutamate was in the rinds. This is the MSG that makes me feel ROTTEN:

The OTHER MSG is located above Penn Station, called Madison Square Garden, run by those incompetent TV Magnates, The Dolans;

They kept the NY Jets from coming back to the City of my birth and rearing, through a phony organization set up by them;

And the NBA Knickerbockers, well, SUCK;

This while Jim Dolan plays a wind instrument;

It's a Saxophone, not his arse;

Which he's been blowing gas from, driving fans crazy;

Funk The Dolans, their "Church", which pays no real estate TAX, called Madison Square Garden. Funk Them, just like "The Riviera Bar And Sports Cafe', further down 7th Avenue;



Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lugo? Puh-lease!

Julio Lugo? Who does he remind me of? He & Carlos Delgado have the same batting music. Actually, he is reminding me of the '05 Renteria. @ times he reminds me of when Jose' Reyes is lax. In Detroit, it cost a game.


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

FT On FOX-The 4th And Most Outrageous Coverage

Click On Title For Appropriate Background :

Da da dot da da da, dot da da

The "MLB On FOX-K of C FT" Logo is spinning-Joe Buck, Tim Mc Carver, Troy Aikman & Jerry Remy are readying up. So is Sideline Commentator, Tina Cervasio.

Director Bill Webb, Senior Producer Ross Mac Duncan, & Producer Ashley Solu are in The Production Truck, in the Parking Lot for Iadanza Centre. The Two Contest Co-Chairmen, the Swishy Terry Topper & Phillippe Bottomly, storm the truck, screaming like two Christopher & Gay Street Divas @ The Halloween Parade.

Topper: "You 3, especially Mac Duncan, are outright banned for your IMMORAL Conduct. You have Sexual Feelings for your Producer, which is so perverted."
Mac Duncan(Wearing Earphones)-"Well, Topper @ least it's a girl"
Topper: "This is very-insulting. Fr Mc Adam Will hear from us & he'll carry our message to you";
Bottomly then slaps Mac Duncan's arm, causing Mac Duncan to remark "Go slap A-Rod on his arm. He might just love it".
Bottomly remarked that "This is an affront to our dignity and you'll really hear it. & Solu, we object to your presence, here'';
Ashley Solu: ''Aren't you 2, the same dudes who French-Kissed i/f/o the reviewing stand of the St. Patrick's Day Parade last year.. I saw you two, and puked'';
Topper and Bottomly, in unison; ''YOU'LL really hear about it but good''

Fr Mc Adam came into the FOX Truck. He looked ominous. He gave Mac Duncan & Solu an Official Warning;
"There have been MAJOR Objections to both of you, for your behaviour towards Terry & Phillippe. If you so much as leave this truck, the NYPD will be called & I will see to it that you 2 will spend the night in jail";
Mac then says "If these two do a toungue-kiss on this telecast, you'll be held responsible in my report to The Chancery. AM I MAKING MYSELF CLEAR";
McAdam; "Ok, let's keep The Bishop outta this. One of them, was my student & is rather-silly. I'm hoping for no fights";
Solu; "That's better. It's a deal';

Buck; "it's a Chilly Night tonight in Brooklyn, NY & tensions are running at Fever Pitch, as we do tonight's MLB ON FOX Preview, & Tim Mc Carver, you've analysed this contest over the years, do you see anything unusual about tonight";
Mc Carver; "There's 10 Year Old Contestant Bronson Chu from Forest Hills, Boston, a hot hand and has an underhand shot";
(FOX Corrective Graphic On Screen, exclaimed "Brandon Choi, Forest Hills, Queens, Tim. Text to 36197 with the # of Gaffes, Tim will make tonight or log onto;
Buck; "And Troy Aikman, The Co-Chairmen are somewhat unusual. It's as if you've seen them before";
Aikman; "Try The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, where they've been outrageous. They count Clay Aitkin as among their amigos. They've even guested on 'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy'', only as technical advisors. It'll be a Gay Old Time";
"And Jerry Remy, you've been through these things as our Comedian In House, have you seen or heard anything unusual tonight";
Remy; "For Once it's Brandon, Not Bronson, from Tim Mc Carver & Choi not Chu, but still as wacky as this preview show can get. And just who are those 2 French-Kissers & WHAT are they doing here? They're as welcome as A-Rod or Eric Gagne' are in Fenway Parik";
Buck; "The Lovely, Vivacious, Tina Cervasio joins us and you've begun assessing tonight's most unusual event. What are your thoughts";
TC; "I actually saw Topper & Bottomly @ the Mara Funeral in St. Patrick's Cathedral & both made Tiki Barber run out of the Cathedral to throw up. I threw up 10 minutes after Tiki did. These guys are strange if you ask me. Brandon Choi has been shooting fine & nice to be here tonight";
Buck; "& Tina, welcome to The Crew here at FOX Sports & we'll be back after these messages and a word from your local FOX Stations";
Da,da,dot,da,da,dahhh, da,da,da

Palm is running a Commercial for the New Centro 3G Phone., with "The Jetsons" Theme playing in in the background, with Richard Simmons and Ellen De Generes as Spokespersons(You can see where this parody is going). A 2nd 30 Second Blurb, about The iPod Touch from Apple, with a slightly-erotic message, showing the iPod Touch on screen, with an I in front of the Ipod Touch, followed by the word "Myself". It's a silent message.-"Very Touching", followed by the "Apple" Logo;
"MLB On FOX" Theme in Background & Voice of Jerry Remy, as follows;
"FOX Saturday Baseball Presents The Knights Of Columbus Free Throw" is brought to you by Mc Donalds', "I'm Lovin' It", by AT&T Mobility-"Your World, Delivered" & by Miller Brewing, Miller Lite-Great Taste, Less Filling";

Buck; "Welcome Back, & in a moment, The National Anthems of Canada & The United States, with the Boston Pops Orchestra supplying the tunes, Clay Aitken will be singing both Anthems, he being the 1st "American Idol". Let's go down o Tina Cervasio with an interview, Tina?"
TC; "Joe, I'm with Terry Topper & Phillippe Bottomly, who are about to tell us the WHY of choosing Clay Aitken as Pre-Contest Performer. Now, Phillippe, with the Exquiste Opera Star, Ashley Solu, now one of our producers, why was Clay Chosen for this?"
Bottomly; "He fits with our theme, tonight & he's a protoge' of ours. I think you get the picture";
TC; What's your favorite dessert?"
Bottomly; "Oh, ah, Chocolate Fudge, dark brown";
Topper;"We've been known to pack it";
TC; "Joe? Back to you & the crew";
Mc Carver; "I don't think these two are talking about a Fudge Sundae @ The Hairy Professor, unless they want to go inside of the professor, if you know what I mean";
RemDawg; "Ahhh, the professor is their intended 'dessert' in more ways than one";
Mc Carver; "I'd think it was Clay Aitken, or even A-Rod";, as the whole booth is cackling with laughter;
Aikman; "Like Mc Donald once said, they're lovin' it";
Buck; "Via Saellite from Boston, The Pops are ready & so is Clay Aitken & now both Anthems";
Aitken is singing & Tina is in the truck, enraged over Topper & Bottomly's interview.;
TC; "Something awfully QUEER is going on out there, Ross. Where is Fr Mc Adam?"
Mac Duncan;; " The guy taught one of these dudes, & is totally-CLUELESS, Tina, as I noticed that A-Rod is here, posing nude for NY Post Photographers";
TC; "That's outrageous. Is he looking to attract another mistress?"
Mac Duncan; "I think that he's trying to become a Greenwich Village Poster Boy";
TC begins to weep bitterly & runs back to her station, inside;

FOX Saturday Senior Creative Producer, Msgr Angelo Farrecchio, himself a rather-large presence & something of a drama queen, something he's known for on Queens Boulevard, entered the truck, with a bad cold. Mac Duncan gives him hot tea with lemon & a shot of Oil of Oregano, to burn out the cold.. He felt better & remarked " This stuff really works Mac, but it tastes like shit";
Solu; "Don't let Topper & Bottomly hear that. They might run like crazy out here";
Mac; "Besides, they'd like it";
Msgr Farrecchio; "One day, Topper was wearing a load of 'Old Spice' while Bottomly wore a load of 'Chanel #5. Topper fought off all the women, while protecting Bottomly, who had a load of men chasing him";
Mac Duncan; "Did they chase Bottomly with Bats? He's one ugly dude";
Msgr; " No. One was Roger & the other was Andy, both from Texas";
Solu; "Damn Yankees";
Msgr; "One of them, has a name, which in Latin, means merciful";
Mac Duncan; "That's it. Roger Clemens is in another mess. It's high time the NY Daily News heard about this latest stunt, only he's messin' with guys+you can add Andy Pettite. Their wives will really go off";
Solu; "Not to mention Mindy, Terry & Phillippe";

Buck; "A little piece from Creative Producer, Msgr Farrecchio. It seems that Roger Clemens was chasing after Topper & Bottomly, one Sunday";
Mc Carver; "Debbie & Mindy now can sing that Hank Williams song "Your Cheatin' Heart";
Remy; "Roger I see, is quite a switch-hitter. With his size, though, he should strike out with Debbie & Mindy, this time";
Aikman; "He's surely a hit with Terry & Phillippe & in Terry's case, it ain't Bradshaw";

One shot of the crowd, shows Manny Ramirez with a sign, reading "Why Are Those Maricons here & they're but-uglophiles";
Buck; "Manny Ramirez with his sign commentary-Tim, what is Manny really saying?"
Mc Carver; "But-Uglophiles? I think he's saying that those two faerie queens are as ugly as a horse's patoot";
Remy; "& Manny's spelling has gotten better, which isn't saying much";
Aikman; "Knowing Manny, he must think that Maricons are a couple of Sisters in Forest Hills, Queens, named Cohen";
Cackling laughter breaks out;

Now the Contest is underway. A camera shot of Ashley Brockington, a UMASS Senior, who lives in Woodhaven, Queens, just across the border from Cypress Hills, is seen, as she's talking Amicably with Tony Danza, for whom Iadanza Centre is named. Ashley was the Winner of the 14 Year Old Girls Portion in Forest Hills, Queens, the year before;
Buck; "Amongst our celebrities tonight, Ashley Brockington, who won last year's contest, talking with the man whose last name, adorns this complex";
Mc Carver; "I think she's the one who served me that scotch on the rocks at Game On Cafe', on Lansdowne Street, inside Shea Stadium. That guy must be Ashton Karcher";
Remy; "Now, with the Cask N Flagon, relocated to The Bronx, you still going to buy us a round at Game On in Corona. That's Tony Danza with her";
Aikman; "Tim? Your geographical knowledge is as high as Roger Clemens' Loyalty to his wife";
Mc Carver; "Which is?"
Aikman; "ZILCH!";
Buck;; "Trey Youk @ the the line, having sunk 5 shots, Trey hits the backboard & it bounces back to the spotter";
Mc Carver; "I think that Youk would make a good #8 hitter with the pitcher's spot due up";
Remy; "In the ALCS? What game on FOX are you watching?"
Mc Carver; "It's simple. Like Forest Wohlers once said, 'You can't choke a chicken if its' head is cut off'. Simple as that!";
Aikman; "Manny Ramirez is right. This IS Maricon Night";
A camera shot shows Terry & Phillippe;
Buck; "The Two Chairmen, Topper & Bottomly, are talking amicably. Yikes! They're doing a toungue kiss. I'm at a loss for words";
Remy; "Tim this is like you & Derek Jeter, the way you mention him about 17+ times, in game, Jeter's not even in";
Mc Carver; " I've got Joan at home. She keeps me happy. Jeter can always have A-Rod over for those sleepovers of theirs. Jerry, you're in love with Ol' Youppi over there":
Remy; "That's Wally The Green Monster, like I've told you before. Let me go out & smoke a few fags";
Aikman; "Language unbecoming of a FOX Sports Commentator. You want to set Topper & Bottomly on fire?"
Remy; "No, it's British for lhaving a couple of cigarettes";
Aikman; "Oh, OK! Thought for a moment, Topper & Bottomly were going to be the main course in a bonfire";

FOX goes out for a commercial. Fr Fred Mc Adam makes a bee line for the FOX Truck. He's really upset;
Mac Duncan; " I know. Mc Cavah's giving you acid reflux";
Fr Fred Mc Adam; "& they're wearing funny rings. Masons Rings. They were heard thinking of going to 'Breadstix'. That toungue kiss? That's like a Doctor using a stick to make someone go Ahhhh. That gets me in puke mode. BTW, I threw up on the street, after watching that stunt";
Solu; "Don't worry! Ross didn't call The Bishop. The Bishop called him";
Mc Adam; "How Upset is His Excellency?"
Mac Duncan; "He saw these 2 do this after eating a Rainbow Sundae in Forest Hills & quipped, that it was time for a Barf Up Party. BTW, there's still a ban on The Masons, right?";
Mc Adam; "Especially when they're Masons. No Communion for them";

Buck proceeds to land kisses on the cheeks of Mc Carver, Remy & Aikman. Buck;"Well Tim, there have been some amazing Alternative Type Couples. Alice B Tocklass & Gertrude Stein, Ellen De Generes & Anne Heche";
Mc Carver; "You & Troy Aikman";
Stunned Silence for a moment, the Buck retorted with "Like Jerry Remy said about you & Derek Jetet";
Mc Carver; "As I said before, Jeter's got A-Rod, for all those sleepovers";
Buck; "Tina Cervasio has some comments. Tina?"
TC; "You 4 Guys sound like 4 Drunks in Locker Room, near "The Hairy Professor", comparing Sizes of your Cell Phones or Fun Tools, it's so JUVENILE up there+all the cackling laughs. It sounds like a night with Denis Leary, Lenny Clarke, Orsillo & Remdawg, bursting into laughter. This'll definitely land on You Tube tonight, along with the French Kissing Co-Chairmen. Now back upstairs";
TC bursts into laughter. Buck calls "To our studio & Derek Jeter";
FOX sound of "Whooshhhh"
Jeter; "That guy posing in the Nude for the NY Post, Ol' A-Rod, is BUTT-Ugly. No mistress nor guy at Christopher & Gay, would want him";
FOX "Whoosh"
Buck; "Tina Cervasio with Another Comment";
TC; "Are they crazy at The Post? A-Rod is one BUTT-UGLY Dude. Back upstairs";
Buck; "Terry Topper has a comment, right now";
Topper; "Phillippe & I, feel as if our privacy has been invaded. We will sue you for everything you 4 in the booth, have. Am I clear about that?"
Mc Carver; "You can lick our Lolipops, Dude"
Bottomly; "Great! We can settle out of Court";
The Booth bursts into Extreme Laughter, so wild that Mc Carver runs to the bathroom & pukes;
Suddenly, two dudes, dressed in Chapeaus, wearing Capes , show up inside the Gymnasium @ Iadanza Centre. Both bore polished swords & sheaths;
Mac Duncan; "WTF are those 2 idiots doing here?"
Solu; "I don't know, but this has been one, sure fire, freak show";
Ennis, a floor spotter for FOX Sports & a regular @ The Hairy Professor, is watching & listening to some dude from Woodhaven, telling everybody to stop shooting "In The Name of Patriotism-you will be silent. We are here in Brookline, MA, to straighten out & run the Assembly by the book. My name is Commandant Kazmerzcyk &...";
Ennis was in the truck, asking Mac For directions on how to handle this dude;
Mac; "just keep it clean, so the White House & the FCC don't go banannas. You know that Hairy Professor Chant of "F--- Kazmarek?";
Ennis; "OK, FUNK Kazmarek";
Solu; This is being seen in The Cask n Flagon, Game On & Beer Works. They'll be joining the chant. & of course The Hairy Professor;
Ennis; "That'll work. Funk funking Kazmarek-Funk him";
On the floor, as Kazmerzcyk rants on about the power of his sword, The chant of "Funk Kazmarek" started up;. It was heard eminating from Iadanza Centre & from The Hairy Professor in NY, Beer Works, Game On and Cask n Flagon in Boston, Msgr Murphy's In Chicago and Sonny Mc Lean's In Santa Monica, CA, all known Red Sox Locations in those cities. Kazmerzcyk ran out to the truck and protested. Ennis was there;
Kazmerzcyk: "This is an affront to Patriotism. We've come here to settle down the troubled Councils here in Brookline":
Mac Duncan: "Yo, Idiot Boy, This is Brooklyn, like Cypress Hills, where the idea of a wicked pissah time is taking a leak behind an El Piller on Fulton Street. where are you from, like what Planet?"
Kazmercyk: "The Patriotic Town of Woodhaven, NY, as I've arrived by train";
Mac: "I was 10 before I moved to Boston & I Lived Here":
Kazmerzcyk: "we come to plant The Flag here";
Solu; "A White One?"
Mac; "When I was in Cypress Hills, we thought that you Natives of Woodhaven had one thing in common-your heads are up your arses, now get back on the BMT & get LOST";
Ennis: "Funk Woodhaven-Funk Them."

FOX Stage Manager, John Mc Quade from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, is listening to Topper & Bottomly.. Mc Quade approaches the duo & advised them where to get the delicious Fudge they've talked about;
Mc Quade; "Just go to Fulton & Autumn & there'll be that great Chocolate Fudge Shop. It's closing in 15 Minutes";
Bottomly: "Eh, Eh, Cool";
Both Topper & Bottomly have no idea that the Ice Cream Parlor closed in 1986 & went to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn & became a Liquor Store.
Mc Quade to Mac: "I sent the Christopher & Gay Duo off to the Ice Cream Parlor, that moved to Bay Ridge & they don't know it";
Mac; "& They'll come back screaming like they're in The Halloween Parade in The Village";
Mc Quade: "Sounds like 2 good candidates for taunting in the Right Field Bleachers in Yankee Stadium";
Mac; "We Sox Fans have ways of getting even. Order up 2 NY Mets Caps to have them sit with the Bleacher Creatures. They'll never know what hit them";
McQuade; "They're at the door in a rage";
Topper: "Get out here & fight me like a man. C'mon, fight me like a man";
Fr Mc Adam; "Stay outside. You wouldn't know what fighting like a man is";

Buck: "Brandon Choi, 10 Year Old from Forest Hills, NY is at the line. Now he starts his session, wanting to go without a warm up. Tomorrow on FX, @ 3:00PM, join Don Orsillo, Jerry Remy, Tina Cervasio & Michael Kay for "FT On FX". Brandon is shooting like no tomorrow, 5, 6, 7,,8, 9. We've just been handed this by Executive Producer Ed Goren, that we're switching in one moment to FX, as Alex Rodriguez has a Press Conference over all these FOX Stations";

Mac is on the line to Goren: "Why The Switch? What does 'Miss October' have to say that's so important?"
Goren; "He's full of surprises & Jeter wants to kill him";
Mac is now with FX & following The Action & Choi shot a Perfect 15, in a rage that A-Rod has broken into someone else's action;
Mac Duncan "A-Rod breaks into this game to defend his Nude Spread to appear tomorrow in the NY Post & that he's not getting a sex change & that Scott Boras is an a--hole & Jeter is a selfish little bitch? This guy tried to be the Top Story when The Red Sox won it all in '07";
Solu; "That's why even Yankees fans call him 'A-Hole'";;

Meanwhile, fans in the gym are watching A-Rod sounding like a whiny bitch & the Contest ending on FX:
Buck; "There's something going on in the ESPN Radio Booth, with Suzyn Waldman all excited. Let's listen in";
On ESPN Radio Feed, is Suzyn Waldman, sounding like she's in heat, uttering "Ladies & Gentleman, Roger Clemens is in My Bawx. It feels so good. Oh, my Goodness Gracious"(While breathing heavily);
Dave O'Brien on ESPN Radio; "I call this desparation";
Joe Castiglione; "If you ask me, Suzyn is fodder for 'Mike & The Mad Dog' on WFAN, tomorrow";
Michael Kay; "Well, Roger will enrage Debbie, Mindy, 5 Housewives from New Jersey, & Topper & Bottomly";
O'Brien; "The Rocket has hit Rock-Bottom";

Solu & Mac Duncan, entered Iadanza Centre. Solu & Tina Cervasio spot A-Rod.
A-Rod; "I'm starting a new modeling career";
Solu; "Modelling Blue Lip Gloss for Eskimos, again?"
Mac; "He can go to Castro in 'Frisco & do this";
A-Rod then slaps the forearm of Tina Cervasio. She then smashes A-Rod across the face. He then slaps Solu on the wrist. Solu smacks A-Rod across the face, again. A-Rod then slaps the arm of Ross Mac Duncan. Mac cold-cocks him.
Topper came running in to revive A-Rod & slapped Mac from behind. Mac belts Topper, as seen on both FOX & FX.
Buck: "1st, A-Rod get's belted, then Topper, & Bottomly has tried grabbing Ross by the arm to slap him & Now Bottomly is down on the floor, after a belt from Mac";
Mc Carver: "Ol' Slappy Mc Bluelips has been belted around like a baseball all over Yankee Stadium. So have Topper & Bottomly. Slapping will get you belted";
Remy: "Tomorrow, we're free from the slap of A-Rod. Join me, Don Orsillo, Tina Cervasio & Michael Kay on 'FT On FX', at 3PM only on FX, where we'll throw no punches";
Aikman: "& Nobody gets hurt, unless A-Rod shows up in a Yankees Jacket";
Remy; "Which should be painful in Arlington, MA";

Buck; "The Dropkick Murphys are here to play both 'God Bless America' & their hit anthem, 'Sending Up To Boston';
Mc Carver; "I've just spotted Jason Papelbon in shorts, with a broom, looking to play Faux Guitar";
Remy; "Jonathan, not Jason, Tim. That round at Game On In Corona, will really-taste good about now";

A FOX Graphic, with FOX Theme playing on your screen, encouraging fans to text the # of gaffes Tim will make or log onto, to do it, is on screen;

Aikman; "Derek Jeter is standing near A-Rod. Yikes, Jeter is mighty-tourqued & A-Rod is bent over";
Mc Carver;; "Alex Rodriguez will be of no use tonight, either to his wife, or his mistress";
Remy; "Or with Topper & Bottomly";
Buck; "& once again, Our Senior Producer, Ross Mac Duncan has scored a hat trick, knocking out Topper, Bottomly & Alex Rodriguez";
Aikman: "With that hat trick by Mac, he should be really good on NHL Telecasts on Versus";
Buck; "Tina, you look rather stunned from these turn of events. Tell us your thoughts on this";
TC; "Let's put it this way, Joe, it'll be great of Tim to buy us a round at Game On in Corona. This place was like something Harvey Feirstein would put together, a proverbial "Birds Of A Feather". It was way too-wierd. Let's just say that Derek Jeter put the Icing on the cake with his well-placed knee to the groin of A-Rod, the consumate 'ME' Player';
Mc Carver; "I guess that what I've been saying about Derek Jeter, he's been long overdue for AL Most Valuable Player, especially when he took down Alex Rodriguez";
Remy; "This is only Tim's 1st Mention of Derek Jeter, tonight";
Mc Carver; "Jeter has saved us from selfish showoffs. Jeter will bring any team to glory. Jeter will bring the Yankees back to glorious times";
Remy; "I stand corrected";
Mc Carver; "The New Yankee Stadium-The House That Derek Jeter Built";
Derek Jeter; "Thanks for The Obsession, Tim, now get rid of the Red Dye #2 & try my cologne";
Booth bursts into gales of laughter;

Ashley Solu now appears to sing "God Bless America" with Kelly Clarkson, seen on FOX & FX. Both receive chants of BRAVO & BRAVISSIMO;

The Dropkick Murphys start their anthem up & Jonathan Papelbon is in Shorts Costume & The fun begins. The cast is on the floor & dancing to the beat.

The Booth, where everyone is gathered, is full of production people, like Ross Mac Duncan, Msgr Farrecchio, Ashley Solu, Director Bill Webb, & Buck, Mc Carver, Aikman, Tina Cervasio, Manny Ramirez, Derek Jeter, Mike Piazza, Kevin Kennedy, Eric Karros.
Buck: We'll be signing off in a moment & heading to a Cast Party @ The Hairy Professor in The East Village on The Island of Manhattan, so @ This moment, we'd all like to blow you a kiss. We've been joined by Our Floor Managers, Ennis & John. Tonight is a milestone here at FOX Sports, as Ross didn't lead any invasion into the booth & Ross, we're grateful tonight. Any thought on this?"
Mac ; "Tonight, Let's PARTAY" The Credits are now on, with Dropkick Murphys "Tessie" & "Sending Up To Boston" rolling live in the background;

Then the Film;
"FOX Sports, Home To The World Series, The Bowl Championship Series, Nascar, The NFC Championship. This has been a Parody Of FOX Sports".

Note-Written on a Palm T/X and transported by iMac. Re-Edited on eMac. The Writer, a Native of Brooklyn, lives in Woodhaven, Queens, across the border from Brooklyn.


FT ON FOX-Pre-Contest

''MLB ON FOX Presents The Knights of Columbus Free Throw'' live from Brooklyn, NY-Pre GAME

4 Co Hosts are Curt Menafee, Eric Karros, Mike Piazza, & Kevin Kennedy..
"Hi Everybody, we're back with this Special Edition of "MLB On FOX". I'm Curt Menafee with Eric Karros, Mike Piazza & Kevin Kennedy, for our 14th Season Premiere & this one question to our panel is "WILL & WHEN Will Senior Producer Ross Mac Duncan, arrive to punch someone's lights out":
Piazza: "I think when Ti.m Mc Carver gives us his "Bronson Not Brandon" repertoire", is when the 1st punch gets thrown. On the other hand, it could be those two new Co-Chairmen, Topper & Bottomly, who could get Mac's Goat & light that short fuse temper of his. Eric?"
Karros: "Or it could be when Tim confuses which team, Kevin Youkilis, plays for, let alone Brandon Choi or Bronson Arroyo. Choi is an Up & Coming Shooter, while Bronson Arroyo is guesting with "The Dropkick Murphys", whose hit song, "Sending Up To Boston" will be sung here, near the end of the Contest.. Kevin?"
KK: There's really only one to watch, & that's Brandon Choi. I'd also watch for anything STRANGE by Terry Topper & Phillipe Bottomly, in case they have a case of "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy", if you know what I mean."
Curt: Now over to courtside with Tina Cervasio & Tina, Welcome To FOX Sports";
TC: Thanks, Curt, Mike, Eric & Kevin & pleased & honored to be here. 1st, this report that FOX Senior Producer, Ross Mac Duncan, as per Fr Mc Adam, the Council Chaplain, has been barred from entering Iadanza Centre, for moral complaints. No doubt, Ross will give him a huge piece of his mind, just like last year. Now back to you."
Curt: "Joe Buck, your dulcet toned voice is needed, right now. Take it away";
Joe Buck:: This annual ritual is getting larger & wackier & RemDawg, I think that with the selectiion of Council Co-Chairmen, we're in for some strange goings-on, tonight.";
Jerry Remy: "With 2 Guys like Topper & Bottomly, we might see a lot of bending over, or a gay ol' time";
JB: Tim Mc Carver, we've seen every imagineable thing under the sun. I wonder how you'll characterize the new co-chairmen;
T Mac: From what I gather, these 2 may do things where the sun doesn't shine. In short, it's great way to promote the Season Premiere of "Fort Martina".
JB: Hold That Thought, Tim. We'll be back with The Start of this contest in a few moments. The Contest is brought to you by Apple, by AT&T-Your World, Delivered & by Palm.
"Da, da, dot, da, da, da, dot, dot da"


Health Benefuts Of Carrying A PDA And Keyboard Over A Notebook Computer

There'a tremendous health advantage for a man, using this device, over using a Notebook Computer, on one's lap:
It never gets hot. The current laptops can cause 1st degree burns(Like a painful sunburn), as the CPU can get mighty hot;
Apple's Aluminum Powerbooks, for instance, if put upon one's lap, can start to cause your skin a lot of redness, as temperatures can run up to 150*F or 200*F. If too close to one's testicles, the pain might even be greater. You can still get your work done, on this light a device. Besides, most Notebook Computers are really desktop replacements anyway. With WiFi & Bluetooth, you can still be connected to your office, whether on Windows Mobile or Palm or on the iPhone with Mac OS X, 10.4.11..
There are also Palm Treo Phones, but their keypads may not be as comfortable as this Palm Universal Keyboard;
You can keep the Notebook as your desktop & this arrangement can be your laptop;
It's also easier on your back & shoulders & fits in your pocket. Is 4.4 Ounces or 5 LBS more-convenient? When Apple's iPhone gets a few apps like Pocket Office, that'll be better than carrying the MacBook Air. Take it from a tech experimenter like me;


Mr Lowell Hath Joined The Hit Parade

He homered in Frame #2, with a runner on &, if you must know, did beat Sr Ramirez to a point, as Manny hasn't homered since April 19th(Slightly Playing off from The Omnipotent Q, here):

Red Sox 6, Tigers 3;

Even though he's 5-0, still Dice-K, increasingly becoming Dice-BB, as he allowed 8 Walks, cannot get past the 5th Inning, with 100 pitches thrown;

Youkilis also homered, as did David Ortiz;

One Consolation over last year in Detroit-Wily Mo Pena is in Washington and NOT with The Sox;

On ESPN, Orel Hershiser and Dan Shulman were excellent, but that 3rd Guy, called Phillips? Well, George Costanza is still better than him, anyday;



Cinco De Mayo

A Mexican Day to celebrate a Mexican Battle, has become, after St. Patrick's Day, the biggest pub celebration in this country, even in Irish Expatriate Pubs. Intensely Silly! Mike-RSN-NYCQ


Monday, May 05, 2008

From Brewers GM Doug Melvin

Eric Gagne' will remain Milwaukee's Closer. Gagne' has 9 saves, but 5 BLOWN Saues. There will be A LOT of crying in a lot of beer. Mike-RSN-NYCQ


Attention RSN-But Dice K Is A 5 Inning Pitcher

5 innings & 8 walks? If he ever got to the 9th Inning, he might have about 200 pitches & miss a turn. Someone has to teach him how to pitch economically. The Red Sox lead 4-1 in the 6th in Detroit. This guy could put a lot of strain on the bullpen in a hurry, if this is his pattern for the rest of the season. @ least Eric Gagne' ist around. Mike-RSN-NYCQ


The LONG-AWAITED FOX Parody Is Finished

It'll Go Up on The site, either Tomorrow or Wednesday Evening, then edited with the adding of various pictures:

You'll laugh until you're exhausted;



OUTDOOR Baseball-Great For Throwing Off An INDOOR Team Like Tampa Bay

As in a 7-3 loss to the Red Sox, as there's no climate control except for Ma Nature:

Scott Kazmir got the Loss & Dice K, The Win, as the Sox are hitting again;

As long as there's no deal for Eric Gagne', AGAIN, I'm Happy;



Sunday, May 04, 2008


In the bottom of the 9th Inning with Milwaukee leading the Houston Astros, 6-4, Eric Gagne' entered the game & gave up 2runs on 2 hits & 3 walks. THIS is Gagne's 5th Blown Save. It's as if Eric is in midseason form. Glad to see that he's not doing the Sox any harm. Last year's performances are an indicator of this year's performances.

His Power is GONE. It disappeared when he couldn't get his "Juice" through the eye of a Syringe;



For Those Red Sox Fans STILL Interested In Eric Gagne'

5.27 ERA & has blown 4 Saves, already:

See what happens when you can't use "Syringe & Click" to power oneself?

And Paulie isn't there to do it;


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Shields Has No Shield-Like A Dome-In 12-4 Massacre By Red Sox @ Fenway, Last Night

No Artificial Atmosphere Like A Dome, plenty of breezes & real weather, showed James Shields what Real & and not domed Baseball is all about:

He ONLY Lasted 3 Innings & gave up 7 Runs;

Papi's hitting again, as is Manny, who made a catch and nailed someone at the plate as Beckett was Solid, though he's allowed a couple of balls that could break "Cask" Windows;

I have the feeling that Tampa Bay could duplicate the 1969 Houston Astros, who were super in the dome, yet blow in the real world weather;

Tampa's Open Air Bullpen wilted or froze, giving up 5 Runs, for the 12-4 rout by the Red Sox at The Fens, last Night;

And Shields had no shield;



Saturday, May 03, 2008

Red Sox 7-3 Over Tampa Bay, Mets Over Snakes IN AZ, & The Yankees Spoiled The Night with a 5-2 Over The Mariners

FINALLY, for the 1st Time In awhile, The Red Sox scored multiple runs in an inning(The 4th) & smashed Tampa Bay, 7-3. Brandon Moss Homered. The Cool, REAL Air in Boston & NOT that Domed Crap, got to Edwin Jackson & The DEVIL RAYS. I remember when the Houston Astros of 1969, had the best home record in Baseball. They also had the WORST Road Record & ended up being 81-81:

Mets defeated the Diamondbacks in Phoenix, 7-2. Ryan Church & David Wright homered. So WHY is FOX Sports Ken Rosenthal talking about the IMMINENT Firing of Willie Randolph? You can't fire an OWNER(He doesn't want to p--- off Jeffy Wilpon). NY Mets @ 3:55PM-ET, vs Diamondbacks on FOX-Don't worry, but Mc Cavah will not ruin it for anybody;

DFYankees ruined my night, defeating Seattle, 5-2 in The Toilet on a Cool Night;


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Friday, May 02, 2008

The Annual "MLB On FOX" Parody Is Almost Done

Let's just say it'll be a "Gay Ol' Time" & leave it at that. Mike-RSN-NYCQ


For The 1st Time In 42 Years Dating Back To 1966

The Detroit Tigers swept The Yankees @ "The Toilet", last night by a score of 8-4:

Ian Kennedy, last September's Whiz Kid, looked like nothing of his September Self;

He gave up 4 Runs in 4 2/3 Innings;

Yankees have hitting BUT NO PITCHING & are 3 Games under .500;

Red Sox lost 3-0 to Slumping Toronto, a case of Good Pitching & No Hitting;


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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Red Sox Hitting On Strike & Jose' Reyes NEEDS A Good Kick In The Arse To Wake Up

The Sox Bats have been on strike since the 1st Tampa Bay Series in St Petersburg, FL. Then, again, there's a Dome Factor but Tampa Bay does have some decent pitching. The Bats were on strike during the Blue Jays Wins & Loss @ Fenway Park. I hope it changes tonight through Sunday @ Fenway Park. It'll really be a test of Tampa Bay, outside of a Dome;

Jose' Reyes threw a ball bouncing 10 feet in front of Carlos Delgado, on Tuesday Night @ Soon To Be Departed Shea Stadium. Jose' went 3-3 & 2 Walks, but his defensive lapse let Mets Pirates go to the 11th Inning, depriving Johann Santana of his 1st Mets Shea Victory. One good swift boot in the labanza, is voted for Reyes;

Yankees swept by Detroit in "The Cathedral Of Baseball", also known as "The Toilet". Methinks that Hank is delusional, making himself Archbishop Of Yankees Universe, as their pitching has failed;

In Memorium Et In Paradisium:
Emil J. Bavasi, also called Buzzy, passed on yesterday at 92 in La Jolla, CA. He was the GM behind The 1955 BROOKLYN Dodgers & Architect of other Dodgers Championships in LA and NEMISES of Walter O'Malley. He was a NY Guy, "Who Done Good."
Requiscant In Pacem, Emil;


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