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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Minaya Has "No Autonomy" As JEFFY Calls All The Shots & It Shows

Minaya hired Willie Randolph, which was a Good Choice. Omar signed a contract extension for Willie. Willie, like Omar, watched his Baseball from the Upper Level Regions of Shea Stadium:

JEFFY didn't like Willie(For Beating Jeffy out of $.55, which was once the price of a cup of Rheingold Beer). Jeffy vowed to FIX Ol' Willie by Severely Limiting the Bullpen, not allowing Minaya to re-sign Darren Oliver & Chad Bradford, Two Very Quality Relievers. Jeffy wanted Willie out of the way, at all costs;

Jeffy & Freddie & Uncle Sol were too busy running the Farewell To Shea & Citi Field Fundraiser to care about a Winner & It Shows Today;

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Could Omar Be "Minaya The Liyah"?

Read The Article by the NY Post's Joel Sherman by clicking above at the Title. If Omar Minaya has "Complete Autonomy" as Mets GM, I'm Tim Mc Carver's Research Department:


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Saturday, January 30, 2010

No More "Anonymous" Comments

Don't Even THINK of trying to post your VIAGRA Comments here:


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Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, as The Age Of The Ballpark Organist Fades To Black, Jane Jarvis Passes at 94, Yesterday

The First Time I went to a Major League Baseball Game was in September, 1966. Rheingold Beer was $.55 per cup, Box Seats in Loge at Shea Stadium were $3.50, no female fans wore Pink Caps & live Organ Music warbled over The Public Address System. Jane Jarvis held the Day:

Yesterday, at Age 94, Jane, a former Jazz Pianist, passed on. She was The Musical Director of The Mets from 1964 to 1979, playing on the Thomas Organ. If One can remember a wee bit of an Irish Tune, whenever Frank Edwin Mc Graw came in from The Mets 'Pen, Jane played it. She also played The Organ at County Stadium in Milwaukee, from 1954 until 1963, when the Braves were there;

In 2002, in the 40th Anniversary of The Mets
1st Season, Jane tickled The Piano Ivories, playing "Meet The Mets". Being there was a big kick for me & the 45,000+ Aficionados. It was the Last Time we heard Jane in Concerto @ Shea Stadium;

Shea Stadium is Gone. So is Jane Jarvis. Requiscant In Pacem;

At Fenway Park in 2000, before the days of the New Ownership Group of Henry & Company, The Organist used to play "Hey Look Me Over" at the end of a Red Sox Game. Those were the days, My Friends;

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In Defence Of The Trivia Maestro, Called "The Omnipotent Q"

The Great Trivia Maestro, heretofore called "The Omnipotent Q" in the Person called John Brian Quinn, has come under harsh criticism for his Rendition of Trivia at his home base called "Professor Thom's", also base to the One called "The Pez." Someone went on Yelp.Com to launch a bit of Vitriol, directed at Senor Quinn, with no constructive critique:

Perhaps, he who launched this Vitriolic Diatribe, may be honing his "Intellectual Skills" by listening to one of the two "Institutes Of The Intellectually-Challenged."

The Omnipotent Q Trivia Challenge is a well researched event, attracting many fans from around the NY Metropolitan Area to The Ultimate Red Sox Themed Pub, Professor Thom's at 219 2nd Avenue in The East Village. Teams Like "Eamonn & Mychal Give The Q The Fourth Degree", give flavor to The Q's Evening of Challenge Of One's Mind.

Let's put it this way, in that "The Q" could hold his own with One Rex Murphy, in the World of Pursuit of all things Trivial;

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Tim Tebow-Heisman Trophy Winner & Pro-Lifer In A Pro-Life Blurb Next Sunday

When Tim's Mom was carrying Him in Pregnancy, her Doctor didn't think that the pregnancy would be carried to Term & he suggested that Mrs Tebow have an Abortion:

No was her answer & today, Tim is The Heisman Trophy Winner;


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The NFL Winds Down To THIS

Fun in The Sun, a load of Touchdowns & a Game Called The Pro Bowl, All Stars vs All Stars in Hawaii. No one from New Orleans & Indianapolis will be there:

Strange, but this game usually comes AFTER the Super Bowl, so SB XLIV will close up the Football Season;

Like anybody even cares, it'll be on ESPN at 7:20PM, ET;

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Red Sox Alert: Sox agree to terms with Jeremy Hermida on a one-year, non-guaranteed contract for the 2010 season. Visit for updates.

The NFL Looked Down Its' Nose At The AFL-Like They Should Talk?

The A F L which celebrated it's 50th Anniversary, was ridiculed by the NFL in the beginning. They should talk:

The most recent A F L never had a franchise fold up, though with the 1962 NY Titans at The Polo Grounds, there was a close call, as the Titans had a total Home Attendance of 36,000+ for 7 Home Games & needed League Intervention, before Sonny Werblin & Company came to the Rescue;

But the National Football League had franchises in such places as Tonowanda, NY, Rochester, NY, Portsmouth, OH, Racine, WI, Orange, NJ, Newark, NJ & the Stapleton Area of Staten Island, so it gives one an idea that one could pay a Franchise Fee of $100 & set up a team in what amounts to playing in a High School Field or a Sandlot. One could've set up a franchise at Sunrise Highway & 80th Street on the Lindenwood-Howard Beach Border, in the sandlot field there & charged Admission to watch some team that was hideous. What was the NFL thinking at that time? It sure wasn't thinking about a Radio Deal. BTW, those Franchises ceased to exist;

At least the 4th A F L, as there were 3 others, made it into The NFL with all of its' Original Franchises plus their two expansion teams, giving us all the Modern NFL, which takes its' cue from the A F L;

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Revenue Sharing Was Harry Wismer's Idea(AFL) & Mara Followed(NFL)

Harry Wismer, one of The Founding Members of The American Football League(A F L), known as "The Foolish Club", was actually the Owner(of the New York Titans who became the Jets) who came up with the idea of Equal Revenue Sharing in regards to Television Money, where the Clubs would get an equal amount of the money from the ABC Network Contract. Revenue at the Gate was to be shared 60/40(Home & Visiting Team). This was to start in 1960:

Later in the NFL, Giants Owner Wellington Mara proposed the equal sharing of Television Money, so the smaller markets like Green Bay and Pittsburgh could profit to keep the NFL viable;

Mara is credited in NFL History with this Unique Revenue Sharing, but it actually started with the A F L;

The A F L led this revenue sharing revolution. The NFL followed, thus Modern Professional Football as we know it today;

The P-E-Z, Pez, Pez, Pez Report


American Football League Stadiums No Longer In Use By The Teams Or Torn Down

The American Football League played in a number of Stadiums, many of which were not suitable for the National Football League. This 1st List is of those Stadiums still in use but not for NFL Football:

Los Angeles with The Chargers-The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum saw American Football League Service ONLY in 1960, as it's Home to UCLA, USC, & was the Rams base;

San Diego with the Chargers-Balboa Field served as home from 1961 to 1965, It's only used for HS Football, Soccer & Track and Field;

The Patriots in Boston-They had a very hard time securing facilities. It took the Intervention of The Mayor of Boston to get Billy Sullivan's Crew to use Boston University Nickerson Field(Braves Field) in Allston-Brighton. And they played their Home Games on Friday Evenings, so as not to conflict with Sunday Afternoon Telecasts of the New York Giants on WHDH Channel 5, the CBS Affiliate at the time. They played at BU from 1960 through the 1962 Season. NOW THAT was "Friday Night Lights." The Patriots called Fenway Park home from 1963 until 1968, where attendance averaged 22,000+ Fans, then it was off to Boston College Alumni Stadium in 1969;

The Oakland Raiders actually played in San Francisco at Kezar Stadium, also home to the 49ers of the More Traditional NFL. Attendance was sparse there in 1960. It was just as Sparse at Candlestick Park, now "Monster Field", current 49ers Home. Kezar is used mostly for concerts, Soccer Matches & High School Football. They started playing in the Oakland-Alemeda County Coliseum in 1966;

The Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs were at the Cotton Bowl until the move to Kansas City. Fearing the time when the Cowboys would become good, Lamar Hunt moved to KC;

The Houston Oilers were at Jeppersen Stadium, still being used for HS Football & Track Meets. Then it was on to Rice University Stadium & then The Astrodome. The "8th Wonder" is no longer used for Sporting Events;

The Expansion Cincinnati Bengals of 1968 & 1969, used Nippert Stadium at the University of Cincinnati, which is used for College Football & Soccer;

Now for the old American Football League Stadiums which have been demolished:

The Miami Dolphins, starting in 1966, played in the Orange Bowl. Their NFL Glory Years were there. The Orange Bowl has been demolished for the new home of the Florida Marlins;

The Kansas City Chiefs shared Municipal Stadium with the Athletics & later the Royals;

The Oakland Raiders used a 22,000 Seat Stadium called Frank Youell Field until the Coliseum was built. This stadium existed from 1962 until 1965;

Buffalo Bills were at War Memorial Stadium from 1960 to 1972(Demolished in 1988);

The NY Titans/NY Jets-they used the Polo Grounds from 1960 until 1963(They Closed The Place in December 1963). It was home to the NY Giants(NFL) from 1925 until 1955. The same wrecking ball, used to demolish Ebbets Field in 1960, which once served as Home of the NFL Brooklyn Dodgers(one of the Predecessor Franchises of the Indianapolis Colts). Shea Stadium, their 2nd Home & Home of the Legend of Joe Namath, was Home of the 1st 60,000+crowds in the American Football League. The American Football League Championship Game in December, 1968, drew 62,627, still the A F L's All Time Attendance Mark for a Championship Game. If you want to really imagine what it was like being Joe Namath, just go to the Citi Field Parking Lot where Shea was & dress in your finest or old Jets Jersey & have a Touch Football Game. You might freeze your arse off, but that's part of The Shea Experience. There was nothing like it & it's the place where the A F L really started to matter. Shea was finally demolished on February 18th, 2009, when the last set of ramps & a Utility Shed were demolished. It was the place where I 1st watched Professional Football & it was in the A F L, with the NY Jets defeating Buffalo, 20-10. Just think, $3 for Standing Room, over 42 Years Ago;

American Football League Stadiums which are still in use in NFL Service;

San Diego(Jack Murphy-Qualcomm)Stadium from 1966;
Oakland Alemeda County Coliseum from 1966 to 1981 & 1994 until now;

When the last A F L Stadium is demolished, all that remains will be memories;

The P-E-Z, Pez, Pez, Pez Report


Remember The American Football League? I Most Certainly Do

It was the kind of Professional Football League one would love. I Most-Certainly Did Love It & a Number of Stories from it:

The League's 8 Original Franchises are still around. The Owners were called "The Foolish Club" in their plan to compete with The NFL;

Harry Wisemer, The Owner of The NY Titans(Later called The NY Jets), was the Guy who came up with Revenue Sharing & Equal Shares in the Television Money for all the Clubs(Perhaps before Wellington Mara's Idea for the National Football League). Gate was 60/40 for Home Team. The NFL considered it an insane idea;

The Boston Patriots played their Home Games on Friday Nights at Boston University Nickerson Field(The Old Braves Field), to keep attendance from falling victim to NY Giants Telecasts on CBS Affiliate, WHDH Channel 5(& one wonders WHY there are still NY Giants Fans in The Boston Area);

The AFL Official Time was kept on the Scoreboard Clock & there was a 2 Point Conversion Option after a Touchdown(Which is NFL Standard in this present time), while The Official Kept the time on the field & there was only the Point After Kick, in the NFL. Players Names on the back of jerseys are part of AFL Tradition and now in the NFL;

The Chargers started in LA in 1960 and moved to San Diego in 1961, to a Stadium called Balboa Stadium, which now only for High School Football & Track & Field Events. They've been in what's called Qualcomm Stadium since 1966;

The 1st Two Years of The League, the Champions of The AFL was The Houston Oilers(Tennessee Titans), playing in a large HS Stadium called Jeppersen Field, which is still around. They played in Rice University Stadium & The Astrodome;

The Thanksgiving Day Game was at The Polo Grounds(Now a Huge NYCHA Housing Development);

The Buffalo Bills were at War Memorial Stadium from 1960 until 1972;

The Oakland Raiders actually played their 1st Two seasons in San Francisco at Kezar Stadium & Candlestick Park, only moving to Frank Youell Field in Oakland in 1963 until 1965, & moving to the Oakland Coliseum in 1966;

The Dallas Texans actually outdrew the hideous expansion Dallas Cowboys & won an AFL Championship over the the Oilers. The Texans became the KC Chiefs, who won Super Bowl IV over the Minnesota Vikings, closing up the AFL to History;

The New York Titans were sold to a group headed by David(Sonny)Werblin. Team changed name to NY Jets & Green & White became their colors. They're the team which actually closed The Polo Grounds. The Titans were taken over by the League when Harry Wisemer couldn't meet the team payroll;

The NY Jets actually became the 1st Team to draw 60,000+ crowds because they moved to Shea Stadium in 1964. They became the 1st Team with a World Championship to play there, having won Super Bowl III on Sunday, January 12th, 1969 in Miami's Orange Bowl, defeating the NFL's Baltimore Colts, 16-7, while being 18.5 Point Underdogs. The AFL Championship Game on Sunday, December 29th, 1968, drew an All Time American Football League Championship Record 62,627 Fans to Shea Stadium, thus giving Legitimacy to The American Football League Brand Of Football. Sonny Werblin was forced out of the Ownership of the NY Jets;

The Miami Dolphins were established in 1966, playing at the Orange Bowl. Comedian-Actor Danny Thomas was one of the owning partners in the beginning of that team;

The Denver Broncos played in Mile High Stadium from 1960 until 2000(Demolished in 2001);

The League actually preceded MLB in having a Commissioner who was an owner(Al Davis-Oakland Raiders, a Graduate of Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn);

The 1st AFL Television Contract was with ABC. The League signed an even bigger contract with NBC in 1965, the year the Jets signed Joe Namath, who attracted many more viewers to the League & Network;

Paul Brown, Legendary NFL & AAFC Cleveland Browns Coach, owned & coached the Expansion Cincinnati Bengals, who played their only two AFL Seasons at Nippert Field(Part of University of Cincinnati & still standing);

After the merger(Announced in 1966) in 1970, three teams from the NFL were added to become the American Football Conference, namely the Cleveland Browns(Now Baltimore Ravens), Pittsburgh Steelers & Baltimore(Indianapolis)Colts. The Browns(Ravens) actually go back to another League competing with the NFL, The All American Football Conference. The Steelers & the Colts are pure breed NFL, with the Colts winding their way through Dayton, Brooklyn, Boston, Manhattan, The Bronx, Dallas & Baltimore, before running to Indianapolis in the middle of the night in 1980;

It would've been nice if a Charter American Football League Team from that League's 1960 Beginning had won instead of the Team with a checkered Past. It would've been a nice conclusion to the 50th Anniversary of The American Football League;

I'm STILL An American Football League Guy, who remembers $3 Standing Room at Shea Stadium at Jets Games;

The P-E-Z, Pez, Pez, Pez Report


One Consolation-The Next Time You Hear Joe Buck Is In April

He'll be with Ol' Tim Mc Carver on "FOX Saturday Baseball". I can hardly wait(Bwahahahahahahaha).

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

WFAN Presents A Night Of WHINING

It is starting:

The Calls to that WHINE Line called WFAN;

The "Intelecshualls" are on The Line;


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Dear Jets Fans-Time To Put A Man(ning) In His Place-Root For The 1st Timers, The NO Saints

Well, Seyton Manning(With Regards to Ol' Fitzy) is back in the Super Bowl Again(Barf, Barf):

Just because he's in your conference, doesn't mean you have to root for him;

I have an idea. Root for the NFC Champions, the New Orleans Saints. NOW, those are fans who've been to Purgatory & Then Some, watching losing season after Season, since 1961. They do have Drew Brees(QB) & Reggie Bush. It's time for a 1st Timer to win all the Marbles;

Why Not!

The Pez Report


Conversations About The Jets Outside Of Professor Thom's, The World's Wildest Red Sox-Patriots Pub(At Least In NYC)

You know you're getting older when you're talking to Young Jets Fans about Joe Namath, $3 Standing Room(AFL) & $5 Standing Room(NFL) and Shea Stadium, but you know you can relate when you're shouting "Eric Mangini SUCKS":

Christine & Catherine, two Fair Lassies, & I were conversing on the State Of The Jets. I told them stories of a 1972 Game when The SF 49ers came to town & were leading the Jets, 28-3 at Half Time(Yes it was windy at Shea & chilly, though there was plexi-glass in the top part of Loge to cut down the chill and wind), I was seated in the end zone, in what was normally Home Plate. Namath appeared in the 2nd Half & threw 3 TD Passes. Jets lost 28-24 to John Brodie's Crew. The two lassies were fun to be with. They were surprised to find someone who remembered Joe Namath & I enjoyed their company. I also told a story about razzing Joe Kapp when he was with The Patriots;

At least they came to Professor Thom's & not that Faux Red Sox Bar called "The Riviera";

The P-E-Z, Pez, Pez, Pez Report

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As For NY Jets Fans Sunday Obligation

For All Those Jets Fans Who Thought That The Game in Indianapolis fulfilled your Sunday Obligation:

I Don't Believe That You Did That. I went to 9:00AM Sunday Mass on January 12th, 1969;

Even Rex CANNOT Walk on Water, though he might try that;

For the wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth over WFAN will be great overnight and through the week ahead, be of Good Cheer & root for the NFC Opponent;

See You at Mass Next Sunday;

For Football is NOT a Religion & I don't give a flying feck, what Billy Joe Bubba says in Texas;

Pax Dominum Sit Semper Vobiscum!
Et Cum Spiritu Tuo!

The Pez Report

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Fallen, NOT Broken

It is Finished.

One knew what the NY Jets were doing was too good to be true.

They died in a Dome. I hate domed stadiums.

30-17 the final in Indianapolis. Nice try, Rex, which means Royal in Latin.

I was at a well sung Ordinary Rite Mass at East 43rd Street at 5:15PM, where parts of the Mass were chanted in Latin or sung. It was a way to Give Thanks To God for the completion of my 1st Professional Acting Role, in the 10 Minute Film, "Fallen", something what the Jets are today. I even shed a couple of tears, remembering the Jets of Shea Stadium, over by East 44th Street, where I leaped up with 15 Pounds of Books, outside of St.Agnes High School, on October 16th, 1969, when The Mets defeated The Orioles in the 1969 World Series.

Fallen but NOT Broken!

The Pez Report

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Memories Of Section 27 Mezzanine At Shea Stadium-20 Yard Line At Jets Games

The Mets were playing a Saturday Night Game. I was up in section 27, when two Mets Fans from NJ, recalled the days of when their Jets Season Tickets were located in that Section, not good for watching Major League Baseball, but good for NFL Football:

The MLB Game was boring but a chant which originated with the Anzalone Brothers Of College Point, Queens, was heard several times during the Mets Game;

"J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets", was chanted for 7 Innings. One could almost see Joe Namath dropping back for a pass;

The Memories of Green & Orange, usually seen in the Irish Tricoloured Flag, came alive that evening. Even the colour Red, seen here, is the Colour of The Province of Ulster;


The P-E-Z, Pez, Pez, Pez Report

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I Digress On A Certain Minnesota Vikings QB Named Joe Kapp

I actually remember Kapp as The Vikings QB in Super Bowl IV. I remember when he was to receive an award from the Sports Writers. In a Noble Gesture, he turned down the Award, stating the words "40 For 60" and it was a TEAM thing:

Then it came time for Ol' Joe to negotiate a new contract. That's when it became, as I call it, "60 For ME." He didn't play with the Vikes anymore and ended up signing with the New England Patriots & a new contract;

Hi-Ho STIFFERINO, as I was letting him have it, from around the Area of The Mets Bullpen at Shea Stadium, referring to Joe as a STIFF(Jets defeated NE, but Kapp was my target of barbs);

At one point in 1970, The Vikings came into Shea Stadium, with a perfect 8-0 Season. The Jets defeated The Vikings 20-10 & Don Maynard of The Jets became the 1st NFL Receiver to catch 600 Passes, which he caught from Al Woodall, a QB, filling in for the Injured Joe Namath. The "Purple People Eaters" were eaten in a place, now part of The Citi Field Parking Lot. The Jets had the best defense in the AFC, but were punchless w/o Namath, at 4-10;

Standing Room was $5 & worth the price of admission at a Stadium full of Memories(I Hated The Meadowlands in NJ);

The Pez Report


Hey Yay Rod. WTF Cares?

MLB New York Yankees
A-Rod chokes up when receiving playoffs MVP award (AP)
Alex Rodriguez looked at the award he just received from Babe Ruth's
granddaughter with big eyes and a broad grin. It was as if he almost couldn't believe it was his. "Postseason MVP. Wow," Rodriguez said:

Having said that, are all those Homers in "Stadium III" about 20 Feet Shorter than what's listed on the walls in the Stadium, thus making it a Bandbox?

The Pez Report


"Hilariousaurus Rex" & "The Rookie Bowl"

Say one thing about Rex Ryan-He's causing Belly Laughs:
Last Night, he forewent a Meal(Quasi-Fast). Did he do a "Slim Fast"(Bwahahahahaha)?

Today, Two Rookie Head Coaches are playing for all the Marbles in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, namely the Forementioned Rex Ryan & Jim Caldwell with The Colts;

The NY Titans/Jets, an Original AFL Franchise, takes on The Lineage Franchise called The Dayton Triangles/Brooklyn Dodgers/Brooklyn Tigers(Both Brooklyn NFL Teams having played at Ebbets Field)/Boston Yanks(In part, once owned by one William Alfred Shea, Esquire)/New York Bulldogs/New York Yankees/Dallas Texans/Baltimore Colts/Indianapolis Colts. In case the Modern Day Jets Fans don't remember this fact, The Jets once called Shea Stadium, Home from 1964 until 1983 & are the 1st World Champions of Shea Stadium(The Joe Namath Era, not much after 1970);

Rex is as much of a Showman as "Ol' Buddy" Ryan, his Father;

Game is 3:00PM, ET on CBS(WCBS TV HD 2 in NYC, KYW TV HD 3 in Philadelphia & WBZ TV HD 4 in Boston);


The Pez Report


"Fallen"-It's A Wrap and I Don't Mean One At Mc Donald's Either

The 10 Minute Short Film, Produced by Edward Ryan & Steve Hupp, and Directed by Eldar Karpov, called "Fallen", about a young doorman called Kevin, played by a young man called Nikolas, finished shooting in Manhattan on East 88th Street, close to 2nd Avenue:

The Premise is a young man becomes a doorman. He's nervous and he's lost other jobs. He even attempts Suicide, but survives a plunge from a building with nary a scratch. His mentor is a nice old German Man called Klaus. I played Klaus, as I know something about various Language Accents, which is something I do in the Web Series, Produced by
Amanda Cole, called "Peripheral City" where my role is as an Alcoholic Man named Piotr;

Pizza Party took place & then the final scene. The Pizza came from East 84th Street & 2nd Avenue, perhaps the best pizza in the Metropolitan Area(Nice Thin Crust, great sauce & cheese);

Final Scene was shot. Got paid a some dollars & went downtown to Professor Thom's, even though another Red Sox Pub called Pat O'Brien's was at East 88th Street & 2nd Avenue. When I got to Thom's, I read a section on bars to watch tomorrow's Jets-Colts Match-Up. One of the bars listed was "The Riviera Cafe' & Sports Bar", long on the Professor Thom's Enemies List. A chant of "F--- The Riviera" took hold in Thom's;

It was a great few hours and a great evening, in front of the camera and later;

The Pez Report

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

MMMC(Spring 3100)The Institutes Of The Intellectually-Challenged

In case you're wondering as to WHY I'm using the Moniker "Spring 3100", it was once the Telephone # of NYPD Police HQ at 240 Centre Street. The building is still there but it's now a Luxury Condominium:

As for the Two Institutes Of The Intellectually Challenged, I'm not writing about a charity. I am writing about two radio stations in both Boston & New York City, as both are dedicated to such babble as Sports Radio is known for producing;

These Two "Institutes" are WEEI in Boston & WFAN, now located in Downtown Manhattan;

"Joey From The North End" has a voice on WEEI. "Jerome From Manhattan" has a voice on WFAN;

Mind-Numbing "Conversations" from Callers are on these two stations, whether from "Whiny Long Island North Shore Princesses" or Gas Pumpers on The Massachusetts Turnpike, all thinking they're smarter than their Team's General Manager(At least in Omar Minaya's Case, some callers might just be smarter, in fact smarter than a segment of Mets Ownership, especially in the case of JEFFY);

"Dennis & Callahan" on 'EEI, is often a case of controversy, especially when Gerry Callahan makes such comments about "Metco Gorillas", in relation to Black Youths in an Educational Program in Boston. This attracts the LCD in callers, many of whom have no idea what they're talking about. It is "Theatre Of The Absurd";

Then, on WFAN, there's this pompous blowhard known as Mike Francessa, most noted for his signature use of the phrase, "Bottom Line." Other lines are "Gee, I dunno, Dog"(From The Days of Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo, who sounded like he had marbles in his mouth, not to mention sounding quite-whiny);

Mind-Numbing Radio at its' WORST, where the WHINIEST Fans call these stations. Funny, when WEEI is in Syndicated Programming, much of the Boston Area calls WFAN. Even when 'EEI is in local programming, the Boston Area calls into "The Fan", whining about some deal made by Theo & The Trio or some Video made by Bill Belichick;

As for my Intellectual Stimulation, there is "Gregorian Chant" in Latin, or WQXR-FM, for Classical Music. I often fire up "iTunes" for Classical Music or "Celtic Punk Rock" by "The Dropkick Murphys";

Why "The Dropkick Murphys"? Why Not, as They sound better than a song, written by a Brooklyn Born & Raised Yankee Fan, played at Fenway Park in the Middle Of The 8th Inning, played at Shea Stadium in the 1980s at Mets Games, a song called "Sweet Caroline", a young lass who was with her Mom, Jacqueline and Brother John, at Games 3, 4, & 5 of The 1969 World Series on the 3rd Base Side of Shea Stadium, in a Field Level Box. The Dropkick Murphys Have an Irish Beat more akin to Boston anyway. "Sweet Caroline" was most-likely to have been imported to Boston from NY by John Henry, when he owned The FLA Marlins, whenever he was in NYC for Marlins-Mets;

I'm headed into The UES(Upper East Side) to finish filming my role as a Senior Doorman in a short flick called "Fallen", directed by Eldar Karprov & Produced by Ed Ryan;

My 3100th Rant!

The Pez Report!


As Coming up on MMMC(3100), WHY Does It Seem That World Champions Tend NOT To Make ANY Serious Deals & Eric Gagne' Is Mulling A Comeback

First is Eric Gagne'(You DO Remember Eric, Don't You):

He is trying a comeback with the Phillies. Frankly, IMHO, he couldn't cut it with the Taunton Lady Tigers Softball Team, which has won a Good Number of Massachusetts State Softball Championships. There have been evenings in Fenway Park, where the mere mention of Eric Gagne', would cause one to have beer slopped on one's pants. When the Brewers came into Fenway Park for a 2008 Series, the humorous chant of "We Want Gagne'-No You Don't" was employed by The Fenway Faithful, to many laughs. A Bumper Sticker was circulated reading "Gagne' Is A Yankee Spy." He was referred to by One John Brian Quinn as a "World Series Ring Thief." On April 20th of Last Year, the Denizens of "Game On Cafe'" at Fenway Park, started a "Gagne' Watch", laden with Schaedenfreude, as Eric is as welcome in Fenway Park as Ol' "Hooray Rod" is-NOT. Omar Minaya, Mets GM must find Eric to be too YOUNG to even consider signing. "Gagne', You SUCK" was commonly heard at Professor Thom's, a Red Sox Dedicated Pub in Manhattan's East Village. Ditto For The Irish Pub at 337 3rd Avenue, called The Hairy Monk. When it was reported that Gagne' blew a Save for The Brewers on April 20th, 2008, on ESPN, the Red Sox Oriented, Rowdy Crowd in Game On, let loose with a boisterous cheer, as none liked Gagne'.
I had a conversation with Fans named Michelle & Her Daughter on August 31st, 2007, on the Evening before the Clay Buchholz No Hitter vs The Orioles. It was a game where "Roid Boy" Tejada homered off Julian Tarvarez and the Sawx lost 9-8. Michelle hated the trade bringing Gagne' to Boston, as did most in Fenway Park. In the Year before, in '06, she couldn't get tickets for Fenway Park Games, so she did the "South Station To Shea Stadium Run." Alas, but that option is gone, as Shea Stadium is now part of the Citi Field Parking Lot, but should the Mets continue their Ruinous Ways with investing in Ponzi Schemes & letting JEFFY Wilpon and Dave Howard run the Baseball Operation, plenty of tickets will be for sale for much of the Boston & Providence Area to purchase, as Mets Fans will stay glued to SNY for the foreseeable future.

As for the 27 Time World Champion Yankees, it has been quiet, save for the Return of One Javier Vasquez. You remember him in Game 7 of the '04 ALCS? Let's just say that he didn't survive the 2nd Inning of that match, as he was POUNDED with The Long Ball. The ONLY other thing is possibly re-signing of Johnny Damon, Short Hair, Sideburns, Nice Charm, a 5th Grader's Arm. And of course, the Plan to cut Luxury Seating Prices to make Yankee Stadium III look full;

Just some thoughts on this Saturday Morning;

The Pez Report

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On The Gary Matthews Jr Trade to The NY Mets

In Regards to the comment that Gary found "Yankees Fans to be more 'COUTH' than Red Sox Fans", I ask this question:

How "Couth" are you going to find METS Fans?

Just a Thought;

The Pez Report


And Now For The Brilliantly-Sarcastic Rex Murphy's Droll Commentary On One Year Of Mr Obama

Click on The Title and read a True Wordsmith in CBC Radio-Television's Rex Murphy, as he comments in The Canada National Post in regards to United States Senator Elect Scott Brown's Election in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


The Pez Report


Friday, January 22, 2010

Red Sox Nation Is EVERYWHERE

Funniest Thing Heard In The Fifth Avenue Apple Store

"Go Sawx", a chant of Red Sox Nation was heard by me, which is NOT Unusual in NYC:

The funny thing about it is the guy chanting it is from The South Bronx;

Red Sox Nation is EVERYWHERE & where you least expect it, though South Bronx is somewhat Dominican, with the "Big Papi" Factor;

The Pez Report


On The Pro Life Day-Commentary

As To WHY I Am Pro-Life

I think about this-WHY pick on a defenceless Third Party. What did the wee one ever do to you?

For often, fornication is the act of two postpubescent individuals who engage in an act of pleasure, believing there are no consequences. Many changes can occur in those few seconds of pleasure. Lives can change just like that.

Whoops! That for "Making Whoopee", someone was on the receiving end of the moment of ectasy, for it was done for pleasure.I personally knew someone who had an Abortion. She engaged in a pleasurable sexual act and was impregnated. She had an abortion & went from a joyful young lady to a saddened individual. In short, she went through a change of personality, left without joy. It is not a pretty thing to witness, watching someone becoming so sad.

At 3000 Abortions per day, often because of pressures brought on by the giver to the receiver in moments of passion, often the giver wants pleasure without pain, nor does he want any responsibility for his end of the act.

Yet, who gets hurt but the innocent Third Party. Does one really think of that Child and all of his/her potential ?

Guys? Wait until Marriage to procreate. For the Women, there are programs to help you over having that child.

I hate having to see the Third Party suffer. Ditto, the young woman, who often suffers the pain and psychological abuse.

Preserve life-you never know if that child who was saved, is perhaps an artist or another Einstein.

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MLB New York Yankees
1) Mets pursuing Sheets and Smoltz (Yahoo! Sports)
2) Yankees' Vazquez thinking retirement (Yahoo! Sports)
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking To Clear Space On A Friend's Windows 98 Second Edition System

Funny but for years on end, I was a Windows User, who couldn't care a hoot about Macintosh:

Today, I being one who has used the Latter Part of Mac Classic & currently with Mac OS X, I will state that where one can easily remove a programme by dragging said programme to Trash in Mac, it's not even easy in Windows:

Feck Windows! I'm a Mac Guy!


Eastern BS Which Is Essentially All The Same Junk

I have come to understand about "Human Potential" movements & realize them to be expensive psycho-trash. Basically, Eastern Religions are promoted, which underlies the movement of the day:

There is this latest movement called "Gangaji", based through Hinduism. It consists of a ten month session with the leader of this latest incarnation of Philosophy, conducted in a conference call once a month with many people around the world, each participant paying the Gangaji Foundation US$275 for the 10 sessions. The whole purpose is to find a way to peace and harmony;

I have a better idea and it doesn't cost all that much. If you are Catholic, the Traditional Latin Mass will place you in a time of Peace, as one meditates on the Mystery of Christ in The Eucharist. During Holy Communion, especially when one has received The Body of Christ, one can pray on or meditate on The Sacred Mysteries & pray for Peace;

Chakras are the way of identifying parts of the body in an Eastern Mystical Sense, as well as a way of making a quick buck on the Naive Ones. Do notice in Gangaji and Reiki the common themes are all Eastern Religion and neither offer God's Grace, but often use the same terminology plus a soft sounding spokesperson to sell you on their philosophy;

God's Grace is Free. Gangaji and Reiki are NOT free. The Best Thing In Life is Free and that is God's Grace.

The Pez Report


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MLB New York Yankees
1) Matsui keen to see series between Japan and MLB champions (The Canadian Press)
2) Baldelli moving to Bronx? (Yahoo!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Red Sox Alert: MLB Sources tell Dan Roche that the Sox & Jonathan Papelbon are closing in on a one-year deal worth $9.35M. Visit for updates.
MLB New York Mets
1) Francoeur, Mets agree to $5 million contract (AP)
2) Red Sox found Bay's knees suspect (Yahoo! Sports)
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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Jets Phenomenon

Jets Fans Then & Now I remember Shea Stadium as the NY Jets Home, especially when standing room was $3 and $5 a couple of years later. The Jets, BTW, were the 1st World Champions of Shea Stadium, not the Mets.

That chant of "J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets", originated with The Anzalone Brothers, Mike The Sanitationman and Ed The Fireman. Both are from College Point in Queens, not far from Citi Field. It's a chant which originated in Giants Stadium.

I hated The Meadowlands. I miss Ol' Shea, as it was the "Spiritual Home of The Jets", going back to Joe Willie Namath, Don Maynard and Matt Snell. With NJ State Troopers around Giants Stadium, it felt like one was in another country. Considering that the Jets Fan base is Long Island Oriented, New Jersey seems like another country altogether.

And they would have been back in NYC had it not been for those Madoff Investors, Charles and Jim Dolan, controllers of Cablevision and MSG, home to a certain NBA Team, who SUCK, called The Knicks, though they are improving. Making a deal with Al D'Amato to block the West Side Stadium, is a sign that The Dolans' are monopolists, who fear competition.

The irony of yesterday's victory is that loads of Jets Fans filled up THE Most Rabid Boston Red Sox-New England Patriots Bar in the NY-NJ Region. Business was brisk and all had a great time. Hey! ONLY In NY!

The Pez Report


Oh, Buddy?

On Sunday, January 12th, 1969, in the days before email, Chat and Macs, with Joe Willie Namath, the NY Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts, 16-7 in Miami's Orange Bowl. A certain unsung hero, who kicked 1 Extra Point & 3 Field Goals was the last of the non soccer kickers, Jim Turner. He was in reality, the only real offense, along with a Touchdown Run by Matt Snell. The Jets, the 1st Champions of Shea Stadium, had a great definsive coordinator by the name of Buddy Ryan.

Today, his son, Rex, has the reinns to the team, who after a 17-14 triumph over the favored SD Chargers, go onto Indianapolis to Face the Colts.

Like Father, Like Son!

The Pez Report, from Professor Thom's in The East Village(The Biggest Red Sox-Patriots Bar IN NYC-Ironically filled with Jets Fans, but business was great)

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just A Red Sox Mood Video

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Independent Film Production Is The Way To Establish Yourself As An Actor

In Short-get experience:

The NYC Area is a Centre of Film & TV Production. With the Advent of Digital Filming, especially in High Definition, there are opportunities to hone your craft;

There are several hundred productions filming in and around NYC. Check the trade papers or online. I use Talent 6 for my opportunities;

So far, I have been involved in two productions with more opportunities on the way;

Get your experience in the Low Budget Productions to build your resume'. & It's fun;

The Pez Report!


The Flick Is Called "Fallen" And Filming is Finished In Brooklyn

Filming of the Short Flick "Fallen", a humorous film vehicle, set in Manhattan, has concluded. Previously, The Working Title was "Death Of A Doorman." It's an Ultra Low Budget Flick:

Ed Ryan, the Producer, is operating with a small amount of cash. He used 1087 De Kalb Avenue as the Interior, as his friend lives there. A major change is coming over the Bushwick-Bed Stuy Border, as more Artists are moving into the area there. There was a time when I worked in that area, at a time when I wouldn't get caught dead there in the daytime(Try 20 Years Ago);

It was a one camera shoot, with a Director called Eldar Karpov, who's from Khazakstan(Formerly Soviet Central Asia). The story centres around a Young Doorman called Kevin, who's just getting his start as a Doorman in a fancy Manhattan Apartment Building. He is trained by a German Immigrant Doorman called Klaus. I play Kraus, complete with accent;

Meals and Transportation were paid for;

Like I said, it is a low budget film, but if you're going to break into acting, this is the way to do it. Don't expect the big bucks from The Studios. Another thing, expect to do a lot of Improvisation & ad-libbing, as this will help your career in this field;

& my prior field of Law Enforcement Experience was helpful, especially with Undercover Investigations. It did help me in this regard to do Ad-Libs and Improvising;

And it was fun. The Film will be screened at The NY Film Academy in Union Square in the near future;

The Pez Report


Martha Coakley, US Senatorial Candidate From WHAT PLANET?

Are You From Planet Eastbronx or what? Mr Scott Brown, a Massachusetts Republican State Senator, is also running(Standing, as Canadians would put it)for the US Senate Seat vacated by the Death of Edward Moore Kennedy:

Curt Schilling has endorsed Mr Brown, so Martha decided to label Curt Schilling a NY Yankees Fan;

I guess Martha has been watching a Bad Red Sox Documentary, narrated by Suzyn Waldman, to come up with something that DUMB. Martha must be getting her information from some Red Dyed Baboon at FOX Sports;

Stick to the ISSUES, if you have any;

The Pez Report!

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MLB New York Yankees
1) Court orders Yankees to pay ex-employee damages (AP)
2) Steinbrenner looking forward to 2010 season (AP)
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Hold Your Horses On "Fenway Park At 100"

First Of All, Fenway Park had a major Fire in 1933, as the stands were destroyed, though the exterior did hold up, while the interior was completely rebuilt. However, the SITE has been in continuous use since 1912. On the park's exterior, it reads NEW Fenway Park, completed in 1934, with concrete instead of all wooden seating areas:

So, is it The Original Park, or is it a Second Fenway Park? After all, Navin Field(Tiger Stadium) was built on the same site as Bennett Park. And Yankee Stadium I did close in 1973, with the exterior being reinforced, with a totally new interior, Yankee Stadium II opened in April, 1976;

Fenway Park I, lasted from April, 1912 until the Winter of 1933-1934. Fenway Park II has lasted from 1934 until the Present Day, with loads of Renovations in this current Century;

With this scenario, does this make Wrigley Field The Oldest Park in MLB?

The Pez Report


Friday, January 15, 2010

Singer Wyclef Jean's Charity, Yele, is accepting $5 Haiti Aid donations to that country. Please text to 501501. Thanks! It will appear on your next phone bill.
Movie shooting at 4pm in Brooklyn. It should be interesting as I saw Bushwick change so much over the years. It's becoming an artistic colony.
MLB New York Mets
1) Mets GM Minaya knew about Beltran surgery? (Yahoo! Sports)
2) Cold cuts: Beltran, Mets bicker over surgery (AP)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

To help the Red Cross in HAITI, text HAITI to 90999. $10 Will be added to your next phone bill. Quick & Easy! Thanks to The Mighty Quinn for that info.

A Role On My Birthday At Tammany Hall

On Being An Actor

I have never taken a formal course in this art in my whole life, for my training comes from another field. That field was Law Enforcement, where one will see every imaginable character over the years. After a long while, which in my case is 25 Years, one gets somewhat burned out from that life. Coupled with people who want you to do something for someone's political favor, it can lead one to indifference. But, that training and experience does have it's benefits, which led me into this new field, allowing me to explore my current field.

I will be filming next month in the webseries, filmed in High Definition in NYC's Borough of Brooklyn, called "Peripheral City" a dark comedy, in regards to those people who use a soup kitchen as a matter of survival. I am the "Rookie", being surrounded by professionals from the stage and New York Based Series and films.

This evening, on my birthday, I auditioned for a part in a short flick called "Death Of A Doorman", set in Manhattan and won the part of a senior doorman. I auditioned at The New York Film Academy, in the building long known for political wranglings, called Tammany Hall.

Perhaps on that day in April, 2008, my true passion was taking seed. There's more to life than preparing a court calendar. The money may not be as good, but at least I have Peace Of Mind. We all seek that.

The streets of NYC and the training led to this time of my life and I'm making the most of it. I do have to start small, but doesn't everybody.

The Pez Report


I'll Be Busy

Good Bye For Now!

The Pez Report!


I'm 55 today!
3) Doug Davis has four teams after him (Yahoo! Sports)
4) Beltran has knee surgery, will miss Mets' opener (AP)
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MLB New York Mets
1) Matt Kemp and Dodgers close to two-year deal (Yahoo! Sports)
2) Mets suing Carlos Beltran over knee surgery? (Yahoo! Sports)

The Riv List '10

It is that time of Year Again. It’s Time for the old standard standby at Professor Thom’s in The East Village. It’s time for “The List” where every name is preceded by “The F Word” & I don’t mean FUDGE. It’s Time for “The Riviera List”:

F--- The Riviera, home of Red Sox Apostates;

F--- Michael Kay;

F--- Suzyn Waldman;

F--- Jeter(He Might Like It)

F--- A-Rod(He would like it);

F--- John Sterling(Well, Obviously)

F--- Clemens(Obviously)

F--- Mc Gwire(Mark)

F--- Kazmarek(as Always)

F--- Sertell(Riv’s GM)

F--- Buck;

F--- Mc Cavah;

F--- FOX Sports;

F--- Freddie;
F--- Jeffy;

F--- Johnny Damon;

F--- Nick Johnson;

F--- Giambi;

F--- Barry Bonds;


F--- Dan Shaugnessy;

F--- Al Leiter

F--- Ochocinco

F--- The F---ing Riviera

The Latest List for ‘10

The Pez Report


''Shea Stadium was old when it was new & Yankee Stadium never got old.,'' The Wit & Wisdom Tooth of Tim Mc Carver
Beltran has surgery. See him in May. Yikes!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My Opinion of Microsoft Windows Systems

You have seen those adverts, "Hi! I'm A PC and Windows 7 is my idea." I have viewed those same adverts only my commentary would read "Hi, I am a Mac and Windows 7 is my idea of a joke."

I remember MS DOS and Windows 3.1, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95, 98, 98SE and XP, and can sum up the experiences with each of those systems in one word.

"Sucks" is that word. Granted, it took three days to get to understanding Mac OS 9.2.2(Limelight U1), but I was not screaming expletives at my machine, unlike all the times of headaches I had with Windows 95, 98 & XP. Mac OS 9, though appearing to look a bit dated, gave me my initial insight into something which is both mainstream and NOT Windows.

Windows XP is just a bad copy of Mac OS 9. OS 9 was an interesting teaching tool. That brilliant All In One Suite called Appleworks, was introduced to me in OS 9. It was far superior to Microsoft Works and more intuitive. Think of it as a software version of a Swiss Army Knife, which proves that one can live without Microsoft Office.

In the words of that wise fellow called Homer(Simpson), I think of that pile of goat custard concocted by Microsoft as "Wind'oh"s, hey because it is a bad copy of something far superior to it. Even unto the point of my iPod Touch, at least it is on something stable as opposed to a bad copy. It is six years since my system at home went to Mac. No way is it going back to Ballmer and Company.

The Pez Report


A Call For "Death Of A Doorman"

Tomorrow Evening, I meet with the producers of a short flick called "Death Of A Doorman", a short story of a rather inquisitive Doorman, in New York City. It looks like another taste of a make up session. Wish me well, please and thanks.

The Pez Report


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is Mac OS X the greatest System going? My iPod Touch and eMac are testimony to the answer being a rousing yes. Just got a call about being cast in a movie.

Top Ten Signs You're Watching A Bad Red Sox Documentary

Top 10 Signs You're Watching A Bad Boston Red Sox Documentary:

#10: Not filmed at Fenway Park but at Richmond County Bank Ballpark on Staten Island;

#9: Fans shouting "Buckner" at Red Sox Fans while their own team's owners called Bernie Madoff "A Sure Thing";

#8: Filmed using security cameras and cellphones;

#7: Best scenes lost due to production company's use of a computer, running Windows XP Home Editon;

#6: Tim Mc Carver's 20+On Air Tributes to Derek Jeter by the 5th Inning, causing Sox Fans to call Tim, "Despicable, Despicable";

#5: Too much of film is narrated by Suzyn Waldman;

#4: Extensive segment filmed at the newest Yankee Stadium in Section 203, Home of The Bleacher Creatures;

#3: All Those AOL adverts;

#2: All those Goodies for sale on "Announcer Boy" Orsillo's website;

#1: A co-production of FOX Sports & YES.


Canadian, Eh!

Canadian, Eh!

For those of you who keep thinking that all of our Friends and Neighbours to our north in Canada, sound like those two characters on "Second City TV", namely two guys called "Bob & Doug Mac Kenzie", guess again:

Those from Ontario, as they do come from Celtic Heritage, and those in Quebec(French Canadians are descendents of those from Brittany in France, hence Celtic), tend to speak with that accent, so parodied on SCTV on CBC. That accent is so-eastern Canadian;

Yet, personally, I know a Country-Western Singer called Serena Jean Southam, who is from British Columbia & has no bit of the Eastern Style accent. Neither does another native of BC, a certain Left Fielder from Trail, BC called Jason Bay, sound anything like either Mac Kenzie Brother.

Though raised in Ontario, Mr Peter Mansbridge does not sound anything like a Mac Kenzie Brother. Having worked as a terminal announcer in an airport in Central Canada, Mr Mansbridge, currently the Chief Correspondent and Anchor of CBC's "The National", my favorite Newscast, sounds a bit closer to one Mr Peter Jennings, a Canadian who was Chief Correspondent for ABC News.

Please, the current Prime Minister from Western Canada, Mr Steven Harper, sounds more like that western part of the nation and not like a hoser like Bob Mac Kenzie, even though Mr Harper is a native of the Toronto Area.

Not all Canadians sound the same. Neither do all natives of The Borough of Brooklyn sound the same.

The Pez Report


Joel Piniero? WHY?

In Regards to Pitcher Joel Piniero:

Like Mr Jeff Suppan, he'll be lost without Dave Duncan, though Mr Suppan does have that expert, A Mr Rick Peterson of The Jersey Shore;

The Pez Report


Win Is Lose

Just WHAT Were Certain School Systems Thinking About By Switching To Microsoft Windows? Was it that somebody's relative was looking for a job in Tech Support after graduating from "Hudson University", that august institution oft-seen in repeats from "Law And Order"?

How in the Dallas Ft. Worth Area, that tech support costs increased severalfold, as there was a transition from Mac to Windows, particularly Windows 95, basically as advanced as Mac System 6, only for System 6 to come from the 1980s? Windows is NOT "Plug and Play" & requires frequent tinkering, which, sadly, I discovered with Windows 95.

With Mac, it's Community, whereas with Windows, it's Hudson University;

The Pez Report


A Joyous New Year In The Eastern Churches, Catholic & Orthodox

The Julian Calendar Will Turn To 2010 @ Midnight, so those of the Eastern Rites of The Catholic Church & those of the Orthodox Churches will be in the New Year. A Blessed Year and Christmastide to you.

The Pez Report

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mac OS 9 Is A Classic

The Apple Mac OS in Classic, was a freeform system unlike Windows, so it took some getting used to. It took me about three to four days to get used to. Mac OS 9 was the last of the Classic Mac Operating Systems before the era of Mac OS X. It did whet my appetite for OS 10.X.

Yet, OS 9 was a great system, & still usable as some older machines still run OS 9.2.2. Let's just say it is both reliable, as well as the system where I first learned the Mac Way of doing things. In fact, the protocols of Windows XP, come from Mac OS 9, but Mac OS 9 is much easier to use than Windows XP.

As much as I like Mac OS X, I have a soft spot for OS 9, as it's where I learned to like the Mac system. I know that at first, Mac OS 9 seemed strange, but in a short time it was the more-logical system.

The Pez Report;

PS-Witnessed a 2nd "Clapout" at the 5th Avenue Apple Store

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Apple Clapout

The Apple Clapout:

If an employee of one Apple Store is transferred to another store, a ritual, seen at both the West 14th Street Store & now at 5th Avenue, is for all of the employees on that shift to give that employee a rousing round of ovation;


The Pez Report



I once wanted a computer with Mocrosoft Windows 95. Having said that, Microsoft Windows 95 was a cranky pile of Goat Custard and not easy to maneuver. I say "Ditto" to MS Windows 98 Second Edition, a system which crashed and burned out after 3.25 Years of use. It should be so-noted that by use of a G3 All In One PowerMac, obtained on a shoestring, where I learned what a stable Operating System Mac OS 9.2.2, really was & what junk Windows really is. The old Classic Mac OS had few virus problems & those few viruses were caused by problems in a bad version of MS Word: Mac.

Currently, I have a G4 eMac, running at 1.0 Ghz, on 512 MB RAM, on Mac OS 10.5.8, a really rock solid operating system, free from viruses & without the need for anti virus software. I go back to a Mac time honored application suite called "Appleworks", in version 6.2.8 & 6.2.9. That suite, though a bit dated, had word processing and layout features, spreadsheet, presentation, database and drawing applications plus templates, making it as valuable than MS Office, only much cheaper than MS Office. Neo Office, open source for Mac OS X, pays tribute to Appleworks, following in that way.

I like iWork '08 a lot, as it is compatible with MS Office without breaking the bank. I have become so Mac Oriented that my actions on the Windows PC, follow a Mac orientation.

Mac is just plain ol' cool and fun to use.

The Pez Report


John Hodgman, a fine humorist, who plays the role of ''The PC'' in the Apple Mac Adverts, is a lifelong Mac User.

Accuracy, NOT Mere Numerals

In this numbers driven era, which IMHO, is not necessarily productive, whatever happened to good old accuracy? In Accuracy, there is true productivity:

Sadly, there are people who're more interested in the cutting of corners, with the utter pretense of huge numbers, translating into just numerals on a page, with a zero outcome. Why a zero outcome? In the quest for large numerals on a page, accuracy is sacrificed, leading in reality to nothing truly accomplished;

Now, over the years, short-cutting is done to make it look like something is being accomplished when it is not even close to being accomplished. In one such instance, I was giving instructions to a Police Officer to only issue the summons for Unlicensed General Vendor, in regards to those without a valid license and nothing more. A superior overruled me and ordered the issuance of other violations to the unlicensed vendors, which only applied to licensed vendors, resulting in the dismissal of 40 summonses. That superior, a "Numbers Freak", was only interested in numbers on a page and not true productivity. That superior also knew nothing about the subject matter at hand and overruled his expert in the matter, looking for undeservd kudos, a common practice in City Government. Instead of 10 Good Summonses and $2500 in fines coming in, 40 summonses cost a total of $20 per summons in processing fees, and all being dismissed, meant no return on effort, hence 40 X 0=0.

They're idiots, I tell you, IDIOTS;

The Pez Report


The iPod Touch is not only a media device but a good mobile computer. It can, via WiFi, with subscription to Skype.. Operate as a mobile phone.

Christmastide In The Eastern Churches

In both the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches and the Orthodox Churches In Communion with Constantinople, the Julian Calendar is in effect, and so is Christmastide. As Julian and Gegorian Calendars are different by 13 Days, part of The Catholic Church and all of the Orthodox Churches, are in Christmastide. The Latin Rite is now in Ordinary Time:

A Blessed Christmastide to both the Eastern Rites in Union with Rome & to the Ancephelous Orthodox Churches in Union with Constantinople.

The Pez Report


Silence At Holy Communion

I have come to appreciate the fact that a Hymnless Holy Communion is a very excellent practice, as one actuallly gets to pray and meditate on The Sacred Mystery of The Eucharist, without being hit over the head with music more suited to a picnic or campfire.

As there was no organist nor cantor, the Reverend Deacon led the Parishioners in "On Jordan's Bank", verses 1 & 2 at the start of the 7:00PM Mass, & verse 5 @ the end of Mass. There was no other music at this Mass. Though the Mass was offered in English, all the rubrics were followed. At Communion Time, people headed to the Altar Rail or queued to receive The Body Of Christ.

Silence at Holy Communion, allows for Prayer & Reflection, as it should be. And many young adults appreciate this practice. Christmastide ended today, as Ordinary Time resumes tomorrow, as "Baptism Of The Lord" was celebrated today.

The Pez Report


Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Was Finding Some Viewing Of Liturgy Rather Intriguing

I was watching a Methodist Eucharistic Liturgy on You Tube & the Video Link is embedded in the Title so click on the title to watch the video-Thanks. It looked amazingly like certain Roman Catholic Masses in various Catholic Parishes, complete with small altar. The Minister was dressed like a Catholic Priest. The congregation queues up to receive Communion, just like at Mass on Sunday. There was no Tabernacle at the front. Ditto, the same goes with the Anglicans, though in one Anglican Church, people are encouraged to kneel if physically possible, though they are encouraged to receive in one's hand. In the Methodist Liturgy, the Body Of Christ takes the form of a soft loafed bread, which is broken. The Anglicans use the unleavened bread, as do the Catholics, Orthodox and Lutherans. The Anglicans, Lutherans, Catholics and Orthodox use Sacramental Wine, while the Methodists use Mustum(Grape Juice). The Methodists do practice Intinction in their Eucharistic Celebration, where The Body Of Christ is dipped into the Blood of Christ:

I find this interesting that in most Catholic Parishes, that queueing up and receiving in the hand is commonplace though not as common as once observed. In one Parish on East 43rd Street, between Lexington and 3rd Avenues in Midtown Manhattan, many people receive, kneeling at the Altar Rail, as well as lining up to receive. Then again, this Parish has a Traditional Latin Mass at 11:00AM every Sunday & the Tabernacle is Gold Plated At The Centre, where IT BELONGS. In the Ordinary Rite of Mass in that Manhattan Parish, The Kyrie is sung in Greek, The Agnus Dei is sung in Latin & the Communion Antiphon is chanted in Latin, though on some occasions, the Sanctus is chanted in Latin, which in the Ordinary Rite, makes for the realization that a Catholic Mass is taking place. In a growing number of Parishes, the Tabernacle is returning to the Centre, after being put in some side area, The Liturgical Music at St Agnes-East 43rd Street is also excellent with no "Picnic Music";

As the Anglicans, Lutherans and Methodists have no Tabernacles and small altars, as well as a number of Catholic Churches, and in the case of the Catholic Church, when the Ordinary Rite of The Mass is celebrated entirely in the vernacular, with "Picnic Music", it sounds like the various Lutheran & Methodist Services, though The Anglicans do sing stately hymns, but the Liturgies are virtually identical in form;

Just what was Bugnini thinking by changing the feel, texture and Form Of The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass? It caused a lot of The Faithful to become The Faithless and Care-Less, but with the Masses at East 43rd Street, the Young People are returning to The Faith, whether in The Extra-Ordinary Form or The Ordinary Form. The Current Form can be offered with so much reverence. Guitarists and "Liturgical Experts"(to use that term loosely)need not apply;

The Pez Report(Dominus Vobiscum, Et Cum Spiritu Tuo, Oremus)

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