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Friday, December 30, 2011


Eight Days from now, coverage will begin in regards to the Knights Of Columbus Int'l Free Throw Basketball Championship. It will begin with in the Preliminary Competition & an iTunes Download of PostGame Highlights will take place. The You Tube Information Rolls are posted on both YouTube & Vimeo. Everything is being readied. Apps are in place for upload, download & production. YouTube will be a Great Information Service for Where To Tune. If need be, the Snark Piece called "The Rogue Show" will also be on there, as well as on "Rolling, Rolling", as the Movie Producers in New York like to say, is operative here, as Vimeo, & Dailymotion & tumblr, are all here in NY. This is a Queens Based Competition being carried here, hence NYC Based Video Services will be utilized. Happy 2012!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dailymotion Really Brings K of C Free Throw Home Like It Did In 2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

More Of This Kind Of Coverage From Our Networks

Around The Corner In January, 2012 Is The Coverage

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Translation NOT Interpretation

The New Translation Of The Mass From Latin To English, is a real translation, whereas the prior English Translation was a Humanistic Interpretation, greatly devoid of the Mysterious & The Spiritual. If I had translated "Anima Mea" as "I", in, let's say, 1964, had I been in Cathedral Preparatory Seminary in Brooklyn, I would have been given a good, swift kick in the arse. But, by 1970, Anima Mea, in disregard to the Spiritual Being called the Soul, became "I", the Humanistic Interpretation. The Interpreters were treating English Speakers, as if they had no real brain power. In the zeal to make the Latin Rite Liturgy seem friendly to Broad Church Anglicans & Lutherans, their interpretation was put into the Latin Rite Liturgy. It didn't feel right nor did it feel nor sound Catholic, as the Stateliness had gone out of the Liturgy. Altar Rails were removed & tabernacles often were moved away from the centre. Some Catholic Churches looked Barren, as if they were Protestant Low Churches. Something just wasn't right. But, upon reading the prayers in Latin, one could sense something was amiss in translation. Multis, a Latin word from which multiple comes from, had always been translated as Many. But, the Interpreters came up with "All". While the Redemptive Sacrifice of The Christ is for all, Multis is still multiple or many. The Many actually constitutes The Believers(Faithful). For not everybody at Mass can receive Holy Communion. You may have someone who is a Lutheran or Anglican, who cannot participate in reception of the Sacrament, because they do not believe what Catholics do about the Eucharist. Calixta is Latin for the Sacred Vessel called the Chalice, from which comes the Blood Of Christ, under the appearance of Wine. It is no ordinary cup. The Calixta is being called The Chalice, once again. The Spiritual & Mysterious has returned To Mass. It feels Catholic-It IS Catholic. The Translation IS The Right Direction. Deo Gratias!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some Catholics Still Don't "Get It"

If one has read the Latin Prayer Phrase, "Et Cum Spiritu Tuo", The TRANSLATION is "And With Your Spirit", as the Humanistic Interpretation of the Last 42 Years, "And Also With You", utilized by Broad Church Anglicans & Lutherans, is finally being done away with, that Interpretation was to grow closer to those two Christian Communities.
But, the old Interpretation Understated Catholic Doctrine. "And Also With You" left out the Spiritual Element in the Central Worship of The Church, Catholic & Apostolic. Mass became a Humanistic instead of a Spiritual Experience. It felt as if Mass had become more "Me" than "God."
"And Also With You", sounds like "Same To You, Joe", or some other phrase, as it left out the Spiritual, Mystical, Sacrificial Nature of The Roman Catholic Liturgy. From The Prayer "Domine Non Sum Dignus"( O Lord I Am Not Worthy), the ANIMA, or Soul, has returned in the TRANSLATION. The Interpretation was quite Humanistic, as if one has no Soul.
The Ship is being righted. The Translation is a way of righting the Ship in the Right Direction.
Deo Gratias!

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K Of C Free Throw In Gregorian Motion in Black & White

From January 15th, 2011, this time in Black & White.
This clip was put together, using the Silent Film Director App, Vimeo App & Splice App.
It is being uploaded with the Posterous Spaces App.
Working in tandem, one can produce a great video, entirely with a Handheld Computer, w/o ever utilizing a main box, whether Mac or PC.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

YouTube #s May Be Much Smaller

The Next Time you read about someone who makes a video which has a few million views on YouTube, consider that what constitutes a view on YouTube, may only be the # of times a video is loaded. A load is NOT a true view. For some of one's own videos on Vimeo, in the stats for Vimeo Plus Members, there are two major stats listed, namely the number of times the video was loaded & the actual views themselves. The load #s are usually larger & often 8 to 10 Times larger than the actual recorded view #s. The numbers are sometimes the same, but more often than not, the Load #s are much greater. Thus, YouTube Actual Views, as based on how Vimeo, Viddler, Dailymotion & count their numbers, may be considerably smaller.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

YouTube Views Are Inflated

Just so crazy, but through Vimeo, views are views & loads are loads. What YouTube is doing is counting the load #s as views. Load #s usually tend to be larger, so Google is inflating the view#s through what Vimeo & other services call loads. Disingenuous!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Uploads quickly to Vimeo. It has done well during initial upload. Also shares with iTunes, Facebook & YouTube as well as CNN iReport.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Promotion For Knights Of Columbus Int'l Free Throw-Msgr Sherman Council 5103 20th Anniversary Edition, over, &

Friday, December 09, 2011


The weather is cold & dry. After all that rain we had, it ought to be cold. After all, it is December.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I Will Be Heading To Mass

For Feast Of The Immaculate Conception this evening. It will be in Woodhaven. A Catholic Parish Is Under Renovation. It is an Opportunity for some filming.

It Is That Good!

Now that Dailymotion will carry an extra webcast is excellent, in that it can be viewed easily on both a browser & the app. It views very smoothly on the Safari Browser. Views have grown steadily on Dailymotion. What is helpful is that the 2011 Coverage is the 1st Coverage ever carried on this service. No other K of C Free Throw coverage is here. All the other K of C Free Throw Competitions are exclusively on YouTube. These competitions park on YouTube, unaware that there are other fine services which are superior to YouTube. I was surprised to find 142 views for the Council Round on Dailymotion. Hence for the District Round, it would co carry with YouTube. YouTube got trounced in that Head To Head. YouTube, in HD like Dailymotion, watched views drop from 466 to 155. It turned out to be the best full coverage network, with no junk mail nor idiotic comments. That is why Dailymotion Coverage is increased. It is that good.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

2011 District 28 Queens K of C Free Throw Awards

Knights Of Columbus Free Throw In Gregorian Motion

Preview Of Knights Of Columbus Int'l Free Throw 2012 Coverage

Monday, December 05, 2011

Viddler & VideoBam

Viddler & VideoBam will carry occasional K of C Free Throw Coverage. They may be minor K of C Free Throw Networks, but they are network feeds, nevertheless.

I Hope To Be Back Making Longer Videos On

Short Films on Vimeo are fun, but I would like to make longer ones in 720p High Definition. I pray that the chance comes soon, as videos under 50 Seconds are getting under my skin, as well, being loaded by e-mail.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

"Conventional Wisdom? YouTube?"

The Conventional Wisdom of the Digital Age says that once you have a video on YouTube, you're already famous. Then, again, Conventional Wisdom is a ploy to sell various books to the various jackasses, who will fall for the BS, called Conventional Wisdom. Fuggetibowdit! Recent statistics for coverage of the Knights Of Columbus Int'l Free Throw Basketball Championship, show a different trend. YouTube is NOT all that it is cracked up to be. In fact, experimenting with coverage on other Video Sharing Networks, shows that people don't always care to tune to that pile of Steaming Goat Custard called YouTube, Home of that "Intellectual Bright Light", a man who knows how to play to the Lowest Common Denominator Audience, Shane Dawson. I actually found two pieces of my production of The K of C Free Throw, on two sites, one of which was a Gambling Site & the other for the sale of Apple Compiters(I am writing this on an iPod Touch 4G). Ok, the Unofficial Apple Site is fine, but a gambling site is out of the question. Imagine betting on a K of C Free Throw Segment! Please! Vimeo,my home for coverage, drew 1263 views,while Dailymotion drew 1000 views. YouTube, despite the ability to create views without fully viewing a video, came in at 927 views. They didn't even crack the 1K mark. Despite the efforts of contestants to click up views, YouTube placed a rather distant third to two other services, which require a video to be fully viewed. The Vimeo Audience watched technical, Historical & actual competitions, as well as artistic versions. The Dailymotion Audience eschewed YouTube & saw some of the technical & artistic coverage. The YouTube viewers often voted down segments or did quick clicks, not really watching the coverage. The biggest single watchers of the coverage are in Canada. Perhaps, Rex Murphy would call this coverage "Insipid, Trite Tripe." Who needs YouTube, when you can have a real audience, which actually cares to watch.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Gregorian Chant & The K of C Free Throw

Gregorian Chant & The Knights Of Columbus Int'l Free Throw Basketball Championship, complement each other, especially on coverage. Athleticism & "The Chant" go together like a Horse & Carriage. In short, it works fabulously. The movements go well & have the audience involved in Prayer & Meditation. Since the Knights of Columbus is a Catholic Organization, that Music is appropriate in identifying the Free Throw as a Catholic Event.