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Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Ever Grateful That Eric Gagne' Is NOT With The Red Sox, This Season

There's NOTHING Left in his tank-ABSOFRIGINNOTHING LEFT. It was the 08 Season Opener, in Wrigley Field in Chicago, as the Milwaukee Brewers met the Chicago Cubs. With the Brewers leading 3 0 in the bottom of the 9th Inning, Eric Gagne' was in his Familiar Role of Closer, when he allowed 2 Cub Baserunners, then threw one down Waveland Avenue, and that pitch ended up on the street in a 3 3 tie. His ERA is now 27.00. But the Brew Crew got 1 in the 10th when Tony Gwynn Jr sent 1 home. Milwaukee beat the Cubs, 4 to 3. David Riske got the Save while Gagne' got the Win. A strange day, Indeed!


As The Yankees Have Been "Rained Out", An Interesting Story Session On "Mike & The Mad Dog" On WFAN

Funny, as I'm here in Lower Manhattan, it may be a cloudy, cool & damp, but it's NOT raining. A check of Weather Maps confirm this. There is rain, north of NYC, though:

The Yankees, you see, until the Run from 1995 in Post-Season until now, have drawn the Crowds, but this used to be NOT the case at all;

They were under a Million, in 1969, when the Mets drew 2.5 Million;

Mike Francessa told this story where there were no more than 500 @ a Game In September of 1972. He caught balls in the stands all over the place;

The Yankees only drew on Special Giveaway Days, like Cap Day, Ball Day & Bat Day;

They had a # of Small Attendances @ Opening Day, in the Old Stadium, Venerable, but an aging dump;

The Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry did not draw well in The Bronx in the 1960s' & 1970s';

There was some resurrection of The Rivalry, in The Shea Stadium Years;

Even in the Newly Renovated Stadium, crowds were only good if the Yankees were good;

If they're not good in the next couple of years, attendance will drop, because History says that Yankees Fans only come when there's a Pennant on the Line;

History will repeat itself, trust me;

Their Opener is Tomorrow Night;



MLB Season Makes Its' Presence, TODAY

The Mets are on Tap @ 4:10PM, ET, vs The Florida Marlins:

The Santana Era Begins on SNY TV;

The Red Sox will be in Oakland, tomorrow evening @ 10:10PM, ET, on NESN;

Unfortunately, it's the Start Of The Farewell to Yankee Stadium & we'll hear about it. Ohhhh, will we hear about it;


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Divine Mercy Sunday & K of C Super Weekend

It was a Marathon:

It had nothing to do with The Maras, who control the NFL NY Giants(LOL,LOL);

The 2nd Sunday Of Easter is also Divine Mercy Sunday, which was Promulgated a few years ago by Pope John Paul II;

This was a Veritable "Super Sunday" in Our Lady Of Mercy Parish in Forest Hills, on Kessel Street, between 70 & 71 Avenues, as Msgr Sherman Council #5103, known in Forest Hills as the Sponsor of The K of C Free Throw, for Forest Hills, Glendale, East Glendale, Middle Village & Vicinity, ran a Membership Drive & the #s look promising;

The Pastor, Msgr John Mc Gurl, native to Forest Hills, was encouraging us to come over to recruit Knights Of Columbus in his Parish. He's also seeking to take his 3rd Degree;

I was part of the Recruitment Contingent, along with other Council Officers & Past Grand Knights;

One Highlight of The Day was The Phillipino Mass & Party after the Mass. There was a Film on Divine Mercy in a Practical Sense on how the People in The Phillipines take care of their Elderly. There's a closeness Of Family in Filipino Society;

BTW, the Knights Of Columbus, are very strong in The Phillipines, since 1905;

On Healing & Curing, was a Homily for the 6PM Mass, as Fr Christopher from Nigeria, preached that Healing is not the same thing as Curing, as Curing is Medical & Healing is Spiritual Peace;

& some more people inquired about the Knights Of Columbus, after that Mass. It was a Good Day;

It had been 11 Years since the Last Membership Drive in OLM;

& it looks like we'll have Some More Workers For The Harvest;

Mike-RSN-NYCQ-PGK-In The RC Diocese of Brooklyn, NY

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Boston Red Sox Nation Edition Of The K of C Free Throw Report

It was not a good day for Queens County @ The Long Island Finals of the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship @ Holy Trinity High School in Hicksville, but there was a standout moment as Red Sox Nation emerged @ the contest: "Sweet Caroline, Oh Oh Oh, Good Times Never Seemed So Good, So Good, So Good, So Good"(With Apologies to Brooklyn Native, Neil Diamond), as an 11 Year Girl won the L I Finals. Mom wore a white Red Sox cap with a Green B. Dad spoke in Southie accent. The Grandmum was there;

I was working as a Spotter @ the Foul Line, so I couldn't take any pictures. Then, there was a Commotion, as a Contestant from St Stanislaus-Greenpoint, arrived. The Boy's Father, wore a Jacket from The Enemy(The NY Yankees-NY Mets Fans are our allies in RSN-NY);

I pulled out both my Sox Cap & Red Sox Nation Card. I also had my Knights Of Columbus Travelling Card. Membership in both The Knights Of Columbus & Red Sox Nation, have their privledges, like a great Knights Of Columbus Free Throw Final;

On Long Island, in Nassau County;

In The RC Diocese of Rockville Centre, where another RC Archdiocese of Boston Bishop, is Bishop;

One knows that Baseball is near, when for the 1st Time in Contest History, Red Sox Nation's Perpetual NY Watch Phrase was uttered, in regards to some Team in The Bronx, namely "Yankees Suck", a popular phrase @ both Fenway Park & Shea Stadium(Fenway & Shea-here we come);

I think my "Free Throw Film" will end in regards to this, at "Professor Thom's" in Manhattan, The Home of Red Sox Nation In NYC;

As The Knights Of Columbus Free Throw & Red Sox Nation, Triumphed on Long Island;

It was "So Good, So Good, So Good, So Good";

From Holy Trinity HS-Hicksville, Mike-RSN-NYCQ-Past Grand Knight

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Friday, March 28, 2008

On The West Coast

There will be action as The Red Sox square off vs the L A Dodgers @ 10:10PM, ET, this evening. It'll be on The MLB Package via KCOP 9 in L A. Tomorrow Night's Game on NESN, will be played before 115K @ the L A Coleseum. Then the real season re-opens Monday Night in Oakland. Where will all the Dodgers Fans be in the bottom of the 7th Inning? Why, the parking lot! Mike-rsn-nycq


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where & When An Excorcist Would Have His Roughest Time

The Yankee Stadium Right Field Bleachers @ Yankees Games:



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6AM The 2nd Day, A 4-1 Loss & My 5 Game Mets Package

Harden Of Oakland got the win & Jon Lester took The Loss & got my info by Text Message:

My 5 Game Mets Package, with 2 April Games, 2 May Games & 1 June Game has arrived;

On April 17th, or 3 Days before Fenway, it'll be Washington @ Mets @ 7:10PM;

On April 28th, 8 days after Texas @ Red Sox, it'll be Pirates @ Mets(7:10PM)

On May 10th, 7 Days before Brewers @ Red Sox, it'll be Reds @ Mets(1:10PM);

2 Weeks after Brewers @ Red Sox, the LA Dodgers visit Shea Stadium, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the 1st Season in LA(3:55PM on FOX, & a chance to avoid Hearing Joe Buck & Tim Mc Carver);

Wed, 6/25, it'll be Mariners @ Mets @ 7:10PM;

@ Fenway Park, Sunday 4/20, with Texas @ 1:35PM;

@ Fenway Park, Satursay, 5/17 @ The Witching Hour of 3:55PM On FOX(No Joe or Tim, but a chance to heckle Eric Gagne');

This'll be the busy part of my Baseball Schedule;

In July or August, I may visit "The Toilet", also called Yankee Stadium & leave in the 7th Inning, to make it down to Professor Thom's;

In September, there will be a Friday Night Game, to really say "Good Bye" To Shea Stadium(It may be very-emotional);


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

@ 6AM, EDT

Red Sox Nation gathered around televisions, radios & computers, throughout the world, to follow the MLB Season Opener. There was Victory, as the Sawx did end up victorious, 6-5. Several NY Red Sox Themed Pubs opened for breakfast with the Sox on NESN, preferring Orsillo & Remy over the ESPN2 Duo of Gary Thorninside & Steve Costanza-Phillips. A question for much of the NY Red Sox Audience who rose for this MLB Resurrection? Did a number of you, have this enthusiasm this past Sunday@ Easter? Now THATwas a real Rising. I slept in for this morning's game & got my results by text message & email to my phone. Mike-RSN-NYCQ

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Less Than 5 Hours

Red Sox Baseball Starts The MLB Season:




Monday, March 24, 2008

The Real Explanation For The Chicago Cubs Collapse In 1969

Unlike Phil Wrigley, Sonny Boy Bill Wrigley was NOT a Baseball Man, but only a businessman. Chicago Summers can be warm & Humid &, eventually players do wilt in that heat, come hell, high water or Leo Durocher:

In short, why there were no lights @ Wrigley Field was because Bill Wrigley was CHEAP. The Philosophy that Baseball was a Daytime Game was passing the way of the dinosaur, such what Wrigley Field has become. Reports have it that there are nets under the Upper Deck, to keep the concrete from falling around and onto fans in the lower level;

The Ballpark is 94 Years Old. Only 20 Years ago did lights come to that park, but most games are still in daylight & players keep on wilting from the warm and humid summers;

Only 18 Night Games per year are played there. There were NONE in 1969. And now Wrigley Field is falling apart. So much for charm in the Old Parks-it's a Nostalgic DUMP;

& Cub Ownership cannot afford the place, as they're considering selling it to the Illinois Stadium Developmental Authority, a State Agency, which owns US Cellular Field, on the South Side Of Chicago, where the White Sox play;

In Short, Incompetence has kept the Cubs out of The World Series, both on the field and off, where Bad Business decisions have been made;

And Wrigley Field is emblematic of all that incompetence;



In Baseball Next Sunday, On Divine Mercy Sunday(2nd Sunday Of Easter Or 1st Sunday After Easter)

Major League Baseball Opens in Washington, DC in Nationals Ballpark, a Spanking New Place:

In MLB Tradition, The President Of The US, throws out the 1st Pitch, heralding the New Season;

This is happening for the 1st Time in 37 Years;



This Always Happens At Easter Mass

More So Than at Christmas, is The Tears:

For I was crying, as The Gloria & Alleluia resounded for the 1st time in 40 Days & Nights;

For The Bride Of Christ Is in Full Glory, as Christ Is Risen;

Amen! Alleluia;

Mike-RSN-NYCQ-In The RC Diocese of Brooklyn, NY

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Holy Saturday & Easter Sunday

The Theme Of Holy Saturday is Both The Entombed Christ & The Christ In Spirit, in Limbo, rescuing Souls and Taking Them Home To Paradise:

Easter Sunday-The Tomb is empty, for The Christ has Risen With a Glorified Body, Never to die again;

I read a dream St John Bosco had about Hell-The Road is smooth & the Descent Is Rocky;

Then, my Father in a Dream,told me to pray The Hail Mary, which I've done at Odd Times during the Day & Evening. Dad passed in 2000;

Tomorrow & Wednesday Mornings, I'll be up to view The Red Sox-Athletics Series, via ESPN2 @ 6:00AM;

Santa Maria, Madre De Dios, Ruega Por Nosotros Pecadores, Ahora Y En La Hora De Nuestra Muerte, Amen;

In Nomini Patris Et Filli Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen;

Mike-RSN-NYCQ-In The RC Diocese of Brooklyn, NY

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

There Will Be Mobbed Catholic Churches Tomorrow

Alleluia! He Is Risen From The Dead, Risen Truly As He Said:

So Mass Will Be Jammed;

Then, reality is known to bite;

& The Crowds Will disappear until Christmastime;

Mike-RSN-NYCQ-In The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn, NY

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I Know It's Been Awhile-The "Gloria" Is Restored

For Your Prayerful Contemplation & Listening Pleasure:

Mike-RSN-NYCQ-In The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn


Do You Like Sushi Like I Like Sushi? The Red Sox Are In Japan & Not For Sake

After a Series of Exhibition Games, they'll play for real in The MLB Season Opener in the Tokyo Dome, with Daisuke Matsuzaka to pitch the Opener:

The Opponent is The Oakland Athletics;

Tuesday, @ 6:05AM, EDT, this'll be played. NESN & ESPN2 will carry this game, as well as Wednesday;

Then The Red Sox will be on the Road to California, with a 3 Game Set vs The LA Dodgers, in their 50th Anniversary Season on the Coast. TV @ 10:10PM on KCAL 9, via MLB Extra Innings & Direct TV, on Friday Night. On Saturday Night, over 100K fans will jam the LA Coliseum, for a Dodgers-Red Sox Match. That'll be on NESN & KCAL(In what Inning will The Dodger Fans make a bee-line for the Exits, leaving Red Sox Nation to themselves-THAT Wouldda nevah happened in BROOKLYN). The Coliseum was the Home Of The Dodgers from 1958 through 1961;

Then, onto Oakland, & Games on NESN;

Another Thing-I DON'T Care for Sushi;



Sly Stallone Came Home

His Latest "Rambo" is a More-Catholic Themed One. I listened to The Catholic Channel on Sirius Radio, yesterday & Stallone announced that he's back with The Church. I choked back tears listening to this:

Happy Resurrection Sunday, All;

Mike-RSN-NYCQ in The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn, NY


Friday, March 21, 2008

Without His Death On A Cross, Heaven Would Still Be Closed

That was the Redeeming Thing About WHY This is called "Good Friday":

The Death Of Christ, He being God The Son, would open up Heaven, closed since Adam & Eve, partook of forbidden fruit, after giving into the Temptation of Satan, who was in the form of a snake;

There is no Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass, Today. Rather, it's a Mass Of The Presanctified, where the Body Of Christ is received by The Priest, an "Alter Christus", & all Hosts were consecrated during the Maundy Thursday Mass Of The Last Supper, which was a Passover Seder. The Faithful are "The Many", who will receive Holy Communion. There is no Mass until The Easter Vigil, tomorrow night, on Holy Saturday, when The Church becomes Radiant With Light, with Sweet Hosannas being sung & "The Alleluia", sung & proclaimed to The Faithful;

Deo Gratias;

Michael-RSN-NYCQ-In The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn, NY


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Threatened Boycott Settled-What Are Bud's People Doing?

Over an issue of not paying for Coaches to make the trip to Japan, Red Sox Players voted to boycott the Japan Series with Oakland in Tokyo:

Now, HOW does a team function without ESSENTIAL Staff, Bud?

Then, M L B decided to include the Essential Staff of Coaches, in the payment of the Bonus;

I can see barring someone like Brian Mc Namee, But PITCHING Coach John Farrell?

Really-Fecking Brilliant, like a Flat Guinness Stout in an Irish Pub;


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NY Yankees Prepared To Strike MLB Over New Export Policy

Tampa(AP) Major League Baseball and The Canadian Government have announced that the NY Yankees will no longer be allowed to bring Condoms, Blue Lip Gloss & Injectable Vitamin B12 Supplements into Toronto:

Yankees Players held a Closed Door Meeting, in their Steinbrenner Field Complex Clubhouse;

Derek Jeter, NY Yankees Shortstop and Team Captain, in a Press Conference over ESPN, YES, and TSN, complained that Canadian Condoms don't have what it takes for his activity in the sack. "I could have a certain accident, if ya know what I mean";

Alex Rodriguez, AL '07 MVP, in the same Press Conference, complained that Canadian Lip Gloss has caused discomfort & irritation, causing articulation problems, when Alex speaks. "I'm Tired of being called 'Dora The Explorer' by all those mean Red Sox Fans, and infuriated when Mets Fans chant 'Gay Rod'", pouted A-Rod;

Jason Giambi, Yankees DH and 1st Baseman, complained that Canadian B12 "Has all the strength of Diet Orange Crush" and feels "I have all the strength of Sampson, when Delilah cut off all his hair", using Canada-Made Injectable B12;

And 7 Time Cy Young Award Winner, Roger Clemens, complained about the uncomfortable mark on his arse, after an Injection of Lidocaine, manufactured in Eboticoke, Ontario, a Toronto Suburb. "I never Done never taked any steroids", said Mr Clemens;

The NY Yankees voted unanimously to boycott all games played in Rogers Centre in Toronto, until their choices and demands, are restored;

A spokesman for M L B, has announced that there's a study underway;


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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Suggestion To Collegians On How To Work Smarter

A Laptop Computer=7 Lbs;

Books & Note Pads=25 Lbs;

Microsoft Office=$150;

You don't need to carry all that extra weight;

Or that extra expense;

You can keep the Laptop in your dorm;

Take a powerful PDA like a Palm Treo Phone or E2 or T/X, to take notes;

You'll save ounces, pounds & your back;

For your Windows, LINUX or Mac Laptop, get Open Office, or the Mac Version, Neolithic Office. Both are free & you'll save money;

If you can store your Textbooks in a program called ebook or e-reader, that's far fewer pounds needed;

If only I had that kind of ease of use;



A Digital Edition Saves Stamps

& saves paper. I also edit a newsletter for the 4th Degree & sent out a copy to 16 members of the 4th Degree. At $.41 per stamp, sending out a newsletter to 275 members is costly, so if more give their e-mail addresses, more postage & paper is saved+ savings on the cost of printing.

It's the 21st Century-Get used to it-One can read the digital edition on a computer or Cell Phone;

& iWork '08 will be what the Newsletter is written on. It's so-intuitive to use. Apple Makes it so-easy to do;



Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Red Sox Yankees War On 5th Avenue Turned Into A Pre-Season J-E-T-S Rally

It was St Patrick's Day:

It was Cold & Windy, as I carried The Queens County AOH Banner until Symptoms of Dehydration set in, @ 57th Street & 5th Avenue;

There were Red Sox Caps on 5th Avenue;

BUT, the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets Gang was back-a St Patrick's Day Tradition in NY for awhile;

One Contingent was so loud, I chanted "Suck, Suck, SUCK", to their chant;

There was a Mass, earlier in Richmond Hill, which AOH 14 went to;

Then, off to NYC(Manhattan);

Then, THE MARCH(& to think that Good Friday's a Few Days Away-Wow);

I heard sad news about The Director Of The Brooklyn Diocese's Director Of The Society Of The Propagation Of The Faith, Fr John Brogan, Terminal With Cancer(Pray For "Brogie" Please);

Then, it was time, after the Parade to party, AWAY from Manhattan, as St Patrick's Day to them, is "Pub Christmas";

& today, I rest, to return to work-I NEEDED The rest;

The Red Sox lost to the Skanks 8-4 & Bartolo Colon, still sucks vs The Yankees, so to me, this was NOT a good pickup, off season by the Sox, as it may prove COSTLY;



Monday, March 17, 2008

It'll Be A Red Sox-Yankees War On 5th Avenue Until Everyone's Green In The Face

Followed by after The St Patrick's Day Parade & The Pubs Open With Guinness Stout:

Green Beer-My Arse-A Real Irisher drinks his Guinness straight up;

This used to be the Largest NY Jets Pre-Season Rally Point;

I guess "The Rivalry" came full circle in '05 coming to 5th Avenue, as Red Sox Nation stormed 5th Avenue in Triumph on St Patrick's Day;

AND Will do so AGAIN, Today;


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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday & A St Patrick's Party

I'll Be Uploading Videos after The Parade, tomorrow, or @ least Pictures, as tomorrow will begin with Mass @ 9:30AM:

Mass this morning, as it is the Current Church Calendar's Palm Sunday, was jammed;

I'm more in favor of the Traditional Calendar, where Passion Sunday preceded Palm Sunday by a Week;

Today, The Gospel Of Good Friday was preached & will be preached again on Good Friday;

In the Old Days, It was Christ's Realization that he knew that He was going to Die in Jerusalem, which he discussed with His Apostles. Passion Sunday brought this theme to life;

Palm Sunday was the Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem, as people waved Palms as he came into the City;

On Holy Thursday, was The Last Supper, which was the 1st Mass, where Christ instituted The Eucharist & Priesthood & This is Commemorated;

On Good Friday, We enter into The Fullness Of The Passion With Christ's Death On The Cross;

On Holy Saturday, we are reminded that The Christ is awaiting Resurrection. There's no Mass until The Easter Vigil;

On Easter(Resurrection)Sunday, He is Risen & the Church comes back to Life with The Risen Christ;

Nevertheless, The Reading Of The Passion, gave me thoughts about how in one's own life, one has met a few Pharisees along the way, who seek persecution of others, so that the Pharisees may enjoy total control & their misguided ways;

The Party was great but it felt strange, as tomorrow's parade will be on Monday of Holy Week,but given the stubbornness of the Parade Committee, The Parade will be on 5th Avenue tomorrow, following man made tradition, just like The Pharisees. Is The Guinness Brewery paying you guys a kickback?

The Party served both Ham & Roast Beef, which is Traditionally The St Patrick's Day Meal in Ireland. Corned Beef is uniquely American & perhaps, Jewish In Origin. I stuck with Roast Beef, as that's the meal of those of Irish Blood in the North;

Jokes flowed like this with a Priest in The Room, like "Bless Me Father For I Haven't Sinned Once, a Hundred Times Maybe";

Tomorrow will be an Interesting St Patrick's Day, as Governor Eliot Spitzer's Resignation takes effect. He Paid & Played & is Paying Again-just ask "Kristen";

The March-a nice hike up The Avenue;

& The Opening Salvo For who controls 5th Avenue-Red Sox Or Yankees Fans, is the Opening Salvo in the Season-Long War;

Mike-RSN-NYCQ-In The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn, NY

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Holy Week-A Look Ahead & St Patrick's Day

Yesterday, in Both The Archdiocese Of New York & The RC Diocese of Brooklyn, was the Celebration(Liturgically) of St Patrick's Day. I will say that the Corned Beef On Rye was Delicious & I've had enough beer:

Today(Liturgically) is St Joseph's Day;

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, also called Passion Sunday;

Monday, though it is not Liturgically Celebrated, is St Patrick's Day, as this year it's Monday Of Holy Week, as Lent nears its' end, beginning Holy Thursday with The Easter Triduum, which continues into The Easter Vigil of Holy Saturday Evening & Easter Sunday, which is Properly-Called The Resurrection Of The Christ, while Easter is an old English term for Spring;

As my friend mentioned to me last year, while St Patrick's Day in '08 may not be celebrated LITURGICALLY, it's a Great Day to get "Lit", though by Friday, which is Good Friday, no one I know of, will be getting "Lit Up";

I do remember from the 1960s', that Passion Sunday was the Week Before Palm Sunday & readings of The Passion Of The Christ were read on that Sunday, of the Anticipation of His Death & Resurrection. Palm Sunday was the Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem of Jesus, plus the Distribution of Palm & Blessings;

Now, with the Novus Ordo of The Missalae Romanum of 1970, Passion Sunday & Palm Sunday became one Sunday of Very Long Masses & Readings & Mobs of People, who don't normally come to Mass, where the Readings of Old Testament, New Testament & Gospels, are long Ocassions, & more about the Actions of Holy Thursday & Good Friday;

I liked The Traditional Order, better, where Passion Sunday & Palm Sunday were the Two Sundays & Preached what was at hand, as in the current format, the same readings are done on Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday & Good Friday, as I believe that the sheer volume of repetition, turns people away from Church;

In regards to the NY St Patrick's Day Parade Committee-Just because Ireland, now in The Post-Christian, Multicultural Era, has its' Dublin Parade on the 17th of March, which doesn't really celebrate Ireland's Apostle Of Faith, do we have to follow their example-IT IS HOLY WEEK, REMEMBER, NOT Mardi Gras;

Oh, well-Have A Blessed Week, Ahead;

Michael-RSN-NYCQ-In The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn

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The NY Post's "Enticement To A Near Occasion Of Sin"

Politically, I've been known to agree with the Well-Thought Editorials of the NY Post, owned by News Corporation of 1211 6th Avenue, on the Island of Manhattan:

But, WHY did you run a quasi-pornographic spread on Ashley Alexandra Du Pre(Born as Ashley Youmans of The NJ Shore)?

You guys made your paper, yesterday, a "Near Occasion Of Sin";

Your Paper's Presentation, may have caused a rush of hormones for a lot of males, yesterday;

WHAT is your OBSESSION with Sexuality, anyway?

I do remember your 10 days of Adultery Coverage, in regards to Mets Catcher Paul Lo Duca, followed by your quasi-blackmail demand of the NY Mets, to give up Ballpark-Naming Rights, while you act as corporate sponsors, aside from FOX, for the NY Yankees;



Friday, March 14, 2008

"What Do Gay Males & Prostitutes Abstain From During Lent?"

Fasting From "Meat".


Ashley Du Prie In Washington

Thought she was on FOX, until she found out that she was "Spitzed".


Who Was The Last Person To Box Eliot Spitzer?

Ashley Du Prie-8 Times


It'll Be "The Wright Stuff" 5 Pack Plan For My Farewell To Shea Stadium

I'll order It from the NY Mets next Thursday. 5 games until June. I don't care for Sappy September Sendoffs. Besides, it'll give me some freedom with games. & the package is the "Wright" price. Mike-RSN-NYCQ


For ONCE, A Man With Common Sense About Global Warming

The Founder of "The Weather Channel" is the Former Weatherman on ABC's "Good Morning America", Mr John Coleman:

Cool, because he states that there's only 38 trace grams of Carbon Dioxide in 100K Grams of atmosphere;

I remember Mr Coleman here in NYC &, while not flashy, he was good;

He questions Former VP Al Gore on Global Warming, because 60% of the Northern Hemisphere was covered in Ice & Snow this Winter. He even suggested suing Al Gore over his Global Warming Figures;

I'm wondering why I was chilled a lot this Winter;

Click on The Title & Watch The John Coleman Interview on "FOX & Friends";

Thanks & Enjoy;


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Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Theo? Who's Gonna Catch Wakey's Knuckler, Now That Douggie's Gone?"

Mr Doug Mirabelli, Mr Tim Wakefield's Catcher, was released by The Red Sox Today. He's a Knuckleball Catching Specialist & a Member of both the '04 & '07 World Championship Teams:

Anyone in The Pipeline, Theo?



Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Gov Eliot "Client #9" Spitzer, effective on St Patrick's Day, is out as Governor of NY State:

David Patterson, LT Governor, takes over this Monday;

Basil? You must be proud;



Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One Cannot Securely Govern Without His Pants On

I've ALWAYS had bad vibes about Mr Eliot Spitzer, The Proverbial Crusading NYS Attorney-General & Now Governor of NYS. It was his attitude that struck me as, like, what's this guy hiding:

It was revealed that Spitzer had engaged in Unlawful Activity with a Call Girl named Kristen;

Didn't he realise the consequences of his actions that Blackmail could be involved? Is this guy an utter D---, or what? SHEER Arrogance leads to this;

Spitzer is as arrogant as a certain 7 Time Cy Young Award Winner, but, at least admitted to his foul deed, UNLIKE the 7 Time Cy Young Award Winner;;

What more can I say, as may he discover redemption, one day;



Monday, March 10, 2008

A 10 Inning Draw In Port St Lonesome

Boston Red Sox 1, NY Mets 1 in Port St Lonesome:

Tickets went for $300 yesterday on eBay;

This with a Game which counts for naught, except for The Nation visiting ballparks all over FL, making every ball park on the road, feel like a Home Game;

The Champs are a hurtin', especially with Beckett's Balky Back, sporting the next to worst Spring Training Record in MLB. Papi Ortiz had dropped Weight, after his knee surgery. He looks good;

Both Johann Santana & Jon Lester pitched well;


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The NHL Rangers Will Host The Last Ever Event In Yankee Stadium

Click on The Title-Yankee Stadium Closes on NHL Ice with the Rangers in '08-'09 Season:

That'll be the Loudest Game in Toilet History & wackiest;


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MDC is Roman Numeral for 1600, going back to June, 2005, but writing with a Vengeance since Mid 2006, or 400 away from MM, or 2000:

Imagine my surprise when someone looked up this blog for news & commentary on the "Motu Proprio" of 07/07/07, where Pope Benedict XVI gave generous permission for Priests Of The Latin Rite of The Catholic Church, to offer the Traditional Latin Mass, without the Permission Of The Local Bishop, some of whom have been loathe to grant an Indult to allow for Celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass;

Baseball is back-it's Spring Training Game Time in FL & AZ;

I thank my audiences, both in the Baseball World & The Traditional Catholic World, for your encouragement & support;

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen;

Palm Sunday is NEXT Sunday, a day where Catholic Churches will be overcrowded, like that at a Promotion Day in a Major League Baseball Park;

Mike-RSN-NYCQ-In The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn, NY


MDXCIX-I HATE Daylight Saving Time This Early in The Year

I can remember the Good Old Days when Daylight Saving Time really was worth it, like in Spring, as in the Last Sunday Of April, until the 1st Sunday in October:

But, the Buzzword, according to the Brain Surgeons in The US Govenment, is this is for lessening of Energy Consumption;

In short, it's friggin' dark as night in the Morning. People used to light, feel like they're waking up in the Middle of The Night, so on go all the lights. Something doesn't feel right;

This is to spur on business with extra Sunlight in the evenings;

But playing with peoples body clocks is not really a good thing, nor is it productive;

It's a crock;



Sunday, March 09, 2008


NESN or New England Sports Network, is the TV Home of The Boston Red Sox. There was a Game on that channel, scheduled for 1:10PM, EDT, only to be seen on Tape Delay @ 8PM EDT:

Very Funny, NESN-luckily we @ Professor Thom's did put on a Baseball Game, The Mets & Astros on the CW11-NY;

We all hate being forced to wait for our dose of RemDawg & DO, &, Yes, Many of us miss Tina Cervasio, the Nation's Favorite Jersey Girl;

Today's Red Sox-Mets Match is on SNY @ 1:00PM, as well as MLB-TV. SNY is NOT YES(Yankees Entertainment Sucks), so you can watch it without losing your lunch;



In The Guinness Music Festival @ 0317AM EDT @ Woodhaven House

A favourite place on Woodhaven Blvd, the Irish Native Band played "Soldier's Song", the Irish Anthem, followed by "The Star Spangled Banner", our own Anthem, which sounds cool in Irish-Accented English. "A Soldier's Song" was sung in Gaelic. I stood for both Anthems with Red Sox Cap over left breast, & sang along. Mike-RSN-NYCQ


For I've Been Tagged By The Redoubtable Anita Moore of "V-For Victory"-MDXCVI

I have been Memed. In Fact I have to come up with 5 of my favourite Gospel Parables & they are as Follows:

The Parable Of The Talents; This is where The Lord Of The Estate, divies up Coins, called Talents, for his Best, Middle & Least Aides. His Top Gun, got 5 Talents, His Middle got 2 Talents & His Least Got One Talent. The Lord of The Estate said he was going on a journey & when he gets back, he expects a return on those Talents.
The Best took his 5 Talents & doubled them. The Middle Guy took his Talents & doubled them. The Least took his Talent & Buried it.
The Lord Of The Estate got back. Top Gun doubled his talents, as did the Middle Aide. The Lord Of The Estate praised the two's investment skills. When he came to the Least Aide, that aid told him that he buried it, which caused fury on the Part Of The Lord of The Estate, who took away the Talent & gave it to his Ace & let the Ace Invest it. The Moral of This Story, is to use your talents wisely, as God Gives them to you, not to hide, but to use, wisely;

The Prodigal Son-There's a little bit Of this Son in all of us, some more-so than others. This is also a Story Of Repentence, as The Prodigal Son begs to his Father For Forgiveness. This also teaches that some people are not so forgiving like the Older Brother, who's so Prideful;

Wise & Foolish Virgins. The Wise Ones took plenty of Oil to Light The Lamps For The Wedding Party. The Foolish Ones did not. The Foolish ones got kept out of The Wedding Party, by the words "I Do Not Know You";

These are three Parables, so far, but all paint a Picture Of God, For The Christ Taught these Stories to instruct the Faithful, to be on Guard;

Mike-RSN-NYCQ-In The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn, NY


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Manny & The Red Sox-MDXCV

Will be playing an exhibition match at the Pequot Indian Tribe-Owned "Foxwoods" Casino & Entertainment Center:

Manny gets all upset realizing that this is code for playing the Yankees;

Manny complains that he thinks this is "Really Bad that I'll be on the bench, sitting in the TV Booth next to 2 Airheads. Joe Buck? Why he blew a kiss to the crowd & fell in love with his own hand & threatened to be around until the 2013 Season, making people all bored & sad. Then that Dopey Dude, with Red Hair Dye #2, whose Dye will turn anyone within 300 feet of him, Tim Mc Carver into a Space Alien Zombie, will be telling people that I don't play left field as good as that guy with the 4th Grade Girl's Arm, that Nitwit Demon, whose IQ is as low as a Pumpkin & at least 17 mentions of Derek Jeter, will drive me and others to Harry Caray, you know that Japanese Dude, who's worshipped as the god of Self Killing";

A Spokesman for FOX Sports, declined comment, though calling Manny's Rant, "An Excess In Idiocy";

Red Sox GM, Theo Epstein, tried to convince Manny that he was only going to the Indian Tribe's Casino to play the Yankees;

On TBS, Skip & Chip Caray, declined comment, stating that they, like Father & Grandfather, are of Italian Descent;

Manny saw a picture of The Tribal Board of The Pequot Nation, recognized them as guys he grew up with in Upper Manhattan's Washington Heights Section & recalled "Hey, I played ball with them & hung out with them @ the KFC @ West 172nd Street & B'way and they ain't no Indian Tribe. They're a religious order, man, known as Dominicans, who own this place for charitable works, after they take off the top revenue for living expenses in their mansions in Florida, NJ & CT";

In Rome, a spokesman for The Order Of Preachers Of St Dominic, Fra' Giovanni Diavuolo, commented "How did a Bunch of Idiots like this, win the 2004 World Series. This guy, Manny, is a complete manifestation of an utter moron, not unlike Hank Steinbrenner, We take a vow of Poverty, Chastity, & Obedience. We have NOTHING in Common with those gentlemen in Upper Manhattan, who're just a bunch of high rollers with fancy homes in 3 states";

The NYPD Manhattan North Detective Unit had recently announced that the "Indian Tribe-Religious Order" was under investigation for various Money-Laundering Schemes, as well as Manny being investigated for an IQ of a Celery Stalk.

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"Dragnet 2008"-The Feds Widen Probe Of Clemens

Click on The Title to read. Roger's Health Club is being looked into:

Roger's Head did NOT get that way from Cheeseburgers;



Friday, March 07, 2008

The End Of The Dodgers In Vero Beach

This will all end on Monday, March 17th, 2008(The Traditional St Patrick's Day) @ 10:05AM, PDT) when the L A Dodgers play their last Home Spring Training Game in Florida, which dates all the way back to "Dem Bums" of Brooklyn. Vero Beach is also the last-ever tie with Brooklyn & the Brooklyn link will finally be severed, as the Dodgers move their training base to AZ, in the Phoenix Metro Area, not having to travel by air all over Florida:

It's like "Dem Bums Is Gone" all over again;

I wonder how the Elderly Ex-Brooklynites are taking this? It's like Double Betrayal To them;


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A 9-6 Loss-@ Least It Doesn't Count

The Red Sox lost this matchup to the Dodgers, managed by St Joseph Of Snorre, aka Joe Torre, he who got tossed under the 4 Train by Hank Hankensteinbrenner, the Same Hankensteinbrenner who almost s--- the bed, dealing with A-Rod:

Two Unknowns pitched for The Red Sox, & gave up 7 runs in the 9th inning, allowing 2 homers to 2 guys with Football #s on their uniforms;

It's ONLY Spring-Relax;



Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Lost-A Soap Opera" & An Irish Touch To This Evening

As earlier today, I went to my "Classic Kojak" haircut & my hair is as gone from my head, as it was from Telly Savalas. In short, I look like a "Fordham Baldie" from the movie "The Wanderers". This evening, I watched the "Cult" Favorite, "Lost" on abc @ "Professor Thom's" in Manhattan. Interesting soap opera! I don't care about "Reality TV". IT'S A GOODIE:

A Group called "Team Cleary" ran a benefit for a man who's a parapelegic in a wheelchair. Irish & American Music blared over a bagpipe. As St Patrick's Day draws nigh, it was appropriate. It also marked the 1st time where I didn't burst into tears during "Amazing Grace" on the Pipes. This was last evening in Professor Thom's;



My Advice To Those Denizens Of Shea Stadium

It is NOT time to start drowning your sorrows, as Opening Day has NOT arrived, so downing Brooklyn Lager or Thom's Ale will not help:

Championships are NOT won in Florida in March;

Take it nice & light as the Injuries will heal;

If things look bad in July, then give me a call. Join me for a few frosty ones;



Things You Will NOT Find @ Professor Thom's-A Red Sox Pub In NYC

People Who like Roger Clemens:
Manhattan Clam Chowder;
Hugs & Kisses From The Staff For Yankees Fans;
A Meeting of "Intellectuals For Tim Mc Carver";
Kazmerzcyk from "The Riviera";
People Praising "The Riviera";
People In Love With Yankees Games on YES;
Any Members of The 1986 WS Champion NY Mets, as no "Coke" is served with a spoon;
People who despise RemDawg


Joe Buck-You've Got It Coming

Click On The Title-a FUNNY Piece describing Joe Buck, leaving FOX Sports:

The OMNIPOTENT Q, known as JBQ of Brooklyn, passed this link on;

NOTE-ONLY Buck & Mc Carver, were bood during the '07 WS on FOX, not to mention that Self-Serving Twerp, A-Rod;



Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Credo-A New Chant

This is NOT a Chant to excoriate one Alex Rodriguez(I'll Save THAT For a Baseball Game):

Rather, for your contemplative & prayerful thoughts, this is The Nicene Creed, sung in Latin, in the form of Gregorian Chant;

Credo-"I Believe";

Michael-RSN-NYCQ-In The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn, NY


Monday, March 03, 2008

According To Cardinal Arinze Of The Congregation For Divine Worship

The Translation of "Pro Multis" is "For Many", as in Latin, "For All" is said "Pro Omnibus":

The Christ Redeemed ALL Mankind with His Death And Resurrection, but "For Many" denotes Believers(The Faithful), who assist At Mass and Receive The Most Holy Sacrament Of The Altar, in The Holy Eucharist, under the Appearance Of Bread and Wine;

This case of Redemption is why "For All" & not "For Many" is used, though only The Faithful may approach The Eucharist. The use of "For All" does give the Impression that anyone can receive the Eucharist, including Heretics, Schismatics and Apostates, Couples In The Practice Of Concubinage(Living Outside Of The Sacrament Of Matrimony In a Sexual Relationship), Political Dignitaries who assist by passing Laws In Support Of Abortion and Euthanasia, and visiting Protestants, who mistake the Local Catholic Church as Lutheran or Anglican;

For an explanation,click on the Title Above, for a Vatican Decree, declaring that "Pro Multis" is "For Many";

Michael-RSN-NYCQ In The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn, NY

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Announcement On Red Sox-Athletics From Toklyo, Japan

Both Games on March 25th and 26th, will start at 6:00AM, ET and be carried in ESPN2, so to non NESN Areas, like NY, don't worry for you'll see your beloved Red Sox:

And who cares about Hankme Hankensteinbrenner? Who needs him in OUR Nation?

Bwahahahahahaha, Hank-You're on "The Riviera List", where the word beginning with F, will precede your name;



WHAT Is Wrong With Craig Hansen Of Glen Cove, L I

He was in relief for the Red Sox, threw wildly & Gave up 4 Runs. The Red Sox lost a Spring Training Game 8-2 to The Twins:

Clay Buchholz was savaged for 4 Runs in the 3rd;

Still, it's early and none of this counts in the standings;



An ESPN Bold Prediction From G Stephen Phillips

It was "Baseball Tonight" live from Disney World in Florida:

It was time for Bold Predictions;

Last Year, Steve Phillips predicted that "A-Rod" would be MVP in The All Star Game and MVP in The World Series;

The One Sure Fire Thing in regards to A-Rod, is that his team, the NY Yankees, farted their way out of postseason and A-Rod homered with NOTHING on the line. When it doesn't count, count on A-Rod;

This year, Steve chose Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers as the Next Baseball Triple Crown Winner, leading in Homers, Average and Runs Batted In;

The Only thing I see Miguel Cabrera doing is hitting & being a Whiny Little Diva, who blows his cool a lot;

Yeah, Steve, your 2007 World Series Champion NY Yankees;



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Pro Multis Is NOT Por Todos Or For All

"Pro Multis" translates in Latin to English as "For Many". "Pro Multis" is "Por Muchos" in translation from Latin to Spanish:

So WHY are we seeing the interpretations of "For All" & "Por Todos", when "Pro Multis" does not translate that way?

Having been to a Traditional Latin Mass, I know what's what & "Omni" is "All";

Spanish is a language derived from Latin;

Having attended a Spanish Language Mass in Queens, I realize just how close this is to Latin. Even The Phrased Responses are much-closer to the Latin in Translation. "Et Cum Spiritu Tuo" in Spanish is "Y Con Tu Spirito", meaning "And With Thy Spirit", NOT "And Also With You";

Christ's Words Of Institution Of The Eucharist are clear in that NOT all are faithful. ONLY The Faithful may receive His Body & Blood. Apostates & Heretics cannot receive The Body & Blood Of Christ, as well as those in Serious Sin. It is NOT "For All";

How many of the Translators are just Interpreters with a certain Agenda?

Mike-RSN-NYCQ-In The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn, NY

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

K Of C Free Throw-Queens County Championship From Yesterday

Just a little Photo Video action. Msgr Sherman Council's Award Winning March of The Free Throw, continues @ Holy Family HS in Hicksville, NY on Saturday, 03/29/08, for the Long Island Championships;

One of The Winners is 10 Boys Winner, Brandon Chow, from Our Lady Of Mercy Recreation & Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Parish & School in Forest Hills, making him the 3rd OLQM Parishioner in History, to win a Queens County Championship. Will Mc Carver now insist on calling him BRONSON? Will RemDawg be shouting "BRANDON NOT BRONSON, Tim"?

Ciao-Later, as 1st it's Mass & then The Red Sox on NESN, from Professor Thom's;



Saturday, March 01, 2008

Imagine An Announcerless Baseball Telecast On FOX

Ratings would go through the roof, especially if there was no Joe & Tim to worry about. Bwahahahahahaha! Mike-RSN-NYCQ