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Friday, August 31, 2007

My Fingers Are Tired and Mike Timlin Pitches in Game 1K-top 6th

& I let DO & RemDawg take you through it all. It's my turn to watch & enjoy the game. Love, Michael-R S N-NYC-Live From Fenway Park

Bot 5th

Pedroia singled, Papi HBP, Lowell single & rbi, 4-3 Orioles. Then Hinske on 6-4-3.


Rudely interrupted by some A hole in Queens. Markakis doubled & Tejada homered, ruining the transmission.

4th Bottom

Crisp walked-hinske walked-Kurt Birkins in relief of Antonio Vil-Lugo Foul to 1st-Cash 6 4 3 DP. It blows being down 4 2.

Bot 2 Part 2

Lugo flies to Lf-Catcher K. Cash grounds out. End 2 & I gotta hit the head.

Bot 2nd

Drew flies to right-Crisp walked-Hinske doubles Crisp home-2-0 Sox.

Papi homered, off Vil. Lowell singled, out 7-4, 1 0 Red Sox bot 1st

Millar's up top of 2nd, popped to Lugo. Sitting with MA STATE Ladies Softball Champs. Huff grounds 4_3. Mora pf to Youk. 1 0 Red Sox bot 2.

1st Inning

Markakis singled with 2 out. Tejada popped to Youk. Orioles 0 & Red Sox coming to bat.

When Joba The Pitcher Played Headhunter

He threw not once, but twice, 98MPH Fast Balls at Youk's Head:

Joba The Pitcher claimed that he was trying to get a "Swinging Strike";

This sounds a lot like "Clemens Reasoning" whenever Roger was jacked up on the drug of his choice;

Youk reached on an error. Imagine if he homered;

Just ask Mike Piazza, after he was beaned by that Over Roided, Juiced Up Jackass, named Clemens;

Roger's 1st Line of Reasoning was "It was an Accident", though NO NY Sportswriter even believed him;

Remember the Broken Bat? How drugged Up was that Fat#@$#%&%$$%$, who follows Andy around as if Andy was his "Wife";

"I Thought It Was The Ball", protested Clemens, The Over-Juiced A--hole;

Sorry, Joba, but I don't buy your story;

Playing to a Crowd of Baboons, doesn't cut it for me;


I'll Be Busy Using My Thumbs @ Fenway Park

What once required a Notebook Computer, may only require a simple smart mobile phone. Of course, it might not hurt to have a Palm or Pocket PC for document writing & wireless transmission. From this phone, I will write a half inning summary from Fenway Park. Hey, these gadgets are great!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Kinda Knew This Would Occur, Like Back In November, Fred

When a team comes that close to a title, the team normally goes to upgrade itself. However, your new ballpark is really what matters. I guess that it's "Screw The Old-Time Fans" line, AGAIN. The last downgrade was Winter, 2000, which led to a blase' 2001 History repeats itself, BITTERLY.

New Additions To The M. Donald Grant & Riviera Lists-Why Didn't I THINK Of These Two, Long Ago?

In "The Riviera List", The Names Are Preceded by a Word starting with The Letter "F":

In "The M. Donald Grant List", names are there for acts of INFAMY;

Fred & Jeff Wilpon, Mets Owners, who are the subject of MY Wrath, have been named to both lists;

Building a nice "Fan-Free Experience" called Citi Field;

Dropping Capacity by 15,000 Seats;

It'll be easier to get Tickets @ Fenway Park, at this rate;

Jacking up prices @ Shea Stadium, while NOT upgrading the Team, who missed the World Series by a Centimetre, by signing JUNK;

Tying The Hands of Omar Minaya & Steve Phillips;

Most of all-Trying desperately, to turning Mets Fans into Yankthese Fans, for crying out loud;


NOW, This IS Great News

Mark Your Calendars for either September 8th, or September 9th, '07:

He's Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack;

Pedro Martinez Returns;

Click On The Title & Read It;



'What? ANOTHER 'Bleak Futures @ Fenway' Game?

September 2nd, last year, was a "Bleak Futures" Game. Now Manny's out with a Strained Oblique. & Kielty's hurt, too. I know. I just wanna puke:

Click On The Title Above, for The Manny Diagnosis;

I'll be in Fenway Park, tomorrow night, after visiting Boston Beer Works & having a RemDawg Doggie;

I will have a grand time, as I have, 5 Other Times before, even though it may be "P--- The Bed Time";

See You all on The Live Fenway Blog, Tomorrow Night;


WHY was Roger so sharp?

Who told the Sawx that it's time for a vacation? That enhanced by syrynge PO 2 actually looked good(When did the "Medicine" arrive). Sawx lost 4-3.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

7:05PM-ET Beckett Vs The Rocket

As in Roger Clemens. Beckett MUST follow what V-Tek calls for & will succede. More, later!

A Note To John Farrell-Sawx Pitching Coach-Please Work With Dice-K On His Control-Thanks

Because I cannot stomach losing to "Roger's Gal Friday", Andy, as was witnessed last night, live from "The Toilet", by the score of 5-3:


Let's do A LOT-BETTER With Josh vs Clemens;


For Amongst Us In Red Sox Nation-NYC-An Addition To Two Lists Of Infamy

Yes Jim Caple, are you reading our blogs? Do you NOT know of the Affront you have paid Red Sox Nation, with your rambling blather?

You have now qualified for my two infamous lists of DISGRACE, which subjects you to catcalls of incredible magnitude. They shall be read & heard throughout Red Sox Nation, which is NOT ONLY in New England. In fact much of that Nation Lives in The 5 Boroughs of New York City;

You have entered a VERY Select List, ever more to be reviled in chant, for you have crossed the line into Infamy. "Malo Caple Est", shall be our motto, in referencing you. Comparing us with the "October Arrivistas" & Assorted Baboons, who frequent a "Giant Toilet" in The Bronx, does NOT bode well for you;

"The Riviera List" means that the word "F---" will precede your name, as we in NYC, revile that "Pink Cap-Pretend Red Sox Place With The Roger Clemens In A Red Sox Jersey Portrait", located @ 7th Avenue South & West 4th Street, in the West Village;

The Next List, means you have REALLY crossed the line. Known As "The M.Donald Grant-Dick Young List", it means you've really made it, along with such luminaries as Dan Shaughnessy & William Heywood Wilson(Mookie);

Click On The Title & read the Caple Article;



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The ONE Baseball Thing Which I Will NOT Do This Week

Is go ANYWHERE NEAR SportsRadio 66, WFAN, when The Mets are on:

You heard me;

I hope you heard me loud & clear;

Whilst Sr Fred & Company are holding a New Ballpark Fundraiser & buying junk, thinking their fans are just so-damn stupid, I will place the Mets this week on "Ignore";

There were NO Upgrades to this team, but prices sure shot up @ Shea Stadium;

There's ONLY One Reason you guys are in 1st Place in the NL & NL East, especially The East;

Everybody else in the East, SUCKS, that's why;

I care NOT to be distracted by dreck, until 09/12. I've got my Sawx to follow;

& remember, ALWAYS, the Events which changed America, on that Fateful Day, 091101;


"I'd Rather Watch My Team In A Pahk"

Which I'll be doing, Friday Night, with live blog updates:

Why would anyone want to watch a Game in a "Toilet"?


"8 Up"

It's 8 Games for The Sawx, who're up 8 Games on The Yankees, who s--- the bed in Detroit, last night, as The Tigers Defeated them, 16-0, @ Comerica Park-Detroit. Mike Mussina started for The Skanks & gave up 6 Runs in 3 Innings & was yanked out. Methinks that Da Skanks have problems with Contenders:

Daisuke Matsuzaka is on the mound for The Sawx, vs Andy Pettite(Rogggggah's Girl Friday);

TV-in NYC is YES, also to be referred to here as "NO", where "Special" Kay will be at his DUMBEST;

On Radio in NY, is John B Sterling & Suzyn Waldman, providing Chills & Nausea, in more ways than one(Well, Obviously-It's An F-Bomb For F-Rod);

On MLB Audio, Castig, Gaff & O'Brien, will paint the word picture;

Let's hope for a "Happy Recap", as Ol' Murph would put it;


Monday, August 27, 2007

A Warning To Those Red Sox Bretheran Going To "The Toilet" Over The Next 3 Days

Those are NOT real Baseball Fans, you'll be sitting next to. They're a WILD Pack of Baboons:

They will try EVERYTHING in their power to get you ARRESTED & EJECTED. After All, WHY Else would I call The Place "The Toilet";

They will throw things at you, If you react in a certain way, they'll gang up on you & make up a PHONY Incident to the NYPD, who's the Yankees Security Service. They have to entertain these Baboons;

You'll hear Language which is the Type You Won't hear ANYWHERE Else;

Be on Your Guard;


So Far, So Good, So Good, So Good

Fenway Park is Sold Out for The rest Of The Red Sox Season, which is Nice to Know, unless you go to Stub Hub or other Ticket Brokers. That's what Winning Does for a Team:

Last year at this time, one could get tickets online, rather easily, as the Sawx headed into a slump, due to a rash of injuries;

Checking the Sawx Site, that save for Tampa Bay, there's Nothing Available;

Great for The Red Sox-3 Cheers For Them;


A Close NL Central

WHY Did The Brewers S--- The Bed? Now, The Cubs have a 1.5 Game Lead over The Brew Crew. 2 Games behind are The Cardinals. This is Really The MLB Least. Yet, from That Least, came a World Champion:

Baseball Is A Funny Game;


For Those Of You, Who Prefer A National League Approach

Mets-Phillies Tonight & next 3 Nights from Philly, on 1210 Philly & WFAN in NY:

Also, SNY & Comcast Philadelphia, will carry that Series;


Radio For "The Series"

MLB Gameday Audio, will give you the WRKO Feed, or the WCBS Feed of the Series in NY, hence, no need to hear John Sterling describing "An F-Bomb For F-Rod". Just Give me "Castig", "Gaff" & O'Brien. I don't need Waldman screaming "Roger Clemens Is in My Box"(LOL):

Over the air, are WTIC 1080-Hartford & WCBS 880-NY;

@ least you have a choice of Radio Stations;


When Will I Root for The Yankees?

When Mel Gibson addresses B'Nai Brith:
When The Nazis apologize for The Holocost;
When Yankees Fans become literate;
When Tim Mc Carver stops talking about Derek Jeter;

That's When;



How Can You Tell an Intelligent Yankees Fan?

(S)He can spell "Suck", without "Hooked On Phonics" or a Dictionary:



No NESN For Next 3 Nights In NYC-But, Plenty of "NO"

3 Nights of Blabbering from one M. Kay, who's doing his Theological Disertation on "No Hitters & The Holocost"(LOL):

& the REST of the "Yankme Shills", who may cause for VIOLENT NAUSEA, FOR RED SOX FANS IN THE NY Metropolitan Area. We're TRULY Stuck behind the Lines here in NYC;

The Yankees TV service is called YES, to which I shall refer to them as "NO" for the next 3 days;

Then, Friday, folks, you can have NESN, back, while I'm @ Fenway Park for my 2nd Game this year;

Mike-RSN-NYC-Queens-Way Behind Enemy Lines

Tomorrow Night-Those "Classy" Yankees "Fans"


More like "Braying Blohards of Baboons":

1st Pitch Thrown at 7:09PM, ET;

1st Punch thrown at 7:10PM, ET;

9th Beer Inhaled by the Bottom of The 2nd by a Yankees Fan;

Expect Hundreds of Ejections in this series;


Heave Ho-4 10+ In A Row For Red Sox Over Blight Sux

Sunday was a Great Day when The Red Sox destroyed the Blight Sox in "The Cell". I can imagine Hawk Harrelson Broadcasting this as if it was a Funeral over either Comcast or WGN Superstation. Totakl Scores for 4 Games was 46-7 Red Sox. Even Eric Gagne' Looked Great. It's now a 7.5 Game lead over the Yankees, who play The Tigers in Detroit, this evening, before Returning home to "The Toilet". Yankees lost 5-4 Yesterday:

Is 8:09PM-ET a scary time for the NY Mets, because they play like they're AFRAID Of The Dark, losing 6-2 to the Dodgers. Sucking, by donating a Game to The Whale, Wells, is not Good Form, in a Pennant Race;


Sunday, August 26, 2007

3 Nights of Red Sox In The Toilet From Tuesday To Thursday & Then Friday Night @ Fenway

It will be an Interesting Week, ahead. The Sawx are off, Tomorrow, & then it's off to The Toilet for 3 Games with The Skanks. Will Roidger rear his head in this one? Will he be taking extra "Liquid Vitamins" For this Series?

Then, I'm off to Red Sox-Os' in Fenway, Friday Night, returning Saturday Morning, early;

I hope that it isn't a Bleak Futures at Fenway Series, because of something done by Eric Gagne';


To The People Who Produce "FOX Saturday Baseball"

You have One Great PLAY By PLAY Announcer, who's RARELY-USED in that capacity. I'm NOT talking about Joe Buck @ all.Buck is NOWHERE Near His Father's Ability:

Yesterday was a RARE Treat. Tim Mc Carver was in great form yesterday. I shed a little tear, as Tim Brought me back to the Old Form of Play By Play, with Great Baseball Stories, with Ralph Kiner, in the 3rd Inning of Yesterday's Dodgers-Mets on FOX;

Tim is a PLAY BY PLAY Man, Extraordinaire. He shouldn't be doing Colour. Leave that to Buck, who should do that;

You guys are WASTING Precious Resources;


Two 16 Game Winners-Wakey's Ball Danced

In Chicago, the Good Sawx Won AGAIN, this time, 14-3, on FOX Saturday Baseball, in 43% of The Country. Hawk Harrelson, was nowhere to be seen or heard, speaking ebonics:

The Day Before, Josh Beckett won #16. Wakey joined that Elite List, yesterday;

Red Sox still lead the Yankees by 6 1/2 Games;

Unfortunately, Detroit has no PITCHING & No real hitting;

The Yankees won 7-2, hence only the 6 1/2 Game Lead;


The Standing Ovation For Carlos Delgado

He was in an 0-19 Slump. Well, The Faithful at Shea Stadium, rose to their Collective Feet, & Roared. Then, Mr Delgado singled in 2 Runs & The Faithful @ Shea Stadium, went wild:

Mets Won It 4-3, as El Duque Hernandez, pitched Marvelously in Extreme Heat & Humidity @ Shea Stadium, striking out 7 in 7 Innings;

Mets Lead the Braves & Phillies by 7 Games in The NL East;


Saturday, August 25, 2007

3 In a Row-10 +Runs

The Red Sox Ate The White Sox, again for Dinner. 14 2, was the final score. Red Sox lead the Yankees by 7 games.

Tim? Ya Done Great!

Play By Play, straight out of WWOR 9 & Satellite in the '80s on FOX, today. It was great with Ralph Kiner in the FOX Booth. It was like the '80s, all over again. It was a Classic. Thanks! Mets won it, 4-3. The stories, & Play By Play, really cut it for me.

Places Where I Will NOT Watch The Boston Red Sox

Yankee Stadium-it is the Drunken Yankees Males Capital Of The World. It's known(Thanks To Jere Smith of "A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory"), as "The Toilet". People here, have no clue as to WHAT they're watching after the 6th beer has been inhaled, by the bottom of the 1st Inning, for crying out loud. They'd pee on a Cop's Shoes & tell him/her, that it's raining. In the Bleachers(RF Sec 39), those are dregs out there. They don't just act like a--holes, They ARE A--holes. They sing that worn out "YMCA", as "Why Are You GAY", followed by Obscenities:

The Riviera Cafe'-Please, Guys, I got Food Poisoning from the Chile'. You COPY Professor Thom's Menu & the food tastes like cardboard. You STILL have a portrait of Roger Clemens in a Sawx Jersey-it means to me, that you're NOT authentic. No wonder, there's a Chant of "F--- The F---ing Riviera" @ Professor Thom's(That's WHAT SHE Said);

Hudson Council, Knights Of Columbus In Woodside, Queens, Just a 7 Train Ride Away From Shea Stadium-What are you Brother Knights-Al Yankeezeera? 6 TV Monitors used for a Yankees Game so 4 Guys can bet on The Game, while The Mets are at Shea Stadium. You guys have The MLB Extra Innings Package, & subjected 2 Visiting Past Grand Knights to watching The White Sox-Athletics, while you bet on a Yankees Game, Which The Yankees LOST, then let the 2 Past Grand Knights watch a Mets Game, from the Bottom of the 7th, which The Mets WON? SELFISH;

My Latest Pre-3:55PM-ET Rant;


7:05PM-ET Yankees(Wang) Vs Tigers(Bonderman On YES & FSN-Detroit

I can just hear Torre saying "My Wang Is Fine"(LOL):

After a Long Night's Journey into Morning, it should be a wild game, tonight;

WHY has Detroit gone colder than DRY ICE;

The Yankees Strength is in The AL Central, but NOT in The AL East Or West;

It should be interesting;


PS-Correction, as Tigers & Yankees Will Be On FOX 2 Detroit.

@ 3:55PM-ET On FOX For The 57% Stuck With Tim, Dodgers(Stutts) Vs Mets(O.Hernandez)

Today is Irish Day, complete with Celi Dancers & a rendition of "Soldiers Song" & "The Star Spangled Banner":

Orlando Hernandez will start. Just how old is he, is as mysterious as "Where's Judge Crater";

Will he be magnificent or NOT;

One thing is a GIVEN;

Tim Mc Carver will make at least 1 Stupefying Comment, this afternoon, on "FOX Saturday Baseball", though he hasn't made one in about 5 Weeks;

Will "The Luck Of The Irish", be on the side of The Mets? Stay Tuned;



@ 3:55PM-ET On FOX For The 43%-Red Sox(Wakey) Vs White Sox(Buerle)

Let's hope that Wakey's Knuckler dances nicely.The RED Sox are on a roll, while the White Sox are in LAST Place in the AL Central:

Funny, but much of White Sox-dom hasn't changed, as much of this team is the Same Team, which won a World Series, 2 Years ago;

How The Mighty have Fallen;


After A 4 Hour Rain Delay, Roger Really Cut A Big One

William Roger Clemens, a huge man by use of "Liquid Vitamins"(LOL), pitched 5 Innings. He gave up 6 Runs. Well, that Game with the Detroit Tigers lasted 11 Innings & ended at 3:30PM, ET, today, & Sean Henn gave up a 3 Run Homer, so the NY Yankees lost 9-6. Carlos Guillen hit a 3 Run Walk-Off Homer:

The Yankees are now 6 1/2 Games behind the Red Sox & 3 Games behind Seattle, for The Wild Card;

The Race continues today. Weather Permitting, it's Dodgers-Mets, in 57% of The USA, @ 3:55PM-ET, on FOX, with Hundreds of Derek Jeter Mentions by Tim(OK, ONLY 17+ by The 2nd Inning);


Friday, August 24, 2007

10 1 Final-Red Sox Sweep A Doubleheader

6 games up on the Yankees, who're playing the Tigers @ the moment.

After 7, The Red Sox Are Demolishing The White Sox

9-1.Papi hit his 23rd Homer & Youk clubbed his 13th. More, Later!

SOMEHOW, Billy Wagner Got Out Of It

He got out of it despite loading the bases. The Good Oliver Perez appeared on "Latin Night" @ Shea Stadium, in which no Gregorian Chant was sung(LOL). Mets won 5-2, ouer the former Ebbets Field owners, The Dodgers of L A. Thankfully, Brad Penny was not in Top form. David Wright Homered.

11-3 Carmine Hose Over Pale Hose

Beckett gets his 16th Victory, aided by tremendous offensive support. Garland is now 8-10 with the Chisox, who are going NOWHERE, Red Sox lead in the AL East is now 5 1/2 Games. 2nd Game of this Day Night Seperate Admission Double Bill is @ 8:05PM-ET @ US Cellular Field in Chicago:

Stay tuned for further updates;


You Know That A Game Is Good & Winnable Whenever

Hidei "Darkman" Okajima is in relief. It's the likes of Eric Gagne' & Aaron Heilman, which gives me gas. More, Later!

5-3 Carmine Hose Over Pale Hose in The 6th @ "The Cell" In South Side Chicago

& Beckett is still in there:

I'll Write Later. V-Tek Doubled in 2 Runs, in a 4 Run 4th Inning;


TOP 10 Signs You're Reading A Bad Catholic Catechism

#10:A Warning By The Authors, reads: "After reading the Lessons, do NOT tune into EWTN";

#9:It has a scholarly presentation of "No Hitters & The Holocost" by "Theologian", M. Kay;

#8:It has a picture of Cal Ripkin Jr, on the cover;

#7:Section on The Eucharist, is in "Group Meal" concept, like a Pizza Party, as demonstrated by Cardinal Mahony, wit his recipe called "Pizza Bologna";

#6:"Mother Angelica's Teachings" are a danger to The Faith, We're Teaching Here;

#5:The Commentary on the 07/07/07 issuance of The Motu Proprio by His Holiness, as interpreted by Commentators, Joseph Francis Buck & James Timothy Mc Carver;

#4:Tells readers that certain "Knights Of Columbus Past Grand Knights are Right Wing Extremists, sent by Rome", listing their blogs, e-mail boxes, & lists "Random Fandom Red Sox NYC", as the Primary Offender, with that "Gregorian Chant" on his blog-Yikes;

#3:Lists dioceses which give Good, Cut Rate Annulments;

#2:Lists "Dignity" as approved by the Church, in L A;

#1:Imprimatur by a Msgr Howard Stern, whose Latin Knowledge is limited to uttering the word "Babbabooey".

Beckett Vs Garland In Red Sox Vs White Sox @ 2:05PM-ET

Josh Beckett Seeks his 16th Win vs John Garland with The Carmine Hose vs The Pale Hose @ "The Cell" on the South Side Of Chicago:

No Gopher Balls, Josh;

Weather in Chicago was really bad, with Tornado Warnings Closing The Control Tower At O'Hare International Airport, plus Heavy Soaking Rain(Sounds Like Brooklyn & Queens, a few weeks ago);

2nd Game of this Day-Night Doubleheader may be in doubt;

Funny, but how the White Sox turned into Also-Rans in 2 Years;


NYC-A Great Place To Be Both A Boston Red Sox Fan & A Traditionalist Catholic

Two of The "Impossible Dream-1967" Red Sox, were Joe Foy from The Bronx & Rico Petrocelli, from Brooklyn:

Red Sox Bars open until 4:00AM, unlike in MA, until 2:00AM;

A City where you're free to be any fan you want to be, & I don't care what Yankees Poseurs Think;

Traditional Latin Masses in Manhattan, with one on Carmine Street(Our Lady Of Pompeii) @ 10:00AM, & @ St Agnes on East 43rd Street, Lexinton to 3rd Avenue on The Cross;

Traditional Latin Masses in The Diocese of Brooklyn, every Sunday @ a Parish just off 4th Avenue on 25th Street @ 10AM;

In The Diocese Of Brooklyn, in Middle Village, Queens, there are a # of Red Sox Fans, gathered on the 2nd & 4th Sundays @ St John's Cemetary Chapel @ 9:00AM, for the Traditional Latin Mass. One Priest, now assigned to St Margaret's-Middle Village, is looking for permission to have that Mass, Every Sunday;

While in The Boston Archdiocese, there's only One Traditional Latin Mass, & it's in The Suburb of Newton-Upper Falls, somewhere on "The T" Green Line;

That's why I love being both A Traditional Catholic & a Red Sox Fan, in NYC;


Double Header On Tap-Red Sox Vs Chisox

2:05PM-ET is 1st Game & 8:11PM-ET is 2nd Game:

Who are we stuck with in regards to MLB TV;

Because "The Hawk" makes me want to Heave;


Last Night, I Viewed The Special "Impossible To Forget" @ Professor Thom's

Ahhh, 1967, "The Summer Of Love", & The Birth Of Red Sox Nation! It was the Time Of "The Revolution", which was the start of "Sex, Drugs & Rock 'N Roll":

& then, there was a team, who could capture the Hearts & Minds of many a Baseball Fan. In a sense, they were "America's Team", like the Brooklyn Dodgers before them;

They, too, wore a "B" on their Caps. The "B" is Red & stands for, to this day, The Boston Red Sox;

George Scott(Not The Actor) was at 1st Base. Rico Petrocelli was Shortstop(& from BROOKLYN, NY). The Kid from Revere was Rightfielder, Tony Conigliaro. In LF was Carl Yastremski from the East End of Long Island. The 3rd Baseman was Joe Foy, originally from The Bronx. That team had 3 Local Regulars, from Long Island & The Bronx;

I remembered from a next door neighbor, who told me this, that as a Mets Fan, there's an American League Team, you can proudly root for & that team is The Boston Red Sox, so I come from that Summer. Over in Shea Stadium, a new kid had come up as a pitcher, from Fresno, CA. Today, he's a Hall Of Famer with over 300 Victories, by the name of Tom Seaver;

When Tony C, got beaned, helmets did NOT have the Protective Flap, which they do, today;

There were NO Cell Phone Users. It was mentioned that Baseball on the radio, was special. I prefer to listen to radio, even today, via MLB Audio, to hear O'Brien & Castiglione, call Red Sox Games, like I'll listen to Howie Rose & Tom Mc Carthy on Mets Radio on WFAN-660-NY;

In Regards to "The Rivalry" with the NY Yankees, Yankee Stadium in the 1960s', did NOT draw great, massive crowds, unlike today. I remember one such Red Sox Doubleheader, where there was only 20K in the stands. The Biggest Act was a dude, who stacked up empty beer cups, to stretch up to the top of the Stadium's 3rd Level, only for all the cups to come tumbling down;

Any sense of that Rivalry, came back to life at Shea Stadium, in the years that Yankee Stadium, was being rebuilt, in '74-'75;

It was in '97, when I moved firmly into The Red Sox Camp, by going to Fenway Park, For Tigers vs Sawx,in June, on the 28th;

Next Friday, I'll be watching in Box 90, by Grandstand 4, by Pesky's Pole. Let's Hope for a "Happy Recap", as one Red Sox Radio TV Guy, from the '50s, who later did 42 Seasons from The Polo Grounds & Shea Stadium, used to put it;


Thursday, August 23, 2007

MLB On FOX This Saturday

57% Of you, will watch Dodgers of L A, formerly from Brooklyn, NY, take on the NY Mets, presently residing in Corona, Queens, NY:

Kenny Albert is Good, as is Ken Rosenthal;

But, to both coasts, COVER your Ears;

Tim is on. Will there be 17 mentions of Derek Jeter?

We await that inglorious moment in time;

I'd rather be in the 43% of the Country, watching Red Sox-White Sox, with Matt Vargasian & Joe Girardi. Girardi at least, calls a good game;

Don't say I didn't warn you;


WTF-How Is It When The Skanks, Yankmes, Yankthese, Yankees, Are On The Left Coast & There are IMMEDIATE Stories The Next Day?

Thought For The Day-The NY Post Is The Digital & Print Version of "FOX Saturday Baseball":

Full Story & Everything & THAT was NOT the Big Story, as The Orioles lost 30-3 to Texas Rangers;

There is another Team in NYC. Now, in the UNLIKELY Event that someone hits for the cycle, or one of their Pitchers, pitches The Ultimate Gem, The Yankees get the back space, for things like A-Rod Farting on a Subway Train at Rush Hour, while cuddling his mistress;

I had enough;


The Red Sox Had The Night Off-While Texas Was All Consuming

@ least that was the case for the Offense. Puh-lease, this is Tampa Bay. You could have them for lunch. Red Sox wasted Dice K's Performance, 2-1, with Eric Gagne' NOWHERE to be seen:

The Texas Rangers CONSUMED The Baltimore Orioles, 30-3, in the 1st Game of a Doubleheader(I wonder who kicked Baltimore's Field Goal-LOL);

The O's Come into Fenway Park next Weekend. I want to see a Good Ol' Fashioned Butt Wippin', while I Live Blog, from BOX 90 in RF @ Fenway;

Take Care;

Mike RSN-NYC-Queens

It's August 23rd, So Why Is There Heat On The J Train?

I can see why "The Omnipotent Q" complains about the old BMT's Brighton Q Train. Hey, it's not fun riding the J train today in summer with heat on. 1 can arrive @ the office in a foul mood. This is 1 of those days.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Buan-04/23/63"_The "Creator" of The Novus Ordo Mass

"Buan" is Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, the guy in charge of the "Wreckovation" called the New Order of The Mass, or "Novus Ordo":

He conducted this writing with the help of 6 Protestant Ministers(Lutherans & Anglicans, whose belief in the Corporeal Real Presence of Christ In The Eucharist, is defined as "With The Bread & Wine until the End Of The Liturgy" or "Consubstantiation"), to create a Mass, which would make Protestants comfortable;

After reading the Mass, I looked at the Broad Church Anglican Service & the High Church Lutheran Service & realized that the Novus Ordo Mass, is heavily-Protestant in structure. In fact, it's very hard to tell the difference among the 3 Services;

& looking at some hymns, sung in Lutheran Churches, many are sung in Catholic Churches & many are banal dreck;

Marty Haugen, a Lutheran, wrote a lot of these hymns for CATHOLIC usage. They're sung in Lutheran & Episcopal Churches, in North America, in addition to Catholic Parishes;

But, here's the big kicker about "Buan";

A search of the membership lists of Italian Freemasonry, showed Annibale Bugnini, was code-named "Buan" & became a Mason, on April 23rd, 1963, during Vatican II, which at that time, incurred "Ipso Facto" Excommunication. Masonry was proscribed by the Catholic Church, in 1738. I'm wondering if the 6 Ministers were also members of "The Craft";

Just Think-OUR Mass was changed by an Apostate Priest & 6 Other Clergy, to create this Mass, today;

It makes me want to PUKE;


7:05PM, ET-Lester vs Sonnanstine

Jon Lester seeking 1st win in 2007, as the Red Sox face The Devil Rays at Tropicana Field, in St Petersburg, FL:

Lets hope Gagne' doesn't ruin it;

NESN & FSN-FLorida will have that Game for you;


Weather Permitting-Padres vs Mets, 7:10PM ET

San Diego's All Star Chris Young, vs Mets John Maine @ Shea Stadium, tonight:

Mighty-Unpleasant Weather Out There & cool, so if you go to the game, were a light jacket & long sleeves, as Shea Stadium can be cold;


"Nice Job Sawx, Especially Mr Lowell"

For hitting a 2 Run Shot, knocking one Scott Kazmir out of the box, in the 6th Inning, as the Red Sox Smashed Tampa Bay, 6-0:

Kaz? You had it coming & glad you got clocked in The Dome in Tampa Bay-St-Petersburg, as the Sawx have your #;

Meanwhile, on the Left Coast in Anaheim, Yankees lost to Angels, 7-6 in 10 Innings, with Darren Oliver, gaining Victory & Sean Henn, getting the loss;


Monday, August 20, 2007

Missale Romanum-1965-There Was NO Need for The Novus Ordo Mass

I remember this period of time, as a Transitional Period, The Mass was STILL The Mass, in that it was carried out in Vernacular, except for Offertory & Consecration, which continued to be celebrated in Latin. It was still Solemn & Beautiful & One still Knelt at The Communion Rail to receive the Most Holy Sacrament Of The Altar. There was still Gregorian Chant. Solemn High Masses still continued in Latin. The Last Gospel at the end of Mass, was discontinued. It followed the Tridentine Latin Mass Format. This, I believe, was the True Reform of The Liturgy, as envisioned by Vatican II. People still filled their Local Parishes on Sundays & Holy Days Of Obligation. There was an option to face the people, or face eastward by the Priest:

There was a Modification In Liturgical Year 1967, in that the Whole Of The Mass, could be celebrated in The Vernacular. There were still Solemn High Masses in Latin, but more Churches were going with The Priest Facing The Populi, which lost something for the Faithful;

In the United States, there was the Civil Rights Movement & the Use of the Guitar Strummed "Folk Masses" to attract young people, began to take shape. Please, it was really the precursor to "Novus Ordo Mass Music Mania", you know, the kind of Music that you sing around a campfire, @ a picnic or throw up to. More of The Faithful, felt uneasy. I felt more comfortable with The Mass of 1965;

There Was ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for the Novus Ordo Mass, which is so dry by comparison, what, with Mass-Produced Banal Hymns, a more of a Self Rather Than God Centred Attitude & Liturgical Abuses up the wazoo. I don't want my Mass, copied from a Protestant Service, or written by Protestant Ministers;

I want My Church back;

& The Motu Proprio of 7/7/07, is a Giant Step In The Right Direction;

I think that "The Real Springtime" of The Church, is here;

Pax Vobiscum;


On The Current Novus Ordo & Traditional Latin Masses-Which Has Truer Participation

I remember some woman from the East Glendale Section of Queens, adjacent to my Woodhaven Neighborhood, seperated by Woodhaven Blvd, commenting in "The Tablet"(Diocese of Brooklyn & Not the See of Westminster), on how the Novus Ordo Mass is so good & people really participate by the use of the vernacular:

Ok, My Dear-WHERE ARE THEY? Mass Attendance is down 60%. Do I consider singing "Michael, Row The Boat Ashore-Alleluia", REAL Participation in a Mass or a Campfire Sing-Along? There are Hymns, which sound like they were written after Breakfast & after a flatulence attack in Mc Donalds or Burger King;

I don't like my Priests to be performers, as if they're on some Comedy-Variety Show. One such Priest has a tired act of when wee children, inadvertently have an accident in their pants & the parents become the butt of his jokes, from the pulpit;

The Offertory is dumbed down & naturalistic-sounding, instead of a Sacrifice being offered, which it truly is, as the Host is in memory of Christ as Victim, as The Christ is offered as Victim, for The Expiation & Remission of Sins;

In the Novus Ordo Mass, it tends to be a recitation & Sing Along, with little to NO Time for Reflection & Meditation;

In my 1st Participation in the Traditional Latin Mass in some 40 Years, I never genuflected, bowed, knelt & stood so much in my life. It was like old times+Gregorian Chant. & it felt Great to receive Holy Communion on my Knees, instead of in a hoarde rushing to the altar. I prefer that the priest place the Body Of Christ on my tougue. He has the True Right to do that as he offered The Mass, as an Alter Christus;

Altar Servers, in the TLM, recite responses in Latin. In the current Mass, they are more like Window Dressing;

Why are Girls acting as Altar Servers, when they, Canonically, CANNOT be Priests? This gives them False Hope, unless they go to the Anglicans & Lutherans, when they grow up;

Eucharist In The Hand? Sadly, many Catholics don't believe in the Corporeal Real Presence of Christ's Body & Blood. That Consecrated Host is so Sacred, that by receiving in the hand, may alow particles to fall to the floor. There's also the Danger of some people taking that Host to be used in Satanic & other Ritualistic, Pagan Ceremonies;

Participation in the Traditional Latin Mass, is of Reverence, Silence & Awe & not Banal, Palid Pap Pop Music. & the Traditional Latin Masses are drawing the crowds;

There's something better out there & it's STEEPED in Tradition;

Pax Vobiscum;


Sunday, August 19, 2007

TOP 10 Signs You're Watching A Bad NY Mets Documentary

#10: It keeps showing Derek Jeter Pumping His Fist;
#9: It’s Called “Impossible To Take Seriously After A Few Smithwicks”;
#8: Narrated by Tim Mc Carver;
#7: Lists ‘86 World Series Champions Rap Sheets;
#6: Mistakes “Bleacher Creatures” as METS Fans;
#5: Filmed in a “Toilet” in The Bronx;
#4: Filmed with Security Cameras & Cell Phones to Save The Wilpons' Money;
#3: Photos of New Citi Field, look suspiciously like they were taken at Fenway Park;
#2: Play By Play Announcer in ‘86, starts reading Fan Letters from Alex Rodriguez & Derek Jeter, on WWOR via Satellite;
#1: A FOX Sports-YES-NESN-ESPN Joint Production, NOT seen on SNY.

Special Red Sox Nation-NY Metropolitan Area Alert For Saturday, August 25th, 2007 For 3:55PM, ET On FOX

Unless you have tickets for US Cellular Field in Chicago, Red Sox @ White Sox will not air, unless you're in New England that weekend:

Listed as Game #1 is L A Dodgers @ NY Mets;

Ditto, California, will take Dodgers-Mets, on FOX;

Red Sox Nation-Both Coasts, are advised;

Not good for business for Red Sox-Themed Pubs in the NY Metro Area;


PS: Theo? @ Least Omar turned down the Rangers

I'll Be @ The Next Home Game @ Fenway Park Vs The Orioles

& will Live Blog Via my phone:

It'll be a Report From The Fens By "The Pez Man";

This better not be another "Bleak Futures @ Fenway" Series;

Until Next Time;


@ least there was Some Good News To Report-Like Howie Says, "Put It In The Books"

In "The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend Department, the NY Mets scored 4 Times in the 7th, in Washington, defeating the Nationals, 8-2. The Mets have won 6 out of 7 Games, putting some distance between them & the Atlanta Braves & more distance away from the Phillies:

Unfortunately, the Yankmes beat Detroit 9-3;


Today, The Sox Had No Gas

In a 3-1 Loss to the LA Angels Of Disneyland:

Here's a shocker-Eric Gagne' struck out the side in the 9th;

You could SLAM the books on this one;



Watch it because you could be replaced as GM, after the Boneheaded Play of trading for Eric Gagne'. This is a list of some of your potential replacements:

George Costanza-his experience with an eccentric owner named George M. Steinbrenner III, does qualify him for knowing about talent, even if he did come up with All Cotton Uniforms;

Tim Mc Carver-as he professes to know so much about Red Sox Talent, such as "The Last Time The Giants had a runner on Base was Youkilis in the 4th Inning", means he's capable of pulling between inning trades, or isn't sure what game he's watching;

Steve Phillips-Traded for a Broken Down Mel Rojas-Traded for Mo Vaughn-called A-Rod the MVP of the '07 World Series;



Saturday, August 18, 2007

Here's Great News

Eric Gagne' Did NOT Pitch(LOL). Mr. Schilling did though, as well as a rejuvenated Mr Timlin & Darkman Okajima & Papelbon, as the Red Sox defeated The LA Angels of Anaheim, 10 to 5. It just might be time for a Medical evaluation of Eric Gagne'. I think he's hurt.

Like I Really Love This-Yankees Fans In Woodside, Queens

The Class A Short Season Staten Island Yankees, defeated the Brooklyn Cyclones 12-3 @ Keyspan Park-Coney Island, Brooklyn. The Cyclones, property of Sterling Mets LP, @ Least, dropped out of the Eric Gagne' Sweepstakes-LOL. I realize that Yankees Fans are everywhere(So are mosquitos). Even in Queens!


With the Washington Nationals, in a game where he's 2-4. The NY Mets lead 6 to 4 in the 8th Inning in RFK Stadium, where one could call it "Shea South". This is similar to when the Red Sox play Baltimore & Red Sox Nation invades Oriole Park turning it into Fenway Park South.

Getting Beaned Can Be Fatal-Requiscant In Pacem Tony C

A Jack Hamilton Fastball smashed into the cheekbone of Red Sox RF Tony Conigliaro, causing vision damage to the young slugger, 40 years ago today, in Angels-Red Sox @ Fenway Park:

I was 12 when that happened;

Tony retired in 1971, as he had vision problems;

I can only think what kind of damage, "Headhunters" cause batters;

Tony C-If Only That Never Happened;


It's 3:55PM, Eastern

Do You Know where your Children Are?

If so, you can turn off your tv sets & go do something else;

It's Time for "FOX Saturday Baseball";

73% will see Tigers-Yankees;

Of that 73%, how many will turn off the sound;

Tim is working this game;

Please! No!

Eric Gagne'-A Similar Trade

As I live in Queens, a Borough of New York City, I ‘ve seen Bomb Trades by various General Managers in Major League Baseball.
It was 1997. It was the New York Mets(In the Years before XM Satellite Radio’s Rendition of “Sweet Caroline”), who wanted further bullpen help. The Mets General Manager was Steve Phillips(Now an ESPN Talking Head).
The Mets had a speedster named Lance Johnson, their 1997 All Star Game Starter. It was the trade deadline & Phillips decided to make a deal to improve pitching in the relief corps.
A deal was pulled off. Lance Johnson was traded to the Chicago Cubs for Reliever Mel Rojas & Reliever Turk Wendell(Native of Springfield, MA). Rojas, when in Montreal was lights out with his fastball. He was on that ‘94 Montreal Team, which had Baseball’s Best Record, until the Big Strike ended the Season. Rojas went to the Cubs in 1996.
The Mets had some momentum, as contenders in the 1997 Season. This changed when Rojas became the Prime Closer. Rojas was NOT up to the task as a closer, as he would blow a 3 run lead on a # of occasions. This led to the Mets falling behind the Marlins & The Marlins won that World Series.
By 1998, Rojas was gone. It turned out that Rojas had a bad shoulder & was released by the Tigers, after the Mets released him.

The Eric Gagne’ Deal, in my opinion, is where young talent was dealt for a big name, who has not been the same since shoulder surgery. Perhaps, it’s his mechanics. Then again, he might have re-injured his shoulder & isn’t talking about it. Either way, he has not been effective. Like Mel Rojas 10 Years ago, Eric may have nothing left in the Tank.

This deal could be costly. It proves that History has a pattern of Repetition.


Baseball Is A Stage

There's One Leaving For Pawtucket in 10 Minutes:

Eric Gagne' & Julio Lugo, had better be on it;


Clay Bucholz-Future

Because Eric Gagne' is PAST his prime. Please, Theo, get away from Your Macbook Pro, & go with your gut feelings. Stats do act as a barometer, but don't tell the whole story. Clay looks like a gem. Do NOT Trade for some Mel Rojas-Like Stiff. I rest my case.

Friday, August 17, 2007

MX Gagne' P--d The Bed AGAIN

Ok, who smoked the Ganja to pull the trigger on this deal? I suspect DAMAGED Goods here. In 5 1/3 Innings, Gagne' has given up 10 earned runs. He blew the save & lost the game. Red Sox lose to Angels in the 2nd Game of a Day-Night Doubleheader, 7-5, when Gagne'gave up 3 runs in the 9th:

Well, @ least MA Native Tom Glavine got win 301, as the Mets won 6-2 in Washington. Power came from Upper Manhattan Native, Damian Easley & from Moises Alou;

That's it. I'm too p----d to write;


TOP 10 Observations Made By Parishioners @ a Really Bad Novus Ordo Mass

#10: @ a Baptismal Mass, "The Standells" strike up "Dirty Water";
#9: 12 Priests at The Mass, using 10 Eucharistic Ministers in their place;
#8: Communion Hymn is "Sweet Caroline";
#7: The Use of "FOX Saturday Baseball" Lead Analyst, Tim Mc Carver , as guest homilist;
#6: Alleluia sung to tune of "ESPN Sunday Night Baseball" Theme;
#5: Offertory Hymn is "Tessie" as sung by the "Dropkick Murphys'";
#4: Celebrant dressed as a Clown, or as his favourite steroided Major League Baseball Player;
#3: Parishioners call this Mass, an ABC Mass(Anything But Catholic);
#2: A Sports League Mass, @ the Opening Hymn, utilises the Song "Soccer Rules The World", which uses the lyrics "Go-o-ol, Go-o-ol";
#1: Pastor's Idea of use of Latin, is to have Alex Rodriguez as an Altar Server;

Thus a Bad Novus Ordo, indeed!


MVIII-TOP 10 Signs You're Watching A Yankees Documentary

#10:It's Called "Impossible To Watch";

#9: Stirring Rendition of "YMCA" by "The Bleacher Cretins", causes FCC to Intervene;

#8: It runs Every Saturday @ 3:55PM, ET;

#7: Narrated by Joe Buck, Tim Mc Carver, Ken Rosenthal, John Sterling, Suzyn Waldman & Michael Kay;

#6: Every Version of "Impossible To Watch" has mandatory Close-Up Of Derek Jeter;

#5: It's jointly, An "ESPN-FOX Sports-YES" Production, causing much Intestinal Distress;

#4: It runs all those Billy Martin "Miller Lite" Commercials;

#3: Instead of Real Billy Martin Footage, all scenes are played by John Tuturro;

#2: The 17+ Mentions of Derek Jeter, by Tim Mc Carver, BY THE 2ND INNING & his referring to "The Riviera Cafe' & Sports Bar", as the Epicentre Of Red Sox Culture in NYC, causing patrons @ "Professor Thom's", to hurl such obscenities as "F--- The Riviera";

#1: Suzyn Waldman exclaiming that "Roger Clemens Is In My Box", causes YES, ESPN & FOX, to be Fined by The FCC.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

MVI-GiamBALCO Escapes Punishment From Bud

I wonder who he gave up?

Click on Title & Read The Story:



MV-Kaylee's Recovering Nicely-Dice-K Got Diced & Sliced-Thahhhhh Yankees Lose-The Mets Win

Dice-K gave up 6 Runs on 6 Hits in 6 Innings. In Short, he s--- the bed. Red Sox lost 6-5:

In The Bronx, Mariano S--- The Bed, as the Yankees lost 6-3 in 10 Innings to The Orioles;

The Mets won it 10-8 in PNC Park-Pittsburgh;

& Kaylee IS BACK;


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MIV-No One Would Notice That Today Is The Feast Of Mary's Assumption

I guess when there are so few Masses & fewer Priests, no one seems to notice:

The Novus Ordo Mass, or New Order, being so mis-experimented with, may have driven much of The Faithful away from Church;

I was at one Parish in Queens, last evening. The Crowd was a bit sparse;

The Novus Ordo, Haugen Music, has chased the Faithful away;

All those Vocations down the Tubes;

I can remember Mass @ 6,7,8,9,10,11AM & Noon, on a Holy Day;

Now, in Local Parishes, maybe 1 or 2 Masses;



MIII-We Haven't Seen A Red Sox Nation-NYC Triple Play Lately-But Here's One

A Yankees Back-Ender Got CLOCKED, his name being Karstens. In fact The Bronx Bombers were bombed back to the Stone Age, 12-0. An "Idiot" named Millar, put the Icing on the cake, by a solo shot in the 7th Inning:

Both Mr Kazmir & Mr Lester, pitched Gems, with no scoring until the 8th Inning. There was a surprise as Eric Gagne' pitched nicely & got a 2-1 victory;

The Red Sox lead the Yankees by 5 Games;

The Mets beat the Pirates 5-4 in Pittsburgh's PNC Park, on a 2 Run Single by Moises Alou;

A Nice Night for The Nation in NYC!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kazmir vs Lester @705PM

Another front end of rotation guy faces The Red Sox. Kazmir is effective. It'll be a low scoring affair. Lester must match Kazmir.

MI-Phil Rizzuto-Requiscant In Pacem,Amen

@ age 89, a voice of Baseball in My Generation, & fun(As well as corny)to listen to:

Ok, he was the Yankees TV Guy, so don't get on me for that;

Like Harry Caray, his signiture was "Holy Cow" & some woman's cannoli recipes;

A good shortstop, he was Athlete of The Year in 1950;

Elected to Baseball's HOF in 1993-Inducted in 1994-in his Induction Speech, he was nervous, which is to be understood;

Old Age got to him. He remained Faithful to The Church, until The End;

Click on the Title;

Requiscant In Pacem, Amen;

Michael-Red Sox Nation-NYC-Queens(Where Phil Grew up, BTW)


M=Millenium. It's also the the Roman Numeral for 1000:

A lot has been written on this blog, 1st appearing in June, '05. Again, I stress the Boston Red Sox as the prime reason why I wrote this blog in the 1st place. I don't do it statistically, but from my gut & my heart. If you want stats, read MLB.Com, CBS, or your local newspaper. If you want some offbeat Sox Stories, come here, or to other bloggers;

If it stimulates conversation & laughter, so be it, that's why we bloggers exist. As I live in the Borough & County of Queens, here in NYC, having been born & raised in Kings County, The Borough of Brooklyn, in NYC, you may see a # of NY Mets References, here. Hey, I can't get to Fenway Park every day, so Shea Stadium is an alternative, since it's also the 1st Place, where I came to cheer for The Underdog, as opposed to cheering for perennial winners, whose "Fans" whine like Long Island North Shore Princesses, all over WFAN-660AM-NY, no bastion of intellectual discourse, since the forced departure of a serious host with humour;

I find the Current Novus Ordo Mass, to be both Spiritually & Intellectually Bereft. Nevertheless, it's still The Mass, but I prefer the Traditional Latin Mass, where people know their doctrine & is part of The True Catholic Heritage;

The Red Sox Blogging Community is close, though seperated by distances. One of our own bloggers, a 16 Year Old, Kaylee in AZ, is recovering from Open Heart Surgery. Keep her in your prayers. I also thank the Traditionalist Catholic Community for so much input. Both Communities are great;

Thanks to Mum & Da, who told me that cheering for the Underdog, is infinitely more satisfying. The '04 Red Sox & '69 Mets are proof of that;

To all, who come here-Thank You All So Very-Much;

Pax Vobiscum;

Michael-Red Sox Nation-NYC-Queens

Monday, August 13, 2007

Jeremy Guthrie Vs C. Wang @ 7:05PM, ET-O's @ Yankmes-Shields Vs Wakefield-7:05PM Devil Rays @ Red Sox-CMXCIX

Both Contenders are Home-Sawx @ Fenway Park & Yanks @ "The Toilet":

This will be an Interesting Night Of Baseball, ahead;

& I hope that Gagne' either redeems himself, or isn't needed;

Wakefield pitched 8 Innings of Shutout Ball, including a No Hit Bid into the 7th Inning, broken up by Rays Outfielder Carl Crawford, with a Single. Papelbon got his 24th Save & Wakey, his 14th Win. Final was 3-0 Sawx;

Mariano wet the bed, as it's 6-6 Yankees-Baltimore, then won in the 9th Inning Bottom, 7-6;

Mets Have The Night Off, facing Pittsburgh for 3 in PNC Park over next 3 Days;

"M"(1000th Post is NEXT);

Mike-RSN-NY Area-Queens

Now I Know Why Traditional Mass Catholics Homeschool Their Children

In December, '05, I learned that my Cantor @ K of C Masses, renounced her Catholic Faith & became a Fundamentalist. So much for the LACK of The Teaching of DOCTRINE:

Catholic Homeschoolers learn Doctrine;

They learn about Sin, in the 1st Grade, not the 8th Grade;

There are no vagarities here;

Teaching of Basic Prayers, is done early;

The FAITH is Imparted-The CATHOLIC Faith-Not a belief in a Sports Team, which is NOT a Religion, BTW;

Doctrine has been missing for YEARS;

Pax Vobiscum;

Michael-Red Sox Nation-NYC-Queens

Why Promulgation Of The Traditional Mass Is Of The Utmost In The Church

Our CATHOLIC Identity is at Stake, that's why:

A couple of Years ago, I viewed a Joint Lutheran-Anglican Service on TV;

It looked just like & felt like a Novus Ordo Mass, in fact just about no difference, except for the Omission of The Pope's Name from The Eucharistic Prayer & Consecration, it was really no different from what Novus Ordo Catholics see on any Sunday;

Removing the Tabernacle from the Centre, where it REALLY BELONGS, & replacing it with a Chair & replacing the High Altar with a Table, was going too far. It looks like an arrangement out of a Protestant Church, or even a Masonic Temple;

The Prayers in The Novus Ordo Mass, in many cases, omit the Names of Saints. It became Community Centred Instead of God-Centred;

In a # of Cases, I've gotten BORED, with a Capital B. & The Music, in some cases, is Pallid Pap Pop;

While I do usher a Sunday Mass in Woodhaven, even I'm getting bored silly;

& the Crowds are there for the Latin Mass;

It's GROWING & IT'S NOT Going Away;

Does this make any sense in the worlds of Trautperson, O'Malley & Mahony;

That lifts my Spirit;

Pax Vobiscum;

Michael-Red Sox Nation-NYC-Queens

EVERY MLB General Manager Makes Bomb Decisions

Remember Steve Phillips?

He used to hear such retorts from me as "George Costanza would make a better General Manager than you", early in this century:

I remember 1 Trade in 1997, to try to make the NY Mets, True Division Contenders, by trading All Star Outfielder & Base Stealer, Lance Johnson to Chicago, for Mel Rojas, once the premiere reliever in the NL;

Mel Rojas had NOTHING left in his tank, he was so awful;

Chemistry took a hit, here. Turns out thar Mel's Arm & Shoulder were sore, but Turk Wendell did figure out well, in Championship Aspirations, as he came in that deal;

Steve, in my opinion, had his hands tied by The Wilpons, so Fred Could buy out Nellie Doubleday;

Spec Richardson was 1 GM, who made Classic Bad Deals, for the Houston Astros. He traded away a 2nd Baseman(Now A Hall Of Famer) named Joe Morgan to the Reds. Morgan prospered as a Redleg. Morgan now annoys the s--- out of viewers of ESPN Sunday Night Baseball;

Sr Omar Minaya is one of the smart waiver wire dealers, in building a championship team(As long as he doesn't spend Jeff Wilpon's Lunch Money, he's OK). Unfortunately, getting Guillermo Mota, wasn't so hot, especially after learning that this guy used Steroids;

Theo Epstein's deal for Wily Mo Pena, for Bronson Arroyo, has "Jay Beuhner For Ken Phelps", written all over it. Pena is PAINFUL to watch;

This time around, with the BEST Bullpen in Baseball, Theo sells the farm to get Eric Gagne'. Eric hasn't been the same, since a Rotator Cuff went awry on him in '04. When he was on top of his game, Eric was unstoppable. Methinks, he's hiding an injury;

The Scott Kazmir For Victor Zambrano Deal, by Jim Duquette with the Mets, well, that's a Bomb, as Victor Zambrano's with some MLB Organization, & is horrific to watch. He also hid an injury;

All GMs Make Bomb Decisions. It's what makes Baseball, a Funny Game;

Get Well, Kaylee;


CMXCV-A Great Performance Attracts A Crowd

I'm NOT talking about Eric Gagne', whose Performances attract Locusts(Friendly Fenway is NOT going to be TOO-Friendly For Him):

I'm NOT Talking about The Yankees, who need gimmicks to draw crowds of Morons to "The Toilet";

I AM talking about a Phenomena, attracting Crowds to St John's Cemetary Chapel on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month;

Young Families are going for it;

The Traditional Latin Mass is the Answer;

Solemnity, Silence, Awe;

No BAD Novus Ordo Music, which would leave you wondering if you're really in a Catholic Church or at a Game in a domed stadium with Astroturf;

The TLM is attracting CROWDS;

& Intelligent Conversation Follows, sort of like after a Sawx Game @ Fenway Park;

It looks to be my Mass, in my Future;

Pax Vobiscum;

Michael-RSN-NYC Area-Queens

Reports Of "FOX Saturday Baseball" Yankee Talking

& NEITHER Buck nor Mc Carver, were involved:

Dick Stockton, Eric Karros & Ken Rosenthal, babbled on about this Subject;

It's sounding like the YES Booth on FOX;

FOX never seems to cover the story at Hand;

For Saturday's Tigers @ Yankees, your FOX Telecast will look & sound like this;

17+mentions of Derek Jeter, by the 2nd Inning;

Then it's Pitcher, Catcher, Jeter, Crowd Shot, Jeter,FOX Series Promo, Jeter, A-Rod standing on steps, Jeter, FOX NFL Sunday Promo, Jeter;

You get the idea;

I don't think that the Game will be watchable;


Looking At April's Schedule-The Indians Replicated Their Bit With The Yankmes

They've Lost All 6 Games in this series & both were played in cool weather, both in The Bronx & again in The Jake:

It's a repeat performance I can do without;

Not Good;

Baltimore's Back End of Their Rotation, comes into "The Toilet" for 3 Games Tonight;

Triple PukeBarf;


The Sawx Return Home For Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Not a Moment Too Soon!

Gagne' Gagged up games:

Whoever ORDERED this trade should be hung by ankles from either the Budweiser Scoreboard in Fenway Park, or from a Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp;

Or hung in Effigy;

Cool It;


CMXCI-Face This Fact, Red Sox Nation

When a team gets hot, it gets White Hot, especially when facing 5 weeks of Junk. That's The Yankees Case as we speak. I know now that Eric Gagne' is NO ANSWER to a Relief Corp, the Best In The Game, as The Chemistry has been upset, TREMENDOUSLY, by someone in the FO, looking for a Big Name Reliever:

It's FURY Time, Again. When I saw Gagne' coming in, I said "We're Sunk", & was infuriated at the result;

As The Shaker Song Said, "It's A Little Hard To Dance With The Devil On Your Back", as is the Case, Today;

Mike-RSN-NYC Area-Queens

Sunday, August 12, 2007

All Those Tributes To Glavine From MLB & THE NHL

This was Tom Glavine Day, @ Shea Stadium, in honor of his 300th MLB Pitching Victory. What got me was all those Nat'l Hockey League tributes. When the Mets involved NY Rangers Right Winger, Rod Gilbert, who played in an International Baseball Game @ Ebbets Field, in 1956, The deal was sealed. Tom was signed. Then, Bobby Orr came on as well as well as Wayne Gretsky. After all, Tom was a top draft choice of the NHL with the LA Kings. I'm glad that Orr was there, as Titan Tom grew up to The Bruins, & Rod Gilbert, in the Mets Negotiations, was there, as was Wayne Gretsky. It was a ceremony to remember. Mike-rsn-nyc.

An "Idiot" Homered, off Ky Sny

Do I have any bitterness vs Kevin Millar? No, because he was "One of The 25 Idiots" of the '04 World Championship. Who am I pissed @? The a-hole who came up with The Eric Gagne' Deal, that's who. Well, it's still a 4 game lead over the Yankees. Not Fun! Mike-rsn-nyc.

Baizez Vous, Eric Gagne'

In other words, "YOU SUCK", as you did another imitation of Mel Rojas & Armando Benitez, my 2 least favorite pitchers. You've ruined my day, so far. Like Fitzy would say, "GFY", ditto here. Mike-RSN-NYC.

Senor Alou Homered, AGAIN

Mets take a 5-4 Lead, into the 7th. Alou has his 2nd 2 Homer game this year.

A Roid Boy Homered-A 40 Year Old Homered-A Shortstop Plays Soccer

Jason* GiamBALCO*, larger than he was a week ago, homered, giving the Yankees a 2-0. Whilst @ Shea Stadium, Moises Alou gave the Mets a 3-1 lead, only for Oliver Perez to fall apart and The Marlins now lead 4 to 3. Another Homered, Jose' Reyes and it is 4-4 @ Shea Stadium. Lugo singles in V-Tek and it's 3 to 1 Red Sox in the 4th in Baltimore.

Catholic Schools Aren't Truly Catholic Anymore

I know what you may be thinking, like how much Monstah Ale I was sipping @ The Hairy Monk, during the Sawx Win over the Orioles. The subject in the title, was a topic of discussion after this morning's Traditional Latin Mass, where I'm now learning that most of the Children there, are Homeschooled. Why are parents choosing this method? Quite-simply, Children in Catholic Schools, aren't being taught about their Faith. Imagine an 8th Grader not knowing what The Eucharist is or what a Sacrament does. Unfortunately, this is the case as I write this. From my experience as a K of C Grand Knight, years ago, I found 8th Graders to know more about DFYankees, than about their FAITH. IT is a CRITICAL TIME. Michael of RSN-NY

To All AL Central & Other Competitors

Stop Taking The Day Off VS The Yankmes:

Or Else, Be Prepared For A Brooklyn Accented Rage Rant From Me;


Mike-RSN-Queens, NY

In Weather Replicating April, Tribe Rolls Over & Plays Dead For Yankthese

11-2 Yankees thrash Cleveland Indians:


A-Rod homered Twice;

Paul Byrd's wings didn't flap in cool weather-they wuz clipped;


Beckett #15 @ "Fenway South"

6-2 The Final-went 8 1/3 with Del Carmen getting last 2 outs:

That Green Monstah Ale went down Smoothly;

Thanks, Guys!


Somebody, Please, Take Heilman & Mota To A Shea Upper Ramp & Hang By Ankles


Armando Gagne' Player Of The Game:


WTF Else is new;

Wright hit 2 Homers;

Lo Duca gets hurt;

Mets BLOW IT to Marlins 7-5 at Shea;

Lousy Homestand;


Saturday, August 11, 2007

According To NBC Weather Plus-Accessible on This Blog

Weather In Cleveland is a Might Bit Cool:

It may explain an A-Rod Homer-he's hit most of his homers in cool weather or even rainy weather;

Temps in 50s there tonight;

Mike of RSN-NY Area-Queens

Yankees @ Cleveland-Mussina vs Byrd-7:05PM

For Your Spy-Eyes, on the MLB Package(STO-Ohio) & YES Network Regions:

Both Pitchers are Mediocrity Personified, Mussina & Byrd;

It may be a Long Night;

Mike-RSN-NY Area(Queens)

Special Red Sox Nation-All Regions Alert-A Novena For Kaylee's Recovery May Be Accessed Here By Clicking On This Title-Thanks

Anita Moore Of "V-For Victory" has put up a "Prayer Alert", for Kaylee in AZ. Click on The Title Above. It's Truly-Beautiful:

Pax Vobiscum;

Michael-RSN-NYC Area(Queens)

Titan 300 Tom & Scott Olsen As The Mets Take On The Marlins At 7:10PM, ET On The CW11-NY

It's Tommy Glavine Night at Shea Stadium, honouring the 300 Game Winner & Tommy will attempt to get #301:

A couple of hours before The Sawx, Omar Minaya was trying The Gagne' Deal, but was NOT going to part with TOP Prospects, for this Rent A Player. Then, again, Omar has been told NOT to spend any more than Jeff Wilpon's Lunch Money, in trying to upgrade his team. It's a Good Thing that Gagne' wasn't gotten by The Mets, as we in RSN are discovering, that he's awfully similar to Benitez or Mel Rojas;

Scott Olsen was the Pitcher in a Fight with that Combination Power Hitter-Crybaby, Spiteful Little Diva, Miguel Cabrera, last season;

Good Luck, Titan Tom(Do It For RSN's Little Sweetie, Kaylee of AZ, Who Like You, is a NATIVE of Massachusetts);

Mike-RSN-NYC Area(Queens)

3:55PM, ET ON FOX-SAWX @ Orioles

Garret Olsen, a Rookie, goes for Baltimore, whilst Mr Josh Beckett, goes for his 15th Win:

I hope that Josh can pitch at least 8 Innings & either Darkman Okajima or Paps, brings home a Save;

I DON'T Want to see "Benitez" Gagne'. Please, NO;

& even BETTER NEWS-Neither Joe, NOR JT Mac, will call this Game. It's up to Dick Stockton, Eric Karros & Ken Rosenthal, to deliver this Game;

Mike-RSN-NYC Area.

Last Night's Armando Benitez Impersonation By Eric Gagne' In Baltimore

Back on July 31st, I QUESTIONED the Acquisition of Eric Gagne', by The Red Sox, giving up a promising & VICTORIOUS Kason Gabbard:

This deal reminds me of The Mets-Cubs Deal, sending Mel Rojas to the Mets;
The Deal S----d as Rojas didn't have enough in the tank to cut a huge one & blew key games;;

Eric Gagne' is the NEW Armando Benitez. He can't hold a 4 RUN LEAD;

Was Francona ASLEEP, sending a RIGHTY against lefty Batters;

WHERE was Darkman Okajima in the 8th Inning;

WHY does this deal remind me of Scott Kazmir for the DAMAGED Victor Zambrano;

"JAY BUEHNER FOR KEN PHELPS" is a line out of "Seinfeld";

The Gagne' Deal is in that Line of Deals;

NEVER Trade A Bright Future For A Damaged PAST;


"Yous Guys Ain't Cooperatin' Too Good"

A Brooklyn Accented Rage Filled post:

Could Eric Gagne' be damaged goods? He fell apart in Baltimore, last night. Reportedly he had a 6+ERA after the All Star Break. Sawx lost last night;

Billy Wagner? Blown Save & a Loss for The Mets;

Puke Barf!(As Jere wouldda said);


Friday, August 10, 2007


The Red Sox will be waiting for you~So will The Patriots be awaiting your return-& those crazy NY Mets are waiting for your return-& Our Nation-Red Sox Nation-awaits your comeback. God is with you, through it all. Pax Vobis! Mike & The RSN Crew-All Regions.

To The NY Mets-You're Kaylee's NL Team-Win The Marlins Series For Her

As Brian Lawrence starts @ Shea Tonight, Vs Barone for FL:

Do it for Kaylee, Mets;

Pax Vobiscum;


Aces In Baltimore-Dice-K Vs Bedard-7:05PM,ET

Dice-K takes the Mound in Baltimore's Camden Yards(Fenway South), where Red Sox Fans outnumber Orioles Fans, 2-1, hence a Quasi-Home Game. Mr Eric Bedard will pitch for the Orioles:

TV Coverage outside of NESN Turf, provided by MASN(Will Gary Thorne make another dumb comment or will it be Buck Martinez);

Tomorrow's Game is at 3:55PM, ET(FOX);

SAWX? Win this Series for Kaylee;

Mike-RSN-NYC Area.

CMLXX-Top 10 Signs You're Watching A BAD Version of "Impossible To Forget"

#10:It's BOTH an "ESPN Original Entertainment Presentation" & Co-Produced by FOX Sports;

#9: Mostly-filmed at a "Gigantic Toilet" in The Bronx;

#8: St Louis Cardinals Catcher, talks about the fact that he caught Steve Carlton & Knows what he's talking about;

#7: Joe Morgan recalls his hit in the 1967 WS 7th Game, defeating Jim Lonberg;

#6: Comedian-Actor Don Rickles recalls Sox Leftfielder Carl Yeahyatzki(Whatever);

#5: Tim Mc Carver keeps referring to Tony Conigliaro as "Joe Castiglione";

#4: ESPN's Jon Miller refers to the "Riviera Cafe'& Sports Bar" in the West Village, as the epicentre of Red Sox Culture in NYC, causing patrons at "Professor Thom's" to throw things & shout "F--- The Riviera";

#3: Tim's Reference to Shortstop of the Future, Derek Jeter, causing the 2 Patrons of "The Riviera" to heave their Chili(Wait-they got Food Poisoning from that Chili);

#2; "Big Giant Pez" remarked that this special was "Financed with Jeff Wilpon's Lunch Money, it BLOWS so much";

#1: Narrated by Francis Xavier Healy, causing Heavy Sales of "Harpoon Prof. Thom's Ale".

For Quite-Ill Kaylee-of Red Sox Nation-AZ-In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen

As our Red Sox Blogging Community remembers in prayers over our dearest young friend, Kaylee in AZ as she will be receiving life-saving surgery for her heart, I was in a teary-eyed funk, today, until a period where a decade of The Rosary was prayed. It kept me from becoming a nervous wreck. Godspeed, Kaylee! Mike-from NYC

Thursday, August 09, 2007

"While I'm @ It, Why Would You Go To A Toilet To Watch A Major League Baseball Game?"

I've been receiving e-mail solicitations to come up to a giant toilet. It's a toilet where sporting events are held. I think that the team plays in a sport called Major League Baseball & brags about all their Championships. They even offered deals to sell me half-priced tickets to come to their toilet. I said "No Thanks, & I'd rather be @ the Pahk, to watch Baseball, instead of watching some guy with a rod, in a peeing contest." Click on the title, to see where I am talking about. Thanks! Mike of RSN-NY

Mets Lose To Braves, 7-6. What's With John Maine, Lately?

Mets Fans are asking questions about their temporary staff ace. Like why is John Maine getting lit up in the middle of games, suddenly? This is like when Aaron Heilman was doing it @ this time a year ago. Any guesses? Mike of RSN-NY

Red Sox Nation-An Extended Family

We are Worldwide. We travel everywhere. & we are the Most-Knowledgeable Baseball Fans In The World. So, we ask those of you around the world & All Baseball & NFL Football Fans of Good Will, to pray for a Member of The Red Sox Nation Extended Family:

The Lassie suffers from Heart Disease & is ONLY 16;

She enters Hospital Today, & will receive Open Heart Surgery, tomorrow;

She lives in Phoenix, AZ, originally from Boston;

Kaylee? We're united to you, as we write & speak;


"Kaylee, Of RSN-AZ, Some Great News To Cheer You Up"

As Kaylee, formerly from Boston & now in AZ, about to go through Open Heart Surgery & Entering Hospital, this afternoon:

Our Prayers are with you & the following News, will aid your speedy Recovery:

In Anaheim, The Boston Red Sox defeated the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, CA, USA, 9-6, with Dustin Pedroia, homering, Hidei Okajima as Winning Pitcher & Jon Papelbon getting the Save;

In Toronto, the Yankmes FINALLY faced an actual ACE of The Staff, in Roy Halliday & Lost 15-4. Mr Wang was the Losing Pitcher & Pitched like he was on HOLIDAY;

@ Shea Stadium in Corona, Queens, NY, the Mets Etched out a 4-3 Victory over The Atlanta Braves, with Aaron Heilman getting the Victory. & Your Favorite Mets Player, Shawn Green, scored 1 Run & was 4-4. Moises Alou homered in the 8th Inning to make it 4-3;

That's the Good News, On The Red Sox Nation-NY Area Front, Kaylee;

Our thoughts are with you;

Very Sincerely Yours;

Michael & The Gang In Red Sox Nation

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Report From Yankees Fan Haven, Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

According to My friend George, a Mets Fan, born 2 blocks from Yankee Stadium, there was tremendous damage to several homes & uprooted trees. This is also home to a group of fans, not noted for literacy. They need a dictionary, to spell "SUCK". Let's just say that many are "Creatures" , who sit in beerless "Bleachers":

Seeing the Damage from the West Part of Brooklyn, is frightening to behold & most-unfortunate. It's as if there's a new Tornado Alley;

My advice to New Yorkers is not to laugh about the Midwest, as no one is immune from storms of this type;


This Is Truly "Stormy Weather" In Red Sox Nation-NY Area

1st of all, it's quite-STEAMY, like a sauna, out there on the streets of NYC. There was a dangerous thunderstorm with intense rain, lightning out of a Hollywood movie, & tornados touching down in Brooklyn, which uprooted trees & several roofs on 68th Street in Bay Ridge. There's tremendous moisture in the air. & there was no IRT Subway service in Manhattan, this morning. But, here in Red Sox Nation-NY, there is something more-pressing as I write this. The NY Yankmes are back in the pennant race, through a schedule of playing 30 games against sub 500 teams. They played nothing but junk. It ends by Friday@ Cleveland. Mike

Dear Yankmes Fans

Your team is on a junk diet. As soon as the junk diet ends, the gas will run out. It always does & there will be a CRASH:

That's the way it is in life & sport;


The Battle Of Ancient Mariners @ Shea Stadium-Smoltz & Hernandez

The NL East War heats up-Atlanta @ NY Mets:

We know that John Smoltz is up near 40, but how close to 50 is Orlando Hernandez;

@ least one thing-El Duque can hit & steal a base, if need be;


CMLX-As Bonds* Blast #756* Landed A Long Ways Away

Matt Murphy, in NY Mets Gear, caught the vaunted(?)Bonds* Homer Ball. Matt Murphy is from my Home Borough Of Queens:

I think of this Irony, as the Giants were the NY Giants, 50 Years ago this year. Matt got that SFPD Escort for his own safety, last night;

Just loving it & Matt's on his way to Austrailia, today;

Slainte, Matt;


Mr Lester? Let's Send The Angels Crashing

10:10PM, ET, Red Sox Ending West Coast Swing, before heading to Camden Yards:

Do it, Jon-ya got it in you, to do so;


This Guy* Returned to The Yankmes Last Night

#25* Jason GiamBALCO*:

Let's hope that Mr Halliday's NOT on HOLIDAY, on the Blue Jays Mound, tonight;


That Storm This Morning Was Dangerous

Tornados in Bay Ridge:

No, I'm not talking about Texas. I'm talking about Brooklyn, where a twister took out the windows of a Presbyterian Church & ripped off the roofs of a group of row houses;

Brooklyn, NY, feh cryin' out loud;

Ditto, South Queens;

What a mess!


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

756* For Bonds*

Done! Even Hank Aaron wished him well! NO MORE ESPN Coverage! THANKS!

This Just In-Roger Clemens EJECTED

After all those years, & being warned, Roger got the official MLB Heave-Ho, being ejected by Home Plate MLB Umpire Angel Hernandez, for hitting Toronto's Rios in the back. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy! Mike


$ *! Mike

Please! This Mysterious Schedule Compunerd Must Be Found & Dealt With

Find Him! Comb all of Northern NJ. Take a picture of him. Post on MySpace. Thanks! He's ruining this MLB Season. Mike!

Roger* Is on Top Of His Game

Just not on top of Andy(LOL)! Must've gotten his "Vitamins" in time.

The Bad Oliver Is Down 6-0

Now, it's 6-1, Braves. AWFUL! Ollie Perez was hideous. Looks like a BAD NIGHT! Mike

CML-The Question Is...

7:07PM, ET-Which Roger* Clemens will be seen:

7:10PM, ET-Which Oliver Perez will be seen;

10:10PM, ET-Which Tim Wakefield will be seen;

Answers are later;


It's MLB Dunce Cap Wearing Time In NYC

The Casual Out Of The Woodwork Like Roaches "Fans" are back in full force, here in NYC:

They're wearing Caps with a white interlocking arachnid, spelling NY;

Yankmes "Fans" are back & are spewing their s--- already, as I speak;

A miserable end to Summer;


WMP is a Weapon of SOX Destruction

I'm talking about Wily Mo Pena. Please, Theo, DFA this guy. He looks like Benitez, fields like Lastings Milledge, & hits like Lugo below the Mendoza Line.

Imagine Derek Jeter Getting Ejected From a MLB Game

"What? Do you know who I am? I'm the sexiest man alive(Jorge Posada & Roger* know that-LOL). Women fall @ my feet(while A-Rod gets the manly women). I AM DEREK JETER, disco man, DRAMA QUEEN, you name it."

Pedro Pitches Tomorrow In St Lucie

Mr Martinez reports no pain:

Great News for Mets Fans, who may be drinking heavily, as this is the Braves Series;

A Little Hope chases Despair;


10:10PM, ET Wake Pitches To Angels

Another All-Nighter:

It can be tiring;

Wakey? Be sharp;


Roger*? Do They Allow Syringes Through Canadian Customs?

You're another guy, I'm going to be using an asterisk with. Ditto, the same when Jason Giambi returns:

Frankly, we in RSN are hoping that you put on the same performance, which you did in The Bronx, in that "Toilet", this past Thursday;

7:07PM, ET, it's Roidger* & The Yankmees vs The Blue Jays, in Rogers Centre in Toronto;

Do it for Ol' Time Sake;

Mike, With RSN & Company

Kaylee? Don't Worry-we're all pulling for You Here In RSN

& we'll leave the light on for you. Just get well! Mike & The RSN Crew

Don't Call Me A Baseball Conspiracy Theorist

Now I realize that the Yankmes got a gift on the schedule of not having to face a single MLB Pennant or Wild Card contending club, until this weekend in Cleveland. I know enough of you in Red Sox Nation are moaning about the Yankmes surge, but I also like to have some fun. No one likes a sad fan. Few love Yankmes Fans, many of whom became their fans, about a week ago. The question I do ask about the consultants drawing up the MLB schedule, is whether or not they're even fans of the Game itself, or mere mathemeticians? (Where in Ft. Lee, NJ, is Feder & Sons-LOL)? It's a long season & who figured that a team as mediocre as the Cardinals, would win the whole ball of wax? Mike

ON MASN & FSN-Bay Area, Tonight-The*Show


CMXL-"The Zone Is Changing-It's Changing"

I realize that I've Mocked one James Timothy Mc Carver, way too many times in the past several posts:

This time, he made a great observation, in that the Strike Zone varies from Umpire To Umpire;

I go back when AL Umpires used the Outside, Inflatable Chest Protector, while the NL Umpires used the Inside Protector. Today, the Inside Chest Protector, is standard in all of Professional Baseball;

Today, many umps don't call the high strike. Unfortunately, I've seen ankle high strikes, as long as the ball is over the plate;

Tim's right on the money. & Will Buck stop goading him into making a dumb comment?



& The Barry* Show Continues On ESPN

Who Cares!


38Pitches Is Not All That Bad & It's Toronto's Back End Pitching

I know that some are shocked by this blog, but, face it, like the Sox, Curt's not coming back To The Team, next season. He pitched like that, last night. & to Manny-half the umpires don't belong in MLB, but do keep quiet:

Actually Curt was effective for 6 Innings, but he's almost 41, but not doing badly;

Manny goes out by ejection;

Sox lose firepower;


Monday, August 06, 2007

In Red Sox-Angels @ 10:05 PM, ET

I'm hoping for the NESN Feed. After experiencing Steve Physioc a few times on FSN-West, well, let's just say that he's just a bit less-annoying than Joe Buck. Their Game Analyst talks far more than Tim Mc Carver. Yikes! & you wonder why I like Mr Scully! Mike

Live Blogging on September 12th & 24th From Shea Stadium

Just like on Friday, August 31st, my thumbs will be busy sending reports back from Shea Stadium. As that place fades into history, it'll be game reports & memories. Mike

Up & Coming In January, The Ultimate "FOX Saturday Baseball" Sendup

I know that it'll be a really funny one, but also filled with intelligent remarks from an unlikely source. & an unusual FOX Season Premiere, all in bad taste, will be promoted. Tina from NESN, joins last season's crew. The Postgame will be live from "The Hairy Professor" in Manhattan. Mike

August 31st Live From Fenway Park Blog

Seeing that I can blog from this phone, live coverage will be done from Fenway Park-from first pitch to game's end. It'll be written in every half inning. You'll feel like you're @ the game with me. Mike

I Can Now Post From Anywhere, Using My RAZR V3

Just think-Live Blogging from Fenway Park on August 31st. You see that with my mobile Opera browser, the stories can be updated. There's no need to carry the Palm T X. All I'll need is this 3.5 ounce phone. & that's all for now! Mike

Hey, Barry*, You're With Me, Leather

As it's another ESPN Night of frivolity. One wonders what bit of misinformation that Joe Morgan will give his audience. What bad joke will Berman belch to the world? Barry*? Just get it over with & spare us these Baboons. Thanks!* Mike*

CMXXXI-Course Is Corrected-due to a draft article being eliminated-LXIX To go to "M"-Mike

That's all folks!

CMXXXI-Like All Milestones-We All Like To Get It Over With

Tommy Glavine got his 300 Pitching Win, only being the 4th Lefty to do it:

A-Rod got his 500th Homer;

Barry Bonds has #755* & wants to get #756*;

& I'm 69 away from my "M"(1000th) Post;


CMXXX-2 Jokers Start In Toronto Tomorrow Night

Josh Towers takes the Hill for Toronto & That Fat-Arsed Roided PO#2, that fat farce Roger Clemens, goes for the Yankmes;

In which inning will Roger get blown out;

Ditto, Towers;

Stay Tuned;


CMXXIX-Yankthese Win

5-4 & Tie Detroit For The Wild Card:


CMXXVIII-Why Is MLB Holding The MMVIII All Star Game @ "The Toilet"?

It's simple. After loads of Yankmes Legends are introduced(Especially If They're Legends In Their Own Minds Like Reggie Jackson & Bucky Dent-LOL), there will be ceremonies up the kazoo, followed by the Game itself:

1st Pitch @ 9:07PM, ET;

Is Baseball saluting The Juice Era, much of which played at The Toilet;

FOX will show us the following sequences;

Pitcher, catcher, celebrity guest shot, plug for Dumb FOX Series, Jeter, Baserunner, Jeter, Fan Shot, Jeter, Trump, Mc Cartney, Jeter, teletour of The Toilet, Jeter;

You get the Picture;


CMXXVII-A Thought For The Schedule-Maker For MLB

Why not have the Yankmees face all the Bottom NL Clubs in the 18 Games allotted to them, like the Reds, Home & Home with the Pirates, 3 with Washington & 3 with Florida:

After all didn't the Mets face all the TOP Clubs in the AL, this season;

& the Sox had some tough ones as well;

Can't have fun without some sarcasm;



The Yankmes scored 4 in the 6th in Toronto, to take a 5-3 lead. They just might tie Detroit, today for the AL Wild Card:

I HATE that with a Capital H;


CMXXV-Why Did The Detroit Tigers Grow Colder Than Dry Ice

They're pulling an August '02 Mets at Home # & The Yankees are on their tails, about to tie them for the Wild Card Spot in the AL:

Of course, the Outside Consultants, who drew up the Schedule, didn't realize that they were feeding the Yankees a junk-laden schedule for 4 STRAIGHT Weeks(Where in Northern NJ or SW CT are these consultants located-LOL);

Time for Leyland to light a fire & NOT just a Match for his smoking Breaks;

75 Posts to "M";


CMXXIV-On A Friend's Comment About The St Patrick's Day Parade

I mentioned to him, an AOH Division President, about the 1st Day Of Holy Week being Palm Sunday. The Division's St Patrick's Day Party is already-booked for the Day before the Parade on March 17th, '08, Monday of Holy Week. I mentioned that the day might not be celebrated LITURGICALLY:

He commented "Don't worry! It'll be a great day to get 'Lit'";



CMXXIII-Rain Or Shine This Sunday, I NEED My Latin Mass Followed By The Sawx @ Baltimore

It'll Be a 2 Mass Day, but after a Latin Mass, I feel that all's RIGHT with The World:

Then the Red Sox take on the O's in Baltimore;

It'll be a Great Sunday;


CMXXII-I'm Feeling Burned Out A Bit

Day After Day, one does his job & enjoys it. But I've operated on little sleep during the week & it caught up to me & am just getting back on track, for the next 3 weeks are going to be a real barnburner:

Whether working, joining my friends for repasts or watching Baseball, it takes a toll;

Back, refreshed, to the grind, tomorrow;


CMXXI-Fenway Park Will No Longer Be The Lowest Capacity In Baseball

When The Oakland Athletics Open Their New Park in Fremont, CA, that Park will be only 35,000:

Smaller, I'm afraid, means that the fans will be gouged for higher ticket prices;


CMXX-756* Chase To Be on ESPN Until Barry* Does It

How many more nights of "You're With Me, Leather" Berman, Joe Legend In His Own Mind" Morgan & Steve "GM" Phillips can we take?


Just Do it*;


CMXIX-MMVIII World Youth Days In Sydney, Austrailia-The Catholic" Woodstock"

Yikes! Youths from all over the World will gather for this Rock Concert & Papal Celebration:

Will this be any different than Woodstock & the Summer Of Love;

Will it be CATHOLIC, for crying out loud;

From stories I've read, nothing serious ever gets done;

There's more solemnity at a Red Sox Game in Fenway Park, than at these gatherings;

Bad Liturgy with Rock Music(Wait! I can get that at any so-called "Folk" Mass);

How about a Traditional Latin Mass with Gregorian Chant, THE Coolest Music going?

It really might get these kids attention;


CMXVIII-Yankmes @ Toronto @ 1:07PM

Strange but the 1st Game Of The Series in Toronto is an AFTERNOON Start. In fact it is strange for a Monday & the other 2 Games on Tuesday & Wednesday are 7:07PM, ET, starts:



CMXVII-Mr Schilling Returns TONIGHT In Anaheim

Curt's Back:

Pitch & Pitch Well;

Great News for "The Nation";

Great News For Red Sox Nation-NYC Metro Area;

The Red Sox at Baltimore, This Saturday, 3:55PM, ET, on FOX, will be seen on FOX5-NY;


CMXVI-St Patrick's Day, March 17th, MMVIII

Is on a Monday. That Monday is Monday Of Holy Week & May NOT, in a # of Dioceses, be liturgically celebrated:

It would be the day after Palm Sunday. Marching up 5th Avenue, would be AWKWARD to say the least, as Holy Thursday & Good Friday, are a few days away;

The Irish Bishops are asking The Vatican for permission to celebrate the Feast on Saturday, March 15th. @ least it would be celebrated before the Start of Holy Week;

This would upstage the NY Organizers of The St Patrick's Day Parade a bit;


CMXV-A Sign Of Grace-A Sign Of Mission

I'm NOT talking about Mark Grace on FOX Saturday Baseball Pre-Game:

Remember when there were Catholic Missionary Priests being sent from this Country & Ireland to Africa?

It's paying off, as Nations like The Congo & Nigeria, are sending Missionary Priests to South America. Their Seminaries are bursting at the seams;

So are Seminaries for the 20 Orders dedicated to the Promulgation of the Traditional Latin Mass;

The True Springtime of The Church may finally be underway;

A Sign Of Grace-A Sign Of Mission;


CMXIV-If Their's Another CCC Winning Pitcher

In a Few Years, will he drive in a run in his own cause?

Tommy Glavine, from Billerica, MA, was 1 for 2, with a Walk. His single drove in the 1st run of the Game, last night, as the Mets won it 6-3 over the Cubs in Wrigley Field;

Doesn't get any better than that!


CMXIII-Josh Wins # XIV(14)

Finally, the Funk's over in Seattle, as the Sawx took 2 out of 3 In Safeco, winning 9-2:

Nice 7 Innings, Mr Beckett. Nice Catch Coco! Fab Offence to all;

Still lead the Yankees, who now have to play REAL Teams, by 7 Games;


CMXII-Why You'll Be Seeing Roman Numerals

Because the Letter M stands for 1000 & the Title of the thousandth Post will be a 1 Lettered Affair, namely M. Thats 88 (LXXXVIII) articles away, so enjoy the countdown, as Tom Glavine won CCC(300):


An Interesting Weekend With Milestones

1st, A-Rod & 500 Homers:
Woof De Do;

Then Barry* Bonds* tied the 755* Mark;

What Tom Glavine did was rare. 300 Victories by a Pitcher. Even more Rare by a Lefty. There won't be a 300 Victory Pitcher for a # of Years;


I Will Let Mr Tom Glavine's 300th Victory-& Wearing 47 For The Mets, Speak For Itself-Thanks! Mike

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Roll Of Dice(K) Shows 4-3 Red Sox Victory

Pap Saved It & the Safeco Winless Streak is Over:

Whew! Still 7 Games over the Yankmes;


755* Last Night

& Barry Went Opposite Field in The Ball Park, made "Barry Bonds-Proof", namely, PETCO in San Diego, in the 2nd Inning:

COX Cable4Padres, gave us the feed in Professor Thom's Last Night. There was no ESPN & "I'm With You, Leather" Berman;

The 756 Chase now continues;


Buck? Please!

FOX Saturday Baseball came from Wrigley Field-Chicago. Working that telecast was Joe Buck, Tim Mc Carver & Ken Rosenthal:

FOX has to stop those In Game Mgr Interviews, as they distract from the telecast. This became evident when Moises Alou Homered & Joe was interviewing Lou Piniella;

Tim was entertaining, like his old self in the Superstation WWOR Days. Joe Buck was good as well, UNTIL these words;

"How about them Yankees";

Now, I realize why that statement was made, as FOX & TBS/TNT are the Postseason Networks. Now, why would MLB deliberately schedule 28 Straight Games, all Sub-500 Teams+3 with the Pittsburgh Pirates?

The 2 Networks are hoping to attract the 25-54 Males with 7 Figure Incomes to watch & buy from the sponsors & they tend to live in the NY Metropolitan Area, as well as the 6 Blue-Haired Biddies In Brooklyn Heights, who are quite wealthy. The St Louis Cardinals are not that team, which would deliver this group;

To Tim's Credit, nothing dumb was said. & Buck sounded a bit sarcastic;


Saturday, August 04, 2007

500 For A-Rod

1st Inning off Davies, with Yankees leading 4-0 in 1st Inning:

ESPN won't have to cover that stuff;



How will the Yankmes fare vs REAL TEAMS?
I don't think they'll fare that well;

Besides, FOX can't have Derek Jeter in every Post Season;

& Yanmes Pitching is Horribly-Mediocre;

Just ask Rogggggggahhhhhhhh;


Dice-K Vs Washburn-10:05PM

Question To Daisuke Matsuzaka-Would you please break the Bad Streak, so as to give us some breathing room? After all, the Yankthese are playing every team, with a High Degree of S---cess these days, until sometime next week:

This reminds me of the 1969 Mets, who couldn't win in that Hideous & Now-Closed Joke, called The Astrodome;

Don't let us down;



ESPN & "The Bronx Is Burning" & The Barry Bonds Record Chase

It was more than just The Bronx, burning in 1977. I actually saw The Bushwick Section of Brooklyn, on fire, while being looted to death & I remember that Blackout, as it was hot & steamy:

Today, as Bushwick comes back, a new Manhattan Style Name of East Williamsburgh East or EWE, comes to mind. After all Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass is called DUMBO;

&, in the Bonds Chase, every single Game involving the SF Giants, is on the air;

& Chris "I'm With You, Leather" Berman, does some of the Games;

Please, NO! Barry? Just Break The Record* & we won't have to see your mug every night;

You'll do us all a favor, sparing us from Berman, That Corndawg;



76% Will See In HD, Mets At Cubs

Dear Mets Fans:

You WHINE Like Long Island North Shore Princesses, all over WFAN & Your Team is in 1st Place, for crying out loud;

So, your team will be seen, live from Wrigley Field. John Maine goes for his 13th Victory, while Ted Lilly of Bonds 754 Fame, looks for his 12th;

Please don't moan, except when you hear the voices of these three gentleman;

Joe Buck(You can turn your sets off & go do something else-Good Lord);

Ken Rosenthal Gives the Supposed Inside Look;

& From He, who'll mention the Name Of Derek Jeter, an indeterminate # of Times, & is adored by the Hideous "'86 Mets Fans", & despised by both Red Sox Nation & Real Mets Fans, you can be sure that he'll say something, which will be all over blogs, around the world;

Buck will tell Him, "Why don't you give us the New Toronto Blue Jays TV Schedule on the CW 11 In NY";

Don't say I did NOT warn you;


Get Some Strong Cawfee, Sawx

Why are yous guys so afraid of Safeco Field?Ok, you guys are sendin' me into furious BROOKLYN Accent Rage?

Sox lost 7-4 & lost 9 Straight, so far in Safeco, startin last yr when Coco & Manny played Alphonse & Gaston on a ball turned into an Inside th park homer;

It's anothah ball park-don't s--- the bed. Thanx!

The Yankmes won 7-1 over KC. That consecutive sub 500 club chase will end this week;

& my advice to Mets Fans-stop calling the "FAN", whining-your team is winning;


Friday, August 03, 2007

CM #900-Reflections & Observations Over The Course Of Time Since June,2005

1st & Foremost, this is a Baseball Blog, with PRIMARY Emphasis on the Boston Red Sox, who'll be in Seattle(Safeco Field) tonight, with Mr Jon Lester on the hill(Win in that place, Will Ya-Don't get me going into a Native BROOKLYN Accent Fueled Rage):

As always, there's THE ENEMY, called THE EVIL EMPIRE, under such names as Yankees, Yankthese & Yankmes. It's ALWAYS a pleasure, chronicling their miscues & losses, watching their cocky "Fans" twisting in the wind, after years of bragging;

Then, the NY Mets get some space here, as my alternate team to the Red Sox, where Yankees-Hating, is usually the NORM at Shea Stadium. The Chant of "Gay-Rod...Jeter's BF", is the craze there, with "Yankees S---", chanted every night;

Within this year, a # of Articles have been devoted to the Traditional Latin Mass, as well as Traditional Catholic Issues. Now you know why a Gregorian Chant is the music on this Primarily-Baseball Blog;

There's even a Gregorian Chant Version of "Yankees S---", in Latin, on this blog & "Professor Thom's" Blog;

It was Kelly F Jefferson of the "Triumphant Red Sox Fan" Blog, who gave me the Inspiration to Write a Red Sox Blog;

It was Jere Smith, who gave me the Inspiration to write in a Somewhat-Quirky Style;

It was also inspired by Jim "Suldog" Sullivan, of H2Otown, in Massachusetts;

It was John Quinn, who inspired me to write about other things on the blog, which drives people to read this thing;

The Catholic Bloggers who come here, interested me further in the Traditional Latin Mass, which I now assist at, once a month, especially when His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, issued a Motu Proprio, allowing any Priest With Faculties, to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass, without a Local Bishop's consent;

To my surprise, someone from Boston, a Red Sox Fan, found my blog, listed on, as a resource for the Motu Proprio discussion;

My Thanks to Anita Moore(V For Victory), Simon Peter Vickers-Buckley(Simon Peter's Blog) & Paramedic Golden Girl(Salve Regina) for exchanging info into the Catholic Writings on this blog;

To Kaylee;

We Sox Bloggers will keep you in our prayers in your latest health emergency & thanks for the record 43 post session, last year. Ditto goes for The Catholic Bloggers;


My Director in The Booth, keeping me from making a Mc Carver Style Blooper is John Quinn(Brooklyn Sox Fan & The Mighty Quinn Media Machine);

Music by Chris Wertz(Professor Thom's Blog);

Commentators are PeterN(Peter's Red Sox Forever), EricaT(Yawkey News), Christine E(Boston Red Thoughts), Jere(A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory), Beazer(Sox Sistahs Speak-aka Cyn Donnelly), Kaylee(The World According To Kaylee), Rebecca(Reb's Sox), The Omnipotent Q(Quinn, JB), The Anonymous Guy identified as Kazmerzcyk. Jerry Thomas(Chris Wertz from Professor Thom's), Suldog(Suldog-O-Rama), Anita Moore, ParamedicGoldenGirl, & Simon Peter, & Julie(Scarlet Fever);

Thanks also to Bill Mahoney(Call Of The Green Monster), Laura(Laura & The Red Sox);

Also Thanks to Joe Buck & Tim Mc Carver.Whatever you 2 guys say on FOX, keeps us bloggers busy on a slow day;

With the Yankees possibly for sale, I'm rooting for The Dolans(Cablevision-MSG) to buy them & have Isaiah Thomas run that team into the ground;

The Next Milestone is 1K(1000);

Thanks All;


PS-For Mad Dog Russo, it's Gagne', NOT Gagknee;


#899-A Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis-YES For Sale-Bonds Goes Nada

If You click on the Title, above,info about "Al Yankeezeera", a Soviet Style Yankees TV Network(That's How Their Yankees Commentators sound), is for sale:

Picture FOX as owner;
Michael Kay & Tim Mc Carver on "FOX Saturday Baseball";
Ditto, Joe Buck & Al Leiter;
Which combo would cause you to lose your lunch, quicker & cause you to drink more-heavily? I think you get the picture;

Barry Bonds was 1-2 with an Intentional Walk, issued by LA Dodgers Reliever, Scott "The Tester" Proctor(Jere likes to call him "A--man", as he associates Proctor with Proctologist). PETCO Park in San Diego, is the NEXT Stop for The Barry Bonds Record-Breaking Road Show & Circus;

Kyrie Elaison(Lord Have Mercy) on those who were killed on the I35 West Bridge in Minnesota, the other night, as the State of Minnesota, neglected to take care of this bridge. This cries to Heaven for Justice;

#900 Promises to be a Very-Interesting Article;

Until Then;


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Red Sox Nation-NYC Alert-A FINE Day

Wakey went 7 Innings-The Sawx scored 4 in the Bottom of the 7th & won 7-4, so his ball danced Pretty-Nicely:

Roger had practically no gas(@least not enough to cut the cheese in the dugout corner) & gave up 8 runs in the top of the 2nd vs the Chi Sox. Jeff Karstens gave up more & got the Loss. CWS 13, & Yankmes 9. Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees S---, as A-Rod went empty in his quest for his 500th Homer;

Red Sox over Yankees by 8 Games;

Mets roundly defeated Milwaukee's Brew Crew 12-4. Brewers just points below the Chicago Cubs;

A Fine, If Steamy-Hot Day, Indeed!

& I wonder if I'll have my 900th Article before Bonds ties or passes Aaron's 755th Homer, A-Rod hits his 500th Homer & Tommy Glavin gets his 300th Victory. This is Post #898, BTW;


7-4 Final As Red Sox Take 2 Out of 3 From O's

After Sox scored 4 in the 7th:

Gagne' gave up a run on 2 hits in the 9th inning;

Put It In The Books;


Roger's Outta There as

Yankees & White Sox are at 8-8 in the Top of the 4th In The Bronx:

ALL Runs for both teams, scored in the 2nd Inning;

Funny, how the White Sox went from '05 WS Champs to Nada Nada in only 2 seasons;

& W'm Roger Clemens didn't last past the 2nd Inning;

It's going to be a long afternoon;


Gabbard 5 2/3 Innings 3 Runs on 8 Hits

Cleveland Leads 5-0, Bottom of 8th In Cleveland over Texas:

Jake Westbrook is pitching a fine one for Cleveland;


12:35PM, ET-K-Gab's Rangers Debut

Vs Westbrook in Cleveland:

Good Luck, K-Gab;

Indians playing to keep head above water in the Playoff Hunt;


It'll Be An Interesting Afternoon Of Baseball

Jon Garland Goes for The White Sox vs Some Guy Who May Have Been Told to stay out of the Game Until Midseason, W'm Roger(Of Ohio, Not Texas)Clemens(A Secret Unofficial Suspension, methinks):

Brian Lawrence makes his Mets Debut this afternoon, vs Chris Capuano @ Milwaukee. Lawrence pitched at New Orleans, during this season;

Jim Guthrie(O's) vs Wakey at 1:05PM, at Fenway Park. Guth had a 3 Hitter in a Game, which the O's Bullpen BLEW, earlier this year;

Dodgers-Giants, the oldest rivalry in Baseball, going all the way back to 1890 in NY, will be at 10:10PM, ET in LA;


Day Games Today

1:05PM,ET, O's @ Red Sox & Wakey will knuckle down, I hope:

The A-Rod 500th "A-Bomb" Chase continues with White Sox @ Yankees @ 1:05PM, ET;

Mets at Brewers, now with Brewers in 2nd Place, @ 2:05PM, ET;

Not much tonight on MLB TV;


The Triple Record Chase May Continue-Sunday

A-Rod's Chase Is Interrupted by an 0-21 Streak:

Barry's in LA, now;

Tom Glavine of Billerica, MA, will start at Wrigley Field, Sunday Night on ESPN @ 8:09PM, ET, when the Mets go to Chicago;

It may be one exciting Sunday;


5-4 Red Sox, Once Trachsel Left

Whew! Baltimore has some good starting pitching, but no Relief in The Tank:

& The Sawx won it;

That's what counts;

& Tavy isn't really a starter, much anymore;


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Top4 O's 3-1 Over Sawx

Wake Up From Your Slumber, unless Trashbin lulled you to sleep:

He did lull me to sleep a few times;


2X In A Row=Brooklyn Born-Raised MLB Owners Fail To Make Upgrades After Post Season

Both grew up going to Ebbets Field:

One won a '05 World Series;

One Missed The '06 WS;

Then both their teams acted like Constipated men on toilet seats;

Jerry In Chicago & Fred in Corona? Got that?


You-Who? Sawx? Remember Which '06 NLCS S--- Lister Is On The Hill

3-0 Top of the 3rd:

Your bats are as lively as a constipated Man on a Toilet Bowl;

While The Yankees Lead The Pale Hosiery of Chi Town, 3-1;

& Wily Mo's still around?


Tavarez & The Red Sox Are Making Trachsel & The O's Look Like Cy Young & Babe Ruth

The Orioles now lead 3-0 in the Top of The 2nd Inning:

Though the Chi Sox are leading the Yankmes 1-0 in the 2nd in The Bronx;

Stop The Bleeding, Carmine Hose;

This is Trachsel, still on my '06 NLCS S--- List, for crying out loud;


I'll Go On Record To Heartily-Endorse The Gagne Deal

If Kristen of "Red Sox Diehard" heard it right, & she usually does get it right, it was reported that Brendan Donelly may need "Tommy John Surgery", in regards to his shoulder:

That takes out a chunk of the BP along with Timlin's Aches;

Thus, from a relief standpoint, it's a great deal;

My tendancy to be upset, was due to the Starting Pitching, not being sharp(Tavy vs Trachsel, will be a Long Night & Wake starts tomorrow night & that ball had better dance);

Curt? Shut up & Pitch;


After Time Of Contemplation, The Gagne Deal's A Good One

As the 'Pen needs back up, because Timlin doesn't have enough in the tank, to cut a good one in the corner of the dugout;

& one can overwork Okajima & Paps;

Though, starting pitching does worry me a bit, as Curt did break down this year & Wake's ball doesn't always dance like it did;

& Dice K does throw too many pitches;


It Promises To Be A LONG Evening In Fenway, Tonight

Julian Tavarez goes for The Sawx Tonight, vs Steve Trachsel for Baltimore:

You read it correctly;

Steve Trachsel;

Or is that Trashbin;

Or Human Rain Delay;

Trach's 1st pitch at around 7:17PM, ET, should be followed by his next pitch at 8:17PM, ET;

Like I said before, unless the Red Sox Hitters make quick work by disposing of Trashbin, it'll be a Looooooooong Night;


Dear RSN-I Warned You About The Orioles & Eric Bedard, Didn't I

Outside of 2 Big Papi Homers tonight, it was quiet:

Beckett lost his 2nd in a row, including giving up a gopher of his own;

A Lost Night as the Yankmes won 16-3, hitting 8 Homers, NONE by A-Rod(Or Stray-Roid, take your pick). White Sox Pitching SUCKS;

& BOTH Pedro Feliciano & Guillermo(Roid Boy)Mota, are on my "S--- List", for today, for RUINING Tommy Glavine's 300th Game Victory Attempt;

Ditto, the Illustrious Aaron Sele, who's price was LOWER than Darren Oliver;