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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Now, It's "Waiver Wire" Time

Omar Minaya's a Master of it:

His cell phone will be busy, for cutting deals;

Jeffy? Stay out of Omar's Way;


Gagne May Be Relief For Relief

After all, Mike Timlin may not have enough left in the tank. Wakey doesn't have that much left of a Knuckle Ball:

Curt is over 40 now & will be gone, next season. He's not a kid in Baseball Terms & may break down, again;;

Hidei Okajima could burn out, so Gagne is there for a Pretty Good Insurance Policy;

But, giving up a young starter, is risky. & I liked Kason Gabbard, ever since I 1st saw him, vs Atlanta, on May 20th, at Fenway Park;

Funny how the Yankees traded Scott Proctor to LA for a Utility Infielder, Wilson Betamit, as insurance that if A-Rod doesn't sign with the Yankees, next season. Bizaare;


Eric Gagne For K-Gab? Who's Smoking What?

Wakey starts Wednesday Night?

Did somebody smoke the ganja on this deal?

It's nutty on the surface;

Eric Gagne as a Set-Up Man?

When does he get hurt next?

Po'd In NYC;


Less Than An Hour To Deadline

Acc'd'g To Jayson Stark of ESPN, David Murphy & Kason Gabbard are being dangled for Eric Gagne in Boston To Texas Rangers(Thanks, Kelly J on "Triumphant Red Sox Fan" for that information):

It makes me think about this;

Will the next guy who makes his debut, while I'm watching at Fenway Park, in a Red Sox Uniform, be traded shortly thereafter;

Do I trust Eric Gagne, noted for Injury Problems? No! Not really!;

Back Later, as I was really high on K-Gab;

& click on the Title, to be taken to Kelly J's Blog;



Piniero Dealt To Cards

Dealt to St Louis Cardinals For A Player To Be Named Later:

Click on Title & go to Red for more info;


Dow Jones & Company Now Part Of News Corp

Yes, the owners Of FOX & the NY Post, are the owners of the Wall Street Journal:


"How Valuable Is Derek Jeter's A--";


Who'll be the Editor of "Page 4";


8:45 From Now

Theo? Omar? It's your moves:


Requiscant In Pacem, Bill Walsh

The Glory Years of the 1980s' SF 49ers:

3 Super Bowl Championships & the Fast-Moving West Coast Offense;

A Grand Coach, Indeed;


Monday, July 30, 2007

This Just Into Random Fandom Red Sox NYC-Omar Cuts A Pretty Darn Good Deal

Luis Castillo, Twins 2nd Sacker, goes to the NY Mets for 2 Minor Leaguers:

I listened to WFAN, earlier & thought it was Vinny Castilla, thus making for a "Mc Carver" Moment on my part;

For Full Story, click on the Title Above;


Tomorrow Night's Red Sox Action @ Fenway Park

Eric Bedard is a good pitcher with a mediocre team(The Orioles, who gave the Yankmes a scare, over the weekend). Josh Beckett is 13-4 with the Sox, because he listens to V-Tek, unlike last year;

Be careful of them Gopher Balls, Josh;

Meanwhile the Yankmes return home to "The Terlit"(As Sir Archibald Bunker would say), with A-Rod(Or is that Stray-Roid, if Canseco is right), looking for his 500th Round-Tripper;

& Tom Glavine's on the mound in Milwaukee, looking for win #300, with the Mets in Miller Park & Wrigley Field(Chicago);

& the Head of Barry Bonds will be out there, somewhere;


An "Idiot" Begins His Minor League Rehab Assignment This Wednesday

Boston, Providence, Worcester, Springfield? Get your Amtrak & Bus Tickets Ready:

Eventually, you may be boarding The 7 Train for Willets Point Boulevard;

Pedro Martinez is rehabbing in Florida;

In a Few Weeks, he'll be back pitching;

It'll be VERY-Interesting in NYC, again;

& he's 2 away from 3000 Ks';

Something to look forward to;


In About 21 Hours Is The Trading Deadline for MLB

I know the Ongoing Red Sox Joke is for what Wily Mo Pena, will be traded for(Bag Of Balls & a Six Pack of Harpoon-LOL):

What does Theo have in store?
What does Omar Minaya have in store(Having Annexed The DR for use as a Triple A Farm Team-LOL-Hey it is Los Mets);

The Clock is ticking;


ONE & ONLY ONE Last Time @ Shea Stadium, Next Year

& it will be VERY-EMOTIONAL:

I will not have dry eyes, rather, it'll be a night of memories;

My 1st Game was at Night;

My LAST Game Will be at Night;

It, too, will be in Early September;

My last 2 Games in September, '07;

Will be in memory of the Two People, who took me to my 1st 2 MLB Games;

& That Last One, I hope, will be against The Phillies, or, @ least, the last-ever Friday Night Regular Season Game;


Off to Fenway On 083107

Yes, it's a Friday Night Game:

The Orioles will be in town & I'll be down by Pesky's Pole in Box 90;

This may be my way of watching Baseball in '09, as Citi Field will be Off-Limits;


Dice K Throws TOO MANY Pitches-Little Manny Gets Bopped-& A Victory Rained On The Mets

Yet the NY Tabloids act like DFYankees are the ONLY Show in town:

Matsuzaka was throwing until he gave up a homer;

Little Manny gave up 2;

Red Sox are still 8 up on the Yankees;

Mets won a Rain Shortened Game 5-0, Maine getting his 12th Win;

No Sox, nor Yankees, nor Mets Tonight on the Schedule;

Tomorrow, Barry Bonds Head goes for 755 & possibly 756;

Tom Glavine goes for #300;

& A-Rod goes for 500;

Enjoy the night off;


Saturday, July 28, 2007

The "New Toilet" In The Bronx-Special Report

With visions of Tony, Carmela, AJ, Meadow & Paulie, all dancing in my head, click on the Title of this tale of Yankee Stadium Intrigue:


While The Chicago Cubs Are Selling Their History Of "-uckcess" The Mets Are Pushing The Bklyn Dodgers

Unfortunately, the Cubs & Mets are pushing The Same Business Model:

You see, in Wrigley Field, there's the belief that the Cubbies are the Perennial Underdogs. They've had a great run of pushing their futility, through bad corporate ownership, who figured that frustration sells a lot of tickets, as well as a historical ball park as an attraction;

Sorry, but Phil Wrigley was an absentee owner, who didn't want to pay Commonwealth Edison Bills, so there were no night games by the Cubs;

The Tribune Company controls the Cubs through the Boardroom, which can tie up operations in the Front Office;

The Cubs haven't won a World Series since 1908. This is Season #100 since that took place;

The Cubs are basically, a Full Season Ticket & Suite Operation, catering to Chicago's Elitists. At least, though, they're selling their OWN History;

The NY Mets are selling history, with their own new park, Citi Field, along the lines of The Cubs Business Plan, in regards to tickets, making Citi Field an Elitist Location;

But the Mets are trying to sell the Tradition of The B'klyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field. Citi, you see, is supposed to be State of The Art Ebbets Field;

Funny, but Ebbets Field was owned by The Dodgers & was more of a FAN Friendly Park, where people knew their Baseball;

& the Citi Field Folk, won't be the Family Crowds of Shea Stadium. Citi Field will be full of Drinkwaters & Kapsteins(A Jere Reference, if ever I've seen one-lol);

You get the Picture;

Get your own history, Fred, or get out;

Oh, I forgot, but Real Mets History dies when Shea Stadium, closes;

Mike From Red Sox Nation in Queens

Curt? Pitch The Ball-NOT Yourself

Never mind going on Costas' Show on HBO. Do you want to be known as more annoying than the #1 Duo on FOX Saturday Baseball? Am I making any sense? If someone farts upstream, do we need any analysis from you? Do you have to let the world know on "38waysto"?

When you come back, show us what you're made of;

Have a great 2nd half of the Season;

Mike of Red Sox Nation In Queens, NY

Barry's Big Head Is At 754

As The SF Giants defeated the FL Marlins 12-10, with Bonds hitting his 20th Homer & 754 over all:

Enjoy The Weekend, Mr Aaron, as you still have the record;


Wakey Had 6 Good Ones In His Tank In Tampa Bay

As the Sawx defeated Tampa Bay, 7-1:

8 Games over the Yankmes;

We'll take it;



The NY Mets Fail The Baskics(LOL)

One of the former Norfolk Tides, came back to bite their Arses, as Washington won 6-2, while Jorge Sosa looked like the scrap heap-er he is:

Flat as a warm Rheingold Beer;

Who from Jeff's Scrap fund will they get by July 31st?


Over On Al-Yankmezeera On My9 Last Night An "Idiot" Shone Brightly

The Yankthese won their suspended game 8-7, but lost the regularly scheduled game, 4-2:

In The Regularly-Scheduled Game, one of "The 25 Idiots of '04", homered, which gave me great joy;

Kevin Millar placed a Scott Proctor Fast Ball into the LF Stands @ Camden Yards in Baltimore(Give Him a Shot of Jack Daniels Blue For That Shot);

& now the Yankmes are 8 games behind The Red Sox;



Friday, July 27, 2007

I Now Realize Why There Was A Movement To Save Fenway Park-As The Mets Are Incredibly Greedy --------

I just read the New Stadium Pages of both the Mets & Yankees & find that the two stadia are a SHARP Contrast in styles & sizes:

The NEW Yankee Stadium(The New Toilet-Lol)will have a capacity of 53,000, down some 4600 seats from the current location+plenty of room to roam around;

The New Citi Field, replacing Shea Stadium, will have a capacity of 42,500 seating+2500 SRO. Shea Stadium has a capacity of 57,633. This will drop capacity, DRAMATICALLY. ALL Partial Plans have been discontinued & the emphasis will be on corporations & people with EXTREMELY BIG Bank Accounts;

Fred Wilpon & Company? You will have produced the 1st-Ever Fan Friendly, Fan-FREE Ball Park in MLB History. What are you going to do for an encore?

I guess that by acquiring Ballplayers way past their Prime(Moises Alou, Sandy Alomar Jr), it's part of your plan to drive away the Family Crowd, so much a staple of Shea Stadium, in Seasons Past, so that ONLY the Elite, who wouldn't know J.J. Putz from Derek Jeter, could come to see Vladimir Guerrero & Alex Rodriguez, along with Pedro Martinez;

Will the Ethnics & All Races be welcomed into Citi Field, or will it be the Fat Cats on Park Avenue, Madison Avenue, 5th Avenue, Greenwich, CT, etc. I forgot Muttontown, a Gated "Fat Cat" Community in Nassau County, Long Island;

You know what's sad about this? As my Father took me to my 1st MLB Game, in Shea Stadium, in September, 1966, he encouraged me to root for the underdog, which the Mets Represented, in the line of the Brooklyn Dodgers;

Funny, but for me, the Brooklyn Dodgers are now represented by the Boston Red Sox(Since The 1st Visit To Fenway Park on Saturday, June 28th, 1997), I will actually find it easier to get a ticket in Boston than it'll be getting a ticket to Citi Field. And I already have more-fun in Fenway Park, anyway;

A-Rod or Steve Trachsel? Was boring the fans to tears part of your plans, Fred?


Yes, Tavy Was The Winner in Red Sox Over Cleveland, 14-9

& Manny Homered Twice:

Great, while Slappy went NOWHERE, tonight;

Great News;


Shutout 7-0(Yankmes)

Done Royally by KC & now are 7.5 behind Boston:


Alex Gordon homered off Kei Igawa;

A-Rod is 0-3;



Ollie Threw It Away

With The Mets Blowing it 8-4 to the Pirates, as Ollie Perez, despite K'ing 9, threw a ball away, leading to 5 UNearned Runs:

The Scrap Heap can backfire after awhile:


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Additions To The "Riviera" List

F--- Fred Wilpon:

F--- Jeff Wilpon;

F--- Sol Katz;

F--- Bob Wilpon;

Hey, these guys own The Mets, with Freddie as "El Jefe'"(Majority Owner);

A new Park with ONLY Season Ticket Holders;

How many will actually be fans of The Mets, FRED;

I have the feeling that a lot of fans will NOT be bothered with this team;

NOW I know why only JUNK is being signed;

You wanna go on my "M.Donald" List, Fred?


My Latest Policy For Posting

Only those who are with Blogger Accounts, may post here:

No Anonymous Postings are allowed;

For all I know, I may have been visited by Yankmes Fans & Broadcasters from the various Networks, using the "Anonymous" tag;

Did I p--- them off? Oh, poor babies!

Take care all;


"Oh, That Guy In The Mask Was Mean To Me"

"But not as mean as Jeets, who I'm a Much-Better Shortstop than:

& That scary monster in a mask? He slapped my pretty face;

All I did was call his momma a name & I got b-----slapped;

& I got called out for slapping a ball out of Brandon Mojito's Glove;

Why am I soooooooo-hated? Boo-Hoo-Hoo";

Slappy Mc Bluelips

Which Record Is More-Interesting

Now that Sr Sunglasses-100 Pitch La Russa had come up with his system, the ability to have a complete game victory, is much-harder, hence more relievers could have victories, in relief of the starting pitchers:

The next Pitcher in Line for 300 Victorious Games, is Mr Tom Glavine, as he won his 299th, as the Mets won over the Pirates, 6-3;

Meanwhile, everybody's favorite Slappy Mc B----, Alex Rodriguez, is 1 shy of 500 Home Runs;

The 300 Victory Pitcher is getting to be a rarity, while Homers come a lot more;


I Gather By MLB's Strategy That The Networks Do Want A Certain Team In Post-Season

It's the team where FOX can promote all their lame new hits, like "Fort Martina" & "Joe & Tim's Big Bad Blooper Reel", as well as their various starlets in the stands, the way they can't with other teams:

Why else would MLB schedule 20 Games against sub 500 teams, all in a row;

Without that team in Post-Season, FOX & TBS would be without the 25-48 $1M per Year Group of people they want to reach;

& suppose that team does NOT make it when in Post-Season;

Why is MLB desperate to have the Yankmes in Post-Season;

I guess that Sentence 3 explains it all;


Of Crisp & Glavine & Who Cares Slappy Mc B----

Mr Crisp?

You RUN HOME, NOT waltz, Capisce?

Mr Glavine?

One More Time & it's 300 Wins. Go with it;

Slappy Mc B----?

Since MLB is Soooooooo Charitable to your team, so as to please FOX Sports & ESPN & TBS, by scheduling 20 Games against MLB's Netherworld, in a row, while seeing back ends of rotations, that all I can say is "Who TF Cares"


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The NY Tabloids

Your devotional coverage of the NY Yankthese, is nauseating & insipid;
Who cares if A-Rod farts upstream, or Jeter is dating Lindsey or Britney or whoever else;
They're NOT the only story in town;
Why not ask all those MLB Clowns as to why the schedule was so-skewered, towards that team, in playing 20 games in a row vs sheer dreck;
Is this so the Networks don't lose sponsors;
Besides, the Mets have a BETTER Record;

"Dice-K 1, CC 0"

The Red Sox defeated The Indians in Cleveland @ "The Jake", 1-0 in a Nail Biting Thriller by Lake Erie, as Daisuke Matsuzaka, gave up only 4 Hits, in notching his 12th Win, while playing a Post-Season Contender Team:

Meanwhile, the NY Tabloids are filled with stories, making the Yankthese sound like they could walk on water, as they defeated KC Royals in KC, facing the Back End of that Royals Rotation, 9-4;

Here's one story out of the NL, as the Mets pounded Pittsburgh, 8-4, with John Maine, Winning Pitcher, clobbering a 2 Run Homer. I know of no Yankme Pitcher, in Interleague, who's been able to make that claim, in recent memory;

T'was an interesting evening;


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Requiscant In Pacem, Geo Aupperle-Past Grand Knight-5103

From Time to time, I will present Catholic Information on this blog, which is a good thing, as there's more to life than Major League Baseball:

George was one of those rare individuals, in the Life Of The Knights of Columbus, who led a K of C Council, in the Title of Grand Knight, & even more rare, when he was stricken with Cancer, that he continued to lead that council;

He had a marvelous sense of humour, as he rooted for the NY Mets(& Prior to that, The Brooklyn Dodgers);

George moved that balloting be closed & that I be re-elected as Grand Knight on 6/10/97. His praise was uplifting to me;

& he was part of the Original Free Throw Basketball Officiating Crew, inJanuary, 1992;

Thank You, George, From 1 Past Grand Knight To Another;

Michael Leggett

Mr Lester Is Back In The House

Quite-Nicely, I will put it, in last night's Red Sox Victory over Cleveland:

Pitched Nicely, in the Red Sox 6-2 Victory;

& it's 6 Days to the trading deadline, for MLB;

What's in Theo's Bag of Deals?


Monday, July 23, 2007

Top 10 Signs You're Watching A Bad Red Sox Documentary

#10: To Save Money, it's filmed with cell phones & security cameras;
#9: Most of Filming, done at Yankee & Shea Stadiums & @ some Bar In Staten Island;
#8:Narrated by Tim Mc Carver & Fran Healy;
#7:Joe Morgan gives his recollections of Game 7 of the '75 Series, none of it being accurate;
#6:Mel Gibson's Plans to trade away Kevin Youkilis, calling him a pawn of Jeffrey Katzenberg;
#5:Much of it told from Mooklie Wilson's Perspective, while donning a Blue Jays Cap;
#4:Suzynne Waldman's Dramatic Announcement that Roger Clemens has returned to the Yankees;
#3:Joe Castiglione's Dramatic Home Run Call, replaced with Sullen Call by John Sterling;
#2:Loop of Bob Murphy's "It Gets by Buck-ner", repeated over & over;
#1:Joe Buck, Increasingly-Irritated over Red Sox Sweeping The Cardinals.

"J.T. Mac? Like I Told Edith, Stifle Yerself, D'ere"

Another Gem from "The Sophocles Of The Diamond", he who'll drive many to drink-HEAVILY:

"Folks, we don't want to overwhelm you with #s, but Leadoff walks scored 39%. That's 40% of the time";

I guess that's like "The Carousel Continues at Shea Park. It's Like a Park";



Designated For Assignment

Joel Piniero:

I guess Francona lost confidence in him;

Good Luck In The Near-Future;


(PS-Omar? There's Another Scrap-Heaper Waiting)

Pap Was Making Me Nervous & LESTER RETURNS

As The Red Sox Won one yesterday, over "Psycho Ozzie's" Half Dead White Sox, 8-5:

Wakey won it but around the 6th, the Knuckle Ball stopped dancing;

Manny & Los Dobles Lowell, put balls in the seats;

Pap saved the game, though he did throw a scare(All Them Bases On Balls), but no runs;

Off to Cleveland & Jon Lester's Return. May he live long & prosper, especially tonight;


Meanwhile on the Left Coast In The Brooklyn Nostalgia Series

The Mets took 3 out of 4 from the Dodgers, by winning 5-4, on the strength of a Chip Ambres single in the 10th:

If anyone remembers this, the NY Mets are in 1st place in the NL East & were 4-3 on this West Coast Swing;

But since the tabloids are too busy kissing the Yankmes Arses, THE 1st Place METS are being IGNORED;



Tampa Bay Should Be Contracted

They have ABSOLUTELY NO PITCHING(No wonder Piniella got out of there):

Save for Scott Kazmir(Who Johnny Franco & Al Leiter had forced off the Mets in exchange for a bag of balls & Victor Zambrano), there's NOTHING;

The Yankthese destroyed them 21-4 yesterday;

I practically lost my lunch over this.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yesterday In NYC-We Couldn't Get Our Beloved Sawx

In fact we were stuck with J T Mac, who Sir Archibald Bunker would encourage to stifle himself:

Blows-Not Fun;

NY Mets & LA Dodgers;

Mets Pitching & Fieldin disappeared & lost 8-6;

Yankmes swept both ends of Tampa Bay in a Day Night Double Header;

But the Sawx defeated the CChi Sox 10-1;

FOX? You Still S---;


Saturday, July 21, 2007

"I Hate Those Guys"

Those are the words of Dean Vernon Wormer, The President of Faber College in "Animal House", in regards to the Delta House Crew;

Well, today, I'm referring to DFYankees, who won a 1:05PM Game vs Tampa Bay, in the 1st of a Day-Night Twinbill, 7-3;

Red Sox-Chi Sox are on FOX in other regions today, with my favorite Rookie Pitcher since Tom Seaver & Jerry Koosman, Kason Gabbard on the Hill at Fenway, for The Red Sox;

Red Sox lead 2-1 in the Top of The 3rd Inning;

More, Later;


Papi Strains Shoulder in The 5th In Fenway

While sliding head 1st into 2nd Base:

Alex Cora pinch hit for him;

Papi may be held out of Today's Match vs Chicago;

More, Later;


Conflict-Red Sox Nation-NYC Region-FOX Saturday Baseball

I dread 3:55PM, ET. In Boston, @ 3:55PM, ET, the Chi-town White Sox face the Red Sox on FOX, with Thom(Those Are Funny Eyeglasses)Brennaman & Joe Gerardi(Of St Joseph Of Snorre Fame), to 34% of the US:

This is NOT the case in NYC & LA, when NY Mets-LA Dodgers, will be on FOX in HD, & Matt Vergasagerian & James Timothy Mac, will find ways to either inform, entertain or annoy those people in 56% of the US TV Markets. I just wonder how many mentions of Derek Jeter, will be made by J.T. Mac, causing Mets Fans to scream "My Ears Bleedeth, J.T., now stifle yerself, d'ere";

Giants at Milwaukee & Bonds is in Aaron's House, at 753 Dingers, to 10% of FOX Stations, with Kenny Albert, Mark Grace & Ken Rosenthal;

It's one of 2 Games which Red Sox Nation-NYC, will NOT be getting from FOX, as the other involves Dodgers-Mets from Shea Stadium, in August, which spells a dropoff for Sox-Friendly Pubs in NYC, on the business side. (Gawd, I hate Dis);

My Thanks to Sir Archibald Bunker of Sunnyside, Queens, for allowing me to expropriate his manner of speech, in writing this post, d'ere;


RSN-NY & A Rare Triple Play

After a slow start against the Chisox, the Bosox won it 10-3 with Josh Beckett winning #13, with Jose Contreras, falling apart & Jose Lugo, with a Grand Slam into the Green Monster:

Last Night, Tampa Bay demolished DFYankees 14-4. "The Moose" is "Nada, Nada", as was the Yankmes Bullpen, so the Red Sox are up by 8 Games;

NY Mets over Los Dodgers, 4-1. "Stache" Valentin fractured his tibia on a foul ball. He'll be out 6 weeks & Oliver Perez getting the Win, & Marlon Anderson, who's come back to the Mets, played a role of good note in the 13-9 & 4-1 triumphs over the pat 2 nights. Mets now lead the Braves by 3.5 Games;

Rare Triple Play & RSN-NY will Take it;

& The Red Sox & Mets & Tampa Bay, did it for Kaylee;


Friday, July 20, 2007

Top O' The 7th In The Fens

Red Sox 5 & White Sox 3:

Bot 5 Tampa Bay 9 & NY Yankmes 0;



You're Wickedly P-----g Me Off, Red Sox

If you can't hit that almost 40 guy named Contreras, you're up the Gowanus Canal without a paddle:

& to the Umpiring Crew-get a Major League Eye Exam, will ya;

Quinn is REALLY gonna be p---ed, tonight, as he's at Fenway Park, all da way from Midwood, Brooklyn, Q Train & all;

Puke Barf!


Dear Sawx

Win One For Kaylee, huh:



A Special Request To My Readers In The Traditional Catholic & Baseball World

My dear sweet correspondent from AZ & formerly from Boston, Kaylee, is seriously-ill & will have Open Heart Surgery on 08/10/07:

She needs your prayers;

Click on the title above & read & send her your regards;

Blessed Margaret of Castello, Pray For Her & Us;


Pax Vobiscum;


Since When TF Did Javier Vasquez Start Looking Like Koufax

Dice K was pitching with Gas. Unfortunately, it was the kind of gas, which one would emit, after a Bacon & Egg Sandwich & 4 Beers, clearing out Kenmore Staion, Park Street & Willets Point Blvd(In The Last one, Benitez would do that):

A-F------ Flat! It was the White Sox, defeating a gasless Red Sox, 4-2. Dice K threw 106 Pitches in 5 Innings;

Why is a certain conversation with Pat From Briarwood, Queens, @ The Hairy Monk, on New Years Day, starting to make sense, NOW, that conversation so-filled with pessimism?

Quinn? I hope that you don't get hit with a rain delay, like the Fenway Faithful were last night. Beckett starts tonight & Gabbard starts tomorrow;

BTW, DFYankmes lost 3-2 to Toronto, @ The Toilet;

& The Mets were on a tear, wearing down Los Dodgers, 13-9, as "Dos Carlos",& Ruben Castro all homered;


Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Crying Shame For Mets Fans in '09

There is a casulty to the building of the new Citi Field & it's the Fan with a ticket package, other than a FULL SEASON TICKET:

The Old Partial Plans will be gone;

Click on the title, & read about Henry Goldman, a long time Partial Plan-Holder;

Apparently, Fred & Jeff are building a Millionaire's Version of Ebbets Field;

Like I said to Mets Fans Earlier;

"Start Drinking Heavily";

With the way the Wilpons are handling all of this, I'll probably go to Fenway Park about 2 times a year & skip Citi Field;


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This Is Also The 50th Anniversary For Another Group Of NY Fans

The NY Giants-remember them?

The Polo Grounds at West 155th Street on Coogan's Bluff?

Willie Mays patrolled the deepest CF in Baseball(487 FT to CF), in a cavernous Polo Grounds;

The Giants may be in SF, but their LAST World Series Championship was in 1954;

I don't think that there were the emotional ties, which existed in Brooklyn with the Dodgers, but they had heartbroken fans, nevertheless;

& I speak to them, today;

The Dodgers-Giants Rivalry, from the 1890s' is still going, but it's not a Subway Ride away;

& much of Red Sox Nation in NYC, came from the Giants & Dodgers Moves out of here;

Now if Robert Moses had allowed the Bklyn Dodgers to build in Downtown Brooklyn, there were always the Giants to move to Flushing Meadows Park;

& NYC would still have that Grand Rivalry;


This "Jekyll & Hyde" Crap Has Gotta Stop, NOW, Lansdowne Warriors

Looking like a friggin' Bloho-- against the KC Royals, whilst at home, is NOT good form;

The Royals are like the '62 Mets, feh cryin' out loud;

This may be a Red Sox Blog, but, hey, I'm in Brooklyn Rage Mode right now;

& yous don't wanna hear me in that mode, as I can sound awfully-nasty;

Maybe Theo oughta do what Omar did in Queens, like can someone's tuchas;

J.D. Drew ain't no Trot Nixon;

WMP is as useless as Juan Samuel, if ya get my drift;

Gabbard, Da Kid is good, as he kinda reminds me of a lefty, almost 40 years ago, called "The Koos";

Wakey is Jekyll & Hyde. A Knuckler that don't dance, ain't nuthin';

Da End of Dis Rant;


NOT That Good A Night

& it's storming this morning:

Wakey's Ball did NOT Dance, as the Red Sox lost to KC 9-3. When he's off, he's OFF;

Jeremy Accardo's no closer & DFYankees are NOT a Charity, so Accardo is encouraged to donate to anyone BUT DFYankees, who had a donation of 2-1 in 10 Innings;

Jake Peavy & The Pods got beat 7-0 by The Mets & El Duque;


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It Was A Pitching Performance, Woithy Of Flatbush On Lansdowne

I'm watching a wonderfully-pitched game by Kason Gabbard. So far, he's pitched 8 innings of shutout ball..

It's the bottom of the 8th inning. Papi & Manny homered. The Sox lead KC, 4-0. Manny just grounded out, 5-3. Pedroia & Manny hit solo shots, while Papi hit a 2 Run Homer;

Well, in 2:18, NL Style, Kason Gabbard pitched a COMPLETE GAME, 3 hit shutout, throwing 105 pitches.

The Fenway Faithful erupted in joyous celebration. It was worthy of Ebbets Field;


Monday, July 16, 2007

Progress Is NOT ALWAYS A Great Thing-Brooklyn Lost The Dodgers Over That

& WHY were the Dodgers targeted by He Who Thought He Was Omnipotent:

No, I'm not speaking of Quinn, The Omnipotent Q & Red Sox Writer. If you can imagine for a moment if your team, drawing over a million fans per season, leaves town despite prospering in that town;

& that team wanted to stay in that City, That Town, That Borough, only to run into an Overtly-ARROGANT, POWER BROKER, who loved seeing his name in lights;

This guy loved building roads & parks, only not to own a car, nor possess a NYS Driver's License;

The Northern State Parkway, the Southern State Parkway, the Belt Parkway, the Drive to the Suburbs was his goal;

This Gentleman even tried to uproot the Dodgers from Brooklyn, to have them play in a Stadium, built on a Department Of Sanitation Landfill, adjacent to Flushing Meadows Park, in an area with no personality & a huge parking lot, as a monument to road building to the suburbs;

Business was lost on account of his ego, & Fans still mourn this last season, from 50 Years ago;

I'm not speaking of Walter O'Malley, but of Robert Moses, whose ego could move mountains & destroy neighborhoods;

Next Season, the Big Monumental Stadium built to his ego, in the Nondescript Junkyard Laden Queens Neighbourhood, on the Corona-Flushing Border, will operate one last time, being replaced by a Tribute to Ebbets Field in '09;

& Brooklyn Neighbourhoods are becoming home to those from the Heartland, as artists come in to live & revitalize the Great Borough. BTW, they'd rather take the Subway;

Like Dodger Fans of Long Ago, Mets Fans follow that trend. Red Sox Fans still have the Trolleys, so it's more like Brooklyn;

& Boston is The "Brooklyn" I never knew;


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Red Sox Lead by 9 Games

Despite losing 2-1 to Toronto, while the Yankmes won 7-6 over Tampa Bay:

Mets won 5-2,on a homey Armed Services Day, with Jose Reyes Homering;

& the Phillies became the 1st Major Sports Team ever to lose 10K Games;



The Traditional Mass & The Novus Ordo Mass-Why I Like The 1st One Better

In the 1st Mass, that is, the Traditional One, I don't get to hear the Line Of Marty Haugen-David Haas "Hymns To Self" sung. Gregorian Chant is my forte:

The 1st Option allows for Silent Prayer & Contemplation. It also is rather-athletic in the # of times, which one kneels, stands & sits. The Epistle, Gradual & Gospel are fine, instead of Old Testament, Responsorial Psalm & Epistle(A Disjointed One) & Gospel;

One woman wrote an essay on how well the people participate & are so-alive in the Novus Ordo Mass. The problem is, where are many of those people, who she's talking about;

After Last Week's Mass, I felt empty today, especially with Novus Ordo Hymns;

But, Mass is still Mass;

Gloria In Excelcis Deo;


Papi Homered & Doubled-Darkman Saved The Dice-K-Glavine Wins 298

Oh, What A Party!

Oh, What a Hangover!

I have more runs than the NY Mets-For I was just seated on the Porcelein Throne;

Papi homered, as did Eric Hinske & V-Tek, with the Red Sox routing the Toronto Blue Jays, 9-4;

Nice way for the NYC Boston Red Sox Meetup Group to celebrate at Professor Thom's;

Dice-K Matsuzaka was saved by Darkman Okajima;

The Hated DFYankmes defeated Tampa Bay, 6-4, to return to the .500 mark, still 10 games behind the Red Sox;

The Mets honored Baseball HOF & Long Time TV Man, Ralph Kiner, last night, defeating the Reds, 2-1. Tom Glavine won his 298th Game;

On the advice I gave to Dara in our group, on hangovers, it looks like I'm going to follow that advice, myself;


Saturday, July 14, 2007

091407 Is The Big Date Of Implementing The Motu Proprio

It's a Friday, September 14th, 2007 & it's the Start of The 1st Weekend, where Catholics may start asking for the Traditional Latin Mass, WITHOUT having to secure a local Bishop's Permission:

Here are things to watch during a Traditional Latin Mass;

Women cover their heads, most-often with white veils;

Kneeling at the Altar Rails For Communion;

NO FEMALE Altar Servers;

Gregorian Chant;

The Priest Prays The "Our Father" or "Pater Noster";

Prayers at The Foot of The Altar;

ONLY the Epistle & Gospel are read, while Gradual is Chanted;

The Priest is NOT The Star Of The Show-Christ IS;

Gregorian Chant does NOT work in a Guitar Mass;

No More Personality-Oriented To Self Liturgies;

Sorry to anyone named "Father Fun";

Pax Vobiscum;


"The GiamBALCO" Sings

Like Tony & Carmella & That Musically-Sounding Family in Northern NJ, home to all that White Trash, which Populates "The Toilet", Jason Giambi, a Walking Steroid Commercial, sometimes enhanced by stuff called "White Blow", met with Former US Senator George Mitchell's Investigators, in regards to Steroid Use in MLB:

The Yankmes are probably wondering "Where's Paulie Walnuts, now that we need him";


3 Headaches(Including A Big Dog) & Some Relief From It

Tavy Had not enough in the tank to cut one in the Corner of The Red Sox Dugout, but Ky-Sny had even less, as Toronto downed The Sox, 6-5. Manny, with Re-occuring Patella Tendonitis, homered(Headache # 1):

I was at a 4th Degree Knights Of Columbus Officers-Directors Meeting in Woodhaven, last night. A Huge Labrador Retriever, very-friendly, named Mulligan, jumped all over me, licking me & shedding his fur, causing my eyes to swell up, from Allergies, with my eyes as red as a traffic light(Headache #2);

This weekend being the Infamous 30th Anniversary of the 1977 Blackout, saw the Mets lose 8-4 to the Last Place Reds, on the 30th Anniversary of the 1st Night of The Blackout, with the NY Mets STILL in 1st Place in the NL East, by 1.5 Games(Headache #3);

The Headache Cure, was to have a pint of Guinness Stout @ Woodhaven House, with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, defeating Ol' Rogggggggahhhhh & The Yankmes, 6-4, on "my9". Al Leiter was NOWHERE to be seen on Yankme TV, as he had a major hand in having the Mets trade Scott Kazmir to Tampa Bay, for Victor Zambrano & a Dozen Baseballs. The Yankmes Loss was The Cure & PRICELESS;


Friday, July 13, 2007

"The Bronx Is Flatulent"-An ESPN Original Series Circa '04

Who'll Play St Joseph of Snorre?

Rudy Giuliani?

Mike Bloomberg?

Who could pass for A-Rod?

Kevin Brown?

Just do a documentary;

Better yet, a Mockumentary(A documentary with some dumb graphics, like a black purse for A-Rod;



Thursday, July 12, 2007

Even With 495 Dingers, Alex

You STILL Can't Pitch:

& the Yankees will still be 10 Games out, pending victory over Tampa Bay;


Put "Papi & Manny With Ribbies In The 6th" In The Books

With The Red Sox winning over Toronto, 7-4:

Wakey won this one, with Halliday, as loser;

Manny & Papi, drove in a run each in the 6th;

Darkman Okajima gets the Set Up & Paps, the Save;


Julio Franco Designated For Assignment

Finally, I think the Mets Senior Citizen Jokes will stop:

But, at 48, he does hold the MLB Record for Oldest Man to homer in a MLB Game;

Buen Suerte, Julio y Gracias;


Put "Back To Back Homers" In The Books

As The Mets won 3-2 over the Reds @ Shea, tonight, when Jose Reyes & Ruben Gotay, homered back to back to start the game, for 1st Time in 46 Mets Seasons;

Orlando Hernandez pitched 6 & got the win;

Bronson(Not Brandon, J T)Arroyo, lost & is 3-10;

Quick Game as Wagner got the save;


I Was Off By 6 Minutes on The 1st All Star Game Pitch

In one of my Mocking Posts, in Regards to All Star Game Coverage on FOX, I cracked that the 1st Pitch would be at 8:48PM, ET:

I was off by 6 minutes, as that 1st pitch was @ 8:54PM, ET;

I wonder just how many 12 & 13 Year Olds, saw the end of the game?

& FOX was off by 2 Million Viewers, this year;

IN Yankee Stadium's Last All Star Game, in '08, figure that the 1st pitch will be at 9:07PM, ET, after every living Yankees Legend(Some In Their Own Minds), is introduced;

Don't say, I didn't warn you;


"Steve Phillips, I Hate To Burst Your Bubble, But.."

A-Rod was NOT named MVP of The All Star Game:

But, hey, you did get the "Coupon" Treatment;

It shows in your face during Mets Slumps;


Now Back To Your Regularly-Scheduled Programming

Never mind watching "The Bronx Is Flatulent" on ESPN:

Or the "Y Games" on ESPN;

Give me ML Baseball;

NESN, SNY & NO, are back;

Even FOX is back;

It feels good;


Two Burglars Broke Into A Ciallis Factory

The Police have told the NY Post, that they're looking for 2 Hardened Criminals:



Rick Is "Down" & Ricky Is Up, Running & Hitting

Something had to give as the NY Mets were not hitting(Throw in not pitching as well):

So the Mets made a coaching change. Rickey Henderson, Baseball's All Time Base Stealer & in part, successful with making Jose Reyes so top notch, replaced Rick Down as Hitting Coach with the Mets;

It might be a cosmetic change, then again, it might not be;

Some of MLB resumes tonight, with the Reds Facing the Mets at Shea Stadium(7:10PM, ET). The Mets send 42(47?)Year Old Orlando Hernandez to the mound to square off against 3-9 Brandon(Oops, Bronson) Arroyo;

In Fenway Park Tonight(7:05PM, ET), Toronto's Roy Halliday, Squares off against Red Sox Knuckler Tim Wakefield(Let's hope the Knuckler Dances & is not FLAT);

2nd Half Begins Tonight;


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

AT&T Park-A Quirky Place For An All Star Game & An Omen

1st, The Omen:

Where have I seen Billy Wagner throw a Home Run Ball, Before? It's when he's a little wild, then attempting to calm down, by throwing one down the Middle of the Plate. It's not a GOOD Sign for his employers, the NY Mets;

For Chris Young, he who received a load of Web & Text Votes, for the Final Team Slot, gave up the 2 Run, Inside The Park Homer to Ichiro Suzuki. Not a GOOD Sign for the SD Padres, his employer;

Why did "Senor Sunglasses" La Russa use his whole Pitching Corps? Who does he think he is, Bob Brenly?

330FT down the LF Line & 309 down the RF Line & a bit cavernous in between @ AT&T Park, sort of Fenway Park meets the Polo Grounds, by SF Bay. I like that arrangement;

AL over NL 5-4 with Homers, on a damp, cool night in 'Frisco;

& La Russa looks cool WITHOUT his Sunglasses;

With Francisco Rodriguez giving up a 2 Run Homer to the Cubs Alfonso Soriano, not a GOOD sign for the LA Angels of Anaheim;

& the Electronic Edition of FOX Sports, the NY Post Sports Section, is a Yankthese SHILL;


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All Star Game Coverage On FOX Tonight

Expect the following at 8PM, ET:

Jeanie Zelasko's Hair will be frozen-looking & frosted, while Kevin Kennedy basically say very-little;

Around 8:15PM, ET, Joe Buck introduces Tim Mc Carver, which causes millions of fans to shut off their televisions, so they can do something else;

Player Introductions, Honourees, National Anthems sung by "American Idol Winners", Air Force Fly Over & 1st Ball Thrown out;

After load of commercials, 1st pitch thrown @ 8:48PM, ET, followed by speech calling for canonization of Derek Jeter for Sainthood, by Tim Mc Carver, as well as 17+mentions of Jeter(Tim) & Sarcasm by Buck;

Moving Tribute to Barry Bonds;

Massive vomiting by those stuck watching FOX. Sets to be turned off after 17th mention of Derek Jeter, by the 3rd Inning;

You aren't missing anything, except real baseball;


There Was Real Baseball Last Night

It was on SNY TV & WFAN660-NY:

Brooklyn Cyclones vs Jamestown Jammers @ Keyspan Park, on the site of Steeplechase Park-Brooklyn;

Cyclones led 2-0 in the 1st Inning, then lost 3-2;

The Jammers are the Short Season Class A NY-PA League Affiliate of the FL Marlins;

The Cyclones are the Property of Sterling Mets LP(The Wilpons);

@ least it wasn't the All Star Home Run Derby, followed by "The Bronx Is Flatulent" on ESPN;

& 7800 showed up at the Game;

They kept it real;


Monday, July 09, 2007

"Buck & Mc Carver On The 'Motu Proprio'"

"Tim, as you know, His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI recently gave permission to any Catholic Priest Of The Latin Rite, to say Mass in Latin. A Motu Proprio is a Permission of Rule Change, made by The Pope on his own, without consulting with Cardinals";

Mc Carver;

"I find it strange that His Holiness would fail to consult with Tony La Russa, Luis Puljols, or Anthony Reyes, depriving himself of consulting with Great Minds in regards to Latin";

"Well Folks, you can turn off your TV sets & go do something else. Good Lord";

A message was sent to 36197 from a Mobile Phone in The Vatican. It read "Tim, The College Of Cardinals is NOT based in St Louis. It's Albert, not LUIS Puljols & for the Good of Hominibus, SHUT UP, ESPECIALLY about Derek Jeter";



It Must've Been Cold In Detroit Because Pena Froze Like A Popsicle

On a ball hit by Curtis Granderson. The Ball sailed over his head:

Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched as if he was Kei Igawa;

The 1st Half is OVER;

Still a 10 Game Lead over The Yankees;

Enjoy the Next 3 Days Off;


I May NOT Have Imagined This Day 30 Years Ago

According to the Celebrant of this Morning's Traditional Latin Mass, there are now 20 Religious Orders, founded for the purpose of preserving & propagating the Latin Mass:

30 Years ago, he entered the College Seminary, wondering when this moment of "Motu Proprio" would ever arrive;

The "Springtime of The Church", has been a bitter winter, with a 60% DROP in Mass Attendance, few priests ordained, even fewer Masses, in other words, a Major League Mess;

Bishops being asked to make the Traditional Latin Mass generously available, would make it available, but often in an out of the way place @ a bad time(Where is Newton Highlands, Your Eminence in Boston & @ which is the nearest "T" Stop?);

Hymns(To SELF) inspiring parodies of them;

@ 1st, I did NOT recognize the Celebrant's face. Then, I heard his voice;

The Legendary Fr Joseph F Wilson, he who called the Presider's Chair, the Captain Kirk Chair, an avid reader of The National Review Magazine, Political Conservative with Dry Wit, celebrated today's Mass. He spoke of the Promulgation of the Motu Proprio & why it came about;

Some of those Bishops, were not good guys, hence the Motu Proprio;

Deo Gratias;


Sunday, July 08, 2007

In Light of 2 13 Inning & 1 17 Inning Game & The Motu Proprio

In a 13 Inning Game on Saturday, The Yankees lost 2-1 on FOX, with Miguel Cairo, making 3 Errors out of 5 Yankees Errors;

The Red Sox lost 3-2 in 13 to the Tigers. Even Jon Papelbon is Human;

The Mets defeated the Astros, 5-3 in the 17th Inning, through the Great Defensive Play & Offensive Prowess of Carlos Beltran;

The Motu Proprio is a personal Declaration of the Holy Father, not involving Consultations with the Cardinals(Leaving La Russa in the lurch-LOL), declaring a change in Church Policy;

Everyone have a nice week ahead;


Saturday, July 07, 2007

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen-Motu Proprio

This does NOT signify a Red Sox Victory(Tavy Had a Bad Night as the Sox Lost 9-2 to The Tigers):

This does NOT Signify that the NY Mets were victorious(With Mike Pelfry Pitching? E' Lei Pazzo! Mets LOST 4-0 in Houston);

This does NOT signify an Angels Victory(They Lost to Malo{NY Yankees}, 14-9, so NOT a good night);

Today is THE DAY of the Motu Proprio, allowing for the Generous Use of the Traditional Latin Mass;

Dignum Et Justum Est;

Deo Gratias;

Gloria In Excelcis Deo;

Benedictus Gratias;

Kneeling at The Communion Rail;

Gregorian Chant;

No Marty Haugen "Hymns To Self";

No Liturgical Dancing;

The Mass of 1570, from the "Missale Romanum MCMLXII";

Deo Gratias;

When you go to a Traditional Mass, you KNOW that you're at something AUTHENTIC;

Like Baseball on REAL, GREEN Grass, only with a HIGHER Purpose;

Ad Multos Annos, Pater Benedictus, et Deo Gratias;



Friday, July 06, 2007

All Star Game Voting-How Far We've Come-Tech-Wise, The 800th Posting

It was 1967 in Anaheim, when I started to really follow this Game. It was a LOW Scoring Game. It was also when an NL Pitcher, later NL Rookie of The Year in 1967 got the Save. This Year, in addition to "The Impossible Dream Red Sox", is also the 40th Anniversary of The 1st Season of One George Thomas Seaver:

Voting was done by The Players & Pitchers chosen by The Managers, who were Walter Alston(Dodgers) & Hank Bauer(Orioles);

NBC covered this on Radio & Television. Canada's CBC carried the NBC Feed on Radio & Television in English, while the NBC Video was supplied to the CBC French Network & a separate crew handled the Radio in French. For Latin America, Buck Canal, was commentator. This game was seen via Satellite on the American Forces Radio & TV Service, Commercial-Free & heard on Shortwave;

It was in 1970 that the fans were choosing the players, by voting via punch card @ MLB Parks. Voting for old favorites was common, even if the guy didn't warrant it;

It was in the '90s, when the Web was coming to be in The Mid To Late '90s & votes were sent by computer & still the Ballpark Punch Card was there;

With The Mobile Phone Revolution, earlier in this century, people voted for stars from their phones by SMS or Text Message;

This Year's All Star Game's Final Roster Selections, were made by computer & mobile Phone. #36197 was used to send votes for Pitchers;

I had A5(Okajima) & N4(Young) loaded on my mobile. All I had to do was hit the Re-send feature. Over 1M votes were done this way;

Now, if only FOX Sports Gave us a way to text them, in the event(Most-Likely) that Tim Mc Carver, makes one of his REALLY-IDIOTIC Comments, like "If Flatulence is a sign of something IMMINENT, One Had Better Run To 2nd Base", or something like that(ESPECIALLY IF DEREK JETER IS ON BASE), FOX Sports would really be doing a Public Service(While AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, All Tel, US Cellular & T-Mobile, would find ways to keep up with the demand);

Things have changed a lot, since 1967 & the 1st Post in June, 2005. Now, if only The RC Archdiocese of Boston, was to allow a vote-poll on the Generous Use of The Latin Mass, via Text Message, to XXXVICXCVII;

Pax Vobiscum;


This Weekend-Baseball & Latin

Mets-Astros in Houston:

Red Sox-Tigers in Motown;

Yankmes-Angels in Da Bronx;

Tomorrow on FOX is Yankthese-Angels at 3:55PM ET;

FOX Sports is keeping mum about who's working those games(Gee, I wonder WHY);

& Latin Mass, this Sunday, @ 9AM @ The St John's Cemetery Chapel;

Pax Vobiscum, as this is the Last Writing Before #800;


Awaiting His Holiness' Motu Proprio On The More-Generous Use Of The Tridentine Latin Mass

It's Coming:

Not at the Speed Of Light, as His Holiness is Praying, Writing & Deliberating, as these things do take time;

There are Priests who've passed their 40th Anniversaery, who do go back to the mandatory study of Latin, so they're ready;

Much of the current crop were NOT mandated to study Latin;

Latin IS The Official Language Of The Church;

TL Masses are Nicely-Attended in The RC Archdiocese of NY & the RC Diocese Of Brooklyn;

I hope to see one in a nearby Parish one of these days;

I prefer my Priests, Facing The East Toward God, rather than facing us;

& NONE of That AWFUL Music is played;

& You wonder WHY I have Gregorian Chant on My Baseball Blog;

It signifies that the Writer Is Catholic & will keep it THAT WAY;

You Wonder Why I Sometimes Get Teary-Eyed, when I Go To This Page;

I used to sing this Hymn, in Latin, at Mass, when I was 8, 9, 10 & 11;

Pax Vobiscum;


In Response To C-Rod's Shirt


Just a thought;


15-4 BLOWOUT By Red Sox Over Tampa Bay

That was NOT the case a year ago, remember?

It's time to take it to Detroit this weekend;

Win it all;



Ok, Howie-This One You Can Put In The Books

6-2 Mets Over Astros:

Maine's THE MAN;

Carlos Delgado, 4-4;

Carlos Beltran Homered;

Maine 10-4;



Thursday, July 05, 2007

'Los Dobles" Lowell

3 Run Homer in bottom of 2nd:

Red Sox 9-2 over Tampa Bay, top of 3rd Inning;



Schilling's On The Shelf-Stop Whining, Folks

I remember when Pitchers retired at around 37 Years Old, @ THE LATEST:

But thanks to "Pitch-Count" La Russa(No doubt wearing Rose Coloured Shades at Midnight-LOL), 40+ Guys are still in the Game & they're breaking down;

Curt NEEDS a rest. The Younger Arms can handle the Rest of the AL;

All is fine. Relax;


Coco Is Extra Crispy

Grand Slam Homer in the 1st Inning, giving the Red Sox a 6-0 Lead:

Beckett's on the mound;

Leading Tampa Bay, as we speak;


Theo-San, Meet Mr Valentine-San

Mr Epstein, be prepared to meet with the Smartest Baseball Man In Japan:

Mr Bobby Valentine of Stamford, CT, Manager of The Chiba Lotte Marines;

Son-In-Law of Brooklyn Dodgers Legendary Pitcher, Ralph Branca;

Managed(Despite Mets 1/2 Owner, Fred Wilpon & Sonny Boy, Jeff) the 1999 & 2000 Mets to Postseason, only to have his team downgraded by that part of the Ownership, which bought out the Classy Nellie Doubleday, in '02;

Knows Japan, quite-well;

Recommended a # of Signings, but was hit by 'The Coupons", & often settled for 2nd & 3rd Tier Players, who he managed to get them to perform, above expectations;

Listen to this guy. Ditto, John Henry, Larry Lucchino & Tom Werner;

You will NOT be disappointed;


"Darkman" Okajima & Chris Young Win The Monster All Star Final Man Vote

They're All Stars Now:

With Red Sox Nation's Help;

Voting by Computer & by text message to 36197(US) & 88555(Canada) & by text in Japan;

AT&T Mobility, Sprint PCS, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile(USA), Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility(Canada) & NTT Do Co Mo(Japan), must've seen a lot of traffic in SMS;

That's using your thumbs, RSN;


Camera Alignment For 78th All Star Game On FOX

All Star Introductions, shot of Jeter:

National Anthem Singing, Fly Over By Air Force, shot of Jeter;

Pitcher, Batter, Infield, Jeter;

Dumb Comment by Mc Carver, shot in dugout of Jeter;

It'll be another lost night on FOX;


A Few Words of Advice To Josh Beckett


The Broken Windows Bills from The Cask 'N Flagon, are getting ridiculous;


The Real Reason Why A-Rod May Bow Out Of Tuesday's All Star Game in SF

All those Fans chanting what was seen on the back of Mrs C-Rod's Tank Top:



As A Public Service To Red Sox Nation In Canada

Text A5(Okajima) to 88555;

For Chris Young, text N4 to 88555;

Thanks, Eh;


Text On, Red Sox Nation In The Good Ol' USA

A5(Okajima)to 36197;

For an NL Player, text N4 to 36197 for Chris Young(San Diego);

Vote Often until 6PM ET;


He Has A Bad Shoulder

Mike Piazza:

Maybe The Mets can rescue him from the scrap heap;



Text N6 To 46370

To Tell The Mets To Cut The Crap:



A5 Okajima-VOTE

Text A5 to 36197:

It's YOUR All Star Game;


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

231 Years Have Passed Since This Date In 1776

So, Happy Birthday America:

If you see a member of the Armed Services or a Veteran Today, shake their hands & buy them a drink(3 if they happen to be Mets Fans);

God Bless America;


Text A6 to 39410

To get A-Rod to leave the All Star Game+his Wife & Mistress:


Yankees beat a listless Twins Team 8-0;

Not a happy camper, but they still trail the Sox by double digits;


Lugo Breaks Out With A Single, Red Sox Win 4-1 Behind Dice-K & Teams Do Not Live On The Scrap Heap ALONE

Jason Vargas is NO Kason Gabbard:

Thank Goodness that Henry, Werner & Lucchino are NOT The Wilpons;

While Fenway Park is being renovated on a continuing basis, The Citi Field Fundraiser & Building of Fred's Dream Field, continues;

Julio Lugo, who I kept threatening to make him look down from a Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp, broke his slump by singling last night, as Dice-K won his 10th as the Sox cruised to a 4-1 Win over Tampa Bay;

The "Expos", I mean, The Mets, are looking like a scrap heap team, yet cling to first place, losing in Denver, 11-3. Jason Vargas, with no gas in his tank, was called up from New Orleans & was AWFUL. It looks like they're waiting for the Return of Pedro Martinez. My advice to Mets Fans is "Start Drinking HEAVILY", as the "Coupons" are tying Omar Minaya's hands;

Until Next Time;

& Text A5-Okajima, to 36197;


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Keep Texting A5 Okajima

To 36197:

Get "Darkman" on the All Star Team;


Will ESPN Ever Televise A Spinach Eating Contest

Tomorrow is Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating World Championships, from Neptune Avenue in Coney Island, Brooklyn:

What started out as a blurb on local news, every year, is now a WORLD WIDE Television Spectacular;

Just for eating Hot Dogs;

What else could the Entertainment & Sports Programming Network(ESPN) offer to the world?

For starters, there's "The Omnipotent Q's Quiz Challenge", which would cause people to think with Agility, instead of Baseball with Berman The "Comedian";

A "Starbucks Coffee Drink Off"(MEDIVAC, Stand By);

The Annual Spinach Consumption Contest from San Jose, CA(Ages 9 & 10-No Butter);

Sportcasters Bloopers(Though with Morgan & Mc Carver, it might run for 7 Hours);

I think that "Omnipotent Q" is my choice;

Oh, BTW, the 6 Time Champion from Japan, has an arthritic jaw;

Bring on "The Q";

& Text N4(Young)to 36197;


For Papi's & Manny's Power Outage

Read Kevin Hench's Take, by clicking on the title above:

Wind Currents in Fenway & all that cool weather may be a reason;


Bucky Dent FIRED

No, George didn't can him. He was Bench Coach for the Hideously-Awful Cincy Reds(Info From WFAN660-NY):

More later;


Vote For "Darkman" & Chris Young By Text

Text A5 for Hidei Okajima(Darkman) to 36197 for the All Star Final Man:

In The NL, Chris Young of the Padres, gets my vote. Text N4 to 36197;

This way, you don't need to run to a computer to vote for the "Final Man" in the MLB All Star Game;

You can vote up to 25 Times;

If you have a great Text Messaging Package, by all means, text away;


"Hammy Time"

The Hamstring Muscle drives most MLB Players. David Ortiz is being "Hamstrung" by it, which may explain his power decrease. I think that Manny is being affected by it, explaining his decrease in power:

& now, one more guy joins the "Hamstring Parade";

Some people say it should've been his "Love Muscle." That way, neither his wife, nor his mistress, could enjoy his prowess;

For you see, Alex(is)Rodriguez pulled his hamstring muscle, running to 1st base last night;

Something tells me that the cool weather caught up with him. This is the weather of his power, as he tripped over 1st Base, beating out a DP Ball. Supposedly, he tripped over the foot of Twins 1st Baseman & '06 AL MVP, Justin Morneau. A-Rod has a few days coming & may miss the All Star Game;

His last Injury was in Y2K, with Seattle;

His last set of hurt feelings? That's ongoing;

"It's Hammy Time" & one wonders just how much of a ham, A-Rod is;


Gabbard-Cool, Glavine-Gool & Up Yours Rogggggahhhhh

Kason Gabbard won his 2nd MLB Game as the Sox defeated The TX Rangers, 7-3:

Can anybody say "Hamstring Problems" for Papi Ortiz & Manny Ramirez? Methinks that, since their power failures;

Gabbard went 7 Innings;

Tommy Glavine got clocked in Denver's Thin Air, for 6 Runs, with Mets creamed 6-2, a letdown from the Phillies Series;

That Heavy-Set, Liquid Muscle Expert, Roger The "Pocket Rocket", pitched the Yankmees to a 5-1 victory over the Twins;

Not a great night, though the Red Sox Won, so it wasn't a total loss;

11 Games over the Yankthese;


Monday, July 02, 2007

Gabbard vs Brandon Mc Carthy @ 7:05PM While Glavine Goes For 298

Kason Gabbard makes his 2nd Fenway Start tonight(I saw his debut at Fenway on May 20th, '07), going up against Brandon Mc Carthy(Formerly Chi Sox), at 7:05PM, ET;

Somebody force-feed some Starbucks Coffee to the Sox Offense, PLEASE;

Texas is PATHETIC;

Tom Glavine leads the Mets into Denver for 3 with the CO Rockies @ 7:05PM MT(9:05PM, ET);

& that Old Stifferoo, Roger "No Fuel In That Rocket" Clemens will "Pretend" to pitch against the Twins at "The Toilet", @ 7:05PM;

An Interesting Night!


A Message To Yankees Fans From Mrs Rodriguez

The Word Beginning with the letter "F" is a bit blurry;

'Nuff Said!



All It'll Take Is ONE Season

Should the Yankees finish under .500, the following will happen:

The Hipsters will flee;

The Grey Area Fans will flee;

Derek Jeter Trojenz Night will not sell out;

The North Jersey White Trash will disappear;

Only the Tourists will come;

& the PAST will be remembered, repeatedly, by Yankee Fans;

What else is new!


Despite A Red Sox Loss, Things Are Still Where They Are & The Yankees Still Lose On

Andy Pettitte & His Bullpenettes, are AWFUL. The NY Yankmees lost 11-5 to the Oakland Athletics, who took 2/3 from the Yankmees:

A certain Red Sox Blogger, "Quinn The Omnipotent From Midwood, Brooklyn", shouted "Put It In The Books", when thahhhhhhhhhh Yankees Lost;

On the 20th Anniversary of Sports Radio 660 WFAN-NY, it was appropriate to use Howie Rose's Catch Phrase, he being The Voice of The Mets on the WFAN Mets Radio Network;

The Yankees are 37-41, & spinning their wheels in mud;

J.D. Drew needs lessons on how to play the OF, especially in catching a ball. TG that WMP was NOT out there;

When did the TX Rangers get so good at pitching as the Sox lost 2-1. I was bored yesterday;

But the Yankees remain down;

& Papi is not getting really good pitches to hit-@ least not in Fenway Park, where he has not homered in a long time;

I had bad vibes about the Mets, yesterday-Mike Pelfry was pitching. Mets lost 5-3 to the Phillies, but the Mets took 3/4 from the Phillies over the weekend. It was important to them;

Until Next Time;


Sunday, July 01, 2007

It's A Great Thing-Thuhhhhhhh Yankees Got Creamed

Rich Gaudin of Oakland held them to 1 Single(Judas Damon in the 6th Inning)as the Athletics won 7-0:

I guess it wasn't cool & rainy enough for you, A-Rod, huh;

Yankthese are now 37-40;


Wakey's Ball Danced, Beckett IS HUMAN, Lugo SUCKS & The Mets Appeared To Wake Up From Their Sleep

Wakefield pitched 6 1/3 Innings & the Sox won Friday Night, 2-1:

Beckett pitched & threw Gopher Balls, so the Sox lost 5-4;

Lugo can't hit, run basepaths, or, in some cases field, hence he's hearing it in Fenway Park;

Time for the Quattro-Espresso Cups, for the Sox;

Meanwhile in Philly, at NO TIME did the Phillies have a lead in any of 3 games played, as the Mets won both ends of a Day Night Double-Header, 6-5 & 5-2 & won on FOX, yesterday, 8-3. Final Game of Series is today;

Glad to see Kenny Albert getting Marquee Matchups, with Ken Rosenthal & "The Man From Memphis";


"Mike? Where You Been?"

(My Current Grand Knight, SK Paul Eggert, is the man in white in the Foreground-shot photo from my Motorola RAZR V3,via AT&T Mobility)
I rarely speak in my native patois, which is "Good, Ol' Fashion Brooklynese", but yesterday, my native tongue came back to me in Bay Ridge, down by John Paul Jones Park, @ the Annual Knights Of Columbus LI Assembly 4th Degree Independence Day Parade & Awards Ceremony:

Yes, I'm a Past Grand Knight of a Council on Myrtle Avenue in East Glendale, Queens, where Imaginations run wild, & Old Timers live in a Fantasy World that Forest Hills is a foreign country, loaded with Russians. Simply, it means that these guys would get lost, crossing Woodhaven Blvd. They'd also get lost going Westbound on Myrtle Avenue;

I now belong to a Council, where they know what they're doing & what they're about. They have a purpose, being true Knights Of Columbus;

In John Paul Jones Park, around 100th Street & 4th Avenue, the Annual Pro Patria Award was presented to the 4th Degree Faithful Friar, Fr John Brogan;

Fr, you see, is also my Chaplain at LI Council 197. He's also a Brooklyn Diocesan Director of Coordinated Ministries to Immigrants;

Freedom isn't Free as Blood was shed for it. The Christ did it for our redemption, was the message;

1 guy wore an authentic Brooklyn Dodgers Cap. Hey, this is the 50th Anniversary of the last season of "Dem Bums" in Brooklyn;

& 2 people wore Red Sox Caps. A woman who shows at this Annual K of C Event, wore a Red "Cursed To 1st" 2004 Commemorative World Championship Shirt. I wore my Sox Cap as well. Bay Ridge, you see, has a large presence in Red Sox Nation, with New Englanders & Natives of Brooklyn, donning the caps;

She, like me, is a BROOKLYN Native. No Yankees caps were seen;

Members who knew me, knew I was galivanting in Queens, with a Past Grand Knight Pedigree;

The question asked was "Mike, where you been";

It means, that by transferring to a Council where the pros are, that I was in Grand Company. By Going to Bay Ridge, yesterday, it signified one thing;

I finally came home;

& Past Grand Knight-Former District Deputy-Past Regional 4th Degree Master, Joe Peluso, really "Done Good" with his rendition of "God Bless America". Joe, ya made us proud;