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Friday, March 30, 2007

"Someone I Omitted From My Contributor List To This Blog-Erica T From Boston"

She's with Big Papi, here-Thanks, Erica;


"I'll Take A Smaller Plan & LIMIT MYSELF To That Plan In Watching The NY Mets"

Last year, I was @ the 3rd Mets-Yankees Game, which was on ESPN. To say the LEAST, it was annoying:

Jumping in the aisles to block Mets Ticket Holders Views, for purposes of extreme annoyance, Blohole Yankees Fans, many accomplished in the "Art" of "Inhaling" their 9th beer by the top of the 2nd Inning, were in full force, looking for a bad beating or 2 or even 3;

I'll AVOID them by taking a bargain plan of 5 games at Shea Stadium, in Upper Level. I will also AVOID going to that place in The Bronx, known by us in Red Sox Nation, as "The Toilet", a grand term, given by Jere of "A Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory", who's moving to Boston;

& may actually do another Red Sox Game or 2, later this season;


Thursday, March 29, 2007

"It's 'Coupon' Time In Corona, AGAIN"

Just when Mets Fans thought that the team was competetive, like in Y2K, suddenly Mets OWNERSHIP plays the Nasty Game of "TEASING The Fans":

No wonder Nellie Doubleday got out-Freddie & Jeff are at it, AGAIN;

Raise the ticket prices & Mets fans will bask in the glow of Last Season's "Veil Of Tears", fans are paying good money to see a winner;

Remember the Vlad Guererro "Move"? Did constipation set in at Shea?

Was Tim Mc Carver FIRED for being too HONEST?

Thinking you could fool fans with signing the "Japanese Derek Jeter", who couldn't hit to save his life, in '01, & now signing a 40+ Sandy Alomar Jr, what next? A-Rod, when he's all broken down with hurt feelings from The Real Derek Jeter? Am I making any sense, whatsoever?

Nellie D.-come home & save Mets fans from "The Coupons";




Note-if Dad was still here, he'd have visions of a Rerun of M.Donald Grant(Ouch, ouch, ouch, Triple OUCH);


With Bluetooth Phone & Palm T/X

It'll certainly be an interesting way to score & write about a game, without pencil & paper, @ a great new ballpark:


"Saturday's Red Sox-Phillies Coverage"

The Palm T/X, The Motorola RAZR V3 & the G3 iMac, will be used to produce the reports:

If Jere can do it, so can I. I must carry the torch in NYC, as he moves on up to Beantown, itself;


"#13 Is An UNLUCKY # In A Huge 'Toilet' In The Bronx"

In a sense, I pity one Alex Rodriguez, he of $25.2M per year. He's ACTUALLY a gifted Shortstop, who has better range than the GRANDLY-OVERRATED Derek Jeter+more power than DJ;

Only on the field, does Alex Rodriguez have any sense of grandness;
The Only thing that A-Rod doesn't have, is a World Series Ring, as Jeter has 4 of them, though NONE, recently;
Frankly, Jeter thinks he's hot stuff & unselfish, BUT, it was A-Rod, who moved to another position, NOT Jeter, for Jeter moves for NOBODY, except for a hot blonde;

Jeter got all hot & bothered, when Rodriguez made comments in a magazine, about A-Rod being the better ball player. Frankly, Alex may have a valid point about his athletic ability, but does NOT get the adulation heaped on him by "The Man From Memphis", that Grecian Formula-Poisoned Baboon on FOX, known as Tim(You all Know his last name by now);

But, let Jeter run the show, with Alex @ 3rd Base. Watching the Yankees grow old, clumsy, Gray, causing their fans to whine like a bunch of Long Island North Shore Princesses, is a lot of fun. The Dumb Cap picture, does speak for itself. Watching the Yankees, is a laugh riot in itself;

It should be fun in the last days of "The Toilet." I'll be laughing my arse off;


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"March 29th In My Time-The Knights Of Columbus-The Boston Red Sox-The NY Mets-& Dad"

Throughout much of the world, the Catholic Fraternal Order, the Knights of Columbus, will be 125 Years Old(Or Young), tomorrow. They, who pay for the Satellite Up & Downlinks, for Papal Events, are my Primary Catholic Order. I joined them in my old Brooklyn Neighborhood, the same one where Henry Hill & The "Goodfellas" once roamed around in, years ago;
Tomorrow would have been Dad's 87th Birthday, but he passed on in February, 2000, just before that Season, where the Mets battled the Yankees in the Last World Series of the 20th Century, 4 years before the "Coming(OUT-LOL) of A-Fraud";
I was honoured that he jeweled me at my 1st Installation of Officers Ceremony, when I was elected Grand Knight of a Council in East Glendale, Queens. I shed a tear, as he did this. He came up to me on a cane, uttering his words to the assembled over 100 Guests, "Whatever you do, folks, don't get old." I think that I've inherited his sense of humour & ability to use the occasional wise-crack. He was NEVER a Knight, but was the Father of a Past Grand Knight(Me), hence the Great Turnout for his wake from my Brother Knights;
In a lesson about rooting for the Underdog, it was on 09/02/66, that I was taken to my 1st MLB Game. He would NOT take me up to "The Toilet" in The Bronx, as the Yankees & their "Fans", are, even today, so accustomed to WINNING(&, currently, WHINING & Bragging), that I needed to see an underdog. That Game, Mets & Phillies @ Shea Stadium, was lost by the Mets, 6-0. I now started to root for that Bunch of Underdogs(Yes, they do drive me to drink, but so do Yankee Fans);
& the Mets drove me to drink, like it was BOTH St. Patrick's Day & New Years' Eve, during the '06 NLCS(Especially when you add in the Buck & Mc Carver-FOX Factor);

A next door neighbour of mine, helped me break in on the Boston Red Sox, in the "Miracle of 1967" Team of YAZ, Lonborg, Conig & Company. I learned NEVER to root for DFYankees;

Dad was right. There's more satisfaction in rooting for an Underdog, than for a WINNER. 2004 & 1969 are DEFINING Underdog Moments;

& the Knights Of Columbus helped me get my City of NY Career, jump started, in May, '83 & I'm honoured to be a member of that same council, where that former Dept of Sanitation Chief, is now located;

& a Knights Of Columbus Joint Trip to Fenway Park, out of Glendale, Queens & Arlington, MA, cemented my love of all things SOX;

"Vivat Jesus";

Thanks, Dad;

Fraternally Yours;

Mike, a Past Grand Knight In Queens, NY

"The NESN Nation" On MTA NYC Transit

"The NESN Generation" is on the Subway in NYC:

They're on my evening commute from Lower Manhattan on The BMT Division's J Line;
One gent gets off @ Kosciuzko Street;
2 get off at Woodhaven Blvd;
One rides on the Q(Isn't there a Sox Blog with That Initial);
& many gather on the 7 Train to Corona to our Fun Exile Place;

& "NESN Nation" is NOT going away;

Mike From Queens

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"The Verbal Fellating Of Tony La Russa" Brought To You By Those Arsecaps @ MSG Network"

Like Dean Wormer of Faber College, said in "Animal House" in 1978:


This is about a Cable TV Regional Network, based in NYC @ Madison Square Garden, home to 2 Basketball & 1 Hockey Team, all of which are considered to be BAD Jokes. Unfortunately, it's called MSG Network. Let me elaborate, in ways that Tim Mc Carver wouldn't even dream of, on his best day;

They once held the TV Rights to the following teams;
The NBA Knicks(BAD Joke #1), the NHL Rangers(Bad Joke #2), the WNBA Liberty(Bad Joke #3), the MSL Red Bulls-New York, the NHL NJ Devils, the NBA NJ Nets, the NHL NY Islanders(Sorta Bad Joke #4), the NY-PA League Brooklyn Cyclones, the NY Mets(Bad Joke #5 from '02 to '04) & the NY Yankees(Bad Joke #6, now that they have A-Rod, as well as the period of 1982 to 1994), & the Staten Island Yankees(2001);
With The Combo of MSG Networks, including FOX Sports Net-NY & Metro Channels, you really had an empire. Adding the NHL Buffalo Sabres to the MSG Network Northwest Feed, cemented that empire of yours;

Then, the Bottom fell out in '02, as the NY Yankees & NJ Nets, & S. I. Yankees, formed the YES Network, which the Cablevision Cabal tried to silence, by blocking from Cablevision's systems in the NY Area. Both sides compromised & Cablevision now sponsors the "I-O Digital Cable Pre & Post-Game Shows" on YES;

It was 2006, when the Mets & Company, premiered their own Network, called SNY(Sportsnet New York). Things got so bad that Murdoch's News Corporation(FOX Sports) bailed out of the Garden Deal;

This leaves only the Garden-Owned Teams+the Devils, Islanders & Red Bulls, as programming. A HUGE VOID was created when the Mets set up their Network, with Comcast & Time Warner as partners. Cablevision owns MSG & the MSG Networks. Their heads are the Dolan Duo of Charles & Jim Dolan;

The Mets Deal really sent MSG Network over to part time status, so they need filler programming;

Was watching the Knicks-Magic on MSG last night, in an Irish place on Woodhaven Blvd last night. The Knicks lost, like I give a Flying F---. It's what transpired, afterwards. The Mets were on SNY, but this place is a Friggin' Yankees-Haven, so I was at the place's mercy;

I've heard of Sore-Losers, but these guys make the Bleacher Creatures in Yankee Stadium, seem tame by comparison. They had on a show, called "Halls Of Fame" with Exceptionally-Annoying & Explosively-BORING Fran Healy, as Host;

Healy had a home-run call on the MSG Network Mets Telecasts, which combined the calls made by Red Sox Radio Guys, Jerry Trupiano & Joe Castiglione & Yankees Legend, Mel Allen, with a Touch of Phil Rizzuto. How Un-Original can you be, Dude! He was only-SLIGHTLY-LESS Annoying than YES Network's Michael Kay, if only because Healy didn't work "Holocost" & "No-Hitter" into the same sentence;

This was NOT filler programming, in the usual sense of the word. Only MSG Network could call it filler programming. It was intended to ruin the evening for Mets Fans, as the Mets are on SNY. It's a chance by Yankees Fans to torment the Crosstown Fans of the Mets & Supporters in Red Sox Nation;

The load of Highlights to promote Tony La Russa's Candidacy for Sainthood on NY TV, set me in motion to take back the awful things I've said about Tim Mc Carver & Joe Buck(OK, probably not that desperate a move, though that duo annoys me less);

La Russa's Cats? My friend has 8 cats & I don't see MSG doing a special about him. Do I trust a manager who wears sunglasses like a lounge lizard, at 8:37PM-Eastern & doesn't remember Canseco & Mc Gwire using "The Juice"?

MSG emphasising the Mets Loss? Are the Dolans, jealous "Arse-Caps" or WHAT!
What next, MSG? Roger Clemens being hailed as a hero, for BEANING Mike Piazza? Specials about the Heroics of Bucky Dent & Aaron Boone? Why Curt Schilling has "666" on his forehead? Why Tom Seaver was a big NOTHING?

I know why La Russa got tipsy-he watched the '06 World Series Highlights(LOLOLOLOLOL);

Add The Dolans & Fran Healy to my "F--- The Riv'" List;

& the Knicks & Rangers can keep on losing until the Dolans get out;

You BASTARDS even chased the Jets to NJ-@least they would've paid taxes, unlike your so-called "Church" called Madison Square Garden. I know Knights Of Columbus Councils, which pay more real estate tax, than the Garden does;

& George Costanza can run The Garden, better than The Dolans Can!


Monday, March 26, 2007

1st MLB Player To Sacrifice A Runner to 2nd Base in the 1st MLB Regular Season Game Ever Played In Canada

His current Broadcast Partner was born March 25th, 1969, is my hint;
Good Luck!

"A Suggestion From Bluto Blutarsky To NY Mets Fans In '07"

"Start Drinking HEAVILY";

I realize that this is the 40th Anniversary of "The Impossible Dream Red Sox of YAZ, Lonborg, & Conigliaro", but it's also the 40th Anniversary of the Rookie Year of George Thomas Seaver;

Aaron Sele & Chan Ho Park, have NOTHING left in the tank, sort of like Steve Trachsel;

The Mets, over the Winter, were if as Constipated Men, in making deals;

It's as if Jeff Wilpon was in this year of Indecision;

Aaron Sele & Chan Ho Park are NOT "Seaver-Class" Pitchers;

The Mets need not have "Old Timers Day" in the Waning Days of Shea Stadium. They've already got a # of players over 40;

Pedro, get well SOONER than after the All Star Break, to save Mets Fans' Livers;

Mike In Queens, definitely NOT on WFAN!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Domine Non Sum Dignus" Or "I always Hold The Door For a Member of Red Sox Nation"

Actually, the 1st Phrase means, "Oh Lord, I am NOT Worthy":

Was @ the Tridentine Latin Mass @ St. John's Cemetary Chapel, in Middle Village, Queens, NY, in The RC Diocese of Brooklyn;

Mass was celebrated today, by Msgr Walter Murphy, who once headed 4 Parishes in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn, down by the old Brooklyn Navy Yard;

Now, in "Retirement", he does celebrate the Tridentine Latin Mass;

I find that the conversation is more-intellectual, as most, except the wee children, are University Graduates from Bachelors Degrees & Above;

Steve is a History Major. With him was Valerie, an Art Major. Then, there was Valerie, an Art Major, who lives in Flushing, living on 160 Street, just off Northern Blvd, near Joyce Kilmer Council, Knights of Columbus;

It was a good conversation after Mass, of about 30 Minutes;

The Tridentine Latin Mass is not as long as the "Novus Ordo" Mass, but much-more satisfying, as it's in the Traditional Language of The Mass, Latin;

I decided to hold the door for a woman named Evvy, who, as it turns out, lives in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn & comes out of Boston. She pointed out to 2 wee children, that "Granpa used to wear that ball cap";
In other words, he was a member of "Red Sox Nation", just as she is;

We talked, after Mass & realized that RSN is all over the world, even after an Indult Latin Mass in Middle Village Queens, in The RC Diocese of Brooklyn;

The Valerie from Flushing, from not too far from Shea Stadium, is half Russian & half French. She remembered a place called "Boston 212". Funny, but so do I, as it's a virtual, but not actual place @ the current time;

Funny, but she lives in Flushing;
However, Red Sox Nation, lives ANYWHERE;

I headed to "Professor Thom's", @ 219 2nd Avenue, between East 13th & East 14th Streets, Manhattan, today;

Orsillo was fine, as was RemDawg, but Remdawg was sounding a bit horny, in relation to Tina Cervasio;

RemDawg, you're funny & MARRIED. I think that you're in need of The Tridentine Latin Mass @ St. John's Cemetary. It'll keep you in check;

Red Sox won it 12-6;
WTF is it with the 'Pen, as Josh Beckett, SHINED, with 7 innings of looking good & no HOMERS, donated;

& I gotta return to the Traditional Mass @ The End of April;

Pax Vobiscum all, except for the Riviera;


Bought a Palm Keyboard, Yesterday

Works like a charm;
Makes the Palm T/X work like a laptop;
Can even write Red Sox Reports from Philly, on Saturday with it;

Meanwhile, had a delicious Lobster Ravioli at "The Hairy Monk". last evening;
That's RSN Hangout In Manhattan #2;

I gotta get to Mass, Next;


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Here It Is-#500-& Paps Is Closing

& to think that it was RUMOURED that Julian Tavarez or Armando Benitez would Close!


Check with ESPN, by going down the column on the right, to read that bit of Good News:

It has been an amazing journey in writing this blog-it carried my thoughts on The Red Sox, some NY Mets stuff, as I DO live in Queens, not too far from the Site of Game 6 of The 1986 World Series, which'll be part of the Citi Field Parking Lot in 2009, & some Catholic Apologetics from a Traditional Standpoint, as well as friendly battles with various Baseball Fans @ our various pubs which we call our homes away from home;

Whether it was a tender kiss from 4 Sweet Lassies, after the Red Sox Lost to Toronto on September 2nd, 2006 at a Very-Improved Fenway Park, or trying to pick up the despair of Red Sox Nation into a Tug Mc Graw Style "Ya Gotta Believe" in August & September, '06, it was written here;

Whilst I mourned a loss by Curt Schilling, while yelling Expletives at Nipper, "The Interim Pitching Coach From Hell", as he was a 1986 World Series ARSONIST, I often did it in 2 Red Sox Themed Places, namely "Professor Thom's" at 2nd Avenue & East 14th Street, or "The Hairy Monk" at 3rd Avenue & East 25th Street, both on The Island of Manhattan. After a few too many sips of Guinness Stout in both places, I would rage about the likes of Jason Giambi(His At Bats, Brought To You By BALCO) & the Perennial Useless Faker, Braeden Looper(I forgot the # of times, I've yelled "YOU SUCK" @ him), who hid an injury, while pretending to be a Closer in '05,ruining many a victory chance by Pedro Martinez;

On 09/02/06, Jon Lester was supposed to start for the Red Sox, but he was diagnosed with Lymphona on 9/1/06. It was as if I was watching a "Bleak Futures At Fenway" Game, but I still had a grand time, as it was my 1st Appearance at Fenway Park in the 21st Century;

I never mentioned this, but on the Monday after the '06 NLCS, I cried for 10 Minutes, remembering my folks, who took me to my 1st Major League Games & neither one involved the NY Yankees. They didn't want to corrupt me with the Thought of the NY Yankees, whose fans are, basically, front-runners;

I've also learned never to trust a manager, who wears sunglasses at 8:37PM Eastern & didn't know that Mark Mc Gwire was juicing in the 2 times he managed him. That guy got arrested for DUI in Florida. I think that his name is La Russa;

09/11-NEVER FORGET as more living casulties are coming to light;

If you've been seeing Latin in the columns, it's because of having gone to two Latin Masses, in the past 2 months. Both were beautiful experiences. @ one of them, I ran into a Red Sox Lassie, so the Nation is all over, even in The Diocese of Brooklyn after a Latin Mass. On what other Primarily Baseball Blog do you get AUTHENTIC Gregorian Chant;

May "Dice-K" dice & slice up the AL, especially some team in The Bronx;

May Papelbon be the "Closer Of Our Dreams-Good Ones At That";

That "A-Rod" finish his Yankees Contract, & be like fine "WHINE", like those "Fans" in The Bronx(Or is that North Jersey & SW CT);

That Tim Mc Carver keeps braying like the Baboon he is, as he keeps Bloggers like me, busy;

That Pedro gets well & leads his team to a World Series. La Russa & his pet snake, Lord Albert of The Pool Halls, have no place in Post-Season, as I love to think of Post-Season as a CLASSY Time. Last year was an aberration, especially when "Mud-Handed" Kenny Rogers, is factored into this mix;

One Question, I must ask;
Like Satchel Page, just how OLD is Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez;

& to all of the Bloggers who've graced this blog, from "Omnipotent Q" in Midwood, Brooklyn, Anita Moore in Boise, ID, Georgia in BC, Simon Peter in NC, Marty in Australia, Susan in Scotland, Suldog in Watertown, MA, Peter in Farmington, CT, Laura in VA, Christine E., in PA, Katiee in MA, Kaylee in AZ, Steve Keane in Staten Island & formerly from Brooklyn, SCZA in Boston, Julie & Alex from MA, Kelly & Cyn from MA, Jere(Bad Hat & All) from the Upper East Side, with Reb from CT, Kim(FiNY)from RH, via Brooklyn & Amy from RH, Via East Boston, & Chris Wertz from Red Sox Haven, "Professor Thom's", who've brightened my day, I thank you, One & ALL;

Until Next Time;


"Why The TeLOLists Fainted In Yankee Stadium"

Tim Mc Carver kept mentioning Derek Jeter's Name:


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"TeLOLists Caught In A Plot"

Osama Bin-Gasin & his band of "Al-Wasip" Assassins, were hatching a plot to poison the air inside a LARGE Gathering of New Yorkers:

Osama sends a contingent of his associates to a large outdoor arena by Subway. They're dressed to pass for New Yorkers, wearing Baseball Caps;

They arrived at the big outdoor arena. They got outfield seats. People were calling these guys "Arse-Caps";

The Contingent of fans around the Terrorists, in the Middle of the 6th Inning, sang a warped version of "YMCA" to them. The Assassin Squad passes out. The FBI takes the assassins into custody;

They gave up the location of Osama Bin-Gasin, who was hiding in a 3rd Tier. He had also fainted;

All were in custody & yelling at Osama for his brilliant plot @ the Metropolitan Correctional Centre in Lower Manhattan;

From Yemeneh Bin-Hihni:
"You gave us NY Mets & Boston Red Sox Caps to wear in the RF Bleachers? All those guys were from NJ & SW CT. There were NO New Yorkers, there";

From Yumoma Benin-Jery;
"Of Course, there aren't Any New Yorkers-They got Jersey Breath in The Bleachers. You'll never find New Yorkers, ANYWHERE in Yankee Stadium. They're all in Corona, Queens, at the OTHER Place";

Arraignment & Court Date was set;



Tavarez is a CLOSER?

OK, who's smuggling pot in Peanut Butter Jars, into Fort Myers? Julian Tavarez is a CLOSER? Just HOW MUCH GUINESSSES STOUT was consumed on St Patrick's Day to come up with that idea?

Tavarez will be held in the same HIGH ESTEEM on Lansdowne Street, as Armando Benitez was, on Roosevelt Avenue in Corona, Queens-NONE. Kenmore Station will shake as much as Willis Point Blvd-Shea Stadium, all from the chant(NOT Gregorian) of "YOU SUCK";

I warn you folks-it will NOT be pretty;


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

'Do You Have A Minute Or So?"

The 4th Blog Link on the right, is the link for "The National Lampoon Sports Minute(Or So)" heard on 164 Radio Stations in the US of A & in 31 Newspapers:

Click on that link, as there's a LOT of FUNNY Stuff;



"Off To Philly On Saturday, March 31st, With The Gang From 'Professor Thom's'"

We're Heading down the NJ Turnpike by Big Bus:

Red Sox vs Phillies, which should be fun;

It'll be my 1st trip to Philly in 44 Years, land of The Liberty Bell & Declaration of Independence;

Off to Citizens' Bank Ballpark, which could serve as a preview of the new Citi Field, being built next to Shea Stadium;

Thank Goodness the Giant DUMP, called "The Vet", is only a CBB Parking Lot;

We leave at 10AM, i/f/o Professor Thom's at 219 2nd Avenue, between East 13th & East 14th Street;

There will be pictures & videos shot back to New York, via my Moto RAZR & a Written Record on my Palm T/X;

Mike in Queens

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The March On 5th Avenue & The Party, Later On

It was cold, a bit damp, Windy north of East 66th Street & interesting, for you see, I carried the Stars & Stripes, for the Queens County Board of The Ancient Order of Hibernians. It was a proud moment to carry The Flag Up 5th Avenue(God Bless America In The Parade which predates the American Revolution by some years);

I was photographed by a a man, who wore a familiar ski cap, with a red B on it @ East 54th Street & 5th Avenue. It was the 1st sign of Red Sox Nation & their Strong Showing on 5th Avenue;

This all started on West 46th Street & various State & County Officials were with us;

Then, more AOH marchers joined us;

It was time to step off @ 1:53PM, or 17 minutes before the time we usually stepped onto 5th Avenue;

The Parade, north of East 66 Street, was more Pre-911 Fun, with glad-handing & High Fiving NYC Firefighters, Members of Red Sox Nation, & the Returning Mets Fans, which made me joyous;

However, there was an equipment malfunction, as one of the banners came off the hinge, due to strong winds. The Banner was re-hinged & things proceeded. This was after the East 66th Street Reviewing Stand, where the Grand Marshal, The Former Ambassador to The Vatican & Former Mayor of Boston, The Fine, Pro-Life Mr Raymond Flynn, was watching, hence my proud wearing of the Red Sox Cap in his honour, as well as of the team. You see, Ray Flynn was Mayor of Boston, during the 1986 World Series;

Someone got a bright idea, as Queens County AOH was falling behind around 69th Street. It was running 2 Blocks to catch the Pipe Band. After a Mile & 1/2, this Rocket Scientist gets this brilliant idea. Of course he wasn't carrying anything, but gets the idea, anyway;

Wait-his child was dissing me for the Red Sox Cap;

I should've figured that a YANKEES Fan would be the perp. Get set for "Gay-Rod" Chants at the Parade, next year;

Around East 70th Street, after the 2 1/2 Block Run with an American Flag, I had cramps in both legs, so my backup guy from NJ, took over. Then it was fun from there;

The Yankees Biggest Fan, he who brings a frying pan to Games at Yankee Stadium, The Great Freddie Schuman, was banging the pan. It has a shamrock on it. We did a knuckle jab. It was great to see him back on 5th Avenue;

The J-E-T-S Girls are back. They told me "Boston Sucks" as the were Yankees Fans, but we Chanted "J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets." It was like old times, Gals. Thanks;

Back to Queens & a ride to Freeport-LIRR to Babylon-Rice Division 2 Suffolk County, with my friend Ed, President of AOH Division 14 in Queens. Both of us are Past Grand Knights of respective Knights Of Columbus Councils in Queens. That order, like The Ancient Order Of Hibernians In America, was founded by men of Irish Ancestry & will be 125 Years Old on March 29th. Great Party, which was $10 to eat Corned Beef, Marinated in beer, making it better than Corned Beef in a deli on Queens Blvd-Rego Park & Flowing Guinness' Stout for $4 per glass & a few more thrown in. There's one drawback to all that stout & that means "Tapping 2 Kidneys" & that's truly "The Pause That Refreshes";

Ed intro'd me to his friends there. One was a woman named Rosemary Brown of Babylon, who, as it turned out, grew up on 112th Street in Richmond Hill, in Holy Child Jesus Parish;

Speaking of which, her old Parish, where she knew many of Div. 14's Members, was the site of the Division's Annual St Patrick's Day Mass, with attendance being quite-light, due to snow-ice on the ground. There was something which upsets me in that Church, & that's where the Tabernacle is located & it's in a side chapel next to the Sanctuary, which is NOT a PROMINENT Place for The Eucharist to be placed. That must be remedied & I hope that Bishop Octavio Cisneros, the New Pastor, addresses this situation;

The Fire Department Of The City Of New York, got the Parade's BIGGEST Hand. The Chairman of The St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee, John Dunleavy, got RAZZED for his "Tinpot Tyrant" Attitude towards The FDNY;

It figures about Dunleavy & his predecessor, Frank Beirne, as both are One Time Bus Superintendents for MaBSTOA(Manhattan & Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority), successor to the 5th Avenue Coach Lines Inc, once noted for a HEAVY Irish Presence. Weren't these guys on strike a couple of times, in 1966 & 1980? & like Beirne did, Dunleavy lives outside of NYC, with Dunleavy living in Dutchess County, in the Northern Fringe of the Archdiocese Of New York, far out of the reach of the NYC Fire Department. (Dutchess County? How ENGLISH Can you get!{LOL});

It wouldn't be St Patrick's Day in NYC, without Controversy;

That's my world from NYC & Red Sox, Mets & Yankees Baseball is just around the Corner;



Saturday, March 17, 2007

"Some 'Mild GAY-Ity' On March 17th"

It's ALMOST The Regular Season. See what one player is donning in Spring Training:

Note that it is NOT something this guy will hit Derek Jeter with;

Then, again, I could be WRONG;

The Pink Shamrock might just be to his liking;



"OK-I know It's Pinkish, BUT I Have Drawn A Shamrock"

This is to remind us that the plant represents The Triune Godhead, in Father, Son & Holy Ghost & is part of Irish Culture, on St. Patrick's Day(A Feast Day, BTW);

The Image Manipulation Software wasn't the easiest to use, but I gave it the Ol' University Try. In this case, I decided to try to do it myself, from the heart;

Then, again, NYC & the Northeast are getting hit with snow & ice, strange considering that it was 70 Degrees F on Thursday Morning. Then again, it is March;

Then I remembered that Tinpot General Juan Dunleavy, is RUINING the Parade, with his VINDICTIVENESS;

But, there is "The Great Dunleavy", an Australian of Irish Descent, from News Corp's NY Post, who's a severe critic of "That Other Guy";

Slainte, All;


PS: It might look good on "A-Rod".

Friday, March 16, 2007

"Ladies & Gentleman-Mr Pete Rose Can Do This"

& YOU can bet on it, that he SHOULD.

"The Parade Czar Strikes Again"

Or should I say "The FDNY Band Nazi":

The Chairman of The St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee(Or is he "Imperial Czar", John Dunleavy, who may be drinking TOO Much Jolt Cola to suit me) has banned the FDNY EMS Band from marching with the FDNY;

Dunleavy is becoming like the guy in the photo;

My thanks to my correspondent in County Wexford
(Or is that County Queens);


Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Josh Threw Well, But Oliver Was Better Tonight"

It was a Mets 4-1 Exhibition Victory over the Red Sox in Port St Lucie, FL, seen via Sportsnet New York via Satellite(DirecTV), this evening:

Josh Beckett wasn't wild, but did give up a gopher ball, something he has to work on(6Ks, no BB);

Sox Infield-2 Errors, allowing 2 Mets Runs to Score, with 1 Earned(Alex Cora committed The Consecutive Deuce);

Big Papi Ortiz & Manny Ramirez, K'od 2x each, as did Josh Beckett;

Tito, there's NO DH in the NL Park. You know that from managing the Phillies;

Oliver Perez seemed quite-sharp(9Ks in 5 Innings, no BB). With Mets 'Pen, overall Strikeouts in 9 Innings, was 14;

Meanwhile, Aaron Heilman is reporting Tendonitis in his elbow. That the pitching was so-Injury ridden by NLCS time, it was a wonder that the Mets got as far as they did;

If Sr Sunglasses(I Didn't Know Mc Gwire Was Juicing It)La Russa, faced the Healthy Team, instead of one ready for the Surgeon's Knife, Lord Albert of The Pool Halls & Braden The Fake-Phony-LIAR, would've been on the Golf Course a lot sooner;

No one was hurt, tonight;

Take Care;


"Requiscant In Pacem, Bowie Kuhn"

He was the Commissioner Of MLB, from the time I was in 8th Grade, in 1969, until 1984, when Baseball entered the Modern Era of Today(Divisional Play, Free Agency, etc):

He died today in Florida, at age 80;

Requiscant In Pacem, Bowie;


Tinpot Dunleavy & Bud Selig, This Says It All

1st is Bud:

Much of the USA lives in Tall Buildings, so DirecTV Dishes are a PROBLEM, so many of use will pour a Kings Ransom to some Sporting Pub to watch The Red Sox, so thanks Dude for NOTHING;

2nd is ONE Mr John Dunleavy, of the St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee;

When my father's brother came back from WWII, he was a WWII Veteran, descended from such bloodlines as Foley, Kelly, O'Brien & Mc Loughlin. He joined the NYC Fire Department in 1945 & was with them 24 Years before his passing from Natural Causes in the Year of The 1st Man on The Moon & the NY Mets 1st World Championship. As he was born in 1910 in Brooklyn, NY, he was 8 when the Red Sox won that Fabled(In Yankees Fans Catcalls)1918 World Championship;

Mind you, he would be heartbroken by your IDIOTIC Actions, of marching the FDNY @ the Middle of The Parade, because of petty bulls---, being perped by you. Just Who the F--- do you think you are? A VENGEFUL Former Mayor of NYC(1978-1989), who's a Media Celebrity? You may think that YOU'RE "The Show" & if it were a Series(Preferably on FOX), it would SUCK;

On Tuesday, 091101, the FDNY lost 346 Members of That Service at The World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. They Assisted the New Orleans FD & NOFD said Thanks;

Ohhhh, regulations!
Tinpot D---heads like you, are an EMBARRASSMENT. Too bad "Paulie & Sally Babe" aren't around. I'd pay to watch that on Pay-Per-View;

I thank my friend from County Wexford, Eire(Or is it Ozone Park, County Queens, NY), for sending me this Illustration. It shows just what Selig & Dunleavy can do;

Click on the Title, as my friend in Wexford, has some Oddly-Humourous Ideas about the world;


Michael(& I'll Be Marching on 5th Avenue, this Saturday);

PS: Dunleavy would probably put the "FOX Saturday Baseball" Crew i/f/o the FDNY.

This Morning I Watched "Imus"During My Commute

In the wee hours, I downloaded MobiTV, which allows me to watch streamed tv on my mobile phone, the RAZR V3 by Motorola, over Cingular's Network, as I have the MEdia Net Full Package:

Actually watched "Imus", while on the J Train;

I can't wait until NESN & SNY, can be seen on my Mobile.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Red Sox @ Mets on 0315 @ 7:10PM on SNY

Instead of DO & The RemDawg, you'll get Gary Cohen, Ron Darling & the Illustrious Keith Hernandez(Elaine Benes' BF on "Seinfeld"):

They will entertain & inform you, every step of the way;

There's one negative side-effect;

No Tina Cervasio;

There's 1 positive side effect;

It's NOT YES(The "Soviet TV-Style" Yankees Network};


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Armando Benitez, Theo?"

Do you really want to put Red Sox Nation through the agony, which our cousins, the Current & Old Guard Mets Fans, have experienced?

You KNOW how loudly Mets fans chanted "YOU SUCK, BENITEZ"? It would cause an earthquake at Fenway Park & be felt at Kenmore on The Green Line, just like the reverberations were felt @ Willets Point-Shea Stadium, on the IRT #7 Flushing Line;

You DON'T want to be compared with STEVE PHILLIPS & hear the chant of "Theo-George COSTANZA would make a BETTER GM than you do", a catcall made about Steve Phillips, on a regular basis in '02 & '03;

DON'T make THAT deal, or Paulie & Sally Babe'll be waitin' for ya(LOL). Dem guys were Jolly "Goodfellas"(LOLOL);

Ya get da picture. Take Care!


Monday, March 12, 2007

Last 2 Posts

were written EXCLUSIVELY, using my Palm T/X. This is my third article, doing it this way. From here on in, I'll use my Mac. It's easier this way.

Yankees lose 7-5

Tonight, we here in RSN-NY, watched the Red Sox defeat the Yankees, on NESN, 7-5, For once in NYC, we didn't have to watch the game on YES, the "Soviet TV" of Baseball, as "DO & The RemDawg", simply let us watch the game.

Ahhhhh, Red Sox Baseball, was watched the way it was meant to be, with Tim Mc Carver, NOWHERE in sight, nor Joe Buck, nor Michael Kay.

Red Sox win it, 7-5.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

You're @ an Ancient Order of Hibernians St. Patrick's Day Celebration In Pinstriped Turf-What To Do

A NY Yankees Fan razzes you for rooting for the Red Sox and for your wearing the Red Sox cap:

Pray for his/her immortal soul;


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another "Riviera" Rant-This List Gets Longer

To the Guys who canned the ONLY Bar Manager who really made "The Riviera Cafe & Sports Bar" @ 7th Avenue South & West 4th Street, in Greenwich Village, a Red Sox Household Name, The Great Jim Mc Guire, my "Pax Non Vobiscum" list is GROWING, Leaps & Bounds, so "Pax Non Vobiscum" goes to:

"Tin Pot" Dunleavey(NOT The Great Aussie of The NY Post of Irish Descent) of the St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee; Marching the FDNY @ the Middle of The Parade because of some cheap vendetta? Should Paulie & Sally Babe send you any reminders(Lol);

Bud Selig, Commissioner of MLB, for putting MLB Extra Innings on DirecTV & just how FEW People do you want to reach, Bud? & YOU OWNED the Milwaukee Brewers? Bwahahahahahahaha;

Timothy Brosnan of MLB, in explaining how DirecTV will reach more viewers. Just WHAT did The Marist Brothers Teach You? That 1+1=17,500? Bwahahahahaha;

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg-Eccentric, Dictatorial Billionaires must NEVER run for Office. Imagine H.Ross Perot as President-Yikes! I think that you get the picture;

&, as always, the usual list of Suspects;

Steve Sertell, GM of "The Riviera";



Rupert Murdoch(FOX);

Ted Turner(Why Not);

Michael Kay(Just How Do The Holocost & No Hitters Mix);

Derek Sanderson Jeter(The Straw Which Stirs The Apples & Oranges Mash Drink Called DFYankees-Selfish Little S---, thinks he must be worshipped);

Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez(A-Fraud); 'Nuff Said;

David Hill(Executive Producer-FOX Sports);

Ken "The Hawk" Harrelson(A Shill's Shill, who makes me wanna puke);

Joe Buck-Sarcastic, Smart-Arse Commentator on "FOX Saturday Baseball", who prompts Tim Mc Carver into some "Fact" or other Dumb Comment. Bwahahahahaha;

Thom Brenamann-Another "FOX Saturday Baseball" Dim Bulb, who mocked a Legally-Blind Mets Fan, during '06 NLDS Coverage. A Friggin' BRILLIANT;

Albert Puljols(Barry Bonds Wannabe)-Same "Class" as Barry Bonds(NONE). The only Muscle, you haven't strained so far is your "Love" Muscle;

Barry Bonds-LOWLIFE Champion Of The World;

Jason Giambi-NOT knowing WHAT he was apologising for, in an '05 Press Conference & WHY does your weight fluctuate from August to September like that;

Tim Mc Carver-"BRONSON, not BRANDON", Tim! Actively CAMPAIGNED on the air for Derek Jeter's "Canonization For Sainthood", I mean, campaigned to have Jeter named AL MVP;
10 Mentions about Bucky Dent's 1978 Homer, during Yankees-Red Sox Game on FOX. Kept talking about some interview where Former Yankees Pitcher, Jon Lieber, mentioned how the Red Sox wished the Yankees, good luck in what looked to be an impending appearance in the '04 World Series against the Cardinals, which the Red Sox Won, when the Yankees BLEW a 3-0 Lead in the '04 ALCS. Dave Roberts stole that base in the '04 ALCS, NOT the NLCS;

NY Mets General Partner, Jeff Wilpon-Aaron Sele, Jeff? What Planet do you live on? Is he the "New Trachsel?" 'Nuff Said;

Steve Phillips of ESPN's "Baseball Tonight"-George COSTANZA would make a BETTER GM than you do;

Dan Shaughnessy of The Boston Globe(A NY Times Company)-you're as beloved in Boston & in Red Sox Nation, as the Late Dick Young(NY Daily News & NY Post)was with Mets Fans(NOT);

Translated from the Latin, my phrase simply means

"F--- 'EM";


"Announcer Boy" Don Orsillo Ups For 3 More Years On NESN

Click on the title above. He, the TV Colleague of Gerald Peter Remy, "DO" or Don Orsillo, or "Necktie Boy"(Take Your Pick), is back for 3 More Years, on NESN, for more Red Sox Baseball(Ruffles & Flourishes):

Last season, I remember when Dennis Leary & Al Clarke, came into the booth, in promoting Leary's Firefighters' Foundation, when Al Clarke went on about Gabe Kapler & Kevin Youklis, not standing a chance, if Mel Gibson had owned the Red Sox, as Gabe & Kevin are Jewish. I laughed(Hard)as I witnessed Jerry & Don, almost falling on the floor from laughing so hard. With Al Clarke's memorable "He Mel, we've got a Jewish 1st Baseman, Gabe Kapler & a Jewish 3rd Baseman, Kevin Youklis. Eat your heart out, Mel Gibson", no wonder RemDawg & "Announcer Boy" were laughing so hard that one could puke;

In my "FOX Saturday Baseball" Send Up in January, where Tim Mc Carver is the butt of the Send Up, Orsillo & Remy are cackling with laughter, after one DUMB Tim Comment after another, making the FOX booth, just like the NESN booth;

Congrats, Donny O!


WROR-FM 105.7 In Boston. ESPECIALLY "Loren & Wally"

My thanks to Kristen Cornette of "Red Sox Diehard" for giving me the heads up on this station, in the message boards:

I just upgraded my Palm T/X to 2GB, turning it into a media centre. The song "Juan Damon", in (DISS)honour of Johnny Damon's Defection for large amounts of cash to the NY Yankees, inspired this song & subsequent download, which was added to my Palm, for my laughing & listening pleasure;

I found a treasure trove of MP3s' to download, on the "Loren & Wally" page & got such songs as "Golden Bananna", a send up of "Copacabana" & "Garbage Man", from Billy Joel's "Piano Man";

"Loren & Wally" are to me what "Imus In The Morning" was before he turned all political. Let's hope that "Loren & Wally", NEVER go that route;

Click on the title of this article & you'll find songs to download to your iPod for free;



Thursday, March 08, 2007

Of Wake, Pap, Some Guy named Burgos & Lastings

Let's face facts, in Red Sox Nation, dearly beloved, as Tim Wakefield(As in Tim, Tim, & NOT Bill, the way you put it in '03 in the "ALCS on FOX")was actually, losing effectiveness, in part, due to the early absence of Mr Mirabelli, his personal catcher. But, Tim is NOT getting any younger, like most of us are, & it didn't help to have a "Pitching Coach" like Albert Samuel Nipper(1986 World Series ARSONIST):

Face it(Unless He has his arm bothering him in September, from all his relief work), Jonathan Papelbon IS the Future, throwing 50 Great Pitches, & should be at form by Opening Day, provided that Messrs Farrell & Francona, don't turn him into a reliever, while being a starter, hence, straining resources;

Red Sox(On NESN)defeated the Mets 9-5;

Sr A. Burgos throws a Straight Down The Middle Fastball. Burgos will be reminicent of one Armando(YOU SUCK)Benitez, one who NO ONE wants in a Money Situation, hence "Professor Rick" has to help Burgos to develop another pitch, or the Shea Denizens will compare Omar Minaya to(Heaven Help Them)STEVE PHILLIPS, who could've been replaced by George COSTANZA;

On Lastings Milledge;
I think that the Red Sox sent him a Dozen Long Stemmed Roses, for his outfield play at Fenway Park, last June(If "Call Of The Green Monster" is any indication), though there were rumors of the Sox FO, looking to get Lastings in a trade, which means that instead of "Manny Being Manny", it would've been "Lastings Being An Arse & A Half";

Red Sox Bullpen=Nerve-Wracking, yet the starters look good;
Mets Bullpen remains solid, DESPITE Burgos;
The Regular Season begins in a few weeks & THAT is the true test;

Words of Caution;

In Boston, BEWARE of Larry Lucchino;
In Corona, Queens, BEWARE of JEFF Wilpon(Aaron Sele? The New Trachsel? Will Beer Sales go up to the PUKING Level, Jeff?);

Note that Fenway Park, will expand SRO & possibly build in new Grandstand Seats, as Fenway modernizes;
The new Mets Park, Citi Field(Or is it Ebbets Field II), opens in '09;

& Mets Fans, pray for Pedro's SPEEDY Recovery as he reports no pain in throwing, as Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez, celebrates either his 42nd or 47th Birthday in May(Take Your Pick);

Until NEXT Time;


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Steve Phillips Thinks He's Going To Win An Emmy For This

Steve Phillips, comedian in his own mind & GM FLOPPEROO of the NY Mets, is now a studio host on ESPN'S "Baseball Tonight", as well as In-Game Analyst on weeknight ESPN Baseball telecasts. On a recent "Baseball Tonight-Special Edition" from Disney World, Steve made this BOLD prediction:

"Alex Rodriguez will not only be AL MVP, BUT World Series MVP";

Well, upon hearing this burst of brilliance, which makes Steve sound like "The Master of The Oblivious Observation", one named Tim Mc Carver, Steve was booed, rousingly, by the Disney World audience;

Oh, ah, Steve, I DO remember you as the METS GM, who refused to negotiate with A-Rod, calling him a 24+1 player in 2000, after the World Series, instead torturing Mets Fans with Steve Trachsel, who caused the Mets "Old Guard" to think of you, IMMEDIATELY, while crying & vomiting, simultaneously, over the '06 NLCS, whereas Mc Carver at least made people laugh,over his classic gaffe, "ST Louis blows in a NY Minute";

THE (THEN) Most-EXCITING PLAYER in the game, you called a "24+1".. Oh, wait, you left Mets fans with Al Leiter & John Franco. HOW can one possibly-forget them;

Well, Steve, there's a song in your honour, from my "BAD BANAL SUNDAY HYMN SERIES". It says so much bout YOU;

I shall call it "Hey, I'm Steve", sug to the tune of that smewhat-awful "Novus-AWFUL" Hymn, which Traditional Catholics are known to do parodies of, called ."Take & Eat". Traditional Catholics & Baseball Fans alike, will just love this "Tribute", to your INEPTITUDE, for you make TIM MC CARVER look like EINSTEIN, for crying out loud;

"Hey, I'm Steve"

Hey, I'm Steve, Hey, I'm Steve
I am the brains who built this winner
Hey, I'm Steve, Hey, I'm Steve
Brought you a champ, pay homage to me;

The year was 1997
Lance Johnson for the best reliever
Mel Rojas the best in the game/
He was out of gas, he was not the same


There was that little wussie A-ROD
MR 24+1
So I got us MR Trachsel
Look at Game 2. HE BLEW IT REALLY BAD;


A certain owner of a team in The Bronx, as portrayed from the back, by Larry David, on "Seinfeld", sums up Steve Phillips, in one word;


& George Costanza would be a better GM than YOU;

Michael(Written Using The Palm(T/X)in my hand

"NESN-1:00PM, ET-NY Mets at Boston Red Sox-Ft Myers-Tomorrow"

Except for Fairfield County, CT, though part of New England, but considered to be part of the NY Metropolitan Area, all of New England will watch NESN, complete with Don Orsillo & Jerry Remy(DO & The RemDawg, both CONSIDERABLY MORE-Intelligent than "Mike & The Mad Dog" on WFAN 660AM-NY) & Former "Imus In The Morning" Newscaster & Butt of Jokes, Tina Cervasio:

New York Area Alert-head to a Red Sox Friendly Pub in Manhattan or Brooklyn to catch the action. For Red Sox-Friendly Locations, check with "" or "Red Sox" for locations to watch the game, in the NY Metropolitan Area. BTW, DO & The RemDawg, are sometimes noted for silly moments, hence, entertaining, so to Mets Fans in the Audience, these guys are good & THEY'RE NOT "YES" with "Y2" Kay & his "No Hitter-Holocost" Rants;

FIVE Questions Questions I must ask to both Fan Bases, so similar in their DESPISEMENT of the NY Yankees;

Question's #1 & 1A-Is Omar Minaya running a retirement home? & Just how OLD is Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez?

Question # 2-In Regards to Theodore Epstein & his deals, will he look like the '04 Theo, or will he look like a certain FORMER GM of The Mets, who's about to be LAMPOONED in Song as well as roasted on a spit, in the Column, above?

Question #3-Is Red Sox CEO, Larry Lucchino, the Modern Incarnation of the Late Mets Chairman of The Board, M.Donald Grant?

Question #4-Who in the Broadcast Booth is MORE-ANNOYING? Tim Mc Carver? or Hawk Harrelson? DEFEND YOUR ANSWER in the comments below;

Question #5-Is Dan Shaughnessy of The Boston Globe, as DESPISED as Dick Young of both the NY Daily News & NY Post? DEFEND YOUR ANSWER in the comments below;

We now resume Red Sox & Some Mets Programming & Comedy, on the WFAN RED SOX Radio Network(@ least, that's how Tim would put it);

Michael, Purveyor of This Nonsense!

Monday, March 05, 2007

An "All Thumbs"Mobile Commute- "Strangers On A J Train"

I don't mind being an "All Thumbs" person. In this day & age, the thumb has become more than a grip, for it can be used in writing documents & e-mails:

I don't feel like carrying 15 LBS of equipment on me, as it is inconvenient and bulky. A 5.25 OZ PALM T/X & a Motorola RAZR V3, with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi, weighing 3.4 OZ, can do what a notebook computer does, without all of the problem and added weight of all that bulk in regards to the laptop computer, which more-often than not, cn replace a bulky desktop. An associate of mine, uses a G3 Apple iBook, which replaced an old computer running Windows 98. There's a lot more room in his den, and fewer wires, with the iBook;

On my commute this morning, I was riding next to a woman, who was using a T-Mobile Sidekick III. It's a nice data device, now with Bluetooth and, according to this woman, is all she needs, to take care of basic tasks like e-mail, calculations, and text messaging, in a lightweight package. This made for a pleasant commute;

& to think that all thumbs is now a sign of communication, is amazing. What a time of change & how we adapt is amazing. & that we can do, in a period of years, go to do more for less bulk, hence less can do more;

Thanks, Arlene for sharing the commute with me;


Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Story of 9/11 FDNY Chaplain, Fr Mychal Judge(OFM)

A GREAT Article on 9/11 NYC Fire Department Chaplain, Fr. Mychal Judge, OFM(Franciscan Order), is on "The Mighty Quinn Media Machine", right now. Just click above on the title:



Requiscant In Pace, Mychal

"From The Palm In My Hand"

In and for the interests of Traditional Latin Mass Catholics and Baseball Fans alike, my "BANAL BAD SUNDAY HYMN" Series is here for your laughing pleasure, or for revulsion purposes. I hope that you do find it enjoyable:

"From The Palm In My Hand"
(Note-Sung to the tune of "On Eagles' Wings")

You who come to the temple of your team, known around as the stadium,
watch that team, your refuge, all is that you trust:

& you'll be raised up, by several beers, making nolse which will bring cheers, writing a message or two & sending from the Palm in your hand. & sending, sending from the Palm in your hand.

Thus, BANAL Liturgical Muzak, makes for GOOD Satire, if NOTHING ELSE;

Pax Vobiscum;


"Fruit & Nut Land"

Ahhh, Los Angeles, "City Of The Angels", on The Left Coast, as I thank, graciously, Anita Moore's, Simon-Peter Says & Salve Regina's Blogs, for pointing me to all of this;

Home to The "Novus Ordo" Dodgers Fans, who arrive at Games in the 3rd or 4th Inning & leave by the 7th Inning(We In Brooklyn, Consider You, NOT Our Baseball Brethren, in your practice of rooting for your team, for it is NOT pure);

You have a Nondescript Shopping Mall Church, The Seat of The Los Angeles Archbishop, who is as Orthodox as a Bacon Sandwich in a Deli in Borough Park, Brooklyn, on a Saturday Morning(This Area is a Orthodox Jewish Neighbourhood, BTW);

So, he as Primate of "Fruit & Nut Land", presides over a Religious Education Conference, disguised as a "Woodstock Festival", but with "Liturgical" Dancing;

If I wanted Dancing, I could go to a Discoteque in Manhattan, or The Ballet Or Opera. I don't need entertainment at Mass on Sunday;

How much BANAL Music will come out of this Conference, for use at Sunday Mass?
KOJAK was right, as L A is "Fruit & Nut Land";

& you wonder why I have Gregorian Chant on my blog?


Red Sox Fan & Yankees Fan In Intellectual Conversation

Rather, the Good Man inquired about The Traditional Latin Mass, now celebrated on all Lenten Sundays & Easter Sunday at 9:00AM, @ The St. John's Cemetery Chapel, at Metropolitan Avenue & 80th Street, Middle Village, Queens, an Indult Mass, permitted by the RC Diocese of Brooklyn:

He explained that the Magic term, "Hokus Pokus", was taken from "Hoc Est Enim Corpus Meum", as certain Non-Believers in The Eucharist, used to charge the Catholic Church with performing Magic. According to Mother Angelica, on "Mother Angelica Live" on EWTN some years ago, certain of The Protestant "Reformers", believed that The Eucharist was nothing more than "Hokus Pokus", especially Ulrich Zwingli, who believed that The Eucharist is a mere Symbolic Eating & that The Homily was Most-Important(Zwingli was a Definite Forerunner of Today's Televangelists).Zwingli was also the Forerunner of The Puritan Movement In England, giving Rise to Lord Protector Ollie Cromwell in England;

The Good Man was taught by The Jesuits @ Brooklyn Preparatory School in Crown Heights Brooklyn, when the Jesuits, always The Intellectuals of The Church, were The Church's Staunchest Defenders of The Faith, as the man studied Latin for 4 Years & in university, Latin & Greek, so to him, he has an interest in the Traditional Mass;

Today's Jesuits may be another matter, altogether;

If only one's Faith In God was as strong as one's allegiance to a Major League Sports Franchise, this World would be a much-better place;

Pax Vobiscum;


Saturday, March 03, 2007

"This Is One Crazy, Digital Era We Live In"

We now carry the Office in our pockets, with no need for briefcases. We even carry around our music in a shirt pocket. We don't need a quarter or 2 to make a phone call:

I remember 10 Years ago when a company called OMNIPOINT(For you Latinists, Omni means "All")introduced Voice, Fax & Short Messaging, all on one phone, people were amazed, but good ol' OMNIPOINT didn't have enough carriage towers here in NYC, so calls were often dropped. But, if someone needed to send you a FAX, it would go straight to one's voice mail for latter retrieval. With SMS(Text Messaging between OMNIPOINT Handsets, communications were becoming easier & faster & wireless. Sprint PCS didn't have this & neither did (The Old)AT&T, nor Bell Atlantic(Currently, Verizon Wireless)Mobile. Nextel had come up with the Push To Talk Phone, along with regular wireless service;

Apple still made their Newton Handheld, which was bulky but did do wireless web, provided one's cell phone was attached by Serial Cable. Then, Palm came along with the Palm Pilot, which fit in a shirt pocket, which synced to one's computer, to download documents & hold contact lists & for reading MS Outlook e-mail. It even had one which could send e-mail & documents, wirelessly, eliminating extra wires to carry around. The last 10 years have been Cutting Edge Years, for the Digital Revolution;

Currently at home, I have a G3 iMac, running Mac OS X 10.3.9(Panther), which is stable(Like a rock), a Motorola RAZR V3 Phone, which does Wireless Full Internet with Bluetooth & a Palm T/X Handheld, which is capable of High Speed Wireless Fidelity(Wi-Fi)access, Bluetooth Wireless Access & Infrared Data Transfer & Web. The Palm T/X could practically operate on it's own, but still requires either syncing from a computer(Windows or Mac) or from the Bluetooth Connection. It means that I don't have to carry a 5.5 LB notebook computer with me, to perform functions. I use Cingular's Great Voice & Data Network(The NEW AT&T BTW), to wirelessly sync my Palm T/X. I remember when AT&T Wireless had a great device called a Digital Pocketnet Phone, where one could send e-mail, surf the web & send short Fax messages from the phone. It was an amazing device;

I remember when the "Official Carrier" of the NY Mets, was OMNIPOINT & the phones worked fine at Shea Stadium, especially when I sent my 1st e-mail to my then Brand New Brother GeoBook Laptop, to my 1st Earthlink Address, when Earthlink was hardly-known, as AOL was the BIG thing in those days & everyone had Dial-Up Access, in 1998. It was 91F at Game-time on Tuesday, March 31st, 1998 when I sent that 1st e-mail from the comfort of the Shea Stadium Mezzanine, over a crowd chanting "Yankees Suck";

The Digital Era had arrived. In 2000, at Fenway Park, I sent a text message to an associate in Queens, from The Upper Bleachers, as the Red Sox were beating the Montreal Expos, via OMNIPOINT-Voicestream. Later in the year, I did the same thing from Fenway Park. In those 3 Digital Games, the Home team won their games;

So, from Shea Stadium, Fenway Park & Citizens Bank Ballpark(Philadelphia), I will be able to send e-mail, photos & documents from any of those places, as if I never left home. Forget about Yankee Stadium, as only minimal equipment comes with me. I remember Cingular as "Official Sponsor of The NY Yankees" & their phones NEVER worked in Yankee Stadium, 3 years ago & the "Animal House" Atmosphere, which is Yankee Stadium;

Thank Goodness for this Age;


Thursday, March 01, 2007

"You Know That Baseball Is Back When"

You get Final Score Updates in your inbox:

Luckily, this is Spring Training & NONE of it counts, so A-Rod should have a great Spring(The Real Thing is another matter);

The Mets defeated the Cardinals of La Russa Sunglasses Fame, 4-3(& Steve Trachsel is, mercifully, GONE);

The Red Sox lost to Toronto, 4-1;

The Yankees crushed the Twins, 9-1;

It all gets real in April;

Unfortunately, @ 3:55PM Eastern on FOX, on Saturday, April 7th, you know that it's Spring & the 1st Dumb Observation on "FOX Saturday Baseball" is uttered by Tim Mc Carver. Joe Buck, naturally, will egg all of this on us;

Baseball's Back;