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Friday, February 27, 2009

Manny? You & Bor-arse!

Need To GFY!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Words Of Advice For A-Roid




Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shea Is GONE-The Videos And Picture Will Tell You

Farewell Shea Stadium(1964-2009)!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Day To The Final Farewell To Shea Stadium-The Contractor Says It''l Be Gone By Tonight, Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

By Tomorrow Night, the Final Section of Shea Stadium, will be totally demolished. This was the information I received from a representative of Breeze Demolition from Red Hook, Brooklyn:

The Mets Fans are still coming to take final pictures & videos, as a memory of the place, called their Baseball Home for 45 Seasons;

There are Baseball Memories of the American League Variety, there, as well as of the National League Variety. One day, one could see the pitcher come to bat,while on another day, one saw the designated hitter. On April 15th, 1998, @ Shea, this happened in the same park, when the 2 Versions of MLB, took place in the same stadium, when the Yankees played a day game vs the Anaheim Angels, because of a structural defect at Yankee Stadium II, when a beam collapsed, destroying a couple of seating sections. The Yankees had plans to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Yankee Stadium, though Yankee Stadium II was only 22 Years old, in its' 23rd season. The Yankees won that Shea ''Home'' Game. The Mets played the Cubs later that evening;

I saw Home Run King, Hank Aaron, in both Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee Brewers Uniforms, at Shea Stadium. Carl Yastremski, Al Kaline, Harmon Killebrew, George Brett, have all graced the Shea Diamond, in 1974-75, while Yankee Stadium II, was being built;

The ONLY Time I ever saw Whitey Ford & Mickey Mantle in a real baseball game, was during a Mayor's Trophy Game, in May, 1968 @ Shea Stadium. Whitey pitched a gem in relief, but the Mets still won. BTW, Rocky Swoboda, he of the great catch in Game 4 of the 1969 World Series, hit an Inside The Park Home Run to right field. I was seated in Field Level, behind home plate. This game was also my 1st encounter with those who were deaf.
Two males kept standng by the home plate screen & wouldn't sit down, blocking views. People called to them to sit down. Ushers had to get them to sit down or be ejected. I saw their faces, and for the 1st time, saw sign language used;

Not everything I saw at Shea, was about Baseball, but the game was often the backdrop;

I'll never forget when Tom Seaver struck out his 200th Batter for the 9th consecutive season, and how Shea Stadium rocked. It certainly was worth the $1.30, I paid to sit in Upper Level, in September, 1976, on Labor Day. Also, kudos to Jerry Koosman, one time in 1971, for pitching a complete game victory over the SF Giants, all for $1.30. & to Lynn Nolan Ryan, who was quite-wild, for striking out 3 Dodgers, on 9 straight strikes;

One thing does stand out in my mind, is that Roger Clemens NEVER Won a game at Shea Stadium. It must've been the blisters or groin pulls, or home runs by Mike Piazza & a pitcher named Shawn Estes;

Aren't you glad that ''A-Roid'' never called Shea, home*;

I can remember all the Leo Durocher Stories of getting into wild arguements with Umpires, then seeing him do just that, in the 1st Game of a doubleheader, for $1.30. It was worth the admission price;

Also, thanks to MLB Interleaugue Play, I saw Cal Ripkin J'r, during his amazing consecutive game streak;

It all happened at Shea Stadium. We're gonna miss this place;



Monday, February 16, 2009

This Is What Is Used To Write The Shea Stadium Articles

I know what works for me and This Device, weighing only 5.2 Ounces, saves me more aggravation of having to think about what I have to write, online on Blogger. The Palm T/X, which I bought 3 Years Ago, is my instrument of choice, in writing the "Farewell Shea" Stories, as it's portable and the information can be transferred over to my eMac, via Bluetooth. The Palm T/X can also be used as a standalone computer, as it can go online in a Wi Fi Area, from whence e-mail and documents could be sent:

Any music downloaded to my Mac, has been transferred via Bluetooth to this Palm T/X, as it can also serve as my music player

My Samsung SGH A737 Phone on AT & T, serves as my camera and Video Camera, with still photos and video, transferred via Bluetooth to the Mac;

I know it's a tight budget operation, but the Shea Stadium Farewell Story is getting out there, quickly;

Ciao, Shea Stadium!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

As Far As "The House That George Costanza Worked At, Well..."

Lets Just Say That it won't really be a Tribute:

It's JUST a 32 1/2 Year Old TOURIST TRAP;

The REAL New Yorkers were at Shea Stadium;



The FINAL Pilgrimages CONTINUE To Draw Crowds To Shea Stadium

For on this Sunday, still more METS Fans made their FINAL Pilgrimages to Shea Stadium, to see what was left, before the final knockdown:

The Great Peter N, from Farmington, CT, a well known Red Sox Blogger, has only been to one game there, in his entire life. THAT GAME was 1969 World Series Game 3, when Mets Centerfielder, #20, Tommie Lee Agee, made two great catches. WHOA, for a 1st and ONLY Game at Shea Stadium;

One memory was in 1972, when Joe Willie Namath,came back from injury to throw 24/28 & 2 Touchdown Passes. NY JETS Lost to the John Brodie-Led SF 49ers, 28-24, as I sat in Loge Reserved, in the end zone, down near home plate, hence, not all of my good Shea moments, were Baseball ones;

I saw one woman shooting photos, from the Citi Field Parking Lot, saying " I'm gonna miss this place'', & she shed a couple of tears, & so did I;

It's the memories;

Farewell Shea Stadium*

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It Has Been An Honor To Chronicle The Last Days Of Shea Stadium In Pictures And Video-Thank You

As Shea Stadium fades to black & to memory, this video and pictoral series, is nearing its' ending:

Many a summer, spring or autumn evening, brings about a pastoral setting of games played by men, for our entertainment, which lately, have become rather-pricey. Considering the Mets Bullpen, many a game was an exercise in grief, engendered by an owner in a feud(Willie Randolph will tell you that-Go ask Jeffy Wilpon about that);

Now, only the entrance to the old Mets Offices, the ''Will Call Windows'' and a utilities shed remain, as well as the last set of ramps. Even though Monday is ''Presidents Day'', I think that it's the day, where the last piece of Shea Stadium, will be demolished;

I Hope that you've enjoyed the Shea Stadium Farewell Series. It was a privilege bringing it to you;

Farewell Shea Stadium.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

MMCDLXXXVI=Farewell Shea Stadium As There's ONLY ONE Day To Go

Once again, more Mets Fans trotted out to see what was left of Shea Stadium:

There isn't much left to see, but those fans who made the trip, have seen how much their former Baseball Home has changed in the past couple of days;

I found it strange, to say the least, to find an old Analog TV Antenna, near the top of the old stadium. What was being watched up there, Channel 43 from Bridgeport, CT?

As it was, Mets Fans told some stories. Pete from Queens, for instance, mentioned that his mom worked at St John's Hospital on Queens Blvd, and used to bring home loaded bags of Borden's Coupons, so that on certain days, fans with 15 Coupons could get free admission to Mets Games. I did the Coupons a couple of times;

There was talk of Jets Games and the time The NY Giants called Shea Stadium, their Home, back in 1975, of how Upper Level had Green Seats, Mezzanine was Blue Seats, Loge was Orange and Brown and Field was Yellow. Press Level was all Beige. I even related the Story of "Press Credentials" from The "High School Sports Writers Of America" and how I gained access to The Dugout, and Mets Clubhouse, in 1971;

Or the Time I saw Ol' Bob Murphy with a Can Of Schaefer Beer in Hand;

And When Rheingold was the Beer Sponsor in the 1960s;

When I finally got to see the NY Football Giants, I saw them on November 1st, 1975, in a Field Level Seat, on the 15 Yard Line;

Plus, there were memories of Joe Namath, on the Frozen Tundra that was Shea Stadium;

Nellie Doubleday was Principal Owner of The Mets, when they WON the 1986 World Series;

M.Donald Grant is the Most-Reviled Partner in Mets History;

There was even mention of One Orenthal James Simpson, when he was with the Buffalo Bills. I even got to razz OJ at Shea, before he became infamous. I don't think he could find the Real Killers at Shea, unless someone got him a huge mirror;

Memories of that 1st Game in 1966(Dad)and The "Odd Couple" Movie Game(Mom), will always be a part of the Shea Experience;

Farewell, Shea Stadium!

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A Little Irish Musical Interlude-Prior To The Big Shea Stadium Farewell Piece From St Patrick's Division 2-AOH In Babylon, NY

It Is Reported That There Were Two St Valentines'

One was a Young Martyr, while another was Bishop Of Genoa, who died in 307 AD:

The Use of February 14th, was to bring a Christianisation of a Pagan Fertility Feast. According to Post-Vatican II Calendars, it's only to be considered a Local or Particular Feast;

The Feast has become so secularized, but it also should make people aware of the Status Of Single Persons. Pray for us, who are single and for the Special Graces Needed for The Single People;

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen!


The Vital Point- A Community Acupuncture Center

37-05 61st Street, a couple of blocks from 61st Street-Woodside LIRR and #7 El Station, is the home of an Acupuncture Clinic, with reasonable rates(Sliding Scale)of $20 to $40:

Quite-Reasonable Rates, if you ask me;



This Is All That's Left Of Shea Stadium

It almost looks like the Dusty Plains Of Texas, with an abandoned NASCAR Track, except that the IRT #7 Flushing Line, doesn't run on those Dusty Plains Of Texas:

All Of Gate C and All of Gate D, are, as Ralph Kiner might put it, "Gone, Goodbye", with only a Utilities Shed and Players-Clubhouse Entrance+Embedded Ticket Windows remaining, The Ends are not there and the Ramps are now useless;

Mezzanine Level Steel has been ripped out;

I figure that by Tuesday at the very latest, that Shea Stadium will be totally-demolished;

Farewell, Shea Stadium!


Friday, February 13, 2009

An Acupuncture Treatise

An Acupuncture Treatise:

The year was 1972. The President of the US of A, Mr. Nixon, decided to engage in dialogue with The Peoples Republic of China:

One of the side-benefits of this diplomatic exchange, was the discovery of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in its' popular form, called Acupuncture. It was demonstrated during a surgical procedure, as seen on American Television;

Being one who was somewhat-skeptical & Anti-Communist, I had my doubts, but mostly from an ideological, and not from a scientifical standpoint. The ideological standpoint is that if it came from a Communist Country, it wasn't Good Old American, meaning that it was substandard, & Anti-American;
But, over years of growing in wisdom by observation and experimentation, 3000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine can't be all wrong;

In fact, Hippocrates taught Doctors ''1st, do no harm'', and by judging what American Pharmaceuticals do with all those side effects, one wonders if the treatment is worse than the illness. Medical conditions like IBS, are often treated with pharmaceuticals which treat only symptoms, but not the root cause, while Traditional Asian Medicine, gets to the cause and cures the condition & associated conditions;

In TCM, Mind and Body are one. Western Medicine tends towards parts rather than the whole. & with acupuncture being integrated into Americana, Americans now have a choice in the way they wish to be treated, medically.

Thank GOD for Healthy Choices.

It's gradual treatment, which works and heals without side effects, except the side effect of becoming well.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

On Acupuncture-Some Healing Took Place

It was on my left leg by the ankle, where some of the Excema was occuring, and much of it disappeared:

Not bad for a freebie. I'll be headed there, next week on Wednesday;

The Philosophy is good as the body does heal itself, with a little stimulative push(With Christ Being The Ultimate Physician, of course). Ditto in the same place on the right ankle;

Thank You, St Vincent's Hospital;



I Must've Guessed Right About Shea Stadium Because Gate C Is Mostly Gone

Since The Old Windbreaking Facade with a Player Outline is gone, so is most of Gate C. The Deconstruction Line is moving to Gate D. The Escalator from Gate D is gone, and all that remains intact is Gate D and The Players Entrance, with Will Call Windows and Advance Sale Windows:

I figure that by this weekend, The Line of Deconstruction will be by Gate D;

The Deconstruction is moving along rather-quickly, as well as the building of the new plaza and parking for $iti Field;

Later(No Pictures as there are plenty on this site)!


FREE ACUPUNCTURE-Wednesdays From 12:30PM To 3:30PM

This occurs at the American Legion Hall In Chinatown at 193 Canal Street:

Just sign in on the 2nd Floor;

You get a couple of free cups of unsweetened tea and you get free acupuncture in the ear and it's completely painless;

It's on Wednesday and you'll feel good, though acupuncture takes awhile to work;

Hey, it's a freebie, sponsored by St. Vincent's Hospital, a Catholic Medical Center;



Shea Stadium Goes Even Further

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gate C Is Disappearing And Only 2 Sections Of Ramp Left At Shea Stadium(Pictures And Video ONLY)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shea Stadium Is So Close To Being Gone

In a sense there's agony, in waiting for this dismantling, but it gives one a time to meditate, and to remember times in one's life there:

To be at Shea Stadium, during the 09/11 Time, was interesting. To be at Shea Stadium for a Seminarian to ask your Knights Of Columbus Council to assist some young seminarian, who, BTW, was ordained as a Transitional Deacon in Rome, with Baseball as a backdrop
, is a beautiful memory;

To The Memories, with the Sweet, Outnumbering The Bitter, For Me;

Thank You !


Monday, February 09, 2009

Litugical Music

I have this philosophy about Music during Mass-the Organ should be the means of Music. Guitars, even if played by Spanish Masters, are not suitable:

I do like the use of the Classical Instrument, The Violin, as it adds some Solemnity;

And a dark haired young lady, called Reanne, gave of her talents as Cantor, this past evening. Her Singing was warm and engaging, as it led to active participation by the Parishioners;

Thank You!



This guy needed Primobolan AND Testosterone? Why? Was it so he could pick up Jose' Canseco's Wife? Hit on Madonna? Prove his manhood?

No, No! Alex(is)Rodriguez needed this stuff, just so he could pad his awesome Baseball Statistics, just for himself;

Was the absence of either substance why he slapped the ball out of Red Sox Pitcher, Bronson Arroyo's Glove during Game 6 of the '04 ALCS?

What inspired him to pose Semi-Nude for NY Post Photographers in Central Park, in '06?

Hey, A-Jerk! I guess this photo shows what those 'Roids can do to you;



Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Shea Sequence Of Events Has Run Its' Course

I figure that the Shea Stadium Series is finished, so my next picture and video commentary, which will be for a short while, will be some place, located at East 161st Street and River Avenue, in The Bronx:(Pictured Here);



Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shea Goodbye-Hello CITI Field

There's not much left of Shea Stadium, and Citi Field looks so Cheerful and pleasing to the eye, so enjoy the last known Shea Stadium Videos;



Shea's Upper Level Is Gone

And to think, we used to dream of holding Freddie, Jeffy, Uncle Sol and Omar by the ankles from a Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp! It'll all be gone, Soon enough.


It May Be A Rambling Commentary But Shea Stadium Is ALMOST GONE

I spent 10 minutes filming this piece, so I let it speak for itself. All of it was ad-libbed;



Last Possible Photos Of Shea Stadium

I know what you may be thinking, but this member of Red Sox Nation has memories at Shea Stadium, as well as Fenway Park, as I DO Live in Queens, and the weather was cool and NOT like weather at a JETS Game in December:

Whereas Gate B was there for Mets Fans to gather to take photos, sing and mourn, well Gate B is Gone, and the Stadium has been demolished up to the Start of Gate C. Gate D is still there, along with the Players Entrance, and a Utility Shed;

Videos were shot there, today, as more of the stadium has disappeared. All of the Upper Level Seat Columns are gone, hence there's no more Upper Level;

This should make it easier to pull down everything, during next week;

"Shea Goodbye"!


"A-Roid, A-Roid, A-Roid...How Is Magda, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap"

One wonders HOW Alex(is)Rodriguez has those On-Off Seasons. In One Year, Alex(is)has a slump, and one wonders if his steroid of choice was Estrogen, hence the chant of "Gay Rod...Jeter's Lover":

Well, SI has come out with a report that Alex(is)tested positive for 2 Anabolic Steroids, in 2003. One wonders why he's often called "A-Fraud";

Click on The Title of This Commentary, to go to the SI Article;



Shea Stadium Is About 70% Demolished

When The Truck left for Spring Training, it left from $iti Field, for the 1st Time in Mets History:

That's because Shea Stadium is about 70% Gone. By NEXT Weekend, it'll probably be entirely rubble;

Save for those supports for Upper Level Seating, Upper Level is gone. It's just the skeleton of Mezzanine, Press Level, Loge and Field Level, remaining;

Last Weekend, Gate B was up. This time around, all that remains are Players Entrance, Gate C, Gate D and the Utility Shed by Gate C;

Good thing Mets Fans rallied in memory of Shea Stadium, because I think that it'll be all gone by next Saturday, except for the rubble;

Watch The Video;



Friday, February 06, 2009

The Big Moving Van-Fenway To Fort Myers

THIS is The Day of The Move To Spring Training. The Red Sox are on their way to Fort Myers, FL:

9 Days to Spring Training;

WHERE will MANNY Land?


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Next Week, It's Back To My Favorite Therapies

I had occasion last evening to make an inquiry about Acupuncture, a therapy which was actually doing good things for Eczema on my ankles, like, namely, restoring the ankles to much clearer skin:

I spoke to the Acupuncturist, and liked what I heard. He's also a Chiropractor, a Medical Practice, which I also like;

There will be no need to run all over Manhattan for Treatment, as Woodhaven, my Queens Neighborhood, has everything that I need, both Medically and Spiritually;

The Chiropractor told me that acupuncture is now almost half of his Office Practice. I won't have far to go for my treatments. They're what really made me feel optimal, and not merely functioning. Combine this with Vitamin Therapy and Reiki Massage, and I will feel great;



Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The 1st Notebook Computer Is STILL Working-NOT Bad For An 11 Year Old

I can remember when Brother Industries, more noted for typewriters, came out with this interesting Personal Digital Notebook, or PDN, in March, 1998, called The Brother GeoBook NB80C;

I'm glad that I still have this machine, as when the Compaq Laptop went kablooey 3X, this took its' place twice;

It wasn't fancy, but it got me online, and was used in the period between Windows and Mac;

You couldn't use AOL with it. My 1st ISP was already configured and it used a 34K Modem, to dial into Earthlink;

The 1st e-mail came from an OMNIPOINT Phone, on Tuesday, March 31st, 1998, while in The Mezzanine, in Section 15 at Shea Stadium(Mets defeated the Phillies, 1-0 in 12 Innings);

It could be used to fax documents, directly from the machine;

Using The GE OS 3.0, the Notebook was interested in functionality, and not all the little extras;

And, for $799 in 1998, it's still worth the money I paid for it, and was simple to connect with the Web, as well as to write documents with;




The ULTIMATE Liar In A Dunk Tank

Game 2, 1986 World Series and it's the 5th Inning when, suddenly, Rocket does a "Pop Goes The Blister". He repeated this in Game 6 of The 1986 World Series:

Roger Clemens was losing control of his pitching;

Fast Forward to June 15th, 2002, on the 25th Anniversary of "Seaver Trade I", and Roger gave up a 2 Run Homer to NY Mets Starting Pitcher, Shawn Estes, followed later by a Solo Homer off the bat of Mets Catcher, Mike Piazza;

Roger pulled up lame at 1st Base, covering a Bunt. Things did not go right for him on that day, as he was thrown at by Shawn Estes;

For the game was not in the AL Park, known far and wide as "Toilet II"(Highlander)Yankee Stadium
. This Game took place at the site of his blister performance, adjacent to Flushing Meadow Park, where fans have been known to chant "Gay Rod, Gay Rod...Jeter's Boyfriend" to "A-Fraud" or any Fan wearing a #13 Yankthese Jersey. Fans, decked out in Boston Red Sox or NY Mets Gear, waving the Pennants of The Two Teams, were sarcastically chanting "Rogggah". Even the Battle Flags were waved;

Note-That Place is being demolished, as we speak. It's a place where I just got finished filming segments for this blog. The Stadium is named for an Attorney, who once was a part owner in the Boston Yanks NFL Team in the Mid 1940s;

Since the place is being demolished, being the site of a good number of Roger's Failed Performances, why not have him Dunked on April 3rd and 4th at The New $iti Field;

With that place packed for Mets-Red Sox Exhibition Series, both Fan Bases would have fun dunking Roger. It would raise loads of Funds for Boston Based "Jimmy Fund" and Mets Charities. As a highlight, have a chunk of steel, from Just Demolished Shea Stadium, dropped in the tank, for good measure;

It couldn't happen to a nicer guy!


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

In Michael Phelps Being "Bonged Out"

News Of The World, a Scandal Sheet, based in the UK, in some town called London, has a LOT in common with the NY Post:

Methinks, that both have someone in common, by the name of Keith Rupert Murdoch;

You guessed it, as News Corporation HQ is at 1211 6th Avenue, in Rockefeller Center, on the Island of Manhattan;

How "FOX"Y of You!


How About A Dunk Tank With THESE THREE INSTEAD

Appropriate! A-FRAUD, A-Puttana and A-Green Tea in a Dunk Tank!


To Raise Funds How About A Dunk Tank With THESE TWO As Victims

Lines would stretch for hundreds of Miles, so everyone could take a shot at dunking THESE TWO, both a bane of America, each Saturday at 3:55PM, ET:

Deficit SOLVED;

And Tim would find THAT, DESPICABLE, as would Buck;

BUT, Not Manny!

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Since Highlander Fans Believe In Curses

Bury Joe Torre's Book and A-Fraud's Jersey in The Great Hall:

Yankees(Highlanders)go NOWHERE;

Here's to their New Home(Pictured Here);

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Sadly, The Chant Is Gone

For The Past Two Years, you've heard "The Chant". I don't mean "Let's Go Red Sox" or "Let's Go Mets" or "Yankees SUCK":

For whatever reason, the Style of Chant you've heard here is Gregorian Chant. Somehow, that disappeared this past Sunday;

Perhaps, the link is broken, but I hope to have it restored;

I love having a Baseball Themed Blog, with a touch of Prayerful Music, a music which is The Heritage of The Church, Catholic and Apostolic;

Pax Dominum Sit Semper Vobiscum-Et Cum Spiritu Tuo!


Monday, February 02, 2009

Just Another Memory Before Shea Stadium Fades To Black

It was Labor Day, in September, 1976, and The Mets were scheduled to play the Pittsburgh Pirates:

Mr Tom Seaver Pitched. In that Game, Tom Seaver struck out his 200th Batter, for the 9th Straight Season, striking out Pirates Catcher, Manny Sanguillen;

Upper Level was still $1.30 and Metro Cards did not exist;

For 1 Sad Memory, I was at Shea, watching the Mets play, the Night After Tom Seaver got traded. The Crowd was Tiny, like a little over 6,000 at that Game. That was Friday, June 16th, 1977, at the time that Shea Stadium was getting to be known as "Grant's Tomb", as a nasty aside to Mets Chairman Of The Board, M. Donald Grant;

"Shea Goodbye!"


The "Citi" Is Risen

Citi Field, often in jest called $iti Field, is just about ready:

Enjoy the video, as Yesterday was a great and nice day to shoot videos at Shea Stadium and Citi Field as the temperature warmed up by 22 Degrees, Fahrenheit;


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Gate D Is Probably The Last Area Of Shea To Go

It'll be gone by either this week, or early next week:

Watch The Short Video;



J-E-T-S, Giants And His Holiness, PJP II, In Another Shea Stadium Farewell Commentary

I don't know if a Mets Game, in the past two seasons, qualifies as a penance, but Shea Stadium sure got a lot of use:

Watch The Video;


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Shea Stadium Other Events Video Commentary

As Shea Stadium was a Multi-Purpose Stadium, being home to Baseball, NFL Football, Soccer, Concerts(Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, The Clash, ETC) and a Papal Event with Pope John Paul II, it went through a LOT of use, even more so than RFK Stadium in Washington, DC, as Shea saw MLB Action for 45 Consecutive Seasons, whereas RFK only saw MLB for 13 of its' 48 Seasons:

County Stadium in Milwaukee, WI, ran from 1953 until Y2K, and saw 44 Seasons of MLB(13 Braves Seasons from 1953 until 1965 and 31 Seasons of the Brewers, from 1970 until 2000, as well as 42 Seasons where the Green Bay Packers(NFL Charter Member), played Two Home Games per season;

While The NY Yankees love, in all their Dis-Ingenuity, to advertise that Yankee Stadium ran from 1923 until 2008, nothing could be further from the truth, in that the original Stadium was closed on Sunday, September 30th, 1973, and was ripped down, and a new Stadium, using the shell of the Original Stadium, opened on the site in April, 1976, so Shea Stadium was actually older, structurally, and was more in use than Yankee Stadium II;

This Video Commentary talks about Shea Stadium as a Real Multi-use Facility. Try to picture yourself at Shea Stadium in its' other uses;



Red Sox Nation At Farewell To Shea Stadium

Game 6 of The 1986 World Series, was played at Shea Stadium, on Saturday, October 25th, 1986. It was seen on NBC, with Lead Commentator, The Venerable Mr Vincent Scully, Born in The Bronx and Raised in Upper Manhattan's Inwood Section, along with Mr Joseph Garagiola Sr of "The Hill" Neighborhood in St. Louis, MO. Thank Goodness, THIS Game was NOT on FOX, with Doofus Joe Buck and The Tedious Tim Mc Fullofsh-t, or the experience would've been totally-ruined, like it is NOW:

I filmed some commentary of the Game 6 Moment.I can also recall that on Saturday, June 14th, 1997, The Illustrious Knuckleballer, Mr Tim Wakefield, gave up a 2 Run Homer to Mets Starting Pitcher, Mark Clark, which landed to the right of the Left Field Foul Pole, an Orange Colored One, BTW;

When I was at Fenway Park on Sunday, April 20th, Mr Wakefield was in June 14th, 1997 Mode, giving up the Long Ball at Fenway Park, leading me to wonder if there were any Broken Windows at The Cask N Flagon on Lansdowne Street. It actually felt like The Continuation of a Shea Stadium Moment;

I actually broke into tears for a moment, during the Shooting of The Video. Outside of Fenway Park ,
Shea Stadium, where chanting "Gay Rod...Jeter's Boyfriend", is more than acceptable, the place is a favorite arena of mine;

Farewell Old Friend!

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Nice Super Bowl

I HATE Hype, especially Super Bowl Week. I remember so many Blowouts which caused me to lose interest in the NFL for awhile:

Final Score in a close one was Steelers 27 and Cardinals 23;

There was a Live Blog on which means that Football hands off to Baseball;

It was close unto the end;




If he's broken down and can come at the right price, Omar can have him for a song:

Maybe JEFFY would have him signed to set up Jerry Manuel;


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These TWO Toy With Their Team's Fans Minds

Mets Fans have to realize that THIS DUO LOVES to play MIND GAMES with the Fans:

A New Ball Park($iti Field), which is a Gold Mine, a TV Network, and IMMENSE Sources of REVENUE, yet THIS DUO, acts like they're running a Team in a SMALL MARKET;

The Guy on The Right is making Player Personnel Decisions. Is there any reason WHY The METS missed The Cut in '07 and '08;

Make 1 or 2 GREAT Deals, then hide the bankbook?

INFURIATE Fans who've gone to Shea, fans who wonder why THIS DUO Abuses the crap out of them?

Instead of Manny Ramirez, there was STEVE Trachsel, whose DIVIDEND was pitching like warmed over manure in the '06 NLCS?

Omar Minaya, like Steve Phillips before him, was ONLY a FIGUREHEAD;

And THIS DUO is on The "F--- The Riviera" List at "Professor Thoms" on 2nd Avenue
. You probably wonder WHY;

STOP Torturing METS FANS, you two;


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No "Parcells" Line Here

Last Year, 2 "Parcells Line" Coaches, squared off in SB XLII:

This year, Ken Weisenhundt(Cardinals) and Mike Tomlin(Steelers), square off;

NEITHER ever coached under Bill Parcells;



Here's To The Just Closed "Highlander Stadium II"

Thanks to Steve from Staten Island(Formerly Of Brooklyn),