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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Josh Is Aching But No Permanent Damage According to Dr James Andrews

I do trust Dr Jim Andrews, as he did take care of Ol' Joe Willie Namath, all those years ago. I should know, as I used to watch Joe Willie at Shea Stadium in the '60s and '70s:

No damage, Thank God, For Josh Beckett-he's just somewhat sore, so no surgery needed;

The Red Sox defeated Hawk Harrelson's Crew, the White Sox, 8-2 in Fenway Park;

And Josh? Just get well and get your rest-Hope to see you in October;



Omar? Jeffy? Like Fitzy Says-Both Of You NEED To "G- F--- Yourselves", as The Bullpen Wasn't Addressed

Trust me, that WHEN The Red Sox come into $iti Field, I will NOT be rooting for YOUR Team on the field. NEITHER will a lot of people in Jeffy's Trust Fund Playpen, because of things done to the BULLPEN after the '06 N L C S, so as to get even with Willie, for beating Jeffy out of "$.55":

It was showing in Miami, TONIGHT. Duaner Sanchez is a Situational Reliever. Anything past an inning and it's time to s--- the proverbial bed;

As for Aaron Heilman, I KNOW that he s--- the proverbial bed;

Marlins 4-Mets 3 on the WFAN-Mets Radio Network;

NOT a GOOD Night-Mets Fans can smell the s--- all over the place;



Friday, August 29, 2008

If You Click On The Title, It's Grand News-Red Sox To Open Citi Field

On April 3rd and 4th in '09, The Boston Red Sox will help the Mets open up Citi Field(Cue Taken From Mr Quinn in Brooklyn on this), in a Pre-Season Set of Games in Corona, Queens:

I gotta see both The Sawx and The New Place;

Click on the Title for more information;



MMC-The Time Is Now 2100 Posts-Greenwich Village Mean Time(G V M T)

Baseball is a pasture type game. So WHY does Yankee Stadium II seem more like an unfriendly armed camp?

I have never felt this way in Jarry Park in Montreal, Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia, Fenway Park in Kenmore-Boston, or Shea Stadium in Corona, Queens. Then, again, those 4 Ballparks are places where the fans appreciate the game, and the fans are not there, looking to suck down 5 beers by the bottom of the 2nd inning;

Strange about Yankee Stadium I-Unless it was Bat, Ball or Cap Day or Old Timers Day, there wouldn't really be any crowd at all. Mantle often played before crowds of 12K. The crowd on the last day of the 1966 Season was announced at 413;

Until 1996, crowds dared not venture to The Bronx. After 1996, Celebrities and other assorted Hipsters and Arrivistas, made their way to "The House That Lindsay And Beame Built", which replaced the Original, in 1976;

The place is SOOOOO-PHONY. Instead of Ushers, The N Y P D acts as the Steinbrenner Strike Force. It doesn't feel like a baseball stadium. Then, again, the place is full of a--h-les;

I've said Good Bye To Shea Stadium and it was tearful. I'll probably laugh like a hyena when the 32 Year Old Yankee Stadium II closes up, as the Yankees and M L B perpetrate their Lie on an Unsuspecting Public;

Remember This-Shea Stadium is OLDER than Toilet II;




Death By Bullpen And The Yankees Private Security Force C/O Rudolph Giuliani

1st-Death By Bullpen:
Remember when Mr Okajima was the Bridge To Mr Papelbon? He has been this season, ONLY LESS So, this season, especially with runners on base. Mr Jon Lester turned in a Stellar Performance, with 7 1/3 Innings Pitched. At times, Okie-Dokie reminds me a bit of the Unlamented Eric Gagne' of Last Season, which leaves me with an Ill Feeling in my gut, similar to having a Boilermaker, which is something I don't enjoy at all, currently;

Oki-Doki gave up a 2 Run Bomb to the Mustachioed GiamBALCO(How's the D H E A, BTW);

Mr Masterson, who I feel is a better starter, was in relief of Oki-Doki and loaded up the bags in the bottom of the 9th. No Fun was had, so Paps was rushed into production(Here's hoping that Pitching Coach, Mr John Farrell isn't listening to fellow Jerseyite, Mr Rick Peterson, though Farrell might be-lol). Paps gave up a Single to D H E A Boy, and Red Sox Nation was sent home, a bit p---ed off, today(Yankees 3-2 over The Red Sox in Toilet II). If there's any consolation for today, A-Jerk struck out 3 Times. The ONLY thing he's valuable for is starring in Pepsi Commercials, causing me to imbibe in adult beverages a bit more-often;

I relied on both Game Day Audio(W E E I) and W C B S 880 for my information on the Game. I prefer Radio to Television, as I pay more attention to Radio for Baseball. I found it fascinating to hear both Sterling and Waldman to be so-subdued these last few weeks;

2nd-About "God Bless America";
I have no objection to its' playing, though I have a funny feeling that it's played to keep Yankee Fans from beating the s--t out of other fans or each other, like when the Working Class Folk like beating the s--t out of the Abercrombie and Fitch Crowd. The A And F Crowd will dominate Toilet III, across W.161st Street, leaving the Working Class Crowd Out Of The Loop;
Now, if Henry The Moronic, who looks like a reject from a Roger Clemens Look-Alike Contest, wonders why fans of other clubs, like the Red Sox or Mets, despise coming to "Toilet II", one only needs to look into Tier, very-similar to the Right Field Bleachers, only with beer sold, and the Right Center-Field Bleachers. Now, I thought the word "A--h-le" was banned, but I heard it going live over YES(We couldn't see N E S N, as we of R S N, here in NYC are subjected to Lord George's Network during Yankees-Red Sox). The Bleacher Creatures were certainly NOT ejected for those actions;
Now, some French Canadian Red Sox Fan was in "The Toilet", and HAD to go to take a leak in the 7th Inning, rather-badly. Well, a member of George Steinbrenner's For Hire Security Service, C/O One Rudolph Giuliani, a Failed Republican Presidential Candidate, who suddenly made good on the Taxes he had to pay for receiving 4 World Series Rings from The NY Yankees(Revealed in The Village Voice, some months earlier), stopped the Fan from going to the bathroom. The guy did have to go, but was ejected from "The Toilet". You see, Hankenstein doesn't care if it's an Emergency for a Patron-That person must stand for "God Bless America", as it's all part of the PHONY Yankees Decorum, not UNLIKE M L B's Massive Salute to a 32 Year Old Ballpark in the Bronx;
As for Rudy G., renting out the N Y P D as George's Yankee Stadium Security Service, as George bullies the Ushers' Union, a hearty, Fitzy-Style, "G F Y" to you and The Skanks, who Rudy sold himself to, years ago;


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Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Roger Clemens Is In My Bawx, Oh My Goodness Gracious"

I know it's a SILLY Title. Suzyn Waldman doesn't get excited like this anymore. The Yankees are melting down, just like the "Wicked Witch Of The West". And Roger Clemens is NOT coming back:

This is a Yankees year, not unlike 1965, when they went into a tremendous downslide. I think now that Jason GiamBALCO doesn't have access to his nut-shrinking drugs of youth, unless he goes to Vitamin Shoppe to buy some over the counter D H E A;

September 21st, on ESPN, is the Farewell To The 2nd Toilet on The Same Site as Toilet I. It's appropriate that no post-season takes place there, as that occurred in 1973, when the Original was closed. AND that place was a DUMP. Nobody really rushed up there to its' closing;

AND Baseball is propagating a LIE, as Yankee Stadium II is closing its' doors, as it is NOT the ORIGINAL Stadium. The SITE may be 85 Years Old, but not the actual stadium, which has been in operation for 33 Seasons;

BTW, Shea Stadium has been in continuous operation for 45 Seasons. The Yankees called it home for 2 Seasons, so there was no Yankee Stadium for a period from September 30th, 1973 until April of 1976. Shea holds the memories for me. As for Yankee Stadium II, it's just another Public Toilet coming down;



A FORMER Red Sox Arsonist Named Rudy Seanez Did Something Last Night

The Ol' Reliable Arsonist gave up a Game Tying Homer to a Sr Carlos Delgado, as the Mets defeated the Phillies in Citizens Bank Ballpark in South Philly, last night, 6-3:

Mr Dan Murphy, a Kid up from New Orleans, got the winning hit, a double off Brad Lidge, the Phils Prime Reliever, though the Runners were put on by Seanez, so Seanez was the "Lu-Zer". The Mets Winning Pitcher was Brian Stokes, obtained as a Free Agent, from Tampa Bay. He appears to have a Live Arm;



At 11-3, NO WONDER Henry Steinbrenner Said "They Suck"

When Mr Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox 2nd Baseman, lifted one long, long fly ball into the area of Monument Park, I saw a celebratory wave by Mr Jonathan Papelbon, who got the night off, with that kind of smack, a Grand Slam and 1st by Mr Pedroia, into an area known by Many of Us, as "Mannyville", at least until this very season:

Mr Jason Bay also drove in 4 Runs, and had a Triple, which drove in 2 of the 4 Runs;

I think that Sidney Ponson, the way he didn't get out of the 5th Inning, not unlike Andy Pettite the Evening before, is on his way to a season where he gets blown out, as well as punching out a Bartender or Two in Aruba;

The "Byrd" Flew High, as in Paul, as he lasted 6 Innings, confounding Yankee Batters, in the fashion of the '07 A L D S;

I expect today, no "Les"ter, at 1:05PM, in Toilet II;


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If You Click On This Title, You Will Really Here Mr Hanky Say It

Like Most of Red Sox Nation and NY METS Fans have been saying all along, "Combihbo Yankees" or "Yankees Suck", now listen to Henry Steinbrenner, known as Hankenstein, Hankenbrenner and Mr Hanky, make the ULTIMATE Comment, which we of R S N and METS Fans can agree upon:

Henry's Words are "They SUCKED";

Henry? For ONCE, I couldn't agree MORE;



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm Hearing "Fine Whining" From A Select Group Of "Fans"

Things are not going right for their team. So what do I hear? I heard the Number 26 mentioned over and over again. The 26th Championship, as well as the 25th Championship, are laden by a very "Juicy" controversy, along with the Pennant won in '03:

Their Team has NO World Series Championships in THIS Century, as 2000 was the last year of the TWENTIETH Century. They do root for a team with The MOST-EXPENSIVE payroll and NON-CLUTCH Player in the History of The Game. That "Mr Clutch When There's NOTHING On The Line", was 0-5, striking out at the end of the game, while he also hit into 2 Double Plays during the game, which INFURIATED the team's fans to no end;

Oh, BTW, did anyone notice just how EMPTY their stadium became, by the top of the 9th Inning. I assure you that the "Bleacher Creatures" were in their bars, drinking and acting like themselves, namely like the a--h-l-s, they really are, especially when reciting the tired mantra of "26 World Championships";

I let you GUESS which team this is. They SUCK;



Jonathan D Drew And Injuries

With the report that The Red Sox may obtain Mark Kotsay via a Waiver Trade, from Oakland, means that Mr Drew is more hurt than we 1st thought of. He has(Drew)a history of injuries, just when we thought he was going to have a GREAT Year. Bang! It's a Hernia:

Nomar Garciaparra was notorious for injuries. It hurt the team, contention-wise over the years;

At least Ol' Wake's back and let's hope his back isn't a problem down the stretch;



Last Night Was A Good Night In Toilet II(YS II)

As Andy Pettite, minus his main squeeze(Roger), was like soft gelatin, as he was pounded in the Yankees Loss to the Red Sox, 7-3:

NEITHER of those 2 Pop Flies that Damon hit, were homers in most MLB Parks, but in Yankee Stadium II, they're homers;

And Alex Rodriguez? Oh, Poor Baby! Mr Clutch When There's NOTHING On The Line, grounded into a double play. Most-Likely, even Puttana Booed. He's no "Mr Clutch";

Damon(Juan Damone)is not himself in Center Field. It looks like a strange country for him;

Wake? I gotta hand it to ya. Nice Game! Ditto, M D C and Paps;


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Pedro Is NOT Pedro

When one thinks of Pedro Martinez, one thinks of a Pitcher who is "As Wily as a Wolverine"(Thanks, Tim). The trouble is, Pedro doesn't go deep into games anymore. In 5 Innings, he K'd 8 Phils:

This is NOT good news as Mets STARTING Pitching is usually reliable. It's the "Relief" Corps, which is NOT good, and blew it, with Luis Ayala, blowing the save last night, and the game was lost in 13 Innings by the score of 8-7;

That's what happens when Omar had to adhere to the "Coupon Formula", by not re-signing Darren Oliver and Chad Bradford;



Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Yankees Talk About The 10th Man-AKA, The Fan

As all the various "Rocket Scientists" and "Neurotic Surgeons" are on the phone to various W F A N Talk Jockeys, they talk about the great crowds in Yankee Stadium II:

About half are Tourists, who're there for the ride. The other part will drink record amounts of beer, unto the point of taking a leak in the aisles;

The Roman Coliseum, is how Yankee Stadium II, is described. It'll be as crazy as a Gladiator Fight or a Monday Night Football Game, only with beer for sale. In short, Yankee "Fans" will be too polluted with beer to understand anything;

But, in 1971, There was a Yankees Red Sox Double Bill at Stadium I. It was not even close to being sold out and for amusement, empty beer cups were stacked up, to the height of Tier Level, only to fall down into the Field Level;

Yankee Stadium is TWO Stadiums on the same sight, NOT ONE, so to all those Acolytes at M L B, it's only time to say Bye, Bye, to a 32 Year Old Ballpark, not an 85 Year Old Stadium. Cut the Chit;



Real Veteran Rivalries Begin Tonight

Mr Tim Wakefield of The Boston Red Sox takes the hill tonight in Yankee Stadium(Toilet)II, vs a certain Andy Pettite(H G H Anyone, or is it D H E A)at 7:05PM. Here's hoping for a Great, Dancing Knuckle Ball, as well as A-Fraud, that Media Whore, who'll be with his "Puttana"(That's what she said). This will be a 3 game series, concluding at 1:05PM, on Thursday:

S'r Pedro Martinez will pitch for the NY Mets in Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, vs Phillies Jamie Moyer at 7:05PM, in a 2 Game set in South Philadelphia;

The COMBINED ages of this foursome=161 Years, making the mean age to be 40.25 Years;


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At Least ONE Writer Took Exception To My Essay On Red Sox Chances

This is a free forum, written by a passionate observer of Red Sox Ritual and Games. Last Year, for instance, I was NO Fan of The Eric Gagne' Deal. I thought it was a waste of time, obtaining a Broken Down Mitchell Lister, who sent Denizens of Fenway Park, scattering to The Cask n Flagon, Game On Cafe' and Boston Beer Works, to imbibe in adult beverages, unto the point of tears and rage:

Because the team looks like it's in a situation, similar to '05, which was after the Triumph of '04, where pitching did break a bit, and the usual injury problems, I indicated that a repeat of a World Championship, might not be possible this season. Unlike '05, Mr Manuel Aristedes Ramirez, in his tiring act of "Manny Being A Chronic Pain In The Arse", got his wish and was traded;

I state that this Season is quite similar in scope to '05, with Beckett now in pain. I don't think that Wakefield, now older, is an answer, as that when the knuckleball doesn't dance around the plate, he is then quite-ineffective and scary to watch, though he can eat up innings, as was witnessed by me on April 20th, at Fenway Park;

The Similarities with '06 are in this season as well, with a "Hurt" Manny, a Sore Beckett and Sr Ortiz' Wrist causing problems, not to mention the Pain of Schilling being shut down for the '08 Season, as well as, possibly, for good. The last Lester Pitching Debacle, causes me to think about '06, all over again. There's pattern, here, and from what I've watched this season, indications may not lead to a repeat of '07. I'm being realistic and cautious and that's all. I'm not throwing the team under the bus and I'm NOT a front-runner. In fact, a group of us ordered the M L B Extra Innings Package, so as to enjoy watching N E S N Red Sox Coverage, which will not be possible, due to the Sox playing the Yankees and being forced to watch the "Soviet Propaganda Style" of The "NO" Network, called YES by The Yankees. Is THAT The Action of a Front Runner? I think not. I am throwing NO ONE UNDER THE BUS;

To that certain writer of note, I observe patterns as well as the games, themselves. When pitching is suspect, the season is suspect or in Jeopardy of ending earlier than expected;

"Fan" is a derivative of the word "Fanatic". Baseball is a Sport and Business. It is NOT a RELIGION. No one in Baseball or any sport, can change Water into Wine. I do NOT worship players. Their Worship is called Idolatry;



THIS Is A Good Trend-The Complete Game

Mike Pelfrey has pitched his 2nd COMPLETE Game in a row, with the Mets defeating Houston, 9-1. Mr Carlos Delgado drove in 6 Runs, on 2 3Run Homers:

The Mets have 4 Complete Games this year-all victories. It gives the either very tired or incompetent bullpen, a rest/ The Bullpen figures heavily in Mets Losses, hence why Starting Pitchers are going deep into games. The 4 Games are within the last 3 weeks;

Smart, Messrs Manuel And Warthen, Smart!



Monday, August 25, 2008

THIS Place Is NOT The ORIGINAL-STOP Treating It As If It Was The ORIGINAL-Thanks

I KNOW what You're Thinking. You're saying "Leggett? It's Yankee Stadium-Our Home Of America's Gladiators." WHAT I'm saying that, while it's the site of the Original Edifice, it is NOT the Original Edifice. It's ONLY 32 Years Old. The ORIGINAL closed on September 30th, 1973:

The New Stadium opened in April, 1976. It's a completely different stadium. It was NOT continuously used for 86 Years;

Bennett Park, in Detroit, was in operation for 10 Years. It closed in 1911. By 1912, Tiger Stadium opened. It was the same site, but 2 DIFFERENT Ballparks. Tiger Stadium closed in 1999, and is just facing the Wrecking Ball, right now;

Y S II is the home to the "Costanza" Legend. M L B made a film about how George Steinbrenner was so key in this renovation. The Real Man, lost to History, who pushed for the Renovation, was Michael Burke, who was pushed out of the Ownership Group by George Steinbrenner. M L B is pushing a Legend about this site. Actually, it's hype, NOT Truth. And the Stadium was bought and renovated by the City Of New York, while The Yankees cried Poverty;

Even Fenway Park had to be re-built, with concrete stands replacing the Wooden Ones, but Fenway Park has been in continuous operation since 1912. NOT SO, Yankee Stadium, which is Yankee Stadium II, ONLY in operation since 1976;



WHY The JOY Over The Return Of Wakey?

AND he comes into his "House Of Doom", Yankee Stadium(Toilet)II, where Tim has been roughed up over time:

Please hold your applause, O Members Of The Nation. Beckett is SORE. Wakefield has issues like a knuckler which doesn't dance in certain locations, like Y S II;

The Team of No Deals after the '07 World Series, is walking a tightrope, minus a net, causing many of us to s--- bricks. It's as if Larry has a consultant in Greenwich, CT, named "Jeffy";

Over 3 Evenings, it's make or break;


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"Dear Curt", I NEED MORE Than a Few Laughs

Click on the title of a satirical blog, written in the style of how Curt Schilling might sound, answering letters with his own advice:

We could use a few laughs, in between boots of balls in play, especially when said balls are hit to Julio Lugo, or when the 'pen s---- the proverbial bed;



Tonight On S N Y-Is The 'Pen Being Force-Fed Laxatives?

Because both Aaron Heilman and Pedro Feliciano, s--- the proverbial bed(Like, what else is new in the "Jeffy-Lubed" 'Pen). Not that Oliver Perez was lights out, but with Amigos like Heilman and Feliciano, who needs any enemies?

Ausmus and Erstad couldn't hit the side of the barn, that they were aiming at, but Feliciano was throwing hanging sliders that said "Please Hit Me Into $iti Field", so Ausmus and Erstad, gleefully complied with Feliciano's Hangers:

Barf, as the Mets lost 6-4;



Thank You, Jed Lowrie

I knew that I'd like you, especially back on April 20th(Texas at Red Sox), when you played, replacing a certain Ft Hamilton(Brooklyn)High School Graduate called Julio Lugo:

For, Uncle Jed, you homered in the 11th Inning, off Brandon League of the Toronto Blue Jays, in the 11th Inning of yesterday's 6-5 Victory over the Jays at Rogers Centre(Not Named for Roger Clemens, who was injected rather frequently by that Mc Namee Fellow from Rockaway, Queens, in that location). Paps got the win, while "The M D C" got the save;

For I thank you, as does a Grateful Nation, for your act of heroism;



On The Prudent Exercise Of Authority In The Gospel According To St Matthew-Note That The Following Are NOT Prudent Examples(Get That, JEFFY)

The Christ gave Simon Peter temporal and spiritual Authority over Christ's Church(One Holy Catholic And Apostolic). It was a grant of power, TO BE USED WISELY:

After almost 2000 Years, Christ's Church is still around, as Jesus promised that "The Gates Of Hell Shall not prevail" over it;

Despite Haugen-Haas Music, Gregorian Chant is making a Comeback-so is The Latin Mass and Tabernacles are, once again, being moved to the Centre of Churches in The Catholic World;

Now, on the prudent utilization of power and authority, I have some examples of where prudence in authority, was not used;

Example #1 is for the politically ambitious. Someone is an authority figure, who wants power at all costs. Said Human Being thinks their s--- doesn't stink. Said human being is fighting for their political life, so attempts to persuade their opponent that life would be better, if the opponent could be "Bought Off" with a promotion, so said politically-ambitious one could try to lord it over the opponent. The Human Being with all this ambition, then seeks a potential foe to ruin. This is a Human Being, who has issues in his/her life and NEEDS to feel good about him/herself. She goes after the potential foe, practicing tactics which would get Al Sharpton to take said Human Being to dinner. Said Human Being has been married 4 times and divorced 3 times. Said Human Being NEEDS Fulfillment. (S)he sets up the 3rd Party, namely, a foe who might be an up and coming star, who has been loyal to him/her. She arranges for the Foe to train a subordinate in various tasks. The Subordinate is incompetent, on the surface, but was carrying out the mission of the Human Being in NEED of Fulfillment. The Foe is ordered onto medical leave to "Protect The Foe's MENTAL HEALTH", a tactic in order to discredit the Foe. The Subordinate is rewarded with an elite detail, and the Human Being In NEED of Fulfillment, is fulfilled with all kinds of earthly prizes. BUT, when Retirement Came, The Fulfilled Human Being couldn't face the Foe, as a Guilty Conscience did set in. Earthly, Humanistic Fulfillment, doesn't always mean Spiritual Peace and Happiness;

Example #2 is directed at those who would wreck something, then blame it on someone else. This was the case, where Mets Manager, Mr W. Randolph, formerly of Brownsville, Brooklyn and the Upper Level of Shea Stadium, had done one, FINE Job of turning around the NY Mets on the field of play, with some help from Mr Omar Minaya, G M of the Mets,formerly from 98th Street and 37th Avenue in East Elmhurst, Queens. Unfortunately, Willie Randolph had a bad time, getting a contract extension, due to the vengeful IDIOCY of the Mets Chief Operating Officer and General Partner, one JEFFY Wilpon, heretofore known simply as "Jeffy", who hated Willie's Guts. Jeffy is one of those nudnicks, who aren't happy unless they're a s---stirrer, not unlike his father, Freddie. Now the Mets lost the '06 N L C S, as 2 of their starting pitchers went down with injuries. They had two,fine relievers named Chad Bradford and Darren Oliver, who really carried the reliever load. NEITHER was re-signed. People of inexperience or injuries, were brought in to take their place. Then again, Jeffy wanted Willie Randolph out in the worst way possible. Jeffy even went so far as to get Omar's Talent Coordinator, to act as an Instigator of Clubhouse Disharmony, om Jeffy's behalf. Funny how Willie was fired at 3:00AM-Jeffy had Omar take the heat. SCHMUCK!

These are real life stories on this subject. Prudent Exercise of Authority is important. Imagine if Simon Peter had not followed Christ's Mandate. There might not be The Catholic Church the way we know it today. The Misinterpreters of Vatican Council II, are disappearing and the Church is becoming whole, again. Thanks, Papa Ratzinger;

Pax Vobiscum;


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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Call Me An Apostate-Call Me A Heretic-Call It Blasphemy But The Red Sox Are NOT Repeating This Year-So, Fuggetibowdit

Beckett is SORE. Then again, that happens every two years. 2006 was not good to him. Neither is 2008. In this year's Session at Fort Myers, he arrived looking like he ate The Republic Of Texas, like Roger "I Never Done Taked Them Steroids" Clemens, when he arrived at Spring Training in 1993:

Red Sox re-upped Curt Schilling, only for him to not show on the field. I wonder just whose decision it was to re-sign Mr Schilling? The Guy was in pain, and got his surgery;

Bart Colon is, possibly on his way back;

I knew, and most-likely, you did too, that not all was right in the pitching department, especially in the 19-17 victory over Texas at Fenway Park. Starters getting bombed all over the place, is NOT a good sign. And Sox Batting has been inconsistent;

Papi is a big guy and Papi is hurting, in his wrist;

Then, Manny(Remember Him) was a cantankerous arse, looking for a huge boot in the labanza. I wanted to give him one on April 20th, when I came in from Queens, and Manny argued a 3rd Strike and got ejected from the game, which the Sox won 6-5;

Remember the "Influenza" outbreak on the Sox in April? It wasn't even "Influenza" Season. Somebody may have eaten undercooked food and, BANG, it was Barf City for this team;

If the stories are true about a possible break-up between Theo Epstein and Larry Lucchino, will it go like this 1st scenario at the end of '05;
Larry talks behind Theo's back to Dan "The C H B" Shaughnessy, who writes for the NY Times Company-Owned Boston Globe, with Theo as "Tom Seaver", Larry, as "M. Donald Grant", and The C H B, as "Dick Young"(NY Daily News), similar to what happened in 1977, with Seaver being traded by the Mets for junk;
Who will Larry be known as, this time around? Will he be a snake like some General Partner in the NY National League Baseball Club, currently moving to Citi($iti)Field named "Jeffy"? Will "The C H B", act as a spy for "Jeffy" Lucchino, by spreading rumors in the Offices in Fenway Park, then leaking it to E S P N, S N Y, FOX, N E S N, etc? Will Theo be blamed as if he was Willie Randolph and FIRED around 3:00AM? Was Theo treated as if his last name is "Minaya"?

After the Sox got blown out 11-0 in Toronto, a major overhaul of pitching, will be needed. Right now, with 33 Games to go, and Tampa Bay, which was aggressive in its' '07 post-season, as well as winning on the road, will be tough to take down. What you do over the Winter, can determine what you do in the Spring, Summer and Autumn. If you sow nothing, you reap nothing;



Saturday, August 23, 2008

'Dem Mets Is Hot

4 In a Row-Santana was good-a 3-0 shutout over Houston at Shea Stadium. Tonight it's 17 Games to the last ever regular season game and the last-ever Saturday Night Game in Regular Season:

Game on S N Y at 7PM;

This'll get me through the rough spots while the Red Sox are going through bad times with injuries galore;


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Almost Like '06-NOT GOOD

Beckett's next start is in "The Toilet" this week, as he has inflammation. Lester got bombed in 2 1/3 Innings, as Toronto leads 7-0. We can't see it here in NYC due to those Schmucks at FOX and their 1PM to 7PM-ET exclusivity:

Drew reports a herniated disc;



Thursday, August 21, 2008

Clay Buchholz-Next Stop-The Portland, ME Sea Dogs

He NEEDS a LOT of Seasoning, so Portland here he comes:

Does he have LONGEVITY? He does have a No Hitter in his 2nd M L B Start, but that's it;

This season is NOWHERE, Man;

Good Luck and be back, somewhere down the road-just not now;

Click on The Title and read Boston.Com's take on this. Thanks!


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How The Mighty Have S--- The Bed

Take The Atlanta Braves-PLEASE. They're 56-71, currently. Mr Mike Pelfrey of the NY Mets, tossed a 3 Run, 3 Hit Complete Game against them, at Shea Stadium, with the Mets winning 6-3. The Mets are now 13 Games over 500. This should give the 'pen a rest. That has taken place twice this week:

In the Prior evening during the Mets 5 Run 8th Inning scalping of the Braves, an Ol' Reliable Arsonist, seen by me on Friday, August 31st, 2007 at Fenway Park, made an appearance, and in classic fashion, s--- the proverbial bed. It was Good Ol' Julian Tarvarez. He got nobody out in his turn on the Shea Stadium Mound;

Finally, the Mets are pounding the also-rans, like it was nothing. Mr Pelfrey was ready, this year;


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Clay Buchholz-From No Hitter To ARSONIST

11-6 Orioles over The Red Sox at Camdem Yards. He No Hit the same Orioles at Fenway Park, on September 1st of Last Year. This year, he's pitching like that Vast Canadian Wilderness(Wasteland) known as Eric Gagne'(Gag-Me). In short, the kind of performances that would cause beer to run out at Beer Works, Cask N Flagon, Game On(Boston) and at Professor Thom's(East Village in Manhattan). "I Kid You NOT", is what Jack Paar would say in this situation:




Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In Nomini Patris Et Filli Et Spiritu Sancti Amen, Oremus-Carl Yastremzki

The "Yaz" suffered chest pains at age 68. He had Triple Bypass Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, within the last 12 hours. I pray that he's fine and resting comfortably:

Triple Crown Winner in "The Impossible Dream" Year of 1967, where he led the A L in Homers, average and hits. He replaced Ted Williams in L F At Fenway Park in 1961;

In '04, he threw out the 1st Ball in Game 1 of the '04 World Series, where the Sox won it all;

I remember a "Kraft Music Hall" Special on N B C, where Don Rickles, a Comedian and Insult Specialist as well as Amigo of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, mispronounced his name as "Yeahyatzki". I never laughed so hard in my life. Tonight, I was weeping a bit;

Get well, Carl and that's an order;


In Nomini Patris Et Filli Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mr Beckett Scares Me

It's almost as if it's mostly 2005, with a larger touch of 2006 thrown in. Josh Beckett looked like Roger Clemens, at least in 1993 Size, coming into Fort Meyers, FLA, overweight and in pain in his shoulder. Josh has a habit between coming into a season, either roaring like a lion, or being a lion with a sore throat, on antibiotics:

Sunday, he pitched like he was under the weight of a load of antibiotics and painkillers. In short, he s--- the proverbial bed;

The Blue Jays seem to be coming to life under Cito Gaston, as they're over 500 and the Sox are acting like Pretenders to The Throne. Why do I get the feeling that this was predicated somewhere in some back office in Fenway Park?

For a World Champion to make as many moves as Omar Minaya did after the '06 N L C S, makes me wonder about who got in Theo's Way. Does Larry Lucchino want to be known as "Jeffy The Wonder S---"?

15-4 was Sunday's Final Score. THAT score was causing me to switch back to The Mets 4-1 Complete Game by Johann Santana;

We may be seeing a combo '05 and '06 Season, replete with "Manny Being An A--hole", and Papi Ortiz being hurt. In short, THIS SUCKS;



The Bullpens Scare Me

Jon Lester was pitching NICELY through 7 Innings. Then, MDC from Hyde Park(Boston) gives up 2 Runs. It's a good thing that Papelbon was sharp, or else there would've been a "Gagne' Give Away" like last year in Baltimore, when Mr Canadian Bacon, Eric Gagne', often accused of being a "Yankee Spy", blew 2 Saves by throwing Meatball Pitches over the plate that said "Please Hit Me Long And Far". I think that you get the picture. The Red Sox won it over the Orioles, 6-3, with the Canadian Left Fielder, Mr Jason Bay, homering twice and Captain V-Tek, homering once. Mr Lester has become consistently better, whilst one Josh Beckett, has become increasingly-erratic:

In ONLY a week since that accident(August 11th, 2008), created by the Vengeful Dude called Jeffy, to get even with Willie for beating Jeffy out of $.55(Once The Price Of a Cup Of Rheingold Beer at Shea Stadium), that the Mets Bullpen, which includes some Dude who went on a late night Dominican Food Run, only to have it end in a car accident(Duaner Sanchez), assorted damagers like Scott Schowenweiss, Pedro Feliciano and Joe Smith(He replaced the Excellent Chad Bradford, only because Smith was CHEAPER) and Aaron Heilman, blew a nice performance by John Maine, by NOT Challenging Pirates Hitters, by throwing Soft Stuff, that the Mets lost 5-2. Starting Pitching has been excellent:

More COMPLETE games, Please!


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Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Mr Hanky" Cries The Blues About Injuries

"Mr Hanky" pictured here, spoke from the NY Yankees Home Office(Also Pictured), in regards to his Injury-Ridden Team. The NY Sports Print Media, is having a field day with Mr Hanky;

Click on the Title Above, for the link;


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The Adam's Deli Conversation With Nick On The Yankee Stadium Farewell

As I was speaking to NY Mets Fan Nick in Adam's Deli, I pointed out to him that the CURRENT Yankee Stadium is NOT The Original Item and that Shea Stadium is actually OLDER than The CURRENT Yankee Stadium, known as Yankee Stadium II or, as we in Red Sox Nation, fondly refer to as "The Toilet":

The ORIGINAL One closed after the last Game, on Sunday, September 30th, 1973, when The Yankees lost to the Detroit Tigers, and a whole new stadium was built on the same site, as The Yankee Stadium Site was NOT in continuous use for 86 Seasons, so my advice was not to fall for all the hype that it's the end of the Original Article. The Original Site may be finished, but it's 2 Different Stadiums on the same site. Nick is going to mention this to his Yankee Fan Friends(This should drive 'em crazy);

Shea Stadium is OLDER than the CURRENT Stadium, as Shea played host to The Mets, Jets, Yankees and Giants in 1975. I got to see all 4 Teams play in Shea Stadium in 1975. Shea Stadium played host to the Mets, Yankees and Jets in 1974;

M L B is perpetrating a whole lot of Bulls---, over Yankee Stadium II. Nick's NOT falling for that HYPE. Neither am I falling for it;


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It Was Renaissance Pedro Martinez-DESPITE The 'Pen

The NY Mets had hitting from their regulars, as Jose' Reyes and Ramon Castro homered. Mets defeated the Pirates at P N C Park in Pittsburgh, 7-4:

Pedro Martinez K'd 4 and allowed 1 Run on 8 Hits;

The 'Pen then started to do damage in the 9th Inning, starting with Eddie Kunz, allowing 3 Runs, then Joe Smith allowed a Single. It took Pedro Feliciano to get the last 2 Outs;

A conversation at Adam's Deli on Woodhaven Boulevard, Site of a Yankees Goomba Interruption 2 Years ago of my snack(The Yankee Yutz hasn't been seen since), ensued with a Mets Fan named Nick. He feels that Omar Minaya isn't making moves. I added that Jeffy(Lil' S---) Wilpon is why this is taking place;

Nick liked Willie Randolph, as I did. I knew Willie got a Raw Deal on Orders of Jeffy The Brat, and Nick felt that Omar Minaya was gutless(The Omnipotent Q is right-Omar Minaya IS a Big, Fat IDIOT and a Clueless Putz and Cowardly to Boot). BUT, Jeffy is as much of a Conspiring Little S--- as His Old Man, Freddie was when Freddie was looking to buy out Doubleday. Quality SUFFERED, so that Freddie could justify building "Fred's Ravine" in the Shea Parking Lot, to look like Ebbets Field, with a dramatically reduced capacity, ala Fenway Park(Which Added capacity, BTW);

Nick, one day, would like to go to a game at Fenway Park. It's the COOLEST Place in Baseball. At least, Jeffy isn't running around the stands up there;

Shea Stadium, despite it being called "The DUMP" by me, will be MISSED;



The "Byrd" Flew Into A Horrible "Halliday"

Yes, Paul Byrd had a nice start, and went into the 8th Inning, giving up 4 Runs in 7 1/3 Innings:

But, Roy Halliday pitched the Blue Jays to a 4-1 Victory at Fenway Park, this evening, allowing a Homer in the 9th Inning to Dustin Pedroia, but pitched a 116 Pitch complete game, sparing his bullpen;

The "Byrd" Flew, but his change-up did hang over the plate, allowing for 2 over the Green Monster, with one by Alex Rios;

Meanwhile, Tampa Bay lost 3-0 in Texas to The Rangers-Nice;

F--- DFYankees-They won in 13 Innings, 3-2 over K C Royals;

Later-Red Sox Offense kinda took the night off;



Friday, August 15, 2008

Adultery And Sideline Reporters

1st, Derek Lowe, one of "The Idiots" of '04, has a "Down Low" with a Fox Sports Net-West 2 Reporter, she pulling a "Lewinsky" with him, in '05:

NOW, Captain V-Tek, another "Idiot of '04", not exactly knocking the cover off the ball, is in the middle of divorce proceedings, because his eyes are wandering towards a sideline reporter, and is in the last year of his contract;

Adultery affects more than just families, as it can affect performance. It's also SERIOUSLY-WRONG;


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An Assumption Story And "Jimmy"

I heard 2 Homilies-one while on line for The Sacrament Of Penance and one for the Mass I attended later. In the 1st Homily, I heard this ditty. Mary and Joseph were having breakfast and Mary popped this to Joseph. She told Joseph that when she passes on, she's going straight to Heaven. Joseph then exclaimed "Wow, that's an Assumption"(LOL):

In the 2nd Homily, there was a story about St Francis House, run by The Franciscans in a bad area in Philadelphia(We're NOT talking about Citizens Bank Ballpark here, nor the Philly Fans). The poor are helped there. There was a story about a teen girl named Ellen, who lived in a Violent Home, so she ate dinner at St Francis House. One day, she showed up and announced that she was Pregnant and the father ran away. She then mentioned that her uncle and aunt would raise the child while she went back to school to get her H S Diploma. She carried the Child to term, while her aunt and uncle cared for her and the child, and then she finished school and went back to St Francis House and told of the Good News about the Birth of The Child and her arrangements, remarking that "The Child Saved My Life";

Mary, Mother Of God The Son, allowed herself to be the Vessel Of The Lord, in order to Bring Jesus into the World to redeem and save the World. She did not "Know Man", hence a Virgin Birth, risking the Wrath of the Jewish Authorities of the time, for having a child out of wedlock, considered to be Adultery under "The Law". The Lord does work in Mysterious Ways. Mary was raised upon death to rise Body and Soul to Heaven. Often, Her death, is called "Dormition" or "The Great Falling Asleep". That's why on August 15th, The Feast Of The Assumption is celebrated;

Now, about "Jimmy" and a Fund, named for him in Boston-In 1948, the Boston Braves(Now Atlanta), who played in Braves Field(Now called Nickerson Field of Boston University), about 2 "T" Green Line Stops from Kenmore(Fenway Park), worked with Dr Sidney Farber, who pioneered the treatment of cancer in Children, hence the name of the official Charity, the Dana-Farber Children's Cancer Fund. Where "Jimmy" comes in, well "Jimmy" was a name given to allow a child to be treated anonymously. The 1st Patient was code-named "Jimmy", but his real name was Einar Gustafson. Carl died in 2001 at age 65;

The Braves departed to Milwaukee in 1953. The Red Sox were asked to take over the Charity and the Charity is synonymous with the Red Sox, today;

Last Night, at Professor Thom's in The East Village, THE Premiere Red Sox Pub in The Big Apple, donations were made for The Fund from Bar Patrons. My Friend and K Of C Cohort, Ed, made an $11 gift(for the 10 Runs scored by the Red Sox+1 for the Homer hit by Big Papi in the 2nd Inning, during the 9 Run Rally). that donation was matched by Chris Wertz, one of The Owners of Professor Thom's. I chipped in a few bucks, too;

This is the Annual W E E I-N E S N Radiothon-Telethon for The Jimmy Fund. Go to,, or and make a donation;

For this is about how lives can touch other lives, as Mary did, while consenting freely to be the Mother Of The Lord, and we reach into our pockets for a worthwhile cause. The Children hold a key to our future;

The Red Sox won 10-0 at Fenway Park, over the Texas Rangers, whose pitching is AWFUL. Dice K Matsuzaka was sharp, scattering 6 hits;

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Paul Byrd For A Player To Be Named Later

Sox Pitching has been added with the Waiver Trade for Pitcher Paul Byrd:

Good move as Byrd is 4-0 since The All Star Break, with ERA of 1.24 Runs, as a 5th Starter and Wakey on the D L;

But, in my time honoured tradition of questions, wasn't this guy a Mitchell Lister in regards to H G H? At least he's effective, unlike Eric Gagne';



19-17 And Youk Was The Hero, Though He Couldda Been The Goat With 2 Errors

Yes, for Youk homered over into the Green Monster, a 3 Run Shot, as The Red Sox edged out the Texas Rangers, 19-17, as seen on N E S N, this past evening:

Youkilis hit 2 Homers, but the last one, in the 8th Inning was The Clincher;

The Sox scored 10 Runs in the bottom of the 1st Inning. It was no laugher;

Both Texas and Boston Pitching Corps, were not on their Game/ Texas Starter Scott Feldman gave up 12 runs in 2 1/3 Innings, and was not charged with the loss. This last happened to a St Louis Cardinals Pitcher in 1918. Remy cracked that it must've been one of those Saturday Game of The Week Deals(LOL). Can you imagine Mc Carver commentary in a Game like that? Please, No!

Youkilis made Errors at both 1st and 3rd Base, but his power blasts made up for the errors;

Boston with 19 Runs, on 17 Hits and 2 Errors, with Texas at 17 Runs, 18 Hits and 2 Errors-it was a real barn burner;



To THAT Mets Fan Who Said THIS

"We'd like to get Boston in The World Series, so we can keep on beating 'em":

To which I replied "But Jeffy Wilpon will get in the way of that";

He replied "Well, you got a point";

A lot of Shea's Old Guard, realizes that Jeffy has too much say in day to day Baseball Operations. THAT just might explain why Scott Schowenweiss is in the Mets Bullpen;


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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympics



Bidding Fond Adieu To Shea Stadium With A Tear Or Two In My Eyes

Actual New Yorkers do traverse the miles to go to this place, as do New Englanders who cannot get tickets at Fenway Park. It is not a place for sheer tourists, unlike that "Toilet" in The Bronx, "The House That George Costanza Worked In";

It is Utilitarian and got the job done. It has served as the City-Wide Relief And Housing Center after 09-11-01. It had been the the Home Field in 1975 for The Mets, Yankees, Jets and Giants. It hosted 1 Cosmos N A S L Playoff Game, where the Great Pele' scored a goal. A Soccer Team called Shea Home for the 1980 Season. The "Rivalry" came alive here;

In my 1st-Ever Major League Baseball Game, in 1966, I watched the NY Mets lose 6-0 to the Phillies. I watched from the 3rd Base Side, in Loge Level. In my Final Game, I also watched from the 3rd Base Side;

For I was at Shea Stadium, yesterday, mourning the passing of a N Y C Tradition. I listened to an Old Time Mets Fan, telling me the story of Game 5 of the 1969 World Series, especially at the End and Triumph that Followed in The Mayhem of October 16th, 1969;

It was not all celebration, as there were crazy folks, climbing up on the huge right center field scoreboard, and then jumping to their deaths. Tragedy was intertwined with Triumph;

The man told that story, as he also told me that he used to be a major Mets Season Ticket Holder, but that changed with the M L B Players Strike of 1994. That strike had its' effects on the real fans, as Shea Stadium was becoming more-corporate;

As I looked at the Mets Bullpen, visions of going through it during J-E-T-S Games, played in my head. As I gazed out toward the Center Field Fence, memories of Pope John Paul II's Grand Entrance, came alive. Watching the Game from the 3rd Base Line, evoked memories of that 1st Ever Game in 1966. Being in Upper Level, evoked memories of games, especially Doubleheaders that only cost $1.30 to get into. I've sat in every level of Shea Stadium;

Soon , it'll be gone, as only 22 more regular season M L B Games, will be played there, as demolition of Shea Stadium, will commence in November, 2008. Yesterday's Game was the Last Weekday Daytime Home Game in the History of Shea Stadium. It was a Time to reflect on life and the passing of this N Y C Piece of History;

Pedro Martinez is a Pitcher and "A Lion At Twilight", and didn't pitch badly, though not like The Pedro Of Older Times. He left the game after the 6th Inning with a 4 Run Lead;

David Wright slammed his 23rd Homer, a 3 Run Shot, over the R C F Fence, to make it 3-0. Robinson Cancel hit his 1st M L B Round Tripper on a Line Drive to the Orange L F Foul Pole;

Sadly, Omar Minaya, General Manager, has not addressed the Relief Pitching Problems, which are Quite-Serious. Then, again, fans at Shea Stadium, know that Omar doesn't have a free hand in player decisions, as Mets Chief Operating Officer and General Partner, The Petulant, Hitler-iffic, Bratty, Nasty and All Around Hated, Jeffy Wilpon, son of Principal Owner, Fred Wilpon, both of whom are on "The Riviera List" at Professor Thom's, a well-renowned Red Sox Oasis in Manhattan's East Village, has too much to say(Jeffy is a little s---);

When Relievers, Darren Oliver and Chad Bradford weren't re-signed after '06 and the N L C S, many knew it was Jeffy, who called the shots;

The Mets Bullpen(Feliciano, Schowenweiss, Sanchez, Smith and Heilman) gave the Pirates the 7-5 Win;

I left Shea Stadium. I cried on the Ramp between Mezzanine Level and Loge. It was a Final Farewell. I remembered my parents who took me to this destination. Memories Die Hard;

A man-child has no business handling a Major League Ballclub's Major Decisions. Go play in your $iti Field Playpen, Jeffy. I'll be at Fenway Park, next season;


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Monday, August 11, 2008

My Official "Farewell Shea Stadium"

Funny, but the Pittsburgh Pirates do play a Significant Role in my Shea Stadium Years. It was 1967, when Mom took me to see the Filming of the Triple Play Scene for the Movie Version of "The Odd Couple"(Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau as Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, Respectively), where Baseball Hall Of Famer, Bill Mazerowski, hit into the Fictitious Triple Play. The Mets won the actual game, and I was seated in Mezzanine, when reserved seats were $2.50 and the seats were light blue:

It was Subway Tokens and NO Metro Cards in those days and the fare was $.20 per ride;

The Next time I saw the Pirates in Shea Stadium, it was September 20th, 1969. The Mets were 4 Days from clinching the N L East Title. The Pirates won on a 3-0, No Hitter pitched by Bob Moose. I was standing by the Left Field Line;

It was 1971 and the Mets Lost. It would be the final time that Roberto Clemente, that Great Right Fielder would play. He died on New Years' Day, when his plane crashed, in 1972, while delivering food supplies to Quake Torn Nicaragua;

In 1976 on Labor Day, from a perch in the Upper Level, the Mets would win as Tom Seaver struck out his 200th Batter for the 9th Consecutive Season. His Victim was Pirates Catcher, Manny Sanguillen;

It's now 32 Years later and the Pirates come to Shea Stadium, one last time. Pedro Martinez, deep into the Twilight of his career, makes the start for the Mets at 1:10PM at Shea Stadium. The Pirates of Lore are now a bunch of young kids. Two Members of the '07 Red Sox, were included in the 3 Way with the Dodgers, Pirates and Red Sox, and they are Brandon Moss and Craig Hansen. The Price is right, with tickets starting around $5;

Time to "Shea Goodbye";


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"Goodbye Chef"

Isaac Hayes has passed on:

Singer and Actor, he passed away in Memphis, TN at age 65;

Singer of the "Shaft Theme", an Academy Award Winner and Grammy Award Winner;

He did the Voice of "Chef" on "South Park", a show where he was "Killed Off";

Thanks, "Chef";



Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vote Now-Lowrie Or Lugo

Lowrie's my choice. How about you?



THAT Triple Play

Dice K had a nice Game, as he went into the 8th Inning in "The Cell" in Chicago. I followed the Game on N E S N, via "The Hairy Monk". Papi cleared the Bases, on the way to a 6-2 Victory. Elsbury is hitting, once again, for the Red Sox and so is Big Papi:

8-6 was the Final at Shea Stadium-Mets over Marlins, as "Dos Carlos", Beltran and Delgado, both homered, as well as Dan Murphy hitting his 1st M L B Homer. Brian Stokes started for the Mets, just up from New Orleans. He was in Tampa Bay's Bullpen, last year;

The NY Yankmees lost 11-4 in Anaheim, with "Hooray Rod" homering with no one on, but no bullpen to tide them over. That Game was on FOX and I didn't care to watch;

A R S N-N Y C Triple Play. I loved it;


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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Doris Kearns Goodwin And Dem Bums And Me

Her move into The Boston Red Sox, was predicated on a Team which played at Bedford Avenue and Sullivan Place, in The Current Crown Heights Section of Brooklyn, near Prospect Park:

THAT was the Site of Ebbets Field, bounded by Mc Keever Street, Sullivan Street and Bedford Avenue. Trolleys carried those Ol' Brooklyn Dodgers Fans to that ballpark. So Did the B M T Subway to the Prospect Park Station;

Ebbets Field was a Bandbox Style Ballpark. In short, it only held 33K Seats and had two decks. It also had a huge Italian Marble Rotunda;

So, while living in Boston, Doris Kearns of Rockville Centre, In Nassau County, a New York Suburban County, went to Fenway Park, which she dubbed "Flatbush North". People arrive there by Underground Trolley at Kenmore Station, on what is known as the Green Line "T";

Ebbets Field was opened in 1913 and ceased all operations in 1960. Baseball-Wise, Brooklyn died in 1957. To Doris, a 1st Trip to Fenway Park, rekindled that Brooklyn Baseball Spirit, as well as that sense of Brooklyn Baseball, only it was at a Bandbox Ballpark, bounded by Brookline Avenue, Landsdowne Street,and Van Ness Street and Jersey Street(Yawkey Way), in Boston;

As I was 8.5 Months Old, at the Time of the 1st Dodgers World Championship, which sent Brooklyn Dodgers Fans into a Frenzy, all over N Y C, particularly in Brooklyn(1955), it took that Year of 2004, to explain what happened in Brooklyn, in 1955;

A ride on The "T" Green Line to Kenmore, showed what it was like,going to either Prospect Park Station or on a Trolley to Bedford Avenue, to a Dodgers Game. Only, for me, it was Red Sox Baseball, with a "B" on the Cap, and NOT "Dem Bums";

Bounding into Fenway Park, after The "T" Ride, gave me a sense of the "Brooklyn", I NEVER Knew. As Joe Castiglione would put it, on Radio, "Can You Believe It", it would be being transported back into a time warp-an Urban Ballpark, where people would arrive by public transportation;

Just like it was in Brooklyn, many years ago, Boston's Kenmore Area is where Serious Major League Baseball is played. Fenway Park has been around since 1912 on the same site and has been in continuous use since 1912, only it has received a Good Number of face-lifts. It has NOT been neglected, unlike Wrigley Field in Chicago, where The Cubs play, but that park, structurally, is falling apart from wear;

Fenway Park does NEED new Grandstand Seats, as those old blue seats have been worn for wear. The Ownership Group has made many improvements, including backs for the Bleacher Seats, and made Wider Concourses in the structure;

Now, a new Ebbets Field-Tribute Park is structurally-finished in the Old Parking Lot, behind the Center Field Fence at Shea Stadium, with an upper-level, where it's last row, finishes about 7 Rows below the last 7 Rows of Shea Stadium. This is an Ebbets Field TRIBUTE Park? I can still be on a 1st Name Basis with Pilots, landing at La Guardia Airport. Where's the Trolley Line? what's so memory-evoking as the I R T #7 Flushing Line? Wait! On The Old B M T to Prospect Park from Either Brighton Beach or Franklin Avenue and Fulton Street, the Train was the #7. The Trolley is now a Hybrid Electric Q48 M T A-N Y C T Bus Line;

Only, by Fenway Park, and the The Ebbets Field Site, people actually lived or live there. By the new "Citi Field", the nearest person to live in that area, is a few blocks away. Currently, by Shea Stadium, there's no "There", there;

Give me Fenway Park for 2 to 3 Games a year. It's more "Brooklyn" than the Citi Field Area will ever be;

There's another reason why the Mets didn't attract Doris Kearns Goodwin-something called that Old Enemy Ballpark, longtime home of the N Y(NOW S F Giants), the Polo Grounds+the SYMETRYCAL-NESS of Shea Stadium. Fenway Park is asymetrycal. Old Time Fans KNOW what they want;


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Friday, August 08, 2008

Let's Suppose The NY Yankees Don't Make It To Post-Season This Year

It Would NOT Surprise Me In The Least:

The most-hyperinflated team, in terms of salary, becomes a Flopperoo;

All we'll hear from their fans is about the 26 World Championships(The last 2 being from the use of "Vitamin B12 and Lidocaine");


Perpetual Whining;

A-Rod, Jeter, and Company not in "The Big Dance";

Some Good comes from this, as Tim Mc Carver might not be as annoying;

You won't see the Usual Celebrities in attendance in Yankee Stadium II(IV?);

Yankee Stadium II, baseball-wise, may go out as quietly as Stadium I did;

AND, the Ironic Thing, is that it'll go out, via the NHL ON NBC;


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3 Games On The South Side

Jon Lester Goes tonight at "The Cell" on the South Side of Chicago, starting at 7:11PM, CT(8:11PM-ET):

Boston Red Sox vs Chicago White Sox, or as "Hawk" Harrelson says on WGN-TV and Comcast Sports Net the "Bad Sox vs The Good Sox". He makes Michael Kay sound objective;

Time to ask you Red Sox fans an Intelligent Question:

Should Jeff Lowrie be the Starting Shortstop, or should Julio Lugo start, when he comes off the Disabled List?



Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Zipadapadolimine Consumption By Mr Aaron Heilman Of The Mets Bullpen

OK-his mind isn't really all there, as he gave up a 3 Run BOMB, but the Mets, thanks to Fernando Tatis' 2 Homers, made the difference in a 6-5 Victory:

Wait! Did I just run afoul of The Human Rights Commission in Ottawa, as I've just criticized Heilman's lack of pitching prowess?

You guys can't sue me. I'm based in Queens, NY. AND I'm a Native of BROOKLYN;

Later, Eh!

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Zipadapadolimine Should Go Over Well With The Socialized Medicine In Canada

Think about this, Citizens Of The US Of A:

That Canadians actually will head to the US of A, if they need medical treatment;

There are waiting lists for certain Surgical Procedures in Canada;

If you're a Citizen of The US Of A AND you get sick in Canada, the 1st thing that Canadian Hospitals ask for is your Credit or Debit Card, not your Blue Cross or G H I Card;

Their Doctors are heading in Numbers to the US of A, to freely-practice Medicine, without financial constraints;

Canadians are taxed up the Wazoo, for "Free" Medical Care;

There's no such thing as "A Free Beer, Eh";

And, for Awhile, E W T N was kept off Canadian Cable and Satellite TV-Not Good, Eh;

ANYONE for "Little Mosque On The Prairie" Reruns, Eh;

AND you thought that NY and MA were "Peoples' Republics?

You haven't seen anything until you cross that Northern Border;

That is a Protectionist Country-So Much For NAFTA, Eh;

It's a Nation where you may not criticize any Protected Group;

BUT, you are free to criticize the Lead Broadcast Team of Buck and Mc Carver on FOX, as neither gentleman are Canadians. God help you if you goof on Mr Mansbridge on CBC;

Later, Eh!


We In The US Of A Now Border The UCSP

U C S P stands for the United Canadian Socialist Provinces:

My Brother Sir Knight Of Columbus, spoke with a Constable in Branford, ON(Ontario), the Constable being a Sir Knight of Columbus, in short, the 4th Degree and found out the following information;

Canada, though heavily Catholic, is more like Cuba(Cuber as pronounced by J F K), in that freedom of speech is severely-limited;

There are "Human Rights Commissions" in the Provinces and one based in Ottawa, The Capital;

You may not criticize Africans, as The Canadians use that word for Blacks;

You may not criticize Moslems;

You may not criticize French Canadians;

If you do, you face arrest or may be sued by the "Human Rights Commissions" in the Province or by the Federal One in Ottawa, especially if you're a Citizen Of Canada, or a British Subject, Domiciled In Canada;


Any Americans who go up North to "The Great White North", in the words of Bob and Doug Mac Kenzie, are in for some culture shock, eh;

I suppose that I may catch heck for stating that "O Canada" was, in part, written by a Southern Confederate States Of America, Civil War General;

And, in Southern Ontario, Blacks(Africans), are NOT Tolerated;

AND, in Canada, many would love to come South to The States and vote for Senator Barack Obama, in the U S Elections. I think that something might be arranged by the NY County Democrats in Washington Heights, in Upper Manhattan;

Wild Country, Eh!



Monday, August 04, 2008

There's A Medicinal "Soul Mate" I'd Love To Thank

I 1st met her in connection to my job, while I was in the somewhat adventurous job of Impounding Unlicensed Home Improvement Contractors:

We later exchanged phone #s;

We have talked this Summer;

She has given me advice on how to treat ailments, naturally and inexpensively;

She gave me advice on that little miracle called Hydrogen Peroxide, which is clearing up the Excema and psoriasis on my legs. It's the ONLY thing that has worked. Sure, my legs are a little red by my ankles, but what works, works;

Thanks, Shelleigh! You've been a Godsend!



"Back" Bay In The Middle Of It All

As he was 2 For 4 in scoring 2 runs in yesterday's 5-2 Victory, delayed by rain for 37 Minutes:

Dice K, was a "K" pitcher again, as the Red Sox swept Oakland;

Let Lugo stay on the D L. I do like Jed Lowrie at SS, as he does hit and drive in runs;

Everything is calmer as Manny took his repertoire to the Left Coast;



Manny Must've Stopped Taking Zipadapadolimine-He's 8 For 13

And Manny homered into the Left Field Pavilion("Mannyville" in the Words Of The Venerable Vincent Scully) in Dodger Stadium in Chavez Ravine, for 436 Feet, as The Dodgers trounced Arizona, 9-3:

A friend and I, watched on M L B Extra Innings, the Dodgers Television Feed, Vincent Scully as our narrator of the game. Scully, BTW, works alone on TV;

Manny Ramirez really looks happy in his new digs. He's 8 For 13 over this weekend;

I wonder if Manny and Joe Torre are enjoying some Green Tea? It must be working;


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Could Both Omar And Jeffy Be Using Zipadapadolimine?

As the Mets are, once again, slipping and sliding, as well as flatulent on a packed IRT #7 Flushing Train, the 'pen is the cause, but John Maine, as I suspected about his pitching, is on the 15 Day Disabled List. Billy Wagner is on the way to that list, with Forearm issues:

They have to face facts. Cutting Deals after the '06 N L C S, such as not re-signing two of their more-competent Middle Relievers, in favor of the "Coupon" Formula "3 or 4 Stiffs for The Price of 2 Good Players, in order to run a Good Manager out on a rail, because a Limited Partner, who's the eldest son of the Principal Owner, is a nasty little "Me, Me, Me" little s---, who acted like he lost $.55 at the age of 5, is no way to run a ball club. The latest is that Duaner Sanchez is not really a worry. Of course, his decision to make a Dominican Food Run in Miami at 1:00AM, only to have a drunk driver slam into the car he was in, was not a good idea. He ended up with Surgery in '07;

Omar is going to act on the Waiver Wire? Who's the latest Break Down Case to arrive?

In '05 and '06, Omar was a Master Dealer. Then, Jeffy arrived in the Middle of this mess, and Minaya has been shut down, as if Jeffy is Jim Dolan, except that Jim Dolan can play saxaphone reasonably-well. Jeffy Wilpon does not have the talent, except to whine and get $iti Field ready for all the sherry sippers, who'll take the place of real fans;

The Bullpen is burned out and then some. AND NO Deals were made at the Trading Deadline;

It's Crash and Burn at Shea Stadium in '08;


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Sunday, August 03, 2008

WHY Are Prescription Drugs Being Advertized On FOX Baseball Telecasts?

Zipadapadolimine is NOT a Real Drug. That's only for laughs. But Prostate Shrinkage Medicines, Cholesterol Lowering Drugs and Viagra Ads have turned Telecasts, a Onetime Family Time, into a blatant attempt to sell to Hypochondriacs. Big Pharma must think everybody will fit into their disease parameters, to sell their Side Effects-Laden "Medicines":

Just Imagine-a pill to wake up, a pill to go to sleep, a pill for energy and a pill to "Get It Up", during a Baseball Telecast. Sounds like something out of "South Park";

And you thought that BEER ads were bad on Baseball telecasts. Baseball Telecasts are sounding like Pharmacies;




It's Clear To Me That Omar Minaya Has Been Consuming Zipadapadolimine

Because he sounded like Jeffy The Brat had a gun to his said, saying "Preserve The Farm System" or "Don't Spend My Sling Box II Money, until we get the fans to leave so we can replace them with Corporate Toadies In $iti Field". It is also apparent that Jeffy has also taken Zipadapadolimine:

Mets have a Good Starting Pitching Corps, though Pedro Martinez does look somewhat broken down and all those Cortisone Shots are not always going to work. But the 'Pen is atrocious, as the 'pen has let Johann Santana down again. Will Billy Wagner please let me know if it's Yeast or the Use Of Zipadapadolimine, that is betraying his pitching as he blew a Save;

Mets lose it 5-4 in Houston in Minute Maid(Enron)Field;




Ol' Back Bay Homered And Youk Did It Twice

The Dust has settled on Manny Ramirez' Trade, as Steve Keane of Staten Island and formerly from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, was at Fenway Park, his 2nd Favorite Park in the Game(Shea Stadium is his #1 Park), last evening, when he saw the Red Sox score 12 Times, to win 12-2:

Jason Bay hit his 23rd Homer(To Center Field, a 3 Run Shot) and Kevin Youkilis smashed 2 for #20. Bay is realizing that this is NOT PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Steve Keane, writer of "The Kranepool Society", knows that in the 8th Inning at Fenway Park, the fans don't run to the "T" at Kenmore, or to the parking garages. This is NOT Shea Stadium(I KNOW The Drill In Both Places);

Jon Lester picked up the Victory. Dave Eveland got clocked and the Loss. Reliever Lenny Di Nardo, got hit for 3 Runs, while Eveland got smacked around for 6 Runs;

WHERE is Joe Castiglione? For the past 2 Evenings, I've listened to Dave O'Brien and Dale Arnold on the M L B Game Day Audio;



Saturday, August 02, 2008

Scott Boras- Pimp-You Should "GFY"

The Ultimate Players' "Pimp", Scott Boras, played a role in the latest "Manny" Outburst:

Click on the title to read Gordon Estes Story;

And Bor-ASS, you can go f--- yourself;


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There Was An "Idiot" Involved In Oakland's Loss

Alan Embree gave up The Triple to Bay and The Infield Single to Jed Lowrie:

Embree was an '04 "Idiot"-1 of The 25;

Mr Mike Timlin got the Victory and is One of only 3 "Idiots" left from '04;

The 2-1 Game was nice;



Friday, August 01, 2008

Zipadapadolimine-A New Drug Up And Coming(At Least On MLB On FOX)

It cures baldness. It cures Cancer. It Cures Hypertension. It cures Yeast Infections, all in one pill:

Side Effects include temper tantrums or some memory loss;

These 3 are advised not to take Zipadapadolimine;

In the case of the Guy on the Right Side, it's bad enough that he tells us that Youkilis would make a good #8 Hitter with the Pitcher due up, during the A L C S, while the Guy on The Left just doesn't care;

In the case of the 3rd Guy, he'll knock over a pitcher of Green Tea, if Torre' doesn't give him the weekend off;



Very Quietly And Minus The Fanfare, Mr Jason Bay Does The Job

He walked and scored the 1st Run. He tripled in the 12th w/2 outs and was driven in by Jed Lowrie:

It's early but Bay of British Columbia, Canada, had grown up with Mom and Dad as Red Sox Fans. Jason has done his folks proud;

It was a nice, abeit, long night at the Fens, with The Sox over Oakland, 2-1;



There May Be Consequences For Trading An "Idiot"

I remember one trade on June 15th, 1977, which touched off a Firestorm here in N Y C. Yes, It was painful and done out of a sense of Cheapness, from a franchise which collected money at the gates, but did little in the sense of spending any money:

OK, their home base is Shea Stadium, home to MANY Ownership Conspiracies. The 1st Seaver Trade, sent Mets Fans running for the exits, and staying clear of Mets Games. The team was hideous to watch. There were about 6K fans, on the night after the Seaver Trade;

Attendance was down, dramatically. In those days, Stub Hub didn't exist. Mets Scalpers went on to become Yankees Scalpers;

I don't see this being a problem in Boston, as Stub Hub will be used, regularly this year;

Is Epstein a Genius "Boy Wonder"? Last Year, a deal for Broken Down Mitchell List Member, Eric Gagne', almost blew up in the Sox Faces. Many of us suffered from Gas, watching Gagne' "Pitch";

Whenever a Marquee Player is traded for someone lesser, it has consequences. Often, the Gate Suffers;

The Sell-Out Streak may fall short;

NOT a good sign for a Team and the businesses which depend on the team;

AND pitching is needed, especially the 'pen. THAT was NOT Addressed @ The Deadline;




I Wonder What Broken Down Piece Of Junk Omar Will Pick Up Off Waivers?

Is Steve Carlton Available? Eric Gagne'? Or Mel Rojas?

Freddie? Jeffy? Stop getting in the way;



Question? Will The Sellouts Stop?

Manny is gone. Jason Bay replaces him in Left Field at Fenway Park. The Power will be missed, but not this year's version of "Manny Being Manny", which might just play in Hollywood:

Now that a major gate attraction is gone, will the Fenway Sellout streak be a thing of the past? After all, Manny really drew them in;

But, even in a dark cloud, there's a silver lining. If one remembers that when Nomar Garciaparra was traded to the Cubs and Orlando Cabrera was the Shortstop, obtained from The Expos, the Sox moved on their World Championship run in '04;

However, if Jason Bay is not so-productive, there could be a fall for the Red Sox, who NEED a better bullpen;

It'll put more fannies in the seats at Dodger Stadium;

I was watching Dodgers-D'Backs from Dodger Stadium, listening to The Great Mr Vincent Scully, He who was taught by the Great Walter Lanier "Red" Barber. The Dodgers do know how to run a family friendly operation in attracting fans to games;


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