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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Off To A Reiki Treatment

It'll keep me calm. It'll be good. It may even help Lugo, Papi, -uck, Mc Cavah, and it's local, here in Woodhaven, Queens:




Papi NEEDS To Get His Groove Back


Perhaps, you could use some Acupuncture. It may be the Best(Lo Mejor)stuff out there for you;

Check out Samina in Astoria or Jackson Heights. She comes recommended by me, as a Member of Red Sox Nation;

There's Wilton, who grew up in, and lives in Washington Heights(Manny Ramirez Country), adding a little Bob Marley Music to soothe you;

Try this during the Yankees Series in The Bronx;


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TOP 10 Signs THIS IS A Bad Red Sox Bar

10:Televisions constantly tuned to the YES Network;
9:The Picture of Roger Clemens in a Red Sox Uniform;
8:Sponsors "Suzyn Waldman Night";
7:ONLY 3 Choices of Beer;
6:It's located at 7th Avenue South and West 4th Street in Greenwich Village;
5:Bar GM is a Yankees Fan;
4:Owner's name is JEFFY;
3:Serves Watery Manhattan Clam Chowder;
2:Chili causes Montezuma's Revenge;
1:Everybody associated with the place, has their names preceded by the "F" Word;

Trust Me-it's NOT a REAL Red Sox Bar;



Whoudda Thunk This

So far, in April, '09, Papi is Homer-less. Gary Sheffield has more homers(1)than Papi:

Sawx are off to Tampa Bay(Tropicana Field Circus Tent), where the Shea Stadium-Inspired Cowbells, have fallen silent;

Jon Lester? You gotta stop your 100 Pitch Innings in the 5th. I hope that Farrell works w/you to get that count down;

Javier Lopez? No Field-No Pitch;

Lugo? Ughhhhhhh;

Red Sox 4 Set indoors in Tampa;

Luckily, The Mets are off, then 3 Games in Philly, starting on Friday Evening, with a Saturday Game on FOX(Mc Cavah-Land);


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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


A putz is a putz is a putz. Some guy in the Mets Pen blew a save today to the Marlins in the 8th inning with final score of 4-3. The putz, was Mets reliever, JJ Putz.


The 11 Game Streak Is A Day Late And A "Penny" Short-Acupuncture By A Member Of "The Nation"

Brad Penny may be as large as David Wells, but Wells was a much-better pitcher:

Julio Lugo SUCKS..
Julio Lugo SUCKS..
Julio Lugo SUCKS..
Julio Lugo SUCKS..
Julio Lugo SUCKS..
Julio Lugo SUCKS..
Julio Lugo SUCKS..
Julio Lugo SUCKS..
Julio Lugo SUCKS..
Julio had an error. He's NOT a fan favorite in Red Sox Nation. He's a fan favorite on the lines of Eric Gagne'(NOT);

Ditto, Javier Lopez with the Last Error of The Game, giving the Cleveland Indians a 9-8 Victory, in the Empty "Jake" Last Evening;

I was viewing the game at "The Hairy Monk" last night, with Amanda of Southie, Ed Trotter(Most Knowledgeable Red Sox Fan I know of), and Samantha of Chatsworth, MA;

The Game was NOT pretty to watch, AT ALL. I had an acupuncture treatment, where my acupuncturist, Samina, confessed to being a a fan of the Olde Towne Team. This treatment was in Jackson Heights, Queens,5 #7 Train Stations away from Citi Field. I was debating as to whether or not to go to Citi Field(Mets lost 7-4);

If I want to forget last night's debacle, I think that another Acu-treatment is in store, today. Shall it be with Samina in Astoria, or Wilton in Woodside. Wilton lives in Washington Heights, in Upper Manhattan, in the Land of Manny Ramirez;

And Ed Trotter, in observing David Ortiz, suspects that Ortiz may have run out of Homer Power, in that David may be close to finished as a Homer Hitter. He may be at the end of his cycle as a power hitter;

I think Ed has a point. Ortiz has been homer-less for all of April;

Amanda brought out a point about Pedro Martinez-Pedro's Ego is BIGGER than his arm. Pedro could be classified as a DIVA;

I learned quite a bit from the Massachusetts Arm of Red Sox Nation, as I tend to think along the Massachusetts Arm of The Nation. The Massachusetts Arm did NOT like The Eric Gagne' Deal, whereas the NY Arm of The Nation, embraced the Gagne' Deal, until the chant of "You Suck, Gagne'", became commonplace in Red Sox Pubs in NYC. I, being the 1st Red Sox Blogger to criticize that move to obtain Gagne', caught some hell for my criticism of the deal, a deal which made Theo Natan Epstein(Born in 1973 on the UWS), look somewhat like Omar Minaya(Yikes). The Writer, who called me on The Gagne' Deal, recently called Gagne', "That Vast, Canadian Wasteland" and "World Series Ring Thief". That guy is NYC(Brooklyn) Born n Bred(So am I). Yet, at Fenway Park, on 08/30/07, I heard Michelle, with her Daughter, tell me just how unnecessary the Gagne' Deal was;

Samantha and Amanda were fun to be with. Ed Trotter is so-informative. I was glad to be at The Hairy Monk, last evening, even if the game sucked, as we were stuck with "Sports Time Ohio", the Cleveland Indians TV Network;

Next Stop-Professor Thom's, where chants of "F--- The Riviera" abound. Ed Trotter made this point as to what REAL Red Sox Fan, ever goes to The Riviera;

I know of NONE;


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Monday, April 27, 2009

Omar? Jeffy?

A little Something to put your minds at ease:


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MY Advice To Oliver Perez

Give Bianca Beldini a call. Perhaps she can put your mind at ease:


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Oliver Perez SUCKS

Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
7 Runs by the 5th Inning, all earned Runs;
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Mets lose to Washington 8-1;
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Omar SUCKS..
Jeffy SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..
Oliver Perez SUCKS..



A Rare Treat In Yankees-Red Sox With Red Sox Sweeping Yankees By Score Of 4-1

This was a rarity indeed. The last time a member of the Red Sox stole Home Plate was that Whackjob, Jose' Offerman, in 1999. Tonight, Mr Jacoby Ellsbury, turned that feat in the 5th Inning, with Andy Pettitte of The Yankees in full windup, and 3rd Baseman Angel Berroa, playing far from the 3rd Base Line:











Note-Papi Doubled in a Run and Had a Sac Fly;

We await his 1st Homer of The Season;


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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Reason WHY New Yankee Stadium Is A Bandbox

There was no air circulation in the 33 Year Old Yankee Stadium, as the Window Portals were shut:

The current location has open portals+the distances in the current location are the same as the old place;

And C C Sabathia is huge and he SUCKS;




Above listed is Tampa Bay's Record:

Cinderella's Carriage has been turned into a Pumpkin;

I wonder just how many cowbells from Jeffy's Garage Sale, are being used;



On Broadcasters Of Yankees Red Sox And Later On Mets Red Sox

Here in NYC, where, believe it or NOT, there are MANY Red Sox Fans, we had NO Remy and no "Announcer Boy" Orsillo, this weekend:

We had Kay(As In Michael), this past Friday. We all put up with -uck and Mc Cavah(Triple Ouch), on Saturday. We shall have to endure Miller(Who isn't bad), H O F Morgan(Please, NO) and "Costanza"(Steve Phillips);

In The Mets at Red Sox Series, we will have N E S N at no time, except Pre-Game. BUT, the S N Y Crew of Gary Cohen, Ron(From Worcester)Darling, and Keith Hernandez, will be entertaining and NOT Annoying, providing humor and intelligent analysis. Bill Webb directs these games(Unfortunately, he also directs -uck and Mc Cavah on FOX). The 3rd Game will be produced by S N Y on PIX 11;

tbs(Very Funny)will carry the 3rd Game, BUT I don't care to listen to Chip Caray, not even a quarter as entertaining as his grandfather, Harry;

The 3rd Weekend Of May, should be entertaining;


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At The Beginning Of Yankees-Red Sox-On The Elevated Line

Consider this to NY Yankees Fans:

Luckily, my 1st-Ever M L B Game was NOT in The Bronx. It was in Queens, at a place, now becoming a Parking Lot for Citi Field;

Instead of Fritz Peterson, Mel Stottlemeyre and Whitey Ford, there were guys named Tom Terrific Seaver and Jerry Koosman(Who Gabbo Gabbard reminded me of, on July 16th, '07 and May 20th,'07);

Yes, I was born and raised in BROOKLYN and reside in Queens;

To that Yankee Fan on The BMT Train, I'm a New Yorker and despise the Yankees;

Go Sawx;


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A Colleague Named Toni Has Passed On

She fought her Cancer for almost 5 Years, until passing away on Thursday Evening:

She was at Mets at Red Sox in Fenway Park with her Husband, in '06 and noticed how almost no one, left the game;

She rooted for her beloved Mets;

She brought a sense of Joy to her job;

And Now She's Gone;

When The Mets are playing the Red Sox in 3 Weeks at Fenway, while I'm rooting for The Sawx, I shall remember her, as I do NOW;

Kyrie Elaison-Requiscant In Pacem;





The NYC Report On Swine Flu-High School Seniors In Cancun, MX

It was a group of Seniors, from St Francis Preparatory School, a School of High Standards in the Franciscan Tradition, who went to Cancun, Mexico over the Easter Break, only to bring back something unexpected:

"I Knew This bird-her name was Enza. I opened the door and In Flew Enza", was a phrase from a 1920's Influenza Outbreak. Well, Enza flew inside the doors of St Francis Prep, located in Fresh Meadows, Queens;

I remember a High School Trip to Italy, in 1972. I came back 20 Lbs Lighter, going from 175 Lbs to 155 Lbs. Luckily, there was no Influenza Outbreak;

Mexico still has substandard Water and Sanitation, so stay clear. Take a LOT of Vitamin D, to avoid The Flu, folks;



With Temps At 91 Degrees F

Will Citi Field become a place where Homers fly, like Pigeons?

Nationals at NY Mets, 1:10PM on S N Y;

The air, by Flushing Bay, will smell like low tide;



Pettite Vs Justin Masterson At 8:09PM From Fenway Park On E S P N

Justin Masterson, converted back to a Starter, faces Andy Pettite and the Yankees, tonight on E S P N:

2 Nights ago, it was Chilly in Boston. Today in NYC, it's 85 Degrees F, as we speak. In short, it's too hot, too early in the Spring Season;

Warm Air may produce many a flying Baseball, like yesterday's 4:21 Game, with the Red Sox prevailing 16-11;

Just HOW Much Serious Analysis will come from H O F Joe Morgan and "George Costanza", I mean, Steve Phillips;


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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Red Sox 16 And NY Yankees 11-As A Fraternal Service During The NFL Draft-My Phone Went Dead From All Those Updates

Today was the NFL Draft, live from Radio City Music Hall. Funny, but because Cablevision Owned Madison Square Garden had gotten in the way of The NY Jets New West Side Stadium Plan, The Brain Surgeons at The National Football League Offices, moved the Draft to Radio City Music Hall. Only 1 Problem-Cablevision also owns Radio City Music Hall:

NY Yankees At Boston Red Sox was on FOX. Certain People ONLY Wanted The NFL Draft, perhaps for their Fantasy Teams, or for the NY Jets. So, as a Fraternal Service, updates of The Game in Boston, were provided by Mobile Web from my AT & T Phone, operating on a 3G Network, with Score Updates and Gameday Audio(MLB). I used the WRKO Feed from Boston, in order to avoid listening to WCBS and John Sterling, famous for such words as "The Melk-man Delivers" and "It's The Melky Way". O'Brien and Castiglione, were the duo I listened to;

The NY Yankees spent about 1/2 Billion Dollars in Off Season, only to look foolish today, with A J Burnett, folding like a cheap camera around the 5th Inning. He gave up 8 runs. Then, again, Josh Beckett was no great shakes either, giving up 8 Runs;

In The Bottom of the 8th Inning, Boston Scored 4 Times to make it 16-11;

Red Sox Relief gave up 3 Runs. Yankees Relief gave up 8 More Runs;

And my phone gave out;

Red Sox are 2 for 2 in this Series. With All The Runs scored today, something tells me it'll be a pitchers' duel, tomorrow evening on E S P N;

To my Brother Knights at Msgr Sherman Council, it was my pleasure to give score updates and audio reports via W R K O Radio. Now the Phone is charging;

ML-Past Grand Knight

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Phone blogging is a lot of fun. Phone blogging is up to the minute. I once phone blogged live from Fenway Park. Ap Articles were written innhg inning by inning. It's a p quick way to share information with the world.

Riviera List #, I Lost Count

Note-The "F" Word precedes The Character mentioned. This is The Yankees Edition, though others are on the list:

F--- The Yankees;

F--- Jeter(He Might Like It);

F--- A-Rod(He Really Likes it);

F--- Clemens(So What Else is New);

F--- Texiera(Money);

F--- Hank Steinbrenner;

F--- Hal Steinbrenner;

F--- Ca$hman The GM;

F--- Bucky Dent(As Always, Captain Pop Fly In The Wind);

F--- "Hip, Hip, Jorge'" Posada;

F--- Jose' Molina;

F--- Michael Kay;

F--- Al Leiter;

F--- John Sterling(Well, Obviously);

F--- Suzyn Waldman("Roger Clemens Is In My BAWX"-I Call That Desperation);

From FOX Sports;

F--- Buck;

F--- Mc Cavah;

F--- Myers;

F--- Rosenthal;

From E S P N;

F--- HOF Morgan;

F--- Phillips(George Costanza Is Better Than You Are);

From The UNLAMENTED Riviera Bar And Sports Cafe' At 7th Avenue South and West 4th Street;

F--- Sertell, GM and Yankees Fan;

F--- Tabachka(Partner);

F--- The Rivi-f---in-era, in general;

F--- Brennan(A Partner);

AND, AS ALWAYS, F--- F---ing Kazmerzcyk(Pronounced as Kazmarek), F--- Him;

From The Queens Baseball Company, a Division of Sterling Equities;

F--- Freddie;


F--- Omar The Putz;

From The L A Dodgers;

F--- Left Fielder, #99, For His Antics of "Manny Being Manny", Manny Ramirez;

YOUR Latest 2009 "Riviera List";

For REAL Red Sox Pubs in NYC, I HEARTILY Recommend;

(A) Professor Thom's, at 219 2nd Avenue, between East 13th and East 14th Streets, in The East Village, for that "Cask N Flagon" Experience;

(B) The Hairy Monk, at East 25th Street and 3rd Avenue, in the Murray Hill-Gramercy Park Area of Manhattan;





Eric Gagne' Is Re-Habbing In AZ

You remember Eric Gagne, don't you:

He's re-habbing in AZ;

Hey, OMAR-he might be available for a good price-tell JEFFY;


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It Was A Classical Replay-ONLY It Was Live, NOT Memorex

Sr Mariano Rivera, The Yankees Prime Relief Pitcher, a "Mr Automatic", showed his human side, this past evening, as he has been known to do at Fenway Park in The Kenmore Square Section Of Boston's Back Bay. With 2 Outs and a Runner on, he gave up a 2 Run Homer to Deep Centre Field, to Red Sox Left Fielder(And Manny Ramirez Replacement), Mr Jason Bay, which tied the Game at 4:

Mr Kevin Youkilis, The Esteemed "Youk", homered in the Bottom of the 11th Inning, to send most Boston Red Sox Partisans, scurrying to the "T", in a Joyous Mood, with the Red Sox Winning 5-4;

The Red Sox are 10-6, while the NY Yankees, no favorite of mine, are 9-7;

Action continues at 3:30PM, with Mr Josh Beckett, of The Sawx, facing the Yankmees AJ Burnitt;

Game is on FOX(WFXT 25 in Boston and WNYW 5 in NY). Just HOW Annoying will Messers -uck and Mc Cavah, be;


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Friday, April 24, 2009

For Mets Fans Click On This Title

John Quinn, wrote this on Omar Minaya:

Good Read!



Johann Vs The Nationals at 7:10PM-Citi Field


Please, Jeffy, Stop making Player Decisions;



Joba The Chump Vs Lester At 7:05PM

For Most Of You in New England, except for Fairfield County, CT, it'll be on N E S N:

Joba The Slob faces Lester, at Fenway, this evening. We in NY will be stuck with those Nauseates from YES, this evening;

All of us will be stuck with -uck and Mc Cavah on FOX at 3:30PM, Tomorrow(WFXT 25-Boston and WNYW 5 in NY and WTIC 61 in Hartford, followed by Sunday at 8:09PMET on E S P N(Miller, The HOF Twit, Morgan and The "GM Twit", Phillips, who "George Costanza" is better than;

Sox I say, 2/3, if not greater & Texiera needs to GFH(Not Good For Him);

Lets Go Red Sox;


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Gabbo Gabbard Has Returned

Kason Gabbard, a Lefty, traded for Red Sox World Series Ring Thief, Eric Gagne', has been sold back to the Red Sox, from the Texas Rangers:

He pitched a Complete Game on 07/14/07, wowing the Fans at Fenway Park. I saw him defeat the Atlanta Braves, on Sunday, May 20th, '07, in a Rain-Delayed Game;

He kinda reminded me of a certain NY Mets Lefty, Jerry Koosman;

Then came the Gagne' Deal, causing a great deal of consternation, in the Boston Part of Red Sox Nation, while I was making wisecracks about the FO, making the deal while under the influence of "Mary Jane", smuggled in from the Bowels of(Now Demolished)Shea Stadium, in Peanut Butter Jars. It was at Shea, last year, when Gabbo got his 1st MLB Hit, off Pedro Martinez;

Welcome Home, Gabbo;


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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eighteen Pounds Lost Drinking Water

One thing about water-you'll get a lot of running in. Of course, it'll be to the bathroom. Combined with eating fewer calories, weight will come off. Going from 245 pounds to 227 pounds has been a benefit of following the water and sodium restriction. I really don't miss the beer and wine, since losing the weight this past week. Also taking lisinopril, my hypertension medicine with my consumption of water, is both controlling my hypertension and causing my weight loss.


Weight Loss

226 lbs is my current weight . A little over a year ago, it was 303 lbs. Pretty good! C/O Medication & Water, Weight has gone down.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Return to work underway. Will see my doctor for final check-up tomorrow. Then the NYC Government will start the process to see the City Contracted Doctor. Keep me in your prayers.


By Phone Via SMS

The Rays are 5 & 9. It looks a lot like Old Times. They were the hottest thing around, last season, but look like also-rans. Toronto looks great, though. Must be through with A J Burnitt.


Writing By Text Message

If you see a short blog piece, chances are it came from my phone via text message. It'll come in handy from Fenway Park, Citi Field or YS III.


Test By Mobile Phone



The New "Bandbox"

I know. The FOX Sports Guys call a Fenway Homer a cheapie, but there have been 21 Homers hit in The New Toilet in The Bronx. Then again, The New Toilet's Dimensions are the same as the Old Toilet, hence, Jeter can hit a pop fly that wouldn't stand a chance in Citi Field or the Now Gone Shea Stadium:

Then, again, The New Toilet has much-more air circulating in it than the old and enclosed Toilet;

That might explain The New "Bandbox" Toilet;



Run And Slide

This is my message to the Mets-you blew it last night, with aid from the USELESS Oliver Perez:

Slide into the 3rd Molina Brother. Run, Don't Walk;

Ollie is USELESS. Got that?



Day-Night Doubleheader At Fenway Today

Red Sox Twins from Fenway this day and evening. Go to your radios, computers and cell phones and follow along:


PS-I believe that The Rays of Tampa, are off to a slow start.


The "WMP" Is Under A METS Minor League Deal

Dear Red Sox Nation:

Remember when Theo traded Bronson(NOT Brandon, Tim)Arroyo for Wily Mo Pena and a couple of Bats and Balls? Of course you do, as the word du jour of the Yankees Bleacher Creatures, SUCK, was chanted by us, with frequency in '06;

Wily Mo has come full circle, as he was signed to a Minor League Deal by One S'r Omar Minaya, thought to be Steve Phillips' Brains;

Phillips was METS GM, and initially signed Pena, in 1998, later sending him to The Evil Empire;

Knowing Mets Fans, many follow the Red Sox, and have questions about WMP. I do NOT believe that WMP will be a fan favourite, and the words "You SUCK", will be chanted with much of the same fervor, as was chanted about Armando Benitez at Shea Stadium;


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Certain Individuals, who prefer CRASS Political Action, are hereby labled as COWARDS. They would rather go for cheap Political Gain than ANYTHING ELSE, followed by silencing people who don't like the Status Quo. I've met my share with certain Fraternal Types, some of whom prefer inaction, to positive action. Cheap Politics and Ascendency to Prestige, is often the word of the day with some people:




Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MMDC-On Cowards And Sneaks

I love when certain Individuals want you to look the other way, while you perform certain duties, but want you to risk everything over nothing:

In the street in Manhattan, I was ordered to summons someone, though the law said otherwise. I was informed that I must Write the summons, or face a trial for insubordination. The Summons was thrown out as invalid, and I was told that the purpose was to pick up Morale For The Group, by my failed summons. Suddenly, certain statutes were no longer enforced;

On duty in an Outer Borough, at a street Fair, serving summonses and emptying said Summons Book by writing for Unlicensed Vendors, I was assaulted , by being grabbed from behind, by 2 cousins of the street fair operator, followed by the operator, himself, who slammed his heel into my left instep.I grabbed the Operator of the Fair, and cuffed him, reciting Miranda Warning for this man. The Rookie with me ran to the Boss, and info'd him that I was assaulted but had the Street Fair Operator in Handcuffs. Boss comes over & tells the Operator that I had no authority to make an arrest, despite my being a Sworn, Certified Peace Officer in NY State, and that The Boss would be a Witness, testifying falsely, though he never saw the assault. That Boss wanted me to falsely report how I was injured, for a Workers' Compensation Case. I played a bit sore than to falsely sign That Claim;

Same Boss wanted me to arrest some homeless person for no reason. I asked him on which basis in law, was this person to be arrested. I was told to arrest that Person, but questioned on what offense was this person to be arrested. That Boss admitted that the man really didn't do anything;

I think the Message that certain people are demanding what one does is to go along with everything. Certain People hated those who think before taking an action and prefer those who ask no questions;

The Message is that those who ask questions, may face problems down the road. Certain Cowardly Types know that certain things are wrong, but figure that it's politically advantageous to turn on those who know the job and ask questions. They never confront you-they run to those who have influence;




At The Beginning Of All This Baltimore was 6-3

They, The Orioles, are 6-7, after The Red Sox made Mincemeat of the Orioles, especially on Patriots Day, yesterday, with a 12-1 Final:

Anyone hear from Tampa Bay Lately?



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Once Again, Across This Great Land, We Will Hear So Much About This Place This Afternoon Starting At 3:30PM-ET

Yankee Stadium III(Pictured Here), will be the site of Indians-Yankees at 3:47PM-ET, today on FOX. Will it be dubbed as "The House that Derek Jeter Built":

How many TV Sets will be turned off, when the guy on the right, makes the 1st of 17+ Mentions of Derek Jeter;



Charlotte Maria Church-From Prodigy To Pop Tart

She absolutely amazed audiences from Pope John Paul II to Queen Elizabeth II and other Worldly Leaders, singing Operetically "Silent Night" and "Pie Jesu":

Lately, she's another "Pop Tart", and I don't mean the Breakfast Food, either, as she's living in the Concubinage Lifestyle;

Instead of being modest in her appearance, she looks like a certain Two Pop Artists, even imitating Britney Spears and Madonna Louise Ciccone, in their state of undress;

You remember Miss Ciccone? She started teaching one man, known as Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, about the Kabbalah, a Jewish Mystical System;

Miss Ciccone is simply known as Madonna, or in Kabbalah as Magda;

And in the Case of Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, his nickname, spelled backwards, is "Dora", as some of us in Red Sox Nation are prone to call Ol' A-Rod;

Madonna is the Queen Of Pop Tarts. Britney Spears is The Princess of Pop Tarts;

Charlotte just had her 2nd Child, once again, out of Wedlock. In short, she's shacking up with a guy. She has also ridiculed The Catholic Church, calling Pope Benedict XVI, a Nazi. In a musical video, she dressed up as a nun, smashing a Statue of The Blessed Virgin Mary, only to find an alcoholic beverage, for her consumption, while consuming Communion Wafers, with Smiley Faces on them, said to portray the drug called "Ecstasy";

She hosts the Channel 4(UK) Program, "The Charlotte Church Show". One comment about Former President George W. Bush, is unprintable here;

For I remember one girl, who at Age 12, modestly-dressed, sang "Silent Night", a performance which evokes tears of joy. I can safely say that she actually had a better voice than Charlotte Church;

And THAT Young Lady was no Pop Tart, either. She speaks Fluent Japanese, and is also of Welsh Descent;

Charlotte lost her Faith-Pray for her;

Being A TV Tramp doesn't cut it with me;



The Fruits Of The Mis-Interpretation Of The 2nd Vatican Ecumenical Council

By 1966, there was a change brewing in Religious Education Textbooks. The Baltimore Catechism was being phased out(Doctrine)in favor of "Jesus Is Our Friend", instead of being The Son Of God The Father:

It has been 43 Years since that time, transitioning from The Baltimore Catechism into Mere Social Science Concepts. Doctrine was out the window;

One wonders why Catholics join the (STILL-PROHIBITED)Masons and Allied Orders. Quite-Simply, they've not been taught DOCTRINE;

Today, it's NOT called SIN. It's called a "Bad Choice". Flatulence In An Elevator In Citi Field is a "Bad Choice" of venue. Joining a Secret Society with Blood Curdling Oaths, is a SIN, not just a Bad Choice;

With 2 Generations of Baptized Catholics being religiously-illiterate, and now into a 3rd Generation, are Catholic Schools really CATHOLIC Anymore?


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Are They Teaching Religion In Catholic Schools? WHAT?

The Current Crop of 8th Graders, I believe, are Religious Illiterates:

They have no idea WHAT a Sacrament is(An Outward Sign, Instituted By Christ, to Give Grace, which was seen in the Baltimore Catechism, a book which came from the 3rd Plenary Council at Baltimore, MD, and not from The Orioles Press Guide-LOL);

I remember that at 1 Graduation, on Friday, June 13th, 1997(East Glendale), the 8th Grade Teacher stated that these children are so-filled with The Faith(Which Faith it is, I have no idea, was my smart-arse remark of the day). Asking a question about the Corporeal Real Presence in The Eucharist, was an adventure, in holding your breath for more than a minute, in short, not really much fun. Having a Newly-Minted 8th Grade Graduate unable to tell you what The Eucharist is, until I had to do a Physical Demonstration of what The Priest does at The Consecration of The Elements Of The Sacrament, only to respond with "I THINK that The Priest is changing The Bread and Wine into The Body And Blood Of Christ", caused me to remark "You THINK-You Should KNOW That". This is 8th Grade. Filled with WHAT Faith;

One woman told me that the Children are taught so much better than when she was in Catholic School. Then, my dear, WHY is your little darling daughter denouncing The Catholic Faith, and is now a Protestant Fundamentalist in AZ?

They claim to use Bible Study in The Catholic School, but they don't teach Doctrine. The Fundamentalists teach DOCTRINE 1st, then use The Bible to justify their DOCTRINES;

When I was Grand Knight of a K Of C Council in Queens, every Altar Server, who worked at Council Sponsored Masses, on Council Property, was given a Paperback Copy of The "Catechism of The Catholic Church", as a show of Gratitude for their Services, as well as my realization that this might be the ONLY Time they will have ANY Book of Catholic Doctrine, in their possesion;

Are Catholic Schools CATHOLIC? You be The Judge;


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Sheff=D(500 Homers)

It was in the 7th Inning at Citi Field and Gary Sheffield got his 1st Hit of The Season:

500th Home Run down the Left Field Line, tying the Game at 4 with the Brewers;

Mets win it on an Infield Single by Luis Castillo in the Bottom of the 9th;



Thursday, April 16, 2009

YS III Opened For Real Today

1-1 in the 5th Inning & Babe Ruth Never slept there:

The Frieze adds something to the New Yankee Stadium;

How Long before The Yankees fans start moaning and groaning about New Yankee Stadium, all over W F A N,the way Mets fans are whining about Citi Field;

BTW, the Official Seating Capacity at Citi Field, is 41,800, or 15,700 fewer seats than Shea Stadium;


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Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Sad About What Has Occured In MLB-Now, Mark "The Bird" Fydrich Died Today On His Farm In Worcester County, MA At Age 54

Mark Fydrich, was 1976 A L Rookie Of The Year. He was a Phenominal Pitcher, who had 24 Complete Games in '76, which was something for a 21 Year Old, or anybody for that mattter:

Today, a truck he was repairing at his farm, fell on him, crushing and killing Mark;

Kyrie Elaison(Lord Have Mercy);

In Memorium et In Paradisium;

In Nomini Patris Et Filli Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen


Not Really Home Field Advantage For The Mets

Citi Field is a totally new experience for the Mets. Shea Stadium is nothing like Citi Field is, as balls hit in Citi Field, which would be Homers in Shea, might be long outs at Citi:

David Wright just tied the game, with a 3 Run Homer, over the #s of Casey Stengel and Gil Hodges, over the 364 Feet Sign in Deep Left Field;

1st Signature Mets Moment is 1st Mets Homer in Citi Field History & it's a 3 Run Homer, whereby chasing San Diego Padres Starting Pitcher, Walter Silva, from the Game. Score is 5-5;



The "Citi" Goes Official At 1910 Hrs

San Diego Padres at NY Mets in the 1st-Ever Regular Season MLB Game at Citi Field is starting at 7:10PM tonight:

Tom Seaver will toss the 1st Ever Regular Season 1st Ball to Mike Piazza. They did the "Last Pitch At Shea Stadium";

Why a Night Game? San Diego went from West to East to play this, so there's a Night Beginning to all of this at Citi Field;

To History!


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Harry Kalas Passed On A Short While Ago, Doing What He Loved Most

As Harry Kalas was about to be heard on W P H T 1210-Philadelphia, as The Phillies at Washingto game was to start, Harry Passed out in the booth. He was taken to George Washington Hospital in DC, where Harry was pronounced Dead:

The Voice Of The Phillies and N F L Films, passed on at 73 Today. Kyrie Elaison;

Another of the Voices I grew up to, is gone;

In memorium-In Paradisium;

In Nomini Patris Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen


The Answer To "Who Drew Casper The Friendly Ghost" Is Pictured To Your Right Hand Side

You may be a bit surprised, but "Casper's" Illustrator, in the 1950s and Early 1960s, is a Catholic Priest Of Talent and Note. As a child in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, I liked to watch "Casper The Friendly Ghost:

A # of Years Later, I met Casper's Illustrator. I listened Attentively to The Illustrator's Homily on The Feast Of The Good Shepherd;

I'm gladdened by the fact, That This Artist, remained so artistic in his Homilies;

Thank You, Monsignor Funaro;


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The Artist Who Drew The Theatrical And TV Versions Of "Casper The Friendly Ghost"

Who was That Masked Man with Red Hair In Clerical Garb? The Answer is in the Next Quick Article:


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Sunday, April 12, 2009

As To WHY I Write Of The Catholic Faith On a Baseball Blog

Baseball is NOT Everything, as it is Sport, but some of my blogging bretheren have expertise in other things as well. One is a "Triviologist"(Expert in Trivial{Pursuit}Matters), while others look at Rock Music. These are subjects dear to them:

Hence, Commentary on Catholic Christianity, is my expertise. The Red Sox Nation-NY Peculiar Title of Gregorian Knight, comes from the prayerful enjoyment of Gregorian Chant(Gloria In Excelcis Deo, Et In Terra Pax Hominibus, Bonai Vontaltis). This being the Most-Solemn and Joyous Time in The Church Year, The Eastertide, is why there has been added coverage of This Time Of Year on this blog. Hence, Bishop Nicholas Di Marzio and Edward Cardinal Egan and Pope Benedict XVI, are given precedence over Jason Varitek, Daisuke Matsuzaka, and Omar Minaya;

To Each One's Own in the Blogging World;

Pax Vobiscum;


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As To WHY Bishop Di Marzio Has Ordered The Consolidation Of Catholic Schools

Quite-Simply, Many of The Schools are Under-utilized. In Short, many Parishes cannot support an Elementary School;

Demographics have changed in the RC Diocese of Brooklyn;

So has the cost of educating children in Catholic Schools. What was once a couple of Chance Books per Year, is now a few thousand Dollars per year;

The Nuns aren't there en masse, anymore and neither are The Brothers, nor Priests(Especially in Cathedral Preparatory Seminary in Elmhurst, Queens);

Vatican II changed a lot of that. Lay Teachers are in the great majority. Even Principals are, more-often than not, Laity themselves. Fuel Bills have gone up;

The Diocese requires 200 Students as a minimum, to keep the school open;

Now, a number of things are changing, such as School Mergers into Academies, where 2 or more schools merge to form one Academy;

But The Vision Of Catholic Schools, is being kept alive;

Bishop Nicholas Di Marzio has caught a lot of flack for this, but, I believe he is RIGHT for doing this. Parishes are being merged as well;

In the Brooklyn Diocese, The ONLY Wholly Urban Diocese in North America, if not The World, one can walk to any # of nearby Parishes and Schools;

Even Though Times have changed, The Vision And Mission have NOT Changed;



Saturday, April 11, 2009

From The Easter Vigil At St Thomas Apostle-Woodhaven, NY

From 8:03PM until 10:24PM-EDT, The Dramatic Easter Vigil was celebrated at St Thomas Apostle-Woodhaven, Queens;

It was a Night where 4 Catechumens received the Sacrament of Baptism. A total of 8 People received both Confirmation and First Holy Communion;

Fr Francis Tumino, Director of The Brooklyn Diocesan Liturgy Committee, was The Primary Celebrant. He's also Pastor of St Thomas Apostle-Woodhaven;

My eyes grew moist with the 1st Singing of "The Gloria" and 1st Singing of "The Alleluia"(Celtic Version);

Mr William Thomas Smiddy, a known Concert Pianist and a Former Franciscan Brother, had an Expertly-Sung Mass with Full Choir, and a French Horn Player, to give an Orchestra Quality to The Mass;

3 of the Readings were done(Old Testament)-One was in English, One was in Spanish and One was in Polish. It was after the Prayer after the Polish Reading that "The Gloria" was sung;

In The Prayers Of Petition By The Faithful, The Response, "Lord Hear Our Prayer" was sung in English, Spanish and Latin(Deus Exaudinos);

Happy Ressurection;

Feliz Es Pascua;


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Easter Is NOT ABOUT The Chocolate Bunny

A Nun in my Old Cypress Hills, Brooklyn Neighborhood, told me that when she was a child, she gave up candy for Lent, then gourged herself on a Chocolate Bunny, on Easter Sunday:

Resurrection is the Theme of Easter;

For The Christ Rose, Gloriously from The Tomb, and Ministered to His Believers;

The Lenten Sacrifice came from the Time when The Christ was in the Desert for 40 Days, fasting and praying, even being tempted by Satan, who was told off by Christ("You Shall Not Put The Lord Thy God To The Test");

Satan thought he triumphed when Christ died on The Cross;

Satan really blew it, ESPECIALLY when The Just went to Heaven, and Christ Arose From The Tomb;

Gloria In Excelcis Deo;

Alleluia-He Is Risen;


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Omar? Theo? JEFFY? LARRY?

In The Case of Omar Minaya, formerly from 98th Street and 37th Avenue in Corona, Queens, he can make many a Good Deal, but there's JEFFY, who gets in the way of things. Sure, the Mets have a Good Bullpen(Unlike The Last 2 Years), but Starting Pitching is Suspect, especially since John Maine came off Surgery and Oliver Perez is no bargain:

In The case of Theo Natan Epstein, born on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, though he grew up in Brookline, Your farm system is excellent, but some of the Older Guys are starting to break down. Papi is starting slowly. Dice-K is susceptible to The Long Ball and has 100 Pitches by the 5th Inning. As for no deals after the '07 World Championship, was LARRY in The way;

The Season is young, folks. Call me in July, if there are problems. Never mind whining like Long Island North Shore Princesses on W E E I and W F A N;


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Jack Chick, Twister Of Catholic Doctrine

Have you ever been handed a Chick Comic Book?

Jack Chick runs a So-Called "Ministry", and twists Catholic Church Doctrine;

He claims to preach for Jesus Christ, yet DENIES belief in The Church Christ founded;

Refers to The Eucharist as "The Death Cookie" and Idolatry;

Funny, Jack but WHY are you denying The Last Supper;

If you preach of The Christ, why do you curse "The Bride Of Christ" which is His Church;

The Sacraments are Outward Signs, instituted By Jesus Christ, to impart His Grace;

Do Catholics Trust In Christ? Yes, they do, in Prayer and Sacrament;

The Eucharist, passed down by Christ through The Apostles and their Successors, has been passed on to us, today;

Perhaps, Jack, in your Anti-Catholic Tirades, you may be the one denying Christ's DIVINITY;

Priests forgive Sins, in The Sacrament Of Penance, In The Name Of Christ, as a Priest is an "Alter Christus", who stands on Earth, in Christ's Place;

Jack? You are NOT as Biblical as you think you are. You're more like Ulrich Zwingli, a So-Called "Reformer", who denied the Mystery Of The Eucharist, during the "Protestant Reformation";



The Christ Is In The Tomb As We Await His Ressurection

This Is The Night:

When The Church comes back to life in The Risen Christ;

The "Alleluia" is sung for the 1st Time and The "Gloria" is sung in full voice, as Choirs Of Angels sing in Continuous Praise;

Choirs Around The World sing the Most-Beautiful Music This Side of Heaven;

Those in The Rite Of Christian Initiation Classes, receive their Sacraments of Initiation. Some are Baptized, All are Confirmed, and All Receive The Eucharist for the 1st Time. Only a few days before, all received The Sacrament Of Penance(Reconciliation);

This is usually done by The Pastor of The Local Parish;

I witnessed One Easter Vigil in 2000. The Pastor, Monsignor Joseph A Funaro, had one of the More Spectacular Manifestations of The Celebration of The Easter Vigil, as 15 came into The Church at this Vigil;

Tears flowed freely as a waterfall. There was also a Wine and Cheese Celebration, after The Mass;

One Cantor was heard commenting "I was in the Pool, for 10:45Pm for the end of This Mass". It ended at 10:28PM-ET;

I often find The Easter Vigil to be the Most Beautiful Church Celebration of The Church Year;

Alleluia-He Is Risen;

Gloria In Excelcis Deo;


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Friday, April 10, 2009

7:10PM-EDT Maine Vs Sanchez

Mets at Marlins-7:10PM on S N Y:

John Maine takes on Annibal Sanchez at 7:10PM, from Dolphin Stadium;

At least it's in the Evening on Good Friday;




May your Hot Dogs Not Sell Today

The Detroit Tigers opened vs Texas at 1:05PM-ET in Coamerica Park:

It's Good Friday, guys-why 1:05PM?

Tigers lead 1-0;

You could've started at 3:05PM;

The Dollar rules here;



The Current And Traditional RC Church Calendars

According to The Current Church Calendar, Lent Ended on "Spy Wednesday", then The Easter Triduum Began on Maundy Thursday:

The Traditional Church Calendar says that Lent ends on Holy Saturday, at 12:00 Noon;

Either way, there is no meat consumed on Good Friday;

Then, there is The Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday Evening, when The Church comes back to Life, in anticipation of The Rising Of Christ;



Good Friday Blood Bank At 3:00PM-EDT In Queens

Msgr Sherman Council of The Knights Of Columbus #5103, from 3:00PM to 9:00PM, is holding its' Annual Good Friday Blood Drive. A Fish Dinner and Refreshments, will be given to those donating or attempting to give Blood:


Michael-Past Grand Knight(1996-1998)


Red Sox At 10:10PM From Anaheim

Saturday at 4:10PM-ET on FOX and Sunday at 4:10PM from Anaheim. Tonight and Sunday, are N E S N Games. Tim Wakefield(Tim NOT Bill, Tim)faces Jared Weaver(Whatever happened to Ol' Jeff Weaver-Guess he can't pitch unless someone else's roster is depleted by Injuries). May Wakey's Knuckler Dance;

Tomorrow is the start of "Silly Season" as FOX will telecast the Game and how many times will Tim Mc Carver confuse which team Kevin Youkilis, plays for;




Mass Of The Presanctified Is The Good Friday Service At 3:00PM And 7:30PM

The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass is not offered today, as Christ's Ultimate Sacrifice is Commemorated:

It Starts with The Readings of The Old Testament, A Psalm Then The Epistle(New Testament), followed by The Reading of The Gospel of The Passion;

There is No Offertory. There is Veneration Of The Cross, then Recitation of The Our Father, then The Eucharist, followed by Dismissal Prayers;

In Nomini Patris Et Filli Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen;


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Good Friday Rememberence-The Time In 1998 When The NY Yankees Had Opening Day-Strange One INDEED

The Game started at 12:35PM, in Yankee Stadium II, now in the process of being dismantled(And I don't mean Mickey, Either{LOL}):

It was Both Good Friday and Passover was to start that evening. M L B was between a Rock and a Hard Place, but the Game was sold out(And Soul-ed Out);

Most Teams, today are starting later, as to avoid this conflict;

The Christ was Crucified around 12Noon and Died around 3:00PM. This is a Meditative Time;

Sadly, The Big Dollar took Precedence over Faith, in 1998;

"Father? Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do";

John Cardinal O' Connor, announced a Personal Boycott of The NY Yankees for This Egregious Mis-use of Good Friday;



Nicholas Adenhart-Requiscant In Pacem-Only 22 Years Old

He was a Rookie, drafted in the 14th Round by The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim, in 2004, out of High School:

On Tuesday, he pitched 6 Scoreless Innings against the Oakland Athletics, at Angel Stadium Of Anaheim;

He was driving home with 3 of his friends, in Fullerton, CA. His car was hit by a Drunken Driver, with Suspended License. He was killed along with 2 of his friends. A 3rd Friend is in Critical Condition;

A Promising Career is snuffed out-Nick, from MD, is gone. He was 22, going on 23;

The Game, on Holy Thursday Evening, was postponed;

Kyrie Elaison;

Requiscant In Pacem, In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen;

"Blessed Are They Who Mourn For They Shall Be Comforted"-His Family Is Grieving The Loss;



Good Friday Did NOT Have The Last Word

As The Christ Died on The Cross, between Two Felons, One of Whom begged repentance and went with Christ to Paradise at his death:

Heaven opened up-The Righteous Finally Went Home;

The Christ Rose Again on The 1st Day Of The Week;

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen;



40 Years Ago-Montreal Was in The NL


Mets 2nd Baseman, Ken Boswell committed 3 Errors in The Expos 1st Ever Game at Shea Stadium. Mets Lost 11-10. Mets only had 1 Pinch Hit Homer and that was Duffy Dyer;

On April 9th, 1969, Tommie Agee hit the ONLY Homer, ever to land in Shea's Upper Level;

NY Mets defeated the Heavily-Favored Baltimore Orioles, 4 Games to 1;

NY Mets Reliever, Ron Taylor, got the 1st Save, in Mets World Series History, at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore;

The Montreal Expos are now the Washington Nationals;



More "Citi" Videos

Tito Francona Jr was right-Shea Stadiun was a dump:


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ITV-UK Highlights

Enjoy The Interlude with Highlights from Long Running Soap Opera, "Coronation Street" and The ABC Series, "Pushing Daisies":



Yankee Stadium II And III-Video Commentary

Yankee Stadium II is finally coming down. The Old Grass is brown, and The NYC Dept of Parks and Recreation, has a company from West Seneca, NY, doing the job. Padding has been removed fro Toilet II:

Videos to follow;

Yankee Stadium III looks forbidding, like a museum, and has a "Hard Rock Cafe'" at East 161st Street and River Avenue;


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Dice-K, Quite Dicey

He gave up 4 runs, as Tampa Bay won the Game at Fenway Park, 4-3. Matsuzaka threw about 100 Pitches by the 5th Inning:

Sounds like Citi Field all over again;

Tampa Bay is young AND NOT Going Away;



11-2 Yankees At Baltimore

It was a day game. Baltimore Pitching S--t their pants, as AJ Burnett, pitched nicely, after disasters from Chien Ming Wang and CC Sabathia both pitched like they S--t Their pants. Do note that Yankees Pitching only recorded their 1st Strikeouts, today:

Onto KC for them;



Is There Anything Nice To Say About Oliver Perez? Let's Just Say "Uh, No"

For 2 Innings, Oliver Perez was Lights Out. After that, he s--t his pants, as The Reds lit him up like a cigar, as he gave up 8 Earned Runs:

Well, Jeffy, you wouldn't allow Omar Minaya to pursue Derek Lowe, so "Hi Ho Stifferino" Perez would fit into your "Salary Cap";

Then, again, you invested with "Bernie From Far Rockaway", as did Uncle Sol and Freddie, but your group did build a Nice Ballpark;

"Uh, No" comes from a Past Grand Knight of my Knights Of Columbus Council in Queens;

Reds 8, Mets 6-onto Miami;



Thursday, April 09, 2009

Unto The Point Where I May Sound Like A Baseball Heretic, I'm Actually A Realist(50 More Years, Larry?)

If you click on the Title, you'll read my Treatise on Fenway Park and Citi Field. I promise you in Red Sox Nation, that it will cause you to think about the FUTURE:



Maundy Thursday

This Is The Night where The Christ gathered with The Apostles, for a Passover Seder. It is also The Night where The Eucharist and Sacrificing Priesthood of The Church, are established, in The Last Supper, with Jesus as High Priest. Hence, when a Priest is Offering The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass, he is often known as "Alter Christus" or "Another Christ":

Think of This, as a Catechism Lesson, which you may have forgotten about, through the years;

We also often-forget about how Christianity is so tied to Judaism in practice, as The Last Supper was a Seder;

This is the Time in The Church, called The Easter Triduum, 3 Days before Easter. As it is The Start of The Easter Triduum, The "Gloria" is sung for the 1st Time;

It is on Maundy Thursday, when Judas had The Christ, betrayed with "The Kiss Of Death" and arrested by Agents of The Chief Priests, who were Treacherous, Jealous Politicians;

Pax Vobiscum, Et Gloria In Excelcis Deo!



So Much For Their "Wang"(LOL)

It seems that Baltimore is no longer an easy stop for "The Billionaire Boys Club":

Chien Ming Wang had little gas, not even enough to cut one on the 4 Train, as the Yankees dropped to 0-2 on the Regular Season, losing 7-5, as reality sets in(The Real Season);

Yankees "Fans" are WHINING, all over W F A N, as we speak;



Pelfrey Pitched Somewhat Like Lester, But Got His 1st Win

Mike Pelfrey allowed 4 Runs in 5 Innings at The Great American Ball Park, overlooking The Ohio River, in Cincinnatti, OH, but he got a W for his efforts as Mets Bats exploded, with a 2 Run Homer from Carlos Delgado, and 3 Runs driven in by Carlos Beltran, 1 run driven in by David Wright, among other things. Mets won 9-7, in a game lasting 3:54:

K-Rod got Save #2, though it was hold on to your hats with this one;

1:10PM, today, WHICH Oliver Perez, faces Bronson(NOT Brandon, Tim)Arroyo;



Did Jon Lester Think He was At Citi Field? Did I See Empty Seats At Fenway Last Night? Were People Trying To Catch An Early "T"?

If, according to the "Urban Legend", sent all over Shea Stadium through the Years, that Scott Kazmir was traded at the behest of Alois Terry Leiter and John Franco, as well as Rick Peterson(The 1st and 3rd of this Trio are from New Jersey, and the 2nd is from Brooklyn, NY), Tampa Bay got the better of the Deal:

Jon Lester's Tune-Up at Citi Field, in Corona, Queens, was a harbringer of last night's performance, which was NOT good;

Tampa Bay won, 7-2, not a good thing, as Kazmir was quite good, while Lester was wild, perhaps in Citi Field Mindset, allowing a Center Field 2 Run Homer, from the Bat of Carlos Pena;

I am of the Opinion that Tampa Bay is not going away, gently, into that good night;

Fenway Park was sold out, but a # of folks left early. Hey, it was cold up in Boston and so was Red Sox Pitching, as well as Hitting being chilled;

Next Game is at 1:05PM, on N E S N;



Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lefties At 7:10PM At Fenway-Kazmir Vs Mr Lester

On Last Friday Evening at Citi Field(Jeffy Wilpon's Cash Machine), Jon Lester Pitched, though not too well, with 83 Pitches in The Cols and Damp. It was a Tune-Up for the Cold Weather at Fenway Park, this evening, as the Tampa Bay Rays(Named for Famous Rays Pizza) face The Olde Towne Team:

Scott Kazmir will throw for Tampa Bay, in the Cold, in Kenmore Square;

7:10PM, on N E S N, with MLB Free Preview(Also on E S P N 2);

I think it'll be N E S N, to view on Preview. Gimme Remdawg and Announcer Boy, or gimme a case of Gas. Steve Phillips isn't really a favorite of mine;



The Reasons Why There Was A Title Change To "Lansdowne & 126th Streets"

In one of my "FOX Sports" Mock-Umentaries, The Illustrious Tim Mc Carver was heard stating "At Game On Cafe', on Lansdowne Street, next to Shea Stadium":

You see, Shea Stadium was bounded by the South by Roosevelt Avenue, bounded to the North by Northern Blvd, to the East by 126th Street, and to the West by Stadium Road. Currently, The Bullpen Gate of Citi Field, is bounded by 126th Street. Shea Stadium is now being grounded into concrete and becoming part of the Citi Field Parking Lot;

Fenway Park, in Boston, is bounded by Lansdowne Street, Brookline Avenue, Van Nest Street, & Jersey Street(Yawkey Way);

But, The Mets get some coverage here, as well, so Lansdowne and 126th Street, symbolically converge, hence the name change on this site;


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Mr Beckett, Nice Job-Ditto, Mr Santana-CC Was Toast

Josh had a nice day, as The Red Sox defeated James "Shields Up" Shields and The Rays, 5-3. Methinks MR Shields got shocked by having to play in the Out Of Doors:

Mr Santana had a nice day, yesterday, as The Mets defeated The Reds, 2-1, with The 'Pen doing its' job, with K-Rod and a Save;

Meanwhile, Ol' CC Sabathia, pitched like it was post-season, flopping horrifically, with The Yankees losing 10-5. Yankees Fans whined all over W F A N, like Long Island North Shore Princesses;

The Yankees are looking up at the Top of The A L East, from the Bottom;

A Nice Day, Indeed!


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Spy Wednesday

Note-This is NOT The Day where Hank Steinbrenner dispatches his army of Scouts to Fenway Park or Citi Field. It is much more important than that:

In Christianity, it is the Day When Judas Iscariot, Treasurer Of The Apostles, went to the Sanhedrin, to betray The Christ for 30 Pieces Of Silver;

THIS led to his downfall, where Judas ended up hanging himself on a tree, on Maundy Thursday, as he was so-laden with Guilt and Remorse. Remorse is NOT to be confused with Sorrow;

The Christ died an Horrific Death on The Cross on Good Friday, just before Shabbos;

But, Good Friday was the Liberation Of Good Souls from Limbo, hence, Good Friday;

The Christ had the Last Word by Rising on The 1st Day Of The Week, Hence, the Resurrection or as we now call it, Easter Sunday;

A Blessed Resurrection Sunday To You All;

Pax Vobiscum!


Monday, April 06, 2009

Fenway Is Rained Out, Mets At Reds Seeing Rain And Snow, Yankees At Orioles Threatened By Rain, Etc

Josh Beckett will have to wait until tomorrow, as Rays at Red Sox, in real weather, has been rained out:

Mets at Reds, may start at 1:40PM-ET, as rain and wet snow, are plaguing the Cincy Area;

Bad weather may hold up the 4:05PM Yankees at Orioles in Camden Yards in Baltimore;



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Sunday, April 05, 2009

To The "Buckner" Chanter Of Citi Field In 537 In Promenade Reserved

Watsamatta? Did ya leave your A-Rod, Jeter or Clemens Jersey at home?

In '06 at Shea Stadium, the chant of "Gay-Rod...Jeter's Boyfriend" was all the rage;

BTW, just how many World Championships have the Mets won, under Full Wilpon Control?



Palm Sunday

It's Holy Week In The Beginning Of It:

This marks The Triumphant Entry of The Christ into Jerusalem. People Greeted Him with Palm Branches;

Today, Churches will be crowded;

It'll be like crowds at the Opening Of Citi Field or "The Clone" called Yankee Stadium III;

How many will be at Mass today, will be great #s. In 2 Weeks, though, the crowds begin to diminish;

Nevertheless, The Faith Endures;

In Nomini Patris Et Filli Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen


Citi Field Has Quirky Dimensions-I Like That

Left Field is 335, Left Center Alley is 364, Left Near Center is 379, Center is 408, Right Near Center by the Bullpen is 415, Right Center is 383 and Right Field is 330. The Walls are 18 Feet High. Balls that were Shea Stadium Home Runs, tend to be either long outs, or Doubles, unless Oliver Perez is the Mets Starting Pitcher(Which isn't saying much):

Scoreboards are nice and Big, just like Shea Stadium;

The Mets have a Fan Fest Area with a Wiffle Ball Field, a replica of Citi Field with wall dimensions on the Mini Wall of the Diamond, in Right Field. Circulation around Citi Field is excellent. One of the quirks is the Pepsi Porch, which hangs over Right Field, perhaps a tribute to Old Tiger Stadium;

The Jackie Robinson Rotunda and the Ballpark exterior are a tribute to Ebbets Field;

Field Dimensions are a tribute to Shea Stadium, The Polo Grounds and Ebbets Field;

Freddie? Jeffy? You got a nice place;



Saturday, April 04, 2009

Jeb Lowrie Makes History

Grand Slam Homer at Citi Field, the 1st, Abeit Unofficial MLB Homer is by The Red Sox SS:

Ollie Perez STILL SUCKS. Figueroa, from Coney Island, is out of the Mets 'Pen;

6-0 Red Sox, top of 1st;


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Like A Family Gathering At Citi Field

This, definetly, was not a gathering at "The Clone" in The Bronx:

Mets and Red Sox Fans enjoyed each other's company. There were no fights;

Both Fan Bases DESPISE the Yankees and their Fans, and then some;

T'was A Great Night, meeting Joe Miller(Native Of County Bronx) and Ken Mc Loughlin on MLB Opening Evening at Citi Field. Both are Mets Fans(& Brother K of C Men). Neither likes Jeter, nor A-Roid;

I shot about 35 Minutes worth Of Videos-enjoy them;


PS-now that he's 40, past his prime and Doc Gooden's Nephew, Gary Sheffield is now a Met. Who next, Omar(Jeffy?), A-Jerk at 46 Years Old?

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"Thommies" In The "Citi" Assessing Citi Field

John Quinn, Kim Rossi, Adam, Chris Carrera and Chris Wertz(Governor Of Red Sox Nation-NY), who arrived with his wife, who wore a "Wright-eous" #5 Mets Jersey. Chris Carrera wore Mets Gear. Adam wore a Sox Jersey. JB Quinn was in Red Sox Cap and bundled up(He being an Old Shea Stadium Veteran, he knows how cold the Ballpark by Flushing Bay can be):

5 Red Sox Bloggers were seated in Promenade Reserved in Left Field in Section 536. 5 "Thommies" were seated in Row 9, while I was in Row 2, Seat #9;

Chris Carrera, who I've Seen at Shea Stadium, assessed that Citi Field Seating tries to bring the fans too close to the action, as our Left Field View was obscured. Adam concurred;

Promenade Reserved is about the Height of Shea Stadium's Old Mezzanine;

Still a Cool Park to me, but Adam and Chris Carrera, were right in their assessments;


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Wrap-Up At Professor Thom's

Topped Off The Evening with some Buckler Near Brews(No Alcohol). Sharon, a Server at Professor Thom's, rooted for the Mets, who finally have a More Decent Bullpen:

Final Score was NY Mets 4 and Boston Red Sox 3.I even gave Sharon a Carvel Mets Helmet Cup Souvenir. At least the Cocession Prices have gone down this year;

Final Photo was of K-Rod striking out Ryan Khoury, to end the Game;


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Due To Rain, Cold, And Such, It Was An Early Wrap Up At Citi Field

This was Classical Shea Stadium Style COLD. The warmest spots there were the Bathrooms, which are much-roomier than the ones at Shea Stadium(No Wonder The Jets left that place) and the Team Stores, which were toasty Warm. Hot Chocolate, an Old Shea Stadium Favorite, was sold:

I saw the Fan Walk in front of Citi Field, where names were put on Plaza Bricks and added to the Plaza. It's a nice touch to the new place, as well as the trees and shrubs;

Another Video from the Producer-Director, Cecil B. De Pez-Enjoy;


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1st Rain Delay At Citi Field

It was a Super Soaker. Then again, the way the Weather Channel made it out to be all day, it was if there was going to be no Opening Night at Citi Field:

Enjoy a short video from "Cecil B. De Pez";


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Lively Place That "Citi"-Another Video

The Legendary "Cowbell Man" of Shea Stadium, was back in form at Citi Field and was heard throughout the New Ballpark. The Sound System is improved over Shea Stadium:

Enjoy another "Cecil B. De Pez" mini-movie, called "Little Manny Impersonates The '08 Mets Bullpen", where Manny Del Carmen, sort of, relieves Jon Lester, by doing an "Aaron Heilman" Impersonation. It was the 5th Inning when the Mets took a 3-1 Lead, before the 1st Citi Field Rain Delay, in the Top of the 6th Inning;


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More Citi Video

It's Almost 6PM-EDT-1st Ceremonies At Citi Field

Like The Informality of Fenway Park, Citi can be rather relaxing, not domineering like the Clone(Toilet III) in The Bronx, where everything is so formal and phony. For example, the Team at the Clone at East 161st Street between Jerome and River Avenues, made all their fans sit in their assigned seats for infield and Batting Practice on Thursday:

I guess that Yankee Fans get their sneering superiority from the Utter Pompousness of both Their Stadium and its' atmosphere;

Enjoy the Latest Video. While Baseball Hall Of Famer Reggie Jackson threw out the 1st Pitch at The Clone, Mets Fan Gina Fazzio, who won a W F A N Contest, on "Boomer And Carton" on Friday Morning, threw out the 1st Ball. I've always appreciated the Informal Touch the Mets have with their fans;

Pez of Red Sox Nation-NY

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Citi-In The Beginning, Jeffy Created-1st Impressions

Whoa! Nice Ballpark!

Fans waited for the Gates to open and the 1st Gate to open was the Left Field Gate. Red Sox and Mets Fans milled around the Main Entrance, awaiting entrance to the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, complete with Terrazzo Floor, just like it was at the Long-Departed Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. When informed that entrance was to be at the Left Field Gate, a Mets Fan remarked that since Jeffy runs the Mets, Jeffy is both an a--hole and retard;

It's a nice place, both outside of Citi Field AND INSIDE, as well. I got up to Field Level. The Sight was AWESOME, and a TREMENDOUS Upgrade over the Now-Departed Shea Stadium, which is now being turned into the Citi Field Parking Lot. I ran into my 1st Red Sox Fan of the day from a well known Red Sox Themed Bar at 219 2nd Avenue, in the East Village:

The Lieutenant Governor of Red Sox Nation-NY and Purveyor of All Things Trivial, the "Omnipotent" John Brian Quinn, who lives about 10 Minutes by B M T Brighton Line "Q" Train, from the Site of Ebbets Field, at Bedford Avenue and Sullivan Place, was present. I met with him, then proceded to turn my cell phone into my Video Camera. Red Sox Pitchers were on the field, in Left Field:

Video and Picture to follow. Commentary, abeit rambling, in the manner of Tim Mc Carver, is my own;



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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Red Sox Nation Test Invasion of Citi Field In Corona, Queens

This will be the 1st "Nation Invasion" of NYC this year, only it's to Corona in Queens and not "Toilet III" in The Bronx. Jon Lester gets the start for The Red Sox and Livan Hernandez goes on the mound for the Mets. 1st Ever Major League Pitch should be at 6:12PM-EDT, and the 1st Major League Batter should be Jacoby Elsbury. N E S N Coverage begins with Pre-Game at 5:30PM, EDT. S N Y Coverage should be starting around the same time. I hope that Jerry Remy brings Wally to Citi Field, Deck Chair and All:

Just so it isn't a shock to you, Shea Stadium, as Ralph Kiner would say, is "Gone, Good Bye;

Unlike Shea Stadium, this is an attempt to recreate some ballparks of Yesteryear in NYC, for the Outside looks like a Bigger Version of Ebbets Field(Crown Heights, Brooklyn), which in Ebbets Field's Timeline, was only about 32K Seats, not unlike Fenway Park, in Boston's Kenmore Area;

The New Citi Field, like its' Spiritual Predecessor, Ebbets Field, will have a huge Rotunda, with Terrazzo and Marble Floor. Like both Ebbets Field and Fenway Park, it'll have a feeling for intimacy;

Unlike Fenway Park and Ebbets Field, there are no really nearby eateries or watering holes. You'll have to jump on the MTA #7 Train to find some place to wet one's whistle, or dine;

Transportation Directions for MA and RI Residents: In Boston, either use South Station or Back Bay for Amtrak to Penn Station. At Penn Station-NY, take #s 1,2, or 3 Train to Times Square and change for #7 Flushing Line to Mets-Willets Point Fare is $2;

For those in Providence or Kingston or Waverly, RI, Amtrak to NY Penn Station, ditto directions above;

CT Residents-via Metro North to Grand Central Terminal, and take #7 Subway Line to Mets-Willets Point;

MA and RI Residents going to Penn Station might want to consider the L I R R Port Washington Line, taking train from Penn Station to Mets-Willets Point. It's also much-quicker;

Mass. Residents coming by Bus to Port Authority-NYC, can grab the #7 Line to Mets-Willets Point. Those coming via Chinatown Bus, can take either the B Line at Grand Street, to 42nd Street-6th Avenue and change for #7 Flushing Line, or the #6 Train at Canal Street, by Lafayette Street and change at Grand Central Station for #7 Train;

Me? I'll be taking the Q53 Bus to 61st Street-Woodside and getting on the #7 Flushing Express, for Mets-Willets Point;

Enjoy The Test Invasion-Citi Field Will be a NICE Experience;

Mychal(AKA Pez)

PS: Post-Production was done on a Mac @ Professor Thom's, with permission granted by Chris Wertz.

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Grapefruit Is Getting Smaller-Cactus Is Getting Larger

With 16 Teams with Spring Training In AZ, in 2010, FL is clearing out, with the Dodgers and White Sox and Indians having gone to the Desert, and being joined by the Pirates and Reds, it is a trend which bears watching:

MLB is in a Westward Mode;



AZ, Here They Come

The Cincy Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates have ended their Association with Florida as a Spring Training Base, this week:

To Arizona, they will go;

Florida is getting to be less and less, as the Dodgers went there this year with the Indians;

It's a trend;



The Omega And Alpha

In my last-ever game at Shea Stadium, it was a sentimental journey over time, beginning in September, 1966 & ending on August 11th, 2008, @ the last-ever weekday day game. It should be noted that while Pedro Martinez pitched a nice game, the bullpen ruined the day, as I will refer to that 'pen, as the one JEFFY assembled, to get even with both Willie Randolph & Willie's Agent. BTW, Jeffy Wilpon heard it but good from me, at the end of that game wih the Pirates. JEFFY shall here it again from me, on Friday Evening:

For me, that final Shea Stadium Game Ever, was marked with tears, as I was on the ramp, from Upper Level, heading towards Gate D, which is now part of the new Citi Field Parking Lot. I burst into tears, remembering my departed folks, from both my 1st Ever Game(Dad in Loge), & 1st Day Game(Mom in Mezzanine, during the filming of the Triple Play Scene, for the movie version of ''The Odd Couple'', starring Walter Matthau & Jack Lemmon). Just like that 1st and Last Ever Day Games @ Shea Stadium, the Mets played the Pirates;

Now on Friday Evening, @ 6:10PM, @ Citi Field in Corona, Queens, a new era is dawning. The 1st Major League Baseball Game, abeit a pre-season game, will take place, as the NY Mets will host the Boston Red Sox. This will be most-unusual for any veteran of Shea Stadium, to be watching the Mets in a new home ballpark. It should be interesting;

However, I shall be rooting for the Red Sox, in Corona, Queens, not far from the Ice King of Corona. It's time for me to put Shea Stadium behind me, as new memories are waiting to be made, in a new place, evoking memories of Ebbets Field, with its' mighty Rotunda, now named for a man, who brought a new standard of excellence to Baseball, & who I saw in the distress of serious illness, at the Gil Hodges Wake in 1972:

That man in question, is Jackie Roosevelt Robinson;

It'll be an emotional evening;

BTW, The FOX Sports-K of C Free Throw Mocku-mentaries, are a thing of the past. They're no longer being written;

As I watched a replay of the 1st Mets Yankees Game, from 06/16/97:, I realize just what a talented commentator-play by play man, James Timothy Mc Carver, truly is;

It's Buck who brings out the Worst in Ol' Tim;


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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A View From Citi Field

Get Set, Red Sox Nation, as we invade the new Citi Field. Watch The Video and Enjoy:


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