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Saturday, January 19, 2008

MD-1500-Some K Of C Free Throw Coverage & Much Thanks

I have a feeling that Jere Smith is something of an inspiration for all of this camera work, even if a lot of it is from a Cell Phone. The Bigger Project will come online in a week or so:

That'll have some contest highlights+shots from various sites of the contest+some commentary. Please note that neither of the Two Gentlemen From FOX Sports, in the above photo, will contribute any commentary, whatsoever, though they may be lampooned for their efforts @ a later time;

But, a lot of you have contributed to this blog from over the past few years, so I will mention You all, NOW;

In The Research Department, The Veritable "Encyclopaedia Britannica" of This Blog, The Redoubtable, Omnipotent Q, John B. Quinn of Midwood, Brooklyn. When something is wrong, I hear about it, forthwith from The Omnipotent Q. You're right about the Mets Deficit in 1969, as @ 1 Point, they were 9.5 Games behind The Cubs;

Jere Smith of "A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory", who got me to liven up this blog with pics, videos & illustrations. Of course with this eMac, running on 1 Ghz Processing Power on Mac OS X, 10.5.1(Leopard), it's much-easier now than when I had a G3 iMac, running on only 400Mhz;

Peter N of Farmington, CT, 12 Miles from Hartford, on how to keep writing about our "Olde Towne Team", & making it interesting;

Jim Sullivan of Watertown, MA, Also Known As "Suldog";

William Roger Clemens, who "Fitzy" sends a Mammoth "GFY" to, & so do I, just because...;

Kaylee In Phoenix, AZ, away from her native land(Boston), who, even in Illness, added so much, to uplift everyone's spirits;

Christine E, in PA and Laura in VA;

The Gang @ "Professor Thom's", who have given the World Their Own, Unique 7th Inning Stretch Chant of "F--- Kazmarek";

Amy from "Pasquinade", a Rhode Island Woman, living in Boston, adding to my sense of Snarkiness, in my rants;

The Boston Red Sox, for that Beautiful '07 World Championship, come hell, high water or Eric Gagne';

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez & his LACK Of Clutch Hitting;

James Timothy Mc Carver Of FOX Sports, who has kept us bloggers, busy all year, with your memorable gaffes("I Think Youkilis would make a good #8 Hitter, With The Pitcher's Spot Due Up");

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, for freeing up the Traditional Latin Mass, making it more-accessible, & of which I've been to Several Times last year and Once this Year;

The NY Yankees for choking in Post-Season, AGAIN;

The Riviera Cafe' And Sports Bar, for being The ABSOLUTELY WORST Red Sox Fan Place in either Boston or NYC;
To "The Dropkick Murphys" for my Newly Acquired Appreciation for Celtic Punk Rock;
To The NY Mets, who've shown me there is such thing as a Love-Hate Relationship in Baseball. It's where Fans Love That Team, only for the team to kick their Loyal Fans To The Curb;

Thanks To All Of You-It's been a Great Ride;


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Blogger KAYLEE said...

awwa michael thank you! I am still not feeling that great but, will be around :)

12:54 AM  
Blogger Peter N said...

Thank you for the mention, Mike! I'm closer to Hartford than Waterbury, in a little town 12 miles west of the city named Farmington, in the woods, where I like it! You're the best.

5:53 AM  
Blogger Peter N said...

And Mike, I feel like SUCH an idiot....your link was never up at my blog!!! I wish you had brought that to my attention, but it's up there now, as it ALWAYS should have been! Time to write my Sunday morning post, about what I have NO idea!!! I'm sorry for my boo boo.

5:59 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Peter? To Err Is Human-To Forgive Is Divine & For Tim Mc Carver, that's every other moment on FOX. I've seen the link. Now, I know where Farmington is, though NBC30 Is licensed to Waterbury, CT;

Kaylee-Be Well & please be a regular, here

9:27 AM  

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