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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This iCloud Is Great

It saved my Up2blip App for loading to Nevertheless can still be fed here for other reasons.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ok The Mac Will Be Used Once

In awhile. Just so I Can get songs & documents out of it to put up on iCloud. Good Thing. But this iPod Touch 4 G is now an independent computer.

Final K of C Free Throw Coverage Announcement

Ok, Viddler is eliminated because, well, it's Flash Based & the Coverage is for both Desktop & Mobile.
Vimeo will carry both Preliminary & Queens, NY In Full including PostGame.
Vimeo is the Network for all Post Game Coverage. will carry District28 Queens, NY & Long Island Final, with Vimeo as Post Game.
Both Vimeo & will carry the coverage in encapsulated form. to carry individual segments during Council Round, for purposes of allowing iTunes Download.
For overseas feed, will carry the Vimeo, & import feeds.
YouTube will ONLY be used for Information in regards to Where To Tune. No Coverage will be carried on that service, due to the # of assorted blowholes who pass stupid comments, as well as due to certain contestants & their parents, who act as if that service is their drug of choice.

Beautifully, This Is

A Networking App.
That can load from here, is fine by me. That my other blogs can load from here means fewer apps to download.

Good To Have This Back

Can actually do from here w/o paying $4.99 for app+syndication.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Irish Music

Moves To, later today.

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Indie Films Are Fun

They say more than Studio Films. They're original & more creative.


3-2 Cards Over Rangers

Funny but FOX Sports played The "FOX NFL Sunday" Theme as the World Series Theme.
Tim Mc Carver looks great with the grey hair. He looks better than he did with the Dye Job.
La Russa looks quite Good with the Tinted Glasses.

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2010 & 2011

1st Gig in 2010 was in January. In 2011 it was in March.
Yet, I have more gigs now than last year. Did 4 Nights of Background Work in "Gods Behaving Badly"+4 runs as a Principal Actor this year.
Things are looking up, TBTG.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Am Sticking To My 10/1/11 Prediction

The St. Louis Cardinals are going all the way. The Momentum is theirs.


Monday, October 17, 2011

The Occasional K of C Free Throw Highlight

Will Go to Viddler. May as well keep the account going. It is technically a great system.

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The Latest Vimeo #s For Long Island Championship

Are quite good. The fact that much of Europe & now the United States are viewing this portion of the Knights of Columbus Int'l Free Throw Basketball Championship on Vimeo instead of You Tube, shows the viability of the Competition on a Video Sharing Service, other than You Tube.
The Competition does NOT Need You Tube for viewers. Vimeo, Dailymotion & are just fine, as well as
YouTube is overrated. You Tube is for people who have no conception of what a real video is about. You Tube is about people who want to brag about digits.
Dailymotion has been good for views+no idiots or assorted wackos on that service. Ditto,! Only on that pile of cyber sewage where junk prevails, does one get all kinds of guff, especially from Brats who send Grandma to threaten you.
Sending Grandma means ONE Thing & that is "No You Tube For You."

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29 Years Later It Is Deja Vu

In the 1982 World Series, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated AL Champion Milwaukee Brewers, 4 Games to 2.
In the 2011 National League Championship Series, The St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Milwaukee Brewers, 4 Games To 2.
The Brew Crew's Fielding was Suspect.
Funny, but in one blog article, I called it that The Cards, minus La Russa's Sunglasses, would go this far. They may even go all of the way.

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NLCS on tbs Tonight

Game 6, Cardinals at Brewers. Game 7 if necessary is Monday Night.


Texas Rangers Repeat As AL Champions

I give them a chance to take it all.
The World Series will begin in a National League City, either St. Louis or Milwaukee.
If it is Milwaukee, it was an AL City in 1997. It then became an NL City in 1998 when the Brewers were switched over.
There is talk of switching the Houston Astros to the AL. But then an Interleague Game would occur every night in MLB.
The Astros, born the Colt 45s in 1962, have been in the NL since inception. But, they would be in the AL West & would play the Rangers many more times a year. In the case of the Rangers, they were the Second Washington Senators, a badly losing team, last playing in Washington DC in 1971, with next to no attendance.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

About iOS5 On The iPod Touch 4G

Once installed on here, I may just store a lot of stuff on iCloud, which will free up space on this machine.
Another thing-updates to system will come over the air & not require me to attach this device to a main computer. Instead, this will be a completely independent machine. There will be no need to have a main box. After all, the iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad can function as computers. One need not have a desktop or Notebook to be functional.
The world is going portable-no need to lug a laptop with you. Think of all that extra weight being saved.

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Now Sprint Has iPhone 4S & 4

This is really great news. In fact, "Insanely Great" would be this kind of News.
Unlike AT&T & Verizon, the two companies which were once "MA Bell", Sprint is offering unlimited data for the iPhone+Text/MMS. AT&T & Verizon Wireless only offer 2GB of Data+Unlimited Text/MMS.
The iPhone 4S goes on sale today @ Apple Stores, AT&T, Verizon Wireless & Sprint PCS Stores & Radio Shack.
Like Steve Jobs once said, "Insanely Great", Sprint PCS' iPhone Plans are insanely great. The 8GB iPhone 4 also goes on sale.

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Champions To The Chant Of "Gloria"

Taking two videos which had no views on Vimeo & merging then, may prove to be fruitful. The video, with "Gloria In Excelsis Deo" has the 1st View.
The coverage of the Knights of Columbus Int'l Free Throw Basketball Championship, takes on a Catholic Spiritual Dimension with the promotion of Gregorian Chant With Athleticism. It adds beauty & serenity to what would ordinarily be just a foul shot contest.
This also shows the Knights Of Columbus as a Catholic Church Support Organization.
By carrying this special coverage segment on Vimeo instead of You Tube, means that there is a commitment to Quality, for those who prefer an uncluttered Video Service, which makes for better viewing experiences. This doesn't exist on You Tube, which is laced with clutter & distractions. And one can get REAL Viewing #s on Vimeo.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Gigs

They are starting again. Saturday was Halloween Themed in 2 films.

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The Fact That Dailymotion Has A Filter On It

Is a good thing to separate content with Family Friendly Content in abundance as well as Anime being webcast from there.
The NY Public Library has no problem with it.
Queens Library should do their homework.

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Champions In Gregorian Chant

Has been put together & will be uploaded to, later.
Both videos are part of the 2011 Long Island Championship Coverage of The Knights Of Columbus Int'l Free Throw Basketball Championship. As neither video has a view, both videos are being merged together, with "The Gloria" being sung in Latin.
Gregorian Chant With Athleticism seems to be popular on It will also appear on, as part of a strategic synergy.
The Merged Video will replace the two videos.
Enjoy & Prayerfully Contemplate.

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I Think That Apple Should Lift The Ban

On Dailymotion as they do distribute that app in the App Store.
All that Apple IT needs to do is set the filter on this service & all will be fine.

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Viddler Will Also Be Used

Artistically & for the occasional interview.
That will also be cross posted to

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Dysfunctional Beer Boys

Josh Beckett, Jon Lester.& John Lackey, partied in the Red Sox Clubhouse during games, paying no attention to the games at hand.
Fast Food Chicken was ordered. These guys also got heavier & couldn't last in games.
Now, both Theo Epstein & Tito Francona are gone, with Francona's Marriage falling apart after nearly 30 Years.
Back to the drawing board for the Boston Red Sox. Looks like the sellout streak will end during 2012.


Doug Mc Intyre

From Red Eye Radio, said this about Baseball:
"I'm a Mets Fan. I was born bitter."
Funny, how I made a gut prediction about the St. Louis Cardinals-they lead The Brewers 2 games to 1.
It looks like I may be right about the Cardinals in the World Series.

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I Like This App

Blogger's iPhone App, makes Blogger relevant & easy to use. This app works both on & off line,
I often write entries overnight & then upload these entries when I get to a wi fi hotspot.
I am now finding that I don't really need WordPress or Posterous any longer. Blogger is just fine.
So is tumblr, good for posting my Vimeo Videos, and is great for short thoughts.
Now that accepts Vimeo & Dailymotion+VideoBam, &, Posterous won't be needed. Vimeo can also be placed on VodPod also aggregates This blog will also act as an aggregator for, Dailymotion, Vimeo & Videobam. VideoBam will also carry some K of C Free Throw Coverage.
But, I do like Blogger.

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The Phabulous Phils

May be less than competitive next year as Ryan Howard actually blew out his Achilles Tendon.
Expect the sellouts to slow down. Expect victories to lessen. Age is catching up to these guys.


Why Not Occupy

Fenway Park! And order beer & fried chicken! And ignore the game!


Remember When Jon Lester

Went through a Lymphoma Scare? The Nation was heartsick over this, in '06.
Five Years Later, it is as if Jon pitches like he doesn't give a flying f--k.
Lackey divorcing his Cancer Stricken Wife? Should we start calling him "Newt"?
Time To Rebuild!


Theo Breaks Free

Theodore Natan Epstein is the New GM of the Chicago Cubs.
He is now free from Larry Lucchino.
Finally, there is Hope at Wrigley Field.
(2 World Championships This Decade).

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The Klatsch

The Starbucks Crowd, "The Barristacrats" , represents The Establishment.

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In Fact, Part Of

The Queens County Final of The Knights of Columbus Int'l Free Throw Basketball Championship, is now on with a Dailymotion Video set in the site.
It looks like Dailymotion will also be getting an feed as well as Vimeo.
There will also be a feed headed to as well.
Anything to avoid You Tube is alright by me.

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Two Videos To Be Merged & Dubbed

One Involves The 3rd Of 3 Sisters to win the Queens County Championship while the other is the 12 Girls Long Island Champion.
This merger will be dubbed with a Gregorian Chant Selection, which is Quite Popular on Vimeo. It will also be exported over to
Knights of Columbus Int'l Free Throw Basketball Championship, Gregorian Chant & Vimeo are a Winning & Prayerful Combination. Add & views keep coming. Think of this formula as Trinitarian.

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As does MS Windows. Any Video is ruined by this browser.
MS Internet EXPLORER? More like Internet EXPLODER!
Vimeo looks bad on it.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gregorian Chant & The FT

Gregorian Chant & The Knights Of Columbus Int'l Free Throw Basketball Championship, go together nicely on, particularly in Germany & The BeNeLux Region. In the case of 14 Girls Queens County Champion Lauren Longstreet from East Glendale, Queens, NY, only 15 days ago she had 15 views. Now she has 43 views.
This works well on Vimeo. This doesn't really go over on You Tube, where silliness reigns supreme.

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Cross Posting

Builds views & viewers. You Tube is overrated & not needed. Because garners a lot of views, more so than You Tube, It will help Vimeo views to grow.
Lately, I have a #of Irish Visitors to Vimeo, helped in that regard.

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139 To 1K

Not far to go in regard to Vimeo 1K Video.
Rarely do any of my videos go to You Tube.

Looks Like Texas Is Headed To The World Series Again

Like I care!


861 So Far

That is the # of Videos posted to Vimeo so far.
Video #875 will be a bit snarky & titled "875 Where Are You."


One wonders WHY Dailymotion is banned from Queens Library. Is this the case w/NY Public Library?

Dailymotion & The Public Library System

New York Public Library allows Dailymotion on their computers with a Family Filter. Dailymotion is a great & artistic service.
Queens Library treats it as Pornography & bans it outright. It is as if these people have not kept up with the current time, nor done any real research.
BTW, part of the Queens County K of C Free Throw Coverage from Dailymotion is now on It would've been more complete but when one works with Windows, all those aggravating Error Messages come up.
When will NYPL wise up & go with Mac? I guess somebody's relative needed a job, networking via Microsoft's System of Reverse Engineered Incompetence.

Will Cross Post The Vimeo Feed

Over, today, for Council Round of 2011Knights Of Columbus Int'l Free Throw Basketball Championship.
A Similar Cross Post of Queens County Championship, from will be tried on
No More You Tube Cross Posts will be done on, except for the Tuning In Information.
The Canadian Themed "10:30 In Newfoundland", is now part of The Vimeo Lineup & will be cross posted on "10:30 In Newfoundland" will premiere in the Preliminary Round, running until the Long Island Final Coverage.
This competition does not need You Tube for exposure.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Ball Game Over-ALDS Over

Yankees Lose-Thahhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK!
And Ol'A-Rod looked lost-What Else Is New!


Friday, October 07, 2011

The End May Bring Many Changes In MLB

CC Sabathia may exercise his option & leave. Jorge Posada may retire. In short, the NY Yankees Extended Season has ended, losing to the Detroit Tigers in 5 Games.
Texas Vs Detroit in The ALCS on FOX, beginning tomorrow night. The NLCS will be on tbs(Very Funny).


Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Change In Coverage

Preliminary Round of 2012 K of C Free Throw will be on &,, Feed & Twitter Link.
Post Game Coverage to be on Vimeo Feed+these aggregators.
Canadian Snark Piece, "10:30 In Newfoundland", moves to from You Tube.
You Tube will continue to be the Informational "Where To Tune" Channel ONLY, aggregated by, & Facebook & Twitter Feeds.
Anyone who wants You Tube Coverage, should shoot it themselves. The Official Coverage will NOT be on You Tube. will host Vimeo Videos via Code Transplant, so expect the viewing audience for this coverage to be rather large.
A good # of video highlights will be on, which is garnering huge #s of views, from the Vimeo Feed.

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The service will also carry highlights from the Vimeo Feed. So far, the 12 Girls Long Island Final2011, Knights of Columbus Int'l Free Throw Basketball Championship, is now being carried from the Vimeo Feed & racking up huge stats, being over 100 Views to Mobile Devices.
Further Segments will be added.

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Apple Will Go On-Steve Jobs Passes On

Steven Paul Jobs, Visionary & Charismatic Co-Founder of Apple Inc, passed away from bouts of Cancer @ Age 55, in Cupertino, CA.
Kyrie Elaison!

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

An Unusual Video Appearance

I was importuned by two, quite nice, Orthodox Jewish Girls @ Barnes & Noble in Forest Hills, Queens, to appear in a video, to wish a dear friend of theirs, a Happy Birthday. That, I did & wished both of them a Happy New Year. They wished me the same.
A number of years ago, a Bingo Hall Owner who is a Jew, explained to me that a Good Deed is called a Mitzvah.
Well, in the Loyal Order Of Moose, we members are advised in the Ceremony of Enrollment for The Moose Legion, to do a Good Deed every day.
As I am both an Actor & Videographer/Producer, I got to be part of the two girls video, to wish their friend a Happy Birthday. Doing The Mitzvah does feel quite good.
Both girls, who are Orthodox, were very modestly dressed, not exposing any skin, which is a good thing.
I, thanks to a Bingo Hall Owner, have some further understanding of Judaism. Now, a Bar Mitzvah is the Good Deed done to bring a Jewish Boy into Manhood at 13 Years Old. For Orthodox Jewish Girls, the age is 12, for the Bas Mitzvah.
Bar, in this case, is for the Male & Bas is for the Female.

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A Favorite Greeting In The Chasaidic & Orthodox Jewish Areas

On Friday Afternoon, the favorite saying is "Have A Good Shabbos". Shabbos is Yiddish for Sabbath.
These Jews do not do any Servile Work, including turning on & off light switches. For this, a person called a "Shabbos Goy", would do this.
Way back when, at the corner of Lincoln & Liberty Avenues, in East NY, my father was a Shabbos Goy, who would turn on & off the lights in a small synagogue at that corner.
Currently, there are no Jewish Residents of that area.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Yom Kippur

It is the Culmination of the High Holy Days in the New Year in Judaism. It is The Day Of Atonement For Sins committed in the past year. It is also a day of complete fast & abstinence.
The fictitious Bigot, Mr. Archibald Bunker of 704 Hauser Street in Astoria, Queens, NY, whose knowledge of everything is mired in misunderstanding, as well as speaking in malapropisms, once described this day as "When the Jews starve themselves on their Young Kippers."
Then again, Archie once described Cherry Heering as a drink that Jews make wine out of fish.
The Irony of this all is that Archie eventually became the ONLY Non-Jewish Member of a Synagogue in Queens.
And Archie mellowed.

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Vimeo Carriage Of K of C Free Throw Coverage

The views are growing in regards to coverage, especially in Germany, as well as Belgium & Luxembourg. But now, more are viewing in the USA.
There is a realization that the competitions are NOT the Exclusive Province of You Tube. Athletic Competitions are Artistic by nature, as they involve movement. They also show emotions of the active participants(Contestants), as well as passive participants(Families).
A favorite form of Artistic Expression in the Coverage is Gregorian Chant in Latin, in combination with coverage clips. These clips are Quite Popular on Vimeo, not so popular on You Tube.
Another thing is that in order to register a view on Vimeo, one has to view the ENTIRE Video. For example-the 14 Boys Council Championship Coverage is 14 Minutes, 16 Seconds in length. On Vimeo, 9 Views were registered. On You Tube, 88 views were registered. But, You Tube does not require full viewing of the video. Merely viewing an ad on the video counts as a view. Viewing a few seconds of the video also counts as a You Tube view.
On Vimeo, the views are true & full.
On You Tube, their views may not be accurate.
Video is made to inform, entertain, provoke & to be savored, especially on Vimeo, where the standards for video & viewing are higher. You just can't click adverts to build up views, or watch for only a few seconds, as it cheapens the definition of views.
BTW, the same contestant victor with 88 views on You Tube, had only 7 views on You Tube in the next level of competition. He did receive 19 views during the same round on, where the standards are higher than on You Tube.
Now I understand why a certain contestant sent her grandmother to warn me to put the Free Throw on to You Tube-the views come, even if only an advert is clicked. It is about sheer numbers.
In regards to 50th Anniversary Celebration Videos to commemorate the Founding of Msgr Sherman Council #5103, Knights Of Columbus in 1961, only 8 views are recorded on You Tube. In a few videos on Vimeo, many more views were accomplished. Even more so were accomplished by exporting the videos on You Tube to in Ireland, an uncluttered site.
You Tube is way too cluttered.

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2-1 Tigers

Nice to Know as the NY Yankees are having a Postseason Problem, with the Detroit Tigers.
How long before all the NY Yankees caps disappear?
It could be as early as tonight in "MoTown."

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Postseason & CC

They're perfectly miserable together.
And he is expensive.
So is that "Tex Message".
So that "Sterling" Phrase, which we in Red Sox Nation in New England & New York, hope to hear, shortly:
"Ball Game Over, American League Division Series Over, Yankees Lose, Thahhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK."
That would be nice.


On Francona

Terry Francona managed two World Series Championship Boston Red Sox Teams, in the Prior Decade of the 21st Century. He also managed in other postseasons in 2005, 2008 & 2009.
I do recognize that he is "Laissez Faire" in his style. In short, Players realized that they were treated like Responsible Adults.
I liked him. I remember when he managed the Philadelphia Phillies & survived with a team, which was poorly built.
I actually remember him as a curly haired infielder with the Montreal Expos.
He is out as manager of the Boston Red Sox. The Guy took the fall for bad acquisitions & trades.
Hey, Josh Beckett? How was your Pittsburgh Golf Outing? Did it cure your stomach virus? Or was it a practice run for Postseason?


Hang It Up, Sr Magnini

If upholding bad DNA Testing, protecting the reputations of Investigators, whose reputations are in shreds due to a quest for committing themselves to promotion money & for your own Political Ambitions, you must get lost.
Why not go after your Prime Minister, who frolics & delights in tawdry affairs with "Talkative, Overpriced, Underage Horizontals"(To give credit to Rex Murphy, for this assessment).
Your People, as well as You, are looking to grasp at straws over Amanda Knox, to save your Political Skin.
Or did Rupert hack your Blackberry?

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That Time Is Coming(Please, No-Not FOX)

The American League Championship Series & The World Series will be on FOX. Now,WHAT does that mean?
It is that time of year when Tim Mc Carver, will analyze(To Death)every bit of information(Or Misinformation in his case).
In the 2009 World Series, Tim referred to The NY Yankees Shortstop as Jerek Deter. This is strange because Derek Jeter is the One Name which Tim would mention so many times per game, even if the Yankees aren't in that game.
In a game between the SF Giants & the Boston Red Sox, the SF Giants didn't have a hit since the 4th Inning. Kevin Youkilis is the Red Sox 1st Baseman. Yet,Tim made one of these "Brilliant" Observations in regard to this fact. "The last time the Giants had a hit was with Youkilis in the 4th Inning." I was aghast at this.
During the '07 ALCS, Tim made this astute observation:
"I think Youkilis would make a good #8 Hitter with the Pitcher's Spot due up."
In the American League Championship Series? Tim? WHAT Game on FOX are You Watching?
As Baseball is as unpredictable as Weather, this gem comes from the Opening Telecast of FOX Saturday Baseball, in May, 2005. It was Yankees @ Mets from Shea Stadium, with Yankees Pitcher Randy Johnson, facing Mets reliever Dae Song Koo, who once went to bat & never took the bat off his shoulder. Tim made this observation;
"In my mind, in this young season, this is the biggest, give up @bat";
Joe Buck called the Play By Play, his voice dripping with sarcasm. & made this call when Koo had swung his bat;
"Whoah & rips one into right centerfield, take your words back, up against the wall & Koo is thinking about a triple & holds with a double", to which Tim remarked "You led me into it, I never said a thing."
This Classic from the '06 NLCS was uttered by Tim,which caused Mets Fans gales of laughter;
"St. Louis Blows In A NY Minute";
Never a Dull Moment, It's "Tim Time On FOX".
Go ahead, turn off your tv sets & go do something else(To Paraphrase Joe Buck).
Watch a Nice Video on Vineo-it'll make You forget that You Tube even exists.

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The Millionaire Club May Be Locked Out

NBA Players may & are headed to Europe to play Basketball. The Owners are crying that they're broke.
Such as the business is, hey, the Stars are now looking for work.
There's always HS & College Games. Watch them.

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Hey, Rupe! Amanda Is Free!

Rupe, if you might be wondering, heads a company called News Corporation, Home to such Fish Wrapping Paper as Sky, FOX & the NY Post & formerly, News Of The World.
Amanda is Amanda Knox, freed & found Innocent of a gruesome murder in Italy, home to a savage & voracious print & broadcast media.
Certain Police Investigators, using bad evidence, perhaps in the quest for promotions, now look like a--h-l-s.
Italia is ruled by a Corrupt Prime Minister, noted for his taste in "Talkative, Overpriced, Underage Horizontals"(to borrow a line from Rex Murphy).
Both the British & Italian Tabloids have a lot of explaining to do in trying to railroad someone.

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Differences Between & You Tube

One was created by Film Makers, while the other one was created by former Pay Pal Employees.
In the case of Vimeo, it is older than You Tube. In Vimeo's case, intelligent discussion comes with film making. On You Tube, dumb comments are the order of the day, even with intelligently made video appearing.
Vimeo's best videos have great story but no dialogue.

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Saturday, October 01, 2011

My Prediction

With Their History, the St. Louis Cardinals may just win the Whole Darnn Thing.