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Thursday, January 03, 2008

To Red Sox Nation-The Plight Of Our NY Mets Cousins Will Be Heard By Us

As I run mostly a Red Sox Blog, with Traditional Latin Mass Material thrown in & being Originally from Brooklyn & having seen Shea Stadium from the days of Borden’s Coupons & $1.30 Upper Level Seats, I will state that while Old Shea’s a DUMP, & a new park is needed, the Skill Sets are being consumate douches by kicking REAL Fans to the curb. Tying Omar’s hands & rushing the “Ebbets Field Of Schemes” called $iti Field, makes me wonder just how often I have to use MlB’s Official Ticket Scalper, Stub Hub, to see the Mets.

As I look at it, the move from Shea to $iti, may be a move of 20 Feet, but will be treated by me as a Franchise Shift, ala the Brooklyn Dodgers & New York Giants;

When I went to 2 Games @ Fenway Park, this season, I used the Green Line “T” Trolleys to Kenmore Square & felt as if I was riding Trolleys to see The Brooklyn Dodgers @ Ebbets Field. I know that on the old BMT Lines Map, the BMT Brighton Franklin Line to Prospect Park Station, was the #7 Line & now known as The Franklin Shuttle of MTA-NYC Transit;

WHAT is so “BROOKLYN” about $iti Field? Where are The Trolleys on Roosevelt Avenue?

In Boston, I get more of a “Brooklyn” feel, than I ever will get in Queens;

Maybe it’s time to hang The Wilpons in Effigy, or hold Jeffy by his ankles from a Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp, as it’s High Enough off the Ground;

The End Of Shea Stadium, will be BITTERSWEET, Indeed;




Blogger Coop said...

Hey there Michael - the Coop here - I added your link - thanks for adding mine and visiting MSF! On your thoughts on Jeffy Wilpon, I leave you this - enjoy

9:57 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

It's GREAT Hearing from The NY Mets Bloggers here as well as the Red Sox Bloggers:

My 1st Ever MLB Game was in Shea Stadium in 1966, slightly Pre-Seaver & in the Era of M.Donald Grant, who, like Jeffy, has a BIG History Of Interference;

Perhaps, NOT Unlike Larry Lucchino in Boston, riding herd on Theo Epstein;

You're welcome, anytime Coop;


10:44 PM  

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