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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Join The Postcard Showering For Matt Clement"

Click on the Title:

SOX SISTAHS want you to pick up Matt Clement's Spirits & it may help his pitching.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Curt & #200

It was done in front of your family & in front of everyone in Fenway Park.

It was seen by all of us with NESN & with access to the MLB Package, wherever we were, around the world.

Take a curtain call:
You deserve it.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

"Time For Joe & Tim To Take a Hike" & "Dear Derek"

I was watching "FOX Saturday Baseball", Mets at Marlins:

Tommy Glavine was sharp as a ginzu knife until he started to wilt from the Miami heat, in the 8th Inning. Billy Wagner had his stuff & fanned the last batter. Mets won it 7-4, as Dontrelle "D-Train" Willis was derailed. Even Willis' own Fielding betrayed him.

After last week's debut of "FOX Saturday Baseball", & the Dim-Witted Performance of "Sophocles", the more-verbose than Howard Cosell, The One & Only Tim Mc Carver with his Comedic Straight Man & Resident Sarcasm Expert, Joe Buck, I viewed a plain talk telecast from Kenny(Son of Marv)Albert & Lou Piniella.

It was a refreshing departure from the "Grand Verbosity" of Tim & Joe. I could get into the game at hand. They served well as commentators, not as stars of the show.

Lou will be working Giants at Mets on FOX next week, with Thom Brennaman. That game should be an easy on the ears experience.

Derek Jeter's "Hit" for #2000, would be an error with every other MLB player. So with that cheap "Hit" came a yankees' loss. Oh, how appropriate!


It's your time & YOUR Game:


Just do it!


Thursday, May 25, 2006

"F--- Kazmerczyk"

Why that Title?

Your establishment had a bar manager, who brought in the crowds for NYC's Hottest Act, the Boston Red Sox.

It went on for years. Then the Red Sox won it all in '04. A celebratory banner congratulating The Red Sox is hung up.

Did you rip it down because A-Rod & his mistress, "DJ", show up & got all pissy about it?

If he got all pissy, then you got all pissy, because you root for the "Microsoft" of MLB. Like Microsoft, that team in The Bronx, well, SUCKS, especially with "Ms April" pretending to play 3rd Base.

Kazmerczyk SUCKS; Normie SUCKS; Riviera SUCKS. Red Sox Fans certainly want NO PART of You, unless it's your head on a Gold Platter.

Now, that Bar Manager named Jim, runs a better place. It's called "Professor Thom's".

& you can have "DJ" & "Ms April The 3rd Baseman" all you want. We don't NEED YOU.

Click On the Title to go to a REAL Red Sox Pub. Thanks!


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Digital Scorecard- 3rd Game of The Subway Series

I went to Shea Stadium, Sunday Night for Mets-yankees. I didn't spend the $4 for a program-scorecard. I Decided to go digital for this game, so my Palm T/X Handheld Computer was my scorecard.

Winds of 40MPH started to blow around Shea & it was perfect Football Weather. Hence, it was cold & one wondered where the Hot Chocolate Vendor was. It was reminicent of Jets Games in the old days.

I was writing the Lineups on the Palm. It wasn't easy as Game Time temperature was 48*F. It was 65F when I got onto the 7 Train in Woodside.

For Damon, he was written as Damon-ey; For Giambi, it was GiamBALCO; For "A-Rod", his name became "A-Jerk".

A-Fake walked in the 1st Inning; He lined out to Cliff Floyd in the 4th Inning; He grounded 1-3 in the 7th; He hit into a DP 6-4-3 inthe 8th & was pulled; he killed yankee rallies in the 4th & 8th Innings; He is so keyy(Sniff, Sniff).

But Aaron Small became Errin' Large. He gave up his 1st hit in the form of a triple, in the 4th inning to Cliff Floyd.

Then 5th Inning started when Carlos Beltran singled. Ditto Paul LoDuca! Then Carlos Delgado, with one swing, sent a ball flying into the Mets Bullpen in RF, making it 3-2 Mets.

Then, one swing of bat later(after the Delgado Homer), David Wright sent a ball 455 from home plate over yankees bullpen, into Shea's Parking lot, to make it 4-2.

It was this way until DFyankees scored in top of 8th Inning, making it 4-3. DFyankee rally died when A-Rod hit into his Inning-Ending DP.

Billy Wagner came in & sufficiently recovered from his Saturday Meltdown, striking out 2, then allowed 2 singles, before retiring Miguel Cairo on a 4-3 grounder. The Mets & Red Sox Denizens of Shea Stadium breathed a collective sigh of relief, as DFyankees were vanquished.

Tommy Glavine is 7-2 for this season. Shea Stadium rocked to chants of "Jeter's Boyfriend" whenever A-Rod came to the plate.

The funniest was as fans left Shea Stadium, as a mock "Tomahawk Chop" chant was done, with the words of "yankees Suck."

& I saved $4 on a scorecard.

Click on title to see the Palm T/X with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. It makes for an interesting scorebook.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

8-4 Red Sox Over Phillies

& Beckett Homers-it doesn't get better than this, when an American League Pitcher homers in a National League Ballpark.

Click on the title for Red Sox wrap-Up.


"Sophocles Of The Diamond"

"When Roberts stole 2nd Base off Mariano Rivera in the '04 NATIONAL League Playoffs."

A somewhat-tipsy Joe Buck, introduced Tim Mc Carver as "Sophocles of The Diamond" during the season premiere of "FOX Saturday Baseball" today, on the network owned by "The Kangaroo."

Well "Sophocles", it was the '04 ALCS when the yankees tanked, after leading 3 games to none.

& FOX Sports should've done a comparison how you'd look without hair dye, instead of how you'd look, Johnny Damon-ey Style.

Click on the title & log on to FOX Sports.


"Sophocles" was with George Washington when he arrived @ Mt. Vernon after crossing The Bronx River(LOL).

"A Charitable Donation-What The F--- Was That All About?"

Pedro was BRILLIANT with 8 Ks'. Duaner Sanchez was wonderful. WTF was Billy Wagner doing? An impersonation of Mel Rojas? Was it Armando Benitez? Should I call him by the name of Braden Looper, who I yelled "You Suck" @ all of last season?

It was called a charitable donation. DFyankees are NOT a charity-STOP donating to them.

"1st Blood"

Randy Johnson is as useful to DFyankees, as "A-Jerk" was in the '05 LDS vs the LA Angels of Anaheim.

He's TOTALLY Toast, giving up 6 runs.

Aaron Heilman & Billy(Enter Sandman)Wagner, were brilliant, in keeping DFyankees off the basepaths.

"A-Fraud" showed his "LVP" Style in The Field.

Paul LoDuca doubles; Carlos Delgado is walked;
David Wright singles over Damon-ey's head.

7-6 Mets Win it.

Friday, May 19, 2006

"Special Red Sox Nation-NY Alert-Subway Series"

There's a vile tactic that a # of yankee fans like to employ, in order to get you ejected from yankee Stadium:

A group of them will harass you with foul language or spill beer on you. Do not get into any form of arguement with them;

They will stand up in a group & summon NYPD making like innocent little lambs, & you'll be ejected, for having done nothing more than look at them the wrong way;

It's a favorite tactic of "Bleacher Creatures" & the assorted drunks in Tier Level.

This advisory is also to Mets Fans, about yankee fan tactics, which are vile & juvenile.

The Site is Shea Stadium; Be on your guard & watch out for these asshats.


BTW, click on title for "Peter On All-Red Sox Forever";
Tonight's Red Sox Lineup without the DH.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Someone From Scotland-A Fair Lass-A Mets Fan"

Click on the title for a great Mets blog, from across the Atlantic.

The Cretins From The Asylum For The Criminally-Idiotic On a Day Pass

They will be on a series of 3 One day passes to The Awaited Interleague Series Weekend, as DFyankees will play the NY Mets @ Shea Stadium.

The Cretins, known as "The Bleacher Creatures", whose pastimes include consuming mass quantities of the beverage named for the Roman Goddess of Grain, Ceres & whose name is chanted in Spanish as Cerveza, before entering the ys bleachers, which are Cerveza-Free.

This leads to the inevitable brawl, with these Cretins, who need "Hooked On Phonics" to learn how to spell the variations of their favorite word "Suck."

Both teams TV outlets will carry the Friday Night Match. I in this case, prefer the WB 11, so that I won't be viewing any version of "NO" with Y2Kay & Company, on my9(A Property Of The Kangaroo).

The Saturday version will be carried by "The Kangaroo Network"(Murdoch is AUSTRALIAN in case you may not know), which is in this country, called "FOX." Expect some "NIT-Witicisms" during the course of the telecast, on FOX 5NY, from "The Master of The Obvious Observation", someone named Tim Mc Carver, as well as a blast of Sarcasm, from "The Doctor of Sarcasm", The Son of The Great John Frances Buck of Holyoke, MA, Joseph Buck(Please).

The Sunday Version is @ 8PM ET, on ESPN, & the match which I'll be at.
The Elegant Mr Jon Miller & The Know It All, Hall Of Famer/Legend In His Own Mind, Joe Morgan, will provide commentary.

I want to see a great game. I don't need the bonus coverage of "In Stadium Pugilism."
"In Stadium Pugilism" is a BRONX pastime. Let it stay @ "The Asylum For The Criminally Idiotic."

"We'll be back to "The Adventures Of Jere, Chan & Reb", following these messages & a word from your local FOX Station."

"Da, da, dot, da, da, dahhhhh, dot, dot dahhhh."

Click on the title to Jere's Blog. You'll be glad that you did.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Have THAT Card

of Official Citizenship In Red Sox Nation.

Click on title to go to Red Sox Nation.


F--- Dirt Dogs!

Monday, May 15, 2006

"TOP 10 Signs That ny yankees Fans Are Out Of Controul"

From The Home Office @ E. 14th St & 2nd Avenue, heeeere we go:
#10: Moment of Silence for Bleacher Creatures, ejected during 6th Inning of yankees-Tampa Bay;
#9:Moment of Silent Prayer upon learning that "Uncle Junior Soprano" was whacked by Vito;
#8:Fans tossing beer cups @ Babe Ruth Monument, upon learning that he once pitched for the Boston Red Sox;
#7:20 Soused male yankee fans, peeing on a cop's shoes, telling him that it's raining;
#6:Bleacher Creatures roundly booing Pope Benedict XVI for not wearing yankee cap while celebrating Papal Mass @ the Stadium;
#5:10/1 Ratio of yankee fans to 1 Mets Fan is a fair fight;
#4:25/1 Ratio of yankee fans to 1 Red Sox Fan is an even match in a fight;
#3:Fans carrying Syringes to games in honour of Jason Giambi;
#2:Bleacher Creatures snapping up new yankees edition of "Hooked On Phonics" so they can learn to spell "Suck", correctly;
#1:Idea of a tranquilizer is listening to Tim Mc Carver.

Give Erica's Blog a spin & ENCOURAGE HER to resume the blog.

Click on the title above.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

"The Roided Ones"

I viewed “South Park”, with an episode about “The Special Olympics”, where Eric Cartman makes a fool of himself. In that episode, Jimmy Vollmer, who uses a crutch, was practicing to win many events, including the Broad Jump & Weight-Lifting. Jimmy was leaving his school gymnasium, when a shady character approached him with offers of body-building steroids.

Jimmy took this guy up on his offer, & began “Juicing” himself. He became muscular & somewhat anti-social, becoming a loner, dedicated to victory at any cost.

He set Special Olympics Records in the Broad Jump & Bench Press & Sprints.
But, his brother, wheelchair-bound, became his conscience, which taunted Jimmy into confessing on the victory stand, that with Enhancements, namely steroids, that he cheated.

Up on That Victory Stand, were 3 Special Guest Presenters, one looking freakier than the next one. All 3 were the Most-Infamous Players, connected to using substances from The Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative(BALCO). They were a muscle-bound, smiling, bug-eyed Mark Mc Gwire; a muscle-bound, toothy smiled & bug-eyed Barry Bonds & a muscle-bound, bug-eyed Jason Giambi. “The GiamBALCO” had no smile.

Ahhhhh: “BALCO” meets “South Park”; it was a great little satire & social commentary. The Animated Giambi looked like the Real Thing in the ‘05 A L D S. Jason looked bug-eyed, sweaty as anything, had acne & talked at a fast pace. This didn’t come from a few extra swings in the batting cage with Don Mattingly, or a few extra cheeseburgers.

In May, ‘05, he looked emaciated; by July, ‘05, he looked like “The Incredible Hulk”(Green Skin & all). Okay, there was no green skin. The Emaciated One had no power. The Enhanced One changed the course of the game, dramatically.

In the book, “The Game Of Shadows”, information was given on how Steroid Tests were beaten.

Bonds looks roided but moves more-slowly, due to his injuries. Meanwhile, Giambi is thumbing his nose, daring Major League Baseball in a game of “Catch Me If You Can; Bwahahahahaha.”

Why hasn’t a test for Human Growth Hormone been developed?

Could it be that the Big-Name Advertisers would desert FOX & ESPN, if DFyankees don’t make Post-Season? Is this a Damn Ratings Game? Does News Corporation have too much @ stake in their marketing agreements with DFyankees?

It looks like the Fault Line in this scandal, runs right through The Bronx. What else is new?"

Click on title for Link To South Park.


A Hideous Story Of Non-Feasance @ The Asylum For The Criminally-Idiotic(yankee Stadium RCF Bleachers)

An Horrific Night in The Bronx as told by a Red Sox Fan;

Click on The Title Above. It's worth reading.


Friday, May 12, 2006

The Inmates @ The Asylum

yankee Stadium is home to "NO" Baseball fans of their own. Their spectators, especially the males, engage in such activities as getting intoxicated after 7 beers in the top of the 1st Inning, & chanting "Take Off Your Top" to Pretty, Collegiate Co-eds, who may have engourged themselves with beverages, by paying the "A-Fake" Tax($9.75 for a Heineken Mini-Keg).

I did have the distinct honour of meeting a couple of Actual, Legitimate & Literate Fans from Red Sox Nation, who reside outside of the NESN Territory & have to put up with the propaganda, spewed by the "NO" Network, with commentators who would cause one to say "Gee, but Tim Mc Carver isn't all that bad, is he."

I met "The Mighty Jere" & his companion, "The Lovely Reb", over in Section 22, before the game. We conversed. Yes, THAT CAP, belonging to Jere is as awful-looking live, as it is in photos. & The Reb was enjoying(& NOT throwing)a beer.

Now it was Game Time in "The Asylum For The Criminally-Idiotic", a place called "The Toilet" by Jere & Reb. Senor David Ortiz, (El Papi Grande), obliged our chants, by homering into the 2nd Row of Tier.

Unfortunately, "The Schill" didn't have his stuff. It's a little harder now to get a certain "Enhanced" player named Jason GiamBALCO, out. That Enhanced POS put one into the "Land Of The Mentally-Challenged Homophobes", the Right Centre Field Bleachers.

Then, That Diva, who wears Blue Lip Gloss, who once slapped a ball out of Mr Bronson(Not Brandon)Arroyo's Glove, hence the knickname "Slappy Mc Bluelips", put one in the LF Tier.

& everything deteriorated from there. It was Beer Toss Night & the Ejection Party which followed.

Stadium Security, consisting of NYPD Contract Security & Team Security, spent the night tossing errant fans. Two Collegiate Co-Eds got a bit daring, in looking to do half-strip teases & got tossed. They wore V-Tek Shirts in Green & Red. But, they were NOT the worst offenders & appeared to be somewhat contrite.

The yankee Males are the biggest blohards in the game, when inebriated. They're on their "Urban Adventures" before going back to their meaningless lives as Stockbrokers in New Jersey. They holler, loudly, while being ejected "Go yankees."

What is it with a team like DFyankees that they attract the worst elements of society?

I remember when a certain Priest of The Brooklyn Diocese was arrested for his part in the Recent Buggery Scandals, which enveloped The Church. When he was arrested, he was seen wearing a certain grey shirt. The shirt proclaimed "NY YANKEES 2000 World Series Champions."

I noticed in my commute downtown that NO yankee fans went below 42nd Street-Grand Central, but Red Sox Fans went further south, towards Brooklyn. & Red Sox Fans will stay to the END of a game, no matter what the outcome. That's the case in Fenway Park & elsewhere.

It was funny, but 2 sweet, attractive Co-Eds, in yankee gear, asked me as to why the Bleacher Creatures are pointing at someone during "YMCA". I explained that the words to "YMCA" are different from the rest of The Stadium. They sing "Gay Man, would you get on your knees, I said Gay Man, you will do as I please...Why Are You Gay."
I also pointed out that beer sales to the "Bleacher Cretins" was discontinued on May 15th, 1998, to stem all the violence, which has included the setting of people's gear on fire, hence why they are segregated from the rest of yankee Stadium.
They had no idea, but one said that a good # of these people are totally wasted before the 1st Pitch.

I can say that I remember "The Rivalry" in The Bronx, when the crowds stayed away from The Stadium, before the Renovation, as the original stadium was such a dreary, decrepit place.

It took the 2 Years in Shea Stadium, for yankee fans to come to those games. In Shea, the Mets Fans joined in the frey & the energy & idiocy came to NY.

I will be at the 3rd Game of Mets-Yankees in Corona. It will not be pleasant, as "The Bleacher Cretins" will be at Shea Stadium on a day pass out of "The Asylum For The Criminally-Idiotic", AKA "The Toilet."

For some great perspective on being a Red Sox Fan in Fairfield CTY, CT, read my amica, Reb's page by clicking on the title of this story above.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Oh, you poor baby!

You were worse than a Kid playing T-Ball.

Red Sox dropped your team 14-3 & you & Randy were the major culprits.

The Writers commited a "Faux Pas" in giving you the AL MVP;

Last Night, You were "A-Pooch";

"Woof, Woof, Woof" as you couldn't field or hit;

Did George hurt your feelings? Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

Josh was too good for you;

You looked like Renteria from last season.

The Sox are going to make you cry-try slapping the ball out of Curt's Glove;

You'll end up on your tushie, where you belong, you Diva.

& I will be there, in Tier Reserved, Section 22, Row J, Seat 24, certainly NOT to root for You.

Click on the title to see what George Costanza's Boss thinks of you.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Next Stop Willets Point-Fenway Park"

Or is it "Kenmore Square-Shea Stadium?"

Fenway Park is sold out or is overpriced. So what are Boston Red Sox Fans to do?

Answer:Day Trip!

When The Red Sox Play in Baltimore, there are seats to be had @ Camden Yards & the price is good;
Ditto-Citizen's Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia.

But, there's a team which Red Sox Fans like, in fact, Love, in NYC.

The team is called the NY Mets.

They are NOT DFyankees. Shea had a # of fans from Massachusetts, yesterday.

Amtrak from South Station to Penn Station-West 34th Street-change to 1,2,3, or A,C, E, Subway to Times Square to take 7 Line to Shea Stadium.

Hey, it's an interesting day for Bostonians @ the ball park.

The era of the '86 World Series, ended in '04. There was a great little movie called "Game 6-The Movie."

I found the Red Sox Fans to be Great Mets Fans; more so than "NY Fans=Casual Fan Bloholes."

Fenway needs greater capacity. But, Red Sox Fans are great Allies to have @ Shea Stadium, easpecially when Yankee Fans resort to disguising themselves.

Yankee Fans favorite chant, in Mets gear of "Boston Sucks", gives them away.

"Bleacher Creatures" from The Bronx(Or is that New Jersey), you've been OUTED.

Click on title for NY Mets Official Site.


Friday, May 05, 2006

This Applies to Spike Lee

Click on the title:

In Spike Lee's Case, he's a Classical "NY Fan-Casual Fan Blohole."

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Bwahahahahaha, Johnny Dork"

You getting an ovation in Fenway after going over to "Mr Dunbar" or George Costanza's Boss?

Bwahahahahahahaha! It's so hilarious. That ovation belongs to Papi & Manny & Doug Mirabelli, NOT to someone whose heart belongs to Mr Dunbar.

Now your teamates include that Little Sorry-Ass Bitch, he who slaps balls, & ain't no Mr Clutch.

You have an arm like a foot. How often will you put that foot in your mouth?

You're off to a fab start in Fenway, going 0-4. May there be many more nights like that.

New blog out there called "Sox Sistahs"; Kelly & Crew are quite-entertaining

Click On The Title, as Kelly & Company, deliver the goods.