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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

In Regards To Mr William Heyward Wilson AKA "Mookie"

My understanding is he now drives a Tractor-Trailer Truck, proving that there's Life after Baseball & NO PLACE ON THE M.DONALD GRANT LIST FOR MR WILSON:

A # of New York Mets Fans of "The 1986 Iteration" who, as far as I know, have never grown up, unto the Point of becoming Yankme Fans in 1996, were enraged at Mr Wilson's wearing of a St Louis Cardinals' Cap during the '06 NLCS;

I know that for a # of the '86 Iteration, you only came back to Shea Stadium to commemorate that team, best-known for causing $25K Damage to a plane carrying the NL Champions to NY to begin the '86 World Series, as well as your growing tired of A-Rod doing his annual October Flopperoo, hence your return to the DUMP in Corona;

Think about this. W'm Heywood Wilson, after Years of Loyal Service to The Mets, got kicked to the Curb by Sterling Mets LP. He came to the '06 NLCS, to show support for his Stepson, Preston, who's actually his nephew, even if Mookie did come on the SNY Dime. What do you expect from Mookie? To tell Preston that he SUCKS? He did THE RIGHT THING, even if it PISSES Off The '86 Iteration Of Mets(?)Fans;

I know that it looked strange to you, but that's Life. Grow Up. You bad mouth us guys & gals wearing Red Sox Caps in Shea Stadium, many of us old enough to remember Borden's Coupons & $1.30 Upper Level Seats, hence a # of us are the "Shea Old Guard", who know how Baseball changes;

GET A F---ING Life;

Mike-Red Sox Nation-NYC-Queens-Member Of Shea's Old Guard

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Blogger The Omnipotent Q said...

Then why is Mookie on your "M. Donald Grant List" of last April?

8th; Mr William Heywood Wilson, a man reviled in Red Sox Nation, for the infamous 10 Pitch At Bat, in the 10th Inning, of Game 6-1986, with one pitch, dropped & should've been called a Passed Ball on Mr Gedman. But, now Mets Fans can REVILE you, as well as Red Sox Nation, & even MORE-SO, not so much for rooting for your son, Preston, but for wearing a Cardinals Cap in Shea Stadium, site of the 1986 Triumph. Mets Fans won't be thinking of you as "Mookie"; Instead, the Shea Faithful will be calling you "SCHMUCK";

11:50 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

He's BEING Removed:

I was angry Then, but '06 is OVER

12:23 PM  

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