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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Last Night, In My Travels, I Received A Call From 'The Evil Ones'"

No, I did NOT receive a telephone call from Hell or some leftist, nontraditional "Theologian", who says that 2nd Graders are incapable of reading Prayers in Latin & Greek:

I did receive a call from a Representative of "The Evil Empire";

To those of you in Traditionalist Catholic Circles, who're regular readers, I have NOT received a Call from "Call To Action", nor from Fr Richard Sparks, SJ;

Rather, we of "Red Sox Nation", we who follow a certain Major League Baseball Team, which plays at Fenway Park in Boston, our concept of "The Evil Empire" is a Team called The New York Yankees;

I received a pleasant call from a chap, called Kyle(Not to be confused with the child, who's tormented by that Crypto-Nazi, Eric Cartman on "South Park"). He agreed to send me some particulars about purchasing NY Yankees Tickets;

That Brochure is in the mail as we speak. I am NOT an aficionado of the NY Yankees, although their fans are some of the funniest characters, which one could read about, after a good many "Yankees Males" have "Inhaled" their 8th beer by the top of the 1st Inning(LOL);

It should be a Grand Season for laughs. I should take in a Yankees Match, either vs the Boston Red Sox or NY Mets. It's when Yankees Fans are at their Most-Innane;

All of You, please keep Sophia in Your Prayers;


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"Baseball & The Journey"

From The Fields of Arizona to Florida, the Exhibition Schedule, treads in tomorrow & before one knows it, the "Olde Towne Team" will open by making Mincemeat out of KAnsas City on Opening Day:

It's a warm up toss now;

April is just around the corner;

& can the "Motu Proprio" be far behind?

Hope Springs Eternal!


Monday, February 26, 2007

Latin Quiz

"Te Igitur" Means:

(A) Cousin of Hanc Igitur;

(B) "Thee, Therefor";

(C) Manny Ramirez finally reported to Spring Training;

(D) Orlando Hernandez is older than 37;

"Hanc Igitur" Means:

(A) Te's Brother;

(B) "We Beseech";

(C)"Let's Go Red Sox";

(D) Hank Williams Jr;

Answer to Question I:
If You answered (A), there are no "Igitur Brothers" who I know of, though I've known a few guys named Iggy. I do know a Bishop in Brooklyn, called Ignatius Catanello, but that's beside the point;

If you answered (C) to Question I, trust me in that Manuel Aristides Ramirez will do something dumb, in Mid-Season, like demand a trade to some team like the Florida Marlins, so he can be closer to his wife's home in Brazil;

If you've answered (D), you only have Novus Ordo Mass experience or you spend too much time at Shea Stadium. Believe me, though, that Orlando's age is "Mysterium" to me;

The answer is (B), which means that you're a Student of the Traditional Latin Mass;

Answer To Question II:

See Question I above, for answering (A);

If your answer is (C), your Latin Teacher, Gerald Peter Remy(NESN & FOX), may just crack you on the head, with Don Orsillo(NESN)laughing, having no idea just what was said, he being so "Novus Ordo." Your idea of Mass is a Red Sox Game on the road, away from Fenway Park;

If your answer is (D), Taj Cardinal Mahony just might have a "Monday Night Football"-Themed Liturgy in mind, complete with "MNF"-Style Hymns & Cheerleaders, I mean "Liturgical Pole Dancers";

The answer is (B), or "We Beseech", as we plead to The Lord;

Go to, for Traditional Mass Times in your area;



"Manny's In Camp"

NOW, Do Your Thing(Smashing The Ball, NOT demanding a Trade), Senor Manuel Aristedes Ramirez:


Michael In Queens

Sunday, February 25, 2007

"Sophia REALLY Needs Your Prayers NOW-Click This Title"



"Is There A Gregorian Chant Version of 'Dirty Water' Anywhere?"

Today, I went to a Tridentine Latin Mass in the Chapel @ St. John's Cemetery in Middle Village, Queens in the RC Diocese of Brooklyn:

I was near the front of The Chapel. It was a High Mass, complete with Gregorian Chant. As "The Gloria" is not prayed during Lent, it came time for the readings of The Epistle , Gradual & Gospel. There's one thing I never knew about the Traditional Mass & that before the Readings are proclaimed, that the Priest recites Epistle, Gradual & Gospel in Latin, Privately, before his proclamation of The Word. I never noticed it in all these years, but I was never that close to the Altar before. You can teach an old dog new things, as life is a learning process;

The Diocese was at the Top of its' game with this Mass, complete with Latin Missalettes, free of charge from the Ecclesia Dei Society. There was also great news, in that the Traditional Latin Mass Will be offered on all Lenten Sundays & on Easter Sunday @ 9AM;

After This Mass, I was talking with a lady, who knows the score on the Latin Mass & a certain "Olde Towne Team", as she grew up in Boston. So my Red Sox Cap, made her feel at home. "The Nation" is everywhere, even in the Diocese of Brooklyn. "Dice-K" Matzuzaka would feel at home here;

The "Ecclesia Dei" Website Link, is now part of this site, in the growing list of Catholic Links, growing exponentially like the Red Sox Bullpen's Earned Run Average was last season;


"OK, Peter-I Will NOT Be As Critical Of Damon For The Sake Of The Good Ol' US of A"

I ONLY attack him for wearing Navy-Blue Pinstripes & that's all:

But NEVER will I attack him for his Charity or Patriotic Sentiments;

You see, Damon's Dad served his country in The US Army & served in the Vietnamese Theatre of Operations;

& Johnny D has visited the Hospitals where Iraq War Victims come to recover;

He remains a proud American;

Baseball is ONLY a Game;


Saturday, February 24, 2007

On Simon Peter Says

This is an Intensely English Blog & quite-intellectual:

Scroll Down The Page, all ye of Red Sox Nation & you'll see a medallion;

It's one which is dear to all of us in Red Sox Nation;

Click on the Title Above;



Johnny Damon's(Juan Damon's)Name In Arabic, Which Describes His Signing With The Evil Empire(Yankees)

"Bin-Adihk Al-Hizlaif" is a name, concocted by my friend & Irish Warped Humourist, Owen, who once led Yankee Stadium's "Bleacher Creatures" in a Very-Askew version of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game", called "Whip It Out @ The Ball Game":

"Loren & Wally's" Song Parody on WROR-FM, "You're Just Juan Damon To Me", couldn't have said it any better, in saying that Johnny Damon has "Long Hair, Nice Charm, a 6th Grade Girl's Arm", but Juan Damon's recent interview-rant in the NY Daily News, about the Red Sox not paying extra for his services, has landed Damon his new monicker;

Thanks, Owen, & Thanks, Loren & Wally;


Friday, February 23, 2007

Why MS Office Is Like The Following:

Vatican II;
It says one thing & something else different occurs;

The NY Yankees;
Bloat up the wazoo(Like Yankees Payroll & $9.75 Beer for the A-Rod Lip Gloss Fund);

Why does Microsoft call their Windows Version of Office Mail Program, Outlook?
The Forecast isn't really that good, most of the time & it doesn't work 40% of the time;



Neck Strain for El Duque


Pitchers do NOT ripen with age after 40 & I don't care what "Roggggahhh" thinks(Did Jason Grimsley's Suspension put a crimp in your plans, Roger? Oh, well you can always ask Jason where he gets his "Injectable Vitamins"):

El Duque, at least untill his multiple muscle strain, just prior to Post-Season, was marvelous. I never knew that the ol' boy could hit & I cherished his performances;

Dear Lord Albert of The Pool Halls(Puljols);
If you seek praise from me, then take a # & wait with Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire & Jason Giambi. Just DON'T Hold Your breath, as you'll be awfully-dizzy;

Until NEXT Time;


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Behind "Enemy" Lines

I'm now sitting in the friendly confines of the Irish Pub, called "Finnerty's", next door to "Professor Thom's", on 2nd Avenue, here in East Village, Manhattan & they have a great thing going for it, called "Wi-Fi", which is very high speed wireless web acces.

Fab idea, this truly is, as I'm composing my blog, away from my computer;

The two pubs are sporting rivals, engaged in "The Pub Games."

Because of the Boston Red Sox, I'm a regular at "Prof. Thom's", while Yankees aficionados, are patrons of "Finnerty's";

&, BOTH Places are Grand Corporate Citizens of this city.


"You're Just Juan Damon To Me"

Remember Judas Damon, the '04 "Idiot", who signed with the Enemy(The NY Yankees)?

He of the "Long Hair, Nice Charm, 6th Grade Girl's Arm"(According to the "Loren & Wally" Song Parody on WROR-FM-Boston):

He's Whining about the CHEAPNESS of the Boston Red Sox, according to today's NY Daily News;

Did "Dice-K" Matzuzaka come "CHEAP", you dolt?

You can't THROW & neither can you PITCH. Neither can Bernie Williams;

So Judas, you're just another "A-HAT" to me;



Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"New Gregorian Chant Is Finally Up"

The Gloria will be chanted again on Holy Thursday @ The Mass Of The Last Supper, so the "Kyrie" is there for your contemplative pleasure:

Gregorian Chant, the Official Music of this site & the sweetest & coolest music in creation, wiil be changed in accordance with the Sacred Seasons of The Church, so one can meditate on my various rants about the Boston Red Sox, the NY Mets & my highly-critical rants about the NY Yankees;


Pax Vobiscum!


"Who Cares About These Two?"

Please GO AWAY!



"Ash Wednesday & Casual Fans of Baseball"

I realize that many of you will receive ashes today, as an outward sign of Penitence:
I also realize that many of you only darken a Church door on this day, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday & Christmas Day;

Like certain Aficionados of Major League Baseball in the Boston & NY Markets, there are people who're committed to their Team;

In the case of the NY Yankees, the only truly-committed fans are in the RF Bleachers(Though, I'm of the Opinion that they may be on a day pass from a local asylum for the Criminally-Idiotic, with their asinine behaviour, caused by too many wine-slurpings without any food for protection). The rest in Yankee Stadium, are mere interlopers & pretenders, who brag "Yo, I'm at the Yankees Game & just sucked down my 8th beer & it's ONLY the top of the 1st Inning(LOL)";

In the case of the NY Mets, who're in their last 2 Seasons in Their Venerably-Decrepit Tribute to Modern All-Purpose Stadia, Shea Stadium, one will meet Aficionados, who more-often than not, do appreciate the Nuances of the Game being played, as well as the Sport in General. Unfortunately, there are the Ones I referred to these past 2 seasons as "Casual Fan A-Hats", who have no bloody idea about what's going on & are there for the beer & other foods, & who cause the "True Believers", Utter Consternation;

Then, there are those "True Believers", who populate 4 Yawkey Way & Lansdowne Street in Boston & the inside of Fenway Park. Note, that "Let's Go Red Sox" is actually a road chant, & that Rhythmic Clapping is thev Actual Way of Cheering for "The Olde Town Team", which is what I learned in June, 1997 @ Fenway Park(NY Based Red Sox Aficionados, Please Take Note-Thanks);

Catholics & Anglicans, please note this:
If the ONLY Days of Worship are the 4 Days mentioned above, you're missing a Rich Treasury Of Faith. This would qualify you as either "Casual Fan A-Hats" or even Heretics &/or Apostates & we've got enough of them running around;

To The Catholic Bishops who hid various Practicing Homosexual Priests, who didn't pray, but did prey on Teenaged Altar Boys, as to WHY you didn't take the appropriate action in sacking these guys, you're either the "Casual Fan A-Hats" who're there for Show(Like Any Night in a Ballpark, like the 1 in The Bronx, which I just Mentioned), or Sheer Criminals, who have all of the sophistication of Anthony Soprano or the Borgias;

To The Faithful, I ask that you place your Faith in The Trinity & The Saints, with a fervor that you place in your Baseball Teams;

Put Your Faith In The Right Place;

Just remember this;

Ash Wednesday is NOT Cap Day Presented by Cingular;

Michael(Bring On The Motu Proprio For The Traditional Latin Mass);

Thanks!(Deo Gratias)

"40 Days & 40 Nights"

In commemoration of The Christ's 40 Days Of Preparation In The Desert, as well as in regards to His Passion, Death & Resurrection, we begin the Penitential Season of Lent, with the Day of Fast & Abstinence, Ash Wednesday:

It's a time of Sacrifices & Prayer;


Monday, February 19, 2007

On The Back Pages of The NY Post & NY Daily News-The Bernie Williams Saga

As Baseball Season draws nigh, we of the New York Metropolitan Area Contingent of Red Sox Nation, who because we're based in the City where Yankees News NEVER Lets Up, we're being driven to the point of screaming "Shut Up, Already" at the Sports Editors of the NY Daily News(Mort Zuckerman-Publisher)& The NY Post(K. Rupert Murdoch, whose Media Empire includes FOX, a network waiting to premiere some groundbreaking series called "Fort Martina" or "NYPD Blue Meets The L Word" & will soon subject our ears on Saturdays to two baboons named Joe & Tim):

You see that Bernie Williams, a once-prestigious hitter, is only being invited to Yankees Spring Training as a non-roster player;

Bernie Williams has no throwing arm, just like "Juan Damon"(Thanks Loren & Wally on WROR-FM in Boston, for that mocking of Judas Damon). If "Juan Damon" has a "6th Grade Girl's Arm", then Bernie's is one Grade, below that;

The Yankees Era is done for awhile & longer, if they can't get rid of A-Fraud. Keep A-Fraud in The Bronx;

Perhaps Bernie has that intense talent for music. It's time to pursue the Musical Period & the time is NOW, as there's life after Baseball;


Sophia Needs Your Prayers

My Thanks to The Catholic Blog, "V-For Victory" for this photo:

Sophia had a tumor which causes her to be so tiny for a 7 Year Old Girl. The 2 Surgeries to remove the tumor have been successful;

Pray for the Intercession of Blessed Margaret of Castello, in seeing that Sophia is fine;



(Note that the "V-For Victory" link has been added in the high part of the Links list, which is growing as large as Red Sox Pitcher Josh Beckett's List Of Excuses for last year's DISMAL Performances).

Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Love Your Enemies"

For they know not what to expect next:


"Roggggggah! Rogggggggah"


Hang it up. We're tired of your Hustling everybody as to your retirement plans;




Saturday, February 17, 2007

"Yoo-Who? Oh, JR? We Know That It Was All You, Today."

Guess What? You're about as funny as an act of flatulence in a room with no ventilation, with 40 people there. Your Knights Of Columbus Free Throw Sabotaging Tactics make about as much sense as many a dumb observation made by Tim Mc Carver:

A DISTRICT Contest need not last 1:25. It should ONLY last about 30 to 40 Minutes at the most. YOUR Council sent over 30 Contestants from a Parish, located on Cross Island Parkway in Bellrose, Queens. It dragged things out;

& you ordered it done in the same East Glendale, Queens Parish where you pulled off 2 other memorable stunts with overcrowding the gymnasium by telling the local Parish that our format was unlawful & they sent 56 Contestants in 1999 & 86 Contestants in 2003. You actually had me banned in cooperation with 2 other lowlifes from the '03 contest, WHILE I WAS CHAIRMAN, you gutless, sneaky piece of s---, by spreading slanderous stories. One of YOUR Acolytes, actually kept Winners' Names out of my hands to prevent Winners from that East Glendale Parish, from advancing to the District Contest;

JR? You're going to be as popular in the Knights Of Columbus in Queens, as Osama Bin Laden's name is, in Lower Manhattan. WATCH IT!

The Comedy Version of this episode, is called "FOX Saturday Baseball Presents The Knights Of Columbus Free Throw-The Contest" & is readable on the January, '07 Page of this blog(January 14th, '07) Go to THAT one & Laugh;



(Note-I've Gone Digital, Big Time. Photo taken by me from my Motorola V3 RAZR).

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Aaron Sele? Chan Ho Park? Omar, are you CRAZY?

Surely, you jest!

Unless Mr Rick Peterson can perform a miracle like turning water into wine, I don't see ANYTHING from these 2 dudes:

Just how old is Orlando Hernandez?

Mets Fans, please pray for Pedro Martinez' Speedy Recovery;


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's Grand To See That Comeback Kid, Jon Lester, AGAIN

It feels good writing about Baseball, AGAIN, as "The Nation" is alive:

Jon Lester, I missed you on September 2nd, '06, on my 4th Pilgrimage to Fenway Park, but I'm OVERJOYED to see that you've made your recovery from Lymphona;

& may you pitch BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE, #62;

"The Nation" & their NY Mets Fans Allies, wish you ALL THE BEST;


My Win-Loss Record @ Fenway Park-Trot Nixon, Of Course

In regards to my Red Sox Record at home in Fenway Park, I shall break down the #s:

Day Time=1-2;
Night Games=1-0;
Lower Bleachers=2-0;
With Christopher Trotman Nixon=2-0;
Without Christopher Trotman Nixon=0-2;
Am I setting a trend here?

I will miss that Pine Tarred Hat of a true "Dirt Dog";

That cannot be said of WMP(Wily Mo Pena);


Click On The Title-Read This & Tell Me What You Think-Thanks!

Beware of Prosecutors, who would NEVER let the Truth get in the way of Sheer Ambition:

An Unprotected Network Computer was in use in a Norwich, CT School computer;

A couple of 7th Graders start playing on the unprotected computer by opening up web sites;

For the full story, just click on the title above;


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Red Sox Nation-NYC @ Work

Spring will be upon us, soon & Ice is falling here in NYC:

We may get 10" of white stuff;

It's STILL Winter, Folks!

(Own Photo from Motorola V3 RAZR-I've gone Digital).

Sunday, February 11, 2007

dem guys in the brooklyn diocese are hiding a great thing called the latin mass. change the website information and phone message, will ya?

I have always wondered as to WHY The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Brooklyn, NY, my home Diocese for all of my years, is soooooooooooo disorganized, as if they are the KC Royals or '62 NY Mets?

WHY are you HIDING Information about the Traditional Latin Mass in Brooklyn?

I arrived at Our Lady Of Peace Church at 522 Carroll Street, just off 4th Avenue in Park Slope. It is a sweet church with Tabernacle @ the Centre of the Church on the Old Altar;

@ 12:30PM was supposed to be the start time. The phone messages read 12:30PM;

Surprise! Mass was changed to 10AM-no announcement-no nothing on the web-plans changed;

Went to Professor Thom's, my Red Sox Hideaway & waited for 5:15PM Mass at St. Agnes-East 43rd Street, the place where I went to Latin Mass, some weeks before;

I went to 5:15PM Mass-Novus Ordo & it was Beautifully-Celebrated As The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass should be. There was Plain Chant, Gregorian Chant & Kneeling at The Communion Rail, which is an option which I exercized. I loved it, intensely. On a Scale of 1 to 5, this is the 1st 5 I've ever given to a celebration in English of the Mass;

I had a nice Catholic Discussion with Amanda of Fall River, MA @ Professor Thom's on Catechetics & told of my experiences as Grand Knight, when asking 8th Grade Graduates about the Corporeal Real Presence in The Eucharist(Fall River is the birthplace of RemDawg). She, like I, was astonished at the lack of Catholic Knowledge by Catholic School Graduates. Sad(Sounds Like Diocese of Brooklyn To Me)!;

Dear Brooklyn Diocese-do the right thing & really-promote the Latin Mass & don't hide it under a basket. Yesterday was no fun, but I learned that Novus Ordo can be done reverently;

Otherwise, Brooklyn, you could end up on my "Riviera Cafe'" List. & YOU DON'T WANT TO BE ON THAT LIST;


Saturday, February 10, 2007

the first entry written from a cell phone with the use of the opera mini browser

At least the title was written with the phone-the rest required a computer:

This system of phone web-browsing with real web, c/o Opera Software's Mini-Browser, now makes cell users on Cingular & Sprint Networks, just like those cell users in Japan & South Korea, as well as in Europe. In those places their Mobile Phones are more-prized than Computers;

Very-Useful & FUN, is how I'd put it.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Spring Training Is Upon Us With New Faces

Here we go again! Fort Meyers, here they come:

Dice-K Matsuzaka & JD Drew. The K better be worth it or Scott Boras is going to catch hell in some Red Sox Pub, anywhere in Boston or here in Manhattan, along with Theo Epstein & The NOG. One hopes that JD Drew stays in good health(Here's Hoping that he isn't the '03 Version of Mo Vaughn);

You'll know that the Season is near in March, when RemDawg & DO are telecasting on NESN;

Then it's April, the real season beginning & you know that your blood is boiling with these words "I'm Joe Buck & will be joined in a moment by Tim Mc Carver" are spoken on FOX;

It's Red Sox Time Folks, across our Nation. Enjoy!


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

You Can Read This Blog On A Cell Phone

If you have Cingular or SprintPCS here in the Good Ol' USA, then you're in luck because I have a link to an amazing new browser called "Opera Mini":

Quite-Simply, you don't NEED to buy a T-Mobile Sidekick III to get the WWW on your cell phone. You just download it to your cell phone on the 2 mentioned companies phones & Voila', you're in real cyberspace;

OK, the images aren't big but one can read a real, abeit-compressed web page, as if on one's home computer;

Just scroll to "Opera Mini" & get instructions on how to download it to your phone, as you'll have saved a load of bucks buying fancy equipment;

You'll thank me in the morning;


Oh, & Verizon Wireless Customers are out of luck, BTW!

Monday, February 05, 2007

I'd Like To Thank Peter's Red Sox Forever For This Idea

If You Click On The Title, he'll tell you about having Added NBC's Weather Plus, for NBC 30-Hartford:

I just did the same for our NYC Market, NBC's Weather Plus for NBC 4 NY;

That icon is below the Open Office Icon;

Now, 2 weather lookups are on this blog;

A public service of Michael;

Good Night & at Least Football's over;

Time for Baseball & it's just around the corner.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Would Like To Thank Georgia @ "Salve Regina" For the Last & This Post
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

With her interesting, informative & often-humourous blog, I was able to find these interesting things to add to this blog.

Who I'd Be If I was Italian

Your Italian Name Is...

Lothario Romano

Peyton Manning Does It

Indianapolis Colts 29, Chicago Bears 17:

Manning FINALLY Wins The Biggie & does it in Subtropical Miami in a Driving Rainstorm;

This Should Inspire A-Rod(LOL).

The CBS 6 1/2 Hour Super Bowl Pre-Game Show

The ONLY Problem with this length is that FOX will probably run a 10 Hour Pre-Game, complete with Dancing Girls, Comedy Acts, Over-Analysis & a Guest Shot by Tim Mc Carver to drive Fans to acts of Despair:

The Night before will be "FOX NFL Saturday Night", as a variety show;

With the 6:24PM EST Kick-Off, one wonders if FOX will premiere its' new hit comedy, "Fort Martina", about NYPD Detectives, all female, patrolling the Tennis Courts?

This is what I have to look forward to on SB XLII?

High Speed Data In One's Hand Over The Years-From Fenway Park Among Other Places

One Sunday Afternoon, I was watching Red Sox-Expos at Fenway Park. I was using Voicestream's Service:

I called from the Fenway Park Centerfield Bleachers & reached my friend in Queens, Ed, of the "Hades Haus" Blog. Because of my plan, it was a local call, anywhere in the Northeastern United States. I even sent him a text message(July, 2000);

In September, 2000, it was a repeat of that procedure. BTW, the Red Sox played the Mariners. I even got to see Carl Everett, a certain player known for his tempermental tendencies;

The Red Sox won in the 2 times, when I sat in the Lower Bleachers. My Track Record in both Infield & Outfield Grandstand, is an 0-2 Record. In the 1st Game in June, 1997, I had no digital phone on me to send text messages(Outfield Grandstand). In the 4th Game, this time on 9/2/06, I had small web, & text Messaging as well as Voice from a Nokia & it was a local call from Fenway to Queens(Infield Grandstand by the Red Sox Dugout);

I know that today is the NFL's big Super Bowl Match, like I care. If the Bears win, it'll be fine, as many were at Mass this morning. Nevertheless, I'm realizing that Baseball is just around the corner, as Pitchers & Catchers are soon to report to Training Camp;

& I'll be getting a new cell phone with Computer Capabilities from Cingular, now known as the New A T & T. Imagine shooting Videos & Still Pics, as well as reading documents on a phone-it'll be possible with the Cingular 3125, using Windows Mobile 5.0+using real web & e-mail, as well as listening to MP 3s' & watching Video. Even the T-Mobile Sidekick III can't do that;

In 2000, all I could do is talk & text-now I can send videos from Fenway Park, Citizen's Bank Ballpark & Shea Stadium. & to think that on 3/31/98, the 1st Digital Act from Shea Stadium, was a short e-mail to my GeoBook, hooked up on dialup to Earthlink, from an OMNIPOINT Phone;

Technology can be a blessed thing;


Saturday, February 03, 2007

WTIC1080 Hartford-Back As Wide Area Voice of The Red Sox

& They will carry ALL 162 Games. The Station can be heard in the NY Metro Area. Reception is good on car radios:

No more pre-emptions for Rush Limbaugh-we get the whole ball of Wax;

WTIC 1080, where Red Sox Memories are waiting.

TOP 10 Signs Your Child Has a Badly-Written Catholic Catechism

#10: Picture of Children Gathered Around The Altar, As if It's Time To Sing Camp Songs;
#9: It fosters a belief in anything but The Catholic Church;
#8: Roger Cardinal "Bongo" Mahony-YES; Mel Gibson-A Definitive NO;
#7: It gives out "Call To Action's" Website;
#6: Section on Holy Matrimony, gives list on where Fast Track Annulments are available;
#5: The Word "Sin" is unavailable;
#4: Even though he was a Chronic "Onanist", Martin Luther was a swell guy;
#3: Children's 1st Communion-"A Group Activity Like A Birthday Party";
#2: The Chant of "Babbabooey" is acceptable in the Child's Growth of Faith;
#1: Imprimatur, granted by Theological Expert, The Right Reverand & Right Honourable Monsignor Howard Stern;

One wonders why 8th Graders cannot describe The Liturgy Of The Eucharist-Your answer is in this list;

Pax Vobiscum;


Friday, February 02, 2007

Answer To The SB XLI Question to The History Of The Colts

The Colts Franchise History includes Dayton, OH, & the team was called the Triangles, from 1920 until 1929:
From 1930 to 1943, the Team was the NFL Brooklyn Dodgers & played in Ebbets Field. In 1944, the team's name was the Brooklyn Tigers & also played in Ebbets Field;
In 1945, the Boston Yanks & Brooklyn Tigers merged, with 4 Games played in Fenway Park & 1 Game in Ebbets Field;
From 1946 to 1947, the Yanks were at Fenway Park;
In 1948, the team moved back to NYC & played as the NY Bulldogs at The Polo Grounds;
From 1949 to 1951, the team was called the NY Yankees & played in Yankee Stadium;
In 1952, the team was moved to Dallas & became the Texans;
In 1953, the team became the Baltimore Colts & stayed until 1983, moving to Indianapolis in 1984;
Until they became the Baltimore Colts, one can truly say that these Yankees, well, just plain old SUCKED;
As the Brooklyn Dodgers, it was that team which was the 1st NFL team to host a home game on the NBC Television Network, to very few TV Sets(350 In NYC) in 1939;
The Old-Time Baltimore Colts do not recognize the Indianapolis Colts as true successors in the historical timeline of the Franchise;
Pro Football Hall of Famer Art Donovan was with the Team, when it was the NY Yankees & with the World Champion Baltimore Colts, who defeated the NY Giants in the Title Game in 1958, in Yankee Stadium. Art Donovan was born Bronx Irish, in 1925 & used to be a guest on "Late Night With David Letterman" on NBC;
In the early '30s, the NFL had a team in Staten Island called the Stapes & Brooklyn did play road games in that borough;
In 1970, after the merger of the AFL & NFL, as the NY Jets were now an NFL Team, at Shea Stadium, when the Baltimore Colts came into Shea Stadium, for the 1st Time, they made history as the 1st NFL Team, ever to have played an NFL Game in all 5 Boroughs of NYC;
The NY Giants are only the 2nd Team to have accomplished that feat, along with the Chicago Bears & Detroit Lions;

The end of that History;


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Colts Trivia In Honor of SB XLI

Name the 1st City Where The Franchise Played:

Name their next City;

Answers in a few days!

The New Toilet-Coming in 2009

50, 000 People(Or is that Cretins), will fill the World's Largest Toilet, coming to West 161st Street & River Avenue. An "Artist's" rendition is just below: