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Monday, March 30, 2009

"The Nation" Shall Descend On Corona, This Weekend-So Will Mets Fans

Stub Hub, here we come! Red Sox Nation, there are tickets available for Red Sox at Mets, as the NY Mets throw open Citi Field for two MLB Exhibitions, as proceeds go for Charity from the ticket sales:

Of course, the Food Stands will be in operation, offering all kinds of fare;

Will be in Promenade Reserved, Section 536, Row 2, along LF Line, for my plan to kill two birds with one stone(Red Sox at Mets);

Reports from Citi Field, say it's a GREAT Park;


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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The 1st Citi Field Event

Go to the St. John's University Website. It'll take you to their Baseball Site. One can watch the 1st event, live and online, via CSTV, which is CBS College Sports:

Enjoy The Webcast of The Historic 1st Game;



A Day Of Note-Root For The Underdog

Had my Father been "Y2K Compliant", he would've been 89 Years Old, Today:

He once told me that anyone could be a Yankee Fan, as they had all the Championships;

Instead, he took me to SHEA Stadium, to see a Major League Game;

It was a lesson in Sportsmanship, as the 1966 Mets were NOT too good, but Seaver and Koosman were in the Pipeline, as was Nolan Ryan;

The Red Sox, through a Brooklyn Neighbor of Mine, were added in 1967;

I was taught that Yankee Fans only cheered a Winner. That was true then and is true, NOW;


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In Tridentine Times Up To 1970, 1st There Was Passion Sunday, Then There Was Palm Sunday

The Readings Were Separate. It was two Sundays. Today, everything is consolidated into ONE Passion Sunday, often called Palm Sunday, with one LONG Mass:

BTW, NO Marty Haugen Type Music was played, in the days of The Two Sundays, nor at any other time of the Church Year;

BUT, like now, just like then, Palm Sunday, like any Ballpark Promotion Day, Church was packed, similar to that Old Mets Promotion, called Batting Helmet Day, or Bat Day at Yankee Stadium I;

For The Christ was hailed on Palm Sunday, beginning the Events Of Holy Week;

Mychal-Pax Vobiscum!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

The "Citi" Opens Tomorrow

Georgetown Hoyas vs St John Red Storm in Collegiate Baseball, will open Citi Field. The Game is sold out:

Meanwhile, at "Toilet III", some construction is still going on;

Citi Field is finished, but the Parking Lot is not-guess it'll be ready on April 13th;

Seats are contoured toward the Infield;

Jeffy(Wilpon) now has a nice playpen;



Founders Day Tomorrow-127 Years of Knights Of Columbus

On March 29th, 1882, The Knights Of Columbus was granted a charter by the CT State Legislature. They're headquartered in New Haven, CT and are of service to their communities in the US, Canada, The Phillipines , Guam, Republica Dominicana and now in Poland:

Christmas Eve Midnight Mass from St Peter's Basillica? The Order pays for the Satellite Up and Downlinks;

I've been in the Order over 30 Years;

Happy 127th Anniversary, K of C!

Mychal-P G K


Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, Dice-K, Wakey In THAT Order

It's an Odd #d Year and Josh should do great-it's even #d Years where I worry about him. Mr Beckett will open at Fenway on 4/6/09, vs Tampa Bay:

Wakey is #4-may that Knuckle Ball Dance;

Lester is #2-a Fine Year awaits;

In The Case of Dice-K, you never seem to go further into games. Give the 'Pen a break, will ya;



When The Red Sox And Mets PROFESSIONALLY Open Citi Field-TV Coverage Is As Follows

In New England, coverage will be on N E S N. In NYC, coverage will be on S N Y. Hence, Red Sox Nation-NY will see the game from Citi Field, but it'll be on the Mets TV Network, with Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez, with Bob Ojeda on Pre and Post-Game Shows, though at Professor Thom's and The Hairy Monk, in Manhattan, N E S N Pre-Game will be shown:

The Next Day, coverage will be on the CW 11-NY and M L B Network. M L B Network will carry this in New England, with the CW 11, being carried in the NY Region;

No Orsillo and Remy, for us in NYC;

A Trivia Question comes from 1986-which Red Sox/Mets Trade culminated in Two Pitchers being in the 1986 World Series, on opposite sides?(Clue-One of Them is Working Pre and Post Game on S N Y);


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Mets At Red Sox TV

That series on May 22nd thru 24th, will be seen in NYC, on S N Y and NOT N E S N, for we of Red Sox Nation-NY, with the Sunday Game on tbs and WPIX-11:

This is not the same as watching The NO Network, with the gang led by Michael "The Shrill Shill" Kay and Company. Gary "It's Outta Here" Cohen, Ron "From Worcester" Darling and Keith Hernandez(What Are Women Doing In The Dugout), will provide commentary;

Darling just may provide commentary on tbs. So there will be no "Announcer Boy" Orsillo and No "RemDawg" Remy, but the Telecast will be professionally-done, with Bill Webb, directing it;

I wonder if Wally will appear on S N Y or The CW 11? Stay tuned to find out;



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FOX Sports Game Coverage For Red Sox, Mets And Yankthese

7 Games for the Boston Red Sox, will be televised by FOX Sports on W F X T-FOX 25, with 3 Home and 4 Road Games being carried. This will include parts of the Yankees Series, which means the utter torment of having to listen to the Sheer Sarcasm of Joe Buck and the Utter Inanities of Tim Mc Carver. Bill Webb will direct these games, either for your pleasure or disgust(Take your pick):

The NY Mets will have 8 Games on FOX Sports, on W N Y W FOX 5-NY, with 7 Road Games and 1 Home Game(Tampa Bay, who is owned by a Citi Field Season Ticket Holder), with Philly, Atlanta, The Cubs and Yankees, making up the Mets Schedule;

The Yankees will appear 7 times on FOX Sports, on FOX 5-NY, with 4 Games at Home, in Toilet III. Expect Camera angles to be Pitcher, Batter and Jeter and not necessarily in that order;

It's what I've garnered by reading the 3 Schedules of The Teams;


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Friday, March 27, 2009

The "Citi" At Night

New Era! Just Watch!



Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Sorry Omar, But Oliver Perez Is As Bad As Someone Passing Methane Gas In An Elevator

3 2/3 Innings against the Horrible Detroit Tigers, giving up 6 Earned Runs and walking 6, I will say that Ollie Perez absolutely SUCKS:

Jeffy? I don't understand what you and your father saw in Bernie "From Far Rockaway" Madoff, but, like anything else, PLEASE stay out of Omar Minaya's Way, as your family holds down the team;

The NY Mets drive their fans to drink, HEAVILY;

Tim Redding=Steve Trachsel II?



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On The Subject Of Married Priests

I think in these terms, as to WHY I Oppose a married clergy in The Latin Rite of The Catholic Church:

We are not The Anglican Communion, which calls itself both Catholic and Protestant;

In effect, that Priests in the Middle Ages, were required to abstain from Sex, prior to Offering The Eucharist, when there was a married, Latin Rite Clergy, led to Celibacy. Not only was The Christ, The Model, but so was St Paul The Apostle;

As The Eucharist is The Most Holy Sacrament Of The Altar, which is a Bloodless Sacrifice, passed on by The Christ and The Apostles from The Last Supper, it is important not to have Sexually Active Priests, in Imitation Of The Christ. True Celibacy is not an inconvenient denial but a Blessing, as it frees up these Good Men, to give of themselves, more-freely, to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit;

As to a Married Clergy, if You notice this in Lutheran and Anglican Traditions of allowing Married Clergy, their Eucharist is usually only ONCE a week, with Eucharistic Services, or Liturgies, taking place with one or two liturgies on a Sunday. Particularly in the Anglican Tradition, there would be a Low Mass and a Sung Liturgy, depending on whether it's High Church or Broad Church. In The Catholic Church, embracing Roman and Eastern Traditions, The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass, is offered 7 days a week, except for Good Friday and the morning of Holy Saturday. I do know of those Anglican and Lutheran Clergy who came over to Catholicism, and ordained to Priesthood and are married, who are, in practice, Married Celibates. One of them, The Former Anglican Bishop Of London, The Right Honorable And Right Reverend Monsignor Graham Douglas Leonard of The See Of Westminster(London), has Grown Children and Grandchildren, who practices Married Celibacy;

Now for a Married Catholic Priesthood, it is NOT Practical for other reasons. On some parts of Long Island, NY, there are Anglican Parishes where the Rector is married to a Wife, who's a high-powered executive in some Multinational Corporation, and who was transferred to another part of the Country, requiring that Anglican Priest to transfer his ministry to a new part of the country. The Era of Reverend Canon Archibald Bunker, being married to a doting wife called Edith, no longer exists in the Anglican Church. The Same Problem might occur in The Catholic Church in the Latin Rite. This has not been addressed by Edward Cardinal Egan, nor any Bishop of his type of thinking;

And in the Anglican and Lutheran Communities, where Matrimony is not often thought of as a Sacrament, except in Anglo-Catholic Circles(High Church) and High Church Lutheran, there are Divorced Ministers, which is not compatible with Catholic Teaching on Matrimony. Imagine Divorced Priests?

The question of Married Priests has come up because of the # of Non-Celibate Gay Males admitted to The Sacrament Of Holy Orders, which led to the Recent Major Scandals in Boston and Los Angeles, as well as other Cities, where there was a Lax Episcopacy, some of whom, were Gay, Non-Celibates, themselves, as well as Heads of Seminaries, who admitted only those men, who were willing to compromise the Magisterium(Teaching Authority)of The Church;

Pray for Reverend Deacon Daniel Champoli, as he'll soon be ordained to Priesthood;

As for the Other Good Priests, I have the Honor of Knowing, Pray for them, as well;



Monday, March 23, 2009

Father Colamaria Sure Knows How To Take 'Em On

I do find it strange that the Current Metropolitan of The RC Church in the RC Archdiocese of New York, was so-silent over these past 9 Years:

Edward Cardinal Egan, never spoke out to the Pro-Abortion Politicians on Abortion and other Moral Issues. YET, last week, on Radio, Egan started telling people that Rome should consider having a Married Clergy;

Fr Francis Colamaria asked that salient question, as Administrator Of Holy Child Jesus RC Parish in Richmond Hill, Queens, in the Suffragen Diocesan See, called Brooklyn, as to why the Metropolitan, Edward Cardinal Egan, was so-silent;

It was a good discussion;



Farewell Mr Schilling

Mr Curtis Montague Schilling, has announced his retirement from MLB, just a short time ago, according to WBZ-TV in Boston;

When he had surgery before the '08 Season, one had a feeling that at Age 42, that Curt threw his final pitch, sometime in the '07 World Series;

A job Well-Done, Mr Schilling-Bravo and Bravissimo;

Red Sox Nation will miss Curtis Montague Schilling;



Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Next Stop Is Mets-Willets Point"-Yes, That's A Real Station-A Video Look

To a # of us, the name change will take awhile. Like in East Glendale and Woodhaven, Forest Hills and Kew Gardens and Middle Village, The Jackie Robinson Parkway, will always be called the Interboro Parkway:

There will still be a contingent, calling this station "Willets Point Blvd-Shea Stadium", but times change, so get used to it;



Saturday, March 21, 2009

On The Title Change-An Explanation

Lansdowne Street, off Brookline Avenue, is the back of The Green Monster and the Bleachers at Fenway Park, in the Kenmore and Fenway Neighborhoods in Boston. Lansdowne is usually where Home Run Balls land after being powered by Papi, Youk, Etc. Lansdowne Street, at c/o Brookline Avenue, is where the Cask n Flagon Sports Bar is located. Lansdowne is listed 1st because of my Primary Allegiance to the Boston Red Sox:

126th Street is located between Northern Blvd and Roosevelt Avenue, in the Corona Section of Queens, near Downtown Flushing, Queens. In case you might have noticed, I live in Queens. There are no Sports bars on 126th Street, because that junk yard turf known as "The Iron Triangle", but that has been zoned for development. The Outfield Entrance for Citi Field, is located on 126th Street. This is for Secondary Allegiance to the NY Mets;

Articles for The Red Sox, will be written in Red Type, while Mets Rants are written in Orange Type, as well as some Irish Articles, as Orange is one of the Colors of The Irish Flag;

Both Fenway Park and Citi Field are near public transportation. Fenway Park is close to Kenmore, and the Traffic Bridge on Brookline Avenue, depositing one on Lansdowne, Brookline and 4 Yawkey Way. The MBTA Commuter Rail has a stop on Brookline, right by Fenway Park. The "T" at Kenmore is served by the B, C and D Lines of the Green Line. Citi Field, like Shea Stadium before it, is served by the I R T #7 Times Square to Main Street, Stopping at Mets-Willets Point and LIRR Port Washington Line at Mets-Willets Point Station by the entrance to Flushing Meadow Park;

The "T" or The 7 Elevated, "T" Commuter Rail or L I R R, tend to be the way to go to The Games at either place;


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That Citi Field Parking Lot Will NOT Be Really Ready For March 29th

The Rubble of what was once Shea Stadium, is in piles in the Parking Lot, though it is neatly-piled, as was seen when returning from the St Patrick's Day Parade in Manhattan, on March 17th:

As far as a completed parking lot, I don't see it ready by the 1st Event, a Collegiate Baseball Game between St John's University and Georgetown University, on March 29th at Citi Field;

Take The IRT #7 Flushing Line or LIRR to Mets-Willets Point Station or Q48 Bus on Roosevelt Avenue to Citi Field;



Title Change To Reflect What's Written Here

I figure that a new name was due for this grand old blog. It will link to the same old Baseball Stuff+other things I Write here. It's just a title change, as while it primarily carries Red Sox Stuff, it does also carry NY Mets Stuff as well. Lansdowne and 126th Streets reflects what I've been doing all of this time:

Enjoy Reading;



Friday, March 20, 2009

Pedroia, Youk And Wright-All HURT For Team USA

OK, so Orange is one of the Colors of The Irish Flag:

Dustin Pedroia(Red Sox 2nd Sacker), Kevin Youkilis(Red Sox 1st Sacker) and David Wright(NY Mets 3rd Sacker), all got hurt in the World Baseball Championships, at Dolphin Stadium in Miami;

Their Home Clubs are hurt by this, whether the Home Parks are Fenway or Citi;



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As Sung by The Incomparable Msgr Funaro with an Altar Server, Please click on the Title for some enjoyment:



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some Video Highlights From The 248th Annual St Patrick's Day Parade In NYC

St Patrick's Day Parade Highlights as shot with a cell phone from various locations, along the 248th Parade Route. Have fun watching:


PS-Mike O' Sullivan from Burns Street in Forest Hills-Nice Seeing You at 5th Avenue Between East 81st and East 82nd Street-I was only too glad to shake your hand;



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do Us A Favor-FORGET The Green Beer, Corned Beef And Cabbage-It Isn't Irish

Do remember that it's a Catholic Feast Day. Do remember that Padraig was Welsh and every bit as Celtic as The Irish. Note that SNAKES did NOT exist in Eire, so Padraig didn't drive snakes into the Irish Sea, the Best Thing to happen between Ireland and England(LOL):

Green Beer is AMERICAN, Period. Corned Beef and Cabbage is so NY Jewish Deli;

In 1945, President Harry S Truman wanted the great 5th Avenue St Patrick's Day Parade continued for the Morale Of The American And Allied Troops in WWII;

For you see, The St Patrick's Day Parade in NYC, predates the Republic Of The United States of America, by 14 Years. It'll be streamed around the world via the web and on WNBC 4, from 11AM to 3PM;

It's also the start of NY Jets Rallies, because of their green colors;

Only In NY's Parade could Red Sox and Yankees Fans renew their rivalry, followed by Tea, or a Pint of Guinness Extra Stout. Mets Fans have also joined the fray. Just be grateful that Parade Coverage is NOT a Production of those guys at FOX Sports, with one Commentator getting in 17+ mentions of Derek Jeter(Note That Commentator is NOT Named Tommy Smyth);

God Save Ireland;

God Bless America;



One Parish In Forest Hills Seems To Be The Capital Of You Tube

Even The Pastor of This Parish, is heard singing, after all, Msgr Joseph Funaro, in his own right, is "Mr Entertainment":

Lily, whose daughter Nicole, is the Star of These Videos, shot a good # of Videos;




How To Tell That Baseball Is Back In Full Season Swing? Look At This Picture

Spare Us!


Monday, March 16, 2009

From A Discussion Of Female Altar Servers By Deacon Greg Kandra

Click on The Title, written by The Reverand Deacon Greg Kandra, based in Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs, Forest Hills, NY, for a Discussion on Female Altar Servers:

It makes for Lively Reading. His Parish Altar Server Corps is THE BEST, ANYWHERE, at 97 Servers;

In 1998, there were 64 Servers-ALL Were Honored by K of C 5103, on Sunday, 02/22/1998 after the 10AM Mass;

Pax Vobis!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Irish Blessing And The Homily

In The Gospel Of St John, The Christ went into a Samaritan Village. He saw a Woman and got into a conversation with her. He asked for some water. Now Samaritans and Jews did not get along at all(Think NY Yankees vs Boston Red Sox or NY-SF Giants vs Brooklyn-LA Dodgers and you sort of get the picture, though this was more like The Hatfields vs The Mc Coys, which was pretty-bad):

The Jews didn't consider the Samaritans to be Kosher. Yet the Woman was told her story of her 5 Marriages by The Christ. She was told about "The Living Water" by Him. She then asked whether or not this was "The Messiah", and later went into town, telling everyone that The Messiah was there. He and His Apostles were invited to stay for a couple of days. Many People believed and were converted;

For The Christ stated that People would one day, worship The Godhead in many places, not just in Jerusalem and Samaria;

At The End of Mass, Fr John Cremins, originally from my old Cypress Hills Neighborhood in Brooklyn(Crescent Street, where the BMT Jamaica Line Travels), gave us an Old Irish Blessing. This took place at the 12Noon Mass at Our Lady Of Mercy Church, on Kessel Street, in Forest Hills, Queens;



Real Irish DON'T Eat Corned Beef And Cabbage Nor Do They Drink Green Beer

They eat Ham(Republic)or Roast Beef(Northern) on St Patrick's Day:

Corned Beef is a NY Jewish Delicacy-Cabbage is often served in NY Jewish Delis-it's an AMERICAN Tradition;

At AOH Division 14-Queens Party in The Irish American Cultural Center in Mineola, Green Beans, Carrots, Chicken, Roast Beef, Ham and Vodka Sauce Flavored Pasta was the fare;

No Green Beer was served, as that's another Silly American Tradition;

T'is a Grand Party;



Beware The Ides Of March-Eric Gagne' Is Hurting

That is both CURRENT and OLD News. You may remember Ol' Eric, he of HGH Aided Fastball, who could break down, just like that, encouraging hitters to break windows in the Cask 'N Flagon, just behind The Green Monster, causing Fenway Denizens to go into FULL FURY, all asking just what Theo was smoking when the Red Sox got this guy in '07:

Now as a Non-Roster Invitee,in The Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training Camp in AZ, Eric's Shoulder is hurting;

WTF Else is new, eh, for this "WS Ring Thief"? He was BADLY-DAMAGED Goods, then and now;


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Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy #24

This Number signifies the 24th Birthday of Someone I had the Honor of Hearing Sing, in 1997:

24 Today, as She was mentioned in Article #2500, as "The Forest Hills Soloist";

Enjoy This Day;



Wednesday, March 11, 2009

That's It

NO MORE Smokeless Tobacco For Me. It raises Blood Pressure and there's way too much Sodium in it:

End of Habit is TODAY;



Top 10 Signs YOU'VE Endorsed The Wrong Person For Election To The National Honor Society @ a Franciscan-Run School: From the Home Office in Fresh Mead

#10: Student sang ''God Save The Queen'' @ Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village;
#9: Engaged in fund raising for building guest houses in The Hamptons';
#8: Was Cantor @ K of C Masses, because someone ''Was made an offer he couldn't refuse'';
#7: Performed 500 hours of ''Community Service'' imposed by the NY State Supreme Court;
#6: Embezzled $2K From local Girl Scout Troop's Bake sale to invest with Bernie Madoff;
#5: Was ''Nutrition Counsellor'' for Roger Clemens;
#4: 90% of student's ''Service'' was done with "The Family", if you know what I Mean;
#3: For Service to Humanity project , actually gave out Red Sox & Mets caps to be worn in Yankee Stadium RF Bleachers;
#2: During FOX telecast, shot electrical shocks to Tim Mc Carver, to limit the amount of mentions of the name of Derek Jeter;;
#1: Came up with $1B Bailout of the Mets Bullpen.


Top 10 Signs That The Wrong Person Is Singing Your Sunday Mass

#10: Cantor monitored by DEP Noise Unit;
#9: Alley Cats in a frenzy;
#8: Comments include ''The Spice Girls sing better than this'';
#7:When a high note is sung, car alarms go off within a 5 mile radius;
#6: Bomb scares are called to that Parish BY The NYPD;
#5:Cantor assigned because someone was made ''An Offer She Couldn't Refuse'';
#4: FDNY Trucks in Parish Parking lot, every time this Cantor sings;
#3: Instead of chants of ''Bravo'' and ''Bravissimo'', congregation is drenched by the sprinkler system; whenever Cantor ''Sings''; #2: Cantor is a Yankee Stadium Bleacher Creature, who can't even read, let alone sing;
#1: Record sales of tomatoes, reported in local stores.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day-Rockaway Style-A Little Video From Yesterday

It was some wearin' O' The Green, with Green Shirts, and some Green Red Sox and Mets Caps worn.It was held in The Land of The Esteemed Mr Brian Mc Namee(Though NOT Esteemed in The Eyes of One William R. Clemens, formerly from Dayton, OH). Please abide for awhile as there are Parade Highlights and Party Highlights.End Party at Msgr Burke-Rockaway Council #2672, Knights Of Columbus. Enjoy:




Friday, March 06, 2009

MMD=2500-On Schemers Who Seek Endorsements

I am writing this article about Trust. I find it amazing at what people would do for Power and Prestige, at ANY Cost:

It was a time in my life, leading a Catholic Organization, called the Knights Of Columbus. This Council is located in the East Glendale Section of Queens, in The City Of New York. For you see, I was Grand Knight of that council;

There was something of an Estrangement between the Local Catholic Parishes and The Council. I had to try to make amends, for our lack of Charity and Service, in the time from 1996 until 1998;

You work to increase Membership and and Revenue Opportunities as Grand Knight, looking to leave the Council in better shape than when you found it. In my case I knew few people, other than my own members, nor the Dynamics of the Local Parishes in Glendale, East Glendale and Forest Hills;

It was Funny, but though the Council is in East Glendale, the stories from One Parish in Forest Hills were most-interesting;

The Active Life of The Council, particularly in Charity Operations, was told in Forest Hills, much more so, than in East Glendale and Glendale. For I learned that in Forest Hills, that much of the Charity Work took place. As I was selling Chance Books for The Council outside of that Parish in Forest Hills, people were writing cheques and taking chances like no tomorrow, on a weekend in November, 1996. It was such a Good Weekend, that Donations were made in Forest Hills and East Glendale;

But there was that rainy weekend in East Glendale and sales were anything but brisk. But it gave me a chance to meet some interesting people. An 8th Grade Girl, quite-petite, was Cantor For The Masses in East Glendale. She didn't have much of a voice(Perhaps another Fran Drescher in The Making, having a nasally voice), but she made the effort;

Now, for years, this Parish ran a tree sale, to send young adults to Appalachia, to build homes for the poor. Later, around March 4th, 1997, I made the published announcement that the Council would sponsor an Appalachia Fund Mass-Communion Breakfast, on Sunday, June 1st, 1997 at the Council. For one thing, Parish and Council would make merry, with all proceeds going to The Appalachia Fund. The Priest who ran this Fund, was Associate Chaplain of the Council and an Irish Missionary. The Breakfast now replaced the Christmas Tree Sale;

An Idea had popped into my head, with having music at the Mass, on Council Property. I remembered the young girl and asked for her services. She agreed to do this. As she and her mom entered the Council, I greeted them. The girl was nervous, as was her mom. I put the at ease with the words, "Relax for you're among friends";

As life is a journey, one never knows what is going to happen. The 1st Breakfast was a success with Parishioners in East Glendale. The Girl was invited with her parents to the Council's Recognition Night. I presented her with a medallion, and She wept, thanking me;

It was over the Actions of Certain Columbian Squires, who were involved in a petition drive to have a part of Forest Park, named for one of their members, killed in a drug Run, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, that I was alerted. The Council's Name, didn't need to be soiled by that action. So the Youth Award was established as a regional award, in The Greater Glendale-Forest Hills Region;

It was to be named for the Cantor and The Altar Server of the 1st Appalachia Fund Breakfast. The Idea was to Foster Service by young people across our neighborhoods;

Now, at the October Ceremony, naming the Award, The Girl, now a Freshman at St Francis Preparatory in Fresh Meadows, in 1997, was an Honor Student and in Service at her Parish. Her Girl Scout Leader was at the Ceremony. I would meet the Leader at Mass in a large Parish in Forest Hills. That Leader recommended that a young girl and Altar Server, would be sent to us for her 1st Public Appearance, as part of her practice, to be Soloist for a Christmas Mass. I had no idea what to expect;

The 11/11/1997 Memorial Mass was So-Exquisitely Sung. She was 12, going on 13, with the Voice of a Young Opera Star at the Age of 25 to 30 Years Old. She received an 11.5 Minute Standing Ovation. I was witness to her Soloist Performance. It was Exquisite. I cried Tears Of Joy. She was better than Charlotte Church, at her age;

Council Members called for her return. She received a 2nd Ovation of 5 Minutes. Chants of "Bravo" and "Bravissimo" were heard at The Council;

I made mention of this to my new-found friends. They were members of my Inner Circle. I saw this Cooperation of Parish and Council, as a Cornerstone of my Administration;

I had no idea of what I was in for, with this Cooperation. It was a strange set of events. I never knew how jealous these Glendale Friends really were;

Hearing that a Forest Hills Soloist had sung at the Council, enraged the Glendale Part of my Inner Circle. They saw it as a threat to their power, as I was to learn later, in bits and pieces, as they were scheming to attain Honours for their Child, often at any cost, including rumor and innuendo;

I was running an Altar Server Award Ceremony at the Hub Parish in Forest Hills. I broached the Subject of a Return of The Soloist for an Appearance at The 2nd Appalachia Fund Breakfast. She was One of Two Altar Servers to Be Honoured for both Altar Service and her Act of being the Guest Soloist at the Mass, in November, 1997;

She said OK. I thought that there would be no problem. The Altar Server Awards were at East Glendale's Parish Hub, the following Sunday. It was then announced by me to have two Cantors;

I underestimated how the East Glendale Entourage operated, as they, on the Surface, were very-pleasant people, as they introduced me to others in their Hub;

This would be turned into a War. Lying was the Order of The Day;

Someone, using Catholic Charities-RC Diocese of Brooklyn Credentials, found their way into the Forest Hills Hub Parish, using Sexual Innuendo and reports of Criminal Activity by me;

Strange for me, as I hold NY State Certification as a Peace Officer, without a firearm, I was intensely-saddened by such an action;

People were looking at me strangely;

It was frightening, to say the least;

I got called in by the Pastor of That Forest Hills Hub Parish, as he demanded that I fire my East Glendale Cantor, based on the Reports of the one with Catholic Charities Credentials;

I was not going to fire my East Glendale Cantor, under any circumstances, until I found out the facts;

The Fact is that The East Glendale Cantor's Parents, came up with a scheme, to insure their daughter's Election to the Franciscan Chapter of the National Honor Society at St Francis Prep-Fresh Meadows. The Mom was the one, using her Catholic Charities Credentials, to turn the Appalachia Fund Breakfast, into their benefit for personal gain, by scaring another Parish into not doing business with me nor my successors;

On the Night of Council Honors(06/23/1998), the Mom said that "I wonder if Michael would be honoring us if he found out what we were doing to him", which I found very-strange and sad. They also tried to blame their daughter's Girl Scout Leader(The One from Forest Hills)for these very-insidious actions;

The Girl was elected to the Franciscan Chapter of The National Honor Society, based on operations in their East Glendale Hub Parish and the K of C Council in East Glendale, in November, 1999, for actions lasting from 1997 into 1999. When asked to sign the Application, I did and asked when I would send Supporting Documentation. I was informed that it was already taken care of, and told that it was none of my business as to what was put in support of the application;

You dishonored The Church, and the Memory of St Francis of Assisi, by such dishonesty, for promoting values which have no meaning in Faith, in your treacherous acts, which included the Betrayal of A Friend. I have forgiven You, but I can't forget this act, for your personal gain;

Like my amigo, Fitzy From North Billerica, MA, says, you need to GFY!

AND Treachery is NOT a Virtue, for it causes Needless Suffering In Body, Mind and Soul;

All THIS For A School Honor;

My Parting Words Of Counsel, to The Girl, for all the Disingenuous Actions, which occurred for personal gain, as she begged her "Mommy" not to cry, as she slyly reminded me that "Michael was good for us, for without him, there was no election to the National Honor Society", were these words, "Be Proud Of YOUR Achievements AND NEVER TAKE CREDIT for Someone else-You'll Sleep Better", stated twice for emphasis, softly and slowly;

She whispered in a hushed, panicky Tone of voice, "Mommy! Michael found out what we did. Michael found out what we did to him. He found out about us." The Mother got panicky;

The Mother cried before the Mass, in the Council Chamber. She cried 4 other times during the Mass. These tears represented the 5 Times her daughter was Cantor for these Masses;

There were tears cried by me, a SIXTH Time at this event. THAT was for Their Despicable Act Of BETRAYAL;

They moved to AZ in July, 2000, as engineered by her Father, a Master NOT of Faith, but of Schemes;

The Pastor-Emeritus of that Forest Hills Hub Parish, advised me of this situation, on The Ides of March, 2000, that those of That Inner Circle of Mine, caused this whole situation. It was frightening to say the least;

In The Girl's FINAL Cantor Appearance in The Council, at the 4th Appalachia Fund Mass-Breakfast, NOBODY Applauded. It was true about her last Cantor Appearance, in her East Glendale Parish;

And that Family, unto the Very End of This Situation in Queens, NY, had both tears and a guilty conscience. I have NOT SPOKEN to them since January 1st, 2001, for they have reaped the Utter Scorn, WHAT THEY SOWED, for being people NOT-REALLY of Faith;

For these People NEVER Apologized for their DESPICABLE Actions. As for the Daughter, She NEVER demonstrated Leadership nor True Christian Spirit, nor ANY CONTRITION for her part in these DESPICABLE Actions. For these ARE People who VIOLATED other people's reputations, in order to serve THEMSELVES, as was found to be the case in the consolidation of efforts of activities, conducted by her parents,and NOT by the Daughter, for an enhanced resume', as well as the smearing of people's names. For Those Teen Dances and Picnics and The Appalachia Fund Breakfasts, were put on the National Honor Society Application, as Leadership Qualities, even though Leadership was NOT the case;

They NEVER ONCE Said these words, "I'm Sorry";

AND WHERE Does one go to get their Reputations Back, Unsoiled;

For the matter of The Forest Hills Soloist-in ONE Appearance as Soloist for The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass, as Guest Soloist, She performed MORE Christian Service, in ONE Appearance, than all of The Schemers Of East Glendale's 4 Years "Service". The Soloist gave and was Joy to All Who Heard Her Voice.I had the Honor of Listening to Her Performances on November 11th, 1997, and Her Powerful Solo, singing "Silent Night", on December 24th, 1997. She was also a Joy for Her Modesty;


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Citi Field Exhibitions For April 3rd & 4th Completely Sold Out

It was a Complete Sellout Of The Red Sox-Mets Series at Citi Field. It was sold out by 10:30AM:

I now realize just why so many Mets Fans miss Shea Stadium;



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The Ticket Sales At Citi Field Must Be Extremely Brisk Because I Cannot Get Into A Virtual Waiting Room

Actually, most of those Tickets are gone, as Citi Field is much-smaller than Old Shea Stadium(15K fewer Seats in Jeffy Wilpon's New Playpen)& many are Season Ticket Holders, which comprises most of that ballpark:

Predicting a Sellout by 10:45AM of Both Games on April 3rd and 4th with the Red Sox-Mets Exhibition Games;



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Monday, March 02, 2009

March 29th All Sold Out

Citi Field's 1st Game, a St John's-Georgetown Baseball Game-Sold Out within Minutes, Today:

For Red Sox-Mets, the Date of Sale TBA;



I've Renewed My "Citizenship"

Dear Governor Wertz:

It's Official-The Gregorian Knight, known as Pez, has renewed his Citizenship in Red Sox Nation;

Pez Pledges His Loyalty;