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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Manny's NOW Joe Torre's Headache

This was just in from Sports Radio 660, WFAN:

Joe Torre is now his Manager;



Tick, Tick, Tick

Goes the clock. Manny? Where's he going? What mediocre over the hill Latin Player will Omar make a deal for?



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Female Wearing A Rainbow Belt Is NOT Interested In Males

Commuting on The Q 11 Bus on Woodhaven Blvd, last night, I saw a rather attractive fem, dressed in black. With her was someone who looked like a guy, the way that person was dressed:

But, the "guy" turned out to be a rather mannish fem and not good-looking. The Attractive one in black, wore a rainbow belt, a rainbow necklace and the biological female symbol, joined together. In short, they were a butch-femme couple, around the age of 17;

One wonders what attracts this duo. In the case of Lesbianism, One wonders what causes this attraction;

I will ponder that question at a later date;



The Sox Were Somebody's "Lackey"

As in The L A Angels Of Anaheim's John Lackey, who used to be their feast victim:

For 8 1/3 Innings, Red Sox Bats were quiet. Then, with a No Hitter on the line, Mr Lackey gave up a single to Dustin Pedroia, followed by a 2 Run Homer by Youk into the Monster Seats;

Mr Lackey pitched a Complete Game, as The Red Sox lost it 6-2;

The Red Sox are a-slumpin';



Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A High Colonic, Vitamin D, The B Complex, Arginine, Magnesium, Manganese, Calcium, Potassium, Antioxidents, Fish Peptides, Milk Cassein And Nature

Not to mention Omega 3 Oils and Real Food, did the trick of lowering Blood Pressure and restoring health, as well as Prebiotics and Probiotics and NeuroGABA. It did what Prescription Medicines could not do. It was as the result of the commonly prescribed antibiotics, that my health was a mess:

It was a High Colonic that told me that my body was a massive mess. I had enough yeast in me to run Wonder Bread for a year, supply yeast to the Brooklyn Brewery, or ferment wine for about a year, as well as enough flatulence to gas Osama Bin Laden;

But, that is changing for the better.Keep me in your prayers, folks and thanks!




Sunday, July 27, 2008


Johan Santana won a Complete Game for The Mets, even driving in a run in the 9-1 Victory:

Put It In The Books!



I Know Of NO ONE From Brooklyn Who Would Congratulate THIS GUY For Enshrinement In Baseball's Hall Of Fame

Pictured is a man, who needs no introduction in the World of NY Baseball Villainy. Let's just say that Some Guy in Midwood, would use this photo for a dartboard, or for lining a cat box:

The Dodgers were Brooklyn. They're even revered in New England, for defeating DFYankees in 1955;

NO ONE from BROOKLYN, congratulates THIS GUY;



Please Theo? Fresh Blood Is NEEDED In The Pitching Department

This guy throws a knuckleball. Lately, he's been nothing to write home about:

It's time for a REVAMP, Theo. DON'T Go looking to Milwaukee for help and YOU know who I Mean;



The Current Red Sox Are Lifeless While the Mets Are NOT

With the Mets in 1st in the N L East, they're showing signs of a true contender. They're Hustling. Bernazard is not counseling Mutiny on behalf of that Little S--t, Jeffy, and Carlos Delgado is banging the Ball out of Shea Stadium:

BTW, as I'm listening to W F A N, Johann Santana, Mets Starting Pitcher, has just singled across a Run, with his 1st R B I, and it's 9-1 Mets over S'r Sunglasses and his St Louis Cardinals in the 7th Inning;

Even up 9-1, they hustle;

WHAT would happen if Manny was added to the brew;

Please, NO, Omar!



WHY TF Are People Sliding Down Shea Stadium's Escalators?

Click on the Title and read about the Latest accident:

That Place has the Highest Upper Level In Baseball and the highest running escalators. Ever go from Mezzanine to Upper Level? That's a bit of a scary ride;

It's NOT the Super Slide at Steeplechase Park in Coney Island-it's an escalator;



THIS Guy Is Infatuated With THIS Guy

Question? Where will Manny Hide in Shea Stadium, Omar?


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News Breaking Now From The NY Post On Manny Ramirez

Click on The Title. Manny may be outta here.


With No Real Action To shore Up the Pitching After The World Series

The Red Sox Winter was quiet. Pitching was not shored up. Tito Francona, World Championship Manager, was given a Nice Contract Extension. WHERE have I seen this before?

WHO in New England Sports Ventures, has been talking to that miserable little S--t named Jeffy In Queens?



How To Modify Manny's Behavior

Put salt on his huge lollipop:

Put melted Ex-Lax in his coffee;

Sit him between Buck and Mc Carver for a whole game;

That would get him going;



Potential Dart Board In Red Sox Themed Bars

It Would Go Nicely with The A-Rod Dart Boards:



Under The Guise Of "Fenway Park Is Sold Out", This Is Another RSN Destination

WHY Shea Stadium? Well, The Mets are hot, in 1st Place and a 1-0 Game doesn't take 3 Hours and 45 Minutes:

Carlos Delgado has reverted to Old Form, bashing homers to the Hinterlands;

Despite Efforts to Kick Jose' Reyes in The Arse, he's hitting the Cover Off the Ball;

And Tickets are still Available;


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The LARGEST Population For Red Sox Nation Outside of The 6 New England States

2508 reside in The State Of New York. It shouldn't really surprise anyone as NY State does border Massachusetts, VT, CT, and via Fishers Island, NY, RI:

There are motherlodes of Red Sox Caps on the Streets of NYC;

Click on The Title-for map of Red Sox Nation;




For Red Sox Nation Governor Of New York, Chris Wertz And NOT Eliot Spitzer

Yes, our following of The Olde Town Team, is enhanced by Mr Chris Wertz, one of the Proprietors of Professor Thom's, a True In The Spirit Of "Cheers" Red Sox Pub at 219 2nd Avenue in Manhattan's East Village:

He's Running for Red Sox Nation Governor Of New York;

Voting is an Online Affair, open ONLY to those from Red Sox Nation;

He's The Inspiration for "Marty From Allston", a "Fitzy" Character;

And Chris is from Allston, in Boston;

My Friend from Russia, Ivan Yervot, endorses Mr Wertz;



"Yoo Hoo? GiamBALCO?"

There's Good News that a Urine Test for Human Growth Hormone is out there. My advice to The GiamBALCO, is that he'd better ditch his syringes:

Click on The Title and read'




"Mc Cavah" Actually Said Something Which Made Sense

The Guy With The Dye, on FOX yesterday, remarked that Eric Gagne' had an extremely-disappointing 2 Months with the Red Sox, last year. How true, as the Race for the A L East Title, was Nail-Bitingly Too Close for comfort:

I still call it the Dumbest Damn Deal in Recent Memory, trading for a Broken Down Mitchell Lister;

Jon Lester goes tonight at 8:09PM on E S P N;


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WHAT Game On FOX Are The Umpires Watching?

Melky Cabrera actually ran on The Infield Grass, hence out of the Baseline, to avoid a tag. On most teams, the Player would be out. But, Wait! The Used Car Salesman, he known as Bud The Baseball Czar, is saying NOTHING, while he and his Minions have declared Yankee Stadium II(IV?), as Baseball's Cathedral, presided over by George Cardinal Steinbrenner:

Will Craig Hansen of Glen Cove in Nassau County, NY, stop pretending to pitch M L B?

When The Knuckler doesn't dance, Wakey is scary, as was the case, yesterday;

WHEN does Manny demand to be traded?




Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Game On S N Y Was More Entertaining

With The Mets Winning 7-2 over Senor Sunglasses and The Cardinals Of Blake De Witt's Ownership:

Carlos Delgado banged #20 and Arias Reyes(#6), blasted his 1st M L B Homer;

Mr Michael Pelfrey won his 9th Match-he's been Brilliant over the time, Rick(Jersey Shore)Peterson has been gone. I guess that Jeffy(J'Pon) is back in hiding;

In this week's "Head To Head" in the alleged Yankees Market, The Mets outdrew The Yankees, a Good Sign of Real NYC Normalcy;



We Neither "Pee In Your Pool" Nor Hang Out In Your Bars

I have to figure that The M L B Schedule Makers, are a bunch of Nerds, based in Ft Lee, N J, who're Intensely in The Employ of FOX, E S P N and T B S, looking to give Post Season Employment to Chip Caray, Lead Buffoon on T B S. Who else but these guys, could Schedule 6 Straight Home Games to the World's Richest Franchise, outside of Manchester United, and an East Coast Swing, while sending the Defending World Champions on a west Coast Swing, before returning home:

Yankees Management has (Considerably)Lightened the Vocabulary of those going to Yankee Stadium II(IV?), by eliminating the word "Suck" from the Lingua Franca of the Over-hyped Site. "1918" was eliminated in October, 2004, due to a Red Sox Victory in the A L C S and World Series. Will the Chant of "Ho" be deleted, next?

WHY come into a Red Sox-Themed Pub to be stupid? Go pee in your own pool or phone booth. Four A--h-les were near my chair, repeating to themselves, looking for a fight, infused by Red Bull, by being annoyingly-repetitious over last night's 1-0 Yankees Win. All these Clowns sounded like they were from Butt---- IA, or Northern N J. I did not budge;



Joba Chamberlain NEEDS To "GFY"

In The Words of "Fitzy" Of North Billerica, MA, Joba should just NEEDS to "GFY":

Joba was known for hanging with that Lying, 'Roided Psychopath and Pathological LIAR, Roger "I never done taked them Steroids" Clemens. WHAT Possesses this Whack Job, to chronically throw at Youk;

You're lucky that you're NOT in the N L, where you'd have to bat, you a--h-le. Don't tell me "It Was a accident", not unlike Clemens;

Why didn't Youkilis go after this Sugared Up Bozo? Methinks, there are 2 sets of rules-1 for DFYankees and 1 for 29 Other M L B Clubs;

WHAT Games are The Umpires Watching?

Joba/ You definitely NEED to "Go F--- Yourself";


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In the words of that Sage from North Billerica, MA, He known as "Fitzy", The Ultimate Boston Sports Fan, who led Pats Nation in mourning on CBS4-WBZ-TV, his catch phrase with the intials "GFY", applies to One Manuel Aristedes Ramirez, formerly from Washington Heights, an Upper Manhattan Neighborhood, close to a Bridge, leading to New Jersey:

"GFY", in this case, does not mean "Good For You";

Memorable Manny Moments;

2001-Homers into LF Bleachers in Yankee Stadium II(Or is it Yankee Stadium IV? I think it's actually IV for people who know something about the Site). Ball rolled down an entrance;

2004-WS Championship-Manny is MVP Of The World Series;

2005-Manny demands a trade and rescinds his demands;

2006-Is Hurt and demands a trade;

2008-Gets ejected at April 20th Game for arguing 3rd Strike Call(Thanks, Moron, as the Sox won without you. I came in from Queens to watch this);

2008-Stood there like a d--- not moving bat off shoulders at Yankee Stadium II(IV?);

2008-Bowed out with Sore Knee vs Yankees at Fenway(D---);

2008-In Wild Argument with Youk in dugout;

2008-Shoves Road Secretary on Ground over tickets(Double D---weed);

2008-Bows out of Yankees Series with "Sore Knee"(What are you doing? Sharing Madonna with A-Rod, you A--h-le?);

Is it a Midlife Crisis? Do you have a yeast infection that you don't want to talk about? Are you some kind of f---ing moron?

You NEED a Good Swift Kick in the arse, like the ones I often want to give Julio Lugo, or on occasion, Jose' Reyes;

Manny? You need to "Go F--- Yourself". Capisce?


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mets Win It 6-3/Pedro's Father Dies

After offering to give that Cocky Schmuck, Jose' Reyes, a Kick In The Arse, Reyes delivered one(3 Run Homer) over the 371 Marker in R C F, to the Shea Scoreboard, and the Mets Won it 6-3, with John Maine going 7 Innings. Billy Wagner got the save:

Pedro Martinez left the Game Early-His Father had died in the Dominican Republic, so Pedro will miss his start-Tragedy does strike, even during a Ball Game;

Requiscant In Pacem, S'r Martinez, In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen;

Cardinals come to Shea, Friday. Mets-Phils continue at 12:10PM at Shea;



It Took Long Enough

12 Innings when the Sox Took it from Seattle and swept in Seattle. Oitching matched pitching. Craig Hansen of Glen Cove, NY and St John's University, got the outs after loading 'em up with 2 outs but got an "Eric Gagne'" Style Save, whilst Paps got the Win:
. Mike Lowell Drove in a couple in the 12th. Willie Bloomquist(Seattle)dropped a Fly Ball in the 12th;

6-3 Final. Red Sox sweep a Series in Seattle for 1st Time in Safeco Field, and 1st time in 15 Years, since the Kingdome;

I thought it would never end;



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Earmuff Weekend Begins Friday For "The Nation" In NYC

Braying Blohards, known as Baboons, take over our TV Sets this weekend, as Red Sox Nation-NYC, will have to put up with those Jackasses from YES on Friday Night, -Uck and Mc Cavah on Saturday at 3:55PM-ET, and Miller and Me Me Morgan on Sunday Evening at 8:00PM, ET:

Will Jessica Alba be there for Jeter? Will Madonna be at Fenway?How much will many of you be puking?


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With Friends Like The 'Pen, Johann Santana Needs No Enemies

Billy Wagner's Shoulder was bothering him, and it was due to muscles acting up in his pitching shoulder, which is why he was not seen tonight. Click on the title and read this take from Bill Bender from The Sporting News:

A Fine effort by Johann Santana(8 Innings), was wasted. Duaner Sanchez was NOT READY. The Phils started to hit him. What Dan Warthen and Jerry Manuel were watching, I have absolutely no clue. Perhaps, Rick Peterson left some crazy herbal concoction behind. Joe Smith came in, allowing a ground ball;

Jose' Reyes needs a good swift kick in the arse. I would've done it but I might have pulled a muscle doing so. Get an out and don't be a fancy schmuck and f--k it up;

Feliciano hung one up there for Taguchi, that said "Please Hit Me";

It cost the NY Mets Dearly;

Wags? Hurry Back;



Thank Goodness It Was Cool In Seattle As Dice K Pitched Nicely And Oki-Doki Was A Good Bridge And Paps Was Fine

So, Dice K went 7 1/3 Innings, as the Red Sox took their 2nd of 3 Games in Seattle, 4-2. Seattle Was Being Seattle. It was a good, functional win as Dice K went into the 8th Inning around 100 Pitches:

At least it wasn't 100 Pitches by the 5th Inning, which is often the case of Dice K;

No Problem;

Caught the FOX Sports Net-Pacific Northwest Feed with Dave Sims. You may remember him on WFAN, with a show, following Imus in the Olden Days, Hosting the show with Ed Coleman, known by the "Imus Crew" as "The Coleman And The Soul Man." It was good to hear from him;

I wonder in what inning, did DO(Announcer Boy Orsillo) and RemDawg, Start cackling about something silly?



Monday, July 21, 2008

The ''Savage'' Affair

Michael Alan Weiner, PhD, was born in 1942 in The Bronx and raised in Queens(I Think Hollis Hills). He is into Alternative Medicine(Homeopathy). He is also known as Michael Savage, Radio Commentator:

I listened to his thing about Autism, which he knows is a terrible tragedy, but what he actually said was that this condition is often over-diagnosed by Physicians, and that Modern Medical Science knows next to nothing about it;

Which to me, means that "Big Pharma" hasn't come up with a cure for it, or a way to make money off it-yet;

What angers Savage is that Doctors will label a Child Autistic, rather rapidly;

Savage states that some children begin speaking later than a year or 2 years old. I began speaking around age 4. I was found to have a hearing loss of 25% in each ear, in 1957 at the NY Eye And Ear Infirmary on 2nd Avenue, across the Street from The Current "Professor Thom's" and "Finnerty's", the 1st Place, a Red Sox Themed Pub, and the 2nd, a Yankees-Themed Pub, in the East Village In Manhattan;

I was NOT Autistic, at least by the 1957 Definition, whereas currently, the Autism Tag is and may be thrown around too much, in the current landscape;

Hence, my Commentary on the whole thing, is that Mike Savage may just be a little too-brusque, but he does realize that Medical And Educational-Types, are noted for throwing around labels, without knowing what the hell they're talking about, and sometimes for profit;

Click on the Title and Go to what Mr Savage(Dr Weiner) really said-there's an audio link;



MMV-The '04 Red Sox Helped Me To Understand Another Baseball Triumph In Brooklyn

For when "Dem Bums" won a World Series on October 4th, 1955, I was only 8.5 Months Old. The Joy in Brooklyn was unmatched anywhere in Baseball, until 10-27-04, when, after 86 Years, The Sox won it all:

The NY Yankees were vanquished in both cases;

And The Spirit of Ebbets Field was revived;

But, in the Glory was Tragedy by Fenway Park, as Victoria Snelgrove, an Innocent Bystander in Kenmore Square, was killed by a Projectile into her head, as nearby University Students, rioted in an Intoxicated State;

But, that was some parade of Champions, in Duck Boats on The Charles River;

And Fenway Park, evokes the feelings of a "Brooklyn" I never knew;

And Derek Lowe was the Johnny Podres, I never got to know. And Papi Ortiz was sort of my Gil Hodges;

And The Ride on The Green Line T to Kenmore? Let's just say a cross between Prospect Park BMT Station and a Trolley on Bedford Avenue;

It was partying like no tomorrow;



MMIV-Commemoration And Victory

3-0 Yankees! Derek "I Left My Calling Card With Jessica Alba" Jeter, hung a sign up in the Yankees Clubhouse, reading "Mission Accomplished" as no team in M L B History had ever come back from 0-3 in Post Season History:

Papi was the star of Games 4 and 5 at Fenway Park. In Game 6, Curt Schilling pitched with Blood on his ankle and in pain in his finest hour, as A-Rod made a jerk out of himself and his team, slapping the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's Glove. Then Again, Being a Jerk, is a natural thing for A-Rod, if Madonna is any indication;

Game 7 and Kevin Brown didn't last too long as the Red Sox blew him out of The Game, and Johnny(He's Now An A--h-le, Not An Idiot)Damon, was teeing off on Yankees Pitching, including a Grand Slam Homer off Yankees "Pitching";

And to top off everything, The Cardinals were swept in 4 Games in the World Series;

And Tim Mc Carver inspired a few Anti-Tim Websites;

T'is a Glorious Time;



MMIII-3 Nights In Coffee Land With The Worst Team In The Game

Three Nights in The Land of Starbucks, when Jon Lester gets the Call for The Red Sox vs Seattle Mariners:

DRINK The COFFEE, Carmine Hose-you've been listless;

10:05PM from Safeco Field;



MMII-This Team Doesn't Even Have The Faith Of A Mustard Seed

Pitching Is the rock on which a Great Team is built. Games are not going to be won exclusively on hitting. And Sox Pitching is getting older. Tim Wakefield is almost 42. His Knuckler had kept him going, and it is getting whacked into the Hinterlands(Just ask Ian Kinsler, Milton Bradley(The Player, Not The Toy Company), Josh Hamilton and Vladimir Guerrero:

The Road, despite Red Sox Nation's Attempts to turn the Road Ballpark into an "Away Fenway Park", is NOT kind to the Club this Season. It looks like a version of '05 and with Papi Ortiz' Injury to his wrist, a touch of '06;

Getting swept in Anaheim, is NOT a good sign. One Wonders if Clay Bucholtz is a 1 Season Wonder, as he has not been really good. The'Pen should be investigated by The Arson Investigation Division of the F D N Y(Yes I Live In Queens-What's It To Ya, from a Native Of Brooklyn), for the fact that they don't do the bridging to Papelbon. And even Paps isn't always effective;

Last night was the 3rd Day of No Fun, in the 5-3 Loss, as Del Carmen of Hyde Park, in the Southern Part of Suffolk County, MA, couldn't keep Wakey's Runners from advancing. It could also be said That "Oki-Doki" Okajima, is being figured out by Players all over the A L, especially with runners in scoring position or runners on base, though Okajima was not in last night;

Time to go home and get well! For in yesterday's Gospel, The Christ spoke of The Mustard Seed and how it flowers into great things. For most people though, the Mustard Seed when ground up, makes for a nice slather on a frankfurter. Last Year, the Red Sox flowered and Prospered like that Mustard Seed. They tend to have no Mustard Seed in them, away from Fenway Park;



Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm My Own Lab Rat

I had read about Citrulline, an element found in Watermelon and its' rinds. Let's just say that if you eat enough of the fruit and its' rinds, male sexual activity will be enhanced:

After eating 3 Pieces of Watermelon, yesterday, including the rinds, I felt a sensation in the Lower regions of my body. Unfortunately, I'd have to eat a much-greater supply of the fruit, to achieve that sensation for a longer period;

But, due to the Candida Condition, it caused for a rash, and Edema in my Right Leg(Swelling). It's because of Sugar in the fruit, and Sugar and Yeast sure can brew up a mess;

But, I found that a 5B Capsule of Acidophillus and other Probiotics, cleared up the Edema Swelling;

I can thank my Well-Meaning Doctors for all those Antibiotics, which kill the Healthy Flora In The Intestines, leading to an overgrowth of Candida, which is painful and very-annoying. Having gone with Natural Medicine, is giving me a new look in life;

The Red Sox are killing my feelings but the West Coast Tour is ending today, as Josh Beckett is not the same as he was last year, in yesterday's 4-2 Loss, in Anaheim. They play at 6:00PM-ET in Anaheim, on ESPN. Fortunately, Tampa Bay goes outside of its' Circus Tent Dome during this week, built in tribute to the one in Minneapolis;


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Saturday, July 19, 2008


No, this doesn't mean "Manny Mania" or "Manny Maniac" or "Manny Moron". As I led up to this article, everything was Written in Roman Numerals, which were taught by my teachers in Grade School(Catholic, I may add). For M=1000, so MM=2000:

I know. Manny Ramirez is acting like a 10 Year Old, in hoping that his Contract Option for 2009 is picked up by The Red Sox, but he is pissing off John Henry and you don't do that to a guy that feeds you, especially biting the guy's hand, in the proverbial sense or even the literal sense. His Mid Season demands to be traded every year, except for last season, only to change his mind, is getting somewhat ridiculous. What next? Is he going to fart on an elevator riding with the traveling secretary? Who knows with Manny;

Even Babe Ruth got traded, because he was a really bad boy. The Red Sox lost 11-3 to the Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim, at Angel Stadium, this evening-NOT Fun;

The Road is not kind to the Sox, this Season. It's almost as if it's 2005, Deja Vu, all over again, as one Mr Berra would put it;

This Blog, with the Red Sox, primarily in mind, also gives some NY National League Coverage, a lot of it blasting the s--t out of the NY Mets, like what happened to John Maine. Why doesn't he seem to go past 5 Innings, anymore?

Also the Blog has covered the phenomena of The Growth of The Latin Mass, in Catholic Liturgy, so now you wonder why Latin is sprinkled into these writings. AND The Traditional Latin Mass is growing in Popularity;

Lately, I've gone into Health Issues. Have you ever wondered what Ester Of Wood Rosin is and what it's doing in that Crystal Light Beverage of yours? It sounds quite-toxic to me, but it's not. Pharmaceutical Companies are now worried about small companies which make High Quality Products, which actually get rid of what ails you, which have The Big Guys who make Side Effect Laden Drugs, on the run;

It's Pennant Race Time. Thanks For Reading;



Friday, July 18, 2008

MCMXCIX-1999-On The Cusp

It was a rough year, with my father suffering 2 small strokes, which led to his death in February, 2000, from a major one. DFYankees had that Miserable Cretin, Roger "I Never Done Taked Them Steroids" Clemens. DFYankees went to the World Series and Won it:

The Mets went to Post Season for the 1st Time in 11 Years, via The Wild Card;

Next is Two Millenia;



MCMXCVIII-Windows Crashes AGAIN-DFYankees

And Mark Mc Gwire and Sammy Sosa, launched an assault on Roger Maris' 61 Homer Record, with Mc Gwire ending up with 70 Homers. Both names have come up on "The Mitchell List". Sammy is still playing, but looks rather-diminished:

The Yankees won like crazy. It wasn't fun for the Rest Of Us. F--k 'em, though David Wells did prove that getting Bombed, eating like a Pig and such, doesn't always matter, as he pitched a Perfect Game, allegedly with a hangover;

Windows 98, a new Microsoft System, crashed on stage(Bwahahahahahaha);

Oh, Well;


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MCMXCVII-The Mets Are Back In The Hunt-Yankees Got Wild Card

The Florida Marlins won a 7 Game Series over Cleveland. Then, they conducted a "Fire Sale" and weren't in it for 6 Years:

It was the 2nd Term for me as Grand Knight of my Knights Of Columbus Council. A lot was done. Too Bad, some Schmuck, who hid his Membership in a Society, Proscribed by The Catholic Church, was a Sneak Attack Troublemaker. I also started to go High Tech with a cell phone from OMNIPOINT, now T-Mobile, with Fax Mail and Text Messaging;

The High Tech Era was starting;



MCMXCVI-The Countdown Stage Of This Blog

I'm Close to Two Millenia of this blog-2000 Articles, going back to June, 2005, which I hope, has entertained and informed you. It's a fun thing to do. Enjoy!


PS: FOX Saturday Baseball, premiered on June 7th, 1996, Dodgers at Mets. A new concept of Baseball Coverage was born. It's called Baboonery(Joe Buck And Tim Mc Carver).


MCMXCV-Windows Crash-New Divisional Alignments

Windows 95 Comes to be. It's made to look as easy as a Mac, but it isn't(Crash), but with all the hype, Windows, a crass, bad copy of Mac, becomes popular, sorta like Nutrisweet:

New Baseball Divisional alignments come in, with East, Central and West in the A L and N L, and a new "Wild Card" to promote Pennant Race Interest. The red Sox came in 1st in the A L East, and The Yankees went to Post Season via Wild Card. Both were eliminated. ABC and NBC were the Amalgam for the Ill Fated T B N or Baseball Network. FOX would take Over as the Primary Network for the Game, starting in 1996. The Atlanta Braves won the Series over The Cleveland Indians in 7 Games, with the 7th Game on NBC;

Bloggers like us, did NOT exist;



MCMXCIV-1994-A Strike And A Death

The Montreal Expos were in 1st Place in all of M L B, but there was no World Series Played for the 1st Time since 1904, when the NY(Now S F)Giants, refused to play against The Team now called The Red Sox. There was this Thingy called a Strike by M L B Players. Then, Montreal became somewhat noncompetitive by selling off most of their players. Roger Clemens, by now, was a ton of lard and hadn't met Mc Namee of Breezy Point, The Rockaways, as fans shouted "Have Another Pizza, Roggggahhh" at him at Fenway Park:

Had I only known then what I Know now about Homeopathy and Natural Medicine, Mom might still be around today instead of suffering from Alzheimers' and Osteoperosis. She passed on in 1994, while I was at Yonkers Raceway at a gathering of those wanting Papal Mass Tickets(Pope John Paul II would come in 1995). So-Called Modern Medicine and all its' Side-Effects, did her in;

Letterman was brutally-funny, when he cracked this joke about The Strike;
"Attendance was actually up-at Shea Stadium", as The Mets did actually, well, suck, like just a couple of weeks ago;


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Papi's At P'tucket

And he homered and was 1 for 3. Now THAT's A Good Sign, as Manny's getting cantankerous;



MCMXCII-While The Sox Were Off, These Guys Continued The Streak

Tim Wakefield, then in Pittsburgh, was N L Rookie Of The Year in 1992:

The Red Sox were off, as was Johann Santana's Pitching. But the NY Mets won the 1st of 4 Games over The Reds in Cincinatti, 10-8. Mr Delgado's Bat came alive by homering. David Wright's Bat came alive on a double. And Dan Uggla was NOWHERE to be seen;

It was the NY Mets 10th Straight Victory, and now are tied with the Phillies for 1st place in the N L East;



Thursday, July 17, 2008

Red Sox Return For The Rest Of The Season

Tomorrow Night at 10:05PM on NESN, with your hosts, DO and RemDawg. Saturday is at 3:55PM, on FOX, and we're hoping not to hear from Babunius Cavelius(See Article Below), and Sunday at 6:00PM, on ESPN:

Enjoy The Season. And may the Team pick up ground on The Road. Tampa Bay is back in their Circus Tent Dome;



Our Roman Coliseum?

"The House That Costanza Worked In", which is Yankee Stadium II(Or Is it IV), is being compared with The Roman Coliseum?

In 1972, I was in that place in Rome, and it's Historic, and Shameful, as it was a Symbol Of Decadent, Pagan Rome, where there were Gladiator Bouts and the Systemic Murders of The Early Christians. To my knowledge, no Pope ever Offered Mass there. No Gladiator All Star Games were held there. The Voices of Michael Kay and Howard Cosell, were never heard there, during a Broadcast. I wonder how ancient Romans, would've put up with Babunius Cavelius(Tim Mc Carver):

The Closest thing to the Ancient Roman Coliseum Spectators would be The Current Right Field Bleacher Inhabitants, called the "Bleacher Creatures", who greeted Jonathan Papelbon, spewing "Over-Rated" and "A--hole". FOX actually picked up real sounds of the crowd. Unfortunately, the sound equipment was in the Bleachers. Some guy bangs on a Cheese Grater, and there's a chant of "Ho" going up. Because this was the All Star Game, some Creatures wore Tuxedos, with Yankee Caps. The word "Combibo" is Latin for "Suck", a word The Creatures used frequently at The All Star Game;

Thank Goodness The Bleacher Creatures were NOWHERE near Yankee Stadium, when Pope Benedict XVI, was Offering Mass, on April 20th. It would be as bad as a Gladiator Contest. A-Rod, The Ultimate "Glad-Me-Ator" would've tried to show His Holiness Up, by Canoodling with Magda(Madonna);



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

There Were Actually 4 Yankee Stadiums On The Same Site

The Original Triple Decker didn't enclose the park. In fact from 1923 to 1927, The Stands stopped short of The Foul Lines. It was in 1928 That the LF Stands were erected:

It was in 1937 that the RF Stands were Completed. Only Lou Gehrig would play in YS I, II and III, from 1925 until 1939;

So the Stadium stayed the same, going through Cosmetic Changes in 1967;

Then The Site closed, then was torn down and Completely-Rebuilt;

Hence, Stadium IV is closing and it's a modern facility;



This Nervy A--hole Was Told To Get Lost By The Olympics Baseball GM, Bob Watson

Is Roger Clemens even dumber than an Avodart Pill? He wanted onto The USA Olympic Baseball Team, but with all this mounting evidence that Roger was involved with Steroids and Assorted Bimbos(Not Including Suzyn Waldman's Bawx-LOL), Bob Watson said NO:

Click on the title and be taken to The Article in the NY Daily News;



Roger Clemens Is At It, AGAIN

Dumb-Dumb(Pictured) was linked to HGH deliveries from Kurt Radomski(Captain HGH):

Click on the title and see what the NY Daily News, says about Ol' "Needlepoint 'N Click";



Male Enhancement Commercials on The All Star Game? All Them Side Effects

Avodart Shrinks The Prostate, with a load of Side Effects. Viagra gives a male an erection, with Side Effects. Like dizziness, loads of farting and the desire to choke the living s--t out of Buck and Mc Carver, I would not want anything like that:

WTF are these Drugs, doing on a M L B Telecast on FOX?

I couldn't understand anything Yogi said, last night. Yogi called Buck, "Jay";

He could replace Mc Cavah, in the booth, as FOX wants no Rocket Scientists in The Booth;

I recommend Natural Alternatives to these Dangerous Drugs. Remember when one Ballplayer did a Viagra Commercial? Well, it was also for Performance Enhancement in more ways than one(Rafael Palmiero);


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4:50 Is A Long Time For This Drama To Be Played Out

But, there was Comedy in the A L's 4-3 Win in 15 Innings, I found it funny that Joe Buck, now sporting a Dye Job, like the Metrosexual Frankenstein that he is, was trying to explain what kind of cheer was going up at Yankee Stadium II:

Strange, but "The Bleacher Creatures" were heard chanting "A--hole", all the Livelong Night. Some of "The Creatures" even wore Tuxedos, for this Event. "A--hole" was directed at Jonathan Papelbon, for both blowing the lead and for his alleged comment that He and not Mariano Rivera, should close the Game. But, Paps did add that Mariano is "The Godfather Of Closers";

Mr Wade Boggs, whose H O F Cap on his plaque, bears a Red Sox Cap, wore a Yankees Cap. Mr Gary Carter, sported both Montreal Expos and NY Mets Caps, as he paid tribute to a team he helped lead to the 1986 World Series Championship. Mr David Winfield sported Both a S D Padres cap and a Yankees Cap. Both Willie Mays and Yogi Berra, received huge ovations, as did a Certain H O F Right Fielder from The Pittsburgh Pirates, named Ralph Kiner;

3 Errors by N L 2nd Baseman, Dan Uggla of The FL Marlins-you're up there with that Whiny Little Diva, M. Cabrera, the N L's LVP in '06;

Tim Mc Carver, for Once in a Lifetime, was not annoying;

JD Drew, who was called Nancy at Fenway Park, won the MVP and Chevy Hybrid, with almost no one left in Yankee Stadium II. J D Drew hit a 2 Run shot on a line to Right Field, in the 7th Inning;

Meanwhile, ESPN, FOX and all the Media, were making this Yankee Stadium Tribute out too far, They don't want to hear that this is the 2nd Stadium, and not The Original;

And Fans, Cory Hart has no arm;


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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The House That George COSTANZA Worked At

The Yankees even sold Costanza 00 shirts there. It is NOT The Stadium of Di Maggio, Ruth and Mantle. That died in 1973 on September 30th:

This is The Stadium of "The Bronx Is Burning". It is a nondescript, modern stadium. The Press Level is on the Acela Club Level. The Old Yankee Stadium Press Box, was located as an overhang of the 2nd Level;

But, M L B and DFYankees are trying to sell the Concept of 1 Continuous Ballpark. It is NOT at all. It's only 32 Years Old, and this is the 33rd Season of perpetrating a fraud on the unsuspecting fan;

The sightlines in the Original Stadium, were better. The Problem is that there were too many columns. It may be the same SITE, but not the same stadium;

Few real fans showed up when DFYankees were losing, from 1965 to 1973 in the Original Stadium. ONLY on Promotional Days, were there Crowds. The Rest of the time, it was like a County Morgue;

"How 'Bout That", as Mel Allen used to say;



The Casale Fundraiser Was A Success @ Professor Thom's

Pictured is Comedian Nick Stevens, as Paul "Fitzy" Fitgerald, as host, involved in Raffles and Silent Auctions. It raised money for Former Red Sox Pitcher, Jerry Casale, who suffered a stroke a little while back. Jerry is a native of Brooklyn:

Back when Pitchers batted in The A L, Jerry hit 3 Homers. One of them was against the Yankees. We heard "Holy Cow" Phil Rizzuto, it on an iPod;

Jerry's wife told me that when she was 12, her mom took her to Ebbets Field. She lived on Bedford Avenue in Midwood, Brooklyn. She tried to walk her Family's Big Dog, but couldn't. A neighbor actually walked the dog. The Neighbor was Gil Hodges;

And Fitzy was his wisecracking self-what next on The Cape? Hooray-Rod Salt Water Taffy?

A Fun Night for a Good Cause;



Monday, July 14, 2008


The Sox are back in the lead, now that Tampa Bay's Original Rays, pulled a 7 Game Losing Streak, especially when outdoors:

It feels Grand;



All Star Game Coverage On FOX

You'll get an Unhealthy Dose Of Flatulence, either from Drinking Beer, or listening to these two Magpies, going on about either Nothing, or Derek Jeter, or Toilet II's Closing:

All Living Yankee Legends are Introduced, including that Legend In His Own Mind, George Steinbrenner(To Be Played by Larry David):

National Anthem to be sung by some "American Idol" Winner;

Yankee Stadium II is talked about as a "Cathedral", which provokes exceptionally-angry comments from The Vatican;

Camera Shots, include about 85 Shots of Derek Jeter, and 30 Shots of A-Hole and Madonna;

Mc Carver, as usual, won't know what he's talking about(And wonders why he's on "The Riviera List");

Shots of EVERY Celebrity in The Toilet, Brought to you by Chevrolet;

Then, a round of Jeter mentions by Ol' Tim;

And Fitzy will watch the game, telling Tim and Joe that they can "GFY";

And, I think that I'll Puke at the end of this Game;



For A Good Cause On All Star Week-At Professor Thom's

Jerry Casale, native of The Borough Of Brooklyn, and onetime Red Sox Pitcher, is being feted in a Fundraiser at Professor Thom's at 219 2nd Avenue, on The Island Of Manhattan;

Jerry used to own Pino's Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, an Unofficial Red Sox Hangout in NYC;

Jerry Suffered a Stroke. He needs our help;

My ol' friend, "Fitzy" is the Host. There are raffles galore;


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Last Night On ESPN-It Was A Shut-Out And A Rememberance Of 45 Seasons

There's a Piece of NYC which will be torn down in November, '08. It's located in Queens and was a Part of the 1964 Worlds' Fair. It has played host to Pope John Paul II, The Beatles(Twice), 4 World Series, the 1968 A F L Championship Game, The Curly Shuffle and home, in 1975, of Mets, DFYankees, NY Jets and NY Giants. The NY Cosmos even played 1 N A S L Playoff Game, where the Great Pele', scored. "The Rivalry" actually came to life in this place:

Note-it's NOT Yankee Stadium II;

Last Night at Shea Stadium, there were Retrospective Moments on E S P N on "Sunday Night Baseball", in regards to Shea Stadium, both the 1st and Last of the Multipurpose Stadiums. This Being All Star Week, it was time to look at this place, which is older than the 33 Season Ballpark in The Bronx;

You see, Shea Stadium has been in continuous use, whereas Yankee Stadium has not been in Continuous use. The Outer Shell of Yankee Stadium, is what remains of the original edifice, as a completely different structure is in The Bronx, so it's NOT the Original Article. DFYankees don't like to tell you that;

The Mets won 7-0, last evening, over the Defending N L Champion CO Rockies, who played this weekend like they were full of CO2. Carlos Beltran launched a 3 Run Homer over the Picnic Area and may have hit Citi Field in the process. Carlos Delgado also homered, a 2 Run Dinger. Mike Pelfrey, his pitching having dramatically improved since Rick Peterson was unceremoniously dropped at 3 AM from a Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp, went 8 Innings, giving up 6 hits;

And Shea is no "Cathedral". No One named Hankenbrenner, runs that place;



Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees Lost Their Game In Toronto

4-1 The Final, as Andy Petitte got lit up for 4 Runs on a 3 Run Homer. A.J. Burnitt, got the Blue Jays Win in Rogers Centre:



The 33 Season "Legend" A "Cathedral"?

Clearly, it's making a Mountain Out Of A Mole Hill. This is NOT The Original Article. It's even a new field and new seating arrangements. There are no obstructing columns. There, current "Fans" are Bigger Than Average A--holes, who may have signed on to "Yankee Mystique And Aura" about 3 Days Ago in a stupor. It's a place for "Arrivistas" and Hipsters. The Yankees even refer to the Place as "The Cathedral Of Baseball":

Cathedral? Somebody call Edward Cardinal Egan, if he's around. Someone please call The Sacred Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith, in The Vatican, to see if Toilet II, qualifies as a Cathedral. Where is The High Altar?

Hank? Can you change water into wine? Can you invoke the Divine Words, changing Bread and Wine into The Body And Blood Of Christ? Since you can't do any of that, You're no Archbishop, hence Toilet II is no Cathedral;

Hank? We do know you, A-Hole and Jeter, can change Water into Whine, which You 3 do very well;



MCMLXXVI-Bicentennial-Yankee Stadium II Opened

It was during The Shea Stadium Years that 'The Rivalry" was re-born, as crowds flocked to Shea, from New England and were joined by Mets Fans, in making Yankees Home Games, seem like they were on the road at Fenway Park. This was transplanted over to Yankee Stadium II(Toilet II):

Our nation had turned 200 Years Young. 32 Years Later, The Media would celebrate The Legend of a 33 Season Ballpark, as if it was The Original;

The Mets Tom Seaver would strike out his 200th Batter, for the 9th Straight Season. He k'd Pirates Catcher, Manny Sanguillen, at Shea Stadium. Not bad, for $1.30 Admission, in the Light Green Seats of Upper Level;

Things would change in 1977, with Seaver Trade I, which would cause Shea Stadium to be dubbed "Grant's Tomb", in "Honor" of M. Donald Grant;



"Home Run Derby" May Be In Jeopardy

And I don't mean Alex Trebek, either(LOL)! There's a forecast for Rain all of Monday, unless MLB and DFYankees want to take a beating for this crap. Yankee Stadium II would be all muddied:

There's a benefit-The Bleacher Creatures might just retire to their homes in NJ;



We Are "Youk's Pukes"

Kevin Youkilis drove in 6 Runs, including a grand slam into the last row of The Green Monster Seats(In the case that Tim is reading this, he's Boston's 1st Baseman):

Manny is awakening from his slumber, as he homered into the Bullpen. Ditto, Mike Lowell;

I was at a Red Sox Meetup Group at an Irish Pub, called Foley's In Midtown. It was an interesting night, as the runs poured across the plate. Brian, our organizer, is quite-entertaining. He even led an expedition to a Chinese bar called Winnie's On Baxter Street in Chinatown. We kareoked "Sweet Caroline", the I left for my HQ at Professor Thom's;

The Red Sox won 12-1. Wakey was in control. He did give up a homer to the Orioles, for the Lone Run;

Fred Lynn, AL Rookie Of The Year and AL MVP for 1975, was at Professor Thom's, earlier. He was part of the '75 World Series, a Series won on a Cheap Hit by some guy who drives me battier than Mc Carver does. I think that he's Hall Of Famer, Joe Morgan;



MCMLXXIII-The 1st Yankee Stadium Closed Up

A New Yankee Stadium was 3 Years Away. The Old Place was a Dump. I saw its' closing Game. Yankees lost to Detroit on the last day:

The Mets came all the way back from Oblivion, to play the Oakland A's, in a 7 Game World Series. There was Post-Season at Shea Stadium. It was as if Gil Hodges' Spirit, lit up the place;

In the next 2 Seasons, Shea Stadium took a beating as a Home Field, as home to The Mets, Yankees, NY Jets and, for 1 Season, THE NFL NY Giants;



It's Yankee Stadium II(Toilet II)-A New Ball Park

Yankee Stadium II, is a creation of the Mid 70s. It was NOTHING Like Stadium(Toilet)I. Yankee Stadium I, had plenty of columns in the way, obstructing views. Stadium(Toilet)II, had none of those things. The only thing linking the Stadium I and II together, is the shell. The Copper Frieze was gone, replaced with a Plastic Frieze, above the Bleacher Area:

In short, Yankee Stadium II is a modern stadium. It has only 18 Luxury Suites, hence the need to build a new facility, Yankee Stadium III, across West 161st Street from the current facility;

Also, the 1st Stadium is "The House That Ruth Built." The 2nd Stadium on the same site was "The House That Lindsay Built" and I don't mean Lindsay Lohan, either. The 3rd Stadium could be construed as either "The House That George, Hank and Hal, Built" or "The House That Jeter Built";

Hence, Yankee Stadium II, is NOT the Original Article. And All Forms of Media, are making a Big deal out of a 33 Season Ballpark;



Tim? Just Who Is Jerry Wexler?

"Hitters have a hard time with the knuckleball-catchers have a hard time catching the Knuckleball, and no one is hitting Mariano Rivera":

That classical line was spoken years ago by none other than Tim Mc Carver. Yesterday, on "FOX Saturday Baseball", with Marv Albert's Kid, Kenny, on Play By Play, near the end of the game, live from Shea Stadium, which has been the same one ballpark, since 1964, hence making it older than Yankee Stadium II, statistical information was given on the fact that Mets Pitching had only given up 13 Hits in 5 Games. Tim made this Obtuse Observation, leaving his audience in a state of confusion, which is NOTHING new;

"Jerome Wexler of Florida, The Fine Music Producer, has more hits than the Mets have given up in 5 Games";

Tim? Who T F is this guy? Everybody really woke up when David Wright made a real All Star Stab at 3rd, catching a screaming line drive;

The CO Rockies are playing like they're full of CO2. The Mets? Well, they've won 8 Straight Games, and are on Pure Oxygen, winning 3-0;



Requiscant In Pacem, Bobby Murcer

Like Mickey Mantle, he came from OK. At Age 19, he was being compared to "The Mick":

I think that many sports scribes jump to hasty conclusions;

He was one player who has seen the Yankees across the Eras, from Mantle, into Don Mattingly. He's played on those Yankees teams;

He even saw action at Wrigley Field in Chicago with The Cubs and with the S F Giants at Candlestick Park;

Then, he did a long tour in the Yankees Radio and Television Booths;

In December of '06, he was diagnosed with Brain Cancer;

He looked like he'd be making a full recovery;

Yesterday, he passed away;

Kyrie Elaison;

Resquiscant In Pacem;

In Nomini Patris, et Filli, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen;

Murc, your Mellow Delivery will be missed;



Saturday, July 12, 2008

MCMLXIX-"It's One Small Step For Man-One Giant Leap For Mankind"

No, it isn't because The NY Mets won the World Series, though it was a major story:

You see, Mr Neil Armstrong set foot on Ralph Kramden's favorite place, a place he kept offering to send his wife, Alice to, The Moon, on Sunday, July 20th, 1969. The Mets split a Doubleheader with Montreal, that day, in Montreal;

Major League Baseball premiered in the Flesh, in Canada. The 1st Sacrifice Bunt in the History of MLB in Canada, was done in Jarry Park, by that dude, The St. Louis Cardinals Catcher, known to us as the guy who wouldn't shut up, and won't on All Star Game Coverage, on FOX;

I was at Montreal's 1st Game in 1969. The Montreal Expos began life and ended as the Expos, at Shea Stadium, before becoming the Washington Nationals;

The Chicago Cubs had an 8.5 Game Lead in the NL East. The Mets won it all, defeating the Baltimore Orioles in 5 Games;

Baseball had changed, as the New League Championship Series Format, was now in effect. DFYankees were out of it. I also went to see my 1st Game in a place called "The Toilet", also known as Yankee Stadium I. The Bleacher Creatures did not exist yet;



MCMLXVIII-David Wright Makes It

He got chosen as a reserve in the 79th Annual All Star Game at Toilet II(Yankee Stadium II):

Clay Buchholz no hitted the Orioles, last year. This Game, he got clocked;

Red Sox got clocked 7-3;

Yankees lost on a Complete Game to Roy Halliday, 5-0;

Mets win it 2-1 on a Damian Easley Homer(Heave Ho-7 In A Row-On FOX at 3:55PM-This'll annoy "The Baboon");

F--- MTA NYC Bus, with their Continuous Delays, adding loads of minutes onto trips/ I'm adding them to the "Riv List";

The Detroit Tigers won 4-3 in the World Series/ Mickey Lolich homered and pitched well, and The "St. Louis Catcher" was the Final Out, as he'll be "The Baboon" on Tuesday on FOX;

Vietnam War was Hot and Heavy in 1968. As JFK was assassinated in 1963, RFK, his Brother, was as well. Martin Luther King assassinated in April, 1968 in Memphis, TE. Lyndon Baines Johnson, Ol' LBJ, stepped out and decided not to run for President of The United States. He died in January, 1973. Richard Nixon was elected President over VP Hubert Humphrey(For Whom That circus tent, called "The Metrodome", was named);



Friday, July 11, 2008

MCMLXVII-To Dream The Impossible Dream-Will St. Louis' Catcher Please SHUT UP

St Louis' Catcher in 1967, will be working a Game on FOX, tomorrow and Tuesday Night at The All Star Game. Let's hear it for Brandon Arroyo and Chris Floyd! But, an "Impossible Dream" took Place, as The Red Sox won the A L Pennant:

Sadly, Tony Conigliaro couldn't play, as he had been beaned, badly. Health-Wise, he was never the same after that. Billy Rohr pitched a 1 Hitter in Yankee Stadium(Toilet I). Jim Lonborg was one great pitcher, but no one could beat Bob Gibson;

Tom Seaver won N L Rookie of The Year, as did Rod Carew, formerly of Washington Heights, for the A L;

As for St Louis' Catcher? I never knew that Kevin Youkilis was with the S F Giants(LOL). This Series, MERCIFULLY, was NOT on FOX;



MCMLXVI-1st Game

DFYankees looked up at the rest of The American League, in LAST Place. On the last day of the 1966 Season, DFYankees played a Doubleheader(Remember Them?) vs the Chicago White Sox at Yankee Stadium(Toilet I). The Club was owned by CBS. That Last day saw a record low crowd of 413 Paid:

Where were all those Great Yankees Fans? Hence, the load of Yankee Fan Jokes over the Years, started at this point. Red Barber later mentioned that the crowd was 90;

I went to my 1st MLB Game in September, 1966 at a Rather New Shea Stadium. The Mets Lost to The Phillies, 6-0. Seaver and Koosman were in The Minors, as was Nolan Ryan, who was also on the DL;

Funny, but my 1st Red Sox Game in Fenway Park, saw the Red Sox lose to the Tigers, 6-0 and Mo Vaughn was on the DL;

I think that this is it for Shea Stadium, for me, tonight. I'll actually start leaving Shea Stadium in the 7th Inning, adhering to the 1966 Protocols;



The Outdoor Air Is Killing Tampa Bay

They got killed in Cleveland, 13-2. Oxygen kills germs and must be killing Tampa Bay:

BTW, Evan Longoria made the All Star Team-Congratulations;

DFYankees lost to The Pittsburgh Pirates last night, 4-2 and lost the Series at PNC Park;

The Mets won 7-3 over The Giants of SF, sweeping that Series, while The Red Sox gain ground on Tampa Bay;



MCMLXIV-There Was A Worlds Fair And A Baseball Game Was Played

Robert Moses Got His Wish-Shea Stadium was opened. The Dodgers were gone but the Mets took their place. The American Football League Jets were a part of Shea Stadium, from 1964, until 1983:

The St Louis Cardinals defeated DFYankees in 7 Games. Outside of Bob Gibson, one player hit .478 in that Series. He was St Louis' Catcher;

On Tuesday Night on FOX, we hope against hope that he doesn't say much, but he will:

The Mets outdrew DFYankees, who went into a 12 Year Tailspin. Yankee Fans start talking about their 20 World Championships, to get by in this drought;

Jim Bunning(Now a Republican US Senator from KY), pitched a Perfect Game on June 21st, 1964 @ Shea Stadium, for The Phillies. The Phillies set the Platinum Standard for Collapsing, with a 6.5 Game Lead with 12 to play. They finished in 3rd place;

The Catholic Mass underwent a slight revision, with allowing the Vernacular, into parts of The Mass;




DFYankees got swept by the L A Dodgers, in 4 Games and couldn't score, as Koufax and Drysdale, shut 'em down:

The Mets continued to suck, but, hey they beat DFYankees in the 1st Mayor's Trophy Game, held in Toilet I;

There has been this NY Media Spin about The Red Sox Yankees Rivalry. It never translated into huge crowds in Toilet I. It actually came to life at Shea Stadium in 1974 and 1975;




The National League, following The Hedley LaMarr Formula for Sabotage, expanded into Houston with The Colt 45s and NYC with The Mets, the Mets playing in a "Bathtub", called the Polo Grounds, owned by the National Exhibition Company(SF and former NY Giants):

The National League Clubs protected every player in their organizations, except for 15 players, who tended to be Old Timers. Yes, Gil Hodges, who once called Ebbets Field, home, now called The Polo Grounds, home;

In 1962, Duke Snider was honoured with a "Duke Snider Night" in The Polo Grounds, which in the 1950s, was grounds for somebody being shipped to Bellevue Hospital for Psychiatric Observation(LOL);

DFYankees, playing in "Toilet I", across the Harlem River, won their Last World Series until 1977, over the SF Giants, who're the Mets Landlords;



MCMLXI-Mets Fans Put David Wright On "Iggy"?

The American League expanded to L A and Washington in the 1961 Season and DFYankees won the 1961 WS over the Cincinatti Reds in 5 Games:

I say this to Mets Fans-You have a Boycotting Spirit, in that you say "No" to bad ownership, going back to the M. Donald Grant Era. Unfortunately, you don't try to put your own guy in the All Star Game, when you had the chance. Don't any of you have cell phones? Are you still thinking of Shea Stadium from a 1964 perspective? Wake up and smell the coffee or Flushing Bay, for that matter. Don't any of you own a computer? Do you want to get on "The Riv' List" with BOTH Freddie AND Jeffy? Are you an indifferent pack of morons? Am I making any sense?

You blew a Platinum Opportunity at getting your guy, David Wright to The All Star Game. You, collectively, SUCK;



Thursday, July 10, 2008


Still only 16 Teams and Ted Williams retired, hitting his last Homer#506 at Fenway Park. I was in my 1st Month Grade K, when that happened. The Pittsburgh Pirates won a 7 game Series over DFYankees. Casey Stengel was fired by The Yankees. And the 1st Washington Senators move to Minniapolis for the 1961 Season. Expansion in The Ameriacan League begins in 1961 with The LA Angels and Washington Senators II(Now The Texas Rangers):

I suffered a Terrible Case of Measels, before entering Kindergarten;



MCMLIX-Steal Our Flag

The LA Dodgers were in The Fall Classic Vs The Chicago White Sox. Two NY Sports Writers steal The Brooklyn 1955 World Championship Banner:

Dodgers win WS in 6 Games;

Ebbets Field is still being used for Stock Car Races and International Soccer, as its Last Hurrah;




DFYankees defeated The Braves, 4-3, after being down 3-1. No Fun! Pope John XXIII was elected Pope. Dodger and Giant Fans had to look elsewhere, often Travelling to Philly, to watch their Teams:




Jackie Robinson retired, rather than go to The NY Giants. The Dodgers and Giants played out the String of Games. NY Giants announced that the 1958 Games were to be played in San Francisco:

The Dodgers strung everybody along, then announced a move to L A. DFYankees lost to The Milwaukee Braves;

It was Sadness, like a Death In The Family. NYC would be minus NL Ball until 1962;



MCMLVI-The Clock Is Ticking

Dodgers sell Ebbets Field Site to Marv Krattner, Brooklyn Dodgers Fan and Real Estate Operator. Fight for Dodgers Site at Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue, defeated as Robert "Monuments To Me" Moses, proposes Stadium Site, on a Department of Sanitation Landfill in Corona, Queens, by Flushing Meadow Park:

DFYankees win in 7 Games. One of Those Games was pitched by Don Larsen, and it was a Perfect Game(Larsen would Pitch for the SF Giants, in 1962 against DFYankees). Dodgers play 7 Home Games in Jersey City, NJ in 1956 and 1957;

The Clock Ticked On;



MCMLV-Redemption At Last And The Plot Thickens

Dem Bums won it all-They Beat DFYankees in 7 Games, played in Toilet 1 and Ebbets Field, with Dem Brooklyn Dodgers winning 2-0 in the 7th Game, played in "Toilet I", with a Great Catch By Sandy Amoros in the LF Corner, throwing a One Strike to Gil Hodges and doubling up a Yankee Runner. Jackie Robinson stole home in the 1955 Series. Jackie, in his 9th Season, broke Baseball's Color Line in 1947, in Ebbets Field, Brooklyn. "Next Year" was here. I was 8.5 Months Old when this happened;

O'Malley tries to get clearances to build Atlantic Yards. Robert Moses found ways to block this;



MCMLIV-The Giants In Twilight Win It All

DFYankees are in 2nd, 8.5 Games behind The Cleveland Indians. The NY Giants won the World Series, sweeping Cleveland 4-0. Willie Mays makes an Over The Shoulder Catch of Vic Wertz' fly to CF(about 500 Feet to CF). It's really the Last Glory Year of The Giants, who're unable to reach Glory in SF. Attendance dropped in 1955 and the Giants conspire about moving to Minneapolis or San Francisco:

The Athletics played their last Season in Philadelphia. The Baltimore Orioles, the Former St Louis Browns, played their 1st Season in Baltimore. The Braves moved to Milwaukee from Braves Field in Boston, in 1953. MLB "Musical Chairs", is being played. Dodgers Owner, Walter O' Malley, proposed Interleague Play, but was turned down. He makes plans to develop Atlantic Yards, in Brooklyn, to replace Ebbets Field;




Gil Hodges would get some hits, but DFYankees would still win the World Series. Rooting for DFYankees would be like cheering for AT And T, but there would be some light over the Next Couple Of Seasons:



MCMLII-Pray For Gil Hodges To Get A Hit

Poor Gil-he couldn't buy a hit in the 1952 World Series. A Catholic Pastor in Brooklyn, offered a prayer for Ol' Gil to get a hit:

DFYankees won that Series. Not a good year for Yankee Haters;




The Miracle of Coogan's Bluff, AKA The Polo Grounds, and the NY Giants, who overcame The Brooklyn Dodgers, winning a 3 Game NL Playoff, only to lose to DFYankees. The Polo Grounds was shaped like a Bathtub, while Yankee Stadium is an Old Toilet, so it looks like a World Series was played in a Bathroom:

Yankee Stadium was actually renovated 4 Times, with Left and Right Field Upper Levels added in the 1930s. The Toilet was disinfected and rebuilt from 1973 to 1976. Now it's being replaced by a more-spacious, State Of The Art Toilet, across West 161st Street from The Original Toilet;

Yankee Stadium was in use for 51 Seasons, until closed and rebuilt on the site. It was not open for 86 Seasons. Fenway Park has been in continuous use since 1912 and had renovations done, several times, whereas Yankee Stadium had a whole new structure built, so Yankee Stadium II, is the Proper Title;

It's a Terlit, D'ere(As Archie Bunker wouldda put it);



MCML-Red Sox Kid Captain, Victoria G From Lynn, MA, Sent This Along

If you Click on The Title, you can read Kathy Mc Cabe's Report in a Nutshell of Victoria Glidden:

In 1950, the Philly "Whiz Kids" went to the World Series, and got swept by DFYankees. The 1950's saw World Series with a NY NL or AL Team in The Series, except for 1959, when The Chicago White Sox faced "The Hollywood Beach Bums" or L A Dodgers, who left Brooklyn, through the Machinitions of Robet Moses, he who believed himself to be OMNIPOTENT in NYC(JB Quinn of Midwood, Brooklyn, would disagree-He's OMNIPOTENT);



You Went To Shea Stadium And So Far Are Empty-Handed?

The SF Giants are playing the Mets at "The Dump"(Shea Stadium). For 2 Nights in a Row, there have been Giant Goose Eggs:

Tuesday Night-Giants shut out by Mets, 7-0, with Mike Pelfrey coming into form after almost 2 Years;

Tonight, Johann Santana gets his 1st win since June 1st, with Mets winning 5-0;

These Scores wouldn't happen in the 1960s in the Era of Marichal, Mc Covey, and Mays, as well as in the Times of Bobby and Barroid Bonds;

Continue to text N5(Wright) and A4(Longoria) to 36197(USA) and 88555(Canada). Keep your thumbs working;



MCMXLVIII-The Tim Mc Carver All Star List Of Mangled Player Names

At 1st Base is Luis Puljols(St Louis): LF is Tampa Bay's Chris Floyd; At 2nd Base Is Jacoby Elldroia(Red Sox); At 3rd Base is The SF Giants Kevin Youkilis; in RF is Boston's Trot Drew; Catching is Angie Molina(SF Giants); In CF is the NY Mets Eric Chavez; AT Shortstop is Joey Cora(Red Sox); The DH is Manny Ortez(Red Sox); Pitching is Brandon Arroyo(Reds);

This is what you might hear on FOX. Don't say that I Didn't warn you. AND This is Tim's NL Team;


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MCMXLVII-Take A Dome Team Out Of It's Comfort Zone And The Oxygen Gets To Them

Just think about this-NBC Telecast Brooklyn Dodgers-NY Yankees in the World Series for the 1st Time, on a 3 Station Network, as TV was in its' Early Childhood. Next Tuesday's All Star Game will be on television around the world, live via Satellite. Sadly, in the USA, it'll be on FOX:

18-5 Red Sox over the Twins of The Metrodome. Manny was hot and not dopey, driving in runs. Only one Sox homer and that was by Kevin Cash, over The Green Monster, landing in the Parking Garage across the street. Josh Beckett got the Win. Also, Youk plated a few runs, in fact Youkilis homered in the 4 Run 8th Inning;

Minny's CF, D. Span, tried to fake a Catch which would've led to a Triple Play, but the ball hit the ground according to NESN Replays. The Umpires conferred on appeal by Francona, Gardenhire, Minny's Manager said something UNCHARITABLE To Umpiring Crew Chief, Charlie Railford, and was unceremoniously ejected;

Bombs Away-The Twins(The Original Washington Senators), have no pitching outside of that Circus Tent, called a Dome. Livan Hernandez got bombed for 6 Runs(Lo-ser);

Today was Armed Forces Day at Fenway Park. Members of The Armed Services, got a Show And A Half;




For the 1st Time since 1918, a Number no longer in use by the various Baboons, who either inhabit or inhibit Yankee Stadium(The Toilet), The Boston Red Sox made it to the 1946 World Series, this time vs the St Louis Cardinals. Next Red Sox appearance in the Fall Classic was 1967. This was Ted Williams' only World Series Appearance as a player, as it was for Stan Musial. St Louis' Catcher was Joe Garagiola, who, some 40 Years Later with Vin Scully, would Provide Elegant WS Commentary for NBC, in 1986:

In the 1940s, "Dem Bums" or Brooklyn Dodgers, would become a hot attraction, a neo "America's Team", in Ebbets Field at Bedford Avenue and Sullivan Place;

Dem Bums is gone!



MCMXLV-Continue To Text N5 And A4 To 36197 For Wright And Longoria

1945-WWII Ends-The Cold War Begins-The Chicago Cubs lost the WS to the Detroit Tigers. Mercifully, that Series was NOT on FOX, as James Timothy Mc Carver was ONLY 4 Years Old. The Cubs haven't been to the World Series since this Year. The Baby Boomers start being born:

Text A4 for Evan Longoria(That's AL Rookie of The Month Of June, Evan, not Eva, Tim) and N5 for David Wright, to 36197 in the USA and 88555 in Canada, for the Final Selection for the 79th Annual All Star Game, on July 15th, This Tuesday, live from The Soon To Close "Old Toilet"(Yankee Stadium). Game will be seen on FOX(USA), Rogers Sportsnet(Canada), and around the World on MLB International(ESPN's Worldwide Feed);

How many All Star Names will Tim, mangle? Some of his Classic Names include Brandon Arroyo, Chris Floyd and Eric Chavez and Luis Pujols;



Wednesday, July 09, 2008


06 06 1944-D Day-The Allied Invasion of Europe. The 1944 World Series was in St. Louis. The Cardinals & Browns faced off @ Sportsmans Park. The Cardinals swept in 4 games. The War was still on.


Apparently, Sunshine And Air, Don't Work For The Rays, Too Well

The Rays have NOT won a Game in Fenway Park. The same could be said for Yankee Stadium. What do both places have in common?

Neither Place has a Dome. Both are Outdoor Parks, hence I believe that the Outdoor stadiums are a shock to the Rays. It's as if being vampires, they're afraid Of the Sun:

In September, Rays are mostly on the road with only 10 left at "The Trop";



Tuesday, July 08, 2008

MCMXLII And Some Good News About Papi

Ted Williams of The Red Sox, was a Navy Combat Pilot in this War. He would be a Marine Combat Pilot in The Korean War. Who knows how many Homers he would've hit, had he not had commitments to the Military:

He might have passed Babe Ruth, had it not been for all that time in the Service. He got his only World Series Appearance in 1946, after WWII;

For, in 1999 at Shea Stadium, Both The Red Sox and NY Mets, staged a joint Tribute to "The Splendid Splinter", as he came out on a Golf Cart, and was feted. I was a bit Teary-Eyed that Night;

Big Papi Ortiz, a "Splended Splinter" in his own right, took 30 Pain-Free Swings, since recovering from Surgery on his wrist. It's a Good Sign of things to come;




The 2nd World War broke out with a Vengeance. Yesterday, In Greater London, was the 3rd Anniversary of The Underground Bombing, where 52 Londoners were killed and 770 were Injured, as British Born Islamics, put bombs all over the place in the Subway and on one bus. BEWARE Of Liberal Immigration. These Guys Parents came from Old British Commonwealth Countries. Pray for the Innocent Victims:

The Tampa Bay Rays are in for a 2 Game Set, at "The Toilet", starting tonight at 7:05PM. Andy(HOF, Tim?) Pettite, goes up against Scott Kazmir;

The Mets Host The SF Giants for 3 @ "The Dump"(Shea Stadium), beginning at 7:10PM;

The Sox host The Twins at Fenway, at 7:05PM, tonight;

Continue to Text N5(Wright) and A4(Longoria) to 36197 in the US and 88555 in Canada;


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Buccholz Returns Friday And Masterson To P'Tucket

Masterson is being converted to a Reliever, while Clay returns as a Starter:

Looks Good, as the 'Pen Problems are being addressed;

Here's hoping for no dumb deals at the end of The Month, like LAST Year;



A4-Longoria And N5 For The Wright Stuff To 36197 In The USA And 88555 In Canada

Wright drove in 4 Runs last night and hit his 17th Homer. Longoria is from the Team with the Best Record in Baseball:

NO "Mitchell Listers" Need apply here, especially that guy with the Moustache, that guy being a "Mitchell Lister" Once and For All;



Monday, July 07, 2008

"Mets Win The Damn Game, 10 To 9"

Great Murphy's Ghost! The Mets had a 10 to 2 lead, when Pedro Martinez left the game. The 'pen gave up 7 runs including 2 by that All Star Game Gag Selection, Billy Wagner, who got the save. Pedro, BTW, drove in the 10th Run on a single in the 6th Inning @ that home run palace, Citizens Bank Ballpark in South Philly:

David Wright, BTW, had 4 RBI, including his 17th Homer. Text N5 to 36197 in the USA and 88555, if you're in Canada;



Manny Took The Bat Off His Shoulder

He did that in the 8th Inning of tonight's 1-0 shutout of the Red Hot Minnesota Twins @ Fenway Park. And Dice K made it to the 8th Inning. Okajima pitched 2 thirds of an inning & got the win. Pap awoke from his daze and got the save. Later!



Mets Owner, The Contentious Fred Wilpon, was born in Brooklyn, NY. Please text "Please STFU" To 36197, in regards to those 2 Magpies, Buck and Mc Carver. FOX is ruining Baseball. Later!


Text A4 To 36197 For A Quite-Deserving Ray & 88555 In Canada

Also keep this name in mind if you're a fan of "Desperate Housewives", the last name of Longoria, Evan & NOT Eva. He plays for the Team with the Best Record in Baseball & is NOT on "The Mitchell List." Later!


Is Manny A Clubhouse Cancer?

When Bobby Abreu was traded by The Phillies, The Phillies started to play better baseball. It is apparent that Abreu was The Phillies "Clubhouse Cancer":

I'm also inclined to believe that Nomar Garciaparra was also a "Clubhouse Cancer". When traded, the Red Sox were more-competitive and won the '04 World Series;

Wherever A-Hole has left, the Teams he left, got better for awhile;

Is Manny, in one of his moods, the "Newest Clubhouse Cancer"?

Stay Tuned!



W/O Big Papi

The Sox have turned into a .500 Club for July. They're as bad in Domes as they were in '05. The Road is, suddenly, a Foreign Country. They even have a couple of losses in Baltimore, a proverbial "Home" Game site;

Curt Schilling is NOT here for this Season. Lugo is a Renteria Like Disaster. And Papi's Bat, according to Baseball HOF Guy, Joe Morgan, is a MAJOR Factor, and with that Absence, it's getting harder on the Sox;

Age is setting in, as well, as Manny's Contract is nearly up. It's no time to "Stand Pat" for the FO;


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"Morgan, You A--wipe?"

I'm NOT talking about Baseball HOF'er, Joe Morgan, who can bore 'em with the Best Of 'em, like Tim Mc Carver:

Some Yankee Fan A--wipe named Morgan, came into Professor Thom's last night, looking for an incident;

When the Yankees won, due to Red Sox Wide "Manny Fog", he shouted in my ear, "Go Back To Boston, you a-hole";

F--- You, Morgan. I was born in Brooklyn. Dems is Brawlin' Woids;

Why were you standing on 2nd Avenue, by Finnerty's, in a Daze?

You is da next guy on "The Riviera List";



MCMXXXI-Andy Pettite Belongs In The HOF, Tim?

Mickey Charles Mantle and Willie Howard Mays, were born in this year. From The Song of Baseball by Terry Cashman of Upper Manhattan, he sung of "Willie, Mickey and The Duke", saluting all 3 of NYC's Greatest Center Fielders of the 1950s. The Duke is over 80 in CA, and Willie will be 77 this year:

Andy Pettite and HGH-He admitted to its' use, unlike his Ol' Buddy, Roger Clemens, whose head did not get big on its' own;

Mc Carver mentioned that Andy deserved the HOF, during the FOX Telecast of Yankees-Mets;

How many of these wins were juiced, Tim? Is the Grecian Formula starting to impair your thought processes?

Dumb, DUMB, DUMB, dumb, Dumb, Dumb. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb-WTF else is new, Tim?

Does Youk make a good #8 Hitter with the Pitcher due up in the ALCS?


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NEVER Stand Pat

The Red Sox did that and are now 5 Games below Tampa Bay in the standings:

The Mets did that in the Winter of '07, just so Jeffy. That Little S---, could get even with Willie Randolph, then pretend to panic, like the COWARD he is;

Tampa Bay was aggressive, as were the Phillies;

Who's getting set up, NEXT?



The Riviera List-All Star Edition

Note: The Censored "F" Word, precedes all names listed here;

F--- Jeffy Wilpon(Snake);

F--- Manny Ramirez for being a TOTAL a--wipe;

F--- A-Rod(Kabbalah, my arse-you just want to put your prized pork into Madonna);

F--- Madonna(Who Hasn't);

F--- Jeter;

F--- Clemens;

F--- DFYankees;

F--- Eric Gagne'(For Reasons of Last Year);

F--- Kazmerzcyk(As Always);

F--- Sertell(A--wipe and Yankee Fan GM of The Riviera);

F--- Omar Minaya(Clueless A--hole GM of The Wilpons);

F--- Freddie Wilpon(Blocking Doubleday and Conspiracy);

F--- Sol Katz(Freddie's Bro In Law);

F--- NHK Producer Marc Wilpon(Freddie's Son and Jeffy's Brother);

F--- Mc Cavah(Pettite belongs in the HOF?);

F--- Buck(Bad Influence on Mc Cavah;

F--- The CHB;

F--- "Holocost-No Hitter Scholar" Michael Kay;

F--- The Food Poisoning HQ of Red Sox Nation, The Riviera;

And last but not least, F--- Suzyn Waldman(If Clemens hasn't already done that);

It's The Latest List-another one will be coming;



On This Date Last Year-Motu Proprio

Pope Benedict XVI, despite A-Rod's Attempts to upstage him(LOL), issued a Motu Proprio, allowing ANY Latin Rite Priest to celebrate The Traditional Latin Mass. This took effect on 09/14/07:

In the RC Diocese of Brooklyn, especially in Queens, the site is at St John's Cemetery Chapel, at 80th Street, off Metropolitan Avenue, on Sundays at 9:00AM. The Redoubtable Padre, Fr Joseph Wilson, now assigned to St Margaret's Church on 80th Street, is one of Two Offerers of The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass. Msgr Walter Murphy, he who once held sway over the area of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, is the Other Offerer;

I gotta get back there, Sunday;

Pax Vobiscum!

Note-For A Traditional Latin Mass in your area, click on the Title above-Gratias.


The Following Members of The Red Sox, Need To Get Some Watermelon Rind For The Viagra Like Citrulline

V-Tek, who can't hit:

Ditto, Coco;

And last but not least, Manny;

It can't hurt;



To NY Mets Fans-Text N5 To 36197 For Wright And 88555 In Canada

If You're STILL Watching The Mets, That Is. Look, I know that Jeffy Wilpon is a Nasty Little Prickasaurus, who once gave the Finger to Fans at Shea Stadium, but, though I know that you wouldn't vote blindly for members of your team for an All Star Berth at "The Toilet", I ask you to consider David Wright, 3rd Baseman for the Final All Star Berth:

Test N5 to 36197, early and often, until Thursday, July 10th, ending at 5PM-ET. If you're in Canada, text to 88555;

Get your thumbs working and NOW;



Some Good News From Philly, For Once

The Mets Are @ .500. It's "Amazin'", as Charles Dillon Stengel would've put it. On Saturday Evening, they smashed Philly, 9-4. Today, they won in 13 Innings, in 4:28, 4-2, when Fernando Tatis, ripped a 2 Run Bomb into LCF's Bleachers in Citizens
Bank Ballpark in South Philly:

It would've been 2-0, but Billy Wagner blew the Save, by allowing Jayson Werth to Homer. How TF did he get an All-Star Selection?



Manny? WTF Is In Your F---ing Head? Joba Ain't No Hall Of Famer!

Take that F---ing Bat Off Your Shoulders, or someone is going to shove said bat up your tush. Mariano Rivera pitches 3 straight fastballs over the centre of the plate and you totally stood there? Is this "Manny Being A Total A--hole" time, an Annual Ritual in Boston? You put many a Red Sox Customer in "Professor Thom's" in a total, blinding rage, this evening. Are you trying to make it onto "The Riviera List", the one where every name is proceeded by the word "F---"? You'd be the 1st Red Sox Regular, not counting Eric Gagne', who would go on that list:

Did you catch something from some Upper West Sider, who was teaching you the Kabbalah? Are we going to hear you recite that you "Are The Luckiest Man On The Face of The Earth"? Am I making any sense? Did Youk actually complain that you're not hustling out there? ARE YOU JUST PLAYING OUT YOUR CONTRACT? Did Jeffy Wilpon send you any evil messages about setting up Francona for the Slaughter? Are you Amigos with that A--wipe, Bernezard? Is A-Hole trying to convert you? Then, WHAT The F--- is in your F---ing Head, then? Have you been hanging with your homies at West 168th Street and Broadway, Again?

Cut The Chit, Manny! Your Chit is Old Hat, Worn and Tired;

Joba The Dud, pitched and got wild, allowing the Red Sox to score on a Wild Pitch;

Theo? If The 'Pen is mightier than the sword, why is this 'Pen being investigated by Both The Arson Investigative Unit of The FDNY and Boston Fire Department? Don't get any ideas about a Trade to Milwaukee for Their Star Arsonist, Eric Gagne. Too many of us, puked and gagged last year, watching that oversized piece of Canadian Bacon, getting cooked too many times, often getting burned to a Crisp and I don't mean Coco, either. What Deals were made over the Winter? Have you been listening, too much to that Clueless Franchise-Wrecker, Omar Minaya, who has been just added to "The Riviera List"?

BTW, Paps-watch but don't be stupid and indecisive-IT COST US, TONIGHT. Tampa Bay is the REAL DEAL;

5-4 Yankees in "The Toilet". And, for the 1st Time in my life, I saw people in Yankees Gear, coming home on the Q11 Bus, down Woodhaven Blvd into the Woodhaven Area. My Stomach turned;

Watch out for the Twins-They're White-Hot;

And with all this ranting-LATER!


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Text N0 to 36197

To Keep Madonna out of Yankee Stadium during The All Star Game & not shown on FOX.


Brainwashing Of A-Rod

He received a coffee enema from Madonna. The only "Pork" to be used by him, will be inside of Madonna. Bwahahahaha! Later!


Ye Of Little Faith-You Think You're Your Own God, A-Rod

Madonna Louise Ciccone was once pictured in a 1st Communion Dress, when she was 8. I remember seeing this on "20 20" on ABC some years ago. Later, she moved to NYC, to pursue her career. Alex Rodriguez was born in Upper Manhattan, in 1975. His family was dysfunctional. Both are Baptized Catholics. But, WHY is it that People with Bucks, @ least in the Post-Vatican II Era, especially those in the Entertainment Field, join various Cults, such as Scientology and The Kabbalah? These are "Fashion Faddists", with time on their hands. Either the Teaching of Faith is inadequate, which in the Post Vatican II, is common in Catholic Schools and Families, or Madonna & A-Rod, are Exceptionally-Immature Individuals, afraid of Commitment, preferring Transient and Freewheeling "Relationships", forgetting about "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery." Ciao! Later!


MCMXX-It's Time To Come Out From Under That Dome Into The Fresh Air

By then, DFYankees will be treated to that domed feeling with the Famous Rays Team, at "The Toilet", on Tuesday and Wednesday:

The Yankees are Incredibly-Mediocre and Blase';

And, THIS Season, will not have a 6 Week Stretch of Sub 500 Teams to feast on, like last year, when FOX was worried about Ol' Derek and "Miss October", Ol' A-Jerk;

It looks like a cross between 1965 and 1966. a mixture of Old Guys, no Super Farm Talent and "Me" Players, as "The Museum Of Mystique And Aura"(The Toilet), faces the end of Baseball there, on Sunday, September 21st, @ 1:05PM;

Ironically, a Hockey Game will close it, in October, on NBC, in Prime Time, and that's it;

AND Tampa's not going away and it'll be a LONG # of Years for The Yankees. The "Fashionable Arrivistas" may show for about the 1st half of '09 at "The New Toilet", as the '09 Team will not be good. The Small Market Teams are making a Comeback, which is a Good Thing for The Game;

Tampa is getting a New Facility as is Miami, by 2011, while The Mets Quasi-Relive Ebbets Field for the Corporate Hacks, who wouldn't know if The Dodgers ever played in Brooklyn, or if the old Polo Grounds, had a String of Polo Ponies(Poloponies from Ralph Kramden-Lol), perhaps thinking that Frank Gifford pitched there;

And, on the subject of new parks, and despite the expansion of Fenway Park, will John Henry and Company, be thinking of further expansion of the facility, or maybe building a New Fenway Park?

And, Wrigley Field, reportedly is falling apart, after years of selling aura in an old park. Neglect doesn't make for Great Baseball;

I was at the closing of "The Toilet", on September 30th, 1973, when, despite all its' History, was an Old Dump, which had seen better days, 35 Years ago. Duke Sims, then a Yankees Catcher, hit the last-ever Home Run, in the Old Bronx Ball Yard;

BTW, Amy at "Professor Thom's", is delightful to talk to and fits right in with the atmosphere;

I think that this week, I'm going to one last Friday Night Game in "The Dump"(Shea Stadium). I'm not waiting for September;



Saturday, July 05, 2008

MCMXIX-In Between Raindrops, Shots Of Jeter & Commentary By Uninterested Joe & The Braying Baboon, A Tight Pitchers' Duel Was Waged

I was amazed. There were 7 plunkings of batters, tying an MLB Record. Manny Ramirez was plunked 3 times, setting a new MLB Record, according to Uninterested Joe Buck, on the "MLB ON FOX" Telecast. Just how many times can "The Guy With Red Hair Dye", oft-referred to here as "The Red Dyed Baboon", the One & Only Tim Mc Carver, keep referring to Mariano Rivera and "That Excellent Gait of His", before objects are thrown @ the television sets in "Professor Thom's"?

Something Strange from Uninterested Joe Buck, that Blonde-Highlighted Dickweed-Click on The Title Above(Thanks To Steve Keane from "Kranepool Society");

2-1 Yankees and Mike Mussina pitched an excellent Game;

So did the Kid, Justin Masterson, though he was a bit wild in the 6th Inning;

Unfortunately, V-Tek is in a Massive Slump, batting wise. I think he needs a couple of days off;

Julio Lugo, he of 16 MLB-Leading Errors, is no Ty Cobb at the plate. He needs a good ankle hang from either the Green Monster, or from the Verazzano Bridge, which ever is higher, to get him to think;

Mariano got wild, plunking 2 and walking one, including Manny Ramirez and Youkilis, but faced V-Tek, Crisp and The Ever Useless Lugo;

Oh, Well-Later!



Note-this number was retired by the Red Sox in 2004, lowering Yankees Fans vocabulary, considerably, low vocabulary, to begin with. It was the year that WWI ended. The Sox defeated the Chicago Cubs in the World Series, ending on September 11th, 1918. The Season ended early due to a Flu Pandemic. It should be noted that Red Sox Owner, Harry Frazzee, saved the World Series to make sure it was played. Mercifully, it was NOT on FOX.


Never Mind The Little Blue Pill

Viagra is a pill, made by a big pharmaceutical company. But, you need a prescription for it. You males who suffer from erectile dysfunction can take care of it naturally by either using the amino acid, L Argenine or through Citrulline, which helps produce Argenine by eating watermelon rinds. You don't need a pill with potential side effects. You just may save your marriage. Later!


Where Are The Crowds In St. Petersburg?

And I don't mean in Russia, but in Tropicana Field, where "That Famous Rays" Team, leading the AL East plays, in 1st Place in the AL East?

ONLY, when the Red Sox play, do they get any crowds;

DFYankees don't even get crowds there, and Steinbrenner is hq'd there;



Friday, July 04, 2008

WTF Game Was Wally Bell Watching Today?

& why is that little (Blank), who thinks he's "Lord High Master", Derek Jeter, always in the middle of all this @ "The Toilet"?

Thank Goodness The Red Sox were leading DFYankees and won 6-4;

Coco made a great catch-too bad Wally Bell was watching from a Strange angle;

YES Network replays confirmed the catch;

A Nice Dong was hit by Mike Lowell for 3 Runs, earlier;

It was a LONG out by Bobby Abreu to CF-he had no business being up, anyway;

Replays for Umpires can't come soon enough-it should shut Derek up;



ALL Shea Stadium Operations

As long as Jeffy Wilpon is running his "Organization", Sterling Mets L P, like a kids toy, preferring to play board games like Corporate Espianage, to really putting a good team on the field & chasing the "Mom & Pop" Family Fans out of Shea Stadium, I won't wait for September. I can remember when you guys were looking for fans. Friday, July 11 is the last game, which will be the Commemorative Farewell. Commemorating 1977 in 2008, may be dumb, but a fitting way since degrading the relief corps because Willie beat Jeffy out of fifty five cents in a contract extension.


Jolly Good Show, Lester-San

Jon Lester never pitched in Yankee Stadium. He did that tonight, shutting down The Yankees, 7-0, pitching a complete game, which allowed the Bullpen some rest:

NHK, the Public TV System of Japan, modeled after the BBC, was in town doing a TV Special for their morning show, seen live in the Land Of The Rising Sun. I even taped a segment of it where a Japanese Hostess on the Network was seen wearing a Yankees Jersey with the last name of Rodriguez(A-Hole)on it, and cued the crowd to razz the hell out of the "Fan". At 5:16PM, ET, I had to reprise my role as Instigator, Live to Japan;

I wonder how you say "A-Rod? Go Home-You won't find anyone there", in Japanese?

The Same Telecast was also operating out of Finnerty's, our neighboring Yankees Bar, a few feet away;

This evening, every time A-Rod came up, Madonna Tunes were played;

Just how do you say "Yankees Suck" in Japanese?



Thursday, July 03, 2008

"The Material Girl" Meets "The Material Man"-MCMXII

& a hearty "GFY" to both of them! Madonna is playing around on Guy Ritchie while Slappy Mc Bluelips, AKA A-Hole, got dumped by his wife. Jackarses!

It was in MCMXII or 1912 that Fenway Park 1st opened. The Highlanders changed their name to the Yankees. The Interlocking NY was expropriated from the Honor Legion of the NYPD;

& A-Hole was 0 for the night, tonight;



The 'Pen FARTS

MDC, Craig from Glen Cove, and Javier Lopez=Arsonistas:

What'll happen in Da Bronx-S----ing The Proverbial Bed?

Yikes! Better Hope You Guys Get Hot and Tampa Goes Outdoors for awhile;

Later! Off to TV on Morning show to land of The Rising Sun!


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's Dice K's Pitching

Coming from the "Era Of Seaver, Gibson, Carlton", Dice K Matsuzaka is a 5 Inning Pitcher. No Good, as in this modern era, he doesn't go more than 5 Innings and it will be a costly thing, as it was this evening. It taxes the bullpen and results in a loss:

Farrell will really have to work with this dude;



MCMIX-Tampa Bay Is Now Big Time, Because

One Player is known by Tim Mc Carver, but under the WRONG Name:

Cliff Floyd, their DH, is known as "Chris" Floyd, from the time in the NLCS '06;

Over time, Tim will get to know these players, all by the wrong names;

I wonder when "Eric" Chavez gets traded there;


Later, Gators!


MCMIII-It's Now MMVIII And It's been a Century Since A North Side Celebration In Chicago

With a North Side of Chicago Celebration, it'll make "The Hawk" Heave:

The Last Time was a Century Ago, when The Cubs won it all;

Unfortunately, Ownerships were Loathe to Upgrade and Modernize, as was once refused by Bill Wrigley, especially in 1969, when with all that heat and humidity, the Cubs wilted and collapsed and that was a Great Team;

Later, Gators!


Vote Red SOX Until 11:59PM Today-MCMVII

All Star Voting ends TONIGHT-So vote for the Red Sox Player of your choice, BUT VOTE, as Tito Francona Manages the AL All Stars, live from "The Toilet";

VOTE-Early & OFTEN, up to 25 Times;

Later, Gators!

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MCMVI-Downloaded Music For Independence Day

And I don't mean the Movie with that name:

If you have Mac OS X 10.4.11 or 10.5.3, or the Latest Linux or Windows System, download Songbird and you can get some amazing free music;

Arthur Fiedler And The Boston Pops, The Dropkick Murphys and Whitney Houston's Version Of The Star Spangled Banner, from Super Bowl XXV, are available for download-FREE, as in America;

Enjoy, America!


I Said This Once Before & I'll Say It Again-Tampa Bay Is Authentic

& The Sox lost again in The Tropicana Dome, 3-1:

It's no longer a sure thing when Wakey Pitches-at times, he scares me;

Tampa upgraded their pitching, at least for The Dome, hence contenders;

Later, Gators!


Tuesday, July 01, 2008


The Boston Americans went on to win the AL Pennant. The NY Giants, once called the Green Socks, refused to play the World Series. 90 Years later, there was no World Series, due to a Players Strike. The Boston Americans became known as the Red Sox, a few years later, and the NY Giants became the SF Giants, who currently, well, Suck. The Americans knocked the Highlanders out of Pennant Contention on the last day of the Season. ABSOLUTELY NONE of this, was on FOX.



Baltimore Orioles moved to West 168 Street & Broadway, thus becoming the Highlanders. Boston's Americans defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 5 games to 3 in the 1st Series. The good news is that the Series was a success. There was even better news-it was NOT on FOX.


Yankees "YES" Man(YES has more than 1 meaning, especially in Propaganda Television) & Leading Source Of Gut Irritation, Michael Kay, is the nephew of, according to Wikipedia, Actor Danny Aiello. Just a tidbit for today. Later, Gators!

Yikes! That's why Yankees Games on YES, sound so melodramatic.



The American League came into being. There were no "Damn Yankees" to worry about, until 1912 when there was a name change from Highlanders. That Franchise was in Baltimore as The Orioles, which may explain why DFYankees are for the birds anyway(LOL). The Team in Milwaukee, the Brewers, not owned by anyone named Selig, moved in 1902 to St Louis and later to Baltimore, in 1954:

Baseball's Game of Musical Chairs, called Franchise Shifts, began in the Early 1950s;

It's The Game we know and love/hate, today;

Later, Gators!


MCM-1900-The Road To MM Or 2000

It was 1900. The National League was strong. It was the ONLY Game in town. Brooklyn won the whole ball of Wax at Washington Park at 3rd Street and 4th Avenue in Brooklyn, then linked by Trolley and Elevated Lines. It was the Centennial Year and the end of the 19th Century:

The Road to MM or 2000 Posts, begins right now;

The Western Association of Professional Baseball Clubs was looking to set up as The American League, but had not yet done so;

America was on the Cusp Of Modernity, with the AT & T Telephone network being built. There were no Cell Phones. Boston had a Subway, which today would be called a Light Rail System. Fenway Park was only a Glimmer in someone's eye;

1900-On The Cusp of a Century known for Technological Advances;

Funny, but when I started to write this blog, I had no idea that it would expand into other Subjects. I had no idea that I'd write beyond the scope of the Boston Red Sox, but I guess it was inevitable. After all, I do live in NYC, in a Borough just next to Brooklyn, called Queens;

Baseball In Boston, I've written of as the BROOKLYN I never got to experience as a young fan;

Where Shea Stadium is now, was, quite-literally, a garbage dump, not unlike the current, soon to be demolished stadium;

Why do I Write? Hey, I enjoy it;

Later, Gators!

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Ireland Wants To Be, Well, Ireland-MDCCCXCIX Or 1899

Like "Manny Being, Well, Manny", Ireland wants her identity:

Voters, in that Country, from which I'm descended from, by Faith and other factors such as an appreciation of Culture and Favourite Beverages, overwhelmingly rejected the "Treaty Of Lisbon", in regards to The European Union, or EU;

After all, they were treated or kicked around by an Over-Sized Bully called England(Irish For Hell-Lol), for a number of centuries;

While England is the Proverbial NY Yankees, Ireland is the Proverbial Boston Red Sox. Is that WHY Ireland is MORE-Prosperous;

"GFY, Eire";

"Good For You, Ireland";



As I Approach MCM Or 1900 Articles

When MCM or 1900 is up, there will be mentions of Baseball's Modern Era in most of The Articles. It was, after all, in the 20th Century, where our appreciation of Baseball is at its' greatest:

In case you must know, 1900 was a Centennial Year, but was actually the Last Year of The 19th Century, just as MM, or 2000 was the Last Year of the 20th Century;

Remember this Fact-The NY Yankees have no rings in the 21st Century;

I went to Mac OS in the 21st Century and wished I had Mac Technology in the 20th Century, as the "Windows" are Broken;

As this is MDCCCXCVIII or 1898, all 5 Boroughs of NYC, came together as One City in that year. Marty From Allston, was displeased(LOL);

Later, Gators!


Sts Peter And Paul

From a Sunday Homily from a Priest, from Vietnam, formerly French Indochina:

John Wesley had a dream, where he was at the Gates of Hell(No, NOT Gate D at "The Dump" called Shea Stadium-LOL). He asked his Guide about how many Baptists, Anglicans, Presbyterians and Catholics, are in Hell;

His Guide said "Plenty of Them";

Wesley arrived at The Pearly Gates and received an answer about the population of Heaven. His Guide told him that ONLY Christians are here(Heaven, NOT Citi Field BTW-LOL);

St. Peter led The Church. St Paul wrote various Letters, called Epistles(They were not the Wives of The Apostles-LOL), warning the Various Churches under leadership of an Apostle, that Christ was to be followed and not any particular personality, in the Name Of Unity In Christ;

Divisions are not good in this case;

Wesley led a Division within Anglicanism called Methodism, BTW;

Pax Vobiscum!