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Sunday, April 29, 2007

In Today's Blogging Marathon

20 Articles were written, mostly in connection with Yankees Red Sox, today:

I'm glad it's over;

Tomorrow, #600 promises to be a great one;

Ciao For Now;


This Is What Happens When You Trade Futures For The Past

The Past breaks down:

You trade your farm system for Old Vets, who may be past their prime;

Pretty soon, you have NOTHING left in reserve;

This is the story of the Obsessed To Win At All Cost Yankees;

I believe that since the Yankees got rid of so much prime talent, they're fading away this season, never letting the farm system take care of their needs;

There's really nothing in that system, not having any prime prospects;

It'll be a long few years, until the next contention period;

& FOX won't have the Yankees as prime attraction;

Poor Tim! Who will he obsess over next?


"All That Mourning & Weeping By Various Suburban Arrivistas"

There must have been some very PISSED-OFF New Jerseyites & SW CT Bandwagoners, fleeing "The Toilet" this afternoon, beginning around the Bottom of the 7th Inning:

The D Train was headed to the West Side for rail connections to NJ, while the 4 Train screeched into Grand Central Station, carrying extremely-disgruntled Yankees Fans, to connect with Metro North's Harlem, Hudson & New Haven Lines, to Westchester, Putnam & Dutchess Counties in NY & Fairfield County in CT, & possibly, New Haven County;

Meanwhile, some very content Red Sox Fans were headed downtown to Professor Thom's, The Hairy Monk &(Mc Guire will kill me, & it's a place I proclaim "F---" to)The Riviera, while others were heading to Hoboken, NJ & Brooklyn's Bay Ridge & Park Slope & Brooklyn Heights, to Sox-Friendly Pubs+a few places in Queens;

I think that Red Sox Ownership, could've brought the '04 WS Trophy on tour to more than just Manhattan in NYC;

I haven't seen many Giambi shirts worn anywhere. At this rate, they probably won't be worn;

A-Rod Jersey Wearers, beware of the chants @ Shea Stadium, beginning tomorrow night;

It will NOT be pretty;


Gee, I Wonder About This

Just how many Yankees Fans will don A-Rod Jerseys at Shea Stadium this week:

Would they like the ol' "Gay-Rod Serenade";

Or will they use an ol' "Buckner E3" Jersey;

Or a Marlins Jersey;

A Jeter Jersey will NOT be welcome, that's for sure;

That chant of "Yankees Suck" will be chant to my ears;


There's 1 NY Baseball Team That's Winning Here in NYC

Fortunately, it's NOT the Yankees:

How long before Yankees Fans will accuse Mets Fans of being Bandwagon-Jumpers?

It won't be long, trust me;


"For This Saturday on FOX Saturday Baseball, It's The FOX Sports-NY Yankees Drinking Game"

Take a drink if you hear the sound of Tim Mc Carver's Voice:

Take two drinks if you hear Tim mention Derek Jeter any # of times;

Take 3 drinks, if A-Rod fails to produce in a key situation;

If you play THIS Game, you are dumber than I 1st thought, as you'll be way too sick for 3 days;


Can Anyone Come Up With A Chicken Flavor For A-Rod?

I can't:

But since A-Rod is A-Rod, again, the recipe would have no taste, anyway;


"Ma Would've Been 86 Today"

She saw to it that I'd NEVER become a Yankees Fan:

Thank Goodness for so many So-Called Yankees Fans are INSUFFERABLE, ESPECIALLY the Current Generation;

There are always the Mets, as most of those Fans, were NOT Corrupted by the Allure of "Mystique & Aura";

Thanks, Ma!


PS-There are The Red Sox, Too;


Remember To Pray For Frank Torre

Like Joe, he played for The Braves in Milwaukee & was a member of the '57 World Champion Braves(They Who Beat The Yankees):

Like His Brother Joe & his sister, Sr Margurite Torre, OP, he came from Brooklyn & will be getting a kidney transplant on Tuesday;

I was given this info on Red Sox Radio from Dave O'Brien & Joe Castiglione, today;

Godspeed, Frank Torre;


"Remember THIS Maine"

In '05, just off the Great World Championship of '04, the Red Sox ran into a promising young Orioles Pitcher named John Maine, who beat the Red Sox, Twice(Twice In April, '05):

Right now, he's The GAS for the NY Mets & he threw a 1-0 Shutout for the Mets, with a Solo Homer by Carlos Beltran, the margin of victory;

He won Game 6 of the '06 NLCS, for the Mets;

That IDIOT, Francessa on "Mike & The Angry Puppy", on WFAN, a Dork-Headed Yankees Fan,& there are so MANY of them, said that Maine was NOT a Money Pitcher;

So, folks, just remember THIS Maine, JOHN Maine;


Cardinals Reliever Josh Hancock-Requiscant In Pacem

He was Only 29 Years Old & a member of Last Year's World Championship, dying in a car accident on I64 in St Louis, in his SUV:

This evening's Cubs-Cardinals Game, scheduled for 8:05PM ET, on ESPN, was cancelled;



I Just Listened To "Pa Pinstripe"

He sounds sooooooooo down:

Remember when John Sterling always brayed "Yankees Win! Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees Win";

Finally, my rendition of this saddened blowhard, is as follows;

"Yankees LOSE! Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK";

Oh, that felt soooooooooooooooo GOOD;


"A-Jerk Is In Mid-Season Form"

Hey, in the 8th, he hit into an Inning-Ending Double Play:

I guess that he only hits against guys with groin pulls or guys just up from Double A, when the Temperature is below 50 Degrees Fahrenheit;

It's when it warmed up in Boston, Last Saturday, that he got somewhat COLD;

& so have the Yankees, with no PITCHING & no real Farm System;

It's bound to happen;



"It's Pap Time In 9 & You Can Put It In The Books"

Giambi doubled up the gap:

Godzilla Matsui just struck out swinging;

Posada grounds out 4-3;

Robinson Cano, grounder 3-1;

& the Boston Red Sox Record, now the best in Baseball, is 5-1 over the NY Yankees;

Ironically, the Frank Sinatra Rendition of "New York, New York", is being heard through the WRKO Feed;

Hoboken, NJ is big Red Sox Country, the birthplace of "Ol' Blue Eyes";

Frank's Rendition of "New York, NY" was played at the end of The Greatest Comeback Of All in '04;

Hey, it's a Red Sox Victory Song, Too, as they made in NYC;

Thanks to Howie Rose, on WFAN Mets Broadcasts, for "Put It In The Books";


"Please, Timlin, Stop TORTURING US-BUT A-Rod Has Ended The Scoring"

After all, April is ending & A-Rod hit into a 5-4-3 Double Play:

With 1 out, Jeter homered, Abreu singled, but A-Rod hit into the Double Play, so it's the top of the 9th & Sox still lead 7-4;

Papelbon is warming up to face Matsui, Giambi, etc;

I'm curious about how many Yankees Fans are still up in Yankee Stadium?


"Henn From The 'Pen"

Gave up a bomb with Big Papi Aboard, & Manny finally hit one in Yankee Stadium, his 50th Vs the Yankees & his 25th in The Bronx & it's 7-3 Red Sox, in the 8th Inning;

Still NOT listening to "Ma & Pa Pinstripes", nor watching YES;

Dave O'Brien & Joe Castiglione are painting the word picture for me, not sending me over the proverbial edge;

It's bottom of the 8th & Mike Timlin has just struck out "Juan Damon";

Back later over the WRKO Red Sox Radio Network.

"Cora, Cora, Cora"

Hit a 2 Run Bomb beyond the 385 Sign in Yankee Stadium, for Red Sox to take a 4-3 lead:

However, Julio Lugo did a "Peccata", allowing Jeter to reach 1st Base;

Okajima is in relief of Julian Tarvarez. I'm listening to the Red Sox Radio Feed on Gameday Audio, as I will not listen to "Ma & Pa Pinstripes" on WCBS Newsradio 88 here in NY;

4-3 After 6, on the WRKO Red Sox Radio Network

"Yank-gorian Chant"

As one who chills to the familiar & beautiful strains of Gregorian Chant, especially during a Traditional Latin Mass of The Church Catholic & Apostolic, I'm finding it inspiring enough, as I familiarize myself with Chant, that Satirical & Clean Mockery of the NY Yankees, be done in Chant, & not the usual chant of "Yankees Suck":

It could be said that Red Sox Nation-NY Metro, is of high taste & intellectualism. Most chants will be in English, with Latin to be done at a later time;

I tend to use the beat from "Pange Lingua", in chant, which will be my 1st run at "Yank-gorian Chant", none of it in praise of the NY Yankees;

"Deliver Us From The Yankees", loosely, is "Sed Libera Nos A Malo";

If you were an Altar Boy, that chant, "Sed Libera", is something you should know;

"Malo" is Sickness & Evil;

Pax Vobiscum;


"Peccate"-Baseball Style

Derek Jeter is into it. A-Rod is getting back to it, as April is ending. Mike Lowell has been into it, lately:

Ok, I being one who has come to deeply-appreciate the Traditional Latin Mass with Gregorian Chant, I am looking for ways to put good, Classical Latin to work in Baseball;

From "Agnus Dei, Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi", the last two words mean "Sin Of The World";

So, in effect, I'm speaking of Peccate with another, more-worldly application to Baseball;

Errors, as in E-6, E-5;

Hence your Latin To Baseball Lesson For Today;

Pax Vobiscum;


"A Baseball Meditation"

It's a Game of 9 VS 9, with High Score Winning:

It can move quickly or move slowly;

It's a game for conversation, before, during & after the game;

I noticed that the 2 Lead Commentators on "FOX Saturday Baseball", are more-talkative when the Yankees are in the Lead, than when they're behind;

I'm just curious, if Yankees Fans are truly-appreciative of all these victories;

Perhaps, a season or two of adversity, such that life is, will cause them to appreciate their team more;

Aficionados of the Olde Towne Team & Team In Corona, are experienced in that department;

From The Prayer of St Francis Of Assisi:

"& Where There's Sadness, Ever Joy";

One needs to step back & assess things & THAT is a good thing;

Think about that;


Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Whilst In Enemy Country-It Was A Party For St Patrick's Amongst Other Red Sox Celebrations"

Ok, I was in a known Yankees Bar, where a Spaced-Out "Mets" Fan once told me that "It's Your Duty, Son", to root for the Yankees vs the Red Sox to honor the 1986 Mets:

Ward Bond, as "Father Lonergan" in "The Quiet Man", did not come back from the dead to tell me this, but you get an idea of the place, a nice Irish Pub, called "Killarney's Cottage" on Woodhaven Blvd. It wasn't going to make any difference where I viewed the Game, in NYC, especially since we were without NESN, DO & The RemDawg, that duo, BTW, liked a lot by many Mets Fans who have the MLB Package. We, of Red Sox Nation-NY Metro Area, were force-fed YES Coverage on "My9", having to listen to World Renown "No Hitter & Holocost Scholar", a Very Hoarse Michael Kay;

I was watching in dribs & drabs, while attending a "Better Later Than Never St. Patrick's Day Party", sponsored by Orosius Caravan 14" of The Order of Alhambra, a Catholic Socio-Charitable Order, noted for its' work with the Young Disabled, & an Offshoot of the 4th Degree of The Knights of Columbus. I'm a member of BOTH of those orders;

Kevin, one of the owners, advised me against the Red Sox Cap-Wearing, as he didn't want to watch me in tears. Well, that was NOT the case in an 11-4 BLOWOUT of the Yankees by The Olde Towne Team. "Don't Worry-Big Papi" came through in the 9th Inning;

Heave-Yo, Yankees Blow 7 In A Row! What was it that possessed Francona to bring in Joel Piniero in the 9th? Oh, well, he couldn't do any damage & pitched Nicely;

Daisuke Matsuzaka got his 3rd Win & 2nd over the Yankees. It was a Night To Celebrate;


Friday, April 27, 2007

"Please Turn Up Your Volume, Gary Thorne"


I am one of those people who heard you in the Radio Booth in the 1986 World Series, alongside Baseball HOF Bob Murphy, he who reminded us of warm spring & summer days & Ice Cold Rheingolds, amongst other things;

Bob was Curt Gowdy's Sidekick in New England, from 1954 Season until & including the 1959 Season, on the Red Sox Radio & TV Networks, reminding Red Sox Nation of Ice Cold 'Gansetts', in between calls of "Heeeee Struck Him Out" & the inevitable "Happy Recap", after a win;

All you did was misunderstand what Mirabelli was saying about the "Schilling Bloody Sock";

Don't let it happen again;

Even Tim recognised the "Bloody Sock." The only thing is that, to me, it didn't look anything remotely like Oklahoma, where Bob Murphy was born;

Be careful of what you hear & repeat;


The Bernard Mc Guirk Interview On Hannity & Colmes

Most Interesting Watching of a Program on "Hannity & Colmes" on FOX News Channel:

Bernie, The "Bald-Headed Stooge", was on his game;

The "Imus In The Morning" Producer is one into sheer satire;

He doesn't pretend anything;

Al Sharpton is a pretender. I don't consider him credible, especially since he was "Ordained" a "Reverand" @ age 4, by his father, a Minister;

& Al belongs to a Secret Society, Long-Proscribed in most of Christianity, where he took blood oaths, to keep trivial secrets;

When the camera & microphone go away from Al, he's a Huge Zero;

& needs something to help him worship his creator, which in Al's case, would be HIMSELF;


I Think That It's Mighty Wet, Outside-Is It Another Yankees Rainout?

This would be par for the course in bringing the old adage "April Showers Bring May Flowers" to life, so expect some moisture. These are the Aprils, which I traditionally remember, though it was cooler than normal:

It was this unusually-cool weather where Alex Rodriguez(Slappy Mc Bluelips)had his biggest production, until the 2 Days of Spring Warmth, last weekend. I made the remark that Slappy's #s would slow down in warmer weather;

Funny how the Yankees had a convenient "Rainout" after a mild shower on Wednesday Evening, but it's a strategy move, to protect a depleted pitching staff;

The Red Sox are ready on all cylanders;


Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Ballgame Over-Toronto Wins"

Title Taken from John Sterling's Yankees Radiocast on WCBS 880-NY:

Rookie Philip Hughes MLB Debut went 4 1/3 Innings, giving up 4 Runs on 7 Hits, K'd 5 & 1 BB, throwing 91 Pitches;

Final is Toronto 6 & NY Yankees 0, losers of 6 in a row, putting Boston's lead over the Yankees to 5 1/2 Games;

Despite Cool Weather, A-Rod was COLD, tonight, in the Power Department, with AJ Burnett, lights out;


"Put It In The Books"-Sox Sweep Orioles

& Wily Mo Pena's Bat does it with a Grand Slam Homer:

& Pap shuts the door, in a 5-2 Final over The Orioles;

We'll Take it;


Here, I Say Something About Wily Mo Pena & SLAM He Goes

& SLAM it went, as in "Grand Slam Homer":

All it takes is 1 Swing & Connection, with the Red Sox on top of the Baltimore Orioles, 5-2;

More Later!


For Tomorrow Night-Advisory On Yankee Stadium For Members Of Red Sox Nation

You're going to place called "The Toilet", in other words, everything there utterly-SUCKS:

Tier, which is the 3rd Deck, will be like an armed camp, where Boastful Yankees Fans Males, will "Inhale"their 9th Beer by the top of the 2nd Inning, if NOT sooner. The 1st Beer tossed, will be around the bottom of the 2nd Inning. That's when the Ejection Party will begin;

The RF Bleachers, where the "Cretins" are held captive, will already be there, with their usual obscenities, not knowing how to spell any of those words, followed by their couch production # of "YMCA", called "Why Are You Gay", for anybody wearing Red Sox or Mets Gear;

RSN Members who're lucky enough NOT to score tickets, will be force-fed the NY Yankees TV Feed over "My9", tomorrow night, fed totally-useless information on Saturday @ 3:30PM Eastern, when Joe & Tim torture your eardrums with Inane Commentary, on "FOX Saturday Baseball", followed by Sunday, @ 1:05PM, with more "YES Network" Drones. This warning is for everyone, who lives in the YES Zone, also called "The Twilight Zone";

Gameday Audio is my advised way of following the Red Sox, for this weekend;


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

THESE Two Drive Me Crazy

Wily Mo Pena?

If ever there was a "Jay Buehner For Ken Phelps" type of Deal, made by the Red Sox Front Office, it was the trading of Bronson Arroyo(Pitcher) for Wily Mo Pena;

Please! Pena has all the speed of a Constipated Man, for crying out loud. Catches which are normal for Covelli Crisp, are Superhuman Feats for WMP. He was described as a Power Hitter. He has all the Power of Bud Harrelson or Al Weiss(Between those 2, they've only hit 6 Homers lifetime, both members of the 1969 World Champion Mets). There's NOTHING in that tank;

Aaron Heilman?

Driving Mets Fans to drink beers, 6 at a time, methinks that he still has elbow problems, since his surgery after the '06 NLCS. Last Night, in the Mets 2-1 12 Inning Win, I thought that Heilman was giving up a couple of LONG Outs, which is unnerving;

My Stomach Turneth, watching these 2;


Monday, April 23, 2007

My Rant On "1986 Mets Fans"

You would NOT know an authentic Mets Fan, if you tripped over Karl Eberhardt, The Old "Sign Man" of Shea Stadium, from a Hole-less Toilet Seat;

You tell some guy, who wears a Red Sox Cap, that true Mets Fans root for the Yankees vs the Sox, to honour the 1986 Collection of Coke Spooners & other Assorted Felons;

That Guy in a Red Sox Cap, would run rings around you clowns, since he can remember the Fact that Nolan Ryan had a Save in Game 3 of the 1969 World Series & once struck out 3 Dodgers on 9 Straight Pitches, in 1968;

That Guy in a Sox Cap, cried when Tom Seaver got traded the 1st time;

That guy wouldn't get caught dead, praising the current incarnation of "Ap-Rod";

That Guy in a Sox Cap, remembers Borden Coupons & $1.30 Upper Level Seats;

Ridicule him & you ridicule your own team's history & REAL Fans;

That Guy In The Red Sox Cap? He partied with other Sox Fans on the 7 Line, commemorating a HUGE Victory on this past Friday Night, from Queensboro Plaza, all the way to Times Square;

So, to you "86'ers", you can kiss that guy's Irish Arse;


"Heave Ho-4 In A Row-'Chase'-ing Mr Wright"

Manny Ramirez,J. D. Drew, Mike Lowell(Los Dobles) & Jason Varitek, were in the Unique position of hitting those homers, which would lead to the downfall of the NY Yankees, last night on Lansdowne:

Daisuke Matsuzaka is becoming for me, reminiscent of a Young Texan from 1968, called Lynn Nolan Ryan(This should blow the mind of some of the "Smart-Alecky 1986 Mets Fans", who boast that it's ok to root for the Yankees vs the Red Sox, to honour the 1986 Team, as they know next to NOTHING), in that Nolan Ryan was a K artist, but could be wild at times, especially in the 1st couple of innings;

As the Weather Warmed Up, Ap-Rod's bat slowed down, hence not as powerful;

Is it my imagination that Wily Mo Pena is SLOW? Coco could've made plays which Pena couldn't make;

Bronson Arroyo for Wily Mo Pena? Can anyone say "Jay Buehner For Ken Phelps?" I'll leave that to George Costanza;

BTW, "Mr November", Derek Jeter, homered to the top of the Green Monster(Or was it Jeffrey Maier's Glove, as I noticed a glove over the top of the Green Monster);

But, "Los Dobles" Lowell hit a 3 Run Shot off the Base of The Coke Bottles for a 3 Run Homer, off the Gas-less Scott Proctor. Papelbon protected Dice K's Victory;

The Yankees fell 4 Games below the Sawx & 1 Game UNDER .500;

It must've been an unpleasant flight to Tampa Bay, home to "The Boss";

BUT, it was a GREAT NIGHT for we of RSN-NY & GENUINE Mets Fans joined the celebration. They, BTW, are PISSED at one Aaron Heilman, as well as Shawn Green;

I suspect that Heilman's arm is bothering the s--- out of him;

It may be time to put a call into Dr Bill "Southie" Morgan, in Mass. Gen, as Pedro Martinez has no pain;

Call Southie, Omar, STAT;



Sunday, April 22, 2007

Why Ap-Rod Didn't Homer Yesterday On FOX

A: The Weather Warmed Up;
B; Josh Beckett was in charge;
C; Josh paid attention to V-Tek;

We paid close attention to the GAME & not to anything that Buck & Mc Carver were saying(Buck "Killed Kenny" in the middle of the 2nd when he referred to the RED Sox as the WHITE Sox, so the fumes from Tim's Hair Dye, must be affecting Buck);

Papi Homered;

It was a 7-5 Victory;

Beckett Got the W;
The SV went to Papelbon;

& there was joy in Mudville;


Someone "Killed Kenny" Yesterday

According to FOX Sports "South Park" Correspondent, Kyle Myslansky, this heinous deed was done early & NOT by Tim Mc Carver:

"In The Bottom of the 2nd Inning, The WHITE Sox will have...";

Spoken by that Blonde Highlighted "Brain Surgeon", Joe Buck;

Kyle cried "Omigod, Buck Killed Kenny, You BASTARD";

Tim's Idiocy has infected Buck;

It's going to be a long season of Pitcher, Catcher, Crowd Shots & Jeter on FOX;



Saturday, April 21, 2007

"The 7 Train ROCKED To A 'T'"

To all those "1986 Mets Fans" &, trust me, I KNOW WHO You Are:

Have you been snorting the 1st Base Line, or is it my IMAGINATION?

Your group is THE GROUP that went up to Yankee Stadium to root, root, root for "The Evil Empire";

Most of this group, needs to be strung from a Railing, BY THE ANKLES, from Upper Level @ Shea Stadium;

Last Night, #42 Jackie Roosevelt Robinson, was finally paid proper tribute, as last Sunday's Game was cancelled by that Nor'easter, which was a true pain in the tuchas;

It was moving, to truly say it. Jackie's Widow, Rachel, a Nurse, was there. She helped break ground for the new Citi Field, in Shea Stadium's Parking Lot, back in October;

Jackie's Son, David, addressed the crowd, chilled like Jets Fans in the early days of Shea Stadium. He even led everyone in a chant of "Let's Go Mets";

Mets Manager Willie Randolph grew up going to Shea's Upper Level. He now has a Dugout Seat & wore #42 in Jackie's Honour;

A Wonderful Soloist who won a Robinson Foundation Scholarship, sang The National Anthem. I choked back tears;

& from my generation of The Mets Fans, who saw Seaver & Koosman in their Rookie Years, as well ss Nolan Ryan, Gary Gentry, Jim Mc Andrew & Frank Edwin(Tug) Mc Graw & this Golden Oldie, Don Cardwell & Reliever Ron Taylor(Currently The Team Doctor of The Toronto Blue Jays), I witnessed Various Negro Leaguers being honoured. One of them, is the Oldest Living Player from the 1969 World Champion Mets;

#5, Ed Charles, 3rd Baseman;

"The Glider", nothing Fancy, SMOOTH Fielder;

Works as a Home Care Attendant & lives in Jackson Heights, Queens, near Shea Stadium & does come to Mets Games. He's 74 Years Young, this week(I stand corrected, Omnipotent Q) & threw out the 1st Ball. He had more gas in the tank than Mets Starter, Mike Pelfry;

Then it was time for reality;

Mets Starting Pitcher Mike Pelfry had no Gas in his tank. So little, that he couldn't cut one from his tuchas, to stink out a corner of the Mets Dugout. I could tell from his 1st 3 Pitches, that this was going to be a night for getting the hook by the 5th Inning, & he was gone by the 5th(Mercifully). Pedro Feliciano had some gas in the tank, but NOT Burgos, the Reincarnation of The Last Days of Armando Benitez, who's no favorite of mine;

Mets were down 7-0 to the Braves, as Mr Tim Hudson was Masterful in his delivery. It was the 7th Inning Stretch Time & One Of Jackie Robinson's Surviving Brooklyn Dodger Team Mates, sang "God Bless America", & known to Old Time Brooklyn Dodgers & Mets Fans as Ralph Branca, now better known as Bobby Valentine's Father In Law;

Ralphie? As we'd say in Brooklyn, Ya Done Good. Thanks!

You knew that when Pelfry had no gas, that Braves 3rd Sacker, Larry Jones(I stand Corrected Omnipotent Q), planted one on the lower part of the Shea Scoreboard, it was not a good sign of things to come, so I did my scoreboard watch on Fenway, to pass the time, in between times of yelling "You Suck" at Edgar Renteria, now of The Braves;

I made a run to the Mens Room at Shea & then fled into the Night to the 7 Train;

Now the Turnstiles are up by the platform, which is great, as it makes for faster escape from Shea Stadium. I spotted a LARGE Contingent of Red Sox Nation on the 7 Platform;

The Score was 6-2 DFYankees, when I fled Shea, to the Catcalls of female Jeter-Lovers(Yankee Fans), who chanted "Let's Go Yankees", met with my rejoinder of "Suck", after Yankees. After the 3rd Time, they grew tired & shut their collective Yaps;

We of RSN commiserated & started to follow the game from Fenway Park;

By 61st Street-Woodside, 1st news rolled in about another "Ap-Rod" Homer;

By 46th Street-Queens Blvd, it was 6-4 Yankees as a rally was under way;

At 33rd Street-QB, the news that Mariano Rivera, he of "That Excellent Gait Of His", just blew another Save, as Coco Crisp Tripled in 2 Runs in the 8th Inning;

By Queensboro Plaza, it was bedlam as the 7 turned into the Cleveland Circle Green Line "T", when the Winning run was singled home & "Darkman" got the Save, with a Red Sox Triumph of 7-6;

I did my customary mock up of Sterling, with "Yankees Lose-Thuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK";

The 7 Train Rocked into Times Square. One of The Sawx Contingent, a Mets Fan, lives in the Most Yankees-Infested Neighborhood in Brooklyn, in Dyker Heights, where, in "East Village Idiot's" estimation(Chris O'Leary's From Rhode Island, hence I stand Corrected, Q), this must be home to "Guido Yankees Fans, who think they're the s---". Chris O'Leary would be right as T-Shirts, depicting "This Is Your Brain"Followed by a Yankees Emblem, & "This Is Your Brain On The Mets(Or Red Sox)", showing eggs being fried, are sold in stores there. Yankees Fans were yelling "Boston Sucks" & "You Suck" at us. I asked them if they could spell what they just said, without using "Hooked On Phonics";

Into "Professor Thom's", I danced in & hugs & kisses followed;

Then, I celebrated with "Thom's Ale" by Harpoon;

& I'm paying for my celebrating, this morning;

"F--- The Riviera"(Which, BTW, Was Chanted On The 7 Train-Jim Mc Guire Would Be Proud);


Friday, April 20, 2007

The Price Of Sox Fandom In NYC

Whether the Red Sox are playing in Fenway Park, or in a place we call "The Toilet" in The Bronx, vs the NY Yankees, we're subject to foregoing NESN & having to go with the NY Yankees TV Feed, known as YES:

My stomach grumbleth @ this thought of babble;

However, according to News Corp Owned NY Post, there is an option out of our misery & it's called ESPN, which isn't THAT much of an option, but it is NOT YES;

Curt Schilling is on the mound vs Andy Pettite, @ Fenway Park, tonight;

Tomorrow, on "FOX Saturday Baseball" @ 3:55PM, we shall be covering our ears, as That Red Dyed Baboon, Tim, will find ways to antagonize Red Sox Nation, to NO END, with countless mentions of Derek Jeter;

Sunday Night will be Jon Miller & That Legend in his own mind, HOF Joe Morgan, on ESPN;

Meanwhile, I'll be "Scoreboard-Watching" the Game at Fenway, from my perch @ Shea Stadium, with The NY Mets taking on The Atlanta Braves @ 7:10PM;

Go Sawx;

Go Mets;


PS; Has Ap-Rod been getting those(Injectable)Vitamins from "The GiamBALCO"?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

He Does NOT Play GAMES

As Prefect Of The Sacred Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith, he really ran the show in The Catholic Church, under Pope John Paul II. Now this man is Pope & really runs The Show:

Ratzinger The Great;

More Latin Mass, & NO Freemasonry!

He was elected 2 Years Ago, Today;

Ad Multos Annos, Papa Benedictus, Joseph Benedict Ratzinger!

To The Guy Who Tossed His Pizza @ Another Fan

Toss it at The FOX Booth, this Saturday, Instead:

It might get Buck & Mc Carver's Attention, preferably to actually report the Game @ hand;

Then, again, that dude might be compared to Derek Jeter, by Tim Mc Carver;

Sometimes you can't win;


This Might Be The Sox Year-Winning Two In A Row In Toronto

Two In a row with Runs:

It's about time;

Tomorrow Night is 1st Showdown Between Yankees & The Sox, with Curt Schilling taking the mound & the ball;

BOO The S--- out of Johnny Damon;

A-Rod now has to face a Pro & not someone up from Pawtucket;

& on Saturday, get those earplugs on, as Tim Mc Carver will be on Triple Jackass Overtime, as he gives us everything from the Moon to Derek Jeter;

Just be forewarned;


Why A-Rod Is So Hot

He must've stopped taking his Estrogen:


Strange but the weather has been so cold;

Maybe that's why.

In Just 1 Day, The Truth Set Me Free

I had Jury Duty in Queens County, today:

I was selected for a case involving a felony;

But, I was dismissed, for the following reason;

You see, I'm an Adjudication Liason, with a Citywide Administrative Tribunal, & the work includes testifying on cases, so I fit the category of Prosecutorial Function, which could prejudice a case;

People are entitled to a fair, speedy trial, as their right under the 6th Amendment of The Bill Of Rights In The US Constitution, & that's true;

I spoke of my true function & now, I'm finished with my Civic duty;

& my Mets Tickets arrived today;

Whilst the rest of Red Sox Nation-NY is glued to TV(Unfortunately it's on YES here in NY), I'll be watching my Baseball, live from Shea Stadium;

& tomorrow is pay day;

Keeping you all posted;


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Baseball & Catholicism

Baseball on Grass & Dirt=Tradition:
Baseball on Artificial Turf is Soooooooooo "Novus Ordo";
Baseball, played OUTDOORS=Tradition;
Baseball played INDOORS under a dome="Novus Ordo";
Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, Hot Dogs & Pizza=Tradition in Baseball;
Sushi, Meat Patties & Hummous In Pita=Novus Ordo in Baseball, though tasty;
Luxury Suites=Novus Ordo;
Bleachers & Grandstands=Tradition

Latin Mass=Tradition
Vernacular Interpretations are NOT Translations, hence Novus Ordo

My Baseball is traditional;
My Sacred Music is Traditional;
My Mass is Traditional

Like Georgia on "Salve Regina" talking about NHL Hockey & its' Catholic Elements, I'm here to point out Baseball's Traditional Elements, though I do love the NHL's System of 'Penances" in the Penalty Box, Hockey's Version of either The Confessional or Purgatory;

Chill to "The(Gregorian)Chant", right now;


"Dice-K Could Sue For Non-Support & Then Some"

Tonight, for the 1st Time, I got to watch NESN in the comfort of my home in Queens. RemDawg comes to Woodhaven:

Dice K was in a familiar situation as he was indoors @ Rogers Centre in Toronto. The Sawx bats were as cold as the outdoors in Toronto, where it was below 0c(32F);

Gustavo Chacin has their #, especially Mr Crisp. The Sox lost to the Blue Jays 2-1;

Moises Alou homered TWICE in an 8-1 Mets rout of Philly in Citizens' Bank Park in South Philadelphia. I guess that "Cheesesteaks SUCK" Mr Rollins;

As you may know, I am a FAN of Sacred Music, ESPECIALLY Gregorian Chant, so there's a "New Loop" tonight;

It's Prayerful & SOOTHING, so enjoy "Pange Lingua-Tantum Ergo";


On A Ship @ Sea(Some Humour From An Usher @ the 11AM Sunday Mass In Woodhaven, Who Told Me This)

It was a cruise ship. There was a Caberet Act. There was a Magician. @ The Captain's Table sat the Captain, with a Parrot on his shoulder. The Magician would do a trick. The Parrot would blurt out where the object was hidden. This upset the magician:

The next night, it was the same thing, & the magician was irritated, unto the point of threatening to kill the parrot. The parrot blurted out where the object was & the magician pulled out 9MM Gun & shot at the parrot. Instead, the bullet hit a propane tank & the ship was blown up. There were no survivors;

Except for 2;

The Parrot & Magician were sharing the same plank in the sea. The Magician asked "Since you knew where everything was hidden, tell me this; Where's The Ship?"


The 32 Students In Virginia Tech-Requiscant In Pacem

There was a mad student, who blew away 32 Students & Teachers @ VA Tech, yesterday:

2 were murdered at around 7:18AM ET & 30 around 9:15AM, ET;

This was in Blackburg, VA. This was the worst University Murder Spree in History;

Then, The Mad Student blew himself away;


Answers are coming in dribs & drabs;

Tragedy! Was it TERRORISM?

Stay Tuned!

Beckett Pitched Nicely In All This Cold, Wind & Rain

Red Sox 7 & The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim 2 @ 10:05AM Patriots Day Game @ Fenway Park:

The Sox are HOT in all this Cold Spring;

Keep it going;


"Rain, Rain, You Made The Schedule Go Away"

& I can't Watch Baseball:

Streets Flooded & the NY Mets have been rained out, 2 Days In A Row;

Imagine Mc Carver in a rain delay;

Now you know how I feel;


Monday, April 16, 2007

To Red Sox Nation Outside of New England Sports Network Territory For This Weekend

For Those Stuck in the TV Areas Where The YES Network has a home area, you'll be subjected to braying by Yankees Announcers:

Those outside of Yankees TV Territory, will have NESN;

All on Saturday will have FOX & several reasons to kick in your sets as Mc Carver will be on Triple Jackass Overtime, in babbling on about Derek Jeter(No, Please, No);

Sunday Night is ESPN, just a touch more-civilized, despite Joe Morgan's Rants;

The following weekend for the NY TV Market is the same thing, as it is for other markets, not in NESN-Land, as that series is in The Bronx;

Good Luck Holding in your food & drink;


Sunday, April 15, 2007

One Thing About Regular Season Baseball

It makes it easier to write about the Game, as in Off Season, when there are dribbles of information, so other things are written. It's hard to be informative & creative, when it's Off Season. Even in Spring Training, it isn't always easy to write:

I'm a Native of Brooklyn, NY. I never got to experience the Brooklyn Dodgers @ Ebbets Field, nor a ride on a streetcar to a Major League Baseball Game. @ Fenway Park in Boston, I got to experience both a Game in a park, similar to Ebbets Field & a ride on an authentic streetcar, abeit underground, so Boston is "The Brooklyn I Never Knew";

The Great Jackie Robinson, BTW, is buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery, about 3 B M T J Train stops from me, in the Old Neighbourhood. The Jackie Robinson Parkway, cuts through the cemetery, traversing Brooklyn & Queens;

If you've read where I called the L A Dodgers Fans, the "Novus Ordo" Dodgers Fans, think about this. L A Dodgers Fans arrive at the Ballpark in the 3rd Inning & leave in the 7th Inning. The Brooklyn Version of Dodgers Fans, usually arrived by the bottom of the 1st Inning at the latest. The Brooklyn version arrived by BMT Subway, IRT Subway & Streetcar. The L A Version arrives by car. "Novus Ordo" is the term to describe the present day Sunday & weekday Mass in the Catholic Church. Whenever I can, I PREFER the Traditional Latin Mass, & head to St John's Cemetery Chapel, once a month, for the Traditional Latin Mass, where the Worship is solemn & beautiful, the conversations, afterwards, intelligent & it's a Gathering of Red Sox Fans, as well. Like Baseball, Outdoors, on Grass, I love it;

& it's Regular Season & The Writing Is Plentiful;


I'm Now A Contributor @ A New Red Sox Blog-See The Top Link

It's called "The Ultimate Communal Red Sox Blog" & a fun one at that:

Someone noticed this blog & now I make my contributions over there, as I did, tonight, as I was invited to do so, so click on the link on the top right;



"It Was A MASSIVE Washout At 6 M L B Parks Today"

I was not around in 1947, so I wouldn't know what the Weather was at Ebbets Field, in Brooklyn:

Today, 60 Years Ago, @ Ebbets Field, located at Bedford Avenue & Sullivan Place in the Crown Heights Section of Brooklyn, close to the Prospect Park B M T Subway Station, Jackie Robinson broke Baseball's Colour Line;

Today, in NYC, where this 1st Game took place, there was a NASTY "Nor'easter" Storm, dumping loads of rain on us, as well as in Boston & Philadelphia, as well as Pittsburgh & 2 other Cities, playing havoc with the M L B Schedule;

In Boston, 3rd Base Coach De Marlo Hale, Centerfielder Covelli Loyce Crisp(Coco), & "El Papi Grande", David Ortiz, were all supposed to wear # 42, Jackie Robinson's #, retired throughout all of Baseball;

@ Shea Stadium, today, Mets Manager Willie Randolph, was given that honour. It's appropriate as well, as when Willie was a child, his Uncle Joe took him to METS Games @ Shea Stadium, in the Upper Level. Willie grew up in the Tilden Houses in Brownsville, Brooklyn. He found a library across the street from his home. He read about Jackie Robinson, in that library;

He manages a Winning Mets Team Today. It's appropriate that a guy from Brooklyn, should wear #42, which he'll do Friday, when the Mets meet the Braves;

Funny, but it was the Braves, then from Boston, who faced the Brooklyn Dodgers, 60 Years ago, today;

I'll be at Shea Stadium, Friday Night, wearing a Red Sox Cap;

It'll be the closest thing to a Brooklyn Dodgers Cap, I'll have that evening, as Jackie's scheduled to be honoured in Pre-Game Ceremonies;

A Night To Remember, Indeed!


"E-2, Derek?"

Whilst Tim was slowly-Torturing "Kenny" until he exploded, upon the many mentions of Derek Jeter, on FOX yesterday, as reported by FOX Sports South Park Correspondent Kyle Myslansky, thereby causing our ears to bleed, it has become apparent that wine past a certain age, merely becomes vinegur:

In the case of Tim, that is some biting vinegur;

In the case of Derek Jeter, 7 Errors in 11 Games is a sign that wine doesn't always age well;

It is a sign that the once "Invincible" Yankees, are cracking with age;

Mike Mussina & Carl Pavano(Pavano, AGAIN?)are on the DL;

Mariano Rivera gave up a 3 Run Homer to Marco Scutaro of Oakland, with 1 Strike to go;

One Day, as FOX directors are screaming to the booth for Tim to shut up about Jeter, Derek will commit another error, causing the "Sophocles Of The Diamond" to wax poetically;

"E-2, Derek?"

The outcry for Tim to shut up will be louder than for "The Silencing Of Imus";

That could come as early as NEXT Saturday on FOX, when The Yankees Play The Red Sox @ Fenway Park, & the following Saturday when the Red Sox travel to The Bronx;

I'm just waiting for this moment & so are all of you, I'm sure of that;


"Well, Tim"

The Red Sox & Angels squared off on "FOX Saturday Baseball":

The Sawx WON 8-0, in a SHUTOUT by Curt Schilling;

That wasn't the story according to "The Sophocles of The Diamond", The Illustrious Tim Mc Carver;

The Yankees weren't even on the Game;

According to Kaylee in AZ, Tim was on his favorite subject today;

His Subject was DEREK JETER;

Are You warming us up to kick in our screens, next Saturday, when you & Buck, drive us to puke, whenever "Error Boy" Jeter is seen?

You're going down like "The I-Man", Tim;

Mad Mike In Queens

PS: Is RemDawg hosting a show on WFAN, Oh Man From Memphis?


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Someone I Know Could Use a Birthday Greeting This Monday

Click on the Title:

This Man turns 80 & He's as Spry as ever;

He was born as Joseph Ratzinger in Bavaria, in Germany;

Ad Multos Annus, Papa Benedictus XVI;



On an Afternoon in Brooklyn's Ebbets Field, April 15th, 1947, Baseball Changed FOREVER. It was NOT a mere Uniracial Enclave:

Jackie Roosevelt Robinson, son of a Georgia Sharecropper, who grew up in Southern California, made headlines by Breaking Baseball's Colour Line;

He played 10 Seasons for Brooklyn;

Tomorrow, throughout 15 Major League Parks, Mr Robinson will be honoured in tribute;

10 Years ago, the #42 was retired throughout the game. Those who had the #42 before 4-15-97, could continue to wear that #. Only the Yankees Legendary Reliever, Mariano Rivera, wears the #, now;

Mets Manager Willie Randolph, who grew up in Brownsville, Brooklyn, will wear that Fabled#, tomorrow. In Boston, Covelli Loyce(Coco) Crisp, Coach De Marlo Hale, & Big Papi Ortiz, will wear that #;

At the Gil Hodges Wake 35 Years ago, I saw a man come out of a vehicle, & he needed help, as he was going blind for his diabetic illness;

He was Jackie Robinson;

& "The Boys Of Summer of 1955" were beginning to pass away, one by one;

& whenever you see Ichiro, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Cliff Floyd & others of Colour on the Diamond;

They owe it to Jackie;


"DO & The RemDawg Are Welcome In My House, Anytime"

Also, Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Bob Brenly, Hawk Harrelson, Vin Scully, Joe Buck, Jon Miller, Thom Brennaman, Joe Garagiola, Peter Van Weiran, Skip Caray, Chip Caray, & Michael Kay, are welcome in my house, at least on Television:

I just ordered MLB Extra Innings through Time Warner Cable, with 4 Payments on my bill. Now the Red Sox can stay at home, here in Queens. I don't have to go to Professor Thom's or Hairy Monk to get my Red Sox Action;

However, during the Yankees Series, I have to be with my Red Sox Bretheren, as I cannot stomach the YES Network, ESPN, or FOX, ALONE. Just the 17+Mentions of Derek Jeter by Tim Mc Carver, is need for me to be with my friends;

A Word To The I-Man:
Go on that Long Franciscan Retreat;
You Need It;


8-0 Red Sox, As I Listened to O'Brien & Gaffner

& I heard the "Papi" Homer to Centrefield in the 8th Inning:
Curt Pitched a nice 8 Innings over The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim, CA of The United States Of America;
Listening to O'Brien was a much-better option than listening to some Obvious Observation by "The Master Of The Obvious" on FOX;

I prefer my Baseball on Radio or in person. TV is menza-menza to me;


"Bill Wakefield Didn't Have To Sue For Run Support, Last Night"

That's because last night's Red Sox Starter was TIM Wakefield, with the Sawx winning 10-1 over the Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim, CA of The United States of America, @ Fenway Park, in the Chilly air of April:

Angels-Red Sox, this afternoon, 3:55PM on FOX, with Dick Stockton & Bill Mc Carver;

I mean Tim Mc Carver, after all he did call Tim Wakefield, Bill Wakefield;



Friday, April 13, 2007

Other Sisters Of Charity From Boston In Their Backyard & Mine

My understanding in this post Vatican II Era is that the Following Sisters of Charity-Halifax, who were teachers of Mine In St Sylvester's School-Brooklyn, NY, may have left the Order but were around when "The Idiots of '04" won the World Series:
Sr Thomas Martin SCH(Patricia Flaherty-1963-64 & was my Nun when JFK was assasinated- & had her in 1968-69);
Sr Bryan Elizabeth, SCH(Judith Melanie of Dorcester, Last Name Unknown, 1967-68);

How are you & where have you gone, Dom Di Maggio?

One Other, Sr Margaret Dennis-SCH was also in 1968-69(Later Known as Sr Maureen Mc Connell-SCH & She's Still an Active Nun, Thank Goodness);

From all these wonderful women, I now have a wonderful Boston Accent, almost as native as my Brooklyn one);

May your Carmine Hose Celebration of '04, been as joyous, as was mine;


Thursday, April 12, 2007

4 Sisters Of Charity & A Certain '04 World Series Championship In Their Backyard & Mine

I was reading my e-mail from, in regards to my Grammar School, St. Sylvester, @ 396 Grant Avenue in Brooklyn's City Line Subdivision of East NY:

There was talk of the 09/27/03 Reunion in the school & the Names of 4 Boston Born Nuns had come up. When The Red Sox won The Big One in 2004, my thoughts were taken back to St Sylvester School & Memories;

Timeline of Sisters of Charity Halifax @ St. Sylvester School-Brooklyn;
!929 in the 1st Year to 1989, by the School's 60th Anniversary;

My Timeline in regards to the 4 Nuns is as follows, as they were reported to be alive in 2003;

Sr Joseph Claire SCH, native of Boston, a Convert(1964-1965 Later called Sr Katherine Claire);
Sr Francis Edward SCH, native of Boston(1966-67);
Sr Regina Therese SCH, Native of Boston(1968-69);
Sr Marion Leo SCH from Boston(1960s Pinch Hitter);

They were children when the 1918 Red Sox of Babe Ruth, won that Series, in the era of Daytime Baseball, WWI, The Great Influenza Outbreak & before the advent of Radio & way before the Swooshes & Flying Logos of "FOX Saturday Baseball". If they only had the strength in their hands, in '04, to rap the Knuckles of Mc Carver & Buck, so they wouldn't turn "The World Series On FOX" into the Circus it has become today;

They made it for The Big Show in '04, 40 Years after I was in the 4th Grade, 38 Years after the 6th grade & 36 Years after the 8th Grade;

Then, during Red Sox Spring Training, Sr Joseph Claire SCH, died peacefully @ Mt St Vincent-Wellesley Hills, MA(The Town Where Curt Gowdy Resided), on 3/9/05, as "The Idiots of '04" were getting set to defend their crown;

Sr Francis Edward SCH & Sr Marion Leo SCH, are in stages of Alzheimer Disease as well as advanced age, perhaps around 100+;

Sr Regina Therese, close to The Century Mark, as all 3 are in Wellesley Hills, is reportedly still lucid. I have to drop her a Note Of Thanks & it took the Reunion of '03 & Those Idiots In '04, to think of them. In another story, I'll speak of the Younger Contingent Of Sisters of Charity-Halifax, whose names have not escaped me;

Thanks Sisters;

Thanks To The Reunionists of '03;

& Thanks To "The Idiots of '04";

Michael Leggett

"The Hype Over Dice K Was Diced Last Night"

The Long-Awaited Daisuke Matzusaka Pitching Debut went south, as the Red Sox went south vs the "Coffee Grinds"(Mariners) of Seattle, 3-0:

Felix Hernandez of Seattle, pitched a No Hitter until the 8th Inning, when J D Drew hit Hernandez 1st Pitch for a single;

Hype is all BS to me, anyway;

It was "Ollie Vs Ollie" as the Mets lost to Philly 5-2, as Oliver Perez was wilder than an "Imus Insult", with 2 2/3 Innings of Walks & a Hit Batsman;

Today, it's rainy & windy in NYC & chilly, making this one of the Chilliest Aprils in memory;

"The Moose" is hamstrung, as Mike Mussina's Yankees lost to The Twins, 5-1. Mussina is aching. A-Rod didn't homer off some kid with either torn ligaments or someone up from Double A;

Oh, Well!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"What To Look For During Yankees-Red Sox, April 21st & 28th On FOX"

FOX Director will arrange shots as follows:
Pitcher, Catcher, Batter, Jeter;
Manager, Jeter, Promo for "Fort Martina" from the creators of "NYPD Blue" & "The L Word", this fall on FOX;
Left Field Shot, Jeter on Dugout Steps, A-Rod, Jeter, Toree, Jeter, Big Papi, Jeter;
15 Mentions by Mc Carver about Bucky Dent Homer in '78, then closeup of (Who Else)Jeter;
5 Mentions of John Leiber Interview on "Tim Mc Carver Show", then shot of Jeter;
Manny Ramirez Homers, followed by closeup of Jeter;

I think that you all get the picture, as this will be a live "Yankeeography" about Derek Jeter;

& it'll "Kill" Kenny;

& Kyle will cry "You Bastards";

& Buck & Mc Carver will wonder why;


14-3 Red Sox Final

J.D. Drew Homered:

Jeff Weaver SUCKED & STILL Does;

Great Opener for The Carmine Hose over the Seattle Coffee Grinds(Mariners);

Beckett was as crisp as the weather;


'13-1 Red Sox, as The Mariners Are Getting Blown Away By Beckett"

Happy Opening Day in Boston & so far a Joyous One:

Beckett is Brilliant, so far;

Let's hope that it doesn't come down to the 'Pen(Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Triple Ouch);

& Jeff Weaver STILL Sucks! He's only good if half the other team is on the DL, or just up from the minors;


What Was The Exchange Which Got The I-Man In Hot Water

With Several Rutgers University Players wearing tatoos, which I find unusual for women, Imus referred to the players as rather rough-looking women. Tatoos, I find, are not always nice to look at & are painful to have. Skin & Blood Poisoning can occur, so why are women attempting that macho-look:

It was the Oft-Off Colour Bernard Mc Guirk(Producer Of "Imus In The Morning"), who went into that non-complimentary word "Hos'", initially, attempting to be funny, as the show can be fast-paced, with wisecracks;

Tatoos are often worn by the Macho Ignorant Types, who want to show off to a young woman or girl. I see the Tatoo crowd, often watching Yankees Games, trying to act tough, unable to spell the word "Suck" without a dictionary or "Hooked On Phonics". Ghetto Gang-Bangers are known to wear tatoos;

Imus would've been fine if he had told Bernard to "Shut Up" like he usually does & say that the players look "Horrible, Hideous & Absolutely Ridiculous" with tatoos, not use the term "Nappy Haired Hos", used to describe females with gang connections & drug habits, as tatoos do not enhance one's looks;

& I despise people who want everyone else's blood spilled, when they have more sins than the person they're excoriating;


Red SOX Nation In Ozone Park, Woodhaven, Glendale, Rego Park, Middle Village, Elmhurst & Forest Hills, Your Time Has Come @ Woodhaven House"

The Venerable & Fun Woodhaven House, worthy successor to Kate Cassidy's Pub, @ 63-96 Woodhaven Blvd, @ C/O Fleet Court, on the Middle Village-Rego Park Border, now has The MLB Extra Innings Package, so your Sawx are on, via DirecTV:

I know Ryan, The Owner is a Yankees Fan, but he knows a good business opportunity when he sees one & he's Irish from across the pond & knows his business of hospitality, quite well;

There are several brews to choose from. A favourite of mine is Blue Point Lager from Eastern Long Island;

The bar food is reasonable & good & the facilities are clean & Sean The Barman, will provide you with a nice atmosphere;

Q53 Bus to Penelope Avenue-63rd Drive & a block walk south from either stop; Q11 Bus will stop at both stops;

Now, you don't have to cross the East River for Red Sox Games; They've come to a place in Queens near you;



"The I-Man" On The Hot Seat

Some of my use of English comes from him:

Such phrases such as "Horrible, Hideous & just can't SUCK Enough", are used in some of my writings;

Al Sharpton, The "Rev" from Brooklyn, who spends his days looking for attention, NEVER came up with a facility for children with Cancer, nor fund-raised for a 1st Class Facility for Reurning-Recovering Veterans, wants Imus removed from the airwaves;

So do other "Reverends", who the Government looks the other way with, in regards to political activities;

Imus once called the current Knicks NBA Basketball Team, a bunch of "Chest-Thumping Pimps";
Then again, the Knicks were involved in a huge brawl at MSG, in December, '06. It was a reaction to thugs on a basketball court & LOSERS @ that;

So he got a bit out of line, the "I-Man", & he's doing his penance for 2 weeks;

But, @ least he never fronted for "The Boys", Like Al did, nor never incited a riot, which caused a store to burn on West 125th Street, like Al did. Remember "The Empire Carting Company", Al, where you were the "Owner"?

So, WHO are YOU to sit in Judgement?

Monday, April 09, 2007

'Tomorrow Is The Season Premiere Of Sox @ Home"

It'll be over by this time tomorrow & I Pray, Triumphant, as Matsuzaka takes the hill, vs The Mariners @ 1:05PM tomorrow:

Grand Luck & Go Sox;


"My Advice To Phillies All Star Shortstop, Jimmy Rollins"

Know what you're talking about or be prepared to be strung from your toes from the Top of either the Green Monster, or the Top of The Shea Stadium Scoreboard:

In other words, "Shut Up";

Bragging about how great the Phils were last year, DESPITE being down 12 Games to the Mets In The NL East & saying how great your club is, despite a suspect bullpen, is really brilliant, in light of your having hit into a DP, as well as booting a DP ball, allowing the Mets to open the floodgates in front of 56,227 @ Shea Stadium, who seranaded you, accordingly;

Mets won it 11-5 & as Howie Rose would put it, on the WFAN Mets Radio Network, "Put It In The Books";

Or as "The Murph" would've put it, "We'll Be Back For The Happy Recap";

& "Happy Recap", it sure was;


For Today @ 1:10PM

The Mets have come home:

They will be raising The Eastern Division Championship Banner;

& it'll be COLD & windy @ Shea, today, somewhat like the days when the Jets called Shea Home;

It's the next to last Opener @ Shea Stadium, as Citi Field, the Ebbets Field Tribute Park, rises next to Shea Stadium;

That opens in '09;

This Year is the 60th Anniversary of when Jackie Robinson, broke the Color Line in M L B;

The 50th Anniversary Season of the Last Time The Dodgers & Giants, called Brooklyn & Upper Manhattan, home;

The 40th Anniversary of The Impossible Dream in Boston & the 1st Season of Tom Seaver;

& the 30th Anniversary of the 1st Seaver Trade;

& 40th Anniversary of the Last Baseball Triple Crown, by Carl Yastremski of The Red Sox & East End of Long Island;

Happy Opening Day-Enjoy!


"Curt's Great Performance Was Almost Lost When Piniero Caught A Case Of Heilmanitis, But Pap Saved The Day"

Curt Scilling allowed 1 Run on 4 Hits with 1 BB & 6 Ks':

8th Inning & in came Joel Piniero, perhaps looking to be strung by his toes from The Green Monster & he was EXTREMELY-Ineffective, allowing 1 run;

Javier Lopez got a Line Out, & was Lifted for Power Reliever, Jonathan Papelbon, who mesmerized the Texas Rangers, so it was 3-2 Red Sox over Texas, a game seen on ESPN;

To a certain, NOVICE Mets Fan, who thought that I can't comment about a Mets' Pitcher's Performance, because I wear the Cap of the Carmine Hose, consider this;

I was at Shea Stadium the Night after Tom Seaver got traded the 1st Time(June 16th, '77);

I am ALSO the author of the "M. Donald Grant List";

I think that Tim Mc Carver is a braying blohard of a Baboon, as Lead Baseball Analyst on FOX, but I also think of him as the Mets BEST TV Play-By-Play Man, in the team's History;

Much of Red Sox Nation-NY, is the "Old Guard Mets Fans". You got a lot of catching up to do, to know what we know;

& 1969 is STILL a GOLDEN Year to us;


Sunday, April 08, 2007

"He Is Risen, Alleluia!"

The Christ is Risen:

From Ushering the 11:00AM Mass @ St Thomas The Apostle-Woodhaven, with such a packed house, where the 11AM Regulars couldn't get seats & having to clear paths so Ushers could move, as if NFL Tackles & Guards;

I felt a Double Rush, as "The Gloria" & "Alleluia" were sung, hence I was choking back tears & there was the realization that the Crowd seen at Mass, on Easter Sunday, truly-known as "The Solemnity Of The Resurrection In The 1st Sunday Of Eastertide", may NOT be seen, next Sunday;

Some Scribes of the Modern Day, would lead you to believe that the current person in question, is One Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, late of Washington Heights, in Upper Manhattan;

It is truly Easter, when the strains of "Gloria" & "Alleluia" are sung, which means that "Christ is Risen from The Dead, Risen Truly As He Said";

Besides, when the weather warms up, A-Rod will revert to sheer stats-padding, & never do anything in a key situation;

After all, the NY Yankees are only 2-3 in this early part of the season;

But, Alex Rodriguez can't walk on Water & neither can I;


Aaron Heilman Ruined My Sunday

I'm thinking that Mets brass are hiding a report of a bad elbow, as Aaron had surgery on the elbow after the '06 NLCS Series:

During Spring Training, Heilman reported tenderness in his elbow, as well as pain, & it showed in his pitching, as the Mets lost to the Braves, 3-2, wasting a nice performance by 42 Year Old Orlando Hernandez;

@ this rate, it may be time to call Dr. William Morgan, MD, he who took care of Pedro Martinez, in '01. Morgan is the former Red Sox Team Doctor, & if Heilman's arm isn't up to snuff, it may be time to call "Southie" Morgan, especially since this past fall's surgery on Pedro Martinez' Rotator Cuff, is proving to be pain-free for Pedro;

"Sing With Us The Hymn Of Glory, Sing The Resurrection Song";


Saturday, April 07, 2007

"Ugly-Up" Wounds "Kenny" Of South Park

With the NY Mets leading 1-0 in the top of the 1st Inning @ Turner Field, with John Smoltz on the mound for the Atlanta Braves, having given up a solo homer to Mets Catcher, Paul Lo Duca, formerly of Brooklyn, Joe Buck, known as "Doofus Joe" by Steve Keane of The Ed Kranepool Society Blog, remarked that since the Mets have outscored both the Cardinals & Braves, 32-3 in 5 Games, that things could get ugly in a hurry with the Mets potent offense. The ONE & ONLY Tim Mc Carver, back for a 12th Season of "FOX Saturday Baseball", & known by such names as "Captain Obvious", "The Obviator", "The Master Of The Obvious Observation", "The Baboon", & according to Steve Keane, "Tim McFullofs---", made the comment that the Mets Offense could "Ugly Up" any pitching staff:

"Kenny" of South Park, fell down wounded upon hearing Tim, utter "Ugly-Up." Kyle Myslansky, a South Park Beat Commentator for FOX Sports, will report when "Kenny" is killed by a Buck or Mc Carver Comment;

More, following Kyle screaming "Tim Killed Kenny-You Bastard", after a word from your local FOX Stations.

"Good Friday-A Proposal To Major League Baseball"

In Celebration of The Birth Of Christ @ Christmas, The National Hockey League, practices a Total Moratorium on Games to be played in the United States & Canada(December 24th & December 25th):

The National Basketball Association, on Christmas Day, starts its' play at 5:30PM on December 25th. The National Football League would do its' Game on Sunday at 4:15PM, or on Monday Night, at 8:00PM;

This is The Time Of The Holy Season of Passover, in the Jewish Faith & The HOLIEST Season in All Of Christendom, especially in The Easter Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday & Holy Saturday(Vigil Of The Resurrection), that is, The Passion, Death & Resurrection Of The Christ. WHY Does Major League Baseball PERSIST in playing in the DAYTIME of Good Friday, ESPECIALLY between the Hours of 12Noon & 3:00PM, in the period of the Time, When The Christ went through his Death On The Cross? WHY?

The Year was 1998, a year where Bill Gates Infamous Windows 1998 Version I, would crash on stage(Thank Goodness For Macs, I always say, especially Mac OS X, Today). This situation I blame, wholly, on Major League Baseball, as it should've known that certain Metropolitan areas have substantial Christian & Jewish Populations. It was Good Friday in NYC & the NY Yankees were between a Rock & a Hard Place, in which to schedule their Home Opener, as Passover was to be celebrated that Evening, & The Holiest Part of The Easter Triduum, in The Death Of The Christ, occurs between 12Noon & 3:00PM. The starting time was 12:30PM, for the NY Yankees Home Opener;

If Major League Baseball Knew any better, the Game should NOT have been played at all, in the Holy Season Confluence & Conflict. Especially Roman Catholics, who cannot consume meat(Hot Dogs & Sausages) on Good Friday, that should be a consideration & for Jews, this would be a Preparation Day for Pesach & Shabbos;

M L B STRUCK OUT, BIG TIME, in this situation, as it pleased neither Christians nor Jews. & John Cardinal O'Connor VOWED(& kept to his word) that he would boycott all Yankees Games in 1998, as Yankee Stadium is located in Bronx County, one of the 10 Counties of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York. That Home Opener should NEVER have been played;

Yesterday, in Arlington, TX, the Red Sox played the Rangers, in the Rangers Home Opener in the Afternoon of Good Friday, which was a 1:10PM CT Start. Boo-Boo commited again by M L B in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. & WHY is M L B playing Baseball in the Daytime between 12Noon & 3:00PM, on Good Friday, anyway?

Tim Wakefield Pitched a Nice Game, but Red Sox Bats slept, With The Carmine Hose losing 2-0 to Texas;

In the evening, the NY Mets DESTROYED the Atlanta Braves, in the chill of Turner Field, named for the Agnostic, Anti-Christian, Ted Turner, 11-1, & Oliver Perez pitched a Great Game, in getting the victory. The NY Mets scored, in 4 Games, a total of 31 Runs, allowing only 3 in 4 Games of this young season;

The NY Yankees, despite the efforts of the Baltimore Orioles to donate a Game to the Evil Empire, as if that Empire was a Charity, by commiting 2 errors, lost to Baltimore, 6-4. That game was played in cold weather;

Happy Resurrection, All;


Friday, April 06, 2007

Saturday, April 7th, 2007, 55% Of the The TV Markets Will Be Tormented By The Return Of "FOX Saturday Baseball"

Ken Rosenthal will return with Analysis, in 55% of ALL Markets, including New England, NYC & Elsewhere:

But, the following words will "Kill" Kenny of South Park, as the NY Mets take on an equally-undefeated Atlanta Braves;

"I'm Joe Buck & will be joined, momentarily by Tim Mc Carver";

It's "Pukebarf" Time at 3:55PM, ET Saturday, on FOX. Check your local listings & prepare to turn off your sets in order to do something else, in the (Usual) case that Tim utters something memorable(DUMB);

He will, trust me on that;


The Easter Triduum & Baseball Later On

I always thought that Lent, lasted from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday. Now in the Prayer Book @ The Mass of The Lord's Supper, it read that Lent is over, as The Easter Triduum begins with The Last Supper(Passion), Death(Good Friday) & Then The Easter Vigil(Awaiting The Resurrection) followed by The Resurrection on Easter Sunday, or The Rising Of The Pasqual Lamb-The Christ In Glory:

Such is confusion in the World Of The Church-Post Vatican II. Nevertheless, I had an emotional rush as "The Gloria"(Restored as This Blog's Music) was sung for the 1st Time, since the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. I choked back tears, singing that Prayer. Unlike other Masses in the Year, the Procession to the Temporary Place Where the Eucharist is stored, which is The End Of The Mass of The Lord's Supper, is the Singing of Adoration For The Blessed Sacrament. I felt another rush, when "Down In Adoration, Falling"", was sung in Latin. Upon the Alleluia Chant on Easter & The Easter Vigil, it'll be another emotional rush in Prayer, signifying The Risen Christ;

In singing "Praise To The Lord The Almighty", there were words changed from the 1st Time I heard it, in childhood & later years. The Lyric "All You Who Hear, Now To The Altar Draw Near", was changed to "All You who hear, Brothers & Sisters Draw Near", as this reflects that the Great Altars have been turned around, as tables facing the congregation, with the Tabernacles, placed anywhere but at The Centre, as The Christ is Central To The Christian Faith, @ Least in The Church Founded by Him. It's SAD;

@ Least, in Baseball, The Kansas City Royals & Boston Red Sox, played in the Daytime, so as not to conflict with any Holy Thursday Masses, with the Red Sox defeating the Royals, 4-1, with a masterful performance of 10 Strikeouts by Daisuke Matsuzaka, in his Major League Baseball Regular Season Debut;

But, one team chose to play @ Night on Holy Thursday, in that Den Of Iniquity, referred by Red Sox Nation, as "The Toilet", which, despite Papal Masses in 1965 & 1979, Yankee Stadium has a reputation, as a "Toilet", where their Front-Runner Fans from mostly the NJ & SWCT Suburbs, flock to "Worship" the Vaunted, but Greatly-Overrated Shortstop, Mr Derek Sanderson Jeter, who commited 2 Errors for the 2nd Consecutive Game, as the Yankees have erred 6 times in 2 games. The Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays defeated the Evil Empire Yankees, 7-6. There was an ANNOUNCED Crowd of over 52,000, but it was closer to 29,000 or 30,000, due to snow showers in NYC. Guys & Gals, watching Last Night's Yankees Game in the Snow, you were better off in Church than freezing your butts off at that Ball Game;

& The Mets are 3-0. They did NOT Play yesterday & will play tonight;

God is MUCH-MORE Satisfying than any Major League Baseball Game;

Pax Vobiscum;


Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Holy Thursday Analysis Of An EXTREMELY-Blasphemous Episode of "South Park"

Stan, one of the Mischievious Boys of South Park, CO, was looking for the REAL MEANING of Easter, so he visited the Mall, like any Suburban "Mall Rat." Eric Cartman, that hideous spoiled brat of imagination, was so demandingly-materialistic in talking to a guy dressed up as The Easter Bunny:

The Easter Bunny Guy, was, in fact, one of the Minions of "The Hare Club For Men", a play on the real "Hair Club For Men", founded in NYC by Cy Sperling, but as a Secret Society, with a Lodge Room, which looked soooooooo M-s-nic. Instead of Aprons, the townsmen wore Bunny Costumes & were initiated by Secret Ritual. Their Object of Affection was Fluffy The Rabbit(as Well as Worship), who would represent a False Idol or the M-s-nic GAOTU(Grand Architecht Of The Universe). Stan's Dad was to sponsor Stan into all of this Nonsense. There was a Secret Song to Fluffy, sung in Latin;

Then, a Super Secret Force of Ninjas, came upon this gathering of Dressed Up Idiots & proceeded to kill as many of these Dolts, as Inhumanly-Possible, led by a Sinister Looking Man in a Black Suit. It turned out that The Producers of This Episode, had for their Object of HATRED, one Mr William Donahue, President of The Catholic League For Religious & Civil Rights. They did have one thing, which is accurate, as Donahue does speak with a Bronx Accent;

I wonder what kind of acid, was Trey Parker & Matt Stone, The "South Park" Creators, dropping into their bodies, to create their BLASPHEMOUS Easter Special? No wonder they kept absolute silence, about this episode, as did The Comedy Central Network-that Network would've been shut off Cable Systems, worldwide;

The Ninjas were employed by The Holy See. Pope Benedict XVI(Josef Ratzinger) was made to sound like a tin-horned despotic dork, while Donahue was dressed up as a Despotic Baptist Minister Look-Alike;

Stan's Father & Friends, were kidnapped by Vatican orders & shipped to Rome, in order to be forced by the Church, to reveal where Fluffy The Rabbit was, or be killed in a Cannabalistic Ritual in St Peter's Square, on Easter Sunday. "South Park Jesus", was created as a Hippie Type Wimp;

Stan, in seeking the Real Meaning of Easter, went to the Man, who wrote the "DaVinci Code" farce. In showing the Michaelangelo Painting of "The Last Supper", it was revealed that St Peter, was actually a rabbit & that His Holiness must be removed & replaced by a Rabbit. Stan then went to pray to South Park Jesus, that no harm comes to the Rabbit, & his father & friends, then off he was to Rome, with Kyle, who's Jewish;

South Park Jesus, in order to use his Heavenly Powers, said that he had to be killed 1st, in order to use them, so commits "Suicide By Kyle", by ordering his own murder, so he can save the day from His Holiness & Donahue, in order to put The Rabbit, Fluffy, on the Papal Throne;

With Fluffy being the new Pope, who says & questions NOTHING, The Hare Club For Men was now in Charge of The Church. It was SICK, BLASPHEMOUS & Drug-Induced, indeed;

It was said that Masons regard Pope Benedict XVI as the worst Pope, ever for Masonry & this Satire was NOT, in the least bit FUNNY. & a voice from the Hare Clubbers, was heard saying "Never Ask Questions";

"Father, Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do";


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Long, Dreaded "M. Donald Grant List" Charter Members

This is the Penultimate List for Sports Figures, who've crossed the line & have "Earned" a Place for their ultimate act of INFAMY, hence "Quislingism", particularly in Boston & NYC:

M. Donald Grant, for whom this list is named, did many horrific things, like forcing the NY Jets to play on the road for 7 games, until baseball had come to an end in Shea Stadium(A Threat To Shea's Grass), opposed the Summer Olympics coming to NYC in 1984, by threatening to permanently move the NY Mets to either Toronto or Washington, DC, & Profiteering HANDSOMELY, from a Sweetheart Deal that ALL Parking & Concession Monies, go into the Mets Coffers, which made the Mets rather awash in cash, never to be spent. The team really profited in 1975, with the Mets "Sharing" Shea Stadium with The NY Yankees(Who're as Welcome as Nazis are in a Jewish Neighborhood), The NY Jets & The NY Giants. Rusty Staub, in an effort to save money, despite driving in over 100 Runs in 1975, was traded for a Washed Up Mickey Lolich, who would not make any contract demands, after the death of the 1st Female Majority Owner of a Major League Baseball Team, Mrs Joan Whitney Payson. However, the ULTIMATE Act of UNBRIDLED TREACHERY came, when The Pitcher, dubbed "The Franchise" by Mrs Payson, (HOF-1992)George Thomas Seaver, compared himself with (HOF-1999)Nolan Ryan, as to WHY he was worth more. Seaver had a point as he thrived in both large & small markets, whereas Ryan was a small market type, who could NOT handle the Glare of the NY Media. Grant resorted to using NY Daily News Sports Editor Dick Young, for a campaign of Vicious Attacks & Propaganda, against Seaver. Young's Son In Law, Thornton Geary, worked in the Mets Radio-TV Department, a precursor to "Al-Yanqezeera";

On that Thursday Of INFAMY(061577), Seaver was traded for minor leaguers to the Cincy Reds;

One wonders why Red Sox Nation grew by leaps & bounds in NYC? Why people were driven away from Shea Stadium, now dubbed "Grant's Tomb"? There you have it in a nutshell, as to why M. Donald Grant & Dick Young are Charter Members of This List & those who're mentioned here, not by their Nicknames, but by their deeds, are in INFAMOUS Company;

1st Name to be so "Honoured" is Mr Daniel Shaughnessy of The Boston Globe, for he reprises the Dick Young Role of writing NASTY Things, in order to get Theo Epstein, to vacate his post as Red Sox GM. The CHB(Curly Haired Bastard), conferred with Red Sox COO, Larry Lucchino, or was given information by Lawrence Lucchino, to disseminate to the public, none of it complimentary to Mr Epstein;

2nd;Mr John Damon of the NY Yankees is in this category, as he didn't want to go to The Enemy, but hey, the money was great & pals with "Injectable Vitamin-Endorser", Jason Giambi. As the "Loren & Wally Show" butt of a song parody "You're Just Juan Damon To Me", Damon has a 6th Grade Girl's Throwing Arm & his batting average is starting to plummet;

3rd;Mr Philip Islen, who forced Mr David "Sonny" Werblin out of the NY Jets Ownership Syndicate. Without Werblin, there is no Jets. When Sonny got forced out after Super Bowl III, the Jets became a big NOTHING;

4th;Mr Charles & Mr James Dolan Of Cablevision, for running the Jets out of town, while running Madison Square Garden Into The Ground;

5th; Mr William Roger Clemens, who originally hails from OHIO, not TEXAS, for certain performances in certain MLB Parks, like on 10-25-86, in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series with his famous "Blister Act." Some years later, he beaned the Distinguished Mr. Michael Piazza, on National TV, KNOWING that he would NOT have to come to bat to atone for this act of COWARDICE & being defended on TV by some Idiot, whose brain is poisoned by Hair Dye. WHY do I get the feeling that his fate will be similar to the next guy on this list?

6th; Mr Peter Rose, formerly of Ohio & now wheeling & dealing out of Florida. Thanks to your bookie, Val from Staten Island, the Greatest Hitter of Our Time, got s---canned from Baseball, FOR LIFE. IDI-F---ING-OT! You got caught, betting with someone, who lives near the Old Fresh Kills Landfill, in a certain dumped on Borough of NYC;

7th; Mr Braden Looper, who f---ed up seeming victories by Pedro Martinez & RUINING 2005 Postseason Chances for the NY Mets. He deliberately pitched, while failing to report arm trouble. He celebrated the Game 7 Victory in the '06 NLCS, by mocking Jose' Reyes, a LEGITIMATE Superstar. Meanwhile, you look as moronic as Gomer Pyle. Tonight's 10-0 Smashing by the Mets, proves that payback is a BITCH & that you're really a DICK;

8th; Mr George M. Steinbrenner(Or as Jere Smith refers to you as "Mr Dunbar"), for such reasons of running a "Soviet TV In The Cold War Network", oft-referred to as "Al Yanquezeera", by Bob Raismann of the NY Daily News, called YES, where Commentators take turns sucking up to an incredibly mediocre pitching staff & taking shots at "A-Fraud", on directions of "Mr Dunbar". But, it was the Mets who wanted to privately finance their own park, while you tried to shake down the City Of New York, into building you a "New Toilet"(Yankee Stadium #3). NO WONDER the new stadiums are being built now, instead of a few years ago, because of your plans to shake down NYC, or you're going to be crying about moving the team to NJ, where most of your fans live, anyway;

9th; Mr Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, or "Gay Rod". A 6th Grade Girl would do what you did with Bronson Arroyo, when you DELIBERATELY Slapped the Ball out of Arroyo's Glove, as the Yankees melted into Irrelevancy, in 2004, you stats-padder. If it doesn't count, count on Gay Rod. JERK!

10th; Mr Alois Leiter, for the following reasons; Being a Clubhouse DISRUPTER with the Mets. Funny, but your Post Season Commentary in '04's ALCS, added great balance & perspective, as compared with that Hair Dyed Baboon, named Tim. NOW, you're just a SUCK-UP in the YES Booth;

11th; Mr Michael Kay, formerly from The Bronx, now in the YES Booth. Since when did you become, both a "Holocost & No Hitter Scholar", ANYWAY?

12th; Gerry Callaghan on 'EEI; Metco Gorillas to describe Black School Kids? Are you a RACIST A--h--- or what!

13th; Bud Selig; 'Nuff Said;

Like Jimmy Breslin's List of "People I'm NOT Speaking To This Year", I can rant, sort of, like him. These are people who've "Crossed The Line" & DESERVE YOUR RIDICULE;


Mike From Queens & DEFINITELY NOT on Either WFAN or WEEI;


In Addition To My "Riviera" List-Introducing "The M.Donald Grant List"

Ok, "The Riviera Sports Bar & Cafe'" WAS a great Red Sox Hangout, when Jim Mc Guire, known by both the Boston Red Sox & The New England Sports Network(NESN)as our "NY Pied Piper", ran the bar, but, not-ultimately "The Show", there, but he's one of the partners in "Professor Thom's", so there is a "Riv" List, which any jackass can get on, but do have a chance at being removed, hence redeemed:

There is NO Redemption on "The M. Donald Grant List". This means that one really crossed the line into INFAMY;

Those who're eligible, may be living or gone the way of all flesh. This List is named for one M. Donald Grant, a rare man among men, who was Chairman Of The Board of The Metropolitan Baseball National League Club Of NY Incorporated, from 1962, until his purging in 1978. This means that he, outside of the Great Joan Whitney Payson, had control of the NY Mets Fortunes. It was after the Death of Joan Whitney Payson & before that, The Great Gilbert Raymond Hodges' Death, that Grant started to run the franchise, MASSIVELY, into the ground, sending Mets fans to other places, like Giants Stadium for NY Cosmos Soccer Games, or out of Baseball, or into the safe arms of Red Sox Nation;

My personal list of names, who'll form the charter list, will be posted later. Feel VERY-FREE to add some names of your own;

M. Donald Grant conspired with a Dan Shaughnessy-Like Writer, named Dick Young of the NY Daily News, to run Tom Seaver out of NYC, on Thursday, June 15th, 1977. Red Sox Fans, who were born & raised in Brooklyn, are particular experts in this subject;

This is a sure thing:
Neither Gil Hodges, nor Joan Whitney Payson, nor Lawrence Peter Berra(Yogi), are on this list;

See you later with my choices for the Charter Edition of the List;


"On The J Express Through Increasingly Sox Oriented North Brooklyn"

What I mean by "Increasingly Sox Oriented North Brooklyn", is that an artsy crowd, ala Williamsburgh, is now going into Bushwick, & Parts of East NY, North of Atlantic Avenue:

You might even say it's becoming "East Village East" or EVE & the show on the J Train, is ONLY $2;

I'm used to seeing Lesbians, holding hands in the East Village;

I was passing through Essex Street on the BMT Broadway-Brooklyn & Jamaica J Train, on the Lower East Side. The 1st Intials of Lower East Side, when put together, spell LES. Three teens got on the train there. One was wearing coloured brace bands on a wrist. I asked that person what the significance of the bands was;

"Just for decoration" was the answer. The teens were then hugging & rubbing up against each other, starting at Marcy Avenue;

Howard Stern would've loved this. The 3 teens were all LESBIANS;

One teen looked like a pock-marked Rosie O'Donnell(Yikes), dressed in black, wearing chains on her jeans, while another had her lips pierced with a lip jewel & spiked hair, while another was rather sweet-looking. The Sweet-Looking one said to her friends that some guy asked her out & exclaimed "I don't go with boys; I'm a LESBIAN";

One of my closest mates during Red Sox Games at "Boston 212", in '05, is named Nan. I always enjoyed her company. We had many an intelligent conversation & she's Lesbian & doesn't act like a teen;

I wonder what causes teenagers to go into Lesbianism? Could it have been violence from guys who can't controul their sex drives? Or is it from experimentation of a sexual nature in the early teen years?

It's a complex series of questions with variable answers;

Where did this trio leave the J Train?
Woodhaven Blvd & Jamaica Avenue;

It means that EVE is travelling east into Queens;


Monday, April 02, 2007

"Curt Had NOTHING In The Tank"

7-1 Royals over the Red Sox:

Flat as seltzer with no fizz;

Ditto-The Offense;

@ least it's 161 more games to go;


The 3rd Guy, Kenny, Will Be "Killed" AGAIN, This Saturday @ 3:55PM, ET

He will not be "Killed" by violence:

He will be "Killed" by an horrific attempt at comedy by a Baboon;

Such phrases will "Kill" poor Kenny, such as;

"If Flatulence is a sign of something immediate, one must run to 2nd base";

Or "Mime, in the Rock Band, just made noise";

Or "Brandon Arroyo will start next Saturday's Game";

Or "Alex Rodriguez just fouled off that pitch, beatifully";

Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, this Saturday, is the Season Premiere of "FOX Saturday Baseball";

I'm not going to be bothered mentioning Tim Mc Carver's name here(Wait! I just mentioned him here);

"Folks, you can turn your sets off, right now to go & do something else. Good Lord!";

@ least one of Tim's utterances will "Kill" Kenny;


A Red Sox Game in Baltimore Or 2, A Couple Of Sox Games At Fenway & 5 Mets Games At The Fading Shea

I will NOT Go to "The Toilet", that place in The Bronx:
I will not attend Interleague Games at Shea Stadium, as Yankees Fans, turn my stomach;
Baltimore & Fenway, will be my Red Sox Home & Away Venues;
If I want to see Yankees Fans, I can run into them at ANY Bar in NYC;
Just Give me The Red Sox & some of the Mets & I'm OK;
3 Minutes to 1st Pitch;
Good Luck Curt;
& Nice job by Tommy Glavine & The NY Mets last night, showing just what a mediocre team that The Guy in The Sunglasses, Manages;


It Is A Reasonable Explanation From Our Friends At New England Sports Network(NESN)

"Impossible To Forget", which celebrates the 40th Anniversary of The 1967 Red Sox of Yaz & Lonborg, was seen this weekend on NESN, as well as "The Remys":

NY Area got "The Remys" but not "Impossible To Forget";
Many of the NY Metro Area Red Sox Fans & there are a HUGE# here, weren't even around in 1967;

The Omnipotent Q was in Midwood & I was in Cypress Hills, both areas in & of Brooklyn, in 1967;

Gary, from NESN, explained that certain MLB TV Footage, not owned by The Red Sox, may only be broadcast, within the NESN Territory;

That's to be understood, & I have no problem with that;

But "The Remys" made the cut;

I guess that DirecTV is quite-selective, as to what they allow over their satellite system. If only they would cut away, as soon as Mc Carver says something idiotic, I'd be happy;

& Baseball is back-Red Sox @ Royals this afternoon-it should be fun;


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Red Sox Nation Descended Upon Philadelphia Like It Was No Tomorrow-Some Thoughts on The Day

"The Nation" descended on South Philly's Port Area, from many places to watch "The Olde Towne Team", hence that's why we're called Red Sox Nation:

Nice, Nice Ballpark with an even-nicer beginning with a Homer by Big Papi Ortiz to RF Lower Deck;

Dice-K wasn't too sharp, but V-Tek did homer;

For a Game in the NL Ballpark, the DH Rule was used, perhaps to prevent injury to the pitchers;

Pretend Philly Fans were with the Professor Thom's Crew & of course they are Yankees Fans. All of us were boisterous going to Philly, but quiet on the way back;

We had a reporter from NHK-Japan with us, to cover the Dice-K Story;

I was up in the 2nd floor of Professor Thom's, in the area called the Professor's Loft, with the NHK Reporter named Hidei. We spoke about signings of Star Players from Japan, including the signing of one Kazu Matsui, Japan's Star Shortstop;

This is something interesting, in that a certain Japanese Speaking NHK Producer named Robert Wilpon, brother of Mets General Partner Jeff Wilpon & Son of Mets Principal Owner, Fred Wilpon, negotiated with K-Matsui & brought him over to the NY Mets. K-Mat was recommended by one Mr Bobby Valentine, perhaps the smartest man in Japanese "Beisibori" & MLB. The trouble is that the Nippon fields don't have dirt on them, while American fields do the infield dirt;

There was Tyoshii Shinjo, Mets 2001 & 2003 & SF Giants in '02, fine arm-great defense but couldn't hit to save his life, & went back to Japan in '04, playing for Bobby Valentine & the Japanese League's MVP, who then retired in '05. The Mets tried to bill him as "Nippon Derek Jeter";

Nice try, Mets-what next, the "Polish Omnipotent Q"?

Hidei & I, agreed that Matsuzaka was not pitching his "A" Game, as a couple of homers were hit by The Phils Pat Burrell & Greg Dobbs;

I met a contingent from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Their leader & I talked about the Triumph of 2004, but we did share a heartache, in regards to our 2nd favorite team, called the NY Mets. That is a pain just to think about. We talked of Citizens Bank Park & how good it would be to see the New Citi Field in '09. There was even talk of a NEW(I know it sounds HERETICAL, but let's face facts) Fenway Park, as those Grandstand Seats have no leg room & are older than Shea Stadium, itself;

Let's Go Red Sox-Let's Go Mets;
The Ride back from Philly was quiet & long, as there was massive traffic on the roadways by Jersey City;

Memorable & Fun-we gotta do this for Red Sox-Orioles;

& stay away from Jersey City;


For All Of The Devotion of Red Sox Nation's Descent Upon Philadelphia"

Yesterday, Red Sox Fever came to Citizens' Bank Park, in South Philadelphia, I hope that you members of "The Nation", show some gumption & show up at your local churches today(& every Sunday, thereafter) for Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday & beyond:

Of 39,118 Paying customers, Red Sox Nation was in the Majority, from all parts of the Eastern Seaboard, including a surprising NYC Born & Raised Contingent, especially from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn;

&, while Major League Baseball opens up today & this week, really remember it as Holy Week & not because MLB is back;

As I was ushering the 11:00AM Mass, in Woodhaven, Queens this morning, I saw a lot of people, whom I haven't seen for awhile & the Lines for Holy Communion were longer than usual;

Ahhh, but in 2 weeks, The Easter & Palm Sunday Crowds, will go the way of 1982 to 1994 Yankees Fans;

& that is SAD;