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Thursday, October 28, 2010


3900 Times, articles have been tapped out, whether it is on this eMac, my cell phone or my iPod Touch, covering everything from The Boston Red Sox to Religion & now to Media, whether it be television or the New Media(Online). I'm even working in a low budget film here in Queens. I'm having the best time of my life, being involved w/the film:

Government Governs BEST when it governs LEAST-Tell THAT to NY Politicians. In fact, tell that to ANY Politician;

I DESPISE "NANNY STATES", which are Quasi-Soviet in Nature, especially ONE which is run by a Secretive Billionaire, who's in Bermuda by 2:30PM, on Friday Afternoon;

Chris Christie is the Best New Governor in the Nation. He's across the river in New Jersey. Andrew Cuomo was once his father's "Hatchet Man" & seeks the Governorship in NY;

The Red Sox are looking for a new pitching coach, now that John Farrell(NJ Native)is the new Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays;
Meanwhile, NY Yankees Caps are in short supply, after the Texas Rangers eliminated them in 6 Games in the ALCS. The Rangers, who were the 2nd Washington Senators, have come full circle from the time of the last game at RFK Stadium, where the forfeited the game to the Yankees, 9-0, because the fans rioted in the 9th Inning;

Cliff Lee got clobbered by the San Francisco Giants last night. As I watched that game from the City By The Bay, I thought in terms of what would've happened if the Giants had stayed in NYC. Thoughts of the Polo Grounds swirled in my head;

Never Trust A Man who builds monuments to himself & lives to see them named for him. Robert Moses comes to mind in this case;

The National League Baseball Teams, prior to the NY Mets in this town, are the Dodgers & Giants. The Giants played at The Polo Grounds at West 155th Street by 8th Avenue in Upper Manhattan. They were the Team of New York's Elite. The Yankees played across the Harlem "River". Robert Moses planted a Housing Project next to the 3rd Base Side of the Polo Grounds. It had the effect of chasing the fans away, after crime reached high levels. "Dem Bums", the Brooklyn Dodgers, became "America's Team" in the 1940s & remained that way until the 1957 Season. After 1957, The Dodgers went to the Left Coast with The Giants. The Dodgers wanted to build a Domed Dodger Stadium, where the New Nets NBA Arena is being built, but that was blocked by Robert Moses. In reality, Shea Stadium, built in the middle of NOWHERE, was a Moses Project;

3900-Dems is a lotta articles;

The Big Giant Pez Report!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

If Apple thinks the iPhone is so popular, they may be mistaken. Android & BlackBerry have them beat, especially on NYC Subways & Bus Lines.
Fedoras are in vogue in NYC. Artistic Types are wearing them, both m & f. It was the hat of Theo Kojak. One does cover my shaved head in lieu of my Red Sox Cap.
In the Kyocera Loft w/MemoPad, I have found the best short blog posting phone, except for the times when I use the iPod Touch for longer blog posts.
The World Series is now set w/Texas Rangers @ SF Giants. Perhaps, it is a fitting thing since these two teams were the 1st teams to meet in Interleague Play-'97

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Data have traveled very rapidly over Sprint PCS Network as I have discovered. Sprint 3G is much-faster than AT&T 3G.
Is it my imagination but do Verizon Wireless & AT&T mobility, always seem to play catch up w/Sprint-Nextel & T-Mobile? So much for "Ma Bell"!
Funny how Virgin Mobile is marketed as Youth Oriented Fun-I actually find it intensely practical due to unltd data+messaging. Only pay 1/3 of what I pd AT&T.
In 1971, the Rangers were the 2nd Washington Senators. Last game by Senators was a 9-0 Forfeit to the NY Yankees. For TX Rangers, it has come full circle.
Vladimir Guerrero finally goes to the World Series.
A-Rod cut the ultimate one on the called 3rd Strike, standing there.
The Texas Rangers-it's about time.
Now that the Yankees have been eliminated from the ALCS, there will be insufferable amounts of moaning & weeping by assorted causual fans a-holes.
For now all the action switches from tbs to FOX, where it is intense silly season, thanks to Joe Buck & Tim Mc Carver. It is the World Series.
There will be no more Yankees Fans reaching over walls to interfere w/outfielders, for the Yankees were dispatched, 6-1 by the Texas Rangers, when A-Rod whiffed

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For there was no joy in Mudville, or was that Northern NJ, for The Mighty Yankees farted the ALCS Game to The Texas Rangers, 10-3 on tbs. Very Funny, Darling!

The Latest Application To Allow Free Phone Calls From My iPod Touch

TextFree by Pinger, allows free Text Messaging from an iPod Touch in a Wi Fi Area, using a real phone #. But now, free phone calling can be done from said device, so, in effect, I have a 2nd Mobile Phone:

TextFree is, in effect, competing with Skype. Skype is a service where one can make phone calls from any PC or Mac, as well as any Wi Fi Enabled Device(Netbooks, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, Mac Pros, iMacs, iPhones, iPod Touches & iPads & soon Android Phones;

iPads with AT&T Data Service, can be used to make Phone calls. I made a crystal clear call over my iPod Touch to a friend in Denver, CO, as well as to my business partner in Ozone Park, Queens, via Wi Fi, over TextFree;

I have TextFree & Skype, as well as iCall. Now, like I said before, I have a 2nd Mobile Phone, all without needing connection charges;

The Big, Giant Pez Report.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

It may be a bit cool outside, but that doesn't stop MTA Bus from deploying full scale air conditioning aboard the Q21 Line on Woodhaven Blvd. A-Rods!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rainy weather is playing havoc with the shooting schedule. It is also cool & damp outside.
Currently working in a film called "The Normals" in Queens, an adaptation of the novel by the same name.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

ONLY MTA NYC Transit could shut down the most direct rte to Manhattan & have all do an end-around worthy of Belichik, fahkin up svc to W14 St/8th Ave. A-Rods!
Hoyt-Schermerhorn for A Train to W14 Street. These MTA A-Rods shut down over half of the Subways. A-Rod=A-Hole, if you must know.
My most sincere Congratulations to my dear friend, Amanda Cole, upon being accepted to Writers Guild of America-East for New Media.

Friday, October 08, 2010

--ORIGINAL MSG: "Peripheral City" Web series online currently @
--ORIGINAL MSG: "Peripheral City" @ its' original video home @
--ORIGINAL MSG: "Peripheral City" web series online now @ right now.
The Tampa Bay Rays are playing in the LDS like the Devil Rays. In short, they have no pitching. For that matter, THEY SUCK.
The Atl Braves @ SF Giants was a fine tuned Classic. I appreciate Great Pitching as was the case with Lincecum, Lowe & Wagner this evening.
The Tim Lincecum Performance, not fueled by Winstrtol & Lidocaine , unlike someone named Roger Clemens , is a breath of Oxygen.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

The NLDS w/Braves @ SF Giants on tbs, moving along much faster than NY Yankees @ MN Twins.
--ORIGINAL MSG: For we of Red Sox Nation, w/Yankees up 2-0, I just wanna Barf.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ol' Passed Ball Pothada is at it again, allowing Orlando Hudson to score from 3rd.
There is no joy in The Bronx-The Mighty A-Hole has struck out.
Monday October 11th, I begin filming for a movie, low budget, called "A Bronx Cheer", filmed in Glen Oaks, Queens. I play a patient, Lawyer & Cop in this movie.
On tbs is a Baseball Marathon. Yankees @ Twins next.
Things not existing @ 1956 WS Perfect Game:
tbs; cell phones; instant replay: Joe Buck & Tim Mc Carver; FOX Sports; Waldman & Sterling; The NY Mets.
I have decided to root for the SF Giants. Why not as they called NY home from 1882-1957.

Monday, October 04, 2010

The Other Shoe Dropped-Manuel & Minaya ARE OUT @ Citi Field

I should let you all know that due to all that Mediocrity which occurred on the Field in Citi Field, the Attendance at Mets Games dropped by 595K. It shouldn't surprise anyone that Shake Shack & other Concessions, are NOT the Main Reason WHY Mets Fans are headed to Baseball at Citi Field:

The Wilpons, They who own The NY MESS, I mean Mets, are responsible for this calamity in Corona, a Farce if ever I have seen one. Attendance from Massachusetts is up a bit as Red Sox Games are sold out events, so Citi Field is often Red Sox Nation's Next Destination, as #7 Line Schedules & Subway Maps can be seen on people in the Fenway-Kenmore Area. Trust me, I have seen this phenomena on the IRT 7 Train;

So to solve their problem, The Wilpons decided that as of today, Omar Minaya & Jerry Manuel, have been relieved of their duties as General Manager & Manager, respectively. In short, it was the chopping block after two consecutive losing seasons. This is ONLY a Surface Problem;

A Candid Admission that for 25 Years, Sterling Enterprises invested with Bernie Madoff. Sterling is headed by Fred Wilpon;

I would say that from the Winter of '06-'07, Omar Minaya did NOT have ANY AUTONOMY over the Baseball Operations of Sterling Mets LP, in that JEFFY was usurping power unto the point where S'r Minaya couldn't go to the Mens' Room without clearance from Jeffy. It was a case of Utterly Rank Amateurs running Operations where they had no business being. Currently, The Mets are the Butt Of Comedic Comments on "The Late Show With David Letterman". In short, they are a tragedy. ANY Professional Sports Operation which would order a Field Manager canned at 3:14AM, EDT, after winning on the West Coast, after being interfered with from People who have no business running the Baseball Operation, does NOT EVER earn my Respect. NEITHER should it ever earn your respect;

For The 1st Time since 1988, I did NOT enter a Major League Baseball Park to view a Game. I entertained NO THOUGHTS about Citi Field. Ever since the Firing of Willie Randolph, Who could Win On The Road, paying any Red Cent Of Tribute To these Rank Amateurs called Sterling Mets LP, has NOT entered my mind. Attendance, from what I could see on SNY, is down at Brooklyn Cyclones Games, as the Apple does NOT fall far from the tree;

THE NY METS are a SORROWFUL Farce. This all started with the Pretend GM, Jeffy, despising Willie Randolph over a Contract Extension. I find this somewhat amusing that Willie was Bench Coach when The Milwaukee Brewers took 3 out of 4 from The Mets at Citi Field. I know that in Jeffy's Case, he got what he deserved in Jerry Manuel;

The Big Giant PEZ Report!


So, like '06, The Red Sox failed to make postseason.
Thus, I hope for a repeat of '07, Sox World Championship & all the trimmings.
See you all in '11!
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi=Thus Passes The Glory of The World & so =Baseball moves into the Postseason Phase beginning Wednesday on tbs.
$25 buys me unltd text & mobile web+300 mins. $40 buys me unltd internet. An annual fee of $29 buys me unltd phone over the web. No longer need cable tv. Good!
$65 buys me what $115 did & it is better this way. & since I don't watch tv, this web and phone combo is so much better. Adding Skype is a much better deal.
Virgin Mobile does it right. Their mobile broadband @ $40 for unlimited data is the best in the mobile business. Sprint was smart to buy Boost Mobile & V Mobile
When a $25 phone plan can give you talk,text & web, that is a great deal. 300 mins is not bad when you only use less than 200 of those mins. Text saves minutes.
The fact that I'm using Virgin Mobile proves that change is a constant thing & that one can do more with less at a far lower cost.
If anyone had told me about using Virgin Mobile some 8 Years ago, I might have laughed at them. Not even close now as I use it for both my phone & web. Great!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

My phone is my tweeting, facebooking, blogging & texting machine. Thx Virgin Mobile for Beyond Talk.
In the days when AT&T was analog, Omnipoint had clear signals, fax mail & txt messaging and news by txt as well as short email.
I remember a totally digital phone company, built as Digital from the very beginning, which had the 1st text messaging mobile to mobile, called OMNIPOINT.
Currently, my new internet provider is Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go, running rings around Time Warner Broadband & cheaper as well. I have become "Unwired."
Have an iPod Touch, 2nd Gen which I can use for a phone via Skype & do. Skype is used for a good # of calls from both my eMac and iPod Touch.
Wherever You are, Yankees Loathers, gather together & c:hant :"Yankees $UCK."
As for the team which I Loathe & Despise, it is appropo that DFYankees, whose Fans by & large, have only begun rooting as of 3 days ago, will sweat it out.
Fare Thee Well Mike Lowell & Jason Varitek, riding into the New England Sunset. The Red Sox Hot Stove Season has begun.
On the morrow, NY Mets Fans will find out the fates of Messrs Minaya & Manuel. To be fair, Great News like a team sale is, Sadly, not forthcoming.