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Thursday, April 19, 2007

In Just 1 Day, The Truth Set Me Free

I had Jury Duty in Queens County, today:

I was selected for a case involving a felony;

But, I was dismissed, for the following reason;

You see, I'm an Adjudication Liason, with a Citywide Administrative Tribunal, & the work includes testifying on cases, so I fit the category of Prosecutorial Function, which could prejudice a case;

People are entitled to a fair, speedy trial, as their right under the 6th Amendment of The Bill Of Rights In The US Constitution, & that's true;

I spoke of my true function & now, I'm finished with my Civic duty;

& my Mets Tickets arrived today;

Whilst the rest of Red Sox Nation-NY is glued to TV(Unfortunately it's on YES here in NY), I'll be watching my Baseball, live from Shea Stadium;

& tomorrow is pay day;

Keeping you all posted;



Blogger Christine E. said...

I sponet my time jumping from YES to Gameday to WRKO..fro what was one of the BEST games in a VERY long time...

Whooo Hoo!

Hope you enjoyed the Mets game...and hope you are well...

Go Sox!

10:50 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...


The Mets Game was AWFUL, on the Night honouring The Legendary #42, Jackie Robinson;

But, there was a motherlode of Red Sox Faithful at Shea Stadium Last Night, with cell phones, checking the action;

The Celebration of Red Sox Winning 7-6, ROCKED #7 Line Cars from Queensboro Plaza Station into Times Square;

What a way to catch that action;

& today, for your listening & viewing DISPLEASURE, "That Braying Blohard Of A Baboon", Tim, will annoy us with the mere mention of Derek Jeter.

9:50 AM  

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