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Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Whilst In Enemy Country-It Was A Party For St Patrick's Amongst Other Red Sox Celebrations"

Ok, I was in a known Yankees Bar, where a Spaced-Out "Mets" Fan once told me that "It's Your Duty, Son", to root for the Yankees vs the Red Sox to honor the 1986 Mets:

Ward Bond, as "Father Lonergan" in "The Quiet Man", did not come back from the dead to tell me this, but you get an idea of the place, a nice Irish Pub, called "Killarney's Cottage" on Woodhaven Blvd. It wasn't going to make any difference where I viewed the Game, in NYC, especially since we were without NESN, DO & The RemDawg, that duo, BTW, liked a lot by many Mets Fans who have the MLB Package. We, of Red Sox Nation-NY Metro Area, were force-fed YES Coverage on "My9", having to listen to World Renown "No Hitter & Holocost Scholar", a Very Hoarse Michael Kay;

I was watching in dribs & drabs, while attending a "Better Later Than Never St. Patrick's Day Party", sponsored by Orosius Caravan 14" of The Order of Alhambra, a Catholic Socio-Charitable Order, noted for its' work with the Young Disabled, & an Offshoot of the 4th Degree of The Knights of Columbus. I'm a member of BOTH of those orders;

Kevin, one of the owners, advised me against the Red Sox Cap-Wearing, as he didn't want to watch me in tears. Well, that was NOT the case in an 11-4 BLOWOUT of the Yankees by The Olde Towne Team. "Don't Worry-Big Papi" came through in the 9th Inning;

Heave-Yo, Yankees Blow 7 In A Row! What was it that possessed Francona to bring in Joel Piniero in the 9th? Oh, well, he couldn't do any damage & pitched Nicely;

Daisuke Matsuzaka got his 3rd Win & 2nd over the Yankees. It was a Night To Celebrate;



Blogger laura said...

I am very disappointed that it couldn't be 8 in a row. I guess it had to end sometime :(

10:08 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Ditto, Laura, but that's life:

& for once in a Baseball Season, Yankees Fans are going through some penance, which makes the heart grow fonder.

6:09 AM  

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