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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Long, Dreaded "M. Donald Grant List" Charter Members

This is the Penultimate List for Sports Figures, who've crossed the line & have "Earned" a Place for their ultimate act of INFAMY, hence "Quislingism", particularly in Boston & NYC:

M. Donald Grant, for whom this list is named, did many horrific things, like forcing the NY Jets to play on the road for 7 games, until baseball had come to an end in Shea Stadium(A Threat To Shea's Grass), opposed the Summer Olympics coming to NYC in 1984, by threatening to permanently move the NY Mets to either Toronto or Washington, DC, & Profiteering HANDSOMELY, from a Sweetheart Deal that ALL Parking & Concession Monies, go into the Mets Coffers, which made the Mets rather awash in cash, never to be spent. The team really profited in 1975, with the Mets "Sharing" Shea Stadium with The NY Yankees(Who're as Welcome as Nazis are in a Jewish Neighborhood), The NY Jets & The NY Giants. Rusty Staub, in an effort to save money, despite driving in over 100 Runs in 1975, was traded for a Washed Up Mickey Lolich, who would not make any contract demands, after the death of the 1st Female Majority Owner of a Major League Baseball Team, Mrs Joan Whitney Payson. However, the ULTIMATE Act of UNBRIDLED TREACHERY came, when The Pitcher, dubbed "The Franchise" by Mrs Payson, (HOF-1992)George Thomas Seaver, compared himself with (HOF-1999)Nolan Ryan, as to WHY he was worth more. Seaver had a point as he thrived in both large & small markets, whereas Ryan was a small market type, who could NOT handle the Glare of the NY Media. Grant resorted to using NY Daily News Sports Editor Dick Young, for a campaign of Vicious Attacks & Propaganda, against Seaver. Young's Son In Law, Thornton Geary, worked in the Mets Radio-TV Department, a precursor to "Al-Yanqezeera";

On that Thursday Of INFAMY(061577), Seaver was traded for minor leaguers to the Cincy Reds;

One wonders why Red Sox Nation grew by leaps & bounds in NYC? Why people were driven away from Shea Stadium, now dubbed "Grant's Tomb"? There you have it in a nutshell, as to why M. Donald Grant & Dick Young are Charter Members of This List & those who're mentioned here, not by their Nicknames, but by their deeds, are in INFAMOUS Company;

1st Name to be so "Honoured" is Mr Daniel Shaughnessy of The Boston Globe, for he reprises the Dick Young Role of writing NASTY Things, in order to get Theo Epstein, to vacate his post as Red Sox GM. The CHB(Curly Haired Bastard), conferred with Red Sox COO, Larry Lucchino, or was given information by Lawrence Lucchino, to disseminate to the public, none of it complimentary to Mr Epstein;

2nd;Mr John Damon of the NY Yankees is in this category, as he didn't want to go to The Enemy, but hey, the money was great & pals with "Injectable Vitamin-Endorser", Jason Giambi. As the "Loren & Wally Show" butt of a song parody "You're Just Juan Damon To Me", Damon has a 6th Grade Girl's Throwing Arm & his batting average is starting to plummet;

3rd;Mr Philip Islen, who forced Mr David "Sonny" Werblin out of the NY Jets Ownership Syndicate. Without Werblin, there is no Jets. When Sonny got forced out after Super Bowl III, the Jets became a big NOTHING;

4th;Mr Charles & Mr James Dolan Of Cablevision, for running the Jets out of town, while running Madison Square Garden Into The Ground;

5th; Mr William Roger Clemens, who originally hails from OHIO, not TEXAS, for certain performances in certain MLB Parks, like on 10-25-86, in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series with his famous "Blister Act." Some years later, he beaned the Distinguished Mr. Michael Piazza, on National TV, KNOWING that he would NOT have to come to bat to atone for this act of COWARDICE & being defended on TV by some Idiot, whose brain is poisoned by Hair Dye. WHY do I get the feeling that his fate will be similar to the next guy on this list?

6th; Mr Peter Rose, formerly of Ohio & now wheeling & dealing out of Florida. Thanks to your bookie, Val from Staten Island, the Greatest Hitter of Our Time, got s---canned from Baseball, FOR LIFE. IDI-F---ING-OT! You got caught, betting with someone, who lives near the Old Fresh Kills Landfill, in a certain dumped on Borough of NYC;

7th; Mr Braden Looper, who f---ed up seeming victories by Pedro Martinez & RUINING 2005 Postseason Chances for the NY Mets. He deliberately pitched, while failing to report arm trouble. He celebrated the Game 7 Victory in the '06 NLCS, by mocking Jose' Reyes, a LEGITIMATE Superstar. Meanwhile, you look as moronic as Gomer Pyle. Tonight's 10-0 Smashing by the Mets, proves that payback is a BITCH & that you're really a DICK;

8th; Mr George M. Steinbrenner(Or as Jere Smith refers to you as "Mr Dunbar"), for such reasons of running a "Soviet TV In The Cold War Network", oft-referred to as "Al Yanquezeera", by Bob Raismann of the NY Daily News, called YES, where Commentators take turns sucking up to an incredibly mediocre pitching staff & taking shots at "A-Fraud", on directions of "Mr Dunbar". But, it was the Mets who wanted to privately finance their own park, while you tried to shake down the City Of New York, into building you a "New Toilet"(Yankee Stadium #3). NO WONDER the new stadiums are being built now, instead of a few years ago, because of your plans to shake down NYC, or you're going to be crying about moving the team to NJ, where most of your fans live, anyway;

9th; Mr Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, or "Gay Rod". A 6th Grade Girl would do what you did with Bronson Arroyo, when you DELIBERATELY Slapped the Ball out of Arroyo's Glove, as the Yankees melted into Irrelevancy, in 2004, you stats-padder. If it doesn't count, count on Gay Rod. JERK!

10th; Mr Alois Leiter, for the following reasons; Being a Clubhouse DISRUPTER with the Mets. Funny, but your Post Season Commentary in '04's ALCS, added great balance & perspective, as compared with that Hair Dyed Baboon, named Tim. NOW, you're just a SUCK-UP in the YES Booth;

11th; Mr Michael Kay, formerly from The Bronx, now in the YES Booth. Since when did you become, both a "Holocost & No Hitter Scholar", ANYWAY?

12th; Gerry Callaghan on 'EEI; Metco Gorillas to describe Black School Kids? Are you a RACIST A--h--- or what!

13th; Bud Selig; 'Nuff Said;

Like Jimmy Breslin's List of "People I'm NOT Speaking To This Year", I can rant, sort of, like him. These are people who've "Crossed The Line" & DESERVE YOUR RIDICULE;


Mike From Queens & DEFINITELY NOT on Either WFAN or WEEI;



Blogger Peter N said...

I agree with most, but not with all. As usual, you, Michael Leggett, are on the forefront of shocking but entirely accurate sports and life observations. We salute you. Well, at least I do! 2:10 PM today, in the cold city we know as KC. Our Daisuke. Thanks for a great post!
Oh, lest I forget, take care Jere!

7:30 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Daisuke, was basically, an INDOOR Pitcher, who pitched in DOMED Stadiums in Japan:

The transition to outdoors, may take awhile;

In 1969, the Houston Astros had the BEST Home Record in all of M L B, but the WORST Road Record in all of MLB;

This will take awhile;

Hence, Peter, I thank you;


9:53 AM  
Blogger Suldog said...

Well, Dick Young earned my enmity via his portrayal in Bouton's "Ball Four." It appears that was not unearned.

Now, go have a nice hot cup of tea, sit back, relax, and put your feet up. You've done your job for the good of humanity :-)

12:25 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Lol, Sul!

More of my rantings & ravings, after these messages & a word from your local FOX Station;

It means that "The Baboon" will be on Triple Jackass Overtime, Satursay @ 3:55PM, Eastern, on FOX.

2:17 PM  

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