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Monday, April 09, 2007

For Today @ 1:10PM

The Mets have come home:

They will be raising The Eastern Division Championship Banner;

& it'll be COLD & windy @ Shea, today, somewhat like the days when the Jets called Shea Home;

It's the next to last Opener @ Shea Stadium, as Citi Field, the Ebbets Field Tribute Park, rises next to Shea Stadium;

That opens in '09;

This Year is the 60th Anniversary of when Jackie Robinson, broke the Color Line in M L B;

The 50th Anniversary Season of the Last Time The Dodgers & Giants, called Brooklyn & Upper Manhattan, home;

The 40th Anniversary of The Impossible Dream in Boston & the 1st Season of Tom Seaver;

& the 30th Anniversary of the 1st Seaver Trade;

& 40th Anniversary of the Last Baseball Triple Crown, by Carl Yastremski of The Red Sox & East End of Long Island;

Happy Opening Day-Enjoy!



Blogger Christine E. said...

Hi Michael:

Happy Opening day, Mets style....:-)

Hope you are well!

Go Sox!

1:00 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

It should be a Great Day, Christine, despite the cold:

Not a bad day at all;

Rhythmic Clap For The Red Sox @ Fenway;


1:07 PM  

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