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Saturday, April 21, 2007

"The 7 Train ROCKED To A 'T'"

To all those "1986 Mets Fans" &, trust me, I KNOW WHO You Are:

Have you been snorting the 1st Base Line, or is it my IMAGINATION?

Your group is THE GROUP that went up to Yankee Stadium to root, root, root for "The Evil Empire";

Most of this group, needs to be strung from a Railing, BY THE ANKLES, from Upper Level @ Shea Stadium;

Last Night, #42 Jackie Roosevelt Robinson, was finally paid proper tribute, as last Sunday's Game was cancelled by that Nor'easter, which was a true pain in the tuchas;

It was moving, to truly say it. Jackie's Widow, Rachel, a Nurse, was there. She helped break ground for the new Citi Field, in Shea Stadium's Parking Lot, back in October;

Jackie's Son, David, addressed the crowd, chilled like Jets Fans in the early days of Shea Stadium. He even led everyone in a chant of "Let's Go Mets";

Mets Manager Willie Randolph grew up going to Shea's Upper Level. He now has a Dugout Seat & wore #42 in Jackie's Honour;

A Wonderful Soloist who won a Robinson Foundation Scholarship, sang The National Anthem. I choked back tears;

& from my generation of The Mets Fans, who saw Seaver & Koosman in their Rookie Years, as well ss Nolan Ryan, Gary Gentry, Jim Mc Andrew & Frank Edwin(Tug) Mc Graw & this Golden Oldie, Don Cardwell & Reliever Ron Taylor(Currently The Team Doctor of The Toronto Blue Jays), I witnessed Various Negro Leaguers being honoured. One of them, is the Oldest Living Player from the 1969 World Champion Mets;

#5, Ed Charles, 3rd Baseman;

"The Glider", nothing Fancy, SMOOTH Fielder;

Works as a Home Care Attendant & lives in Jackson Heights, Queens, near Shea Stadium & does come to Mets Games. He's 74 Years Young, this week(I stand corrected, Omnipotent Q) & threw out the 1st Ball. He had more gas in the tank than Mets Starter, Mike Pelfry;

Then it was time for reality;

Mets Starting Pitcher Mike Pelfry had no Gas in his tank. So little, that he couldn't cut one from his tuchas, to stink out a corner of the Mets Dugout. I could tell from his 1st 3 Pitches, that this was going to be a night for getting the hook by the 5th Inning, & he was gone by the 5th(Mercifully). Pedro Feliciano had some gas in the tank, but NOT Burgos, the Reincarnation of The Last Days of Armando Benitez, who's no favorite of mine;

Mets were down 7-0 to the Braves, as Mr Tim Hudson was Masterful in his delivery. It was the 7th Inning Stretch Time & One Of Jackie Robinson's Surviving Brooklyn Dodger Team Mates, sang "God Bless America", & known to Old Time Brooklyn Dodgers & Mets Fans as Ralph Branca, now better known as Bobby Valentine's Father In Law;

Ralphie? As we'd say in Brooklyn, Ya Done Good. Thanks!

You knew that when Pelfry had no gas, that Braves 3rd Sacker, Larry Jones(I stand Corrected Omnipotent Q), planted one on the lower part of the Shea Scoreboard, it was not a good sign of things to come, so I did my scoreboard watch on Fenway, to pass the time, in between times of yelling "You Suck" at Edgar Renteria, now of The Braves;

I made a run to the Mens Room at Shea & then fled into the Night to the 7 Train;

Now the Turnstiles are up by the platform, which is great, as it makes for faster escape from Shea Stadium. I spotted a LARGE Contingent of Red Sox Nation on the 7 Platform;

The Score was 6-2 DFYankees, when I fled Shea, to the Catcalls of female Jeter-Lovers(Yankee Fans), who chanted "Let's Go Yankees", met with my rejoinder of "Suck", after Yankees. After the 3rd Time, they grew tired & shut their collective Yaps;

We of RSN commiserated & started to follow the game from Fenway Park;

By 61st Street-Woodside, 1st news rolled in about another "Ap-Rod" Homer;

By 46th Street-Queens Blvd, it was 6-4 Yankees as a rally was under way;

At 33rd Street-QB, the news that Mariano Rivera, he of "That Excellent Gait Of His", just blew another Save, as Coco Crisp Tripled in 2 Runs in the 8th Inning;

By Queensboro Plaza, it was bedlam as the 7 turned into the Cleveland Circle Green Line "T", when the Winning run was singled home & "Darkman" got the Save, with a Red Sox Triumph of 7-6;

I did my customary mock up of Sterling, with "Yankees Lose-Thuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK";

The 7 Train Rocked into Times Square. One of The Sawx Contingent, a Mets Fan, lives in the Most Yankees-Infested Neighborhood in Brooklyn, in Dyker Heights, where, in "East Village Idiot's" estimation(Chris O'Leary's From Rhode Island, hence I stand Corrected, Q), this must be home to "Guido Yankees Fans, who think they're the s---". Chris O'Leary would be right as T-Shirts, depicting "This Is Your Brain"Followed by a Yankees Emblem, & "This Is Your Brain On The Mets(Or Red Sox)", showing eggs being fried, are sold in stores there. Yankees Fans were yelling "Boston Sucks" & "You Suck" at us. I asked them if they could spell what they just said, without using "Hooked On Phonics";

Into "Professor Thom's", I danced in & hugs & kisses followed;

Then, I celebrated with "Thom's Ale" by Harpoon;

& I'm paying for my celebrating, this morning;

"F--- The Riviera"(Which, BTW, Was Chanted On The 7 Train-Jim Mc Guire Would Be Proud);



Blogger KAYLEE said...

Wow sounds like a fun day:-) what a nice win today the only bad part were the announcers:-)

12:03 AM  
Blogger The Omnipotent Q said...

Have to correct you on a few things, Michael:

Ed Charles will turns 74, not 78, next week;

Chipper Jones' first name is Larry, not Lawrence;

East Village Idiot is Chris O'Leary, not Burke. Chris Burke is an outfielder on the Astros, and also that guy with Down Syndrome from the old TV series "Life Goes On."

12:43 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

OK, it's Larry:

Chris never told me about O'Leary:

Ed Charles did have more in his tank & is still the oldest living '69er;

& The Yankees still SUCK;

That was the YES Network, our bane of existence.

8:13 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I stand fully corrected Q:


5:01 PM  

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