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Friday, April 27, 2007

"Please Turn Up Your Volume, Gary Thorne"


I am one of those people who heard you in the Radio Booth in the 1986 World Series, alongside Baseball HOF Bob Murphy, he who reminded us of warm spring & summer days & Ice Cold Rheingolds, amongst other things;

Bob was Curt Gowdy's Sidekick in New England, from 1954 Season until & including the 1959 Season, on the Red Sox Radio & TV Networks, reminding Red Sox Nation of Ice Cold 'Gansetts', in between calls of "Heeeee Struck Him Out" & the inevitable "Happy Recap", after a win;

All you did was misunderstand what Mirabelli was saying about the "Schilling Bloody Sock";

Don't let it happen again;

Even Tim recognised the "Bloody Sock." The only thing is that, to me, it didn't look anything remotely like Oklahoma, where Bob Murphy was born;

Be careful of what you hear & repeat;



Blogger Christine E. said...

Hey Michael:

It's amazing how people will just say stuff without having any fact to back it up...

How 'bout them Yankees? tehehehehe...

Hope you are well..

Go Sox!

6:53 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

"Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK":

My Next Article comes from a party last night in a Yankees Hotspot in Queens;

Stay Fine!


11:07 AM  

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