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Sunday, April 15, 2007

One Thing About Regular Season Baseball

It makes it easier to write about the Game, as in Off Season, when there are dribbles of information, so other things are written. It's hard to be informative & creative, when it's Off Season. Even in Spring Training, it isn't always easy to write:

I'm a Native of Brooklyn, NY. I never got to experience the Brooklyn Dodgers @ Ebbets Field, nor a ride on a streetcar to a Major League Baseball Game. @ Fenway Park in Boston, I got to experience both a Game in a park, similar to Ebbets Field & a ride on an authentic streetcar, abeit underground, so Boston is "The Brooklyn I Never Knew";

The Great Jackie Robinson, BTW, is buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery, about 3 B M T J Train stops from me, in the Old Neighbourhood. The Jackie Robinson Parkway, cuts through the cemetery, traversing Brooklyn & Queens;

If you've read where I called the L A Dodgers Fans, the "Novus Ordo" Dodgers Fans, think about this. L A Dodgers Fans arrive at the Ballpark in the 3rd Inning & leave in the 7th Inning. The Brooklyn Version of Dodgers Fans, usually arrived by the bottom of the 1st Inning at the latest. The Brooklyn version arrived by BMT Subway, IRT Subway & Streetcar. The L A Version arrives by car. "Novus Ordo" is the term to describe the present day Sunday & weekday Mass in the Catholic Church. Whenever I can, I PREFER the Traditional Latin Mass, & head to St John's Cemetery Chapel, once a month, for the Traditional Latin Mass, where the Worship is solemn & beautiful, the conversations, afterwards, intelligent & it's a Gathering of Red Sox Fans, as well. Like Baseball, Outdoors, on Grass, I love it;

& it's Regular Season & The Writing Is Plentiful;



Blogger Anita Moore said...

Novus Ordo fans...I like that!

(And I'm not even a big baseball fan!)

2:30 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Those are in L A:

Brooklyn was all TLM & they didn't run to the cars in the 7th Inning.

8:14 PM  

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