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Thursday, April 12, 2007

4 Sisters Of Charity & A Certain '04 World Series Championship In Their Backyard & Mine

I was reading my e-mail from, in regards to my Grammar School, St. Sylvester, @ 396 Grant Avenue in Brooklyn's City Line Subdivision of East NY:

There was talk of the 09/27/03 Reunion in the school & the Names of 4 Boston Born Nuns had come up. When The Red Sox won The Big One in 2004, my thoughts were taken back to St Sylvester School & Memories;

Timeline of Sisters of Charity Halifax @ St. Sylvester School-Brooklyn;
!929 in the 1st Year to 1989, by the School's 60th Anniversary;

My Timeline in regards to the 4 Nuns is as follows, as they were reported to be alive in 2003;

Sr Joseph Claire SCH, native of Boston, a Convert(1964-1965 Later called Sr Katherine Claire);
Sr Francis Edward SCH, native of Boston(1966-67);
Sr Regina Therese SCH, Native of Boston(1968-69);
Sr Marion Leo SCH from Boston(1960s Pinch Hitter);

They were children when the 1918 Red Sox of Babe Ruth, won that Series, in the era of Daytime Baseball, WWI, The Great Influenza Outbreak & before the advent of Radio & way before the Swooshes & Flying Logos of "FOX Saturday Baseball". If they only had the strength in their hands, in '04, to rap the Knuckles of Mc Carver & Buck, so they wouldn't turn "The World Series On FOX" into the Circus it has become today;

They made it for The Big Show in '04, 40 Years after I was in the 4th Grade, 38 Years after the 6th grade & 36 Years after the 8th Grade;

Then, during Red Sox Spring Training, Sr Joseph Claire SCH, died peacefully @ Mt St Vincent-Wellesley Hills, MA(The Town Where Curt Gowdy Resided), on 3/9/05, as "The Idiots of '04" were getting set to defend their crown;

Sr Francis Edward SCH & Sr Marion Leo SCH, are in stages of Alzheimer Disease as well as advanced age, perhaps around 100+;

Sr Regina Therese, close to The Century Mark, as all 3 are in Wellesley Hills, is reportedly still lucid. I have to drop her a Note Of Thanks & it took the Reunion of '03 & Those Idiots In '04, to think of them. In another story, I'll speak of the Younger Contingent Of Sisters of Charity-Halifax, whose names have not escaped me;

Thanks Sisters;

Thanks To The Reunionists of '03;

& Thanks To "The Idiots of '04";

Michael Leggett


Blogger Anita Moore said...

It's ironic...the nuns I had in grade school were Dominicans, and I formed no good opinion of Dominicans based on my experiences with them (Sr. Elizabeth, for example, would have made a Class A-1 prison warden). And now, here I am, as the last thing I ever wanted to be: a lay Dominican!

It's taken me all these years to realize that the intercession of the Dominican saints (especially Blessed Margaret of Castello, whose feast is today) has been a force shaping my life, and I was under their protection all along.

10:34 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

The SC Order comes from the Rule Of St Vincent De Paul:

Certain Events get you thinking of the Events of one's life.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Marian McGrath said...

Hi-- 2/20/08

I am Sr. Marion Leo's niece. She does have severe Alzheimer's but she is not quite 100 years old. Her DOB is 5/25/1925. I remember addressing letters to her at St. Sylvester's. It's funny that there is an eclipse tonight just like the night the Sox won the series in 2004. I have been a huge Sox fan since 1967--the Impossible Dream. My email address is if you want to discuss further. My baptismal name was "Marian Eleanor"--Marian because I was born in teh Marian year 1955 and also for Sr. Marion Leo who is my mother's sister. Eleanor is Sr's baptismal name.

9:41 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I was born in that same year of 1955, where The Brooklyn Dodgers finally triumphed over the NY Yankees, in Brooklyn:

I'll be @ Fenway Park in April & have been there, myself, a # of times;

There are always thoughts about the Sisters Of Charity-Halifax, on those Games;

You're the 1st of ANYONE in Connection to a Nun's Family to ever come here;

I recall your Aunt as the Consumate Super-Substitute & am Sorry about her Suffering Altzheimers. I can still envision her in Habit, as I write this, @ the age of 53;

In my Red Sox Fandom, The Wonderful Memories Of The Sisters Of Charity-Halifax, NS, many of whom are from the Boston Area, ring with me for all of these years, even if I'm a man, originally from Brooklyn, NY, who cherishes his trips to Fenway Park & the Memories of an Order, from which I gained the appreciation of both Catholic Faith & the melodious clamor I hear @ Fenway Park, a place which allows me to imagine, what it would've been like if the Dodgers had stayed in Brooklyn;


Thanks for Coming Over to this Blog;

Michael Leggett-St Sylvester School Graduation Class of 1969

10:46 AM  

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